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tv   Today  NBC  July 13, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. eaking overnight, not so royal welcome. massive protests greet president trump in london as he meets the prime minister and the queen today. the presidentfl ring feathers by questioning the prime minister and her policies ahead of the high-stakes sit-down. >> i would have done it much differently. i actually told theresa may how it do but she didn't agree with it -- she didn't listen to me. >> we are live with the very latest. chaosn capitol hill. >> are you saying an issue -- >> mr. chairman pase -- >> mr. chairman, this is intolerable! >> the fbi agent behind anti-trump text messages clashes with republicans during a heated hearing. >> i don't appreate what w
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originally said being changed. >> i don't give a damn what you appreciate, agent strzok. >> why he says the russia investigation is not witch hunt and why one lawmaker calls that hearing a new low in congress. massive verdict. johns johnson and johnson paying billions to two familie over based hat tall co products gave them ovarian cancer. the patients overjoyed, the company fighting back. plus, build-a-bear nightmare. a bear!n we want a bear! >> arn massive out coast to coast shuts down a pay your age promotion, leaving children and their par devastated. >> you shod anticipate the crowd and you should have your supply ready. >> so, what's the company going to do about t debacle? the ceo is with us exclusively. mall collapse. the shocking moment part of a ewly opened shopping center suddenly comes crashing down. injuries. , no
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and rolling right along. lea n's downhill journey somehow mesmerizes millions online, proving l that whene gives usem a lon, we watchit, today, friday, july 13th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today." thank you for joining us fine friday morning. look who's here, willie geist is in. savannah's taking a couple days off. pu you'll be here today and monday. >> good to be with you, hoda. i want toee how the lemon story ends. >> we'll watch anything, honestly. two minutes.for the photographer rolled up on a rolling lemon and shot it. >>il s alert. meanwhile, the president is making his way across europe and leaving a trail of controversy. >> that is our top story. president trump's first official
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visit toreat britain, this morning meeting with the prime minister after criticizing her in a new interview. and later, she'll have tea with the queen, all of it playing out under the back drop of large protests. we have it all coverert sg with nbc's hallie jackson. hey, hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, hoda. good morning to is the equivalent of president trump coming in and kicking prime minister may while she's down, going after her not personally but on policy related to brexit.ri remember, the minister is already in a precarious political position. add to that a stunning, new interview now from president tr p, one he's staying mum about this morning. face-to-face, friendly enough this morning. >> the relationship is very, iry strong. >> reporter: butt's already awkward for preside trump and prime minister theresa may. >> have you had a chance to talk about the interview? >> reporter: as britain wakes uo this explosive front page, the president blasting brexit
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moves may's making. >> well, i think that the deal she's striking is not what the people voted on. >> reporter: the controversial vote to split from the european union wouldeep closeies than supporters first wanted. >> i would have done it much differently. i actually told theresa may mow to do it but she didn't agree with it -- she didn't listen to me. >> reporter: the white house now doing damage contr with the press secretary explaining president trump likes and respects prime minister may very much, calling her a terrific person. but if the prime minister had hoped for a helping hand, she's not getting one from donald trump. on her turf, he's praising boris johnson, his friend and former foreign secretary, who resigned in protest over brexit this week. b >> i think he' a great prime minister, yeah. >> reporter: secretary jeremy hunt replaced johnson. do you expect to have that kind of relationship moving forward with the president in. >> well, i hope so. i don't think anyone should try to be boris or to out-boris ris, but what boris did was he spoke plainly about britain's strategicnterests in the world
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and why he and i are at one is the relationship with the united states is paramount to >> reporter: that special relationship on display at dinner. bl tie and red carpet at glen palace, the birthplace of winstonch chill, but outside -- >> we think churchill would be turning in his grave. >> reporter: thousands more protesters are expected today with the u.s. embassy warning american visitors to keep a low profile. that trump baby blimp taking its first step. >> should know that people stand against him wherever he >> reporter: the president not popular here but not fazed. >> i think that those people, they like me a lot. >> all right, so hallie, i'm sure a lot is on the agenda here in the uk. what's on the list? >> reporter: yeah. a couple of things, according t presidenump. when we heard from him this morning, a i-terrortalks, talks on trade after the president said in that interview that any kind of a brexit plan
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eresa may might go through with could kill a deal with the u.s. and importantly here, immigration. it comes after the president said this to the "sun," something that's raisi a lot of eyebr sten >>hinkthang t fowcs. of europe. and unless you act very quickly, o it's never going t what it was. i think you're losing your culture. >> reporte on to say that he believes things look a lot different now1 than they di or 15 years ago, but it's that part about losingt our culture tas a lot of folks here in london, in the uk, pretty the l mayor saying this morning he would hope that president trump would see diversity as a sign of strength, but it's that fiery rhetoric, hoda and willie, that is prompting some of the protests that we're seeing here. >> all right, hallie jackson in lond. hallie, thank you. >> thanks. for more on the protests against the president's visit, we turns to nb richard engel. richard, good morning.
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i reporter: good morning, willie. in central london right now. there are thousands of people here and thereill be ten of thousands in central london as the day progresses. this is a very diverse crowd -- men, women, old, youn straight, lgbt. there is ethnically diverse crowd here, but they all have one message. they say that president donald trump is not welcome in this city. the balloon, that blimp of president trump, a baby trum went up this morning. it has already come down. and now what we're going to see are these protests rches. they have been peaceful so far and are expected to be peaceful throughout the buday. what people are angry about -- we've spoken to several people -- is what theye perce to be president trump's arrogance. you just talked about with ou can hear i hope me -- it's getting a little louder -- that meeting that hasaened with theay last night, that dinner at glenham palace. picture this -- while president trump and theresa may and other people are having dinner, this
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report comes out in which president trump criticizes her, mighthat the trade dea be off, says that somebody else might be betterpr suited to be e minister of this country. this is while they are still gether. and people here are saying that is rude, that isarrogant, that is not the kind of relationship they expect to have with the u.s. predent. >> richard engel fighting the boo-boo zellas butoing it well. thank you very much. here at home, there is fallout ove an explosi and chaotic hearing on capitol hill. republican lawmakers facing off with the fbi agent who was removed from the russia investigatio over text messages critical of the president. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house. hey, peter. good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning to you. even in this era of deep divisions, this hearing may mark another low. at times, a shouting mnch betwhe president's supporters and those defending the agency investigating him. the key witness pummeled but
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fiant, insisting the fbi's russia investigation is not a witch hunt and arguing the partisan feud is playing right into vladimir putin's hands. capitol hill, an ugly free for all. fbi agent peter strzok fending off blistering house republican attacks accusing him of bias against donald trump. >> i don't appreciate what was originally said being >> i don't give a damn what you appreciate, agent strzok. >>eporter: the fbi veteran under scrutiny over his role as lead investigator in thelinton e-mail investigation and then the trump campaign and wrussia. to read his text messages with lisa page while they had an extramarital affair. >> ms. page said, "not ever going to become president, right? right?" >> no, no, he's not. we'll stop it. >> reporter: strzok explaining that text. >> you need to understand that that was a written lat night, off the cuff, in response to a
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series of events that included then candidate trump insulting the immigrant family of arallen hero. >> reporter: strzok referring to mr. trump's comments regarding gold star parents kaiser and gazalla khan, who criticized trump while speakingt the 2016 democratic convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. she probably, maybe she wasn't allowedo have anything toy. you tell me. >> and my presumption based on that horrible disgusting behavior that the american population would n somebody demonstrating that behavior to be president of the united states. >> reporter: strzok, who the justice department's inspector general has sharply criticized, dehis personal views ever influenced his professional actions. >> but let me be clear, unequivocally and under oath, not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any
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official action i took. >> rorter: the marathon hearing devolving into a even personal battle. republican louie gohmert bera berating strzok for his infidelity to his wife. >>lfou've embarrassed your and i can't help but wonder when i see you looking there with a little smirk, how many times did you look so innocent into your wife's eyes and lie to herbout lisa page. >> oh, mr. chairman, this is outrageous! >> credibility of a witness is always an issue -- >> mr. gohmert -- >> mr. ,airman, please you're -- >> have you no -- >> mr. chairman, this is intolerable harassment of the witness. >> what is wrong with that? do you need your medication? >> strzok unleashing on the texas congressman. >> the fact that you would question whether or not that is the sort of look i would engage with it a family member that i have acknowledged hurting goes more to a discussion of your character and what you stand for. d >> reporter:emocrats insisting the gop is trying to provide political cover to president trump as the special counsel's russia investigation plows
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ahead. >> they need to identify a villain. mr. strzok, tag, you're >> reporter: so peter, a lot of sound and fury, a lot of fireworks, a lot ost grad 'but did we learn anything from those ten hours in that room yesterday? reporter: yeah, ion't think so, at least not substantively. this was perhaps at best a s chance fe of those lawmakers to, you know, sort o deliver a sound point. it does make for a pretty good campaign video back in their home districts, right? these hearings are often contentious, but i think even by washington standards, this one was remarkable. it really doesn't change much in the big picture. the justice department's inspector general already found no evidence that strzok's personal views affected the outcome of the clinton e-mail case. they are still investigating the fbi's handling of the russia inquiry. by the way, we should note, the senior fbi lawyer that strzok was having that affair with, lisa page, testifies today and
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monday, behind closed doors. >> and at the end of the by, mueller will have the final word. peter, thank you. meantime, another massive payout is ordered over allegation that johnson & johnson's talcum powder-based products caused ovarian cancer. jo ling kent has more. >> reporter: it was an emotional victory in tourtroom for 22 plaintiffs and their families. a missouri jury issuing a record verdict of $4.7 billion in damages. but johnson & johnson says this fight is far from over. this morning, johnson & johnson's iconic baby powder -- ♪ a household staple f generations, is facing its biggest penalty yet. on thursday, a jur in missouri's circuit court awarded nearly $4.7 billion in damages to 22 women and their families, including 6 women who died. they alleged johnson & johnson's
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talcum powder products caused ovarian cancer. gail ingham says she used the product for years and was diagnosed in 1985. >> i hope no woman has to go through this. it really changes your life,mi your , and it should not happen to anybody. >> reporter: in a statement ton nb, johnson & johnson called the decision the product of a fundamentalunfair process, adding, johnson & johnson remains confident that its products do not contain asbestos and do not cause ovarian cancer and intends to pursue all available appellate remedies. this $4 billion verdict comes a year after a jury awarded 62-year-old lois slemp more than $110 million. previous verdicts have been johnson's n johnson & favor, and the company continues to stand by its products, despit thousands of additional pending lawsuits. > the facts are that science, research, clinicaevidence, and decades of studies by medical experts aroundld the wor continue to support theafety
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cosmetic talc. >> reporter: but the lawyer in thi misso case says it should sound an alarm for consumers. >> i don't say that everybody at j&j's bad or that the company itself is bad, but this is a bad product, and it needs to be taken off the market. >> reporter: now,me thecan cancer society says all talcum products used in homes in the u.s. have been asbestos-free since the 1970s. the group is also sieing ific research on the powder has been mixed, but if there is an increased risk, the overall increase is likely to be very small. willie, hoda? >> an awful lot of money. jo thank you very much. breaking overnight, we are hearing from the british divers who helpedng rescue that y soccer team from a flooded cave. one of the brave men playing down his courageous acts while receivinhe a 's welcome at home. nbc'sar gadi sc is at heathrow airport. mood morning. >> reporter: gooing, hoda. yeah, what an unforgettable homecoming. we'veseen several of the div coming here to heathrow airport
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after that herculean effort, and they are pushing these huge luggage carts filled with all of that gear. people are coming up to them, complete strangers, their hands, hugging them, whe juays ago they were deede ground saving 13 lives. >> how many of you? 13? >> reporte this was first contact with the boys many ouared had perished inside of a flooded cave, together in the dark, cold, hungry, but very much alive, many calling i a miracle. >> many people are coming. [ applause ] >> reporter: the british rescuers who discovered them now speaking outor the first time. >> we're very relieved that they were alive, but i think at that point, we realizedhe enormity of the situation. >> reporter: john is one of the world's leading cave diving experts, and rick stanton, who arrived in heathrow this morning, described the moment they discovered the boys huddled together on a rock. >> excitement, relief to see them alive. we counted them.
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>> reporter: from then on, it was a race against time in >>floodwaters. othing like this has been done before, so of course there were doubts. >> reporter: volunteers acros the globe helping, but in the middle of the effort, navy s.e.a.l. semen cumin died. new video shows the rescuers carefully carrying the preous cargo as one by one, the boys were guided more than two miles out, at timesompletely under water. >> the most important thing was to have a full face mask to enable them treathe and enough to not feel any anxiety. >> reporter: just after the last boy and theoach were saved, time ran out. toodwaters filling much of the cave wherey had spent over two weeks. >> there was a lot of chaos, but we were s task-oriented and focud that we sort of blanked that out. >> reporter: now the soccer team regaining their strength in a hospital while the world joices. all the boys offered scholarships, and some of the rescuers a lifetime oficts
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to visit thailand whenever they want. >> we're not heroes. what we do is vy calculating, very calm. >> reporter: but for now, these humbled british drivers still exhausted from the harrowing hours in the dark just happy to be me, knowing all the boys are safend alive. and after all that, now the transition to normalcy. those boys will have tutors that are going to bring them back up to speed. they missed a lot of class work. and they could be back in the classroom in the next couple of weeks. esmeanwhile, thai authorire now talking about turning that cave into a museum as a testament to the rescue that happened there. guys, back tou. >> thank you. one of the things the boys did not miss was the world cup, which i'm sure that soccer team willove to see on sunday. >> and don't you love the humility of the divers? >> love those guys. >> so cool. first look at the weather. thank you for getting your weather from us. we appreciate it. and we're talking heat!
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150 mill yion of us with heat indexes above 90 degrees, 82 million above 100 degrees. take a look at today, just for example. we a looking at over 100 degrees. it feels like over 100 in miami today, jacksonville, huntsville, new orleans, brownsville, dallas, and kansas city. and as we head into the weekend, look at saturday. we're looking at heat indices of over 100 degrees in tampa, birmingham, baton rouge, austin, 102 in oklahom city, st. louis, 104 with actual air temperatures in the mid-90ds. n sunday, it will feel like almost 100 in charleston, 102 in tallahassee. springfield, 100. 104 innd waco a louisville 102 degrees. that's what's going on around the country. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning, everybody. tgif. skies are clear, sun is shining. it's going to a nic day to be outside today. llt too terribly humid, either. temperatures are sostly in the 60s in the suburbs to around 70 degrees downtown and by the bay. and as you're planning out your friday today, a perfect day for being ponside. afternighs will be in the mid-to-upper 80s this afternoon. don't forget to put your sun block on if you're going to be outside for anxtended period of time. there's your extended forecast. hot and humid weather comes back sunday. >> and that's yourt lat weather. >> al, thanks. coming up, mall >> we want bears! >> an overwhelming response forces build-a-bear to shut down its pay your age promotion.
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so, how will the company make it up to the disappointed families? the ceo is with us forex an usive live interview. an in-depth look between the historic meeng between president trump and queen elizabeth. but first, this is "to on nbc. is "today" on nbc.
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we're back. >> coming coming up, are wess witneing the extinction of the middle child? also, a huge crowd for one republic. first your local news. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. >>ou 7:26 is time now on this friday, july 13th, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm cis wrence. we're following breaking news in the district where a boil water advisory is in effect for large parts of northeast and northwest d.c. n that live wit highlighted area on the map, you should boil your water for cooking and drinking until further notice. it's all because of a water outage last night. road closures start today ahead of the all-star weekend. tis is a look the closures over near nats park. you'll also want todr avoid ing near the convention center. look for a complete list of all of the closures in the n washington app. now we want to check on your morning commute with melissa mollet and your "first 4 traffic."
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>> good morning. this hasus cleared. oxon hill, through lanes before indian head highway had a crash that's now out of the way. centreville, real delays beforec fairfaxnty parkway, but thankfully that's cleared. d oming into southbo kenilworth before eastern avenue, crash there blocking one left lane. >> thank you, melissa. we'll check your forecast next. >> stay with us.
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good morning. it is a very pleasant day to be outside. temperatures are in the 60s to around 70 degrees here first thing o your friday. highs today will reach the upper 80s for most areas. 90-degree weather returns for tomorrow. highs on saturdayround 92 degrees. sunday looks even hotter than that with temperatures in the there could be an isolated rain chance late in the day on sunday, but the real story abo sunday, hot and humid. back to you.
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>> allu,ight. thank chuck. we've got another update coming up in 25 minutes. >> for now, back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day. does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see who delivers more. comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup. everyone else, no way. we let calls from any of your devices come from your business number. them, not so much. we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. teach them to smile. teach them to love themselves. teach them they are special,
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and you'll be amazed by what they do. back now, 7:30 on a friday morning, july 13th, 2018, with george clooney. he was spotted for the first time as he recovers from that scaryhacooter accident happened earlier this week. >> he was seen along with his wife, amal, as theyoaed a private jet to fly out of italy. looks like he's gettingp under his own power but maybe a little gimpy there. we hope he's okay. >> yeah, all right. we'll get to the this morning. including tension over president trump's trip to gland. protests erupting across the uk as president trump arrives for his first visit as president. thousands more expected today ahead of trump's highly anticipated tea with the queen, this after a rocky week ofnd meetings clashes with nato allies. in the clear. charges are droed against stormy lm actress
7:31 am
daniels, arrested earlier any week, allegedly for touching three undercover detectives while performing atn ohio strip club. city attorneys dropping the misdemeanor charges thursday due to a technicalityn ohio law. vir video arrest. a 62-year-old chicago man charged with a hat crime after beratg a woman wearing a puerto rican t-shirt, adding to the disorderly conduct he already faced. >> collapse on camera. a newly opened mall collapsed sdu to structural issues, dust and debris filling the air as io crumbleshe ground. o vestigators now working determine what went wrong. williams wimbledon win. serena is headed to the finals, just ten months after life-threatening complications after giving birth. the 23-time grand slam taking her spot back on the court today, friday, july 13th, 2018.
7:32 am
she's on a roll! >> yes, she is. let's see if she can finisht f. we want to turn now to that promotion that just proved to be wa too popular. >> build-a-bear has a lot of frustrated customers this morning after a special promotion led to huge crowds aa ot of chaos at stores nationwide. the company's ceo is here for an exclusive, live interview. but first, nbc's kerry sanders is at the build-a-bear workshopt in florida whengs are a lot quieter this morning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: a lot quieter now, but not yesterday. it was really quite intense. consider what the promotion was, first of all. it was pay your age that if you years old, you paid $5 for a bear if you're you paid $6, a really good deal. and thousands across the country lined up. in fact,ore than 1,100 right here at this store. unfortunately, not everybody got to take a bear home. this morning, build-a-bear l damage s are in f control mode. >> when they told you, you
7:33 am
couldn't get a bear, how did that make you feel? >> sad. >> reporter: after tens of thousands of excited customers from coast to coast showed up to take advantage of a big pay your age day promotion but instead wound upetting turned away, disappointed. >> you should anticipate the crowd and you should haea your supply. >> reporter: it was a simple marketing idea. a bear that woul normally cost $35 could make a 1-year-old really happy for just $1. >> you're 10, so you got your bear for 10 bucks? >> yeah. i and what do you think about that? s cool. quickly er: but cool turned into hot under the collar for many. >> we want bears! >> reporter: social media exploded withictures of children who did not get bears looking miserable and caption lines like "thanks, build-a-bear, for crushing the souls of millions of kids in the u.s.!" and it wasn't just here in the united states. the same artbreaking scene played out inad and great
7:34 am
britain. build-a-bear issued a statement, writing in pa, "we understand that many guests were turned away as due to safety concerns created by the crowds. unfortunately, given these circumstances, we were unable to serve o all our guests for the pay your age day event." he company issued vouchers t customers who were left standing in line, but many went away unhappy. >> we just feel like d- bubear took something that could have been amazing and soured it. >> reportese of co those who did get a chance to take a bear home are thrilled. we knoek a marketing executive who said that ts is one of the worst unforced errorsever. interestingly, though, the company's stock was up yesterday. hoda? >> all right, kerry, thank you. build-a-bear's ceo, sron price john is with us exclusively. hey, sharon, good morning. >> good morning. >> you saw a lot of upset parents, a lot of upset kids. why don't you just -- he talked about it being a deba what went wrong? >> well, first, i want to just
7:35 am
say that we are in the business of making sure that kids have the best experience possible. our entire mison is about adding a little more heart to life, and our objective was just to make sure that we could increase the accessibility f kids to be able to make their own furry friend and take it 'sme. whnteresting about it is our insight on why we decided to do this was based on the creation of a pay your age, count your candles birthday program. e up to one-third of our sales are actually associated with kids' birthday their most special day. andy the birth program for our birthday treat there continues on. that's an ongoing, all year long, i come during your birthday month and pay your age. and this particular day was just the day to kick that off and to .ntroduce it to peop so, we actually had put the inrmation out there, and we've done a lot of big promotions in
7:36 am
the past -- the national teddy bear day promotion. we were used to crowds and we were managing that, but this really started to wind up about 24, 48 hours prior to the day. >> did you underestimate the asowds? >> well, there no way for us to have estimated the kind of impact, the kind of crowds. it far surpass anything we ever could have known. we did see it wind up in social and wdid put a notice out for people that we thought the lines could be long and we worketh wih malls, but it was beyond anything we could have ever imagined. >> i think we can all agree there was no malice here. >> thank gu. >> you'v a company who's made kids happy over the years, but if i gave you a do-over, what would you do differently? >> there was really n way for us to have estimated those crowds. we were fully stocked, fullyaf d. if i could do it over, though, if there was a way to extend the da to just make sure that we service everyone, i would have loved to have seen and everyone been ae to get a bear, but it was the sheer amount of crowds
7:37 am
and the time of the -- how much time we had in the day. we couldn't througput -- that's a technical term, but we couldn't possibly move everyone through the process. >> i there's a mom sitting here at this table who stood in line kids,x hours with three what would you say to her? >> you know, it's heartbreaking. i'm aom of three. i know that the most disappointing moment is when a kid is super excit a something doesn't happen. and there was no- thank you, willie -- , no ill intent. our objective is to make kids happy. for 21 years we've been creating an experience for retail and making sure kids have triir favorited that they've made themselves. it's a very empowering process and we love that w d get to that every day and we take that very seriously, and we have a tremendous relationship with our guests and we value thatti reship so deeply, and it's very important for us to make sure that peoe understand that pay your age continues for the birthday treat bear that we have
7:38 am
provided the $15 voucher. we really wanteople to go and get their $15 voucher. that's good all summer. come in atour leisure, take your time. august 31st to august 31st. so, you have the time to come back. because particularly i know some people traveled very far to do this, and that's even more disappointing. we're very s >> do you feel that you owe an apology to those people who stoo in line? well, absolutely. that is not what we are about in any way, shape or form. and when i say we, i also want to take thi very personally myself. it's not what i'm about. i am sorry that this, you know, that we were not able to pevide service that we wanted. it was beyond what we could have ever imagined. and we are doing our veryest and we are staying very focused on making sure that w do the best we can to make it right for people. >> build-a-bear ceo sharon price y much.hank you v >> thank you for being here. we appreciate it. >> i really appreciate it. a check head to al for
7:39 am
of the weather. and sharon, my bear was $87, so that worked out pretty well. only kidding. ngt's show you what's g on. we've got a number of storms all over. first of all, down in the southwest, slow-moving storms, monsoonal moisture, flash flood threat. we could see anywhere from 1 to 3 inchesf rain there. then we also move to theas sout we're looking at a stationary front bringing a few storms, gusty winds, downpours, rainfall amounts anywhere from 1 to 2 inches, especially along the southeastern atlantic coas and then as we watch this cold front move through the uer midwest, it's the storms with the heavy rainfall, especially morrow. chicago will see strong storms, down to kansas city, st. louis, cincinnati even seeing some activity. rainfall amounts, again, 1 to 2 inches, although we do have flash flood watches for south dakota, nebraska, iowa and minnesota. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. tgif, everybody. 60s and 70s one the map h for you on a friday morning. bright sunshine all day today.
7:40 am
perfectgo day tut and go to the pool or if you're going to be at summer camp. just don't forget the sun block. mid-to-upper 80s all day long. and if you're backyard grilling, temperatures dropping t d about rees by 8:00 p.m. sun's not down until 8:34 this evening.he what about weekend? hot tomorrow, hot and humid coming up on sunday. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you very much. there is muchore ahead, including a live concert from one of the world's biggest bands, onerepublic. hoda chewing tic tacs. >> i was sorry! is the middle child quickly becoming a thing of the past? >> once you have two, the argument for having a third really i think becomes much more personal. >> why fewer and fewer couples are choosing to have larger families. then, tic tacs. also, the new movie capturing that awkward year of eighth grade that will certainly have parents and kids ta uing. a next, time for tea. we're going i depth on today's
7:41 am
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ah, we can just hang out here. we're back with something we call "in-depth today," takin closer look at one of the dye's top stories. >> today we're focusing on president trump's trip to the uk anticipated tea with the queen. nbc's kristen welker is joining usrom buckinghamshire. good morning. >> reporter: good mornin to the queen virtually never weighs into u.s. politics, but she has a longanding tradition of meeting with american presidents. so, today, all eyes will be oni her with president trump, a leader who loves to break the rules, about to come face-to-facest with a queen ped in tradition. this morning, the president, the queen, and a highly anticipated tea party. today, donald trump marksfi his t visit to the uk as president and his meeting with the queen has the potential to eclipse the rest of his hedule. >> they've read about him,
7:46 am
eey've seen him on the tellie, they've probabln read his tweets. they're as intrigued as anyone to meet the commander in chief and see what he like in the flesh. >> reporter: overnight, the president complimenting tng queen, telhe british newspaper "the sun," she represents her country well. for soyou think of it, many years she's represented her country. she's really never made a mistake. you don't see, like, anything embarrassing. you don't -- she's just an incredible woman. my wife is a tremendous fan of hers." >> reporter: so much a fan, the first lady choseo wear a dress ,n the queen's favorite color, pale ye tor din thursday, her stylist says. whileuckingham palace won't host the president and first lady for a state dinner like they did for the obamas, they will meet her f tea a windsor castle. the palace says "tre are no obligatory codes of behavior when meeting the queen or a mber of the royalfamily, but many people wish to observe the traditional form." so, w howl president trump
7:47 am
choose to greet the queen? a royal aide will announce him to the monarch. then you may expect mr. trump to take a small bow f and forst lady melania trump to curtsy, or the queen will offer her hand and the trumps will politely shake it. president trump is known for eaking with tradition. do you expect him to follow protocol today? >> funnily enough, ieenow he can frstyle, but in this occasion, i think he will be minding his ps and qs, probably for the first time in his presidency. >> reporter: a reminder of how theseents are scrutielzed, mich obama famously turned tads for touchinghe queen's back, a taboo, but the queen also hugged her. and actress susan sarandon recently shook her hand without an introduction. t queen elizabet longest running monarch inhi british story, has met every u.s. president since taking the thro in 1952 with the exception of lyndon b. johnson. mong the highlights, famously riding horseback at windsor castle alongside president and
7:48 am
nancy reagan in 1982. this morning, mr. trump takes his place in history as the queen's next guest. and that meeting is set to get under way in just a few hours from now.el the presidentng "the sun" he's not nervous about it. willie, hoda, back to you. >> all right, kristen welker, thank you very much. to be a fly on the wall for that tea. >> i was just going to say. >> can you imagine? >> wow. >> that's going to be a good moment. all right, guys, coming up, we have the emmy nominations. yeah. >> dominance, netflix. going to tell you what that essad mean for the future of tv, but first, these mges. that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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7:56 am
7:56s your time now on this friday, july 13th, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. right now we want to check on your morni commute with melissa mollet and your "first 4 traffic." how's it going, melissa? >> good morning. going pretty well this morning. only slowdown really inwo spots. outer loop 12 miles an hour between 95 and georgia avenue, and then the inner loop bottom of the beltway as you're drossing the w wilson bridge. centreville, 66 eastbound before fairfaxounty parkway, crash cleared. still pretty good delays on 66 all the way into centreville. >> thanks, melissa. we'll tak b a quickak and check your forecast when we come back.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
it's right around 70 degrees as you step outirst thing this morning. boternoon highs mid-to-upper 80s, just average for this part of july. tomorrow a little bit warmer, back into the 90s for most of the d.c. metro area. sunday'soing to be much warmer with highs in the mid-90s and aly a small chance for thunderstorm sunday afternoon. >> all right, chuck, thank you. another local news updateyo for in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show after this short break.
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, prime time protests erupt across london as president trump meets with the prime minister, this just hours after calling her out or her controversial brexit deal. >> i aually told theresa may idw to do it, b she didn't agree -- shen't listen to me. >> we are live i london with the latest. ♪ plhe, missing from middle? why more and more families are choosing not to have a third child. >> once you have two, the argument for having a becomes m more personal. >> so, could being the middle kid become a thing of the past? and "countinst ars" on the plaza. onerepublic is here to start your weekend off right wlih a summer concert, so get
8:01 am
ready to stop and stare. ♪ sto and stare today, friday, july 13th, 2018. ♪ > we're ready for the one a only -- >> onerepublic! >> hi, dad! >> here's my daughter iel, on the plaza! >> whoo! >> we're from grand rapids, michigan! >> kentucky! >> brown hills, !virgin >> golden, colorado! >> from l.a.! [ cheers and applaus ♪ >> oh, willie, we scheduled a party for you on this friday morning. >> man. >> willie in for savannah. we're just a half hour away from our live concert, onerepublic. the lead singer is such a cool guy, right? >> it's a great band and i think people don't realize he writes a ton ofther songs y know, for
8:02 am
ed sheeran, adele, beyonce. really talented ny. big crowd the plaza waiting for them to get started. >> we'll head out in a built, but first your news at 8:00. president trump is stirring things up in the uk, even before tea with queen elizabeth today. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has more on the pop, politics, and protests. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: and there's a lot of all three of those things, hoda. good morning to you. one memberamf part put it this way -- when you go to somebody's house, you do not insult your host. but that's exactly what president trump did when he here and essentially trashed prime minister theresa may's policies on brexit. the white house is being careful to point out, the president did no insult may personally, but he did go after her policyth on controversial split from the uk from the rest of the european union. the president went out, and in his interview with the british "sun" newspaper, essentially said that any moves may plans to
8:03 am
make as it relates to brexit could jeopardize a u.s./uk trade deal, that he tried to give her advice on this but she did not listen. now it is all about the damage control. the president is meeting withor may thisng here at checkers. it's basically the british version of camp david. and when he was asked if he regretted the comments to "the sun," the president simply rolled his eyes, grimaced, looked visibly annoyed and emphasizedhat the u.s. andk have a very strong and special relationship. back in london, which is about an hour from where we are, there are thousands of protestersed expetoday, a continuation of what we've seen. that trump babyblim complete with diaper, is now flying. it's been raised off the ground overhead. and in addition to the protests and the ident's visit here in the uk, there is also some damage control going on at the pentagon. that is because military leaders are now making t calls allies in europe to reassure them that the u.s. will stick by its nato commitment that comes, of se
8:04 am
co after president trump threatened, essentially, to reassess the u.s.'s involvement ith nato, according to our reporting, when he was there in brussels just earlier this week. multiple current and former diplomatic and military officials tell us those calls are now being made at the highest level. so, lots of international diplomacy happening, and all of it still ahead of that critical one-on-one sit-down with vladimir putin in helsinki.s thatust 72 hours away. the countdown's on, hoda. >> it sure is. hallie jackson, thanks. >> while the president is overseas, his supporters defended him at a chaotic hearing on capitol hill. embattled fbi agent peter strzok testified thursday for the first me since he was removed from special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. republicans grilled him about his integry and the anti-trump text he traded with colleague lisa page while they were having an extramarital affair. >> how many times did you look so innocent io your wife's eyes and lie to her about lisa
8:05 am
page? >> oh -- >> mr. chairman, this is outrageous! >>he fact that you would question whether or not that was the sort of look i would with in a family member who i have acknowledged hurting goes more to a discussion about your character and what you standr. >> that's the house judiciary committee there. lisa page, meanwhile, seduled to testify today behind closed doors. this morning, mcdonald's says it is removing supplies of sala blend from about 3,000 restaurants, mostly in the midwest. health officials in ia and illinois are investigating more than 100 cases of intestitel parasihat may be linked to that fast-food chain. a lot of the people who became sick reported having eaten mcdonald's salads. meantime, the salmonella outbreak linked to kellogg's recalled honey smas is growing. 27 more cases reported, bringing the total to 100 in.3 st so, that's news. would you like a little we?st? all right. a sign language interpreter stole the show at a heavy metal concert in austin, texas.
8:06 am
check it out. she's in he blackt-shirt. there is no one in the crowd more into the music than she is. >> yes. >> shes feeling it. the band on stage is called lamb of god. and occasionally, you can see members of the group glancing over to check out the action in the front of the stage. the interpretation, of course, d drums -- >> that is awesome. that is amazing. >> that's pretty cool. >> you know there was another one ofdhese going aro a couple years ago at an emyes, ma'am show. >> oh, really? >>nd she keeps up with the show and freestyle of eminem. >> unbelievable. with the shrinking size of american families, are middle children on the verge of extinction? but first, why the new movie "eighth grade" is being called a coming of age masterpiece and the power fuel scene that will have you talking, coming up. for loving you? you'll make my morning, but ruin my day. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid. it's delicious 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose.
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8:11 am
♪can i get a connection? (♪) ♪trying to find the old me ♪ ♪ >> we're back as jenna joins us with "today's talker." it's a new movie taking a unabashed look at the minefield that teens now navigate. >> savannah is in l.a. with thar >> good morning, guys. the new movie called "eighth gr raw look at the effects of social media on middle schoolers, but it's noto just adolescents. this film is going to have everyone talking. >> okay, so, growing up can be a little bit scary and weird.
8:12 am
>> we will begin to explore these changing bodies of yours. it's going to be lit. >> reporter: do you remember middle school? because i do. yep. that's me. your first crush, all that homework, who you sit with at lunch. where do you fit in? s now, thrial media in there with likes and comments, and that's wha kids are dealing with today. >> really, like, nervous a the time. i n try really hard to feel that way. >> reporter: now a new movie "eighth grade" written and directed by stand-up comediano b bern yum provides a raw look at adolescent anxiety rarely seen in movies. >> she's trying so hard but she still can barely cope and i lowe the rawness of that. >> reporter: "variety" interviewed the writer and directornd elsie fisher about sundancegrade" at >> kayla's experience is very reflective of my own, because i think this is aay good por of what the internet is.
8:13 am
t's not always smiles or obsessing on emojis. >> reporter: in a recent survey of young social media users, 41% report that social media has made them feel anxious,d, or depressed. in a 2018 survey, 24% of teens said social media had a mostly negative impact. >> so, the topic of today's video is being yourself. being yourself can be hard. and it's n'like, aret i always being myself? and yeah, for sure, but being yourself is, like, not changing yourself to impress someone >> i ay think it's realism uaelse. for the kids, because it feels likeking over across the hallway and talking to your crush feels literally like going dragon or ig snake something. >> reporter: this movie takes you r aht back to those awkward moments and more serious challenges, too. a truth-or-dare scene in the back seat of a car might have once been considered just teen boys being boys. now, in this me too era, it carries a new meaning.
8:14 am
though the movement has largely focused on adults, one study shows that 43% ofide school students experience sexual harassment from their peers. >> i feel like everyone knows a guy like that in high school. he reporter: but mostly, movie makes being an eighth grade girl something everyone can understand. >> there's aiety and the moment of tension and just that sitting there, kind of being like,h, i n't. oh, that's way too familiar. >> most people can remember their awkward adolescent periences, and for me, as someone who struggled with, and honest w, still strugglh anxiety, it really was just all too familiar. and let me tell you, eighth grade was not my year. and the main character has this line where she describes her feeling of nervousness all the time as the butterflies you get while waiting for a roller coaster but without the relief of ever having t ridden ride, which totally gave me the chills, but you also kind of feel that way for the whole movie as the viewer because of w well it's done. >> savannah that was great.
8:15 am
we were all just talking about our awkward, horrible years in life. those sixth, seventh and aid grade years were tough. >> middle school years are ksrd. >> th savannah. look for savannah on nbc's "stay ned" on snapchat. >> carson, you are heading to the o.r.? >> i am, guys!av we h a clip that is absolutely taking over the inteet right now from mike in san diego. he shared thvi very simple o. it's just of a lemon rolling down the street. he wrote "today as i was walking home after my run, i saw a lemon rollingown the hill it just kept rolling for about a quarter mile and now you can see it, too." and boy, people are infatuates with this video. the clip's been seen more tn 6 million times on twitter. in case you're watching closely waiting for something big to happen, spoiler alert, doesn't. >> oh. >> nope! after 1 minute and 51 seconds it comes to a sp rightthere, and that's it! >> all right. >> that's it. >> that's it? >> but that' all it took for social media users to find a new internet hero.e let's go to tweets, gabe saying "this lemon wasn't
8:16 am
stopping for anyone or anything. this lemon is my idol and my role mode i lovhis lemon." katie posting, "if this little lemon can overcome all these obstacles and keep on rolling, you can, too. be your best lemon." mi eventually went back for the lemon, washed it, weighed it. it weighs a half aun let it hang out in his backyard just to bring on some of the lemon idol sff there, makou feel good. i don't know what's going on with the lemon. it's a lemon. people are really reading into it, aren't they? now what should he do with the lemon? eat it? make lemonade? >> you don't eat a lemon like that all at once. >> with a garnish and a drink. >> it's friday. >> it's friday, yeah. >> would he consume the lemon in a cocktail, would that be >> if you get the lemon never stops mojo. >> a special purpnge. >> all t we can ponder. >> i can't believe how many hits that got. >> 6 million. hi >> hodas it was an orange. >> a half a pound lemon. >> half apound?
8:17 am
>> is that big for a lemon? meyers lemons arey'big. >> t not the right shape for a consistent roll, though, re oblong -- >> it's a greatfruit. a little baby grapefruit. >> thank you ft bringing t to us. >> good follow-up story tomorrow. >> yeah. >> we're going to start"p start" right now. yesterday, prime time emmy nominations came out. for the first time in 18 years, hbo didn't get the most nominations. natalie morales in l.a. this morning with all that and a lot more. natalie, good rning. >> hey, carson. good morning. yeah, it's fascinating, because netflix, which wasn't even of the tv landscape until a few years ago, now beating out hbo, scoring 112 total nominations to hbo's 108. >> the a nominee -- >> reporter: when it comes to this year's all-important emmy nominations, netflixs making its presence felt with shows like "stranger gsthin "grace and frankie," and "the crown." and streaming rivals aman and lu are getting in on the
8:18 am
action, too. >> i really feel liket throu the '90s and 2000s, it was the rise of cable. no it's the rise of streaming. >> reporter: hbo's signature show "game of thrones" and "west world" still received the most erall nominations, while "saturday night live" got 21 nominations, including variety skit series. year, r change this someone besides julia louis-dreyfus will win best comedy actress. the star of "veep" has taken home the award for six years, but her battle withancer delayed the show's filming, opening up the field to new contenders. >> i think you're going to see rachel brosnahan, star of "the marvelous mrs. mazel," who won the golden globe earlier this star. >> and a f emmy nomination for jessica biel in usa's "the sinner." the only broadcast show nominated for best drama, nbc's "this is us" for the second year in arow. actor sterling k. brown and milo veimiglia alsorecognized. notable snubs this year include "modern family," passed over for
8:19 am
the first time since 2010, and f "roseanne,lowing the firing of the show's star, roseanne ba barr, for her racially charged remarks, but laurie metcalf did get a nod for supporting actress. this year'sou emmys c mark a career milestone for john legend in nbc's "jesus christ superstar." >> john legend, who already has a ton of grammys, plus a tony plus an oscar, could now complete the egot with two nominations. >> our fingers crossed there for john legend. the winners will be announced on nbc september 17th, right here. ndosts are colin jost and michael chay from "snl." we have a nominee on our own "the voice" nominated for best reality competition show. carson, congratulations to tou an gang at "the voice." >> thank you. >> well deserved. >> thank you. we're very exciteho about john legend, though? you're saying he's an "e" away from egot. if he wins an emmy.
8:20 am
>> and he deserves towin. >> oh, my gosh, incredible. >> watch that for ten minutes, you're li t,s is something. natalie, thanks. amy schumer caused a stirso on al media after posting this picture on thursday with the etption "leesaevans and i are cooking sng up." people immediately thought it gns a pcy announcement, however, she quickly put the rumors to rest with this video. >> i am not pregnant. i am not pregnant. it looked le i was like pointing to a bump or something, but i'm not. esa evans and i created a clothing line. that's what i was trying allude to, but thank you forof thinkin y womb. >> there you go. and finally, the shigy, the viral dance challenge set to the drake song takg over social media p.m. everyone seems to be doing it. "this is us"in star steg k.
8:21 am
brown took part. there is the quaest of "queer eye." they got in on the fun. but will smi took the challenge to brand-new heights, dancing on topge of a brn budapest. take a look. ♪ s >> wilth travels with a drone -- >> the drone shot there. high access. >> wow. >> the video caught drake's attention, who commented, ow, the video is done." i'm sorry, yeah? i'm just getting wor no there is one more shigy challenge. we have it. let's roll it. oh, my gosh. ♪ >> therehey are! >> our own today show. >> we were trying to get everybody out, but we didn't have a lot of room. you guys are like, no way. >> we were busy. >> willie was close. >> i had professional obligations. thank you. >> al, you have a look at the
8:22 am
weathe >> that's right. your local news and weather. good morning, everybody. that was one of the quickest tosses ever. here's your forecast for the next ten days. it's bright and sunny looutside humidity here for the rest of your friday. today's higher teure, seasonable 89 degrees. that is an average high for july 13th. happy friday t 13th, everybody. 92 coming your way on sa orday, sunday. there is a very slight chance for a thunder shower late in the sunday. higher rain chances, though, getting into monday and especially tuesday of next week. that could affect the all-star game we'll keep you posted on that forecast. >> that's weather, hoda. >> all right, thank you, al. so, where do you fall in your family's pecking order? >> if the answer is rightre in the middle, at times you may feel a little overlooked, and yo may not like wha jenna is about to tell you. >> i know, this is very serious hews. it all started wn article in "new york" magazine that asked if middle children are becoming a thing of thepast. it got us thinking about birth order and its impact on those stuck in the middle.
8:23 am
there they aren allhose family photos. none of the privileges of being the oldest, none of the attention from being the youngest, but don't take those ddle children for granted. according to "new york" magazine, they are quickly becoming a thing of the past. >> i believe wtre a historic low birth rate right now in the u.s., and we're also at a historic gap between the number of kids people are actuallyng hand the number of kids they say they would like to have. >> reporter: in the mid-'70s, 59% of women in their early 40s had three or more children, while 32% had just one or two. these days, those numbers are nearly reversed, with 32% having three or more kids and 53% with one or two. that means there are far fewer siblings in the middle. >> a lot of people are reluctant to have only one becauser then thid won't have a sibling. once you have two, the argument for having a third reallyk i th becomes muchore personal and does become more about whether you can aff it,
8:24 am
whether you have the space. >> reporter: in fact, in 2013, gallup ask couples why they aren't having more children. 65% cited t cost of raising a child. 11% also pointed to concerns over thend economy jobs. just 6% said it was a personal choice. still, middle children have played a big role in pop culture. >>hi, mom. >> reporter: from peter and jan brady >> marcia, marcia, marcia! >> reporter: to "malcolm in the middle." >> ah! >> boys. >> reporter: and don'tget carlton. bruce is the author of "smack dab: a middle chd's blog." he's a middle, married to a middle, speaking out on behalf of middles everywhere. >> the most universal stereotype for middle children is that we have this never-ending need for attention. we didn't feel like we got it when we were growing up, so weste ctly seeking it. the reality is that they turn that into a positive. >> reporter: famous middle kids who won't be ?overlook president trump and daughter
8:25 am
ivanka, j. lo and kim kardashian, warren buffett and bill ges are also model middle men, as are funny guys david letterman and judd apatow. brokering peace between siblings, middle kids are said to become ski dedlomats and loyal friends. so, will the thought of a middle kid extinction entice parents to have more children? probably not, but those in know say middles will be missed. >> while the world would be a quieter place with maybees whining, i think it would also be a more boring place. >> you know, it did make me think, maybe i'll have a thi kid. i mean, i'm not making that announcement, but it's st integ. >> does he know about this? >> he's not watching, but it is interesting to think about ging the dynamic, that middle kids aren't just like, oh, i need attention, marcia, marcia, marcia, butet empa. >> you are a middle kid. >> i am, and it's funny when you look through photo albums there ar a million pictures of my sister and a million pictures of my brother. i'm like, waser i
8:26 am
yeah, you were there. but they get excited about the first and the last. >> now we're getting few pictures of you on tv. okay. >>ou turned out all right. >> yeah. >> guys, the crowd is large outside. onerepublic. good morning! it is 8:26 now. hope your friday morning's off start.reat i'm chris lawrence. get a check on your morning commute with melissa mollet. >> good morning, chris. y,king a look at the roads here. tw pnorthbound after powder mill, have acrash. and southbound at 197. so, we are jammed through that area. 95 through that same section looking good. it's a good alternate for you right now. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway overall looking good as well. as we zoom in here, 395 inbound, 14th street bridge a little slow, 18 >> all right, thank you, melissa. we'll get a check on your forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
it's a bright and sunny start to youfriday. temperatures are in the low to mid-70s currently. low humidity for today, but don't get too used. to we know the humidity will be back. it starts to move back in tomorrow. todayarm and sunny, high temperature 89 degrees with a
8:29 am
light east breeze. wthen, for tomor and the weekend, much hotter weather. chris? >> all right, thanks, chuck. you can get the latest news any time on the abc washgton app.
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now, friday morning. .t is friday the 13th the excitement here at a fever pitch, you guys. we are about to have a le concert wit onerepublic. >> saking of onerepubec, wher are super fans jennifer from jersey city? et me introduce you to jennifer. here she is. hi, jen, how are you? >> i'm so great. >> you love onerepublic! >> i do love them. >> good things seem to happen after runrepublicshows. >> yes. i did get engaged last year after their concert.
8:31 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we also notice you had a photo taken with the guys. you've got it right there. when was that? >> from 2007. therare probably 20 peopl playing at this concert, and i've loved them ever since. >> you know what would be fun since we have them, let's recreate this photo and get it up on stage. >> oh, my god! >> do you want to come up c cae one me. let's get jennifer up with the guys in runrepublic. are you already? the up it's been a long time. 11 years. the boys look a lot different now. here they are, onerepublic. here's jennifer. les get thepicture, jump in here. we have nate, the professional a photy. thank you, boys. there's the photo. >> oh, my god! where was this? >> california. >> i remember the show. ber the show. i remember the show. >> the key club? >> yes. >> welayed in california wine
8:32 am
country. >> you did. >> and i remember because it was the first time that weot paid to play a gig. >>eaou remember 11 ago? >> ever. no, we got paid like $5,000,'m whichretty sure made the promoter go broke. >> it was my brother. >> it was your brother? >> oh, everybody knoverybody around here! >> that's why i got to go in. >> we still talk about thehow. >> ryan, right? >> yeah her brother's name's ryan like me, and he paid us $5,000, and i'm pretty sure he lost every penny, but it was worth it to us. now you're here. let's recreate the picture. >> i'm missing the hat, but i'll take the glasses off. >> let me get out of the shot. all right, jennifer, jersey city. >> i've got to get right behind you. andsome o much more than i was back then. it's >> ryan, you should pay her brother the $5,000 back. you're good for it now. >> we should. that show -d we boo it off of myspace. >> there you go! >> whoa. >> myspac
8:33 am
>>which, like justin timberlake bought for like 30 bucks. >> yeah, heou made ae bucks off that. >> jen, i've got to take you back. the boys are going to get borea. how that, guys? >> incredible! >> that was great. >>t ts awesome. >> she's practically part of the band at this point. we'll get to our concert wh onerepublic in a moment, but first, al has a look at the weather. let's check the weather and you'll see the weekend outlook okday. g at heavy rain in the upper midwest, sunny and hot in the pacific nortunest,ine in the northeast. tomorrow, heavy rain moves into the ohio river valley, hot and dry in the northwest. plenty of heat and humidity making its way through texas. humidi increases in the northeast, triple digits on sunday, sunday! and we're looking at sun ine ouwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> right here in the washington metro area, temperatures around county, es in arlington 72 in fairfax county, 70 degrees in gaithersburg, 75 in anna tlis. nice daybe outside today. low humidity. our high temperature today right on averag 89 degrees.
8:34 am
now, we'll turn warmer and more humid over the weekend. 92 on saturday, 95 sunday. ost of your weekend will be dry, though there's a very small chance of a late-day thunderstorm on sunday. rain chances early next week. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> onerepublic is a multiplatinum and grammy-nominated. we are so, so happy to have them hit our concert stage on their summer tour, but atrst, a look how they got here. ♪ we'll be, we'll bein countg stars ♪ >> they've been counting stars and hits for more tn ten years, with 16 million albums sold and more than 10 bilon streams, onerepublic has solidified their spot in music history. ♪ i saidoo it's t late to apologize ♪ >> their breakout single "apologize" shattered digital sales and airplay records worldwide, earng onerepublic a
8:35 am
grammy nomination. since then, the frontman has written son f and made hits with some of the biggest in the business, including adele and taylor swift, earning him three grammys. ♪ i feel something so right doing t wrong thing ♪ >> the chart-topping "counting stars" is the first video by a band viewed 1 billion times on youtube. ♪ back when we were kids this summer they're on tour and our concert plaza is one of their stops. and ladies and gentlemen, here they are, onerepublic! ♪ lately i've been b i'ven losing sleep, dreaming about the bings that we could be ♪ ♪y i've been, i've been praying hard ♪ ♪ said no more counting dollars,
8:36 am
we'll be counting stars ♪ ll be counting ars ♪ ♪ whoo! ♪ i see this life like a swinging vine ♪ ♪ swing my hea across the line ♪ ♪ in my face is flash signs ♪ seek it out and ye shall find ♪ ♪ old, but i'm not that old ♪ young, b i'm not that bold ♪ i don't think the world isso , just doing what we're told ♪ ♪ i feel something so right doing the wrong thing ♪ ♪ i feel something so wrongdoing the right thing ♪ ♪ i could l could lie, could
8:37 am
lie e ♪ ♪verything that kills me makes me feel alive ♪ ♪ lately i've been, i've been losing sleep ♪ come on! ♪ dreing about the things that we could be ♪ ♪ baby, i've been, i've been praying hard ♪ ♪ said no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars ♪ ♪ lately, i've been, i've bn losing sleep ♪ ♪ dreaming about the things that we could be ♪ ♪ but baby, i've been, i've beey g hard ♪ ♪ said no more counting dollars, we'll be, we'll be counting stars ♪ ♪ oh, oh, yea ♪ i feel your love and i feel it burn ♪ ♪ down this river every turn ♪ hope is a four-letter word, make that money, watch it burn ♪ old, but i'm not that old ♪ young, but i'm notd that bol ♪ i don't think the world is sold, just doing what we're ♪ and iwroinghe right f teehingu
8:38 am
♪ ild lie, could lie, could lie ♪ ♪ everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly ♪ ♪ lately, i've been, i've been losing sleep ♪ come on! ♪ dreaming about the tngs that we could be ♪ ♪ and baby, i've been, i've beer ing hard ♪ ♪ said no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars ♪ listen up ♪ lately, i'veen be i've beenee losing sl dreaming about the things that we could be ♪ ♪ and baby, i've been, i've been praying hard n♪ ♪ said more counting dollars, we'll be, we'll be counting ♪ ♪ take that wmoney,ch it burn, sink in the river the lessons i learned ♪ ♪ take that money, watch it burn, sink in the river the lessons i learned ♪ ♪ take that money, watch it burn, sink in the river the lessons i learned ♪ ♪ take that money, watch it
8:39 am
burn ♪ ♪ sink in the river the lessons i've learned ♪ [ cheers and applae ] >> we are going to have so much more with onerepublic. but first, this is "today" on nbc! >> nbc! ♪ (birds chirping, a running brook,) ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it.
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real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real. we are back on this fine
8:41 am
friday morning. our "today" concert stage with the guysrom onerepublic. >> that's right, ryan tedder, drew brown, zach andeddian we've got ryhere. good to have you here. ryan, you said the first time you heard "apologize" on the radio, you were driving with inur dad. in that momen your car in l.a., wherever you were, could you imagine the success your n to have? go >> i had no idea. we were used to being broke and playing the sunset strip, i mean, ftwo, three years, we were paying to play.
8:42 am
we had been dropped b a record label. so, power of the internet, though. we put it up on the internet and that's what helped it blow up, radio. ended up on the >> you've always been sort of on the cutting edge, including right now. your single "connection" already a hit, but you're at the point where you're releasing singles one at a time, instead of dropping a whole album. >> yes. we are making aew albumight now, because what we realize in doing this is when you do like a full global our, you need tour on a new album, you need new material, but we will be dropping singles up until that new album. >> but you're also a writer at heart. what's your favorite song you've everte wr >> just because of the experience of doing it was "rumor has it," adele. ecorded it. we did it, we wrote it in like 45 minutes, and thenhe did it one vocal take. >> oh, my gosh. >> started singing from the top of the song -- ♪ sh she ain't real did the whole song, three minutes, done. we didn't do one mor take. that with it. >> a documentary about you guys out a year ago said yly under the radar, people don't
8:43 am
recognize you on the street. is that still the case? >> yeah. u know, probably in a city like new york or london, maybe twice a day, two or three taes day, but i also wear like a lot of baseball hats and sunglasses, and i'm not trying to -- >> b >> i that? because the day -- if i got crazy, crazy well known or famous if i couldn't walk around new york, if i couldn't go to paris and actually enjoys , i would lose my mind. >> you can't do karaoke. >> i can't do karaoke. no, i'll do bohemian rhapsody and pple will be like oh, my god. >> he's good. >> i will say, i traveled with rydi before and h some karaoke. >> i did, yes. >> so, he can do karaoke. >> i hope it's better thanco cooking steak in your kitchen. last time we were together, he set his hse on fire. >> you didn't air the clip where the fire started. >> all right, what are you going tono sing >> we're going to do our new song, "connection." >> take it away.
8:44 am
♪ ♪ these days my waves get lost in the ocean ♪ ♪ seven billion swimmers, man i'm going through the motions ♪ ar♪ sent up a fl i need love and devotion ♪ ♪ traded for some faces that i never know, notion ♪ ♪ maybe i should try to find the ol t me ♪ ♪e me to the places and people that know me ♪ trying to disconnect, thinking reybe you could show me ♪ ♪ if t so many people here, then why am i so lonely ♪ ♪ can i get a connection, can i get, can i get a connection ♪ ♪ can i get a connection, can i get, can i get connection ♪ ♪ real friends, good friends, hard to find let's face it ♪ ♪ find the perfect home and there's a flood in the basement ♪ ♪ made aow couple dollars n and i'm trying to chase it ♪ ♪ kids from oklahoma, man, we don't waste it ♪ ♪ i'm just trying to paint the picture for me ♪ ♪ something i could give a damn about a maybe 40 ♪
8:45 am
♪ years and i be ready and willing and able to et the story ♪ ♪ because there a so damn lonely ♪ can i get a connection, get, can i get a connection ♪ ♪ can i get a connection, can i get, can i get a connection ♪ ♪ i can see it in my, see it in my reflection ♪ ♪ can i get aconnection, can i get, can i get a connection ♪ ♪ right now, rightnow, i'm switching to a new lane ♪ ♪ foot to the floor, an searching for the real thing ♪ ♪ meet somebody else, sometes ain't no shame ♪ ♪ head to the clouds ♪t's like, can i get a connection ♪ ♪ can i get, can i get a connection ♪ ♪ can i get a connection, can i get, can i get a connection ♪ ♪ i can see it in , see it in
8:46 am
my reflection ♪ ♪ oh, can i get a connection, can i get, can i get a connection ♪ me, ying to find the old lonely ♪ ♪ trying to find the old me [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> that is thonerepublic! k you, fellas! just ahead, they're going tpe rform one of their biggest fans. favorite but first, on a beautiful friday morning, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ac we're with much more muse kbrik from onerepublic. performing now their grammy-nominated hit "apologize." guys, take it away. ♪
8:49 am
♪ i'm holding on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground ♪ ♪ i'm hearing what you say but i just can't make the sounds, no ♪ ♪ you tell me that you mean it, then you go and cut me down, but wait ♪ ♪ you tell me that you're didn't think i'd turn around ♪ ♪ you say that it's tooate to apologize, it's too late ♪ ♪ said it's too late apologize, it's too late ♪
8:50 am
♪ oh, yeah ♪ i take another chance, take a fall, take a shot om you ♪ ♪ oh, and i need you like a heart needs a beat ♪ ♪ but it's not fromyou, yeah, oh, i loved you with a fir a ♪ ♪ i was turning blue, and you say, sorry le the angel ♪ ♪ heaven let me think was you, but i'm afraid ♪ ♪ it's too late to apologize, it's too late ♪ ♪ i said it's too late to apologize, it's too late ♪ ♪ oh, oh
8:51 am
♪ ♪ it's too late to apologize, it's too late ♪ ♪ i said it's too late to ologize, it's too late ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, too late to apologize ♪ ♪ yeah, it's too late toog ape, yeah ♪ ♪ i'm holdingn your rope, got me ten feet off the ground ♪
8:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> always a great show from onerepublic. guys, than t. don't forgcatch them this summer. goodday, everyone, from trafalgar square in london. we're coming oo the air bring you a joint news conference by president trump and british prime minister theresamay, as the president's controversial trip to great britain coinues. it's now early afternoon here. the two leaders have been meeting and having lunch at checkers, the prime minister'st co residence about 30 miles northwest of here in ck ghamshire. this all follows president trump's explosive interview with theritish paper "the sun," where he harshly criticized may's handling o brexit and praised her rival, the former
8:53 am
foreign secretary, boris johnsosi here's the pnt and the prime minister. >> -- to t checkersay on his first official visit to the united kingdom. no two countries do more together than our to keep their people safe and prosperous, and we want to deepen that cooperation even further to meet the shared challenges we face now andhe in years ahead. this morning, president trump and i visited and saw a demonstration of joint working between british and american special forces, just one example of what is today the broadest, deepes most advanced security cooperation of any two counies in the world. whether it is our pilots deterring the use ofl mi c ca nap daesh, our soldiers at the forefront of nato's presenc in eastern europe, our neighbors the pacific, enforcing sanctions oon north korea, our unparalleled partnership, thwarting attacks,
8:54 am
our security cooperation is saving lives here in britain, in america, and right across the world. that partnership is set to grow with our armies integrating to a level unmatched anywhere, and the uk set to spend b 24lion pounds on u.s. equipment and support over the next decade.o today we've a discussed how we can deepen our work together to respond to maligd state activity, terrorism, and serious crime. in particular, on russia, thanked president trump for his support in responding to appalling use of a nerve agent in salisbury after which he expelled 60 russian intelligence officers, and i welcomed his meeting with president put in helsinki on monday. us agree that it is important to engagea from a position of strength and unity and that we should continue to deter andun r all efforts to undermine our democracies. turning to our economic cooperation with mutual investment between us already over $1 trillion, we want to go
8:55 am
furthe we agreed today that as the uk leaves the european union, we will pursue an ambitious u.s./uk free trade agreement. the checkers agreement reached last week provides the platform for donald a me to agree on an ambitious deal that works with both countriescr rights our economies, a deal that builds on the uk's independent trade policyeducing tariffs, delivering a gold standard in financial services cooperation, and as two of the world's most advanced economies, seizing the opportunity of newtechnology. all of this will further enhance our economic cooperation, creating new jobs and prosperity for generations to come. the uk/u.s. relationship is also defined by the role we play o the world stage. doing this means making tough calls, and sometimes being prepared to say thi ms that otheht rather not hear. from the outset, president trump has been clear about how he sees the challenges we face, and on many, we agree.
8:56 am
for exame, the need t deal with the longstanding nuclear threat of dprk, where the agreement in singapore has set in the prospect of denuclearization, to which the is proud to be contributing expert teams, or the need address the destabilizing influence of iran in the middle east, where today we've discussed what more we can do ac push on iran in yemen and reduce humanitarian suffering. or the need for nato allies to increase their defense spendang capability on which we saw significant increases at yesterday's summit. this includes afghanis wn, where thk i announced a further uplift of 440 uk troops, an ongoing commitment to a mission that began as nato's only use of article five, acting in support of the lly, let me say this about the wider transatlantic relationship. it is all of our responsibility to ensure that tnsatlantic unity endures, for it has been fundamental to the protection and projection of our interests and values f generations.
8:57 am
with u.s. leadership at i foundation, its beating heart remains our democratic values and our cmitment to justice. those values are something that we in the uk will alway cherish, as i know the u.s. will, too. it is the strength of these values and the common interests they create that we see acres readth of our societies in north america and europe, and that is why i'm confident that this transatlantic alliance will continue to be the bedrock of our shared security and prosperity for years to come. mr. president. >> thank you very much. thank you. prime minister, thank you very much. and it is my true honor to join you at this rerkable setting, truly magnificent, as we celebrate the special relationship between our t countries countries. t behalf of the american people, i want tnk you for your very gracious hospitality. thank you very much. last night, melania and i were
8:58 am
delighted to join you and philip for dinner athe magnificent belenham palace. it was aul wondevening that we will not soon forget. it was really something special. todays i a true privilege to visit historic checkers that i've heard so much about andad o much about growing up in history ass, and to continue our conversation, which has really proceeded along rapidly and well over the last few days. for generations, our predecessors have gathered at this stunning retreat to strengthen a bond that is like no other. the relationship betweenur two nations is indispensable to the cause of liberty,justice, and peace. the united kingdom and the united states are bound together by a common historic heritage, language, and heroes. the traditions of freedom, sovereignty, and the true rule of law were our shared gift to the world. they are now our priceless
8:59 am
inheritance to a civilization. we must never cease to be united in their defense and in their before our dinner last night, melania and i joined prime minister may, mr. amay, the duke and duchess of marlboro for tour of the winston churchill exhibit a palace. it was something, something very it was from rere at checkers that winston churchill phoned president roosevelt after pearl harbor. it was in that war that they bravely shed their bloon ide one another in defense of home and in defense of freedom. and together, we achieve a really special, magnificent victory, and it was total victory. prime minister may and i have just comee from a very product nato summit.
9:00 am
that was truly a productive summit, where my top priority was getting other nato members to pay their full and fair share. and t prime minister was right there with me. i want to thank you, prime minister, for the united kingdom's contribution to our common defense. the uk is one of the handful of nations, 5 out of 29. not good, but it's going to gbe er really fast. in addition to the united states meeting the 2% gdp minimum defense spending commitment, made clearsummit i all nato allies must honor their obligations, and i am pleased to report we have received substantial commitment by members increase their defense spending and to do so i a much more timely manner. in our meetings today, the prime minister and i discussed a range of priorities, including stopping nuclear proliferaon.


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