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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 26, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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much, much warm earp today. mi little chance to dry out. our next chance, significant chance of rain comes upomorrow afternoon, between 4:00 and 8:00. this morning, the last ofhe drizzly drops are moving out over the chesapeake bay good rid dendense to them. you're plannin out your day today, a mix of clouds a sunshine, high today, 88 degrees. there is a tiny chance for an isolated shower on in the day today. i don't think you have to worry about that. a perct eve for doing some backyard grilling. melissa, over to you now. >> all right. sounds like something i would like to do tonight, some backyard cooking. outer loop before connecticut, the right side blocked by the crash there. waiting on a tow truck to get that out of the way. you can l see byking at the
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map, we'll do that in a minute, that it's no big issue, as far as any delays. 95, now, in maryland, southbound, 32 to the beltway. on time there. there's the map i was talking about. p of the beltway looks good. rest of the beltway looks good. tolean, georgetown pike between bellview and tow shutdown do. in northwest, broad branch road near 27th. it's 5:01 right imagine you're having a nice dinner. and it's bankru ee's interrupte falling ceiling. >> that is what happened to folks dining at the ser restaurant last evening. parts of the ceiling started falling. that's a lot of water. eventually, everybody evacuated the restaurant. patrons and restaurant workers
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were stned. a lot of them were capturing it on video. >> it was raining inside. that's the only real way to describe it. once it started going, it was taking ceiling tiles with it. it took marble out of the seafood bar. it was enough volume that quickly it did challenge. a the restaurant will not be able to reopen for few weeks. >>t was a wild night for weather all around the area. d.c. fire tweeted this video of a mail truck off of the road there. the driver was nowhere to be un the driver was later found okay. two other people had to be rescued nearby on grant road, after their car was stuck thereo look at this rain pouring into a red line train,g ru hour. it created a miniflood near the train door. and the rain went right into the railcar there. >> over takoma park, storm
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drains were overflowed. virginia state police have issued an amber alert. chris lawrence at the live desk, teat do we know? >> a man abducted age girl and there's an urgent move to find her. grace galliher was abducted by richard tester. he is 52. galliher is . they were seen at a hotel in maon, virginia. he abducted her just south of there, in bristol, tenne iee. right noestigators think they're driving through the state of virginia. what to look out for on the roads, here's at the fbi wants you to see. this 2004 navy blue trail blazer with a tennessee tag. tester may be heading north on i-81. i posted all of thismation on my twitter page. >> chris, thank you. it's 5:03. we turn to a deloping story. a confrontation during a police investigation led to a shootinga >> takom police say the
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suspect fired on the officer first and then the officerhot back. it happened in d.c., just over the city line in new hampshire avenue, northeast. the suspect wa breathing when paramedics took him to the hospital. d.c. police handling the investigation. he overesobert mueller's russia investigation and this morning, nearly a dozen gop lawmakers have introduced articles o impeachment against rod rosenstein. they are accusing him of blocking oversight of the investigation. they say he withheld documents from congress and made misleading statements. a vote could happen thisweek. house democrats oppose the impeachment. they call the move a panicked and dangerous attempt to undermine a criminal investigation to protecten prestrump as the walls are closing in around him and his associates. vladimir putin will not f sit d.c. during the middle
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election season. his visit to the white house has been pushed back. >> that news broke just before mike pompeo faced some tough questions from democrats and republicans on the hill. s his biggest concerns, hicent meetings with the senators from north korea and russia. pompeo said he knew, when he asked to the translator that was in the room with the president. i haven't. >> i understand the game that you're playing. >> mr. secretary i don't appreciate you charaerizing my questions. my questions are to get to the truth. we don't know what the truth is. >> secretary pompeo assured senators that the u.s. would not allow ruians interrogate
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diplomats which was suggested at the trump/> tin summit. 's 5:06 now. and today is the deadline for dr all migrant ch to be reunited with their parents. they were separated from their parents after entering the u.s. el illegally. >> the separations received partisan backlash from lawmakers. the department of homeland security said more than 2,500 children were separar d from thmilies. more than 1,100 have been reunited so far. the exact number still separated is unclear. 463 migrant parents have been deported without their children. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen told congress, she was confident that could meet the deadline. one democrat said he didn't see how that was possible. we want to go to breaking o news of beijing. there's been an incident near the u.s. embassy. we go back to chris lawrence at the live desk. >> nbc news just received a
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statement from a u.s. embass. spokesperson they confirmed that a on this is a look outside of theba emy now. officials tell nbc news, the bomb is bibng descrcr as a fireacker-like device. other than the domar hithelf, ere were no injuries. the suspect in this incident is a 26-year-old man from mongolia. there may have been a second incident, as well. a woman sprayed herself in gasoline right outside the same embassy. we'll keep you updated as soon as we learn more. >> chris, thank you. new thisg, morn you can save a life and save some money on gas.od the need for bonations is at a high, critical self. donations typically drop off over the summer but the need is growing. nova is giving gas cards for
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donations. we have excitingfrom 34 million miles away. this morning, we could be closer to answering a long-asked qution. is there life on mars? >> italian scientists say they have found water. research signals indicate a large dy of water. it sits underneath ice about a mile thick. esientists say it could be sludge but it in liquid water. water, we know, is essential for life. so, we may have neighbors up there. if you're thinking about buying a home, don't think you can get the cash together, help may be available. >> we're going to tell you which community is offering up financial help. and uber and lyft make it easier forars to get around. e they creating traffic jams for drivers? one report says, yes. onming up, a possible solu good morning, sheena. >> good morning.'r going to see big improvements today, compared to what we have seen. d finally, start to your day and a drier afternoon.
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chuck is back with th forecast. you might run into patchy fog this morning. chuck will be up in a few minutes. stay tuned. e
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y watching "news 4 today." >> police in nevada say drowsy driving lely to bla for a deadly crash on a las vegas highway. this video is tough to watch. you can see the flagger here wave to slow down an oncoming semi. you see him on the side of the road. he just dove out the way as that truck barreled into four parked vehicles. thisas in a construction sewn. two people in those cars were killed, three others hurt. they are expected to survive. at this point, no charges have been filed. oh, my god. >> that's a rattlesnake. >> is it really?
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>> you learn something new every day. that's how this family on vacation in north carolina found out that rattlesnakes can swim. the family was obviously scared. the dad was ready to whack the snake. the snake went under the vote and swims away. >> if i can't see you, i can't trust you. >> fortunate thing here. it was a timber rattlesnake, mo which arre dangerous than copperheads or cotton mouths. >> somebody wouldn't have made it on my tboat, i'lll you. >> with sharks andnsnakes, nobody wants to go slimming anymore. >> don't go in the waterfolks. plenty of you will be using uber or lyft to work or dinner this evening. >> the raid sharing services could be slowing everybody down by aing more cars to the roads.ha the study saysride share companies have added 5.7 billiof
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mileriving to america's nine biggest cities, including d.c. it goes on to say that 60% of ride share users would have walked, biked or used metro or not goneut at all before that type of service. >> no doubt there's some good and bad in the overreliance on uber and lyft. i will say, i know people who are giving up their cars because of uber and lyft functioning as almost an surance policy. u need to get somewhere? that's positive. >> the d.c. council voted in rivor of a tax on ride shang services. that money raised by the tax could go to fund metro. police tell us that the man g ran on the tracks at the gallery place metro, was the same person that was wanted for shooting someonen adquarters. you can see him jumping from the platform on to the track. he is accused of shooting a man on the sidewalk near the tuesdae to i-395 o
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when he was on the trasts at the metrion, other riders thought he needed help and came to his aid. >> i was just saving a human he ends up to be -- assisting, i guess, the pice to detain a guy who is a suspect. it was a good deed, i guess, you know? >> policey say tound a semiautomatic handgun when they sted him. he has a history of jumping on to track. and court records show she was arrested for assault in arlington in october. areat's no secret that our can be expensive. and prince george's county is giving help to people to buy the first home. the goal isp to h renters who are having a hard time coming up with downyment and closing costs. middle-income buyers can get loans. first responders, nurses and teachers can get even more money. >> i knew i wanted to get a house. i knew that the program was going to be able to make m
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dreams reality, which is getting a house. more ve got so much information on the housing assistance program. you'll find that in our nbc washington app byng searcome help. and happening today, news 41 working to make sure your kids are ready for class. if you want to help, you can bring a new backpack, school supplies or donation to the woodmore town center in glenarden. you can make a donation online, just search pabackpacks. we are almost to the end of the we finally, we see a little bit of clearing before we get to next week. >> >> first things first. >> the pattern may come back on us next week let's worry about that on sunday. it's the jet stream, aaron. it'slways the jet stream. when in doubt, it's the jet stream. >> just kswp ming. >> careful where you swim. that rattlesnake video scared the crap out of me. timber rattler, yikes.
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more rain yesterday the buckets across the region. at thirds of an inch national airport. one-sixth rain surplus. over 9 1/2 inches for the month. and bwi-marshall, got the at least amount of rn yesterday, just under 0.4. but over the month, bwi has been catching it. over 14 inches of rain at bwi airport. all of the rain has come to an end. all of the moisture lingering around h s causede fog. underthe fog in maryland. but the overall picture is an ne improvingor today and for the first half of tomorrow before this next weather front out here near chicago will us a chance for late-day thunderstorms tomorrow. and one or two of those couldone he strong side. the last of the drops pulling out over the bay this morning. here's t future weather
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through the rest of your thursday. could be a lonesomerhower o two late this teoon. that is very small. temperature-wise, in the 60s and low 70s here. today's low temperature, 88 degrees. that rain chance is 20% or less. a very low rain chance today. for tomorrow, 40% chance for rain. but that comes in ohe form some potentially stronger thunderstorms. here's 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the storms firing up in the shenandoah valley. that chance reaches theity ound 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. out on tothat chance the eastern shore. it could be a stormy friday night if you head downo ocean city or rehoboth. 92 before the storms move in. over the weekend, saturday will be the drier day the and the rainier pattern may be back next week. let's go over to melissa. did you little girl have a happy 1st birthday?
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>> colletmllet turned 1 yesterd. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, here's why, we have a crash blocking the right sidth f roadway. the tow truck is on the scene trying to get that out of the way. mclean, georgetown pike between bellview and towlston road your alternate, old dominion ride, instead. broad branch, trees down. a similar situation in alexandria, justin finch is live for us there. how are we looking there? >> hey, melissa. crews are working at this time. we're at russell road at rose chest. the problem is behind us on east windsoavenue. the cherry picker is doing some work. they're trying to reremove debris and restore power lines. crews have been working here
5:20 am
actually since late last night when the city of alexandria police put outyord t were tackling this problem. this is russell road near east windsor avenue. it's dark out heme. safe to ashat a lot of the homes had the power knocked out or affected by the damage going on up here this morning. night.storming last lots of areas are dealing with is similar issues, downed trees and debris. some impactgoadways and power lines, as well. be on guard for that as you make it out to the workday camp this morning. i'm justin finch, news 4, aaron, to you. >> it
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why would ya? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> there's a new feature on facebook that lets you simultaneously watch videos with your friends and family. it's called watch party. it allows people in facebook groups twatch live or recorded videos together while interacting in real-time. why get together with your friends and wat a movie or have a conversation or eat a meal? just do it in cyberspace. you will b able to comment and react to the comment there, as the host as moreideos for you to watch in the privacy of your bathroom. i don't understand these things. >> ew. >> the feature is being offered
5:24 am
to all facebook groups around the world. >> i seeow that works, if you're watching with somebody paat doesn't live around you. your nts, your friends in another state, that ifworks. ou're doing this for the sake of community when your friends live down the block, come on. a this technology is pushing us farther apart. >> we're not connecti ining any. >> this comes after a disastrous -- disastrous day for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. >> he lost nearly a quarter of his net worth and has fallen from the fourth richest person to the eighth. zuckerberg lost nearly $20 billion according to "forbes." on top of that, his company's stock ok a hit after missing analyst expectations. llckerberg is worth $64 biion. >> only $64 billion? >> on his worst day, $64 billion. facebook has been reeler privacy issues and its content
5:25 am
policies. >> he probably wt out a bought himself a car after he heard that. i need to cheer myself up. there's a new study that fi s that lowering high blood pressure can benefit your brain, too. lowering high blood pressure can prevent earlyme forms of ia. research found those getting their top blood pressure pressure level down to 120 can prevent the memoryha problems t come with alzheimer's disease. but experts say it's too say it can prevent alzheimer's. >> medication is one way to bring down high blood pressure. while there's no cure for alzheimer's, here's new hope in the fight against it. a new drug, appears tolow the progression of the disease. the drug removes buildup called amaloyd plaques in the brain.
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>> the next step is fast-tracking the drug for here's a nice change in our forecast, the radar is not showing rain. thiss great because today we're going to stay on the drier side. you don't haveo worry about having an umbrella. we have a very smanl chance for isolated shower. but it won't be the washout of yesterday ternoon. wh to expect, coming up. are you ready for football? the redskins return to the field in just hours. what's ahead for this segron? coach jaen fills us in. and stealing in plain sight. we swed you these thieves s ransacking a particular athletic score. now, hear what happened when they came back to the same they came back to the same store.
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5:29 am 4 today" starts >> a lot left to clean up after days of rain around here. the storms m be over but your commute can be just as chaotic as it has been when all of that rain was falling now because of the flooding.
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>> this was broad branch roa in northwest d.c. >> first for the good news. our radar is mostly clear. how about that, folks?ou 5:30 time right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm erika gonzalez. finally a forecast that's not donated by in. >> finally, a little chance to dry things out around here. i am just amazed. we wenthe fromriest first half of july to the wettest second half onrecord. that's amazing to me. >> and we've gotten most of our rain this month since saturday throughyesterday. and erika had to put a little disclaimer on the forecast, through today. through today, it looks good and dry. here's the rai offshore right now. the rainy pattern that we've ha sincesaturday, that's moved away locally. we could see a stray shower this afternoon. but we have improvement in the
5:31 am
forecast. 68 lles. 70 frederick. we have patc fog out there. careful if you're driving. as we go through your bythursda :00 a.m., more sunshine developing through the day. humid and a dstray shower is possible but big improvements. over the weekend, not that bad but we'll look at at. northbound indian head highway, new crash before the beltway. the right side is blocked. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking better this morning. we had an earlier problem befor connecticut. that has now cleared out of the way. in mclean, we pike shut down there near towlston road. i was telling you to take old dominion instead. that's out of the way. bee and wires out of the way. northwest broadnch road near 7th streets. all lanes blocked with a tree
5:32 am
and wires down there. 5:32 now. re on the road conditions right now. at the scene on west willard road. the driver of that suv drove s to the water. we saw several c this turnaround. thankfully no one decided to go all the way through. we're monitoring crews trying to clear downed wires and trees in alexusdria. >>n with the latest. what's going on? >> that's right, we're here on russell road near east windsor avenue, in the alexandria area, o be a problem spot for drivers getting out early. power crews are icworking, p on-scene, as well. this has been the scene for hours her off of russell road. not only am i seeing two cherry pickers that work on lines down there, they also are working very quickly to restoreo power
5:33 am
homes affected in this area. just did ait check dominion energyeporting close to 300 outages in this area, affected by their work going on here. they've been out here since late last nit, trying to restore this. but as you can see, a stretch of russell road is impacted by the work going on here. people living and working in this aa may not onl waking up to this convenience, but not having ligs when theyake up, as well. crews are working hard to fix that proble m justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. it was a close callor folks up near baltimore in ellicott city during the height of yesterday's rain, howard countyd warne people near main street to move to higherground. >> a steady rain caused water levels to rise. officials monitored the rivernd for hourso flooding was reported. virginia state police have issued an amber alert.
5:34 am
rd grace galliher was abducted by a man named r tester. tester is 52 years old, galliher is 17. investigators say the they may be in a nazy blue trail . it has a tennessee tag. b710v. investigators say the pair was last seen yesterday at a motel in marion, virginia. police say tester the girl in bristol, tennessee. investigators think they are heading north.>> u.s. embassy officials confirm a man detonated a bomb outsidef the u.s. embassy in bebing. the b was desibed as a firecracker device. there may be a second incident here. a woman sprayed herself inut gasolineside of that same u.s. embassy. 11 gop lawmakers have launched a bid to fire deputy
5:35 am
attorney general rod rosenstein. he's the manoverseeing robert mueller's russia investigation. the articles of impeachment accuse rosenstein stone walling republicans' request for information in the investigation. the measure is unlikely toou pa wi the support of the house leadership. rosenstein has beenin s the investigation since attorney general jeff sessionsecused himself last year. today is the court-ordered deadline for all migrant ildren to be reunited with their parents. the children were separated from thr parentsfter entering the u.s. illegally. department of homeland security say more than 1,100 have been reunited so far. the exact number is spill tparated is unclear a this point. coming up, news 4's tracie potts talks about whether they will meet the deadline. a community gathered to say good-bye to makiyah wilson. she was gunned down as she went to g ice cream last week.
5:36 am
a horse-drawn carriage carried makiyah's casket. hundreds of people lined the stres for her procession as loved ones mourned her loss. >> we are really trying to hold strong. this is a hard things. that's my little cousin. she means a lot to all of us. >> investigators say makiyah's shooting may have been the result of two groups each oth no arrests have been made. w >> just received the police dispatch call for tuesday's stabbing at the metro station. >> chris with more on this. >> metro station manager was working just after midnight when an angry man came into her kiosk. she started to fear for her li. this is a clip we just pulled from the dispatch bacall. >> i have the station manager land lined, he is saying she stabbed the man at the kiosk.
5:37 am
>> that man is jeremy bond. he was upset about ae elayed servat night. bond pounded on the windows of the manager's booth. afd then, he went inside and hit her. r that, that's when he was st stabbed. bond died at the hospital. we'll get information. b aarok to you. coming up, new video of a scary case of road rage. what led up to an uber driver being dragged betwe cars in a busy city street. plus, mega millions made somebody in california $500,000 richer. why you may want to dble check ou
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is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it.te real spring real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. juea what's refreshingly you're watching "news 4 today." >> welcomek at 5:40. some pretty shocking video of an uber driver being pinned between
5:41 am
two cars in brooklyn, new york, on tuesday. >> another drive was angry when he wouldn't move ahead of him. the second driver began swinging a box cutter at the uber driver. the fight escalates. the angry driver then took the car keys from u ther driver. the uber driver was determined to get the keys back. that's whee was pinned. somehow he wasn't seriously hurt and was able to tal o with sister station in new york. i know. it's awful. >> i didn't know he was going to hit the gas and that was going to happen to me. he ran back to his car, got a knife, and started swinging it at me. i was trying to not get cut. >> police are looking for driver in this road rage case. wow. 5:42 about right now. we're back with more right after this.
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you're watching "news 4 " toda >> 15 before the hour now. and for months, we've seen images like this, migrant children crying after being separated from their parents at the u.s./mexico border. more than 2,500 children, some of them babies, were taken to detention centers all over the country. a court order deadline says the department of ho land security must reunite all these families from today. >> we bring in tracie potts live on capitol hill for us this morning. what are the odds that the government meets today's deadline? >> the government says they can c do it. the trump administration says all eligible families will be reunited. let's tk about the term eligible. it's those that the government ths been able to locate and clear. 've been screening the families to bring them together with their kids. more than half of them have final deportation orders. as soon as they're reunited with their kids, many of them are
5:46 am
headed right back across the border. there's the negible families, kids that have been separated by their parents but they're already out of the they say many of the families waived their rights to get the kids. but the aclu argue that many of them had no idea whathey were signing. some had three minutes to make a decision, with no legal consultation at all. those children, almost 500, 463 children, their parents aren't able to takehem, they're already deported, they are otherwise detained and looked like they will not be reunited after today'sli de. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. thank you. it's been five msince the parkland high school shooting that killed 17 people.
5:47 am
and news oanizations are entitled to get surveillance video showing the response at stoneman douglas high school. news organizatio, including the associated press, requested video to better understand the of first responders and law enforcement. police say, the school had 70 operating video cameras that day. that school shooting in florida led to schools taking another look in their security, including schools at our area. >> tonight, the school board at fairfax county is going to vote on new measures. megan mcgrath has more from lls church. >> reporter: there's a number of recommendations on the tabre as you said, the security review was ordered in the wake of the tiparkland sh. and the board could vote tonight on those recommendations. let's take a closer look at the plan. it calls for enhanced lockdown drills with one a year happening
5:48 am
during the lunch period or between classes. the plan calls for replacing outdated locks and requiring classrooms to be locked at all-times. also, the hiring of 18 mental health professionals. this will low the school system to have mental health experts in the middle and the elementary schools, as well as high schoids. ate schools and resource officers in elementary schools, those are not part of the recommendations. it was determined that additional discussion was needed. ote could happen tonight at the meeting at 7:00. back to you. >> megan mcgrath live for us in falls church. a mother reacts to the prison sentence handed down to the earn responsible or her son's death. george mason university student spend threars behind bars. he sold lsd to medina.
5:49 am
three days trait later, litrist jumped to his death after taking that drug. we speak to medina's mother. >> he would want us to forgive and forget.d hat's going to be really, really hard. and you come in here and you think you'sa going to be sfied. and you're not. you just hurt for the o.her person, >> in addition to jail time, he will serve 100 hours of community service. we're more than halfway through july, but some families are waiting to find out their ki' final grades. the school system says a technical error is to blame. new copies are being sent out and should be received by ne. fr
5:50 am
today the first day of redskins minicamp. we have a preview of what to expect. >> good morning from rd, virginia. the first training camp starts at 9:45 this morning. it is just the first practice. but jay gruden making himself clea talking about big picture. how are we talkllg about footseason? oh, i no e. august is right around the corner. >> i do notow like fast summer has gone by. >> we're at the end of july. and twoeeks of our summer has been taken out fromus under . >> all of the rain. >> this is true. these are things i like to totally forget. i block them out of my memory. i try not to remember these th i like to think about the hot days. we had the 93-something days in a row and sunshine. we're goingo get a little bit of that back as we go through toe. close to90 in some spots. and the weekend. the good thing is the rainy ttern that erika was talking about has left the area. a couple of sprinkles moving along the eastern shore, but
5:51 am
're nice and dry. pat patchy fog has you're leaving. today's weather pattern will be a nice bre from all of the rain recently. the fog, as you head farther west, up towards hagerstown, temperatures there in the upper 60s. 72 in clinton. if the kids are heading to summer camp, c finally they go outside. especially in the afternoon. we don't have to worry about the downpours again. 11:00, humid, it will be morens ne than what we've had lately. by the afternoon, 88 for a high we could see a stray shower but it's not going to be a washout. look at future weather. by 3:00 p.m., we could see showers pop up. b not a deal. we'll be dry most of friday. after 4:00,.m. fridhe thunderstorms are moving through. and we have thes rein s rrisk ff
5:52 am
the storms to have b strong and severe. your saturday looks good ondehe drier could be a stray shower atun be. byy, we have afternoon scattered showers and the highs in the mid-80s. that eek, look at forecast. looks like the rainy pattern we had this week returns. it couldro bed all of next week. in the mid-80s also. we'll talk about that coming up. let's see what's goingn on the roads. >> chopper four over g.w. porkway. no bige. problems th arlington, northbound parkway, i crash the right lane. you see the big dey outbound on g.w. parkway. inbound, indian parkway is delayed. sand spring, 108, a tree blocking it. broad branch roadr nth
5:53 am
street, tree and wires down. a lot of this.ut 270 ound, looking good. top of the beltway, 95, over t 270, rolling along pretty well this morning. virginia, now, 66 inbound, no major . and 95 northbound, quantico to the beltly, it w take you 27 minutes. listen to wtop f.m. when you hop in your car today. as you get ready to head t, a safetyreminder for you. 138 people who have died in crshes so far t year, were not wearing seat belts. that's the same number as this time last year. he alarming new figure, number of people aged 15 to 20 died not wearing seat belts doubled from last year. a new video of a group of thieves who don't care if they're spatted stealing. this is a lululemon store there.
5:54 am
the same groupen of w who ransacked the store on sunday, returned on tuesday and stoleuf more >> this time, the managerar of restaurant intervenes here. he grabs the bag as one of the women runs out of the it had $3,000 worth of merchandise in the bag. the other women were able to get away with $2,500 worth of clothing, all of this on top of the $17,000 o sunday. police believe that the same group have hit up to 15 other lululemon locations and have stolen $130,000 worth of joegyo pants. it is expen yve to maker rear-end look that good. when hometown favorites on nbc's "world of dance" had to pack up their tap shoes last night. ♪ jam project really delivered an
5:55 am
energetic and entertaining route last night. the judges even said they were so sorp and crisp, compared to last week. but it wasn't enough. j. lo, neyo and derek hough gave the other group higher scores. they move on. >> i think lucas mareneto is in the junior category. we can root for him. you can catch "world of dance" on nbc 4. >>mega millions says 91,000 tickets sold in virginia woniz in tuesday's big drawing. that includes five tickets that each won $10,000. one of the pick tickets was sold in manassas, virginia. will be calling you this afternoon. somebody in california won the $522 million, the mega millions
5:56 am
jackpot. last night's drawing was the fifth-largist in's the ga history. tuesday night's drawing. it's been a pretty rainy week. >> it's hard tosay. >> rainy week. >> say that five tames. at didn't stop crowds from coming outside for an annual pony swim. hundreds of wild ponies swimming across the channel in virginia.f this if of the eastern shore of virginia. they round up the animals from satague island. it's a major highlight of pony penny week. this is its 93 year. we're going to take
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
er oh, my god. >> the weight of w following hours of heavy rain. the ceiling at a local restaurant came crashing down. just one example of the inmage left bby days of storms. a.m. on thi:00 thursday. good morning, everyone. >> acrosse,he re trees are down, flooded out roadways are closed. but we have good news for you. >> the rain may have moved on. we're going to have the a look at the morning commute and we're going to start with the forecast. >> theain hasoved on a little while, enough to get us
6:00 am
through the weekend. even thoug we might have showers and storms between. >> you may be able toet a little tan back. >> i might. is that what you're telling me? >> i spray mine on. >> that's what you're doing at 2:00.m. >> yes. >> i thought i saw something in the weather center. spray tan has got to be safer on the sun, right? outside on a relatively cloudy morning aund here we will get shin sunshine this morning. dense fog advisory in the shenandoah valley and parts of maryland, as well. rain chances, mostly dry. and torrow's rainhance is focused on a four-hour or five-hour window. 74 in arlington. 68 in gaithersburg. 70 in frederick. afternoon highs today, back u 88 degrees.


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