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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 1, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> and what a win. history made as nionals nation celebratesith a major star. first this morning, you may have woken up to the soundhe of all rain. we saw it on our dve to work into the studios this morning. we do have flood warnings in effect as iteeps coming down. we're going to keep you posted on all the latest i the forecast looking at the storm team 4 radar. good morning, eryone. m eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff. aaron has the morning off as we wake up. jack taylor is already by tracking trouble on the roadways. but first, let's get to the recast with chuck bell and sheena parveen. when is the rain going to >>end? maybe next week. do you reay want to know, eun? i don't think you do.
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this morning, we were both driving in i know eun and angie had heavy rain. o yeah, we have wet roads o there. >> september is typically a dry month. >> today is august 1st. so i don't want to look ahead anymore. >> the rainy pattern will be uck here for the next couple of days. the heaviest rain for today is already in the rear-view mirror. that's good news. warm and breezy. there's a chance for morereain behe day is through. there's the first batch of heavy rain on out of here. not much in the wake, so we have a little chance to dry out over the next couple of hours. i temperatures the upper 60s to low 70s. it will be a warm day today. if you a going down to the nats game, it's a noon game. perfect afternoon for seball. don't know if they can hang 25 more runs on the mets. we'll have more about that coming up in a few minutes. now j tok taylor at wtov. hey, chuck, good morning. thol stormsd through and
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did quite a bit of damage on the beltway nea old georgetown road into the big curve. we have and accident and activity involving a tractor-trailer. we have a fuel spill as well. the left lane is getting by on the outer loop at the270 spur. two hot spots on the southbound george washington parkway just inside t beltway with a tree that fell near the park police headquarters. all lanes are closed and traffic is tur near the 14th bridge, there's a downed tree now getting the left lane by. and we had high-standing water dn the ramp of the southbound gw parkway inboun on the 14th street bridge. angie and eun, back to you. op> 4:32. and devg this morning, the state department is warning all americans traveling overseas to enroll in an emergency contact program. >> this comes after a d.c. couple was killed in a possible terror attack in ckajikstan. the two were killed just outside the country's capital.
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the couple washere as part of their year-long cycle trip around the world. coming up, we'll have messages of remembrance from the couple's love ones. the man convicted of murdering two teens the night h before theh school graduation will spend the rest of his life in prison. jose canalis janez was sentenced to life without parole. he shot and killed an 18-year-old teen last year. canalis janez was angry with him because of a botched drug deal with his wife months before. and now 4:33 with a look at the other top stories. icince george's county p are searching for the person who shot a man and just left him to this is a look at the scene late last night atutnam lane at richieville and llrestville.
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caolice if you have information on this case. day four of the paul nafort trial gets underwith ai in just a couple hours. the former campaign chairman is facing charges for financial crimes. manafort is the first person to face the jury as part of the special counsel robert mueller's investigation. the trial will not focusel on tion meddling. testimony resumes at 9:30. facebook says i uncovered covert efforts to influence the upcoming midterm elections. the social media company just remo32 fake accounts from facebooknd instagram. they say it was involved in coordinatee behavior. pages had fearly 300,000 followers. more on who may be behind the efforts is coming up at 4:45. and 15es wildf burning across california right now. two of the fires appear to be converging into one putting 12,000 buildings at risk for destruction. 44,000 people have been the wildfires have killed eight people, torched thousands of acres and destroyed more than a thousand homes.
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gone in 60 seconds. this is all it took for thieves to get away wit handbags worth thousands of dollars at saks fifth avenuen chevy chase. one of the thieves was jumping into the car with purses stacked high in their yearms. erday morning this woman barged into the gucci area of the store. the two assaulted an employee and then seconds later five ev other t entered the store. all seven suspects grabbedrc ndise and ran for the door. >> it appears they had a plan. they assaulted the employee who immediately confronted them and fled. so it looks like they knew what they wanted to do. >> the thieves wiped at least $20,000 worth of merchandise and took off in a toyota yaris and volkswagen. you can weigh in at the national zoo. the smithsonian is hosting a
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meeting at 6:30 this evening. osterday the acting director the youth spoke to the park association. the zoo wants to add security and reduce the number of pedestrian entrances. t there is aalk of long-termo lans create physical checkpoints. right now the only proposal is to add morein fe 4:36 now. it was a good day for nats fans. we didn't lose bryce harper and celebrated with an epic win. >> left center, here comes mark reynol on the run. game over. >> game over, indeed. that's not a typo on the score board. the nats s ypt theork mets 25-4. 25-4. i didn't think baseball gam g coul that way. a game that will be remembered for years to come. it was the highest scoring game in franchise history. yikes. you shod have seen what the mets tweeted at the end with the
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emoji with th final score. last night's epic win featured a biglay from a fan. >> daniel murphy slams a two-run home run out of the park. watch this fan spectacular with crowd.ove in the another reason for her to celebrate the team's historic win. the nationals are still trending. people are still upnd talking about it. it was ada good >> all around. well, from making history to saying sorry. for the first time, we're hearing from a nationals player caught up in a twitterro corsy. but first, a gas station inferno caught on camera. this was no accident. ar from the man who escaped who said it was sparked purpose.on
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sixths after a fire destroyed hank beetle's cavern, the work sundaysway t bringckt to life. the rebuild has been a total community effort with firefighters raising money and local businesses donating mate'sals. haavern has been a fixture
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in russell heights for more than 100 careers -- years. look at thi man filling up that red gas can. this was at a gas station in new york on monday. nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. >> well, then all of a sudden the man douses the gas pump in gasoline and sparks a match. a fireball explodes immediately. the station's foam turned on automatically to put out the flames. the man standing a few feet away from the explosion thought he was going to die. >> and i saw the flames, that is easily hands downt the scari sight i have seen in my life. i ducked down c by my and collapsed to the floor and started to cough up blood. >> the witness says h suffered ungsrnal bleeding and hurt from the incident. the new york police aree searching foarsonist.
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well, it's a weather alert day on this wednesday morning. we have rain now moving to the north, so most of your morning commute will be fine. just be careful of the flooded roadways potentially around area. this was heavy rain earlier. but later today, we can see a chance for some strong toevere storms. uck will break down the timing on that and who can expect it coming up. how about a tough spot from the george washington parkway both going southbound inside the beltway. traffic is being turned around headquarters ce because of a downed tree. we have a downed tree near the 14th street bridge, but now a left lane is getting by. plus, beware of aocal beach filed with garbage washing up. where you are being warned to stay out of the water. and forget pking your lunch, a delicious deal from chipotle extended. why it isre giving out guac for a second day in a
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here at the live desk, we have breaking news erseas. it sounds like a "mission impossible"movie. sweden has stolen crown jewels and they got away in a steam boat. they stole pricelessnd crowns
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other objects. take a look at the photo to get an idea of what we're talking about. these jewels were inside this cathedral that dates back to the 17th century. they climbed into a speed boat beneath the church and stole them in broad daylight yestery. investigators have been working all day, but no leads or arrests. where is james bd when you need him. >> really, can you call him up, chris? thank you,s. ch it's now 4:46. a disturbing discovery less than 100 dayntil election day. >> facebook just removed dozens of fake accounts that were trying to influence t upcoming midterm election. >> tracie potts is following the ments on capitol hill now. so tracie, do they know who is behind t accounts yet? >> reporter: do they know? no. do they think theynow? yes. it could be the same hackers between the 2016 fake accounts we just found out about last year. co will hear more from the sena i intelligence committeen
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a hearing happening today. mark zuckerberg is in the hot seat about how facebook allowed th the last me. but what they're looking at now is removed from instagram and facebook are the fake accounts that were trying to influence the vote, have polital influence, stir people up, recruit activists, enflame racial tensions. 32 different accouors an pages that they have now removed. again, thinking rusbea could be nd it. they were targeting a white supremacist rally and also urging people to sit in at holand security headquarters in an effort to abolish the customs. >> tracie potts, thank you. from facebook concerns to twitter controversy, this morning we're hearing from the nationals player who made headlines this week for their posts online. >> trey turner is the latest high-profile figure in hot water after tweets from his past resurface. many call his messages in 2011 and 2012 racist and homophobic.
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he made fun of people with disabilities. >> his own teammate shawn do olittle called on mlb players to be better examples and said they should b more thoughtful and take responsibility for their statements. both openedp about their posts yesterday. >> i'm truly sorry for what i said. and i want to take full responsibility for that. you know, it's not when i said the things i said, it's they said them at all. >> i know trey, i know the man he is. i love h as a friend, as a teammate. i really don't think that tho reflect who he is, but now he has the opportunity to monstrate that growth. >> no word yet on any formal discipline fortu er. but mlb could take action. the league ordered milwaukee brewer and anne arundel county native josh hader to take sensitivity training after similar tweets resurry farced
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during the all-star game. tre's an investigation into an aveniation miracle. this planeas flying during a storm when it crashed. amazingly, everyone was able to escapet before a fire engulfed the aircraft. officials say that 49 people were hospitalized with mostly minorinjuries. but how scary. well, you still can't swim at sandy point states park t morning. state officials issued a no swimming advisory yesterday until further notice because there's so much debris floating around the bay. look at all that. the park and parts of the beach will still be open. boaters are being asked to take caution in the arentil crews get it cleaned up. we'll let you know when the advisory is lifted. park police say the animal that caused the shutdown at greenbelt park was most likely a coyote and not a mountainli . you can see officers carrying long guns inside of the park
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after a hiker reported seeing a mountain the national park service closed that park. but they determined the animal tracks resembled that of a coyote. the park will reopen as scheduled today. anday ok, so the case o that mysterious reptile taken from the south d.c. home has been solved. >> the humane rescue alliance says t reptile was, in fact, an alligator and not a caymen as first thought. they served the search warrant last wednesday. workers with humane rescue alliance took the 5-foot gator a police later returned and discovered six dogs in the same home. investigators say theound items that may have been used in dogfighting. well, we first told you about this shark nappi yesterday. three people stole a horn shark y disguising it as a baby in a stroller. now we're getting a look at where the suspects kept the
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shark. take a look, poce found this up huge fish tank in one of the suspect's garages filled with all sorts of marine life. aquarium authorities identified the shark and took it back home. three suspects could face federal charges. i just -- i'm scratching my head over why anyone would, number o to take the shark out of the aquarium and have it in their home. >> taking sharks out of the aquarium, alligators in your home, the crown jewels -- >> and the speedboat. >> what is going on? >> at least there's consistency in the rain. not that we like it, b we can count on it. about aon't be worrying drought around here for another month, unless the drougrain sto immediately, which it won't. our very unsettled weather pattern is not showing any signs ofny breaking down too
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quickly. storminess to our west is going to drivero a weather closer to us. it's never going to come blasting all the way through here, but as it moves in, it will put the pinch on the atmosphere to keep raies cha very, very high for the next couple of days. the heavy rain we had around here aouple hours ago is now pru marly in northern maryland md southern pennsylvaniing away. still a lot of high-standing water on local roadways. so stay with us here at op traffic as well. a lot of road closures across the area because of the heavyra . even though it has come to an end now, we have flood warnings out for northinst waon, southern montgomery county, parts of arlington, fairfax city and, coun down to manassas, prince william county, all those are aerial flood warnings to continue until 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. this morning. be cautious and beth o lookout for the possibility of some high-standing water for the morning commute. we get a nice break in the action for mos of the day. we'll be rain-free. a lot of daytime heating means understorms are likely again latemu on. ch later today than on
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average. and there is even a slight rk for severe weather, particularly out in the shenandoah valley and northern maryland. here's future weather wh rain tapering off early this morning. enoughany dry hours and sunshine to get temperatures way up into the 80s today. but after 6:00o 7:00, a line of storms out in west virginia is likely toraze the northern shenandoah and northern maryland. they may not make it to the 95 corridor. but nonetheless, there could be isolated s storms today. for tomorrow, more rain chances ou early as lunchtime tomorrow. and that rain be heavy by tomorrow evening. teth all that in mind, here's the ed forecast. 88 today. and many dry hours today, so a chance to get out to enjoy t pool and go to the nats game at 12ea0. then rain possible on thursday and friday. shower chances over the weekend, thou not aotal washout. a little dryer and back to the 90s early next gek. we'l to jack taylor now to find out the latest on the potential road closures. yes, chuck, indeed, we hadd
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acs involved with those issues, unfortunately. we have the outer loop of the ltway coming around to the big curve near bradley boulevard where we have an accident with only theeteft laneng by to cause the early slow down. apparently the tractor-tiler ammed into the jersey wall and it ruptured the tank with f l on the roadway. southbound on the george washington parkway inside the beltway in mlain, all traffic turned around. there was a downed tree by the policeheadquarters. then near the 14th street, we have high-standing water to get onto the4th street bridge. then near manassashighway, a sudley road, these areas are flooded. don't overdrive in these conditions. the rain may have ended, but that doesn't mean the water has pulled back off the roadways. angie, back over to you.> nd northern virginia just became a little sweeter. nestle moved into the new home. the company officials cut the
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ribbon on the new.s. headquarters in rosland yesterday. to addition of nestle northern virginia is helping the state attract big business.> more trouble for chipotle. 350 peopledave repor getting sick at the same location in ohio. the restaurant closed on monday but reopened yesterday. this is raising new concerns of food-borne illness r thatently plagued the chain last year when more than 135 people said they fe ill after eatin at a location in sterling, virginia. and in 2015 an outbreak of e. coli hit the chain11 across states. because of a server glitch, chipotle is now extending its free guacamole day. yesterday the chain promised free guac with the purchase of an entree, but when customers ordered online orn the app, it didn't work so the chain is making it up to today is free guac day while supplies last. it's my favorite snack in the
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world. i could eat guac every single day. >> i eat it for dinner, like just the guacamole. it's delicious. >> and the next day, i can't get myes on. you know? still ahead, p lmanafort's trial moving at lightning speed. a jury has been ,pick opening statements given and witnesses are already taking the stand. how the trump former campaign manager is defending himself against multiple federal charges. plus, a crime plays out in broad daylight while cameras are rolling. what we are learning about another carjacking right here in d.c. it's 4:56. stay with us. i had been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.
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we kick things off with a live look if you have heard the rain overnight, you are not alone. we are in weather alert mode this morning taking a live look outside. floodarnings are in effect yet again. i feel like we have continued through this pattern for so many months. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us for "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff. i'm in for aaron gillchrist. news4 shot this footage from a short time ago. at rain drops hitting the windshield hard. it's tough to see here, but we
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are seeing reports ofn water local roads. and i can validate that. >> we do want to get thingsst ted with a look at the forecast. jack taylor is standing by with a look at the commute. he's working right now on the radio, so we'll startith storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. good morning. good morning. a lot of the day won't be affected by rain, but the heavy rain we already had has snarled severalroadways. and there's a chance to see more come in the form of strong storms. aoing on. >> i don't think you can not have a green lawn at this right? or at least a flooded lawn. >> if your lawn is dry, you are doing something conzy >> this is true. and this morning, you probably got a lot of rain on the lawn and the plants outside. if you look at the radar currently, it looks like we never even had the rain. it is in northern maryland, but it did move through very early this morning around 3:00 a.m., 4:00 this morning, but it quickly moved to the north. becausf the heavy rain we had in northern virginia, p


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