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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 25, 2018 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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it's on my facebook page and twitter and instagram. beautiful shades of red. now we're looking at a beautiful day out there. temperatures mi we're in the 50s and 60s. you can see that gorgeous pictureut there. 69 degrees is our temperature right now. as we continue through the morning, temperatures going right on up. by 1:00 we'll be around 80 degrees. still comfortable out there today. radar.g happening on the we have a few clouds and spots but for the most part, getting sunshine. we'll have sshine throughout the day. changes on the way, however, we're going to beki t about the uptick in humidity. the uptick in temperatures. a hea wave is coming our way. we'll let you know how hot it's going to g8 in about minutes. >> all right. lauren, we'll see you then.ul a beauttart for a big event around here. we're working for you today by helping you get rid of boxes of old sensitive documents. we've got another nbc 4 all
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state community shred right now. we have derekiv ward in largo. this is always an incredibly popular event.w s it looking? >> it's amazingly popular. look at this line. this started at about 8:00, about 30 30 mutes ago. the line snakes out the campus. now, if you're in line by 11:00 a.m., they will take you, but that's the cut off. don't let the line discourage you from coming out. they're going with efficiency. people are going through andg llttinwag from nbc from telemundo and a state, the sponsors. then you go around the other end andhey take the stuff and put it in the trucks and is on its way. with me nowiss den curry with the princeou george's cy environment. this is an important you guys have been stressing the importance of recycling now. this may not end up in one of
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your facilities, but it won't end up on the street. >> we're partnered with the college andbc 4. we recognize the safe destruction of sensitive documents and appreciate being able to provide an additional service to ourid rests and yes, the materials will be recycled and reprocessed in a magazine or t'newspaper. >> come back to your house in another form? >> yes. >> reporter: princor gege's county has been on the forefront of recycling wcations. e're number one w inaste diversion and slightly off of first place in our recycling ef rts. but with these types of efforts and ongoing community education and engagement, wen will be i the number one position again soon. >> that's something to drive for. thank u for joining us and talking to us this morning. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. indeed. it's time to come out here.u you haveil 11:00 a.m. they'll take the last car in line at 11:00. they'll get through and take
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their recycling. see it go back into the stream. itill end u back at your place maybe, but in a form that's more desirable than crumbled up in a corner or stuffed in a bag. back to you. >> all right. derek, thanks. at 8:33 we'll keep you inrince george's county for breaking news we're following. check out this video. fiery footage. police are investigating deadly crash on second base indian head highway at wilson bridge. it happened around hi3:15s. we're told only one vehicle was involved and the driver died at scene. we're trying to figure out what wreck. to the developing this morning in e jackso, florida. three people shot at h aigh school football game. killed. two others fighting for their lives. police say several fights broke out before the shooting there. it's not clear if the fights actually had anything to do with the gunfire tt followed. police still don't know who t pulledrigger this morning.
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it's the second such shooting at a florida high school football game in as many all new this morning. more drama for the university oy nd's football program. an attorney says that coach d.j. dirk hired him to defend two players. a statement said kevin anderson hired the attorney. hington post" reported anderson used athletic department funding to pay for the athlete'sns legal de dirken is currently on administrative leave. doug williamsill be part of the commission that's tasked with investigating the culture of d's football program. the board of regents selected williams and four other new members for the commission. you're lking at them right there.
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they will join two retired federal judges and a former prosecutor. the commission is looking into the program following the death of lineman jordan mcnair in june. he died two weeks after suffering a suspected heatstroke during practice the board of regents says the commission will have time and in pendence to thoroughly look into this program. a separate investigation dealing with mcnair' death is underway, and that could wrap up next month. right now in montgomery county, a search for the man responsible for shooting someoni an apartment complex. this happened on lockwood drive in the white oak area yesterday afternoon. jackie bensen tells us investigators believe this not a random crime. crime scene investigators from the montgomery county police department could be seen going in and out of the ground floor apartment hours. officers were called to the apartment in the 11500 block in the lock wood white's park area.
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they found a man with a gunshot wound to his upper body. the investigation appeared to be confined to the interior. video fromhopper 4 shows an area at the back of the apartment surrounded by yellow tape. k-9s were brought in to track the suspect but t not clear if theyneere able to deter the direction he took when he fled. ustgomery county police tell they don't believe this was a random crime. they believepe that the s and victim know each other. inri silver , jackie bensen, news 4. >> we'll stay in montgomery aunty where twice this week vehicles have h killed people walking along georgia avenue in wheaton. police are urging people to take it steasy. day a man in his 40s was crossing the southbound lanes when a car hit him. another man died on monday. of the last four pedestrian
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deaths, victims did not use the cros 3,000 pounds hing going 30 miles per hour has way more force to kill you than the handgun i carry on my side. >> the department planso sta a new campaign so as to educate those of you who walk around that area.wa >> h the face guiding americans through the ebola are during the obama administration. now the former director of the centers for disease control is accused of sexual harassment. thomas frieden isharged with groping a woman. she reported the incident last month. in court frieden did not enter a plea. he's due in court in october. an update this morning out of hawaii. rithat once powerful hurne that threatened the island has been downgraded to a tropical storm. the danger, not quite over at this point. heavy rains could cause a lot of flash flooding andla ndslides. lane dumped nearly three feet of
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rain on parts of big island. upper level winds tore lane apart south of honolulu. since the system is moving just 2 miles per hour, analysts say it's going to continue to drop rain for at least the next day or two. when it comes to preseason games, forget the score, especially when your team los but the red skins and fans have something to celebrate this morning. a strong debut from future hall-of-famer adrian peterson. he suited up as thekeam too on the denvernc bos last night. in one-half of work he carried the ball 11imes for 56 yards. eterson was pleased with his perform. so were his teammates? >> taking itt -- i was coming from home, working out in training and spendingime with otas anand missed all training camp. it was ecritical,specially the preseason game to get a feel. peterson will fe his former team, the arizo
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cardinals for the season opener. at is going to be on september 9th. we allry to avoid surge pricing when it comes to looking especially with the ride sharing. but there's a special day ahead tth lyft. everyone is goibe able to get a ride at a pretty cheap price. we'll tl you aboutthat. we'll also tell you about what led up to an ambulance crashin into the woods. the most shocking part? who was behind thewheel. that story straight ahead when news today on this saturda 4y
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lyft wants to help you fete out and vote innovember. they'll offer free and discounted rides across the country so as t get those of you who plan to vote to the polling place during the midterm elections. on november 6th you can enter your location based codesge and your discounted ride. lyft will offer tree rides
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people in underserved communities. it estimates more than 15 million people did not vote in 2016 because of transportation issues. caught on camera, scary moments for a 13-year-old boy with autism. after police say he stole an ambulance and took it into a ditch, crashed it. look at what ppened. it's on video. it's in rhode island. authoritos were called a sewn to help a mother and son. the boy jumped into the ambulance and drove off. a firefighter tried to get intut the vehicle just wound up hanging on. the boy then slammed into a earked police car and an oncoming motorcyefore going into the ditch. wow. that is incredible. > the teenager firefighter and motorcycle rider all believe it or not had minor injuries. the grizzly bear that hurt a 10-year-old boy at yellow stone is not going to be captud or killed. the bear chased the boy hiking
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with his family. she bit hisackside but took off. that's when the boy's family the boy suffered an injured wrist andununcture . park officials believe the bear was surprised by the family and she was just defending her cub. if you've got allergies and want a pet in your householay thise the solution for you. sony says their robotic puppy is on t it waythe u.s. it responds toce v and touch using sensors and cameras. he enjoys play time wh his toys. it's not cheap. he cost you about $3,000. that's an option foru. look give you a liv outsid if you're planning to walk a real dog, a beautiful start to youry. satur lauren back with your weekend weather on the other side of this break.
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♪ ♪ hey, we got your spirit . >> how about a surge of energy for your saturday you're looking at a back to school block party that's happening right now. getting underway at prince george's stadium. kids can get schoolfoupplies be classes start. there are school representatives to help folks get involved with
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student services. if you want to join in the fun it runs until 2:00 toos aftern you may remember the equalr ts amendment marches and rallies. the supporters never reach their goal of getting three quarters of the states to ratify the era by 1982. something required to become part of the u.s. constitution. there's a new campaign getting underw this weekend to revive the era in virginia. julie kerry explains. >> a bunch of the gals did get rested. spent the night in jail. >> reporter: memories of a battle waged more than 30 years ago to get the equal rights amendent ratifn virginia. >> this banner saw a lot of marches in the united states. >> reporter: jean and emily forged a lifelon friendship emily was a volunteer. jean ran a phone bank in crarlington callings virginia to drum up support for legislative candidates who would
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back the era. >> we made a ga zillion phone calls. it was fun. >> reporter: the women remember this era van, rolling billboard that seemed radical at first. >> i was rather horrified when i saw the van for the first time. it's like well, this is way too bold. you know? >> reporter: and the rallies they attended only fuell their determination. >> the group of people working for era were the most interesting, challenging, inspiring, fun people i had ever been ound. >> reporter: but their hard work ended in disappointment when they failed to ratify the era by the 1982 deadline. >> iwas sad, b i think we all felt we'll come back and get this done someday, but it's been many days. >> reporter: now d threeades later, a new generation is picking up the torch.
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as one of the first female cadets at vmi, she knows all about the importance of equal rights. >> the goal is for us to push for the equal rights amendment. >> reporter: the spotlight is suddenly on virginia because it's poised to become the final state needed to hit that three quarters of the states mark. >> we need to be protected fully asal e to men in the constitution. and we can only do that with the equal rights amendment. >> reporter: but what abt the 1982 deadline? pporters say congress could extend it. if that doesn't work, they cod turn to th supreme court. we should add to that the era campaign kicks off with a series of movie screenings across virginia this weekend. they'll look for theext generation of volunteers for the year to come. search era. lauren rickets with us on this saturday morning. you may haveelt the surge of energy coming into the studio
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and bringing with you nice ather. it's a nice start. >> it is so nice outside. i can't wait to get outside. it's going to be similar to yesterday. >> which was beautiful. >> yes. and then wait until tomorrownd we head to monday, tuesday, wednesday, summer is not done with us quiteyet. it's going to feel rather warm out there as we go e intoly next week. just prepare yourself for that. again, as we g into early next week. otherwise take a look. it is just a beautiful morning out there. another great day in store for us. now, the humidity will start building overnight. and then increasing through the day tomorrow. you may feel it through the day tomorrow. only isolated chances of rain. a stray shower tomorrow. perhaps on monday. but that's about it. we had to add that last night. best chance of rain? hursday of this upcoming workweek. current temperatures out there right now, comfortable. 60s right now. no rain. a few clouds. for the most part, we're just
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dryut there up and down the east coast. low to mid 80s for daytime highs. plenty of sunshine. theree may a few clouds this afternoon. that's about it. plans this ke your morning, if you're going to get coffee, walk, if possible. any pool parties, bbqs, anything wonderful. grab that spf, and our community shred. derekard is down there in largo. that began at 8:00 a.m. get down there. no issues whatsoever. as for the pollen report, have you been sneezing a little bit? that pollen isretty high. grasses are continue to increase. mold has been there prettyl muc summer. when thing we're seeing an up tick in, ragweed. that's running pretty high in our area right now. that's going to c ttinue increase through the first week of september. 90 degrees is the dayti high tomorrow. a chance of a stray storm. the future cast, this is co
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tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. we have maybe a f sprinkles getting underway, possibly higher elevations tomorrow rn afn. d will be popup showers or storms through t tomorrow. well, through the afternoon tomorrow. but that's about it. same deal on monday. we could have an chance.ed take a look at the temperatures. monday, tuesday, wednesday, low to mid 90s. feeling closer to 100. thursday, friday, we've got some rain in theforecast. that's our next chance of rain with lower humidity on the way.r we've got news. we'll talk about that beach focast coming up after trehi you know when you're at ross and you're like... hello. ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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welcome back. as rare as it is t earn the eagle award in scouting, it is even more rare to earn scouting's hornaday award. only about 1100 medals have been awarded in eighty years. one scout is hoping t add the patch to his sash. >> reporter: john is leading an effort to clear out japanese stilt grass. >> we're not giving it enough time to regrow but we're also removing it before it spreads the seous. we use chemicals, but pulling is the most eco friendly way to reve the grass while keeping the nate environment intact. >> reporter: the issue with invasive plants is they take
8:56 am
over an area choking out the species. they have no natural enemies so not even deerr insects want to touch them. >> the problem is too big for one scout tokle alone. john's work is jump starting a bigger plan. >> i'm focusing on right now starting to create a long-term effort here to clear up stilt grass and other invasive plants. what makes this area unique is it can be controlled. there are boundarieboundaries. >> reporter: the park is looking forward to the day when that area is reclaime >> once it' cleared out, we'll be able to introduce nativ species again. i would like it to be a safe place forummer camp kids to come and be in the woods and to kind of have that natural sort of space to play in. we have the farm and that's well-maintained. we have all the gunds well-maintained. we don't have a good, cleared wooded space. i'd like to put a course in
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there and teach about map and compass use forcout programs. >> reporter: for john this project is personal. >> sce 4 th grade i've been coming here. a lot of people fnrfax county will come here for school such. and >> he's talking about fryg pan park. volunteers will be back out there this morning in aboutmi0 tes from now starting at 9:30. ifey'll pull out more stilt grass. ou want to find out more information, search cleanup in the nbc washington app. a nicebe day t outside. a live look at the national mall. a beautiful start to your saturday. lauren rickets is tracking some changes comingeeour wor ahead. ahead. we'll check in with her.
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welcome back in to news 4 today on this saturdaymo ing. the 25th of august, 2018. good morning to you. angie goff is off this morning. we have lauren rickets with us. she's in the storm team 4 weather tentercking an awesome start to this saturday. that sunrise was awesome. >> gorgeous. i don't ink i've seen a sunrise like that in quite a while. >> and you tweeted it >> idid, and i think you did too? >>ly now. no


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