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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 6, 2018 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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the eagles touched it first. th.ball is loose and they d they are going to let it die around the 32. the falcons might have tried to touch it first because the ball is coming back in their wirection and an eagle gets in there and atlantnds up with the ba >> cris: now if it touches one of the falconslayers first anywhere in the process you are okay going after it. does it touch one of the falco players. the ruling on the field is a ball hit a member of the receiving teams foot ands a live ball recovered by the kicking team, atlanta's ball. >> al: that is trey sullivan. it will come back to atlanta.
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they can't get there before the eagles get there. we have six falcons around the ball. six.s: >> c well, it is the returner's job to scream poison or whatever the code word is and let him know to get the heck out of there. but for whatever reason he didn't react to it. >> al: sullivan is the guy in g rst down the sidearm shot is incomplete. intended for jones. that is nate gerry. >> nate gerry is getng an opportunity to play. they are bringing pressure trying to knock them out of field goal range. that means something. he was a two-time 200 meter champ in high school and almost ran the ball down. >> al: played his college ball at nebraska, fifth round pick
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last year. >> cris: you don't want to take a sack here because it drives you out of field goal range. this is an important sequence. >> al: the play clock at 1. and could ten. ryan fires. it is a nice catch made by sanu who has to reach back and grab it for a short gai that should take us to the fourth quarter. sanu winds up making his secondf catch he night, or did he? or did he? the clock has gone to zero. 10-6. philadelphia back after this. when in unfamiliar waterom hundreds of miles base--
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sanu made the catch, or did he. the last catch of the third quarter. it could be challenged. if doug pederson wants to challenge he had had tthe wholek to decide if he wanted to or not. he said he did not want to. >> cris: if he won or lost it. >> al: third down and five and . ryan goes down heag down again. you have got fletccox comingsi >> off, defense number 96. lined up in the neutral zone. that five-yard penalty results in a first down. >> cris:isaster. >> al: they didn't challenge. it was a third down and five. >> cris: over the red line, a good call by the officials. that was go to drive the atlanta
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falcons at least to the very border of field goal range with a huge sack and jim schwarz cannot believe it.g it is one thinto get an early ju to get a sack, but to lineup offside, that was a killer. >> al: especially after winning a challenge. instead they will go to third and five. i thall they needed.a fascinating strategy in that sequence. tevin coleman down to the 18 yard line. >> cris: it was just so tough with a whole quarter to go. if it were a slam dunk, i think doug pederson might have challenged it to make it a third and ten. because it wasn't and because it would have been the end of all challenges, i do not think he thought that it was wo. >> al: you are right. second down and five. from the 17 yard line.
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ricky ortiz comes in as the fullback. he was in there a lot in the first se es. not much since. the ball is handed off and taken down is tevin colema third down and about four. >> cris: there we go. you know when they py the rocky music you hit a big down. >> al: ronald darby has come out of the game.av >> ito think they are going to rotate help over there to douglas but it does not look. like nioks like a blitz and a one-on-one opportu. >> al: ryan is going to throw and picked off at the 4 yard line by douglas. ryan clearly knowing darby is
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the last four years overall. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> al: this nfl kickoff special being brout to you by -- le >> al: 20 mis from the stadium, the home of nfl films. his late son steve, magnificents job over the y nfl films. >> cris: a lot of us fell in love with the game of football
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with nfl films, the music and the narration, so much fun and still is.ea >> al: we will be up in the frozen ndra on sunday. is ris: we do have one th frozen now. >> al: there is some front moving in. second down and six after the in rception by douglas, philadelphia trying to move oute ofhadow of the goal line. they hand it offayo jay ajayi. very close to a first down. apparently short and we are going to go back to the pick. >> cris: this had is a total miscommunication of some kind. julio jones. there is no route. whatever it was, fades away from the ball and douglas ran the route. he doesn't have to worry abo him going deep. defensive backs are going to
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east sit on anything underneath. and for whatever rson they have not played togeer during the course of the preseason and really showed on that one. >> al: third and inches.ho the toss to aglor coming around. the wide receiver. breaks a tackle.wn first and a lot more out to the 29 he goes. razzle-dazzle on a third and inches. >> cris: completely outflanked t om the beginning. there is just noough out there. you can see no tailback in there. nelson agholor, as he did at the end of last season becoming a big play threat on third down. agholor looked like a bust early on. they moved him into the slot. eight touchd tremendous turnaround and so much more confident. now probably the a receiver right now.
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>> al: that is juggled and it is picked is deion jones who comes away with the deflection and puts atlanta in prime shape at the 25 yard line. goedert couldn't hold on. jones had to come out of the game before cramping picks it off and atlanta is in siness. >> cris: tryg to see who that was.i ink it might be -- big hit there right on contact. deion jones takes him down. if that is 27, that ho it is. we have seen him have a penaltyr a week ago f a hit. that is perfectly clean. got his head out of there and nl danger of a nd still came up with the huge turnover. >> al: tevin coleman is the running back on first down. 10:30 to go in the fourth. ryan. caught at the 10. julio jones, big night for him
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continues. jalen mills covering on the play. julio jones, seven catches in triple figures with 106 yards. >> cris: yeah. i like the young man right here. watching him in preseason, you kind of say he might have a e. little rol i think i would give him a bigger role. he was making huge hits all around the football. he will be fine. and there is a guy there that is awfully tough to cover in the zone defense, julio jos. >> al: ronald darby back in the game. coleman in the back with the fullback in the game. tevin coleman, he goes into the end zone. and the atlantfalcons have 01their first touchdown of8. you have the interception. followed by the touchdown. the falcons have the lead again. >> cris: instead of outside zone they go inside.
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tch the key block. always on the bapl side of the you e going to get a cut back. ivthat is andy levitre, drg the linebacker out of ther what do you have to do? you have to make sure that fletcher cox is taken care of. th double-team him with al mack and here you go. >> al: gd juke move on mcleod to finish itff. matt bryant for his first extra point of the season. that snap was juggled and hits the up right. it's no good. atlanta with a new snapper. that one juggled. the kick is no good. it is a two-point game. use labor day cash and trade up
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>> al: sunday night we will set bears/packers. one of the great all-time rivalries. premier of "sunday night footba" coverage begins at on7:00 eastern right here nbc. this is a touchback. we are back in 30 seconds. e and. the thrills keep getting better. the 2018 c-class sedan starting at $40,250. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> al: matt bryant missing an extra point, pushed it. you got the new snapper. a little low. at do you think as bosher put it down? >> cris: just a little handsy on it. bryant hesitated and pushed it. >> al: ajayi now, good run on first down gains eight. jay ajayi. c 12ries tonight for 50 yards. >> cris: because of the miss no you ay for a field goal here. othink what is happening is that the eagles'ensive line is starting to get their footing. they are getting up on the lighter linebackers. instead of going sideways they a are going ht downhill and
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giving jay ajayi a chance. >> al: again and he can't go anywhere. that sets up a third dowand short. ticking down to 9:00 left in regulation. >> cris: yeah. and the atlanta falcons and manual countered witsly blitz. evg ybody knows what is goin on. when you get something that works, they know what the counter to that is. a said this is going to b game of adjustments. nobody does anything and puts it on tape to help you study. he made a nice adjustment there. >> al: third and four, corey clement in the backfield. ertz comes into the slot. foles fires, caught and a flag is down. for the moment agholor. that is the necessarrdage but a grasp of the helmet
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telling you what the likely call is going to be. >> cris: let's watch zach ertz come across. >> offense, number 86. ten-yard penalty from the previous spot, third down. t >> cris:hat falls under the category of completely unnecessary pick. no way grady jarrett you was going to be in coverage and that is going to take away a first down. >> al: make it a third down and 14 from the 21 yard line. >> cris: plenty of time, over eight nutes to go. >> al: jarrett, four sacks last year. a tieduper bowl record of three sacks against brady two
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years ago. clird and 14 and the play k is down to 0. philadelphia has to use a time-out here. >> cris: ouch.h. >> al: yearg >> first cha time-out for philadelphia. this will be a 30-second time-out. >> al: double whammy, you get the offensive pass interference call and late getting to the line getting the play in. third and 14. big play for t eagles tonight. they were doing next tnothing ind then to the back of the playbook they go a. clement. foles from agholor on the run. just like minneapolis. >> cris: carson wentz is over on the bench saying i need to work on the jugs machine over here. we are throwing all kinds of balls to the quarterback. >> al: that gave the eagles the lead and then atlanta took the lead back. a big interception agast
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foles. under 8:00 to go now. 21 is third and 14 from th yard line. four-man rush. foles fires and thats incomplete. intended for ertz. up at the 42 yard linewa the crowd s a flag but won't get it. ricardo allen with the coverage on the play. >> cs: that was a laser shot from nick foles. ertz just unable to get it. was there a shot to the helmet? that is goin to be the question and why the crowd is squirming. an arm. inadvertent. always defenseless receivers, protect the head and neck area. they will tell you all about it. >> al: camon johnston. fair catch is called for. a flag is down. what else is new. they willet it roll all the way to the 2yard line. let's get the call. in a game in which we have 23
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penalties and 22 points. >> cris: this had is a big call because that was a big mista letting the ball hit t ground. somewhere bill parcells is going crazy. >> al: saratoga. all right. crowd is really in love with this >> there are two fouls on the play. one by each team. holding, kicking team. ngmber 39. holding, receivieam number 89. those penalties willffset. we will rekick fourth down. >> al: that hurts philadelph. big break for atlanta.
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here is the falcons hold. >> cris: right on the outside. >> al: that was burton holding corey clement. on the other side here. well, you tell me. >> cris: it is n my job. >> al: it is not me either. we are out of that business. that was a 59-yan' punt that count. fourth down. line of scrimmage the 21. johnston in his debut is averaging 53.4. esis one hardy will let that bounce and it gout at the 34ya line. so atlanta can start thinking about the clock a little bit here. two-point game.
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>> al: roger goodell, nf commissioner as he normally does scurryg there to the outside and unable to get out of the backfield. add another piece of yellow. haloti ngata, the long time raven. h olding, offense number 73. ten-yard penalty, first down.
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>> cris: hard to believe something that big can move that fast. i mean haloti ngata has been doing this for a long time. you just wrote his name down every all pro team that there is and he has some hop in him. that is something. >> al: first and and to the ode they go and sanu is wrapped up there by sidn jones. atlanta with 14 penalties. that is the most in 19 years. >> cris: unbelievable. >> al: we were here to see it. >> cris: thank goodness. sidney jones came up to make a swplay there. he is replacing patrick robinson now playing for the saints. that was a big, big play to keep driving them backwards. this hasn't been good e atlanta falcons.
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>> al: lost five there on the reception. second and 25. ryan. look out. the ball is out. atlanta is able to recover it. chris long is right there to save the bacon for atlanta for the moment. t >> cris:y were pushed pretty far back. but never gives up on a play. comes around and gets the ball out. mack saves it.mble. third and 29. four-man rush. good protection. floater caught by fr devonta freeman gets loose
12:01 am
enough to pick up good yardage out to the 29. cory graham in his 12th year out of new hampshirehe has been around 12 seasons mas the stop and it is fourth down. cris: don't underestimate thear 12 y or whatever it was there. it got them out of a deep hole. rothe punt would have beend the 40 yard line. they are just needing a field goal here if you are the philadelphia eagles. >> al: bosher averaging ly 35 yards per boot. good kick here. sproles fields it at the 19. beats the first man. cuts it back up the field and hammered down at the 31 yard line and another flag. >> cris: youever know for sure if it is, but it looked like a facemask, di't it.
12:02 am
sometimes you get weird angles. holy smokes. >> during the return, facemask. facemask. 54. 15-yard penalty from the end of the run and automatic first down. >> al: that is like a 270 degree facemask. 4:51 to go. atlanta by a deuce. and then there's our world-famous on-road attraction. the 2019 glc, starting at $40,700. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. your highness, thank you for the invitation. yes. though our moat is much larger than this.
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thanks? time to pack up. let's go kids. thank you! nfl sunday ticket. get every live game, every sunday at no extra charge when you switch to directv. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1.800.directv. >> al: opening night in philadelphia. nick foles, a little over 50.
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eight catches, only 34 yards, averaging four yards per reception. >> cris: they are staying with that rpo. now one of the things the falconwanted to do to it is toe take away ckers have done a nice job there. deep down the field. one-on-one and broken up at the 2 yard line. intended for mike wallace and


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