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tv   Today  NBC  September 17, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking overnight, m dangerous than er. new emergency evacuations ordered with catastrophic flooding from florence spreading across north carolina. around-the-clock rescue operations still under way. the city ofilmington cutoff. out.ay in, no way >> i've been through every hurricane since the '70s. er nevernced anything like this. >> this morning, the damage, thd devastation a the dire warning that things could get even worse. in jeopardy. the confirmation of supreme courtre nomineett kavanaugh facing new uncertaiacy. the woman cusing him of sexual assault going blic. a key republican voicing concern, the battle lines being drawn and we're live from the white house. and we'll hear from the
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accuser's attorney. deadly attack. police identify the young man killed by a shark on a cape cod beach, the first fatality there in 82 years. this morning, his friend, alongside him, recounts the terrifying ordeal. >> i heard screaming and saw a t of blood in the water. breaking overnight, woody allen's , wisun-yi, baks her decades of silence abo her husband and the rumors swirling around her family. chaos at theci rcus. the frightening moment a startled camel breaks free and injures a group of children. and tv big night. hollywood, ready to celebrate the best of television at tonight's emmy awards, as we get a sneak peek of what to expect from the hosts, colinost and michael che. monday, september 17th,
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>>nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, le from los angeles. and good morning, good morning, everybody. welcome to this special edition "today." we're up early. we're going on tonight's emmy awards it's very exciting. >> the gold carpet is being rolled out. we gip with the very latest on florence. a very dangerous storm covering pa on wilmin cut off by floodwaters.
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this was florence leaving behind a tail of destruction hyped her. washed out roads. we're in a neighborhood just outside wilmington near washedd out rll over north carolina. more than 570,000 people still don't have power. thousands of people are up this morning in shelters. officials here say the recovery in north carolina isn going to take weeks, months. it's going to be a very long . the brunt of florence may be waning but the problems a far from over here in the carolinas. rivers swollen from all the rain, now causing catastrophic
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ooding. officials say the worst is still ahead, even urging. close to 1,000 water rescues th carolinaade in n alone. many mor rescue crews still helping those whet could not out on their own. >> floodwaters are still raging across parts of our state. and the risk to life is rising with the angry >> reporter: nearly 15,000 people are already stang in 0 shelters across the state. while the marine corps is conducting rescue operations out of camp lejeune. keeping aharp eye out for those in danger. in jacksonville, north carolina, chris wray has returned to see his home destroyed. >> hopefully fema helps. not just me but every citizen around here gets the help they need. >> rep florence who dumped 40 inches of rain on south
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carolina, mandatory evacuations have been ordered for hundreds of people who live within a mile of the cape fear river in wilmington. that riv expected to crest at 62 feet tuesday morning, nearly double its normal flood stage. s thisrm has never been more dangerous than it is right now. >> rep much water in the coatyal no ae can get to it. >> our roadsre cut off. there's no access to wilmington today. >> reporter: the cy now basically an island, cut off from the world. i surveyed a flooded neighborhood with newhanover chairman commission woody white. where did all this water come from? >> this is rainfall over the last 12 to 20 hours. >> reporter: we found chris trying to jump start a flooded truck. it stalled out when he was trying to drive his family to safety. >> i'm from i've bn through every hurricane since the '70s and i've never experienced anything
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likes before. >> how fast did it come in? >> like lightning. kind of scary that it happen so sudden. >> reporten swiftly, i will tak months -- if you could do it all over again -- >> tever. >> rep you wou have ridden it out? >> i made a choice to stay. god is ony side. nothing to fear. >> reporter: a look from above to give you a different perspectute of this washed road. this is the kind of devastation so many towns are dealing with right now. roads washed out. you have areas that are completely cut off from the world right now. officials are trying to fd a way into more rural areas. we talked about this all the time. over the weekendt was good to see the helpers arrive, to see people who had a little more food than their neighbors
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sharg thatfood. people who started to get power yesterday, taking inheir neighbors as well. we have started to see people do what they do in times like this, coming to the aid oh e other. >> they do need a lot of help. they need our prayers as sll. thank yo much. >> thank you, craig. the problems from florence extend fm the coast. bevacuations have alsoeen ordered some 90 miles north of wilmington. that's in fayetteville, north carolina. kerry sanders is there.g. good morn >> rep good morning, hoda. the cape fear river and the cross creekre over their banks and it's only getting worse. you can see the buildings behind me are undr. wa if we take you up above, you take ak at the drone down, downtown fayettell of the city are under water. the water l are rising two inches an hour. yesterday the cape fear 35 feet. it's at a stunning 49 1/2 feet and it will be a record 62-plus feet by tomorrow.
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in so many directions, streets are flooded which means getting from point " to point "b thon 1,000 people are in shelters. the lumber river breached in a town of 22,000, which is now flooding. officials in cumberland county fear a dam on lake upchurch could give way today because there'suco water. there's very little that anybody can do right now other than wait out the next disaster. hoda? >> kerry sanders, thank you. florence may have made landfall three days ago but its soaking rains are far from over. dylan i in for al and that's the story of the week. good morning. >> good morning 37 because all of that water needs to run the rivers which is why they will still come up and overflow we still have additional rain
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talling at t ahis time w. of av raleigh so it getting better but we have feeder bands to the southeast of charleston. that could move into wilmington and that could produce another couple inches of rain. at this point,ny additional rain is bad news considering the ground is totally sad rated. river flood warnings are posted. we have major and moderate flood stages for the majority of the rivers across north carolina. i wa to focus oneu the river because this river will continue to rise as the water goes back intohe river that has been soaking up the ground. by friday we should be up to almost 24 feet. that keeps it well above floods e. all week long we'll be talking about flooding along the neuse also the cape fear river, on tuesday we shld hit over 61 feet which keeps it well above that flood stage. it takes it until the end of the weekefore that river itself go
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back below flood stage. additional rainfl at this point will be improving. we'd only say 1 to 2 inches across most of north carolina and then the situation shifts up into virnia and eventually to the northeast where the remnants of florence will continue to move, even parts of massachusetts could about 4 to 6 inches of rain. that could lead to flash flooding in that area. hodady >> n, thank you. now to another major story this morning. thencertain future of brett kavanaugh's supreme nomination, the woman who accused him of sexual assaulthe when were teenagers is going public with hery. st we'll talk to her attorney in a moment but firsthite house correspondent kristen welker with the latest. >> good moioing. the que looming over the white house could be allegations that derail brett kavanaugh's nomination. she says she was sexually assaulted when they were teenagers. lawmakers are t scramblin get
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the facts and the white house is firmly standing behind its supreme court nominee. >> now -- >> reporter: this morning, new scrutiny of president trump's supreme court nominee, btt kavanaugh. a 54-year-old college profeor accusing kavanaugh of sexual assault when theyere both in high school. she described him as stumbling drunk at a maryland house party in the 1980s when he pinned her while and groped her another teenage boy watched. she told "the post,"yi he was to attack me and remove my clothing. when she tried to scream, he put his hand over her mouth. i thought he might allidentally ki why is ford going public now? she says after being bombarded by reporters, she decided it was time. >> she just felt like, as she
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tried to p are the ills i was trying to avoid. ey are coming to pass. >> reporter: on friday judge kavanaugh categorically and unequivocally denied this allegation. this has not changed. on capitol hill bipartisan calls to delay this week's committee vote on cavanaugh. republican senator jeff flake now telling "the washington for me, we can't vote un. while judiciary chairman chuck grassley is questioning the timing of the allegations, adding, judge kavanaugh's background has bee thoroughly vetted by the fbi on six different republicans. susan collins is a critical swing vote and was pressed overni do you abelieve the accu? >> i don't know enough to make a judgment at this point. >> reporte now, nbc news has
7:13 am
not spoken directly to her. grassley asked for follow-up and democrats said that'sot t>>he we'reoined by christine katz. your client is waking up with r name in every headline, how is she feeling? >> i haven't tpoken to hers morning. it's earlier there. but yesterday was qui a roller coaster. there was a great deal of support that cameay her but also the kind of threatening behavior that she feared most by coming forward. she did receive a lot of very vicious sexually violent e-mls fr total strangers and, of course, that's disturbing. >> she alleges a sexual assault back in high school. one of the thepist notes from
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a few years ago when she recounted this, t statest it was an attempted rape. my question to you is, does consider this an attempted rape? >> she does. she clearly considers this an ted rape. she believes that if it were not for the seve intoxication, brett kavanaugh,he would hav ra. >> the other person who was in the room, a man by the name of mark judg according to your client d says thisn't happen. he said it was nuts. it just didn't happen. >> well, he's also written three books and many, man articles. and twitter posts that have been scrubbed from the public domain wh alleges that was behavior from hiswngeorge prep school days that they routinely engaged in tremendous drinking and really inappropriate behavior. andhat the drinking was so
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severe, they were bl o y. regula that's now been scrubbed. >> is your client willing to testify before the judicia committee publicly and she's willing to do whatever it takes to get the sto for us. >> does she think jud kavanaugh withdraws his nomination? >> she's not taking a position on that. she believes allegations bear on his character and fitness wnd thenesses also deny on his character and fitness. >> she has taken apo graph. she's a credible person. these are serious allegations. and they should be addressed. yesterday the white house would not even have t ninee acknowledge whether he knew her. he's not being forthcoming. >> doesnk she t he is lying about this? >> she knows the truth is. if he's denying an event he knows to be truth, he is not
7:16 am
telling the truth. >> cording to "the washington she's a democrat. a lot of p tple look ats and say, here's somebody who has a political motive to tell this story. whld you say to that? >> i would say no one in their right mind, regardless of their motive, would want to inject themselves into this process and face the kind ofih aation she will be subjected to by those who want this nomination to go through. this is notic polly motivated actions. in fact, she was quite celuctant toe forward and she was outed after she made the decision not to comerw d. >> debora katz, thank you for coming on this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. a we hav lot more to get to this morning, including new details on those deadly gas explosions and fir their homes boston. ron allen is following that investigation for us. rohey, good morning. >> repor good morning, hoda. the destruction is amazing to see.
7:17 am
federal investigators believe a build up of g in the lines caused that explosion. investigators are also lookinge at whe some repair work before the blast contributed to the problem as well. with so many questions still an unanswered, residents here have very mixed feelings about returning home. d a warning not to turn the gas back on, thousands of nervous residents returned home after a fiery night player gut the homes and business across three bostonsuburbs. >> it's good to get some normalcy back to our lives. it's been a hellish weekend. >> repor gas service may not be back on for weeks. miles of pipeline may need to be replaced. utility li repairs, trying to find out what happened. >> we don't know whe will happen again. that was the scariest thing in my life. 72 years and i never experienced
7:18 am
anything like this. >> rep a fire nearby causi. i don't know how longt was before they made it out before the house went up. >> reporter:ntil there's a clearance, he thinks they should stay away. >> authorities say it's safe to come back. >> i don't believe anything they say. >> reporter: some families received $200 gift cards but hundre. long lines at relief sites. residents looking to replace what was tilost. schoolll open in lawrence but open in theer two oth towns. >> hopefully i'll be able to rebuild here. >> ivan soto was in the middle ofthings. his own house exploded and burned while he responded to the chaos across town. even trying rocue the young man crushed in his car. >> you're trying to save ayolif, re worried about your daughter and this is happening to your ho
7:19 am
>> wow. >> it was chaotic. >> repor thankfully his tee daughter was able to escape. >> i don't want to rebuild h he are living in a hot but they hope to find som >> back to you guys. >> rons, thanks so much. >> let's head back to dylan with the rest of our forecast. >> good morning again. florencehe remnants of affecting the east side, we have near record high temperaturo, well i the 90s across the plains and down into texas. we'll get to yourocal forecast in t.
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good morning. i'm storm tea 4 meteorologist chuck bell. this may be about as much sunshine as we'll get today. it's raining across a big chunk of northern and central virginia and those rain drops are getting closer to town with each passing minute. grab that umbrella. steady rain across northern virginia. rain can be heavy at times, today, tonight and into oe early parthe day tomorrow. if you need a little sunshine in your life, you just have to w > and that's your latest forecast. hoda and savannah? >> ydylan, tha so much. coming up, sun-yi speaks out. what woody allen's wife is saying for the first time about their relationship and the childhood with mia farrow.
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and beaches closed onco cap after the first shark attack in 82 years. we'll hear from the victim's friend who was with him in the water. their story.
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so it's really something that's a win-win for the patient and the dentist. this monday, september 17, 2018. good morning to you. >> we're following developing story in silver spring no m eon and woman are dead and three other pe are hurt in what police a now investigatin a murder/suicide. two chin and a 22-year-old are in critical conditionow afterhat shooting inside a home on amber lee drive in silver spring. we'll send more dates to the nbc washington app. florence has waked havoc si now let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> we're under storm team 4 weather alert again today.
7:27 am
flash flnd watches have b posted for most of northern virginia, suburban maryland out to the shenandoah valley. mostly cloudy skies here in town. already rain across much of northern virginia moving toward the city. expect a very rain day. flash flood watches are up for everywhere west o i-95 for today. and this evening could be extended briefly into early tomorrow. bright, sunny and warm weather moves in for second half of t a check of you
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. right n first 4 traffic alerted, a major mess. inner loop of the beltway, inside shoulder is getting by. northbound from the fairgroundsh crashese. 270 looking pretty good here. all the way from frederick down to the spur. u're going a.
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>> thankyou. another local news update coming your way in 25 minutes. >> for now, back the t "today" show a
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we're back, now.30 n a monday 7:30 on a monday morning. we're back with a look at the now closed beach. that's on cape cod following this weekend's deadly shark attack. that's the first in massachusetts since 19. we'll have the very latest on this in a live report and talk to a friend of the victim. > and people have to be terrified. > we start this half hour with today's headlines and rescueio oper under way in north carolina this morning. swollen rivers reaching record or near record crests. florence's unrelenting rain catastrophic flooding t state. the storm is still as dangerous as ever. it's covering parts of six ates now. it's massive.
7:31 am
the city of wilmington has been largely cu the rest of the state by those still rising floodwaters. emergey officials say they plan to air lift food and water to residents. >> now to washington where concern among republican senators is growing this morning over supreme court b nomineett kavanaugh. for the first time we are hearing from the woman who accused kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her whe they were both in high school. she told "the washington pos that during a party kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, tried to re her clothing. she says he put her hand over her mouth. kavanaugh denieshe incident took place. meantime on capitol hill there are bipartisan calls to delay the committee w vote. no a frightening incident at a pittsburgh. they were giving rides and one of the camels got loose, starte trying to hang on. six children and one adult were
7:32 am
injured. one child got a broken m. officials say handlers got that animal under control after about 11 seconds. now to a new interview that is getting a soon-yi breaking her decade's long silence. throughout her relationship with woody allen, soon-yi has remanld mostly silent but now she's speaking out abo her marriage, her famous mother and the me too ght soon-yi breaking her silence 25 years after her affair with woody allen first madead nes. she's the adopted daughter of ow. fa farrow was allen's long-time partner and previn's 25-year senior. now speaking out about her famous mother telling new york
7:33 am
magazine "vulture" they were like oil and water. mia wasn't maternal to me, who was adopted by farrow and her husband, andre previn. she tried to teach me the alphabet with those wooden blocks. if i didn't get them right, sometimes she would throw them at meher down on floor. who can learn under that pressure? she say she's not seeking revenge against farrow. i was never interested in writing a mommy drest, getting even. she spoke out about dylan farrow, who claims she was molested by allen in 1992 when she was just 7 years old, saying what's happened to woody is so upsetting, so unjust. mia has taken advange of the me too movement and paraded dylan asm and whole new generation is hearing about it when they shouldn't. the claims setting offer a bitter custody battle. allen was never charged with a crime. dylan has spoken out in recent years.
7:34 am
>> he's lying and he's been lying for so long. >> farrow releasing a statement to "new york magazine" saying any implications shete manipu by her mother is offensive. this only serves to revictimize mey thanks to m mother, i grew up in a wonderful home. ronan farrow, allen and mia's only biological story, also released a statement accusing his father and his allies of, quote, planting stories that attacknd vilify my mother to deflect from my sister's credible a nbc news has reached out to mia farrow about the article and previn's claims against her. she has not responded but we should point out that woody allen was present for much of that interview and he weighed in periodically. to you. >> another thi that people are talking about is actually who itte that article and why may be significant. tell us about that. >> that's actually an interesting point. it was daphne merkin, the author
7:35 am
and she'sh been friends w woody allen for 40 years. to address that history between the two, "new york" magazine said in a statement that the relationship is disclosed and is part of the story as is soon-yi's reason f zoolt moth thank you. let us get another check of the weather from dylan. >> good morning, guys. ing on the flood threat down through the carolinas and eventually up into t where 36 million people are at risk under flash flood watch or warning. aet's look at the rain still falling. eavy line of rain to the west of raleigh. charleston, ast of this is making a bee line towards wilmington. some of these downpours are producing 1 to 2 inches of rain so, we are looking at the threat of even more flooding. now the rnants of florence will continue to make their way we gothe northeast a through the day today. it's tropical in nature so the
7:36 am
downpours come down very, very st. with all of that water rushing down, it could lead to flash flooding because t water has nowhere to go. eventually into tht o tuesday, we'll start to see heavier rain. with areas in massachusetts picking up as much as 4 to 6 inches o t rainfall,t could lead to flash flooding but it's down in wilmington where another quick 3 inches of rain possible. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a pee out your window. >> rain drops are moving in fast. grab the umbrella before you leave the house. it's raining acros a big chunk of northern virginia, manassas, ling in fairfax, fall's church. rain will be enveloping all of the district. flash flood watch issued for the remainder of today and this evening as well. possibility of a quick 1 to 2 inches of rain whih all tropical air. temperatur are in the low to mid-70s now. will be in the upper 7 to near 80 today. bright sunshine and very warm for the seeond half of the . >> thank you so much. > coming up, dr. oz on the
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>in welcome me ckba about the man who was killed in a shark eattack in c cod over the weekend. >> it's the first fatal shark 82 anne thompson is in wellfleet happened. >> rep all beaches here in wellfleet and neighboriturro areas closed fficials try to figure out what kind of shark it was that terror at wellfleet beach. >> people started yelling shark and ran to get people out of tha r. >> r a late summer day turning tragic. >> report of an unknown shark by male party. >> reporter: the waves that attract surfers also enticing 26-year-old arthur medicci on
7:43 am
his boogie board. taking this photoh w isaac moments before they went into the ter. rocha yards away when he says he was dragged >> i already heard him screaming i saw a lot of blood in the water. >> reporte the victim ofou vi shark attack. racing to get his friend back to the beach. >> i got him onto the shore and he wasn't moving any more. >> reporter: witnesses say his legs wereeverely bitten. beach towels became tourniquets but the efforts could not save his life. >> people will ask, is it worth a limb orti potenally your life. >> repter: he lived north of boston, attending community engineering.ying his father in brazil writing a heartbreaking post o facebook. now nothing has meaning to me. ead has taken then for my life. i love you for all eternity.
7:44 am
his aunt says, his laughter filled our home and he will be miss greatly byall. in is the first shark attack in new england in 82 years but the second this summer. this man escaped by punching a shark in the gills, something he hadn seen o a nature show. >> it was like a wrestling hold and trying to tip meover. >> reporter: shark sightings have forced the national park service to clo cape cod beaches more than usual this summer. the water off this part of the cape is a feediround for sharks with its cool temperatures and robust sl population, shar now yesterday about a half hour south of here in east ham, a beach was closed for an hour because of a shark sighting. since it's beaches after labor day, there are no more lifeguards so the park service says it's crucial people
7:45 am
that meansare and you stay in shallow waters. if you see seals, don't swim ne and when you go into the water, be sure you go in groups, whether it'so kayak, to paddle or to swim. hoda and savannah? >> havana is a good name for you. >> reporter: i k. note, doe, on a serious they think there are too many seals there? is the population of seals rising and bringing in the shemks with >> reporter: the truth of the seal population is getting healthy. seals are protected under the marinens mammal protect act so you cannot kill them without a permit. nthat's because theirbers were so low at one time. now this is a sign of actually a restored, healthy ecosystem, marine biogists say. if you talk to the fishermen, they'll give you a differentpe pective but marine biologists say this is a good thing. the problem is people are .wimming where s
7:46 am
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7:50 am
>> are you excited about tonight? it will be fun, it's hosted by "snl's" colin jost and michael che. with netflix dominating the nominations here's what we can lookorward to on the golden carpet. >> there's a queen, a comic or a handmaid. some fresh faces are for breakthrough but the 70th annual ceremony promises plenty of favorites. "game of thrones" is back after a year away, garnering the highest number oftinomis, 22, making it the most nominated in emmy history. with the family could walk away with emmy gold. in thees dramacategory, "the hadnmaid's tal is looking for
7:51 am
backo-back wins, also with lisabet up for another win. this pins sterling k. brown for "this is us" against matthew rhys for "the americans." the marvelous rachel isbrosnaha expected to win for "speak for yourself" and donald gver is riding a wave and william h. atcy nom for the sixth time for "shameless" and "barry" is a dark horse. "anthony bourdain is up for six
7:52 am
posthumous of this star power in the hands of first-time host "snl" co-anchors colin jost and michael che, who are nominated for an emmy themselves. what are you most lking forwar to? >> i'm looking forward to post party, which means we get to se e with our friends there. >> sou can they're excited. >> they say they're getting amped up. they've been out in l.a. prepping for months to get ready -- >> have they really? >> yeah. and doing other things. >> i bet they have. nat, we'll see you later in the show. you can watch the emmys tonight starting a30 eastern. plus the new research that suggests the tale aspirin isn't necessary. may do.ore harm than good dr. . we're planning on the flight being successful. the entire world's watching.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
7:56 is your time on this monday, september 17, 2018. good morning to you. right now we'll go to melissa following breaking news on the y roads inr first 4 traffic. >> we're talking about a six-mile baup. inner loop before braddock ise take a look at the slowdown. it's jammed right here. very slow there. very slow inbound on 395, outer bound at georgia slow as well. arlington, northbound 395, the ramp to g.w. parkway with the right lane blocked. we'll have the la
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, everybody. it's a cloudy day outside and rain across much oforern virginia already continuing to move into the d.c. metro area. flash flood watches been posted for most everybody west of i-95. a locall inch or more of rain is certainly possible. in the shenandoah valley and blue ridge, maybe 2 inches or more of rainfall. be on the lookout for that. another showery day comg up for tomorrow before much warmer and dryer air moves in for thursday, frida and saturday. a little chance for rain over the weekend as well. >> chuck, thank noyou. er local news update for you in 25 m butes. for no.
8:00 am
t's 8:00 on "today." rescue o first responders working around the clock to get people still traps water. >> we just got savedd by g samaritans. i'm so thanksful. >> the storm still causing catastrophic flooding. officials warn the worst is still to come. an aspirin a day. a new study says the daily used taken by millions to prevent heart attacks could cause more harm than good. should youtop takin it? dr. oz is here with more. live from l.a. it's emmy>> night. we're proud to be hosting the emmys. >> we'll catch up with hosts
8:01 am
colin jost and michael che as they honor tv'sbe. >> are nerves starting to set? >> i couldn't do thisho w michael so i'm very happy. >> i could do it alone. >>day," september 17, 2018. here from u.m. of >> the hoosier state, indiana. >> from ! >> jen is turning 70 on the "today" show! >> friends for 57 years from minnesota! >> here today to say -- >> we're engaged! >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to a special edition of "today." we'r in los angeles, la la land. >> we have the emmys. we love sing everybody outside of our plaza in new york.
8:02 am
we'll be back tomorrow. >> if y could just stay for 24 hours. i think dylan dreyer who is watching the weathe she could come out and give a hug. >> i think she will. let's get to your news. rising floodwaters from deadly hurricane florence have cutre o entiommunities and the resulting crisis is only getting more intense. wiaig is in ington, north carolina, for us. go >> reporter: >> reporter: that slow-moving disaster that was florence left behind a terrible trail of destruction. i wa to give you a bird's-eye view of one of theroblems in north carolina. this is a washed out road. we are in n aghborhood just outside wilmington. this is the scene in neighborhoods all over the tar heel state, washed out roads cutting off towns, cutting off cities like wilmington as well. more than 570,000 people still don't havpower, north carolina, south carolina, thousands waking up in shelrs.
8:03 am
officials telling me the recovery effort here is going to take a very, v >> the brunt oflorence may be waning but the problems far from over. the rivers swollen from rain causing catastrophic destruction. iae lost everything we've got. >> reporter: off say the worst is still ahead. urgi >> stay off the roads in most parts of the state. never drive through flooded roads. just a few inches of water wash .our car aw >> reporter: close to 1,000 water rescues have been made in north carolina alone. nearly 15,000 people are already staying in 150 shelte rescue crews stillwhelping those o could no keeping a sharp eye o >> we just got saved by a good samaritan. i'm so thankful. >> repor by the time this storm ends, florence will have
8:04 am
dumped 40 inches of rain on southeastern north carolina. mandatioy evacu have been ordered for hundreds of people who live within a mile of the cape fear river in wilmington. that river expected to crest at 62 feet tuesday morning, nearly double its n i s aveyed flooded neighborhood with newhanover chairman commissn woody white. where did all this water come from? >> this was rainfall. this is not saltwater. it's not near a saltwater area. all r:in. >> reporow fast did it come in? >> like ghing. scary that it happened so sudden. >> rep though the storm came in ilswiftly, it likely take months to recover. with all due respect, why didn't you get out? >> couldn't. i've never seen anything lik this before in my life. never thought it would be like this. >> rep and n one here did. the storm responsible now for 178 deaths as well. there is some good news here this morning, guys.
8:05 am
if you can te, it's want raining. it's not windy. the sun's out. that's goi h top the recovery effort. over the weekend, one of t big problems, people trying to , the rain would startd would back and s they would have to stop. >> they deserve a break for sure. s craig, thank y much. on capitol hill, there are new calls to delay this week'see senate commi vote on brett kavanaugh. senators from both sides want t hear more from christine ford, the college professor who says kavanaugh sexually assaulted hen hey were teenagers. she told "the washington post" was drunk at a party when he pinned her to a bed, tried to undress her andut a hand over her mouth. kavanaugh denies it took place. nbc news has notpoken directly to ford and we have not independently verified "the > football fans are shaking
8:06 am
their heads as t the most unusual things to happen during an nfl. ga vontae davis took himself out of the game at halftime, his team was down 28-6, signaled to his coach he was done. the 30n told a teammate he was retiring right then and there. he later put out a statement,t hit me fast and hard. i shouldn't have been out there. i meant no disrespect t my team and coaches. the bills are off to a rough start, 0-2. >> i've never heard of that or seen that before. ho about a morning boost been showing you how good samaritans have been coming forward to help rescue people. how about animals? six dogs locked in an outdoor cage, waiting for someone to let them out. they got the gate opened and there they are. >> it's okaypuppy. over here. co
8:07 am
>> that has to be scary. ryan wants this video to serve as a reminder, take yourets with you or make other he right in the knick of time. coming up, we'll get you ready for tonight's emmy awards. we'll be on the golden carpet right before the show with t hosts of the show. >> it's shocking how many things are so up in the air, even though -- >> colin jost andichael che with a sneak peek at their > d you take a daily aspirin for better health? dr. says us that may do more harm. ine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health.
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so you can live and learn. try flexpath today with a free give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. we're back with we've all heard an aspirin a day can keep the doctor away. >> now there's a new study in the new d journal of medicine. oz, a cardiac surgeon, is
8:13 am
who we need to talk to. aspirin had been prescribed or people were tolt to use daily as a preventive think. does it not work? es it cause harm? >> about a third of older americans take aspirin. that's why ts stus so important and why care about i. the reason so many people were put on aspirin like people like me. extrapolated and said peopl are getting older, let's prevent the heart attac from coming their way. but it was never studied well in people over the age of 70. this study of 20,000 people followed people over the age of 70, like 74, and followedhem for five years. the reduction of death, dementia wasn't impacted. there's a 48% increase in having bleeding, from the intestinal trac that combination of no real
8:14 am
benefit and reduction of complications d, in fact, a worsening in one major area, which is bleeding, which makes sense with aspirin got people ao tatep back. a lot of physicians today arelk g about this because so many of our patients are on aspirin. >> a lot of people don't knoweyf ave heart disease. you've heard of someone who had nothing wrong and then drop dea of heart attack. if you don't know if that's one of your issues, would you advise, yes, take it or don't? >>. there are tools we use to predict your chance of heart attack. most people have a predictor saying, maybe you have more of a risk than you're willing to admit toe provocative thing about this study was there was anre ied risk of dying of cancer in folks on aspirin. that'sn important point. the study was not designed to prevent cancer. it was designed to seeed what happen in real life. >> that's a big headline, dr. oz. i mean, it' not just that it's not really working, the study
8:15 am
shows there might be an increase in cancer? >> it doesn't mean it's causing cancer. remember, there's more than a dozen studies showing aspirin taken correctly prevents cancers. what we may bes seeing here if you already have a cancer, does it worsen that process? does it makehe cancer go more quickly? there's a whole separate centers in america todayd saying, should people who are already diagnosed with cancer get off pirin? this study would make folks worried. i talked to the doctor who wrote the study, the primary doctor from melboue, australia, that was the biggest finding and that's why these studies are ad? >> this i definitely worth a discussion with your doc. go in armed with information. doctor means teacher. be a student go in recognizing what the d means. specifically, think twices if you're put on aspirin to prevent a problem.
8:16 am
doesn't seem to work as well in folks over age 7 expected. good 're on aspirin for reason, like you have a heart problem or i've had a stroke in the pt, please, don't stop your aspirin. this is critical. you have t. if you're on aspirin, don't go off it, on it, that rebound affect may explain the findings of study. 20,000 people stopped taking the aspirin on their n. that might actually independent cause pr. i talk about this a lot in my show. take aspirin coectly. it doesn't make sense to take terra coated. take cheap aspirin with a big glass of warm water to dissolve more quickly, it might help with the complications of bleeding. >> thank you. season ten of the dr. show premieres today. good luck with that. now we'll get a check of the weather. dylan is in for al. >> good morning again. we are focusing on the rain down across the southeast.
8:17 am
it's lightening up a bit but one batch of rain off the cst of charleston where we'll see that move to the north and east and that could produce a couple inches of rain for wilmington. that will be a major focus as we go through the next several hours. as rer flooding is already an issue. we have so many rivers at stage.e to major flood if we look at a little more detail, some of these rivers ard well above reclood stage. you can see the little river at manchester is up a tout 34 1/2 feet right now. that would put it above the record and it's goiak to it until all week long before we do lose that flo stage. also the cape fear river is ge above flood s and is that will take all week before we see that go back down. a peek out y ndow. >> we have our own raindrops. raining across much of north virginia. the rain is marchie now. frederick county, you're next.
8:18 am
rain moving into arlg top county, pnge trihere nncot too far from now. flash flood watches have been posted. of 1 to 2 additional inches of rain, maybe a little more into the, shenandoah vall west of the blue ridge. here's your ten-day forecast. su. and thaetst's your latest forecast. ba to you in l.a. >> get the hug parade going. >> you have ark lot of natalie is back here in l.a. >> carson is in our orange room. weave a special pla for you here, carson. >> hi, guys. nat, good to see you. >> missed u. >> missed you, too. a common name mispronunciation took off on twitt and led to a thread with a shocking discovery. carmen took issue with a namee y a lot around here. we pronounce chrissy teigen's name wrong all the time. sure enough, chrissy teigen kes to twitter and backs her up.
8:19 am
word. gave up a long time ago. last name is teagan. she posted a video. >> i'm tired chrissy teigen, it's teigen, isn't it, mom? >> yep. >> she went on to tweet, i donpl correct p ever. they can call me janet. won't. wrong order? i'll eat it. taxi going to the wrong airport? i'll change my fli last monthria ir name is tweete? >> i guess it's the americanized version. i woke up saying grande and my grandfatr wishes i said grande
8:20 am
more. >> there you go. it's unlikely that grande and teigen will catch on -- >> i get used to it. instead of correcting, i get chrissy saying -- >> peo me cal samantha, i'm like, yep. but her last eename. i bad. and we're always talking about her on this show. call us or tweet us. do you want us t say -- >> on the gold carpet it will be chrissie tyinteigen. >> here in los angeles, tom arnold lastight got in into a scuff with mark burnett. tweeting this out, mark burne w justt nuts and choked me at the huge emmy party and away wi.
8:21 am
i' waiting for lapd. arnold fired back, lie, your crazy husband attacke me you psycho. tom arnold has a new show called "trump tapes" and on the show he searches for the tapes supposedly making bigoted remarks. this is causing some people to believe this might hav been a big publicity stunt. >> goodness gracious. >> thank you. >> i thoughtt was pop star, not the police blotter. nat, what have you got? >> we're talking mhael and colin jost because they're here. they're hosting the big nightt the emmys. they have developed this great chemistry, as youow during upeir four years together as the weekend te desk. they plan to pull their
8:22 am
razor-sharp comedy on display tonight. >> reporter: far t fromheir home in new york city -- >> thank you v. >> reporter: "saturday night " stars colin jost and michael che have gone hollywood. >> we're very excited to be hosting the >s tghrit't. gold carpet, ready to turn "snl's" iconic catch-phrase into live from los angeles, it's tv'? >> w >> r. michael, coli thought you'd be missing new york because you've been out here prepping for the emmys for qui a while w treats. real new york city bagels, lavan cooks. >> birthday cake? >> reporter: birthday cake from . a sweet surprise for the first-time hosts, promising to return the favor, working in l.a. forhe past month, working
8:23 am
to cook up their own emmy surprises. what can we expect? >> there's a lot of moving pieces and surprise guests so we're kind of figuring it out as we go. >> we have a plan. isn't that r >> reporter: alec as trump. i mean, you got a these "snl" friends you can call on. >> we can have trump but alec's not doing it. it's going to be roseanne. >>eporter: oh, geez. what can go wrong? >> we told her, speak from the heart. i can't say anything bad about roseanne becauses g y ofuyre unlikely pai as co-anchoring weekend update together -- hen i sounds like colin asked him if his family ever owned slaves. >> reporter: colin and michael have become known as a odd couple themselves. how are you guys alike? how are you different? differ we
8:24 am
i'm wearing a pink hoodie and he's wearing a cashmere sweater, if that do >> reporter: t comedians from two very different backgrounds using jokes to take on the wor . are nerves starting to set in? >> well, nerves, of course. i would not be able to be going through and doing this without michael, so i'm very happy it's him. >> i can do it alone. probably more fun. >> who would rope you into all the fun press-up. >> repor while they insist they don't plan on making the night too politica when it comes to celebritie michael is let's talk about the fact you'll ve all these celebrities staring back at you. you might be poking fun at a little bit. normally when you poke fun at celebrities, they're not right there with w you. that going to be for you? >> i don't -- i have no problem with making fun of people all the time. i think everybody'unny and they should be reminded of that. i don't care if it's children,
8:25 am
"stranger thing" kids, you think you're safe? you're not safe. afterorter: you're going milly bobby brown? >> yeah, her nose is going to bleed from fear. i'm kidding. she seems like a nicegirl. >> reporter: as the excitement builds, colin and michael say they'r after-parties where ty could be celebrating with an award in hand. "snl," after all, nominated for 21 emmys. what would the headlines say about you two the next day? >> it depends on where the t is going to be very excited. that's all we'll say. >> i think the headlines are going to say, roseanne's back, an. >> they got their job cut out for them tonight. that's for sure. we'll be watching and we'll be there. >> we w be. natalie, thank you. just ahead, we'll break down the competition at tonight's emmys. and then sean penn opening up about what drew him to his very first television role after t television role, after your local news
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26 on this monday, september 17th. i'm aaron gilchrest. let's get to melissa with the roads. >> loop 4, braddock road. we're talking about a seven-mile backup stretching over to where the crash is, inner loop before broadcast dock. northbound jammed as you're approabeltway. 395 because of the problem on braddock as well. falls church, crash there, too. it's storm team 4 weather aler.
8:27 am
8:28 am
gray and gloomy all over the dmv and rain over northern virginia moving over potomac. no rain in our corner of warn wash but that wil be changing. flash flood watches are staying in upper 70s to around 80 degrees. another cloudy andhowery day
8:29 am
coming up for tomorrow. very hot weather by september you.ards for we you can get the latest news and weather at any time in the.
8:30 am
♪ we may be back in we may be back in l.a. but e're showing our love to our friends on the flaz. dylan will be out >> she's been hugging all morning. first ahead in this half hour, we have your insider's guide to night's emmys, the top contenders for most coveted awar. >> jeff cagle is in the house. we don't have to wait until later to talk aboutn emmy
8:31 am
because american ferreira is going to join us. a rare and eye-openingco ersation with sean penn. he makes a television debut in a new series. we'll hear from him and his co-sta are and you'lwant to hes take on the me movement. the aforementioned, dylan dreyer, mrs. hugs. >> good morning, sweetie. >> i think i successfully hugged half the plaza. i still have the other half to go. i'm looking for principal mcintyre. or should i say retired principal mcintyre. >> yes,etired from 31 years of public ee we are in september. have y ever taken vacation in september before? >> never in my life. it's my first. >> you picked a great weekend to come to new york. >> yes. beautiful weather. love the "today" show. >>congratulations. thank you for all you did for your students. i love this poster. include me. what's your name? >> sara. we love it. can i get a let's take a look at what's
8:32 am
going on across the country. we are going to see t rain from florence continue to make its way through ohio and west virginia and virginia today. we even still have the chance of more rain down near wilmington within the next couple of hour that is the remnants of florence that will continue to move up to the north and easts go into tonight and tomorrow. finally, that will move out of here by the middle of the week but the flooding threat and rivers down near north carolina. record high temperatures, and the 90s.o well upnto out west it looks beautiful, 60s, 70s, low 80s. now here's a peek at your vndow. >> thay warm air in the midpart of the country will be here for the second part of the week. nday and tuesday will be gray days for sure. and rainy as well. beenatch hav issued for a large portion of the dmv. rain isos moving into mt of northern virginia and it'snt headed maryland at this point in time. temperaturewise we're in the low to mid-70s now. we'll stay in the upper 70s to
8:33 am
near 80 for today and another day tomorrow with a lot of clouds ound. rain shoul >> i've noticed a lot of kids on the plaza skippingu don happen school, do you? .> yes, i am. back to you guys. >> honest. >> yes, a point for honesty. >> i thanks. >>s time to take out your 2018 emmy ballot. >> tha'rs right. if y getting ready to host a watch party or take part in the office po, listen up we have the ultimate preview of the awards and w's in the driver's seat to claim them. jeff cagle knows everything. >> yod. hbo has been doing great y and think netflix is coming? >> it's a tipping point wheretr theming networks like hulu and nflix are coming to the fore the way cable dominated.
8:34 am
this year netflix had the most no'snations. lk drama, one of the top categories. "the hadnmaid's ta" was awesome last year. are you looking for a repeat or do you see someone else coming in. >> i think it will be a re eat. what'siting about this category is that "th ahadnmaid's ta "game of thrones" are . it's like clash of the titans. the emmys like to find something new and reward it over and over an again. i'm expecting "the hadnmaid's ta it's also so zeitgeisty and on point politically. i think it will. ta >> what about best actor, how does that category look? >> best actor -- >> in a drama. >> now, this is a tough one, too, because last year it was sterling k. brown, right? i he vell could win again. however, matthew rhys for tea finaln of "the americans" could take it. a lot are precting it will be
8:35 am
matthew rhys. >> for bestactress, i'm hearing it's elisabeth moss. >> ihink elisabeth moss again and there's a real comer, sandra oh. >> best aeries in comedy. >> a lot of people are predicting "atlanta"hich is donald glover. he won last year for actor in a comedy. i think that that could take it. but it's really, really hard to predict. there's also "the marvelous mrs. >> i love that, too. >> that's great. and also hi"barry," is the show with bill hader.he people in industry love that. it hit man who wants to become an actor. >> that's our next category, comedy. r in a >> will probably be donald glover again. i think.
8:36 am
he's very popular with the academy. and that show has -- "atlanta" has a lot of nominations. >> how about lead actress in a comedy. it rache from "the marvelous mr -- >> because julia louyf louis-ds is not in it so it opens it up and rachel brosnahan it opens it up for her. >> this year it's "the assassination of versace," which wabrillit. >> w hear insiders love "the voice." that's what we you're close to the "the voice" wins every year. i think it could again. but -- >> but what? >> fierce competition this ar. >> who? >> "rupaul's drag race."
8:37 am
there's a lot ofuzz around that so that could take it. >> it has to be "the e"vo >> we're out of time. u you can catch the 70th emmy awards and catch live on the golden carpet. we'll be there to see the arrivals as they come, 7:30 eastern. com up next, sean penn opening up to natalie in a rar an revealing conversation. firs t s is "today" on nb
8:38 am
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you need fios to keep up and fios is the 100% fiber-optic network... which means you get phenomenal capacity for your tech. now, get $200 toward a range of google and nest smart home devices plus the fastest internet available, up to 200 tv channels, phone, and a 2-year price guarantee, all for $79.99 per month with a 2-year agreement. plus order sepe onlerteanby3' 'mprepaid mastercard.verizon go to 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. welcome back. welcome back. sean penn is h bringin big time star to hulu. >> it's set on a mission to mars and natalie had a chance to catch up with se and his co-star. >> he rarely does an interview with his new co-star brought to you b creator of "house of
8:40 am
cards." >> god speed. i'm watching and waiting in spirit. >> the first is sean penn's tv debut as a complicated space commander working under an unapologetic super natas >> i have to get back. >> how is televisio and >> is. >>hey both suck. >> you still feel that wayte >> that's q hurtful, actually. >> it was ogphical. >> they said it was the strong writing, bravery and sacrifice that drew the to the project. >> people that work as astronauts or are in thend militaryhat kind of incredible commitment that's going to take them away from mily, all of those things were
8:41 am
of interest to me. >> i think sacrifice or whether it's a break for freisom kind of an interesting idea. >> and a lot of strong women, i think, three of the five astronauts who decide to go to mars are women. and also the president in 2030 is a woman. do you think the me too movemen, has inform especially when you look at this show, when your character is the one who's the visionary? >> yeah. for me in life, that's not unusual. i don't see that as aberant. women haveted that way and that's disturbing to me. >> i think it's influenced by the things that are developing in terms of empowerment of women, acknowledging each other
8:42 am
and being acknowledged by men. hiss a movement that was largely shouldered by kind ofre ptacle of the salacious. >> wha y a receptacle of thehe la facsatss are in many cases. salacious -- once you callin some a movement that is a series of many individual accusers, victims,accusations, of which are unfoun e spirit of what has been the me too movement has been to divide men and women. > the women would say it's united wome >> i'm going to say women i talk to, not in front of a camera, that i listen to, of all walks of life, that there's a common sense that is not represented at all in the discussion when it comes to the media discussion of it. le the discussion if sean penn says this, someone io going attack him because of this because of that.
8:43 am
i don't want it to be a trend. i'm very suspicious of a movement that gets glomed onto great strcyidnd a r even when discuss it in a nuanced way, thi nuance itsel attacked. >> do you think the me too movement has gotten too big, it's gotten to be, in some ways, there are too many shades of gray and -- >> i think it's toolack and white. no most things that are very important, it's very grood to slow down. >> do you talk about this much on set? >> yes, we did. we talked about it a great deal. i thinkean is alluding to this set of -- this bubble of actors or people who are in magazines isat have gotten a lot of attention from of course, it's terrific they out a spotlight on it, but now it's -- we need go into the places where this is happening behind closed doors and it' not exposed and voices aren't being heard. >> r they seem to understand each other.
8:44 am
their onscreen characters do, too. they hope it's translates into a second season. >> we'll have to see if you lik it, the humility. that's the thing about tv, you don't get t unless people respond. >> v ier myte interesting clearly, we there to talk about the show and it evolved into this greater conversation s because thew really is pro-women. and the first airs on hulu, it's already streaming now. very eye-opening conversation. >> natalithanks. up next, an actress who knows what it's like to winn emmy. american fe are. first this is "tod
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are we're back in los angeles with emmy winner america f ferr she leave fans with a major
8:47 am
cliffhanger. work. back to how about a sneak peek. >> everyone's going to be like, , better keep these two out of the photo lab. or, oh, why aren' you t together now? >> is that supposed to be me? >> what? no. , okay. why aren't y >> all right. it's a goodone, america. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so much going on in your life. you have a hit show, you've got a book. and you have a baby. >> i do. >> can we start with that? >> yes. >> how old is this little guy? >> he's almost 4 months now. >>ow has your life changed since this little one? >> oh, my goodness. in every way i possible and the best ways. madly in love with him. as i've been saying, it's sort of nothing else matters anymore but also everything else matters that much. mo >> you're right. i remember when haley came, i thought she was a greatraserifed
8:48 am
just made it snap into focus. >> also, i see the world through his eyes and a world he has to liven and it makes me even that much more motivated to do everything i can to make ite worldants to grow up into. "super store" for a second. we've been going, are they going to get not get together. probably the question you get asked the most. so, what happens? with a itwist. happens at the end of last season. nothing's ever fateful with amy and jonah. there are aot of obstacles in the way, beginning the with the fact we know she's pregnant. >> with someone else's child.'s so the some complications. also their personalities. they're like oil and water a little bit. it's always fun. >> we s you in fro of the camera but you're also having ecting ind the camera d
8:49 am
that. is that something you've been loving? >> oh, my gosh. i love it so much. it's so wonderful to direct and great on the show. i'm so inspired by all of my siends who i also stepping up and doing it. eva longoria, she's directing u a storm. gina rodriguez is directing on "jane the virgin" and we see each othero i and it's inspiring. it's a lot and harwork and s sc. ut go for it. thers taking that >> is it tricky because they' you're colleagues and you're like, now i'm the teacher and nowou need to staver there? >> no, you know, i don't know. you'dave to ask them. i think my style is generous h >> youe a book coming out. kind of a compilation of stories. teabout that. >> the book is called "ame"can like and it's a dream come true for me. i grew up ner seeing my experience of being american in
8:50 am
the culture. i'm wholly american, fully american and inextricably linked to my family's roots in another that experience as an american, .loever i felt and isolated in that experience until i grew up and realized,s that so many people's american experience. it's lacking in the so i wantedo do this book and not just tell my own story but invite 30 of m favorite people, lynn manual miranda, incredible people to tell their story so young people can look at a book and see their own experience reflecte back at them beople who are awesome, making culture today. >> love it. thank you for coming. congrats on your whole life. a lot of things going right for you. you can catchhe season
8:51 am
premiere of "super store" ori october 4th n nbc. first, this is " moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
we just went -- actually, i just went on and on abouthe chrissy teigen revelation. >> it's teigen. >> and ariana grande. more pop star.nb s "this is us" which nominationsht emmy and they'll be featured tomorrow. we get a pee at the never before seen audition tapes of the actors. we have them now. take a look. >> how do yo as parenting? i think we're a a six. honestly, on a sliding scale of one to ten, a six. i think i'm being generous. >> i fou
8:54 am
>> when? >> last week. >> last week? and you didn't tell me. >> don't be mad. >> i'm mad. i found him. >> wow. >> and there's the scene right there. isn't that cool how they did >> yeah. t>> isn'tt cool? the hour special includes much more if you like that behindhe scene footage. the paley center sutes "this is us" tomorrow on nbc. the firstuchess of sussex is throwing her support behind a new charity cookbook called "the together: the community cookbook." it's fille with recipesrom the women that work at the hub m the duchess herself. e get to >> i immediately felt connected to this community kitchen. like these women, i'm passionate about food and cooking as way to strengthen communities. >> she asked me how often do you offer this service? i said, two days a week?
8:55 am
she said, why not seven edays? shsays, we can do a cookbook. >> the community these women come from was affected by the gran fell fire in 2014. the proceeds will go back to the hub community kitchen enabling itti to stay open and cing serve family, friends and neighborgreat cause. great cookbook. >> i'm like, she's like, we can fix this. a quick new daly click. air tr can be difficult but for one little gir it was a highlight. yeyhaw! are we on a t? simproo ye >> yea! we're on a jet. everything looks small. . wow. it's so beautiful. >> you hear everybody on the plane swoonioh. it's so cute. she could not contain her
8:56 am
tcitement, which is pretty impressive becau best part, she was -- they were on a six-hour delay. didn't seemo bother her. >> oh, geez. >> don't you wish we could all be s excited when we get on on a flight. that's it from los angeles. the emmy arrivale' special,llut "megyn kelly" is next but > 8:56 is your time now on this monday, september 17, 2018. right now we want to check in with melissa wg is follow problems on the roads. what's happening? >> good morning. inner lk at the beltway before braddock, we're finally reopening, getting some delays out of the way. the rain, you can see the green, the radar showing you where it's
8:57 am
starting to rain across the area. not helping. southbound485, all lanes open but dg around. and take a look, inner loop, outer loop. we'll have the latest r
8:58 am
8:59 am
weather alert day. issuedlood watch already for a large portion of the area. flood warning nearol chtesville already. here comes the rain moving in as well. a rainy day is ahead of you and another potentially showery day coming up tomorrow before we have three d days in a row. not only dry but toa
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[ applause ] good mornin everybody. happy monday. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. hope y had a great weekend. it was a very busy one in the news. joining me now t discuss what's making the rounds today, test y stephanie gosk, jo ling kent and joe levy. happy monday. we begin with a bombshell information about brett kavanaugh. he was a but confirmed over the weekend. and now, there's questions. er the weekend, a woman came forward with accusations of sexual assault against


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