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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  September 18, 2018 11:34pm-12:38am EDT

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i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- queen latifah, kelly clarkson, musical guests tony bennett and
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diana krall, and featuring the legendary roots crew >> questlove: 926! >> steve: and now, her is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, thank you very much. please. welcome. i that -- thwhat you want right there. that is a fantastic crowd. welcome, everybody! [ cheers and ae ] welcome to "the tonight show." you guys are here at the show. thank you so much. well, let's get to some news. big news, you guys.u did ar about this? stormy daniels has written a
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a book about trump. and an advand copy just came out. and she actually writes about her night withrump in detail. [ audience oohs ] [ laughter ] ich explains why every book comes with a bottle of pepto-bismol and a straw. [ laughter ] [ applause ] can't even get to chapter two. a lot of people are g about this. in her book, stormy daniels es into detail about trump's -- [ light laughter ] his trump tower. laughter ] >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. and she says it looks like toa from mario kart. >> steve: oh! [ audience groans ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: can we take a look at toad? yeah, i just -- [ laughter ] people were like, "forget the shape, how does he explain the giant red dots?" i mean that's what i'dd e worrout. >> steve: oh. [ laughter and applause ] pa jimmy: that's right. stormy daniels cd trump's don jr. to toad.
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that's why in the mario kart, toad collects gold coins and uses them as hush money. [ laughter and applause ] w, what stormy said is getting a lot of press. so today trump responded to thes allegations the record straight. watch this. >> it's a ry small thing we're talking about. it's incredible the size of it. like a little tiny peanut. >> jimmy: there you go. [ laughter and applause ] set the record straight, man. trump's been busy. earlier today, he spoke at a a press conference. and at one point, he tried to vi sa president mike pence. but he had a little trouble with the name. listen to this. >> so we've done, in a very short period of time -- our vice president is here, mike pen.[ ughter ] >> jimmy: no. mike noame is not mike pen. anyway, we noticed trump has trouble pronouncing things all thtime. so with that in mind, it's time to play "talk like trump." here we go.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ talk like truum talk like trp ♪ >> jimmy: so, here's how this works. i'm going to see if anyone can guess how the president is m going pronounce a simple word. if you get it right, you get a a prize. if you get it wrong,t ou still prize. [ laughter ] all right, raise your hand if you want to play "talk like trump." anyone? [ cheers ] don't be nervous. don't be nervous. don't be nervous. yeah, go ahead. stand up. sure. how you doing? what's your name? >> amanda. >> jimmy: amanda, where are you spfrom? >>, colorado. >> jimmy: hey, welcome. >> thank you. >> jimmy: thanks for being here in new york. our first clip here, president trumis going to try and say the word "diversity." how do you think he's going to mispronounce it? >> da-versity. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: let's see what happens. >> i am today starting the process of terminating the da-verseery -- [ laughter ] [ buzzer ] >> jimmy: da-verseery. [ applause ] da-verseery. incorrect. but here's your da-verseery t-shirt right here. that's for you.
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yeah, thank you foiaplaying. appr it. [ cheers and applause ] hey. t nisee you buddy. what is your name? >> hey, dan. my name's dan. >> jimmy: dan. dan, welcome. where ar >> philadelphia. >> jimmy: ah, roots. a philadelphia guy. ♪ >> carson wentz! >> jimmy: all right, what'd you say? >> carson wentz, wentzsylania., >> jimmy: yeay, good. now, in this next clip, trump trys to say the word "peninsula." >> peninsula. okay. >> jimmy: how do you think he's going to mpronounce it? peninsula. >> pencil-in-sia. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pencil-in-sia. maybe, let's see what happens. >> something miraculous happened on the southern half of this penin-shula. >> jimmy: ah. [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] penin-shula. penin-shula. [ applause ] iry close. ried. >> jimmy: i like yours better. thank you, buddy. i appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] t let's go up back. ♪ how are you doing, pal? good, good. >> jimmy: what is your name? >> saul.
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>> jimmy: saul. okay, saul, where are you fr? >> mexico. >> jimmy: hey, cool, buddy. welcome. our final clip, trump tries to say "oceanographer." oceanographer. how do you think that he'll mispronounce oceanographer? >> ocean-na-grapheer. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "ocean-na-grapheer." that's pretty good. all right, let's see what happens. >> from the navy, we have lieutenant commander allison maybury, a ny ocean-o-grapher. >> jimmy: ah. [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] ♪oc n-o-grapher. [ applause ] incorrect, but here's your ocean-o-grapher t-shirt right there. [ applause ] thank you for playing. i appreciate it. t thank you. >> jimmy: all right was tough. [ cheers and applause ] . "talk like trump." thanks to all of our players. ♪ [ applause ] very nice. thank you for, everyb guys, the emmys were last night. did you see this?di at one point, ctor named
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glenn weiss won an award, then proposed to his girlfriend during the speech. [ cheers ] it was sweet. k this out. >> you wonder why i don't like to call you my girlfriend? because i wa to call you my wife. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wh"g the cast of e of thrones" saw that, they were like, "oh, god, not another wedding." [ laughter ] [ applause ] meanwhile at home, that guy's wife was like, "glenn, what the hell are you doing?" what?ghter ] some tech news. this year, amazon wants to release eight new alexa-po devices including a microwave oven, a subwoofer and an amplifier. which is great until you ask one alexa, "whatathe tempe is outside." and you hear -- >> 78 degrees. [ echoing ] [ laughter ] icheers and applause ] >> jimmy: no, mastop. make it stop.
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listen to this. there's a new trend in makeup ll right now "draping." you know what that is? it's where people blend their eye shadow and blush togetr. or as it's also known, . sweati [ laughter ] [ applause ] a new trend. i heard about an arby's in california that's offering customers free arby's tattoos. [ light laughter ] it's a perfect way for people ts show they don't care about the inside or the e of their body. [ laughter and applause ] and finally, this is going viral. a coupleas trying to make one of those gender reveal videos by popping a balloon. but it didn't god.uite as plan watch this. [ cheers ] [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the parents were like, "great, now we'll never know!" [ applause ]
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hours later, a bird flew by and said, "by the way, it's a a girl." we have a great show. give it up for the roots, everybody! cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what a great show we have tonight. from the fox series "star", queen latifah is joining us. >> steve: yeah! >> jimmy: we love queen latifah. [ cheers and applause ] plus she's back as a coach on "the voice." kelly clarkson is he [ cheers and applause ] later in the show, queen latifah, kelly and i are going to sing some doo-wop. [ cheers ] live. o speakisinging. oh, my goodness are we lucky to have these guys. ne have a beautiful duet tonight from thend only tony bennett and diana krall, everybody.
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>> steve: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: honored, honored, honored to have them here. and next tuesday, guys, ne will be j-- this a big announcement. we're going to be joinone of the biggest k-pop groups out right now. they debuted at number one at the billboard 200 album chart twice within the span of three months. they have sold out entire stadiums a over north america. they will be on our show next week coming to talk and perfm. all the way from south korea, bts -- >> steve: whoa. >> jimmy: will be here. [ cheers and applause ] next tuesday, september 25th. you don't want to miss it. and tomorrow, we have a fun show too. i was hanging out wi him today. kevin hart will be co-hosting "the tonight show." [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: he's going to co-host? >> jimmy: he's going to co-host the show tomorrow, yeah. and he's already got bits. the guy is so funny. i love him. guys, you know how they say a a picture is worth a thousand words? well, it's also worth one meme. >> steve: oh. >> jimmy: i'll show you what we're talking r out. it's tim"this week in memes." [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ week in memes this week in memesye ah ♪ >> jimmy: first up, take a look at this photo of donald trump.ay his meme "when the guy at the apple store tries to explain the cloud." [ laughter ] [ applause ]ph next is o of german chancellor angela merkel. ] [ light laught her meme says, "when your crush posts new beach pics."ug [ er and applause ] next is a photo of prince harry. his meme says, "when your uber driver pushes the seat too far back." [ laughter ] [ applause ] next is a photo of attorney general jeff sessions. his meme says, "when you and gaur bff say you won't do anything crazy in " [ auughter ] [ ap ] next is a photo of queen elizeth. her meme is called, "when you're trying to spy on the beefcake across the club." [ laughter and applause ] beefcake.
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next donald of his meme is called, "when the benihana chef tosses you a a shrimp." [ laughter ] it's like, yeah. [ applause ] next is a photo of prince willia his meme says, "when you have to look interested in your friend's art show. [ laughter and applause ] "neon rhinoceros, absolutely." next is photo of a dog. [ audience aws ] liis meme says, "when you take two xanax for yourt to dubai." [ laughter ] and finally here's a photo of a a tennis player at the u.s. op. his meme says, "when your bff says they don't wear underwear with jeans." [ laughter ] that was "this week in memes." [ applause ] we'll be right back with the and only queen latifah, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ (playing "nationwide" jingle)
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♪ cheers and applause ] a jimmy: our first guest oscar nominated actress as well as an emmy, golden globe, and grammy wner. you can see her in the fox
11:51 pm
series "star," which returns for its third season o september 26th at 9:00 p.m. please welcome our good friend, queen latifah. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: that's what i' talking about. wow, you look fantastic. i love you. it's always great to see you, pal. thank you for coming back to the show. i know we always do a big dance intro. >> i'm trying to make up a a dance to --. how can you wipe in your lotion, but seem cool at the same time? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i just went to go hug you, and you go, "i just lotioned my hands." >> i g so much lotion on. >> jimmy: i got -- but i got a a little lotion love as well. so thank you. yeah. >> you did --
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: it was a good dad e. it was a gnce. it looked like a good dance, a a good move. >> that's what's up. >> jimmy: pal, welcome back to the show. there's so much to talabout. one is you just got your doctorate, an honorary doctorate. so, yeah, congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] wow. woah, wow. >> you see that? >> jimmy: yeahyeah. wow. you're so different. >> i've never used that one before. >> jimmy: yeah. you goa new doctor face. yeah, well. wow. [ laughter ] here's you at rutgers university. [ chee and applause ] >> hey. hey, hey. >> jimmy: looking great. >> i just kind of go, hometown. >> jimmy: you gave the commencement speech as well. >> i did. i gave the commencement speech. it was -- >> jimmy: is that tough cause it's your home./e i mene, you're frojersey. >> it is. i mean, you grow up around this school all your life, and have some dreams of going there, and life takes you wherever it t takes you, an next thing you know, they want you to do a a commencement, they want to honor you. give you a honorary doctorate. and -- >> jimmy: what did you say to the kids? >> there's was like two i had done this year. i'd done one with er strayer unty as well. so it was like, okay it's time for me to get my doc on. [ laughter ]
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: get your doc on. >> younow what i mean? -- >> jimmy: yeah, of course. >> so -- >> jimmy: but what advice did you give to the kids? >> 'll tell you the one thi is i love school, i love knowledge, i love learning. >> jimmy: yeah. >> like i went to bmcc in lower manhattan, and i never got to finish, but i've always studied. i've always tried to learn. like i have so many books in mys it's just ridiculous. so, i just -- i'm always curious about learning, so. >> jimmy: love school too. >> i support anybody, especially whether you're just graduating high school, or whether you're 40 year or 60 years old, or 80 years old, and you want to go back, go back to school. >> jimmy: yeah. why not? >> get it. why not. [ cheers and applause ] u too could be a doctor. >> jimmy: you too could be a a doctor. >> or even make a lot of rap records, some good movies, and be cool and philanthropize, and you too can be a doctor. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. i'm sorry about the loss of yourom. >> my mama. >> jimmy: yeah, i'm so sorry. y >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: it's a tough thing. >> it was so rough. >> jimmy: it's rough. >> man, t you know, i've got to thank you, jimmy. you know, jimmy, you know i love you like cooked food. [ laughter ]
11:54 pm
and i literally have to love jimmy like cooked food now because the night that it all happened, we were home, and then all of a sudden we get this delivery to the door. it's like -- it's like pans of food. you know? and we're like -- i don't know what this -- this has never happened to me. i don't know what goes on. but it's these huge pans of food, and there's drink, and then all of this stuff starts coming. and it's a gift from -- from jimmy. and he sent us some food, some shepherd's pie. [ applause ] you know? >> jimmy: i love you, you know. >> you don't know, it's just like -- >> jimmy: you don't know you need it. >> you don't know you needu t. it's like t all this food and then you realize, oh okay, people start coming, and they're there, and they want to be there for you, and they're going to grub down, and so you're going to need some food. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so you fed a lot of people, and i really appreciate you for that. >> jimmy: well, i thought about you, because i watched your speech. >> i know you've been through it, and you understand t >> jimmy: itgh, it's tough. >> yeah. it' rough. >> jimmy: but you talked about your mom in the speech that -- when you --the first time you performed, and it made me thinkm about too.
11:55 pm
>> yeah. >> jimmy: when you were in "wizard of oz?" >> yeah, like inrammar school? [ light laughter ] >> jwemy: yeah. yo playing -- you were playing dorothy? >> there was like three of us too. >> jimmy: three dorothys? >> this is what happened when you go to catholic school. you know, everbehing's got to air. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: there's three dorothys. ah, exactly. why not. >> so yeah, there was like three dorothys. and there was one who did the first t, and then another dorothy for the second act, and then there was me. you know, the one who did not quite look so dorothyish, but she could sing the hell out of "home." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah.i >> ss the one who got to sing "home." >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah, and from that moment on i kind ofthnew that like was something i wanted to do. >> jimmy: did you just get up goere, and you were you like i don't know what i'g to do. i'm just -- i'm dana. or i'm just going to go up, and i'm not dorothy. >> let me tell you something, all i know is i would be terrified to go onstage, and it still happens to me to this day, and i've done thousands of shows.
11:56 pm
you know, it doesn't matter what i do, whether it's a a speech or anhing, you know. i just look out that first like 30 secondsrforming, i just lock into one person's face. any person who has like that look like --. [ light laughter ] w you knt i mean? >> jimmy: yeah. >> like, they're open. bey're like smiling. everybody else cousitting like this. but if i see one person, and they're like -- i stay with them. >> jimmy: into it. >> i focus on them, and then i just basically sing to that person until i start to relax. then i can start working the whole room. you know what i mean? >> jimmy: i've seen you, i mean i've knownveou forever. een you just at a a restaurant, they beg you to get onstage. an you're like, "i don't wa to -- okay." and then you get up and you crush >> you know 'm saying? >> jimmy: dude, you crush it. i was like, "oh, my gosh, that's what i'm talking about." >> tequila. that's right. non-stop. >> jimmy: tequila. [ cheers and applause ] >> shots, shots, shots, shots, shots. >> jimmy: shot shots, shots, but you also -- you also love giving back, and helpiple out. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and the queen collecti.
11:57 pm
>> oh, man, this queen collective thing is so cool th we're working on. >> jimmy: i love it. tell everyone what it is. >> so i was at this woman's empowerment so of thing a a couple of years ago, and huge people from the industry were there. rgrk pritchard, who's in c of p&g, the top advertisers in the world. one of the heads from at&t, obviously top advertisers in the world. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and spent a lot of money. they werlooking at the sparity between male, and female directors, and how many opportunities are given to women when it comes to advertising, and who's creating this -- the advertisements that we see. and i say out of, you know, everything you saw, every commercial you saw last year, less than 10% were created by women. t, we buy -- >> jimmy: wow. >> over 50% of -- >> jimmy: the mmercials are actually even for women, yes. >> exactly. so we like, we got to do something about that. it's been the same problem with movies. c so we decided e up with this idea where we would find two female directors. we wld take their scripts. we would select them from this group, tribeca curated it for us.en
11:58 pm
and we've chwo people. we will make their films. we will support them. we will get them to market. we'll market promote them, and we'll get them in theaters, top to bottom, and at least add two more people to that list of people who can direct. o >> jimmy: anortunity they would never have. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's all you c do. doesn't that feel good? >> yeah, it feels great. >> jimmy: that's got to feel great. for more infortion to find out the progress of that you can go on twitter, you're @iamqueenlatifah is that right? >> yes. >> jimmy: instagram is just @queenlatifah. >> @queenlatifah on instagrizam. [ laughter ] minus the grizam part. >> jimmy: and @iamqueenlatifah. yeah, of coue. have i seen you since "girls trip"? maybe once. >> yeah, yeah. you did see me since "girls trip" like once. >> jimmy: you were so -eat and then >> we wild out. >> jimmy: you were like, "dude, tiffany haddish." you said, "trust me, tiffany haddish u ." >> i told ffany haddish. didn't i tell you? >> jimmy: you told me. and i go no --i had no idea. i watched and i go, "wow, you're so -- i mean, look at her now. >> she's committed. >> jimmy: she crushed it. crushed it. >> she commits. >> jimmy: tell the story -- tell the story about tiffany
11:59 pm
meetinmary j. blige at your house. >> oh, my god. come on. >> jimmy: cause it's great. no, it's funny. >> oh my god.>> immy: no. >> so, it was so ridiculous too that day mary came over, s cause --. >> jimmy: where ? >> we were in new orleans, and i rented a house. i knew we were going to be in new orleans for the summer. it was going to be hot as hell. where are we going to we could chill. so i get this cool ass house, nice swimming pool in the backyard. e d this is my -- this is spot. so when we're off, or on the weekends. i'm throwing something on the grill, just come oover, chill. so tiffany comes over. she already half lit. [ laughter ] tiffany enjoyed new orleans like no e else. >> jimmy: yeah. yeah, that's what happens man. it's new orleans, man. iffany comes over, she's chilling. she's jumping in the pool. she's jumping up. she's like, "yes, i'm the or spokespersonig lots, size regular." and i'm like, "who decides they're big lots?"rson for >> jimmy: no, i mean she's crazy. so fun >> and she jumps in the pool. and she's like "oh, hey --." she's like, "oh, that looks like mary j. blige
12:00 am
and as she keeps swimming, mary is literally sitting right by the pool. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it actually is. >> then she's like, "wait a [a minute! leep ] that is mary j. blige! that is mary -- real love," starts going into li --. [ laughter ] starts going off, because she is so tipsy, she didn't ralize mary wlly mary -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> until it hit her, and then en she juston like a rant for like 20 minutes. i was like "mary, don't worry, she's cool, she's normal." w cause mald be like -- >> jimmy: who is this? >> "i don't know who the hell that is." [ laughter ]ju >> jimmy: love -- >> but she is -- she's just a doll, man. >> jimmy: yeah. >> she has the bigst heart. was just so funny that day. >> jimmy: let's talk about "star," season three. >> "star." >> jimmy: "star." >> "star." [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i mean the last one ended -- the lastne ended with a -- >> the last one ended on some "set it off"leo action. you know what i mean? >> jimmy: it was a gun shot. >> it was guns, on ggus, on . >> jimmy: and i don't know who shot who, what went down. >> yeah, so last year's cliff-hanger, at least with my character, you know, the love of my life jahil washot, and
12:01 am
killed. benjamin bratt is his -- he plays this character, and he got killed, and i just found out who did it. and unfortunately, it was my very own sister. [ gasp ] ♪ [ laughter ] okay, perfect. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh my god. >> and so my sister, who's played by brandy norwood, evybody loves. >> jimmy: yeah, brandy. >> her name is cassie in it. so we're literally at the table. my gun is under here. we're at -- we've got guns to each other, and then it ends. so you have to tune in -- >> jimmy: alright, we'll be watchingr >> on septemth at 9:00 p.m. on fox to see who capped got, killed. >> jimmy: queen latifah, everybody. season three of "star" be premieres sept26th 9:00 p.m. on fox. [ cheers and applause ] we're doinsomething fun, maybe a little doo-wop when we come back. come on back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump.
12:06 am
i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. rs and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. we're hanging out with queen latifah! [ cheers and applause ] >> woo-hoo! >> jimmy: now i want to try -- i want to try something fun with you. everyone knows that we both love to yo professional, i'm a a comedian, but i love it. [ laughter ] >> you and me. ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: there's this ipad appt that we playcalled loopy where we record ourselves harmonizing, and then we loop it so we can sing with each other. upso it's like we make a g >> thanks for making that. i've always wanted that. >> jimmy: right? well, now it's going to happin. we're to do it again tonight. you ready to do it? >> it was really hard on those cassette tapes when i had to go back. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: e four tracks. this time i want to bring out a
12:07 am
a special guest to join us. she's a grammy-winning singer, and she's back as a coach on "the voice" which returns monday, september 24th at 8:00 p.m. on nbc everyone please welcome kelly clarkson! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> do i sit he? >> jimmy: i'm going to sit in the middle. >> okay, you sit in the middle. >> jimmy: i'm in the middle. all right. >> oh, you look so beautiful. >> so do you, kelly. >> just stunning >> jimmy: yeah, thank you, yeah. >> and you always sound great. >> you sound like -- >> jimmy: thank you, i was going to say. [ laughter o don't leave of this, please. i paid a lot of money for this plastic surgery. [ laughter ] now, i thought it would be fun o to do a doclassic. >> okay. >> jimmy: "earth a >> doo-wop. >> okay. >> jimmy: okay? now, here we go. i'm going to give everyone a a mic. 's a microphone for you. >> queen latifah, and i doo-wop a lot so -- >> jimmy: you do? >> yeah, we do. >> jimmy: this is for you, this is your mic right herey >> oh, i get ooh, nice mic. >> i love -- >> jimmy: i know, right? that's our whole budget. >> they got weight to them. >> i lovthat you get to -- >> jimmy: that's our whole budget. [ laughter ] >> i love that you get to -- i love that you get to hang out
12:08 am
with mary j. blige. hlaughter ] >> jimmy: hey, n, no, no. my god. my god.he >>ve got great gift baskets -- >> jimmy: all right, here we go. [ laughter ] this would be -- >> wouldn't it be amazing if we just sta jed singing? my: it's a microphone. all right, guys. [ laughter ] all right, this is the -- this is the app right here. we're going to play with this. roots, c i'll start us off. ♪ ♪ all right, so we'll start this. ♪ all right, let's stop again. i can't hear this thing, is it on? >> oh, a dad right a [ laughter ] >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't know. that's -- [ foghorn ] >> oh man. >> jimmy: honey, come here and fix this thing. what is this? come on, grandpa. alright. [ laughter ] >> get those 10-year-olds in here. >> jimmy: there you go. hear it now, right? ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: now you do the harmony on that, okay?
12:09 am
>> what's the harmony? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: now listen. ♪? okay, go ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:10 am
>> jimmy: alright, now we have everything. >> amazing. >> jimmy: now let me put it together let me put ither, ready? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ earth angel will you be mine my darling dear love you all the time ♪ ♪ i'm just a fool a fool in love with you ♪
12:11 am
♪ earth angel earth angel ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ the one i adore love you forever ♪ ♪ and evermore i'm just a fool a fool in love with you ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yes! that's what i'm talking about! my thanks to queen latifah. kelly clarkson! [ cheers and applause ] stick around, we'll be right back with more kelly clarkson. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] keep those shrimp comin'! endless shrimp is back at red lobster.
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♪nd [ cheerspplause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. we are hanging out with kelly clarkson! [ cheers and applause ] yeah, kelly! ♪ thank you, i know, i love it. welcome back. >> just for you, jimmy. >> jimmy: i see -- i appreciate that >> yea >> jimmy: thank you for doing -- every time you come on, we do a a bit, and i always make you sing, and we do stuff -- >> i love it, i love it. >> jimmy: i appreciate you doing that. oh, good, please. how are the kids? >> they are so good. this is actually the first like trip, we're taking, and they're at home right now so -- >> jimmy: oh, really? >> so, it's glorious. >> jimmy: yeah.[ ughter ] >> like i get real sleep. but, yeah. >> jimmy: do you s with the kids? >> we do. well, we -- there's a lot of music now, and the's more dance parties than anything. and then it's kind of hard because i try and get youngest daughter, like, to steer away from kelly clarkson n'sic, but she -- it's like she doknow any other artist exists. >> jimmy: aw. [ audience aws ] >> so, we -- >> jimmy: that's the best. >> i, like, try and put on prince, and she's like, no, "heartbeat song." i'm like, "really?"
12:18 am
[ laughter ] i like it, too, but re>>ly. immy: one day you're going to really like this. >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. >> a little m.j., anything, like, yeah. immy: what's her favorit besides that? besides -- >> well, my daughter is obsessed currently -- i tweeted this recently because she's obsessed currently with chris martin, and when i say obsessed, i mean the boy from the video, not chris martin now. she doesn't understand that he's not the boy in the "yellow" video, like, when he first came out years ago? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and how old is this? >> she's in love with >>: how old is she? >> she's 4. yeah. [ laughter ] but she asked me one night -- >> jimmy: she has a crush already? >> we sing every night. yeah, well, we sing every night and she sa -- i had just put these stars, these glow-in-the-dark stars in her little cabin bed thashe has her in her room, and she said, sing a song about stars. and i was like -- i started singing "twinkle, twinkle, little star." and she was like, boring. [ laughter ] and i literally -- it's like her new word, boring. and i'm ke, "well, sorry." and she said another song about stars, and so the only one i could think of was -- ♪ look at the stars look how they shine for you ♪ t,d so i started singing t and now she's obsessed with it. >> jimmy: she loves "yellow." >> she watches the video. >> j>>my: coldplay. ike, every night before bed.
12:19 am
like, she's obsessed. and she watches it like this. like, it's weird and scary foreshadowing. like, because she'll go -- [ laughter ] like, while she's -- while she's watching, as if like, you know, he's singing to me. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> and i'm like, "you need to slow your roll." yeah. >> jimmy: how cute is that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, my god. >> think, slightly at this point -- if she ever meets -- because he's, you know, older than the boy in the [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, he kind of looks ine same though, doesn't he. >> she's probably to be like, "you're not chris martin." yeah. [ laughter ] no, he looks the same. i just mean -- he's attractive, i don't mean that, i, ust mean, li's not the boy in the video, like -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: he's close to the boy in the video. [ laughter ] >> did i just insult chs martin? he's a very sexy man. i just -- >> jimmy: no, no, i know that. [ laughter ] >> yeah. i didn't mean to insult chris martin.nk i just the's confused at the age range. >> jimmy: yeah, i get you, i totally understand. >> do you nt me to explain more? >> jimmy: no, i got you. [ laughter ] >> it's fine. it's fine. >> jimmy: first of all, congrats on "the voice." >> thank you. >> jimmy: your first season out of the gate you won. >> well, thank you >> jimmy: i mean, well, please, oh, my god. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:20 am
>> apparently -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's all know how to do, mmy. i'm just kidding. >> jimmy: you were bringing her on -- >> i'm totally jinxed myself. >> jimmy: no. >> for this season. >> jimmy: did you -- that was the first person that you y turnr chair around for. >> brynn was the first person i -- i turned my chair for, yeah. i and th- it wouldn't have mattered. like, honestly i didn't do anything. brynn would have won on anyo's team. she's magical, so -- >> jimmy: and she's going to go on tour with yea? >> she's opening, and kelsea ballerini, we're starting in january so it's cool. we're -- yeah, well, and'm doing this thing to kind of prep for my talk show that's going to be next year, but we're doing a live segment during my show so every night on tour we're going li like, so people that can't come out or whatever. so, yeah, so we're doing a a bunch of -- >> jimmy: well, iis season -- e got a lot of jobs, jimmy! >> jimmy: no, this is -- [ laughter ] this is a big announcement becaus announced yet, but you're getting your own talk show. >> yes. well, 's been leaked. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, that's a big deal! >> i am >> jimmy: let'into it. >> i know, i'm very excited. i was -- >> jimmy: we're going head-to-head at 11:30? [ laughter ]
12:21 am
how dare you take my job! please. no, are you scared? >> jimmy: is it because of the dad moment? is that what it was? [ laughter ] i lost --st >> te, i have many mom moments. no, i didn't think i'd ever do it, but then i -- yeah, we shott the pilot an kind of -- well, i love talking. it's like my favorite pastime so -- [ laughter ] so, yeah. >> jimmy: i know you're a great guest. i mean, please. >>ell, it is hard, though. i was telling you earlier, like, it's hard for me to shut up, though. like, you know, you o listen to people that come on your show. [ laughter ] and i just keep talking. >> jimmy: don't worry about that. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i think you should just keep talkiny >> don't woout them. >> jimmy: don't worry about them. you don't have to listen to anybody. >> no. >> jimmy: no, people want to hear >> that's the hing i got to work on is listening. >> jimmy: but this is daytime. >> yeah, we're on right before "ellen," so, yeah. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh! >> r >> jimmy: that's going to be a a good block right there. >> yeah, i'm not nervous at all about it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you have a band?h, >> yy band actually, that's the cool thing. like, yeah, my people on tour. we have a -- because my show is actually going to be a little diffent than, you know, anything that's been on just because i'm still touring. i still have music. you know what i'm saying? so it's kind of one of those things where my band is on the road with me, or they're othe show with me, and doing stuff,
12:22 am
and we sing every day on the show and do, like, this ren est thing. it's fun. >> jimmy: really? >> and on the piloowi got, you people to sing with me, and do a little skit. so, it's very musical as well. >> jimmy: wow. well, i'm very -- it would be weird if it wasn't so -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, but if you don't like music, you probably shouldn't watch. [ laughter ] t say my: no, you do that. >> yeah. >> jimmy: everyone is welcome. >> i mean, it's amazing. >> jimmy: even if you don't like music you got to watch. [ laughter ] >> only for the intellectual >> jimmy will be great. and "the voice" this season, it's you, adam, blake -- >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: and jennifer hudson. >> jennifer hudson, yeah. >> jim jennifer?nd how's >> she's so great. >> jimmy: really? like, we've done some stuff together before, but she's really jt a beautiful person, and like, just like inside and out. and like, so fun. >> jimmy: you both got your start on -- >> "idol." yeah. >> jimmy: "american idol." >> yeaim >>: oh, interesting. >> yeah, small world, but -- >> jimmy: this will be good -- >> and we went in different, you know, paths which she won an oscar. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> s, >> jimmy: atever. big deal. >> and i've seen an oscar. [ laughter ] so -- >> jimmy: you've seen this. look at this. see, you have a lot in comn n. >> s, it's really pretty. >> jimmy: yeah. [ light laughter ] i want to show everyone a clip. here's a look at the new season
12:23 am
of "the voice.on. kelly clarks ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> what are you doing? >> it's a strategy. cause i was like press it, and i'm going to go real quick, and then you did it. >> that's what i was doing. you did it because i did it. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> he's a liar. >> jimmy: got right in his face. kelly clarkson, everybody! " e new season of "the voi premieres monday, september 24th at 8:00 p.m. on nbc. we'll be right back with tony bennett and diana krall. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ why shop marshalls? should thrill you.
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12:29 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is fantastic. "someby loves me", "i've got a crush on you", "they can't take that away from me", "i got rhythm." oh, my gosh. this record is fantastic.on performing "'srful" from their new album, "love is here to stay" please welcome tony bennett and diana krall. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:30 am
♪ 's wonderful 's marvelous that you should care for me ♪ ♪ 's awful nice 's paradise 's what i love to see ♪ ♪ you've made my fe so glamorous you can't blame me for feeling amorou♪ ♪ 's wonderful 's wderful 's marvelous 's marvelous ♪ ♪ that you should care for me ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
12:31 am
♪ ♪ ♪ 's wonderful 's marvelous that you should care for me ♪ ♪ 's awfully nice
12:32 am
's paradise 's what i love to see ♪ ♪ my dear it's four-leaf clover time from now on my heart's working overtime ♪ ♪ 's wonderful 's wonderful 's marvelous 's marvelous ♪ ♪ that you should care for me ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness! come on! that's what i'm talking about. thank you so much. thank you so much. tony bennett, diana all! [ cheers and applause ] "love is here totay" is out w. we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen. oh, fantastic. i love the 'stache too.
12:33 am
i love the mustache. ah, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:34 am
12:35 am
12:36 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to queen latifah, kelly crkson. tony bennett, diana krall! [ cheers and applause ] and the roots right there, from philadelphia, pennsylvania. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers."wa thank you fohing. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye [ and applause ] ♪
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- mariska hargitay and ice t, comedian, sebastian maniscalco, music from tom odell, featuring the 8g band with se kinney. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night thth eyers." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is so fantastic to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. in her upcoming memoir, adult film star stormy daniels compares president trump's penis to the video game character toad from mario kart.


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