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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 21, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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your commute for you but first chuck and sheena have the forecast. >> it's friday first of all so my weather makes friday just fine and as we head int the weekend, we have some big danges. >> w and don't listen to aaron, if the skies are cloudy. >> if it's not raining and we can see the ght. >> i'm going to throw the producer under the bus. >> oh. >> it's away. >> boy did i step in i there. >> temperatures still on the humid side. upperow 60s and 70s under a mostly cloudy sky. we'll give today a b-plus -- well, but i have it written right here. mostly cloudy and there will be a chance for a couple ofs sprinketween now and about 10:00 in the morning but your
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high school football game will be dry tonight. more abo the weekend rain chances coming up. >> good morning. a look at the a little bit of road work here and there but not impacting everything. in laurel, northbound bw parkway between nasa goddard and 197 had the right lane getting by there. first oakton igeastbound, lane is blocked and then arlington inbound near fairfax drive, left lane gets by the work zone there. >> thank you, it's 4:31 and new details in the murder of a d.c. jogger. more than 200 pple gathered to rememberz wendy marti her heart broken fiancee was among those that spoo the supporters. they were planning a december wedding here in ad.c. then another celebration for family in columbia.
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wendy loved running so much. she was helping him train for his first. marath he hopes to still run the race without her. >> wendy, i loveou and i know that you're in a better place. coming up we'll hear from r mother and her message to the man charged. >> the suspect in thiscase, h name is anthony crawford. the 23-year-old made his first court appearance yesterday. a judge ordered him held without bond. d.c. police say crawford stabbed martinez tuesday night. he was arrested wednesday night in a park in northwest. poce don't have a motive fortt the ak the officers entered
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ice wrong apartment. one o was shot in the hand and another in the shoulder the team wasctg on bad information. they fired at the officers thinking they were intruders. >> this man wasevastated and he was worried about their safety once he realized itas w happ happened. >> there's a temporary moretorium. >> here's a check on your other top stories a shooting left four people dead. we're told the 26-year-old started shooting after an argument. three peopl wereilled and three others injured. >> we now know why the sprinkler system wasn't activated during th fire that destroyed the senior apartment in southeast
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washington. firefightersay the blaze started above the system and that's why the sprinklers didn't go off. more than 160 powple are n searching for a place to live. >> in a new letter, brett kavanaugh once again claims the sexual assault allegation of a high school classmates aren't true. he says that he is ready to testifyefore the senate judiciar committee on monday but his accuser says she can't. she is willing to appear next thursday at the earliest. she is also willing to appear at a public hearing but does not want judge kavanaugh in the room at the same time because of safety concerns. >> a man is facing charges forg attacknd sexually assaulting a woman at a metr station. he groped her on the platform and tried to rape her tuesd morning. a witness scared him away. he was later arrested a
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charged with assault. happening today, we'll learn more about the death of jordan mcnair. he was t 19-year-old football player at the university of maryland that died in june, two weeks after collapsing at practice. today the university of maryland board of regents is inspected to announce the results into an investigation into his death. the school hired a sports medicineo consultant see if the football staff followed proper protocol when mcnair collapsed but jordan's parents were not told the findingere going to be released today until they heard it through the media. >> that's a big heads up for you. crews will be shutting down all six lanes and both sidewalks. it was originally scheduled for
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last weekend but it's scheduled to be back open by 5:00 monday morning. happeng overnight, apple's newest iphones are hitting stores around the world. >> hdreds of peopl are lining up to get their hands on the new devices. traders were seen outside bidding for the new one. the iphone 10s. they will boost apple's average selling price. >> lines outside the door. every time there's a new device they can't help themselves. a father arrested. accused of using his kids t commit crimes. >> plus a student pilot charged
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this morning a student pilot is in custody after trying to steal an airplane.ed a fence and burst into ae cockpit of an american airlines flight orlando international airport thursday morning. roper e didn't have the i.d. he was ordered off the plane and then took off running. >> he faces charges for putting his toddler intoe a gachine at a shopping mall. >> he's using her to steal prizes. you can see the little girl inside the machine. he encouraged his daughter to handout prizes from a game at a shopping m in new hampshire. he faces multiple charges incling child endangerment. is that the claw game where you
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put the money in? it is. a lot of people think they're rigged. >> are you going to put your kid in the machine? >> that's ridiculous. >> this morning we're watching showers down to the south andnd west some of these if they hold together could be right through the d.c. metro area. chuck is back in a few minutes with a closer look at the timin of that and big changes as we head into your weekend coming up. >> plus crack open a cold one. it may only be 4:41. 5:00 mewhere. what's behind this party for a
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i had been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.
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i serve in the general assemblynd we work together across the aisle to get things done. atd that's the way it itca. what fred needed was a management team. not just to have a long-tm strategy for quantity of life, but also an active strategy for quality of life. my psa is under control. ctca gave me an unity to accomplish my goals and my dreams. learn more at appointments available now.
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i put criminals in prison during the dayd i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, anged diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congrres, i'll stand up to psident trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. we have been able to confirm reports the president of vietnam has died. he died today from a serious illness but didn't elaborate. there have been some questions about his health since last
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when he went a full month without making a public appearance. he was only 61 years old and the tad of the government since the end of war. >> thank you. >> 4:45 our time right now and day is the deadline of the woman accusing brett kavaugh of sex assault to say whether she will testify on monday. >> her attorney she can't testify on monday. she wants the hearing to be pushed further into the week while kavanaugh is eager to clear his name. tracie potts is on capitol hill now for more. why does she want to testify ter in the week. >> her attorneys in a long phone call and follow up e ail said she just can't get here on monday because she's dealing with death threa and trying to secure her family. the committee is considering that and alshere's other conditions. she doesn't wanto testify before kavanaugh.
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she wants him to go she doesn'tt a professional questioner. republicans were considering bringing in a woman, outsideo council conduct the questioning. her lawyers said no. a number of different things but interestingly not laying down the gauntlet when it comes to the fbi investigation. still strongly recommending that but not saying it's a deal breaker for her testimony. thank you. >> a group of alumni from dr. ford's school is standing behind her. the students have been visiting lawmakers officers delivering letters of support for dr. ford. they believe an fb investigation should move forward. >> dr. blasey for is a fellow alumni and she asked for an fbi investigation into herself. that's not something that some e would normally ask fo
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>> she has a right to testify and share her story. >> it was an emotional day in court on day nine of the mansion murder trial here in d.c. the parents heard a detailed description of how evidence was collected from the scene. jurors were shown bloody pieces of fabric from the chaire where th victims were bound. a fire investigator said gas was poured around the i bedthe room where the couple's 10-year-old son was found. he is accused of killing the family and the housekeeper. the trial resumes on monday. hundreds of peopl attended a tribute to remember the nearly 3,000 people that died in puerto rico from hurricane maria. everyone wore whitend gathered in the capitol of sanjuan. religious leaders prayed for the lives lost. the governor said that tens of thousands are still without adequate shelter orreliable power. ben carson was there representing the trump
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yesterday marked one year since the storm hit puerto rico. >> the fight agalastic straws has a big supporter. california became the first state to prohibit restaurants from handing out the straws when you order a drink. when the law makes effect next year you'll have to ask for a straw in order to get one. if rtaurants don't comply they'll be hit with a fine. restricting straws hurts those with disabilities and need th. and d.c. proposed a similar ban this year but it's not become law. >> 4:48. new video this morning of celebrations in cleveland after a big win for the browns. t the super bowl. the season is just getting underway but wh all the parties underway you might have thought, the city celebrated with free bud lights. bud light installed refrigerators full of free beer across the city promising to open the when the browns long
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losing streak finally ended. well, that happened last night. when the browns beat the jet 21-17. >> this was their first win since christmas eve2016. that is 635 days without a win. these players say they're happy that they broke the streak on their home turf. >> the best part about it was that we were here at home. you guys could see how badly they wanted it as well. we have to play for each other but at the same time the city does deserve it. >> look at this. they tweeted quote, we won. wa, oh god. the free beer thing. okay cleveland. stay calm. thwe was fol by a reminder to have a sober ride home. >> all of a sudden, we have to get towork, don't we?
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>> congratulations, talk about long suffering. the skins ared working h too hoping for their first home win on sunday. they're hosting the packers at fedex field and have r aeal opportunity to stand out this weekend. green bay's quarterback isn't at 100%. you know that's sad when the quarterback has to be injured for us to havean ch. kick off is sunday at. 1:00 p.m. don't count them outcahough use the skins beat arizona which was a tougher team than the colts. who knows. >> any given sunday. >> and cooler tempatures. >> whatever it takes is what you're saying? all is fair in love and war. >> and football. >> hrosmany winner and oklahoma sooner baker mayfie caught t winning pass for the browns. just saying.
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>> this year, quarterback tyler murray made the back to back starts. first time that would have happened since the 40s. and oklahoma and army play tomorrow. washington this month has been very warm and very wet. in fact, we've had more rain so far this september than the last four septembers combined. and if we get any more than about 1.1 inches of rain between now and the end of the month, which is likely. we have high rain chances scattered through all of next week. more rain this september than the last five septembers in a row. right now it is a cloudy and humid start to the day. upper 60s and low 70s w. getting ready for the day, warm and humid. take that smallit umbrella you because there's a little bit of a rain chance and this weather front to our w t prompted higher rain chances for, especially second half of the weekend but early on a
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friday morning, right there near charlottesville, where the cavaliers are playing at home this weekend against louisville. going to be a pretty good day for football in charlottesville tomorrow. those showers are coming northbound here. there will be a chance rain here early this morning. and rain in the city probably8: and 10:00 this morning. not much of a rain chance later day.n the same thing tomorrow, more clouds than rain drops. rain light but rain likely for sunday and monday. sunday and monday temperatures stuck in the 60s. >> wow. us.jor change for brand new problem here. springfield southbound 395 the ramp to westbound is blocked by the crash this morning. inner loop and outerloop at the belt way. you don't have to worry about that athi all ts morning.ou nort vw parkway, one right
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lane gets by thatork zone and eastbound 66 after 123, right lane blocked by the workzone there. >> the first ever cancer summit kicked off here in washington. they opened the event at the warf. they lost their son bo i2015. they have been working with several groups hopingo find a cure and that lead him to leading a white house effort to end cancer. >> whent the presi asked me to do it it went from an objective to a movement. it's a movement now. i've never seen so much gyen so much energy behind. i mean it. >> the event will focus on the journey cancer patients experience.
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hundreds will be hd around the world. did you have help when it came to your education? perhaps a mentor or someone thad heou financially? >> not everybody has the same opportunities but n there's a program in montgomery county that's helping to put students on the path to a degree. >> adam explains who is behind this scholarship offer. >> i didn't even apply for college at t time so i was already behind the idrve. >> het know if he would make it to college. he got a mentor.
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>> i am the first-person in my family to go to college. >> for many families college isn't easy for any number of reasonnd now one local leader and his family want to help. >> they're mching aarship program that helps montgomery county students get to their ultimate goal of a college degree. for them a chance to achieve something that didn't always seem possible. in shady grove, news 4. >> a new look at cities amacros ica has some pretty nice things to say. >> yeah, says 3 of the top 50 places to live in the countryight around here. ashburn virginia was rainked second best place to live. ellicott city maryland ranked 4th.
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bethesda ranked 20th access to health care, of living. >> how about that? i have to figure out where frisco texas is now. we'll look itup. still ahead, women targeted at a grocery store. that's whatfairfax county police say a florida man was doing. >> the crime he's accused of committing and whymsore vic may be out there. >> plus under arrest. the work weekends with a to a murder that shocked the district. we're hearing from the parents of wendymartinez. the jogger killed o log circle. news 4 today continues. stay with us.
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>> we'll get a check on your commute in just a moment. how about that. >> let's look at our forecast this morning. >> good morning. she is back. >> i'm struggling right now. >> inow you are.
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>> i don't want to hear it. the day that you have one or w o dak weeks. you have a no-day workweek coming up and then comes in for two days and says how exhausted he is. this morning we're not looking at any rain right now but we do have some showers down to our south and west so we're watchin this closely. they're holding together so we do expect you to move in right around 8:00 to 9:00 this morning so you might run into a little ra by then. temperatures aren't too bad. washington 70. leesburg as we go through to day, expect the clouds hang around. 8:00 this morning a better chance for showers by 9:00 a.m. by lunchtime, not looking at too much rain though as we go through the afternoon. temperatures popping out around 80 degrees and mainly dry later tonight but big weekend kmachan in a couple of minutes.


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