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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00 -- heavy rain and gusty wind move in the dmv as michael leads to flooding, tornadoes, power outages from florida to the chesapeake bay. a grieving family turned to news 4 for answers a year after
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a deadly crash. tonight, why the investigation has led tourder charges. and windows smashed and tires slashed. the story behind this veo from a homeam surveillance a ra. >> news 4 begins with a weather alert. >> tropical storm michael here. we have been dealing with downpours for the past few hours and now coming the heavy winds. >> gusts are expted to ramp up over night. take a look at the traffic camera from i-95 and the belt way in prince georges county. see how it's bouncing around, the headlights reflects off the roads. >> and in md tonight, parking the lots flooded with the rain. more scenes like thatf south oe frksburg. some places saw 6 to 8 inches of
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rain tonight. the watchesnd warnings right now. doug? >> it's still raining in sohern maryland and we told you they would get hit the hardest the entire time here. that is why the national weather service placed a flash flood watch in southernwe maryland. ill show you where the storm is. just to the north ofnorfolk. you can see the spin right in here, to the wlops island area and ocean city getting a wallop, and salisbury, maryland, in the d.c. metro area, and rain from i-95 and some has been very, very heavy. we will see that for the next couple hours lighter rai to the west. now, the flooding. we have seen the flooding acroso part southern maryland and warnings until t4:15orrow morning. and i-95 around fredericksburg, out.he rain is moving in behind it, the wind is really starting to pick up he. winddvisories in effect for
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all the dmv and southern maryland. and high wind to the eastern show. wind gusting near 50 miles per hour and what to expect in your area and wt it means for tomorrow and your weekend in minutes. >> thankaryou. w seeing examples of the power and fury of the storm from the florida panhandle up to virginia tonight. >> at last check, michael has claimed 6 lives but search and rescuees continu tonight. check out mexico beach, florida. it is absolute thely wipedout. sand from the beach carried in nd several blocks and nards flattened. buildings washed off the foundation. this is some of th worst damage we have seen any where from the storm. >> and plenty of damage in the carolinas. tial rain caused mud slides in the north carolina mountains. lion people lf a m lost power in the tar heel
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state. >> no virginia, the flooding in the afternoon rush hour in stanoke. at lea one tornado southwest of richmond. leon ayres is in the newsroom now. >> reporter: video that is coming in, not encouraging. florida's governor took to the guys to get a bird's-eye vie of the devastation. we showed you mexico thatrnor told reporte places in the panhandle face a heavily lift in the recovery. e insurance company is estimating that florida's bay and gulf counties suffered close to $4 billion in insur losses. >> the damage, it's devastating. you just pray to god that everybody survived that and try to get the roads cleared and get the power bac on. the first thing is get everybody
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safe. >> state leaders say nearly 300 people in the mexico beach area defied a mandatory evacuation order. that town was nearly wiped off the map. the fate of many, many people sun known tonight dor reen >> all right, thank you. now to breaking news in fairfax county. police say two people arrived at separate hospitawi tonight with gunshot wounds. they are trying to figure out if they were hurt in the same shoo png. we foundice investigating one area in springfield near brandon avenue that is where police believe one of the victims was shot. we are waiting to get more on this. story we update to a first brought you last week. a local woman killed riding in an lyft car more than a year pay go. her mother angry, no charges against theriver who hit her. after the story aired, charges
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were filed for second degree srder. and ary you will only see on news 4. >> some days i sit there and i cry. >> reporter: she grieves as she holds her daughter's funeral program. > it hurt to have to see her face on this obituary.r: >> reporhe mother of three was buried after killed in a horrific car crash on good hope road a year ago. >> this is undescribable. >> reporter: she was a passenger in an lyft car. a driver slammed head on in her dodge ckup truck. police arrested her last week ith secondd her degree murder. she was speeding down the road atro amately 70 to 80 miles per hour and her blood tested positive for fentanyl, a
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controlled substance. >> she must have been out of her mind. >> reporter: a judge released her. and today we tried to get her story. i want t ask you questions about what happened in the williams accident. can i just ask you questions about what happened? younger's next court appearance is october 26th. meanwhile, debra demands justy. >> i want her to feel the pain. >> reporter: sham marari stone,s 4. >> a day after president trump blasted the federal reserve, the dow tanked again, dropping 830 yesterday, a 5% loss in t days. investors are worried about rising intertates and trade tensions that could slow
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economic growth. in almost two years at the white house, today might be the first andnly time w have seen a more dominant personality in the room with president trump. for about 17 minutes, all the president or anyone else in the oval office could do is sit back and listen to kanye west and they got gotes on earful. are some of the topics that west covered in a monologue thatlm wast completely interrupted. if the is one theme, it was the president. >> you know, they tried to scare me to not wear this hat. my own friends, but this hats me power in a way. s something about when i put the hat on, it made me feel ke superman. and what i need "saturday night live" to improve, if he don't
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look good, we don't look good. this is our president. >> that is impressive. >> kanye said only after 2024. big changes are coming for the memorial bridge. now we know this weekend is the last time you will see six lanes open for the next three years. starting monday morng, you're ing to see big slowdowns on lanes will be cut from 6 down to just 3. it's all for the on going rehab project that isul sch to last through 2021 and drivers aren't the only onesaffected. if you run or bike across the bridge, you will be down to just one sidewalk. >> 20 years ago, matthew shepard was with kip napped, torture hadded and killed because he was gay and now he has a final resting place at the washington national cathedral. his patients kempt the ashes all these years fearing they would be vandalized if they buried
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them. they feel confident the national cathedral is a safe place. only 200 team have been inturned there. >> prosecutors in the d.c. mansion murder trial. on the stand he learned his brother who he says really committed the murders, is actually corporating with prosecutors. when appeared to be caught off guard in the revelation this is his second day on the stand testifying in his defense. he said he was at a friend's house when the a family the housekeeper were held hostage in the home. but that friend is now dead and none of his family members can give him aalibi. maryland's second largest school distric is having a vaccination problem. >> yeah, thousandsid of in prince georges county don't have their shots. at the end of t first week of
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school, more than ld8,000 cn were not in compliance with the policy. as otoday, 4,000 students aren't fully vaccinated. >> the state requires all students to be immunized within e first 20 days of school. prince georges county school is a large transient student population. om> when we back we have pretty amazing video.nn vengeance in one man's driveway caught on camera. coming up, here e from the man who had his windows smashed out. he said it came out of nowhere. and a stair care on the way space for an american astronaut and a russian cosmonaut.
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why they came falling back to earth. >> we are watching it closer to ocean city. heavy rain and the wind just t starti pick up. it's going to be a long night. see you back herin a moment.e in thei'm tim kaine.ked to keep all virginians safe. i helped lead efforts to grow our navy to 355 ships and increased troop pay. but corey stewart said this about that budget bill... stewart: it's just an absolute nightmare and a disaster. i wish the president had vetoed it. that would hurt virginia and threaten our security. i approve this message because keeping america safe has to be a top priority.
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well, this was a frightening scene outside of aguy's how in waldorf on home surveillance cameras. >> take a look. he said a total stranger bashed in hisar windows and slashed his tires on not just one but both car in his driveway. he said it happened before. >> he talked to the victim and
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he has a closer look at the video you will onlyee on news 4. >> i was stunned. >> reporter: it was 10:30 saturday morning. the homeowner was getting ready for his day and he heard noises outside of his door. >> win looked out the window it kind of shocked me that a person actually was ony property. >> reporter: that is what he looked out the window see. his surveillance camera caughte t entire incident. a man come the side of the house and then the suspect is scene slashinhe tires of two cars. you can even hear air coming out of the tires. then the man takes a hammer. >> hey! >> reporter: seen bashing the windows of the cars, breing one window and then another and then another. all as the homeowner watches from inside, yelling at the man to sto >> what you doing? >> reporter: at one point, thes
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suspect dtop and leaves. but he wasn't finished. the suspectk comes b again, attacking the cars with a hammer, yelling and threatening homeowner. >> really could have hurt us bad, what he dsaid, i't want to say exactly the words he said. but it just showed he didn't have no fear epinvolved. >>ter: this isn't the first time it happened. >> never seen him before. don't know him. don't know where he comes from. >> reporter: a spokes person from the the sherf's office says they are investigating the incident and said they don't have reports of other iidents in t area. if you recognize the suspect, police want to hear from you. in waldorf, news 4. >> wow. the three astronauts at the international space station could be staying a little
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longer. launches are on hold after teed's launch to iss ended with a fall back to earth instead of a six-month stay in space. a rocket booster failed just minutes after launch. it was carrying astronaut nick hague and a russian cosmonaut and they a botokay. >> it look incredible. you think they would lose thech la. >> it must have been a scary thing. >> for sure. >> it's scary tonight with the high winds. >> it's a nasty might. it really is. just like a tropical storm. that is exactly what we with got out there. we have the rain. we've t got wind now coming in across the area. some of us have seen up to 3 to 6 inches of rain along i-95 and sout maryland and lice take and look a show you what is happening outside now. the radar over last three to
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four hours now. you aoticeund southern maryland, it has been raining the entire time. you can see the rain ending though, from west to east. ending around leesburg and frederick, pushing off to the east a staying over southern maryland and this is picked up well by the models earlier today. the weather service had a flood warning in the area and seeing the heavy rain in waldorf, bowei and roads closed in and around charles county and 10,000 people, close to 10,0 without power nown arles, c calvert and st. mary's county. and maybeve prince georges county. here, the center of michael no longer an eye but the center of michael just around the wallops island south of ocean city. look at ocean city f you goth
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e once in a while they are are getting hammered by this there.ght in very strong thunderstorms, heavy rain and now the wind too. the flood warnings do continue. and everybody you see here. prince georges county. waldorf and around stafford, fredericksburg under flood warnings. these are aerial flood warnings, mostly creeks and streams rising above the banks. do not drive throu flooded roadways. we do not want to see anyone get hurt tonight. wind advisory, it includes most of the dek metro area, all of southern maryland andinds gusting over 50 miles per hour. the locations 40 to 50 where we have the advisory and we are already seeing that. look at the winds gusting upwards of 47 miles per hour and in cambridge, 30 in fredericksburg and 24 in martinsburg. we are not seeing it yet in d.c.
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but we will. i told you it will be around 1:00, 2:00 in the. morni just when we get in the deep sleep mode. the wind will pick up. 56, a little breezy. cooler in the morning. the kids will need a jacket at theus stop. 36 degrees at noon and sunshine and tomorrow nigh it's just a chilly nied. friday night football games, blanket as specially if you are headed to the games in the evening hours, morning showers ord sa and sun in the afternoon. cool, high of only 59. 62 on sunday. that is still well below average and a morning low of 48 that is in the city. that means most of you wake up to 40, 41 degrees. yeah, rlly cool air. tuesday, a chance of showers and more cool weather all thero way h next week. that is wednesday night. high of i 67. th more fall like. interesting with the shower activity saturday. would have snow 3500 fee in the mountains of west virginia.
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>> already. >> just something to think ab'tt. >> i don want to think about. >> thank you, doug. comi up, the caps show fight. >> first, here is jim fli . fall >> jonah hill is my guest. tonight, jonah hill. tonight, jonah hill. charles barkley, mic andus
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this ishe xfinity sports desk. >> we had been getting used to the high scoring. shut out tonight? goodness. >> seven goals, six goals and this many tonight. >> unreal. >> well we have work to do now.
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thre games, we have seen stanley cup champion offense from lscapi scores goals in bunches in a 2-0 start of season and the second of a back-to-back of a young e season. ect a performance like this. after an emotional win in a stanley cuptcre last night. phoenix getting the start tonight in net. fireworks behind him early and kuznetsov gettingnd into it a seaverson. just wants to f have fun. here is the backup. look at this alex o ovechkin. no messes with his buddy and he swoops innd the captain gets in a rare scuffle. he is heading his own and tried to pull the jersey over the head. they clean it up ang ovechkin as, do you know who i am? i am alex ovechkin! devils on the power play, and over andes f his scored his second of the period. lead.vils out to a 2-0
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second period, and old friend coming back to hurt the capitals, marcus johansson, a fan favorite when he was here. scored hisoa firstsince last december. devils up and shut them out, 6-0 and thend of the game, more scufflinging. and the caps play the maple leaps saturday. monday nye, the best thing you can do is get back ond the fi quickly. good news for the redskins, they are back on the fie d sunday. thd news, it's a 3-1 cam newton-led carolina panthers. carolina on their mind, trying to prevent the panthers from win streak. they won f straight. cam newton has loved playing thi redsns, 11 total touchdowns no interceptions. you remember the last meeting, december ofan 2016. knocking arolina, the redskins out of playoff contention. this time around, the redskins know what they need to do and
11:27 pm
who ty need to stop. >> we'll be ready for cam. we'll take itdvantage of it, and communicate with practice, it will be easy sunday. >> you have to come in locked in from the get go. expect anything and ready to play no matteat wh. you can't just go out there and expect them too what they did the last couple weeks, you have to go out therend ready to play. >> he is a force. he has always been. and we have too out and make sure we win the game. >> nfc east clash, the eagles and the giants,ust over four minutes to go, and philadelphia up 34-14 and saquon barkley making itook like a video game at times. if you have anymoreta your f league, you are having a good night. night. >> oh, i got
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i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. seen barbara comsto's fake ad? jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. nonsense. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is,
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the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to barbarpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington.
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weather update for you before we say good night. >> we, talking about the high wind warning now for st. mary's county. wind gusts of 60 miles per hour, and downed powerines likely. please watch out for that. high wind warning. it's going to be a long night for a lot of folks. >> it really is and it's something we have to watch out
11:32 pm
for through tomorrow morning. >> thank you, doug. that will do i for us. thanks for having us in and staying was. "the tonight show" is next. >> see you tomorrow. good flight. r their first beer coo was slr
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with two by fours, their counter stand built from scraps of wood. david trone's first store was held together with scotch tape, and hope. but he ended up with one of america's largest retail chains. creating over 7,000 jobs, where every worker and every community got to share in it's success. now david's running for congress, with the same goal he had as that young man. to get big things done, create jobs, help communities. and failure isn't an option. i am david trone and i approve this message. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jonah hill,


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