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tv   NBC News Special The Vote Americas Future  NBC  November 6, 2018 11:34pm-12:37am EST

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we'll be back on the other sides in los angonight. >> thank you.
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>> give us yr thought of what you have seen. >> we have divided government. in my view, sometists it is the if you are conservative, metimes having divided government works quite well. i don't think it is a surprise in terms of the house or the senate, if republicans pick up a seat or two, that'll be a set of a surp does it change the president to face a divided government. >> he will whether he knows it or not. investigative power will make life difficult for him. i don't think he'll fully realizes what's coming there. vit, with the senate, not the house to pass legislation and pass over to the senate, you will have a lot of gridlocks the next couple of years. it will be more difficult in 2020 for president to point and senators to point, the republican senate achievements were made.,
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>> senatu are watching the race tonight. i am sure you got your ears on the ground. did you have any insights where ink this one is headed. >> it is nice to be a spectator. >> you are not in the stat you are in lch.a. >> i have to say it has been pretty nice. >> yeah, it is a great interest there. it is ve, very close. i can say that you know six years ago i was in the positiono with a five point lead at the end of the night and as late ballots were counted, that lead went down to three percentage point. it is not over at all. it is gog to be a long couple of days as these ballots are counted. it will be a lot of g il biting go. it is very close. >> senator, you are so nice to jo us. chuck points out -- >> well, we can't let him go. >> senator flake.
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you are going up to new hampshire a lot more starting on january 4th? >> you no longer have a day job? >> well, i can tell you and i have said on record many times that i hope the republicans does run. enou to remind republicans what conseativism really is. i hope somebody does. >> it does not sound like no. >> john kasich had talked about it. a i may head thein. i think there is values in reminding republicans what republicans traditionally has been. believing in free trade and le strong americaership. that's absent now. chuck, you said it earlier tonight, this is the president's party. there is no doubt. it is going to be quite difficult now and probably even more polarizing as the house investigates the president and
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shuts the place down in terms of legislation being passed. the senate probably being more defensive on behf of the president and you know before the accidently manning the barrade for him. that's typically how it goes and ifou think it has been lik that in the past two years, it will be more so in the next two years. it is going to be very polarizing period and even more so. >> senator, we know why you got out of town. >> thank you so much for jning us and we'll continue to follow em your mt and traveler, heading to new hampshire and >> nelosi, here she is. >> today is more about democrats and republicans. it is about restoring the constitution, checks and balances to the trump administration it is about stopping the gop and
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mitch mcconnell, medicare, medicaid and affordable healthcare act and healthcare ov peopleg with preexisting medical conditions. let's hear me for preexisting medical conditions. it is about ending wealthy special interest free reign over more thahing. it is about what a new democratic majority will mean in the lives of hardworking americans. de people.orking for the lowering the cost of healthcare, lowering the cost of prescription dru and wage workers and wages with strong on ic growth buy rebuilding infrastructure of america and clean up corruion to make washington work for all of americans.
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we'll take real very, very strong legislative action to led legislate. we'll deliver a transformation investment american infrastructure to create more drod paying jobs. >> nancy pelosi sing a crowd today and commenting on the results showing that democrats will retake control of the house of representatives. we are watching that missouri senate race now where clai mccaskill had been hanging on bu all nightrailing hawley. let's go to morgan radford, what what's theood? >> reporter: the room went from confidence and cautiously optimistic.
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now, they are becoming very quiet as we watch the results coming in. we did not have all the votes counted mainly kansas city and s st. louis county. mccaskill was not sure which way the elections will go. she acknowleed that voters want something new and having experienced been sometas countied against her and voters want to see fresh faces. here on the room, people are waiting to see if mass skepticc going to be holding onto her going to be holding onto her speed or hawley.
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we talked a lot about the
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united states congress for a big reason. there is a lot of big races. it is a battle. chuck is pnting and laughing at 2000 votes that separated the two. wakashaw county. >> it is a joke. we joke and it all comes down to this >> there has been some missed >> ihere scott walker found votes. >> it is. it is a place where we have beet watchisee what's happening. he needs big number. ure decision desk have t latest on that. >> waiting on it. >> this is paul ryan's st, they lost paul ryan's seat apparently.
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let me double check that. >> they lost paul ryan's seat.n wiscon >> we head no head back to missouri. claire mccaskill is speaking tos her supporight now. >> say a few words about what pp has ed today and how the future is brighter than we all think it is right now. we had some good results tonight. the democrats took the house of representatives. we have governors that are democrats now both illinois an kansas. so there were some bright spots. ndobviously, we fell short that's disappointing. not for me.l what i fe most pain about
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tonight are all of the people who for the first time, many of them in their lives said i am to going o more than just sitting on the couch and cuss at the tv. i am going to show up. foam going to work hard an the thousands of people who volunteered on this campaign, there were literallyands and thousands of you, i am so grateful and i want you to keep that fire burning because there is justice around the corner. >> claire mccaskill at a conc supporters. to her nbc news projects that hol hawl will win. he's speaking right now.eo >> thee who have built this state and i will -- you know throughout the campaign, i
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fought many times of a line that prime minister churchill sai during the second world war, why is that we think of history as something in the past and forget that we are making it. well, we stand tonight at a critical moment in our history. we stand at this hour in our nation's history. e the people of missouri hid we are up to the challenge. the people of missouri have said are ready to answer the call. tonight we say we believe in america and our best days are ahead and we believe in our future and ready to fight for it. i am ready to go to washington h and for you. >> i want to say thank you tonight. thank you first and tl importto my wife, erin, who's here with me, she's the love of my life. she's the love of my life.
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josh hawley projected to defeati claire mcc who we saw moments ago delivering her own concession speech. that's a big one. at claire mccaskill pulled rabbits out of herefore. she did it. sh basically put money behi todd aiken to get him the nomination because he had extreme views on the issues of i ab and she was able to win and with the help of barack obama and this year is not there. i was out in missouri a couple of weeks ago checking on that race. it was interesting talking to team mccaskill, unequivocally, they would said it and i could tell you there is personal anemist among so of these.
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two of them have lost connelly and mccaskill. >> mccaskill will talk more. >> she will have strong critique of the leadership of her own party. >> the kavana hea's hearing may be a saving for the republicans. >> governor rick scott is ig speaking now. [ applause ] i want to thank our daughters, allison and jordan and their family. i love my family with all my heart and every family in the state. my goal is to make it a better
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thplace for every family i state. there is a couple of people looking down from heaven that i want to recognize. i have the most wonderful mom. when i was born, my mom was single mom and she raised five kids. she wod never believe i would be a governor or a u.s. senator. the second person. for everybody in oure and in this campaign team.
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she was our best friend. b she diore the day the campaigntarted. >> rick scott, not clear if he's delivering an acceptance sech. l you see there ds. >> well, we call it too close tl ut chuck you got some inside info. there. the question is is the margin going to be less than .5%. we have not called it. the scott's think they'll avoid a run off that's why they went out there and declared a victory. the perception of the candidate,
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you always want to play that game and since he'ntahead, they hroughout and declared victory. >> paul ryan was taken by a republican, ryan steel. all right, we are still going. we got a lot of races to watch and still some tight nes to check in on. today, we will steal christmas in style. ♪ nt if i'm gonna become sa then i need to get in to character. at's santa have that i don't? [ bark ]ur that'sul. go team. [ snow crunching ] [ louder snow crunching ] this is the loudest snow i've ever heard in my life.
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welcome back to our 2018 election coverage, some of the that's too close to call.
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the georgia governor, this is one we have been watching all night long. camp and abrams. >> 50% rule anthat's the key. kansas loses its governorship, i the democrat take control of the state house. we picasause so we can have som stations joining us. >> chuck said if we stay here late enough, i c nerd out with m at the wall. what are you looking at. >> let's look at the house here. florida, national bragging rights go to the repub. democrats could have a big night un the house. there is a hard of 24 that they have not gotten. a th leading here. this would be another pick up for them. >> i want to take you to steve king.
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i will take you there. i think we may have called steve king. it was right there. we just calledteve king. >> he had a close race. that's a conservative district. i was for congressional stricts when we began the night. three of the four held b t held by democrats and interesting sign of the governor hace as well. we are at 24 at count for the democrats. they lead in another four or five that will we are keeping track of. we have not gotten to california yet. they are passed to 40 seats. i think they are nf 35. talk about that. 40 seats. >> you go back to the wave rm ology. you can't call it a wave if you don't have a big state w anywhere. >> how do you call a wave if yo don missouri or indiana?
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what it is, is as suburban take over. >> lester, that's the scene over here. >> we want to look at the scene in arizona, we saw jeff flake, the two women who we competing for his seat. martha mcsally, we'll go to her headquarters right now. ron hilliard is there for us. r orter: we may not know the results at this point. all the way until thursday night, right now martha mcsally is leading about 57% of the ballots being counted. i want to point to ma county specifically. this is the county which is a greater phoenix area, it makes up 50% of the electric. right now cinema holdho s -- usually with maricopa goes goes for the rest of the state
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maricopa specifically, he won by 3.5 specific points. the reality is about 5 or 10% of the vote will not be counted toy. it will not be announced tomorrow. it will be announced thursday night, 5:00 p.m. local. those were hand delivered, early ballot.s individuought their ballots to the location today. the counties have go to verify signatures on those ballots. maricopa makes up 50% of the state's electric will not announce the results. at this point, we are talking t abrace that'sless than 1 percentage point. it is unlikely we'll have an out come tonight. >> hope you pack your we'll take a short break and back with more coverage.
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th from nbc newe vote, america's future." here is lester holt and savannah guthrie. >> the headlines of thisight are still being written. good evening again, everyone. "the tonight show" midnight in the east, 9:00 p.m. pacific time. we want to take you dlrough some of the results. one of the big hes, of course, is the house of representatives will now be der the control of democrats. here is the estimate, 230 seats for democrats, 205 for the gop as of right now. >> votes still being counted. we will see what margin the democrats run up by the end of the night. here is a very interesting race. this is georgia house district 6. we have no call in it, but essentially all of the votes are in. we will see what happens. handel has faced a special election and prevailed now is up against lucy mcbath, a gun control activist who actually
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lost h violence.n act of gun they have a very close race. >> as you remember, basically th midterms began in georgia 6, you can argue we started this contest -- a special election to elect the democrat. >> it was tom price had become appointed tohs secretary, he's not in the cabinet anymore. karen handel is still in co ress, but here we are, all of that money, all of that -- and i guesdemocrats got it a they got it down to less than 1,000 votes in georgia 6 but still in republican hands. >> we want to go to hallie jackson right now at the white house where we understand the president has placed a call. i think we will want to hear about it. >> repter: an interesting phone call, that's for sure, lester, to ncy pelosi, of course the democratic leader, potentially the speaker of the house now that democrats have flipped it blue. a spokesperson for pelys president trump called just about 15 minutes ago to extend his congratulations and le ackned that call for bipartisanship that pelosi made in her
12:03 am
this is a faing glimpse into washington dynamics, because remember at the last five, six, ten, twelve rallies we have been to president trump has raed against nancy pelosi. in fact, she is one of the biggest boo lines in his campaign speeches, being in the room there when he menons both nancy pelosi and maxine waters, who by the way may end up with the new chairmanship in the house, the audience erupts. she has en one of the biggest foils he has brought up again and again, and they will be in the awkward d.c. position of having to work with each other to get anything doneevver the nextal years. what do those things look like? what could be on the checklist? we had a cversation with the president's senior adviser, kellyanne conway who was out here talking about, for example, infrastructure, something vice president pence has mentioned as well. maybthey can find common ground on trade. conway mentioned immigration and maybe a tough sell, particularly given what we've seen from the
12:04 am
veesident and his rhetoric the last couple of months. an interesting phone call. the president is still inside. they haven't popped the champagne but everybody is in a good mood we're told. >> hallie jackson, thanks very much. >> let's go to the chairman of the democratic national committee, tom perez. you got a split decision tonight, chairman perez. let's talk about the house for a moment. the democrats retake control of the house. do you care to venture a guess by what margin you might end up with at the end of the night? >> well, we've got to wait for the results from the west coast we still havmber of seats, you correctly pointed out, georgia 6. we have a number of other -- utah has a seat in play. looks like the democrat is going to win that one, but still too close to call. i think it is a great night nor the democrats, a great night for democracy, because we needed ce checks and bal we send a very clear message to the american people that we are going to protect their health care. that was the number one issu
12:05 am
going to the poll for americans, and we did that. i know we're talking about the house right now, but i'm very excited about a lot state house races because we've already flipped five sta houses from red to blue, including michigan, new mexico, illinois, maine and kansas. we're a 50-state party again. there's another four or five still in play. nevada has not released votes because people are still voting. those state house seats are 12-year seats because of redistricting, and we ed a lot not only in the federal races but from thechool board to the oval office. we helped flip the colorado state senate, the new york state seand those are really, really important things because you got to be able to govern. >> all right. tom perez, chairman of the dnc. sorry to cut it off there but we have to jump to a live right o w. >> we have to goxas. we are told that beto o'rourke is speakinafter his loss
12:06 am
tonight in texas senate race.d >> -- or sca. we are great people, ambitious, arfined by our aspirations, the hard work that wwilling to commit in order to achieve them. every single o of us, republicans, democrats, independents, from the biggest of cities to the smallest of towns, the people ofexas want to do and will do the great work of this country. i just now had the opportunity to talk to senator cruz and to congratulate him, to congratulate him on his victory
12:07 am
and to wish him well going forward. what i said and what i pledged on behalf of all of us is that s ime of division, when the country has been as polarized as i can remember it in my life, all of this bitterness that defines so much of the national conversation, today if there's anything that we can do to help him in his position of public trust, to ensure that texas helps to lead this country in a y want to achieve, whether that's making sure we face any threats arrayed ainst this country, whether that means we are there for every single one of us who needs a helping hand so that we can live to our fulltial, the ability to see a doctor and go to the hospital, receive the medication that you need to be alive, i want to work with him. will work with anyone to make sure that we can lead on that.
12:08 am
you amazing -- you amazing public school educatorwork so hard and do so much -- >> beto o'rourke brought a lot of energy to this race and brought a lot of new voters but could not turn texas blue, going wn in defeat tonighto t >> we are happy toe joined by eugene robinson, "washington post" columnist and friend of nbc, contributor to nbc.wh are your thoughts on what we've seen tonight? >> you know, i think t tomorrow, the next day, democrats are going to look at these results and say, this was a great night for them. i think republicans are going to have to ask themselves some questions about what happened. i mean, you know, when you get 35 seats maybe, they might end up with, could be north of 35 n seats, you mig call that a wave but that's flipping the house. that's taking control of the house of representatives. so democrats for the first time
12:09 am
in this presidency actually have some power. they actually can do things.y they actuan hold this administration accountable. arthey can start to work tan agenda, the agenda that they promised on heth care, on infrastructure, on things like that. >> will they find a president more willing to deal with them? >> or not. but they can put the onus on him to decide whether he wants to x health care or not, whether he wants to do something on infrastructure or not, and he will have to decide whether it is in his interests to work with the democrats and actually get things done or to say no, and i think there will be a cost for saying no. >> they can take -- they have the chance to take some initiative here. >> let me just pause you right there because we do have a call to make. iowa's governor's race, and this went down to the wire, but kim reynolds, the republicans, hol on, the incumbent.ti
12:10 am
this was vert down the stretch. fred hubbell was showing some momentum. >> a little bit of an upset, a mir upset. democrats were feeling confident. >> thought hubbell would be able to pull it off.e' ththe map. kim reynolds hangs on in the iowa governor's seat.erng tt i' been looking at,nd we don't have all of the result from the gislatures yet, but that's another place where mo ats were just not on the map and that's taken some governorships, they've taken, as m perez said, some state legislatures. they will be in a position to have something to say about redistricting after the next census. >> eugene, it is not what is missing tonight, there's not a big siature statewide win. florida bragging rights go to the republicans. missouri sen at, iowa governor was one of the ones they thought, ohio governor.
12:11 am
what is intereing is the progressive nominees are struggling, abrams, gillum, coming up short. so did the more centrist, moderate nominees come up short. it hasn't mattered wheer they have a progressive appealing to them or a centrist. what do you make of this? >> you know, we're a divided country. donald trump went out there and energized and excited his base and got them to come out and vote, and there are enough of them that they, in the case of florida and in the case of texas, which, you know, in a normal sense you would he ce ainly expected texas to go red, beto o'rourke camclose but he could not overcome the rural counties and the trump supporters. look, ce it, trump energized his base and got them to the polls. he was -- look, the republican
12:12 am
enthusiasm was not going to be on the floor, you know, where it was six months ago. it wasn't going to stay there, it w going to rise. >> was it kavanaugh though that hat churned up the heat to a new level? >> you know, in some states, ind sotricts that probably had an impact. in others, it probably didn't. it played both ways i think. i think if democrats want -- h reale to be disappointed about something, they can be disappointed about florida. i thought in those two, you know, big ticket races in florida, i thought glum had a real shot and i thought gillum, onif he won, would pull ne across the finish line. that didn't happen. they both fell just short. you can't be that disappointed if you are a democrat about not winning a statewide election in texas at this point. if you came that close, you should feel pretty good about that. >> chuck is looking boards. what have you got? >> look, we're looking at where we are in this march.
12:13 am
how many seats is it going to be? what is interesting here is that tly how we did. these were the districts that had a higher percentage of llege educated voters in it ian the national average. as you can see, a big chunk of the pickups. there were 24 hard pickups so far. 20 of the 24 are coming from these districts here that were higher than the national average of college-educated whites, and you can see what is coming next. we haven't even started the lifornia races. as you can see, we have early returns coming in. that's only 4% returns there, the 45th. amy walters, only 1% i dana rohrabacher, look at this, 1% in, a lot of vote, but a 50/50 race. a lot of people are following that. look, as far as the house was concerned, guys, it went exactly how we thought it would go. they would win these suburban districts, and they've won exactly the ones they thought they would be able to model and win.
12:14 am
what is interesting is that it hasn't translateinto something bigger and it didn't translate . lookt the ate ofowa. three of the four districts are held by democrats but the governor's race we republican. there's still clearly this -- whatever you want to call it, an -urban issue for democrats, and it is the reason they've come up short in some of the statewide races. >> and people thinking about the pr idential, really wanted see those governorships in battleground states, democrats were hop hand there. helping we will be back in a moment. we will tom brokaw.e again by here is a reminder that this is not tom's first rodeo. look at his coverage of the midterm back in 1994. go if you are a politniwaal junkyoe tngo remember this night. if you are a democrat, you may want to crawl into a hole and pull it in after you. there is a sweep, a blowout on behalf of the republan party
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♪ vi and the ory tonight is more than a victory of a candidate for the united stas senate. i believe it is a call for greater dignity and respect. i believe it is affirmation that
12:18 am
regardless of one's gender or ethnicity or sexual orientation or race or place of birth that were all equal, not only i the eyes of god but also in the respect and dignity we are due from government and from our fellow americans. >> former presidential candidate mitt rom notiney, now senator r. the project edwiner in utah. >> i don't think anyone has done governor of one state and seittor from another, to pul off. i believe it is an historic first. >> and a presidential candidate. >> what will be integ about the president -- now senator romney, is thas a man with an enormously important background both in business and he what we just heard from aim, really reflects who he is. i mean it is his and it is his idea about politics.
12:19 am
we'll see how he fits in to the donald trump now cast of characters who will be in the senate, whether he can have any impact at all or whether or not he will be welcome. i don't think he's going there just to keep the seat warm, frankly. >> you think there'shance he will run for president again? >> james cargill had the line, n rufor president is like having -- you don't just do it once. >> it was past midnighso i knew that line was coming out. er i'm so grateful it is a midnight >> i know. >> on the east coast. >> let's be realisc. mitt romney doesn't fit in the donald trump republican party. he just doesn't. >>eah. >> jeff flake, i think the small government conservatives really misread the trump base. they're not small government people. they're culture warriors. this is different. mitt romney was never a comfortable cultural warrior it will be very interesting. he is an odd fitp'n donald
12:20 am
trparty. >> he is a fiscal conservative, a real old-fashioned republican so he doesn't fit at all. another example is that joe biden called him to congtulate him on his victory tonight, which is an old fashioned courtesy you don't see very much in the current senate. t >>nk the other thing, i think you raised the important point, warrior.s a culture he's going to fit in, in an odd way into a senate surrounded by trump people, who got there becae of donald trump. i mean 99% they're responsible for it, and then the question is what does donald trump have in e mind forext couple of years? how often will we see him out there? he made the courtesy call tonight, but i don't think that's what he will be abo. this has worked so well for him, to get on his airplane and go from one rally to another rally after another rally, pick out something like a group trying to come to america o are still, what, 800 miles away and activating the unitestates army with concertina wire
12:21 am
because it it went to ps sense of fear. >> now he has nancy pelosi to run against as well in a democrat house. >> and it is not one of the lessons of the night here, don't separate yourself, if you're a n republon't separate yourself from president trump? >> it is interesting because me f the incumbents that went down, especially in the house districts, they tried to.da it ied if you do, darned if you don't. >> i decided to try that, to be a little less colorful and less blue here after midnight, because you need donald trump to get that base ginned up. an does turn off some subu voters and you have to figure out -- you have to pick your poison. the house candidates had no choice, their whole district was suburban so they had to find a way to dtance. the statewide candidates don't run away from trump for now because it is a mistake. we are still watching results. a lot of the races still not settled. we will be back with the latest after this.
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test. test.
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♪ we just talked about mitt se rey winning the senate seat u ace thinat is still going on, the district 4, mia love, republican woman incumbent, but in a battle right now. we will see what happens there. it mayell be a democratic pickup in utah. and how about that georgia governor's race? still no result there. nbc's rahimi ellis covering thar and reportin atlanta. take it away. >> reporter: there's still a party in this house. a few moments ago, a person with the abrams campaign ca out and
12:25 am
on the stage behind me said to people, it is not 100% of the vo counted yet and they believe that the votes that are still left to be count will fall in the democratic column. that means that there's still hope for stacey abrams. this crowd erupted with a cheer when they heard that. they are still standing shoulder-to-shoulder in this room, very much hopeful, very much optimistic that they might be able to pull this thingut and bring it to a run-off. so they're standing tall. they were told, don't don't go away, continue to stay in he room and be hopeful f stacey abrams. >> we're looking how close the numbers are. thanks very much. why is the count taking so long? >> so, look, we're thinking there's still a statl chance he can drop below 50, which is why we haven't called it. it is very tight. we don't know how many provionals there are. until we know that, we will feel better about where to go.
12:26 am
>> lester, in a larger sense this election has been very important because of the people it has brought into the process. >> it absolutely has been a hiec turnout on. we want to pause and let other stations join us right here at . and if you are just joining us, this nbc election coverage, decision 2018. it has been a consequential night. democrats retaking control of the house and the nate remains in the republican hands. chuck, you are looking at some house districts that are so close you can almost count the difference in a couple of hands. >> first of all, let me just show you my category here. these are the early poll closing races, there's still one, two, three, four, five, six, seven of them we haven't counted. i'm starting with georgia 6, which we joked earlier it is when the midterms started with the georgia 6 special. there's 100% in but the vote is still counting.
12:27 am
look at this difference here. as you can see, it is 169 votes. that's the difference. guess what? we're not calling georgia 6 tonight. probably not calling it tomorrow.oi that's to recount land. north carolina, polls closed at 7:30. as you see, 96% in. literally, less than 2,000 vote difference there between the republican and democrat. this would be a huge -- m san forwar sanford, lost, this is very late, the democrat took the lead here, it is less than 4,000 votes. we still have more vote to count there. maine 2, this is still -- maine is just taking forever to count their votes. where are you? where is angela lansbury, get her in there and figure out what is taking so long, who is committinghe crime of not counting the votes in maine. michigan, we still have this on
12:28 am
michigan 8, our cook report guru is helping me call this, and hee told me it wasingle-most interesting to him. about 2500 jersey 3 is another uncalled race, as you can see, 2,400 votes there. so we've got a whole bunch of those. i haven't even gotten to california. you can see how this -- how with a sliver of vote here, a sliver tsof vote there, how democ could end up with a 32-seat pickup or a 42-seat pickup, and it might be a difference of like 5,000 votes. >> we may not get a final number tonigh >> we won't get a final number on the house until next week lmetime if you want to know the truth because of hg some of the mail-in ballots in california and washington state, where there are thare races we watching there as well. >> chuck, with the angela lansbury reference -- >> you liked that? that was old school. >> "murder she wrote."
12:29 am
casey is back. we are starting to get loose here. i started about 8:30. >> exactly. you are going to have an interesting beat, capitol hill.a in a way it ising so much with just one house of congress because of the power of investigation and, you know, in rms of legislation, it may all just grind to a halt. but in terms of what democrats can do once they are chairing s committees, iting to be a whole new day. >> they have been in the wilderness, in the age of president trump. they have had very little d recourse to fight back, at has changed entirely with the news more seats they win, as chuck was pointing out -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >> the more seats they win, of course they will be 'em boldened. we will pae that thought. >> we will take a quick break and be right back.
12:30 am
where we are tonight. democrats have succeeded in le s look at the boards and see some of the latest numbers. we are looking at the arizona senate race, still too close to call there.s itr the seat that jeff flake held, retirite from the se montana senate, still too early to call there. you see that jon tester, the incumbent democrat, leads with 46% of the vote in.
12:31 am
too early to call. nevada senate, too early to ncll. dean heller, thebent, facing off against democrat jacky rosen. the wisconsin governor's re, we have been watching this for i quite so. tony evers leads governor scott walker. the difference is just under 12,000 there. look at the new hampshire governor's race. chris sununu is the project edwiner against the democrat, molly kelly.e the hotimate as we look at the numbers come in, is that puts the democrats at 230, the l reans at 205. again, the democrats will control the house of representatives. here is the illinois district 4, the democrat, this is a democratic gain. underwood defeats hultgreen in district 4. it was one of those -- >> exactly. >> you mention that we were watching that carefully tonight to see which way things were going.
12:32 am
georgia 7, carolyn bordeaux picks up a democratic seat against rob woodall. in the iowa district, cindy axne, another pickup for democrats. a ther suburban seat in the des moines area. >> let's go to hallie jackson where we are hearing mroe apparentlythe president. >> reporter: we are via his press secretary, lester, in th whicpresident we know has been working the phones. so far white house officials hehave been cagey about whas been talking to, but now we have a clearer picture. we areold the president has spoken not just with nancy pelosi who we mentioned last time we talked, but also basically the rest of the leadership currently in the senate and house. mitch mcconnell, in the words of sanders, to congratulate him on a big senate win. ul ryan, chuck schumer, the president has made a slew of calls to congratulate, ryan kemp, ron desantis, others who
12:33 am
have done well. he is working the ones calling these folks to congrat them. he has been receiving a lot of calls. he and the vice president are expected to continue doing this tonight and tomorrow morning as the presid feeling pretty good about where he is sitting e ght now. again, of course, ms have flipped the house. it was much of the expectation heading into the night, but the losses aren't as heavy as they could have been. as some inside the white house had maybe been bracing for, this is about what their ex peculiar tipeculiar -- expectations they'rthrilled with what they're seeing in texas, some of the districts that went blue, but overall it is in line with expectations. the president is feeling good tonight. >> hallie jackson, thanks very much. chuck todd has taken c rse i have. i'm in here in our boiler room. e nte che donte cheney is y who is demographics. you are looking at this. you are the one that gave us
12:34 am
these grouping goes we have here, the college-educated districts, all of th. explain the night from your perspective. >> it is what we thoughtsee woul we thought entually we would see these suburban educated districts shift democratic, they have. d was looking early today, 2010 the republicans e huge wave. the majority of their pickups -- not majority but plurality of their pickups were places with low average for college education. the democrats are going to pick up tonightplaces it looks like above average in college education. we are seeing something tonight, but it is really the larger story of the remaking of electorate, the realignment. we are seeinhasomething big ening. >> this is a resorting of the sort of congressional districts catching up where america had already resorted? >> basical, yes. it has been moving this way for a while. now with every election this thing is gettingigger and bigger and wider and wider. it is fascinating to watch, and it doesn't look like it is -- eventually it will stop, but we're not there yet. more sorting to do. >> we will find out voters are
12:35 am
from mars and the otr voters from venus, that's the problem. we have different planets we are on. peter hart, you have done a few elections, maybe a few before i started doing this. put this in perspective. >> okay. let's start. instead of just talkout red and blue, how about red, white and blue. what we're talking about is the turnout, and that teu a lot about democracy. it was a good day for democracye nd thing that you've got to say about this election is where it is totally polarized as a country, that's what we've been measuring on our surveys all year long. but for democrats, they won the big prize. they won back the house of representatives. also, they made their first stab back to the rust belt. so they picked up in pennsylvania, they did well in illinois, they did well in michigan, and possibly wisconsin. so the expectations were high,
12:36 am
but the democrats did pretty well. >> all right. peter rt, donte cheeney and phil lane. our team makes us smart. >> yes, the story still being written.wh let's look ae we are tonight. democrats succeeded in winning back control of the house. by how big a margin remain it to be seen, but still a big victory for democrats. they were unable to ose the senate, republicans retain control ther including a win by ted cruz in texas, and a loss in missouri claire mccaskill. two big races that caught atent attention, in florida, desantis over gillum. for those in the eastern and central time zones, we will wrap thingsp though we will continue and come back with major developments.
12:37 am
stay tuned because a special live edition of "late night with seth myers" begins right now. . live from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, "late night" with seth meyers tonight, a closer look. plus, billy eichner, soledad o'brien, featuring the 8g band with franklin vanderbilt. ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. it is 12:37 a.m.od how is everdoing tonight? in that case, let's get to the news. welcome to "late night." we are live tonight and


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