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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 7, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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4:30. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. people stayed up late t watch e returns. we've been working for you through the night on all the races y been watching. >> back to politics in a moment. d.rst, let's take a look at the day ah melissa will have a check on the roads but first chuck with more on a return for the sun. how about that, chuck? >> we all voted for a little sunshine back in our lives. e sun's not up just until 7:00. you have to wait a little bit longer. skies haveg been clearut tonight. the rain is over for now. our next chae for rain rolls in on friday. temperatures, a big, big range of temperatures thismorning. nearly a 20 degree spread. 39 now in massas and warring ton. 58 in arlington county. 48 for gaithersburg. 53 in the panhandle of west virginia. mid 40s in fredericksburg. so your planner then for your hump day today, sun's up at 6:42. it will be a mix of clouds and
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sunshine today butice and mild. temperatures in the low to mid 60s during the middle of the afternoon. falling back to the 50s early this evening but no rain today. that's nice. no rainro tom either but another soaking of rain shows up on friday. more about that and a peek at the weekend with your ten day coming up intl a lbit. for now it is time go overo rst 4 traffic. >> northbound rock creekenarkway at thedy center, lanes pocked there. driving beinghed off of 66 this morning. taking a look at 66 itself here outside the beltway, heading in fromrfax county parkway, 64 miles per hour going to take you nine minute heading outbound, nothing in the way there on 66. beltway, l innerp after route 1 work zone there. 66 and gallows, another work zone. that way branch avee moving along well. eun? >> thank you, melissa. it's the storyominating the front pages this morning. after a dramatic election night,
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a divided congress. many headlines say split decisionnd power split in congress. the house will be controlled by the democratshile the senate republicans will hold onto the majority. >> here's a closer look atof so he numbers right now. democrats will take 2 seats. 206 seats will be held by republican democrats needed to pick up six seats to take the house. sncy pelosi back in control as speaker. republicans retained control of thesenate. texas senator ted cruz managed to hold on to his seat. missouri's claire mccaskill lost to joshhawley but the senate race in florida is still too close to call at this hour. outgoing republican governor rick scott and democratic incumbent bill nelson are only lead.rt with scott in the this video not from florida. nelson concerned in the senate for two decades. he has cruised to re-election in
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2006 and in 2012 but this time faced a challenge with well-known governor. one of the most contentious races in our area helped the democrats flip the u.s. house. democrat jennifer wexton defeated republican barbara comstock in the tenth district. our cameras were there as democrat elect wexton spoke to voters. >> comstoc tried to emphasize her independence from the president butt wasn't enough. we were in ashburn when comstock conceded. >> reporter: within minutes of barbara comstock's concession speech the balloons and banners came down here in ashburn as republicans gathered came to the realization that for the first time in nearly 40 years virginia's tenth district would be represented in congress by a democr. comstock stepped out around 8:45 in the evening surrounded by
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supporters many who have been with her for her wins in14 and 2016. >> victory parades will continue. senate oing to hold our and do great things together. >> reporter: we noticed during her conceion speechhe not once mentioned her opponent in this re, jennifer wexton. the former republican cha me that wexton's win is proof that the blue wav is alive and well in northern virginia. reporting in ashburn, david colberg, news4. democratic senator tim cane will keep his seat as well. he was one of the first races called last night just one minute after the polls closed. he handily beaty c stewart. kaine said he hopes this blue wave humbles president trump. the race in virginia is too early to call. over kemp leads by 1 point
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stacey abrams. this is the most closely watched of the mid term cycle. abe bramts israrams is attempti first african-american woman governor in history. voters in maryland had trouble at the polls. folks in brandy wine waited in line for hours. it started when they ran out of ballots there. the replenishment arrived four hours later. 1500 people wrapped around that school as they waited to cast their votes. some voters across the state were sinll vg when the vote forovernor was called. we have more on governor larry hogan's historic win. ed>> reporter: he tha supporters and democrats who voted acrosshe aisle to help make him the first republican governor elected to a second term in officn maryland in more than 60 years. he said that e politics that divide tees nationd not divide this state promising to be a governor for all
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marylanders. >> ladiesnt and men, tonight hundreds of thousands of democratseaffirmed the wisdom of john f. kennedy who said sometimes party loyalty demands too much. >> reporter: the democrats will help to bring him back to maryland. he saidhere was a blue wave sweeping this nation,e rode purple surf board back to the governor's mansion. i'm tracee wilson, news ben jealous called out the media for projecting the race, quote too soon but ended his concession speech with a call for marylanders to unite. half rom him in our next hour. coming up, breaking barriers. histor victories across the country, especially when ito comes twomen. our decision 2018 coverage tips all morning. stay with us. your t
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expensive election ever. he has alliances in the cannabis business. he was able to invest a lot of his own money in the race. voters in the deep red state of kansas also made political history. shah rece sharise davis is the first openly gay candidate to be ected to congress. she beat kevin byode a double digit margin. it was historical night for women. a number of women were elected to the house of representatives. there may be more women winners as the undecided races get called. women are making history beyond these numbers. aaron just mention sharice davids. alexandrocasio-cortez is the
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it's 4:44 right now. taking a look at a few more localaces in decision 2018. not much election day suspense in the race for montgomeryty co elridge carried more than 200,000 votes in that race, a far cry from his 77 vote margin ofry in the primary. long-time county council member nancy floreen delayed her retirement to run. aus rau crowd last night. elridge has opposed large transportation projects in the
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past for smaller, more scaled down versions. prince gorges county has a new county executive. angela alsobrooks ran unopposed after jerry mathis dropped out of the race. >> 4:45. go back to anothenate win to report. mitt romney is headed to washington for the 2012 gop presidential nominee a former governor of massachusetts defeated jenny wilson. romney could shake things up a bit. he'seen an outspoken critic for president trump. he could be a powerful opponent of the white house in th senate. big changes are coming to the house. >> the blue wave p make an impact here in washington returns power to democrats. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning tracking the latest updates. tracie, a lot of people are saying it's not quite a wave, a but there w ripple. talk about the house first and
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the big wins there. >> reporter: they wonh seats to regain control. nancy pelosi said in her victory remarks last night she will now yresumably be the house speaker. she said that the have got to work together. not only in her speech but also on the phone withum president when he called to cop grate two late her. also that blue wave that we've been talking about really wound up what some are calling a pink wave. we talked about jennifer wexton in virginia and others. ber ofare a record n women who have been elected to congress. democrats are in control because of that. >> tracie, let's look at the senate now. what sort of keyd races hel republicans hold on to power there? >> reporter: the senate is a different animal where democrats had hoped to make a couple o gains and gain control, but it was always an uphill battle. republicans did retain their majority there, in part because ur wins like ted cruzn texas. beto o', the democrat,
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fought very hard to get this, but in the end he didn't have the numb the polls predicted that cruz would win and he did.g we're see other republicans come back or even take seats from democrats. inko south , in missouri you saw claire mccaskill who lost her democratic seat to josh hawley. he's now coming to washington. indiana, missouri, south dakota, tennessee, all republicans and that is why they will retain control of the senate. so divided government for the next two years. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. the indemocrats' in the house means more for a local representati with democrats i power to conduct investigations, we may be hearing more from maryland congressman elija cummings. he is likely to btome the n chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee. maryland is said to be the next state offering voter day
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registration.wm ers will come up with rules to allow for sam day registration on election day. 17 states in the district allow registration on election day. people with mobility issue, young people and low income backgrounds are people who typically benefit the most from this. a d.c. man had a attack while waiting in line to vote at barnard elementary school ines nort thanks by the quick thinking of these ladies he was up and breathing by the time the paramedics arrived, he was up and breathing. these ladies quickly began administering cpr and other ran to get a defibrillatornd gave two shocks until emts arrived. >> looking atha picture, one of the women looks familiar. >> oh, okay. i knew i recognized that face. one of the content produc's mother-in-law.
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>> in addition to weather, i'm a bit of a.istory bu i have an interesting tidbit. >> do share. mitt romney, the first person to be a governor of one state and elected to the senate from a different state in 177 years. >> wow. >> how about that? >> the last person who did it, sam houston was a governor ofse tenn and became senator of texas. how crazy is that? >> that's crazy. i know. >> i love it. >> crazier that you ow this information. >> it was in the paper, i didn't actually know it. irknow it becau know it because read. temperares areostly in the 40s to around 50. there's a few outliers out there across parts of northern virginia. 58re d in national airport. light wind will be with the rest of the day. 39 in manassas. 41 for gtwarr and leesburg. there's a chill there across parts of northern virginia.
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suburban maryland isld . 54 at joint base andrews. so your planner then for yourco ute today, might actually need the sunglasses once again after two rainouts in aw. it will be a mix of clouds and sunshine today. mostly ithe 40s for the ride in. low 60s at noontime and falling into the 5 uppers by 5:00. sun's down at 5:01 tod and t sun will be down before 5:00 starting saturday and continuing all the way into early january. highs today, 65 in washington, 67 your high in fredericksburg. 67 in martinsburg, west vieainia. as we into the weekend and next week, a noticeably colder weather pattern is coming o way. the real start of the change arrives on saturday. saturdayhighs, mid to upper 40s around noontime but tempatures will be in the 30s by saturday evening. most of the area will get a hard freeze on sunday morning and then a very chilly rain onex
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tuesday week which could end, does he dare say it, maybe with a little mix of rain and wet snowflakes. not around washington but somewhere in the news 4 nation. and westevations nor could have a little wet snow, not an accumulating snow but a t snow early on wednesday morning. today will be nice. morrow looks good,too. highs in the 50s. clouds on the increase. unfortunately rain is expected for your friday. friday night football, cold and rainy once again. there's your weekend recast y but breezy and there's the chilly pattern early next week. let's go to melissa. >> here you go,ockville westbound between broadwood and edmonton, all of those lanes blockethere. utility repairs because of an overnight crash. ay shut down probably through the morning commute. on the beltway, innerloop, two left lanes get by the work zone. outer loop between 66 and gallows, one right lane is
4:52 am
gettin by. northwest, rock creek parkway at kennedy center, all lanesoc bld there northbound. flooding northbound ohio diverted to 66. that's going to cause some deys if that one sticks around. taking a look at 66 and 95, no major problems. southbound gw parkway. left lane gets by the work zone there. aaron? >> 4:52 right now. it's an unsettling statistic. suicide claims more police and firefighters' lives than any of the dangers they face on the job. >> now a local police department is trying to mak adifference. news 4's doreen gensler spoke with the faiouaxy police chief, a deeply personal message as he works to change minds. >> it's okay not to feel okay. you won y loser job. andid roessler is getting in hopes of saving lives. > i see a counselor and i'm a human being. this profession and life in general s isething that
4:53 am
complicates our day-to-day decision making. unfortunately, a first responders, we are seeing horrific scenes over and ove again and also dealing with the stress ofar people tha just having the worst day of their lives. >> reporter: in 2017 more police officers and firefighters died byuicide than alline of duty deaths combined. chf roessler is trying to change that by speaking openly orout his own post traumatic stress dr and he wants first responders to know they're not alone. that's why heed sta showing this raw and emotional video at all police staon roll calls back in january. >> i felt it's time at that my ttle world would be much better off without me in it. >> chief roessler thinks this video will prevent suicide. what do you think? >> i think it alreadyhas. i think it already has. i see people have already reached out for help. i kno they have.
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>> coming up tonight on news 4, we'll hear from some of those first responders featured in that powerful roll call video as they share their personals storf heart break that helps them to encourage others to seek help. it's an important story and we hope you'll help us tonight on news 4 a 5:00 and 6:00. for more health and resources in fightingn depress and mental illness, check out the resources we have listed nbc watching such tough jobs already. we need those to help u already. 4:54. new details on amazon's long searchor aecond headquarters. new rumors that crystal city and arlington county may have to split the hq2 project. now there are reports saying the split will be with long island city in queens, new york. orinal estimates projected the new headquarters would bring 50,000 jobs to the high paying ndty that landed it. new york times npr reporting
4:55 am
the split between new york and northern virginia is essentially a done deal but for now no official word from amazon. the announcement is expected to come by t end of the year. if you haven't been to long island city, it is an up and coming nart of york city. i can see an hq2 there. facebook isumped out of the internet and into the mall. social network is opening up pop-up shops in nine cities this week. part of the market at macy's which facebooko created help show off small businesses working online. the merchants keep all of their sales revenue and facebook pays macy's for the sales space in st the es. again, there are nine of these pop-up stores open n from 23ebnd. the closest one in our area is w york city. >> atlanta, ft. lauderdale,an antonio, l.a., and san francisco. maybe they'll migrate. >> if it works. >> all of that branding. see facebook everywhere. still ahead on "news 4
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today," it was one of the ghtest races in the country. f the race governor of georgia. the votes are still being tallied, but t question is already being asked what happens if no winners being declared? we'll look ahead. ry vic for mayor muriel bowser. we'll look at t other races that will impact your community. stay with us, you're watching "news 4 today."
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"news 4 today" starts now. >> election nig has come and gone, and this morning new faces are making plans to begin their new jobs right here in the u.s. capitol. wasn't exactly a blue many predicted, but there wasn't really a red wall either. we'll dig into that f you this morning. first, as we approach 5:00 a.m., gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. the democratic party is now in control of the house oes retatives, but republicans held onto the senate. that appeared to be enough for president trump who took to l twitter latt night with this simple message. tremendous success tonight. thank you to all. but with so many new democrats coming to washington, what does this mean for president trump's agenda? >> we're answering those questions for you this morng an looking at the races from last night though we do want to begin as we always do with a look at the morning commute. offk bell kicks thing the forecast. >> thank you very much, aaron and eun. a good wedneay morning to everyone out there in the news 4 nation. the rain is over for thnow. 's the best thing i can tell you about the forecast.
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leave the umbrella at ome for today and probably tomorrow as well. skies have been trying to clear out a bit overnight. where the skies became the clearest, temperatures fell the farthest and that has led to a little bit of g. so the coldest spots are also dealing with some fog this 39 in manassas. visibility under a mile there in prin william county, barely over a mile there in faulkier county as well. there's a view from our city cakira. clearing and good visibility this morning. 53 now in washington. 42 at dulles. there's that 39 in manassas. when the skies cleared out, the temperatures fell all the way down to the dew point. that's the reason for the fog. what to wear for today? t no moren a fall jacket and your sunglasses for a change. you can leave the rainoots and umbrella at home. school day forecast, generally in the upper 40s as a the kids waiting for the bus here earlier this morning. an outdoor recess although the playground may have puddles on it.


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