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tv   Today  NBC  November 9, 2018 7:00am-8:28am EST

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good morning. breaking overnight, gone too soon. breaking overnight, gone too soon ♪ >> honoring the young lives shattered in california. this morning the moving stories of heroism and the people inside the a club wholso survived the las vegas massacre. >> i never thought i would be calling my parents again. >> what we're learning about the gunman's motive. wildfires , suddenly turn out of control ang deadly wip out an entire town in c northernalifornia. thousands of homes and bldings destroyed. tens of thousands forced to run for their lives. >> we have to get out of heree
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>> we are l with the very latest. taking on trump. former first lady michelle obama slamming the president in leake exempts from her upcoming memoay. what she s he did that put her children's saf at risk. those stories, plus breaking tiernight drama video from australia of a knife-wielding man attacking people on the street after setting a car on fire. e-cigaret crackdown. the strict new restrictions being put in place amid growing concern of teens and vaping. and sim-sensational. simone biles with us toda friday, november 9 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news this savannah guthri
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and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. we are starting to hearome of these incredible stories from inside the nightclubn california. >> harrowing tales and incredle tales of heroism, as well. >> the shooting rampage happened at that popular country and western bar near los angeles. orp a vigild h for the 12 victims as investigators are scrambling to pce together clues about the gunman's motive. we have two reports this morning. we start with miguel almeluer. mi good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are foenging much of their attenon on the gunman, a 28-year-old divorceeed who l at home with his mother. he was responsible for theoo bldshed but police don't have his motive. as gunshs ripped out across the dance floor at the
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borderline bar and grill police were arriving on scene in thousand oaks. the shooter, identified as28 ear-old ian david long, had walked into the nightclub on college night wearing a hoodie, dressed in black, and without a word opening fire. >> we dropped and we heard the gunshots. a lot of gunshots. >> rorter: this morning detectives say the marine corps veteran was armed with a legally purchased glock 21 like this one usin a modified clip with 45 caliber ammunition. illegaln much of california. a machine gunner rising to the rank of corporal long served nine months in afc, honorably discharged in 2013. >> he wasn't a bad person. >> reporter: bla gwinnett, long's roommate for two years, says he didn't see any red flags.
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>> he never showed those signs to me. butam then again ot a psychologist. >> reporter: neighbors say the suspect was unassuming and quiet. >> lived alone with his mom. he didn't come out of the house that i saw him drive by, i'dve . he would not wave back. >> reporter: police haven't determined how he was killed or is motive. investigators spent hours chemming through his home, car, and come yputer. this was not the first time authorities say they encountered long. in april responding to a disturbance at his home. >> he was somewhat irate, acting a little irrationally. >> reporhar: in the c and carnage, police say long murdered 12, including sergeant ron helus, a 29-year veteran just months from retirement who stormed the building during the gunfire. the city paid tribute to the a 30-mile cer with
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motorcade of respect. inside the club nearly 200 college students had gathered. this video taksh just before the ooting. then asunfire broke out these haunting images as survivors dove for cover. eo why would someone come into someplace wheree come to have fun? >> reporter: answers that may forever elude investigators as they piece together the life of a gunman who took so many innocent lives. >> reporter: overnight investigators tol us they were closer to a motive. the sheriff told me late yesterday thathey may never have a motive just like the mass shooting in las vegas. savannah. >> miguel almaguer starting us off. thank you. >> even more lives could have been lost if not for the brave actions of those inside. natalie males has moren the heroes, the survivors, and the victims. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, it was college night, as you heard, at borderline bar and grill. many of the victims we in
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their early 20s, some there celebrating birthdays and good outs, just enjoying a night with friends out dancing. now this close kni community in thousand oaks is mourning the loss of so many they loved. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: a southern california community shattered. >> the healing takes time. >> reporter: these are some of the faces of those who lost their lives wednesday night. victims of another mass shooting in america. >> all my friends were there. as of right now, i know of who. coffman er: jason learned thursday morning that his 22-year-old son was killed. >> my first-born son. oh, son, i love you so much. > reporter: alaina housley was 18 and had started her first year at pepperdine university.ts her par describe her as kind, smart, beautiful, and
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inspectful. ju meek was at borderline with his sister. friends say he saved her life and several others before he was shot and killed. sean adler was also ath hero. 48-year-old was working at borderline and family members say he tried to disarm thenm guan before he was shot. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. authorities say it could have be worse. when first responder sergeant ron helus got the call he t ron in bar to end the bloodshed. >> you can't describe it as anything other than totally heroic. r: three people inside borderline were also at the country music festival in october. the worse mass shooting in u.s. history. >> a phone call no parent should have to get, let alone twice. >> i heard the round and i was out. >> reporter: do you think that's why you survived? >> yeah.
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definitelyy, unfortunatel route prepared . >> reporter: tel orfanos also survived las vegas. >> i am not going to vilify ts kid. he has parents that are -- he's got parents that are grieving too. i feel sorry for them as well. >> reporr: so many liv forever changed. 12 innocent souls taken too soon. >> i made it out perfectly fine. but for those that didn't, i just, like, it breaks, it really breaks my heart. >> so much heartacheo watch natalie. you were with a lot of those victims. what sense are youro getting them? >> as you saw, i talked to two of the survivors who were in the vegas massacre and now survived the borderline shootin and they say what they -- borderline was considered their
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family. itheir safe place. ironically, it's where they went to heal after t vegas massacre. so many of the people i talked with yesterday said they are not going to let this stop them fro gock. this family is their borderline family. it's a similar story as we saw withhe vegas shooting there. it's this country strong feeling that this community and thousand oaks is going to come back from this stronger for it. >> notleatalie, thank you. dangerous wildfires are raging in noorrthern and sosuth california. mass evacuations underway at this hour.i gaorts with t gat gatti schwartz with the latest. >> reporter: wds creating dangerous firefighting conditions. we have seen this fire com down
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off o the hillside. it's consumed several houses. there are firefighter in this direction that are trying to protect a pretty massive apartment complex. we know the fire has already jumped. t is headedthe 101 over here and up north in northern california an entire community devastated. theittion up there more catastrophic. they are calling it paradis lost. the town 180 northeast of san francisc b now aning ghost town. a fast moving wildfire being called a campfire forces tens of thousands to flee their cked residents recording their perilous escape. a mandatory evacuation of paradise, a town of 27,000 people, creating gridlock and fear. the smoke and ash turning day into night. >> i can't see. >> reporter: jessica and her son taor part of that frantic
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exus. >> now we are only going barely gov zero. >> reporter: the town's hospital also evacuated. those fou rescued as a fire closed in. officials say the town has been totally devastated. >> i don't know if the whole town has burned . i don't know how many structures are burned. numbers in the hundreds if not the sands. >> reporter: colton also narrow escaped. he woke to smoke that quickly turned to flames. the only route to safety through the inferno. his pickup truck running off the road more than once before he made it out. in ventura county trapped drivers had to beed res >> 101 remains closed. >> reporter: thela spreading quickly. firefighters forced to attack from the air. overnight residents on the move. more than 1at00 homes eva. one much those forced out
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realitytar kim kardashian. >> they are evacuating everyone right now. >> reporter: up north we are thereing reports that have been deaths. at this point it's too dangerous for authorities to go in and see how many fatalities there were. in southern california the winds continue to whip-you have firefighters that are down on the other side of the street now. t that's towar 101. and then you have people that are being evacuated from ove here. incredibly, right now they are telling us that about structures, buildings, and homes in here, town hedown here in so california are being threatened. evacuations grow by the hour. ba to you. >> thank you, gaddy. you can see why that's making it tougher for >>refighters. craig a joining us. >> if you thought the midterms were over, think again. some tight new races are getting new scrutiny this morning with
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talk of recounts in several of them. nbc's morgan ratford is in atlanta where there is new controversialun surng a governor's race there. morgan. >> rep craig.hat's right, in fact, there are three major and historic races hanging in th balance this morning in both florida and in georgia. 31 million residents across both of those states are waking up this morning anxiously waiting to find out who next leader will be. three days after election dayhe and midterms are far from over in florida. >> i will not sit idly by while unethyl liberals try to steal this orection. >> rr: rick scott filing a lawsuit late thursday asking for an investigation into the ongoing ballot counts that have tightened his election night lead in the florida senate race and blasting democrats w t he says arerying to steal the election. >> they have been coming up with more and more ballots out of
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nowhere. >> reporter: the tight senate o call s too close could -- tooe tuesday night. rie lead fell below 0.5%. it coulder a recount. the state ultimately deciding the winner with george bush winning by just 537 votes. >> hey, everybody. it's drew gillum here. >> reporter: but wait. it's not just the florida senate race. democratic candidate for governor andrew guillum releasig this video on thursday while votes are still being counted and margins appear to be tightening. >> in light of the fact that we are a little bit down in the numbers, we are hopeful that every single vote will be counted in this race. >> reporter: no official recount
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is underway. nbc newsas labeled his opponent republican ron desantis the apparent winner in that race. >> let's count every vote and bring it home. take care, everybody. >> reporter: another contentio governor's race too close to call happening right here in georgia a that's between republican brian kemp and democric stacey abrams. voters say they are experiencing this roller coaster of emotions fromistrust to disappointment and ultimately hope. craig. >> thank you. also this morning, former first ladyichelle obama is taking on president trump in new aked excerpts from her upcoming memoir. the white nder is at house. >> the early reviews of mrs. obama's memoir call it surprisingly candid as she takes her status as the first black women to as first lady and weaves it into the narrative of r nation's history.
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>> reporter: in her much anticipated memoir, becoming, former first ly michelle obama opens up about her years in the white hse. according to excerpts from the book obtai bit "the washington post" and "as sciated press, writes about growing up in chicago to confrontk racism in public lifeer to amazement at becoming the country's first black first lady. but the book scheduled to be releasay on is also attingention for mrs. obama's criticism of her trump. denouncing the campaign questioning her husband's citizenship, she blasts mr. trump writing the whole thing was crazy and mean spirited of course. the underlying bigotry and zone phobia hardly con seemed. but it was also dangerous. what if someonenith unstable mind loaded a gun and pson wentg for our gives?ru donald with his loud and reckless innuendos putting my
7:17 am
family at risk. mrs. obama says she assumed mr. trump was just grand-standing. ythe former first l criticizes mr. trump for his debate behavior towards 2016 presidential candidate hillary clinton. she refers torump stalking clinton and rails against him over the infamous 2005 "acss hollywoo tape. my body buzzed with fury after hearing that tachpe. she says she has no interest in running for office. recently addressing the topic of a potential 2020 run here on "today." >> you have been asked one billion times, a few by me. would you ever run for elected office, andave you ever been asy not? >> i never wanted to be a politician, you know. it's one of those things that nothing has changed in me to
7:18 am
ke me bawant to run for elected office. i want to terve. i wan do work. i want to be out there. but there are so many ways to make an impact. politics is just not my thing. >> mrs. obama's memoir is powerful and it is personal. according to the post-traumatic stress disor rs rks /* /- - post, she reveals she and her husband had trouble getting pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage and sasha and malia were conceived throu in vitro fertilization. >> thank all these she was fir. i remember the first time i interviewed her, she said she is strategic about when it speak out. now she is writing a book and it sounds like shes going to say whatever is on her mind. let's get our first that's dylan dreyer. >> surprise! we are going to see a rainy late day into tonight, especially in the northeast where we have 33
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million people under flood watches up across southern new england as well. t this is storm system. it's not producing severe weather but h pockets of those virginia, through eastern kentucky, central tennessee. we alsoave light to moderate snow around the great lakes. it's just a col front. again nothing severe. we will see rounds of really heavy rain, and there are a lot of leaves on the ground that could clog the drains. so that's why w could also see some additional flooding as this water has nowhere to g sometimes. behind it winds pick up. lake ear rookie, lake on -- lakeiro, lake ontario. could pickp closer to eight. we are getting into that season wher lake effect snowstorms will be an issue. we could see one to three inches of rain saturday. orologist
7:20 am
chuck bell. raindrops on the lens for our city camera. it will be cloudy andt rainy st finish today. there is more where that came om. 100% chance for rain today. heavier rain coming in this afternoon. temperatures are in the chilly mid-40s. not going to move a hole heol h of a lot today.>> hat's your latest forecast. >> thank you. and just ahea new crackdown on e-cigarettes.
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plus, simone biles shoaled at the world chiampionships why she is the best gymnast. she is live for an exclusive interview. first, this is "today" on nbc. e. we're wit her this
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just ahead on," "popsta carson sharing happy news for famous celebrity couples. a handy low-tech trick to help you find your lost phone.
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7:26 is your time on this friday, november 9, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilch the news here is that the u.s. olympic comm ttee decided strip all the power away from usa gymnastics. you and ali are sort of faces of gymnastics. do you figure like in your mind how this whole thing ends u getting resolved? >> i definitely think they need to take initiative. i think it's a start in the right direction, but then again we need a s leader for the head of our company. there. it goes from but all we can do is sit down and watch and hope or the best. >> absolutely. what you need to do is think about gymnastics. i know you are. but what are you doing for fun these days?
7:27 am
we like to find out what's happening in your life. >> yes. so right now i am back to training. yeah. >> but next week i go on vacation with my boyfriend. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm excited about that. so it will be a good time to get away the gym and then get back into it once we come back. and then train for upcoming year. >> you two are the cutest, you friend of ute b yours, right? >> yes, thank you. >> you're welcome. simone, thanks. we love chatting with you. >> we do. >> congrats. we will be talking to you a lot more because, you know, tokyo is just -- >> i was trying to lookn the calendar. i thought like 720, 600. mething. you have a little time. we will be looking for you simon. have a great vacation ander rooting for you as always. et's get a check of the weather. dylan is in for al. iis going to get pretty chilly especially this morning, tomorrow morning, sunday morning. we have got freeze watches, freeze warnings that extend all the way down south.
7:28 am
temperatures right now 40 ttle rock, 33 springfield, missouri. we have 37 in tulsa. and it is only going to get colder. we have a dip in the jet stream dropping temperatures to 20 to 30 degrees below average. rapid city a high temperature of 23 degrees. minneapolis some light snow, 24. saturday we are looking at a 34 degree high in chicago. knoxville, tennessee, 44. as we go through next week temperatures get as cold as 37 degrees for akl high inoma city. that's a look at the weather across the country. here is a peek out your window. good morning, everybody. cloudy skies and raindrops on the lens ofur cit camera this morning. grab your umbrella. nothing heavy just yet this scattered showers across the region. heavier steadr rain likely this afternoon to this evening. friday evening commute we will be covered in rain. temperature wise we are in the mid-40s now. afternoon temperatures will struggle to get above 50 degrees today. a gusty northwest wind is in place for bundle up.
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it will be cold also on sunday yrning, too. >> and that'sr latest forecastt. >> all righ still ahead, who would lose phones on purpose? jeff rossen, of course. our rossen reports team testing out a simple trick. the miracle baby joining dwyane wade and griel union's family. and a man who will one day be king. what prince les is saying about his future. the tough new rules to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers. that's right after this. g i'm alwaysng to be a maker. and i think a company is the coolest thing you can build. i'm adam, and i make robots. you never know when inspiration is going to strike. so i take my surface pro everywhere. part of an entrepreneur's job is to get stuff done. i like to do, like, four things at once. the new surface pro can handle all of my programs. i can paint, i can mold, i can code. i have it on all the time, it's fantastic. we get to build toys for kids and change the world.
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but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. 1is orning "in-depth today." >> the food and drug administration is praepg to ban companies from selling flavored products in conveniences where teenagers can more easily get their hands on them. steph, good morning. >> good morning. it really seems like a matter of time, guys, with flavors lake pina colada, mango, and berry cobbler, it's not hard to w fige ou vaping among teens is heatingam. now the government is looking to limit sales making those enticing flavors more difficult to find. this morning a new effort to end the alarming and growing trend of vaping among teens. a senior t fda officials nbc news the agency plans to ban the sale of flavored cartridge-based vaping products from convenience
7:35 am
stores across the country. >> teenagers are at least going to have a harder time getting a hold of it. >> reporter: public health experts point to the wide array tempting flavors as a way to reach a younger audience. an estimated three million high llyool students n use the r de lik for a while and most of my friends, they are really into the mango. >> reporter: the fda official says the fruity flavored products, among them cherry crush, berry, and green apple, will only be available in tobacco and vaiping shops. mons th after the fda announced a crackdown on teen use. >> unfortunately,e i now h good reason to believe it's reached nothing short of an epidemic proportion of >>growth eporter: the fda gives major manufacturers until sunday to show they ca keep their
7:36 am
products out of the of hands of underage users. last month thels agency trgeted top e-cigarette maker juul seizing morn 1,000 pages of documents during a surprise inspection of its headquarters. the agency said they were looking for further documentation related to juul's sales and marketing practices. nbc news reached out to juul and othe major e-cigarette companies abo the new restrictions. juul had no comment. we have not heard back from the others. previously, juul has said we are committed to preventing und agese. we want to engage with fda, lawmakers, public health advocates, and others to keep o ju of the hands of young people. but with a generation of already addicted, the question now is can they quit. >> what happens to teenagers that are hooked on nicotine and they can't get these flavored e-cigarettes, these type of cartridge e-cigarettes anymore? are they going to transitiono garettes in general? >> two flavors that won't be
7:37 am
affected by these restrictions are menthol and mint since menthol is still aowed in traditional cigarettes. a senior fda officials says the announcement will come next week tid expect more restrictions if there isn't a drdrop in teen use. you heard dr. torres say the fear of switching to cigarettes. >> dow we k why mint? >> i thought that were the same thing? >> yeah. >> it's been a few years. thank you so much. just ahead, airst for prince charles, opening up about what kin of king hl be. first, these messages. the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment.
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7:46 am
hyat a crash in the left lane. green showing you where it's raining and causing extra problems. great falls lee from pike one left lane is blocked right now. eastbound mass avenue between 9th and 7th in northwest witk zone a right lane blocked. we will take a break now and check your forecast when we com back. stay with us.
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(music throughout)
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good morning. cloudytskies and poc of light to briefly moderate rain around here first thing this molling. it's a c rain, too. temperatures are in the mid-40s.
7:49 am
not a big jump in temperatures. most areas barely back above 50 degrees. heavier rain this the evening commute could be rather ugly. plusry northwest wind tomorrow and sunny on sunday. >> thank you,k chuck. another news update in 25 minutes. back to "the today show." denise? oh, hey sandy! another news update in 25 minutes. back to "the today show." chuck. another news update in 25 minutes. back to "the today show." every day? yeah... so you don't need to, do that. you're not even gonna hold that cantaloupe to your face? the only trick you need to save time and money is to shop at aldi. save on little salad bar garden salad mix. now just .79 cents aldi. shop differentli. it's 8:00 on "tongy." coup, remembering the
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victims. ♪ >> overnight hundreds gathered to honor the innocen lives lost after a gunman opened fire at a california bar. >> my first born son. oh, y son, i love so much. >> this morning wha we're learning about the victims and incredible stories of heroism investigators work to figure out how and why it happened. we are there revelation. prince charles speaks out for the first time about the kind o king he' like to be. >> the idea that i will be exactly the same if i succeed is nonsense. >> the monarch to be faces major milestone, turning 70. and i spy. >> i lost my phone on the train. we are coming there now. >> a look at a trick to get your iphone yack if lose it, but does it actually work? we are about to find out. today is friday, november 9, 2018.
7:51 am
♪ >> from montgomery, alabama. >> celebrating my tenth birthday. >> my 40th birthday. >> and ourten-year anniversary. >> we are on "the today show"! woo! >> missouri. today i'm 40. >> we are celebrating today, woo! >> from san diego to meet savannah and hoda. >> cutis. >> halloween! >> noi. that i know. cannot wt to getutside and say hello to g some of thereat there. t let's start with the news. it's 8:00. we begin with the deadly shooting rampage inside a california country and western bar. miguel almaguer has latest including the questions about the shooter's past and mental
7:52 am
uealth i miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ere is so much grin the communi. anotheref vigil held overnight. but investigators are focused on the suspect, 28-year-old ian long. he is the man that police say gunned down so many people inside that nightclub. 12 were pouring over the crime scene looking for ue ls,clkingooor f now what the ay a motive. investigators s that could take time. it may nev come. meantime, all of the victimsin e g remembered by their loved ones. th youngest was just 18 years old. another victim here had survived the mass shooting in vegas but was killed in tir hometown of thousand oaks, one of the safest communities in thent c. meantime investigators are scouring the suspect's home, his car, and his other places where sed to work for any possible motiv any leads to the again, investigators fear they may never find one. savannah, back to you.
7:53 am
>> thank you. desperate evacuations underway as thousands try to outrun a newound of california wildfires. one entire town was incinated in just hours. gadi schwartz with the lates on this one. >> reporter: right now we are ia southernfornia. we are about four or five miles way from miguel right now. it givesou an idea where of these fierce are burning. they are really burning. everywhe this fire behind us is completely unchecked. these santa ana winds are it's ng this area and throwing up these plumes and these ember clouds where you can ers flying everywhere. you have a home in good shape. right here you can see that there is a palm tree in itsha fronts starting to basically turn into a torch. we finally are seeing some firefightersome up this cul-de-sac. this has been an area where firefighters are r door to door making sure that people are out of their homes. there is very little they can do to stop theseires once they
7:54 am
start. up north in parafose, caia, the situation there so much more dire. we saw families yesterday escaping some of those flames. we saw, we heardep rts that there were traffic jams where people actually had to get out of their cars and flee on foot and then later fire trucks came and had tot you to be an unemotional brit. >> we have always said that the queen wever step down. i think there is a 1% possibility that maybe we would see at some point the queen up. k >> based on something? health or otherwise? >> possibly,ou know, she needs to rest more or whatever personal reasons. also, charles has waited so long. he waited so long be the king. >> and she is2? yes. she needs a break. >> when you said he was loosening up, i thoug he was
7:55 am
going to go by chuck or something. prince chuck. >> loosen up. >> i am going to think of him like this waking up. you have "popstart" for us?l >> gab union and dwyane wade, the couple has welcomed a daughter and theyharedhe news yesterday posting these imamounts with their newborn. the good news welcomed as union ahas opened uput the couple's struggle to get pregnant the fast. she said we are sleepless and delserious, but so excited to shareur miracle babe arrived last night viaga sur. november 7 will be forever etched in our hearts. next, more congratulations in order for meg ryaoh and mellancamp. they have been together for a few years, dating on and off. yesterday ryan took to instagram to announce they are engaged. sharing a sketchs of what supposed to be meg and john there. rm all right. >> and con it with that caption, our congratulations to
7:56 am
them. emily blunt krasing "vogue" magazine dressed as mary poppins. she took time from promoting the upcoming mie and answered 73 questions. we were most impressed with her attempt at a boston accident. can you tell me something in your thickest boston accent? >> all ryoht. good for joe, with your wicked awesome questions and your fancy job. >> not bad. the december issuef "vogue" hits newsstands nationwide november 23rdou. might remember this. a few weeks ago we shared the video o a young fan battling cancer dancing with pharrell. nshe got opportunity to thank ferrell, bringing him to tears. ellen saw that.d, she s what did you say to
7:57 am
pharrell? >> i said can i a second with you? and theth girl i front, i'm like, girl, do you see a ring on this andso i said thank youch for letting me up on the stage. thank you so much. you are my inspiration. i love you. and have a great evening. >> girl, do you sea a rine a ri this hand in. ellen surprised her by bringing pharrell out. she was shocked. watch that today. check your local listings. >> that melts you. >> so good. >> double morning boost. >> awesome. good thing there.
7:58 am
thanks. >> let's get the weather with miss dylan. >> this sunday night football weather is brought to you by verizon. the unlimited plan you need on the network you deserve. >> and we are keeping a close eye out in califnia where red flag warnings are posted through friday morning or through this morning up near sacramento and rough this evening through l.a. where winds could gusty up to 45 to65 miles per that would online fanr. theou hs and -- obviously fan the flames. unfortunately, even though we get a brief break from the stronger winds onsaturday, they kick back up sunday and monday. so this is going to be certainly a concern as we go into at least the beginning and mudd of next week. some lake-effect sno tryingo pe accumulating three to six inches in parts of the great lakes. now here is a peek out your window. no sunshine today. i'm meteorologist chuck bell.
7:59 am
a 100% chance for rain, already a little light rai across t area. this is on its way out. it will be mainly dry for the late morni up to about the lunchtime hours but more pockets of moderate to briefly heavy rain likely later into the afternoon and the evening mmute will be very sloppy. temperatures in the mid-40s. we will recover a bit late morning. temperatures back up into the low 50s. a very blustery northwest wind is in place for your saturday with the sun back. >> younow what sunday is? it's football night in america. savannah, this game's for you. the cowboys at the eagles. sunday night clear and cold. that is football weather. we got the echo! 38 degrees for youremperature. sunday, sunday! and that's football night. >> it just doesn't srk. >> where al? >> good try. >> good job. we turn to rossen reports. our special saves,r ave
8:00 am
artphone. >> is there anything worse than loosing your phone? a low-tech tip to help you find it. national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is the teacher. >> i have never been called a teacherre anything like me, come on in here for a second, this is your home screen. you have your family. that's my wife and daughter. you have something like that, dog, friends, whatever. but a new stu out now says you should make one simple change to lost, it will increase your c it back work?ng we want to know. this morning i am losing phones on purpose to show you. when you l but now cell phone insurance provider asurion out with research saying that changing your locked screen and adding th text if found call your friend's phone number triples yo chances of getting it returned. i have ten phones here.
8:01 am
five are just like this. this is just how my phone is. dou have thearulocke l ifn you try to type ie password, it would come back to that screen. the other five are like this. a little clunky. if found call that phone number. we are going tonttionally lose all ten phones all over town. getre going to see which returned and which don't. we will drop one attarbucks. from coffee shops to shopping carts, malls, restaurant bathrooms. i dropped phones all over. this is oneitf the phones the contact info on it. so i'm just going to leave ithe behi sugar and do my thing and getut of here. i leave one at this tra station without t contact info. when i hop on this train, i leave one with the contact info on the locked screen. >>bye, train.
8:02 am
bye, phone. >> reporter: within minutes i am phone. a call on my backup >> hello? i lost my phone on the train? okay. welcome there now. >> hi. >> sorry. >> reporter: i am jeff rossen from nbc news. we are doing an experiment to see if somebody would return this. thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> reporter: was helpful to have that call n on the screen? > yes. me? >> re. >> reporter: i left the phone in a restaurant. lo and behd. you're my waiter? when i meet him, you are my hero. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: how did you find me? >> i pressed that side button. you had a nice number that popped up that said if we found ur. i wanted to makee you got it back. >> reporter: isn't that helpful? >> absolutely helpful. >> reporter: it's working. we could do this all day. and pretty soon i'm gettingr anot call. you found my phone and it said call the phoneth number? found the one i left at the mall. hi there. i am the one with tne.
8:03 am
jeff rossen from nbc. >> what's up, jeff? >> reporter: where i it? >> righthere. >> reporter: thank you so much. how were you able to. find >> the number right there, man. yeah. >> reporter: he calls me even while busy with e somethinglse. >>es not even 30 minut ago i proposed to my girlfriend at lieu i ha louis vuitton. >> reporter: what about the regular phones without the contact info on the locked screen? i have no clue who took them or where they are. >> this is whatlou do. you c the nbeum picks up or found it. voicemail. no. i icy another. ail again. and another. and another. and another. that's right. 0 for 5 on the phones with the regular locked screen. but the phones with thepecial locked screen, we got them all back. congratulations to t t guy who
8:04 am
is about to get married. by the way, we connected that phone number onoc thed screen. don't try calling me. it'son dicted. >> hello? >> it didn't work. >> savannah is trying. >> i want to sw you thousand change yours at home. there are a few websites, even apps for to do it. for androids just go into settings. cacrn u ea mtesahees age t inke. for iphones, iave h here. you want to open the camera up. very simp g. i ng to take a selfie, right. hi. we have the selfie. not my mos flattering. there it is. here's what we do. then comeo down one bottom of the screen and you are going to hit edit. you want to editom it. then ce down here. see these three bars? hit that. en hit mark up. come right over here. see that plus sign in the rner? hit plus, then hit text, right?
8:05 am
now we are going to change the color to whi because it's ea easier to see. move thatext bar whatever you want it and click it twice. you can type on it. you can make it bigger. i messed u he. basically, i messed up. hold on. do that. if found, call and you put the text in, whatever yan hit done, right? you hit done. all done. come down to the corner on the screen right here. >> we're really done. >> i know. we're done. >> we are going to black. >> use as wallpaper, set it. >> good job, jeff. >> see you after your local news. this is a news4 today news break. >> good moing everybody. 8:26 on this friday, november 9th. i'm aaron gilchrist. we want to start with a chngk on the morommute with melissa molett. >> good morning. beltway,look at the over all no major issues.
8:06 am
we are slow inner loop and outer loop near 50 there in maryland through prince george's county. the green showing you where we have rain falling right now. eastbound m street at 32nd street left laneetting byhat catch and gaithersburg 355 at watkins mill road one right lane blocked. >> thank you. we will have a check on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:07 am
8:08 am
most of us already had our first rain drops for the day., ultimatehese will not be the last. heavier steadier rain likely aring the middle later parts of the afternoon. the friday evening com ste could bew. temperatures in the mid-40s. chilly today all the rain chances. then for the weekend blustery but sunny tomorrow with falling temperatures. >> thank you. get the latest news and weather anytime in the naacp.
8:09 am
. ♪
8:10 am
♪ hey, on a friday mthning. novemb. y'all, i think we need to give this crowd some time. thiss not even -- we want to welcome everybody o plaza. you guys, this feels like a concert crowd. >> it does. >> it feels like a concert crowd. mi you. miss dylan dreyer,ou have a crowd moment for us? >> doye. i am looking for melissa, bekka. i! >> you guys are from wisconsin? >> we are, from madison. >> what do y'all do for a >> we are e.r. nurses. we want to give a shout out to our st. mary's crew and friends and family.
8:11 am
>> you guys do the lord's work. ank you so much for being here and spending time with us. >> thank you. >> so they are the e.r. in wisconsin. >> this is the concert crowd. >> coming up, if you want to dress like reese witherspoon or look like venus williams when you work out, you're in luck. you can do it and you can do it on the c.he ap "steals & deals." these are celebrity brands this morning. when you are hanging out at home and everybody gathers, where do you foo is, right? how you can entertain in your kitchen. how you can have the perct dishes, especially for football sunday. and we will see you on the thd hour of "today." we are polking on women and their relati this friday.ney on we will introduce you to a woman who started a financial gym to help people get their bank haaccounts in. she is going to share five things, five things that you can do right now to reach your
8:12 am
financial goals. >> and this gym also serves wine. >> oh? >> that's a good combination. >> selling point. >> exactly. all right. first, guys, three of the world famous radio city rockettes are here. opening day at thehi spectacula. ladies. lizzy, this is your 16th season as a rockette? >> yes, isn't that wild? >> it is. i love the rockettes so much that i know these areco new umes this year? >> these are brand new costumes. we are soexcitement. today is the christmas spectacular opening day. we run through january 1st so come see us. we have a brand new stunning finale seen that comes at the end of the show called christmas lights. these are our costumes. you are getting an exclusive preview next week on wednesday at the plaza. come down and see us. it is real a beautiful blend of tdition meets innovation because we have 100rprones inated. >> drones? wow. >> now you have carson excited.
8:13 am
>> there is something for everybody. the entire cast, the orchestr the singers, the ensemble and of course the rockettesre giving u an amazing finale. brand, brand new. >> i think a lot of people think have seen that show. every time you go, you guys do something new and special. >> absolutely. radio city is always at the forefront of being the most innovative. nothing has ever happened like this in live theater. it's really spial. we have amazing digital mped. projections that are so like. >> y'all ready? >> we are so excited. we have our high kks ready to go through january 1st. >> i a thigh-high kicker. ednesday we are coming back. we will be there as early as 11:00 a.m. all season long through january 1st. >> thank you so much. >> all right, miss dylan dreyer
8:14 am
a check of the weather. >> yes, feeling like holidays around the corner. it's going to be a chilly weekend for a good portion of the country. we are looking at record low teoseratures down a the midwest, lake-effect snow perhaps up to three toix inches off of lake erie and lake ontario. winds east/west onay saturday. suhey are going to increase again. that increases the fire risk. dry in t pacific northwest. temperatures in the 50s. the cold pushes into the appalachians sunday and temperatures in the northeast only in the 50s england despite the sunshine. we will see some of our warmest temperatures done inda flo highs in the low-to-mid 80s. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here is a peek out your window. good morning. cloudy and chilly and wet tside this morning. light rain across much of the area. there is more where that came from. a very rainy friday afternoon. temperatures won't m whole lot. mid-to-upper 40s now. that's pretty much where we are going it stay for most of the day. there is good news about your
8:15 am
tomorrow becoming mostly sunny. it will be blustery tomorrow with a northwest wind up around to 30 miles per hour. wind chills will be in the 20s by saturday afternoon and evening. be ready for a cold weekend. >> these ladies could be up to trouble. what are we celebrating? >>s. birthd >> whose birthday? with the tiara. who do you haveith you? >> my girlfriendheila, wendy, patricia, and anita. >> you arep for a good time. happy birthday. have a fun weekend. hoda. we have a special "steals & deals." we have actually rolled out the redec carpetse today contributor and our pal jill martin, this is your first celebrity edition, exclusive discounts from some of the hottestelrity inspired styles, right? >> yeah. i am so excited. we know thesem women f tv, films, sports world. womenre major business girl power, philanthpic, a now we are highlighting their line. >> i am a fan of this one.
8:16 am
it'son reese withers line? >> right. a lot of people have girl crushes on reese witherspoon. this is really an ode to her grandparents. draper james clothing and accessories. these are some of the clothing and bag thatou could get deals on. we have more on $co oead $150. i his quote from her. it's go grace and charm. i was raised in tennessee. you can never be too kind, too gracious, or too well dressed. retail $55 to $150. the deal $18 to $57. dresses and bags and jeans. >> it fits great. it's for women of all different sizes. i noticed that. jessica simpson is a phenom. >> she isbl incre she has a major business. she work with her mom.
8:17 am
her beauty makeup brushes, these recently launched. these are really fun. it's p exciting. hesonal favorite are the glitter. the retail $25 to $65. these are a best-seller. it comes in the box. it comes with the tissue paper. a great gift. the deal $12.50 to $27.95. >> her stuff is affordable. a shout out to her shoes. i have a pair that i wear to death. >> and she has been pregnant and posting the most hysterical, like i'm soaking myeet in brussels sprouts. >> venus williams. >> 11 the athletic wear. you might nono she has a degree in fashion design. she t she createds moisture wicking tech national leagnolog block uv rays. >> it'sfitted, too. >> $21.99 to $31.99 is the deal.
8:18 am
50%. >>ng deal. the products one more time are draper james clothing and accessories by reese witherspoon, beauty makeup brushes byca jes simpson and the 11 by venus williams athletic wear. to find these deals and more just ahead, thank you jill, our girl elizabeth has the perfect game day recipes. first, this is "today" on nbc. iz ♪
8:19 am
welcome to monowi, nebraska, population one me. i'm mayor, secretary, treasurer. every decision you have to make yourself. four out of five women will become solely responsible for their finances. i like the independence and every woman should have that, you know? i make my decisions, and if they're wrong, i live with them. if they're right, then i'm very proud of myself. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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hey!#newlivingroom ving a big sale. you know, people don't actually use hashtags when they talk. #thisgirldoes like that. no one ever does that. m #havertysb stop it. it's the final days of havertys veterans day sale! now through monday, get an extra $100 off every already marked down. it's savings on top of savings!ys have #lifelooksgood. ♪ we want to pay tribute to hero.fe of an american >> a mayor in utah, a marriagener the national guard, was killed saturday while serving in afghanistan. now his family is opening up about his service and the ultimateacfice. kristen dahlgren is here with more on a true american hero. >> goomorning, guys. brent taylor's story touched so
8:21 am
many people. the father o seven lost his life saturday, but not his ability to bring good in the world. the messages he left behind lifting people up at a time when they need it most. >> reporter: major brent taylor was destined for success. >> always referred to my young tee as the president. >> everybody exp him to do great things wherever it was. >> reporter: butf you think his dream of changing the world died with him in afghanistan last weekend, you'd bong. >> so nice to hear how he helped other people and how he touched other people because that's something that we can hold on to. >> repter: taylor's mother leader. describing him as a lovi father and husband. he and five of his brothers enlisted after/1 91. brent earned the purple heart and bronze star for his service. back home taylor was elected mayor of north ogden, utah, when he got the call to return to afghanistan. on facebook he talked about why he was going back.
8:22 am
>> there are ways all around us to brighten someone's day, to ift another's burdens, and to make our city, state, and country a better place. >> he really felt that he was ne ed, and he could not say no. >> reporter: major tlor helped secure afghanistan's elections. bursting with pride in h last post, while reminding americans of our own responsibilities as citizens writing in part, i hope everyone back home exercises their precious right to vote, adding we all remember that we have far more as americans that unites us than divides us. to his family, that's who brent was. >> wapn difficult thingsn in our family, i could count on about 20 minutes after whatever news it was he would show up at our door tsay, mom, dad, how are you doing? he was a good man. >> reporter: ex empfying the life of service. >> he would say don't worry for the politicians to tot. do it yourself. >> listen a little more. >> reporter: his casket arriving
8:23 am
nme on the d of election day. >> it's our responsibility to ick up what's been dropped a carry it forward. ♪>> eporter: at a candlelight vigil his window jenny doing just that. >> though our hearts are broken, we have no regrets. >> reporr: carrying his legacy. the hero who sacrificed everything for the country he loved. >> major taylor's message so poignant in light of recent events and his messa that all of us can do better and do a little more. >> k sevens? my goodness. >> 11 months the youngest. >> wow. thank you. we'll be right back. this is "today" on nbc. z31blz z10rz
8:24 am
y31bly y10
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stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. i love it. this is good. it's friday. that mns one thing on "today."
8:26 am
food and football. nbc's sunday night game, the cowboys and amari cooper need a wiba savannah's h mike, it's his team. the philadelphia eagles also. we have catererth elizabe. party cookbook.uthern living my mom is from the south, fnam north caro >> and we love her for that. >> you've got to love it. let's do it. >> when it's sunday and you are t's ame doing football, step up from a pajama party. we will make it simple. these wings are wonderful. >> i love wings. wpeople don't makegs at home. they are intimidated. ou these are three ingredients that you get have at home. apple cider vinegar poured io honey. this is browned butter. i didn't say burnt butter. browned butter. take that butter, let it cook for a little bit. you want it to smell nutty.
8:27 am
we are going to cook it down. that's it. the wings, you want to make sure that they are so dry. like i have friends that wl take one of those sham wow's, you know what i'm talkingbout? to mak sure that all of the moisture is off that -- a blow dryer, exactly. that's going to make a really, really criy wing. that is so important. well, we might be -- well. >> hello. >> hello. hello, little guy. >> a little trick anyway, put those on the hot grill pan and let those go. one. these are the other thing to make sure that your wings -- what, are you showing off now? >> do it. >>yway, they are really, really hot. >> you just cook these on the griddle here? >> that's it. you could go outside on t grill if you wanted to. make sure that you add the sauce while they are hot. if you do that, your skin will stay crisp. so now this, honey, i'm telling
8:28 am
you, those eagles fans are going to need something to cry into. >> oh! >> good morning. cloudy, chilly, and wet outside now with sadier rain this afternoon. temperatures barely getting above 50 degrees. the weather word for today is argh. betterer weaomorrow. a gusty northwest wind will make it feel colder than 47. wind chills in the 20s by saturday evening. >> thank you. you can get the latest news and weather anytime. just open the nbc washington app.
8:29 am
live, from studio 6ay.this is "to [ applause ] >> good friday morning, everyone. welcome. craig melvin here, alongside dylan, sheinelle jones, jenna bush hager and keir simmons, as well. we start with the latest from southe california. the community of thousand oaks heartbroken and stunned, devastated by that pass shooting
8:30 am
at a popular bar. we are hearing some remarkable stories of heroism. we'r learning more about the lives lost. natalie morales has the latest from california. ♪ amazing grace r orter: a southern california community, shattered.


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