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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 23, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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teatmperur ieen th 30s. thete winr weaerth aisdvory gs intoec efft erovt.nigh who isha tt for? anneiv l ign the counties adshned i purple. yonu ca see loudoun, mogont,mery alg on.i-81 xt eendsil unt noon toowmorr. ake sure if yadou hny ala pns onti hitng the adroyb ma just dayel it a bit. zifreeng rain, sleet, totlyal tnoor wth it. uryotses bet io t waitnt uil iitll a rain. i'll ouintlhee t whole weekend for and youha wtt i wbeill ik le r tlrave on mo.nday you' hllthave e forasect for nyoureiboghdrhoo ithn ll a thatf o your hand. dpieste thehi clly y atmperur,esck bla fdari oppers are out inl fulor fce
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around the keta aoo lk atht e pkiarng lot tathe clarksrgbu outlets. look at all those cars. not manypots open. trcaffi is backed up foril mes trighow n and we'veee sn silimar scesen in other eaars. live in bheetsda with ep>> rorr:teve we'ot santan i htheouseit whhe t kids. theol hids ayare oiafficlly here. 'vweeee bnee s aingot l o f cldsouth in e pkiarng lot. tkoo a lot of dringvi ouarnd. wead h to eus the skill t om follow sne aroundhe t llma. yoveu ha to doha wt yavou heo t idon tsehe enscs.ario lot of le'v ie lktaed on sa t kheey to a goodla bck
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ayfrid eerxpeienc being prareped. aget gdooht nig eeslp. eat a bigea mlor befehand. rgna scks ande bta menlly arep fed torheug hero cswd you're going to see. shoppers bng the crowds and the cold. > moyis steran wted to geter h luag ebag. we're oute hern ithe cold trngyi nsurve.iv >> here iam. >> all odgo. >> you kn,ow weus jtt wan seom time together. weandte to do ait ltle shngoppi. >>epteorr: anmee,whil store workers tinryg to keephe tir ol co people just ask crazy s.queson a big rh of people all at once. soar f so .good not too crazy.
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an thero cswd meay b t moouch for someho ss.pper >>epteororr: fth oers it is part of fun. >> get outth of e house. 'satal hfhe t fun. justpl peoe watching. weeot g all day. shopnt uil i drop. >>epteorer: w henav'tee sn the enormous cruinshgro cwdsha tt meso have predictedut b whae ve se aen lot of good lot ofto sres had to extden eir hours. o lotfim teef lt if youre a yitrng to takeom seic ptusre with a.sant >> tstru ,us t ohey're their way. >> they are. thyoank u, amy. tandake aoo lk atse theiv le piesctur fmro choerpp 4. >> they're not all inhe treh wit yo ulook, trehey' all led up. brads ip u inho cpper 4.
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how does tshi lkoo creompad to a normal ?40 >> llwe, it is qteui erdiffent. d let meel tl you. d 70 northboun is lngooki a li ttlebe.tter allse thool fks inin le areow n waitginn iin le to get a parking .t we s'reeegin a lot of crazy rsop ptiutheng tir mthark ee n in eth midedlthf e lanes trng tot wai tol pul out. lepeopth on e curbs. erodybopy hin tgoet g into the sasle andak me some good hapurcses fhior ts holayid .eon ie lov aoo gd dleamu as chs a ntheext guyut b i don't know if . dwoulai wt in thesein les ita is really busy friday. welav h aen upteda from tysons in about an hour. >> g of coseur, it isoo gd f or the ta reilers. there are still some shopping hours left in black friday 2018. you get to the nbc washington t
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ppo find out how hate your or aesre open ghtoni an alabama mall reopened after d adleashy tioo ongn g.thgiving evenin thune gshsotta srteder aft a ro ight b outet bween twoen m si tdehe mall. t.n was hi oeerth tedri on runut b the ,shot washo st and kildle by poce. terrified shoppers say li aketa smpeed as theyan r for cor. e>>ryveeons i running through. >> we heard the gunshots she got pushed. >> a d12-year-ol girlho was w tding nrbeay ae t thtime was also otsh. e eisteecd to be .okay i want to tell but a tcragi ovscery in gaithersburg. neighbors sad to learn that a huansbndd a weifer we found dead
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.nir the cdoon poceay sre the is no werid retho at tthe commituny. bu howy theie dd is a stery. r>>teeporr:ei nghrsboe havbeen ryce conrnedee sing poleic activity on this day after thanksgiving. police ass auring that there is nohr teae to th community. ogont cmeryouy ntcepoli weer caeder he to chevyha cse ts hi rning. a careak ter whoou fnd the coleupou fnd tirhe boesdi.po ce comenfird they were husband and fewi. they've been identified as 94-year-o -y94olear-d. eythed liv ithn is ngbuildi. poceay she tau csef o deasth s habenot enet dneermid. t>>cthe aual ccuirnc itaes stlilng bei instveedigat. >nyeonh wit investigation hat could when sheaids thi nigvestatnio is asked tol cal momentgory cepoli.
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>> t>he wanom dngrivihi t car may ha sveedkidd on aat pch of ic borefe sweinrvg off the road anlad smmgino int a tree. e died othn e ene. police say the weather and o eeday m have cibontrut ted th h.cras th dveri was in her 20s. her name has n boteen releedas. after aio vlent crh,as peolicju ed in to help. theic vtims were trapped in the car on route 1. ultetimalyar picamedsad h to cut the victim out >> . zooht ligs is deunrw.ay ureds of thousands ofht ligs rned zntoo io ain wter nd.aer thd smahotori sneas w thereor f
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the flipping of lights and hes ihe treh withi ts beautiful dilay. oo lksgrt.ea >> ,well it is great. nice to see all tsehe peoepl just ilsming, hpyap tnkhaiving as theyal wk tghhrou at eth itsmiahsonnat nliona zoo to see zoo lights. theyus jtli ippedt on. pe hopleadhe tir oohs and aahs. a lot of people like it. ami ne joidy b thexe ecuveti diorrect othf e fdsrien oef th tina onalo.zo what isew n this ?year unrsde ytandouav hewe n tratonactis. >> we do. fsoorhe tew n things we have a ginger badre villageow dn bthy t elepha pt,osha we vere tes that dance and rctea tongst a th gereat meawdo and a wrfondeul reindeer. ree s's,more tne funl cas,ke
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it's all he >epteoromr: cen oow dnnd a eck out zoo ligshtnd aan juary t. just heav a good .time tbacko u.yo > are gat way to walk off all dinner. >>ha tounk y so chmu. tero fm the zoo and teo th w house christmas decorations springing up all over the acple, thate niolnaoo z trains, trolleys andte sm ensginel wil circle. itil wl be lit dgurin a coneremy isth coming sdthuray. t hast' myin kdf o h > news4or wking to save you money wit tgin veco.rage still to come, apps to help you wndo tloadhees bt deals. plus, the source of the
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omaineet ltuce tbou aak hent iay m be safe to put the grnsk bac on your plate. wha you needt
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me jas: this is jan e.s she'a sybusu conlttan awithn tiacifve jane is al kidney nodor. teafr nado htinger eykidn to maurice, ja neas wk bactoer hmajuorl activities in a few ds.ay andnd kieyon dn atiodi'tdnco stan jpee a nny. i'm jamebrs own. meet my friends jane and maurice. ja dn'idowt kn mriauce, jushe stan wtoted hp elonsomeen d neeanyod n u catoo. lto mearnore about kidney donation thsit e rgwndon a hp elonsomeen y jo kpaulidy neercent at gidwkorney.g or 1call-8-k33y3idne.
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>>ho autriesti are zoierngn i the source of ethai ted
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mae inuclette. e thencurrt tbou ireaks likely fromal cniifora seba gd onrongwi ns.ndarstve ingpaertt de h ss new romaine from acplesik lezorina will soone b harvested. 13 states acrsos the courynt ave gotten skic and oneso pern di o kfyidne fluaire. could be dth weaer aerng aousnd tishat hy w risdictions such ashe t tdi hrictave activated their co eldmeenrgcy plan. ma srkveegrasas h w yhatou ndee to k to keepou yfrsel and otrshe sa.fe ea ere a trying tota sy wmar t d get r for theol h.iday >> athent dowownidolay rket, heer is aul popar erheat. t is ouseris, hypothermia, as
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heme tpetura sresta trtop dro d we'reus jt getngtid useo t .it e farhi ts monthhe tre hav behren tee deaths that officials d y they believe att aritebu the hypothermia se.ason wh tenheth weaer is so cold, elsh ltersik tehisne on irt nohwest stay open around the clock. nd theyp hrmotheiaan vs crowd h setreets looking forny aone oig mhtd nee he.lp but we all have aol re to play. y>>ou see sneomeo who arsppea o to have a seaf placeo tgo, enouth yanl calhe t hypothermia tlhoine. time, at you have the the location of the shtigginnd a give a dcresoniptif owhat the rspeonoo lks .like rorep iter:t nisot jtus the ole asst rkis wnhe the temperatures dr an,yonear platicurlthy e elderly and young children can be ctaffeedy bp her thdermia. an it doe'tsne hav to be rseezing odeutsior accding to
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the cente for dseisea ntcorol, it cancc ourve abo0 4eg drees if yoreu' wet. te yn,ou don'tno k iwt isve en aint eng and illmp iact yo alibityth to ink carlely . do tmo wveell >> at this holidaytr st market downwnto, shoppers anddo venrs were trying to stay.warm fothr is guy,he t cold ertempateuro sar elyn ithe season isoo g fdor his busssine. >> when i'llli selng hsat in d. tc.,he are a lot of oisurhots wor fgot to bring clngothi so therey'ng goift aer >ep rr:orte the cdc psoint out thrne wain sg yignsou should lookor f to deretmine s ifeone sriuffengm fro hyerpothmia. extihausonnd ashivering, confusion, slurred speech and memory lossre a a few of those .psymsto public heah ltcioffialins our nregi are urggin eveonrye to ay warmnd aee kp an eye out rfo heotrs.ou if ye in the disictrt and youee s somneeo who you think is
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n destrs and ndsee ,help you caian dl 131 and ggivin tm fhat latocionnd a dcresonipti o .he rspeon f'r youeer intesdte in a pnla or your jusdrionicti, we veha th for d.c.nd a virginia. stjuea shrc hypothmiera. >> rkma, tha nkyou. >, listen forot n even being thugh november, we got a pretty aectiv winrteso sean alady. >> wee ar tkialngin wterea wther viad.sory impacting.gngo tbe i samtillll swaowgin all the leerftovs. eth aordvisyecn eff tomroorw rfo t allhere aas sdhade in le.u nca see tst include not u tsehong alo 81i- into the moinunta rgeanut b also, jtus
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ouidts oef, d. toinou ldoun county. pa ortsf ntmogoryme t,owdar erfredic dk,owno t fauquier. we'real tkingot n oynlle set but eefr rzingainhi wch can me for re tkky dviring situation. lth meore rsoean tota s iyn and eate som isths untilbo aut nnoo motorrow and then it will cehang overo tra . lest' break this down. ni owhe t wndeeke isom cg to annd e for some. omorrow, the best teimil unt wi 6:00 p.m.nt uilt i all re h fgeor rn ande' w kgina at wmearr night saayturd nhtigo int suaynd. eer pct time to leavel wil be ndsuay. lots of sunenshi. iequict, ne y,drve en mdil idoutse. you will seen i ja ust montme.
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heads up the rain doeset rurn monday. ritgh now,5 3 stil llots oclf ouds out erthe. wisndt abo auten sev m ailesn problyabak mingha ttee fl more li tke0he 3s. wispde treademrape ttureresnd thuguthohe t smseeow tard northern ptsar of monomtgery uty. emember, you areerha tt wierth weaer adsoviry. who arwe? togh yt,ou'det bter layer up. witbeill ol cd out erthe. dotn'ge fort the umlabrel. sunday you can goor f the lht jacket buton mday'l youl have to esdrs i dot n'kthint iwillit h 51 ymore. su,ndayow l 50s. in, heavyt a metis. remember, itrt staingef bore dare.ak ithent stcwi theso justai rn andn the su,nday dry with a good
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ou ontunf sshein breinakg thugroh. itho swshe t trd.enow very d and up andow dn again. we kdin ofev lel t ohings as .e headnt io next ekwe th tpeemreratuslialng between th 4e0s and 50s. lease be culareff i yreou a ttadhiing the ro i ulwored pferyo if u wait uilnt itha cnges overo t rain. >>ll a t.righ thank you for thadvice. if'r youe gngetti an early jump tonhe opsh,pingre the is anea wayo t keepra tck othf e be hstayolidea dls straight through christmas. ere are a few appso t make keeping track ofal se ait l ereasi. >> rsfit, ipflpt tha keeps track of dlsea near you. store,u yrps tri teo th yifeou'r spenngdi, you might as well be eag.rnin it worksh witor me anth 100,5
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local b ousinessers want you t visit them where you live. and why small business owners see it as more than a bargain see it as more than a bargain nt.
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th a is is fit. t tohe th. finisghno see it as more than a bargain nt. tobut beg theinngni. afithght an oat cnly be won, see it as more than a bargain nt. if wane stgethd toer e for oncause. him. ex pert care for y evernew gibenning.
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neighbors say they're keshocd ttha a wood bridge coleup a'srgenumtnd eed in murder. rene drake is accedus of shooting and kliilnger hba husnd netyro. lipoce sayhe s shot him inhe tir meho wsdedneay n.ight neighbors say theou cple eap taredo happy ander we wellno kwn in eth ignehbhoorod. >> nice guy. >>e tdalke and lktaed. >> y didouee s a snyort of signs? >> no. > tonight rene drake is locked up and held without bond. >> the mayor of tijuana is calling for a cris. nearly 5,000 people are now in eth border city including this new group of migrants that arrived yesterday.
5:25 pm
seydaihe texnmico goverent has provided little assistance.e is asking the united nations for aid. prenesidt umtrasp hhr tneeated to close the u.s. souerthn bored fey the administration tedeinrm testhaex micoas hos lt ntrol onts i desi. a dratimac the.em oppe runningo thecu rese afrtewo t peeopl arera tpped in thr eicar. arhem frohe gdoo risamata.ns ng uspl, myaneo pple htiit eoa rndds ahi teves are targeting them. the scam at the gas pumpt tha o e sectreer svice wants you t know about. atllow yanou c prerepa f sor business sday. thnology the'sre newec
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inhe tw shonc ilungdi00 1 dneros that fly othver eta sge for more than four minutes during hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love.
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at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, in includg nitsghee and wkes.nd so you can do more of what you love. ammy ne titisndo, a i'm a o techpsanag mt er acomcast. 'rweine workg akto mingse th , simpleeandsy asome awe. ja s:mehi tiss la a,na vea ry busy mom. e shheand r sbhureand gildnawa nt tedowo gr tirheil but alana is of thousas ndthin e adcwirea thid kdiney e shheand r sbhureand gildnawa antho ks ta dnkioney datnioom nt tedfr rinegald,il al isana hlteandhy a eoynj ing fua ifll le. i'e shheand r sbhureand gildnawa m james brown andioney datnioom meet my friends,ald,il alana and reginald -oo ston bpae s rentofwo t.t i'e shheand r sbhureand gildnawa to learn more aboukidney datoni, meet my friends,ald,il si vit e thongw r a ndpajoy ulid kceney nter ate shheand r sbhureand gildnawa gkiw .odneyrgr ollidney datoni, ca 133-8ne-kidy3.ld,il
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nitoteght mpater auresre
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fagllinnt io the l 30s so lebund .up th werinte wereath aisdvorys goe to effect tomorrow mngornit a 3: a00fo.m. r a lotf o our counties until onno.i' going toho sw youch whi tiunes arend u it. emergency plans are in place mrtiulepl jurisdictions across our area. rea ermind. yerpothmia is a dangern eve if is above eefr.zing t he first night of zoo lights. ore than 5000,00 lhtigs are on diyla twgeining. ethig lsht are set to music.
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it runs untilan juary 1st. >> and the outlets have been ckpaed withpp shoers allay d long. the etoutlse havbeen open for tr24 saitgh hos.ur an w setill have a found more too. g >> ppleoree a rlleayom cedmitt tohe tirla bck fdariy shopngpi. >> tshi has beecom quite a trioaditn. >>wh> bilela fckyridas i for big sesal and mawnrkdos, why hopwn os hope you see small bune sssdaaturys a meorf o an stinveme tntahan bgaarin hunt. >> inseid the tdhrea lfea 'l boutique you find a splime icch acspe. he damre laidut o for others to sspaou thrgh.
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>>wa it s rtleceny addedth to e .list >>av weoo gd base ohops ow folkn the stores. and they connect with you. seven days a week you can find her there. >> most of the kids don't get reference but we call this the cheers of game stores where everybody knows your name and we have open play space foromeople to in and play. >> she acknowledge that's keeping itunning takes more than monopoly money. >> i try to do too a profit sharing wit all the employees so we try on give back as much as we can. a lot of my designers are not on amazon. they don't sell online.
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a lot of them are not even available in states. so paying customs ties, exchange rates, all of that goes in to it. they hope you consider it not as a way to buy cheepg butme ingful. >> it is an exrience. it is a celebration of people in inve an investment in the neighborhoods and adding to the holiday spirit.4. ne love it. analysts expect small business saturday to be aig hit for local shop owners. 44% say they man to shop small tomorrow. last year nearly $13 billion were spent on small businesses. shoppers were up before dawn today shivering in the cold sense of black friday deals. moren the shopping frenzy in
5:33 pm
leesburg. lots of bags. the measure of pre dawn deal. it was just 20 degrees this morning and when the stores got crowded, shop hers to wait outside in line. it got very cold. t> so tired, so cold. we w to go to bed. >> reporter: but you did well. you got a lot of stuff. >> reporter: as the overnight shoppe h headede to thaw out, a new wave of bargain hunters moved in. >> a lot of places are 50% off, 60% off. >> i think maybe the best deal we found was kate spade. we got two backpacks. it was her birthday yesterday so i bought her one and it turned out great. >> reporter: the only thing now is to figure out what everye wants. >> a lot of great deal we're just grabbing them.r:
5:34 pm
>> repor so what are you hockey a f have you found it? >> not yet. >> reporter: the crowds are expected all day long d if y't like being out with lots of other people, you might want to do your shopping on cyber monday news4. before you gas up your car, there is a new sc. crooks are hiding skimmers inside gas pumps. spending your hard earned cash.i federalnvestigators are seeing a spike in this sort of crime. they've confiscated 200 skiing devices from stations across the country. the secret service is involved w. they say you won't be able to tell if the devices are there. >> reporter: it would be impossible to tell. they're easy to cree torsion deploy and they can get a lot of
5:35 pm
stolen credit card debt. >> reporter: one way to protect yourself is to pay cash or pay inside the station with a credit card which is safer than a deny card. three people are fortunate to be alive in a car crash. the crew was on that very sttch of road on route 1 when the accident happened. we saw total strangers rushing in to help. >> reporter: nearly a half dozen good samaritans tri pry open the door while simultaneously keeping the two victims >>calm. we were glad to help. >> he focused on the driver of mustang. >> the mustang car with the old lady in it, in the driver's seat, waving with her left hand and screaming for help. i just pulled over next to her
5:36 pm
and tried to help her exit her car. it was actually sm >> marriages to friday victims out of car. the bmw was in a high rate of >> j a huge, nice big hit. >> it was so loud that he heard it from his house. he rush there'd to do what he could to help. >> at least they're alive. >> reporter: all three victims were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. they're expected to beokay. they said they were doing what anyone else would do. >> if she were in my shoes, i guess everybody -- i don't care who it is. >> you'll come help. >> ways. >> tonight, it is unknown whether the driver of the bmw will face any chges. safety officials are looking
5:37 pm
into complaintsng invol suvs and pickup trucks. the drivers say ty're straining to put on the brakes. so far there are their have been more than 100 complaints to the the highway traffic safety administration. stranded at sea. nightmare scenario for a man out living his dream of saili the world. ahead, his reaction after surviving 12 terrifying hours in shark infested hours.ha it is time of year again. what do you need to know to
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here, have this plate of leftovers. d... this old ottoman. leftovers for you. mpd, please take these okay, who wants the last slice of pumpkin pie and this old couch? make room havertyslack friday is extended all weekend. save up to 35% now through monday. room, dining room ...bedroom furniture are all on sale.n' miss out on the biggest savings of the year. havertys life looks good
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a massive explosion in minnesota. look at this. leav a house obliterated. you can see the debris is all over the place re. fire officials say one person was pulled t from wreckage. the blast was so strg that it displaced eight other people. right now the neighborhood is blocked off as crews tried to figure out what caused the explosion. the navy is changing its sleep policy after two deadly nvashesving aircraft carriers.
5:41 pm
the new policy calls for sailors to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. last june, one crashed off the coast of july.n seve sailors died. two months later, an oil tanker was involved in a crash. ten sailors died in that accident. they say the changes are a direct result of those incidents. an american sailor safe after spending nearly 12 hours drifting at sea. rothe man hawaii had been sailing alone in a catamaran for last three years off the coast of australia. things got pretty sry when his boat started taking on water and then capsized. i noticed the boat slowing down and there was a hatch that allowed water to flow in. by the time i could get out of the cabin and attempt anything, the hillary was full of water. it just capsized.
5:42 pm
it was under a minute. >> was that scary? >>. no just irritating mostly. >> irritating. okay. a pretty chilled out reaction for a guy who spent 12 hour alone ernight in shark infested water. he did have an emergency beacon but towed wait to operate it because it was too dark. once did he that, the helicopter swoop in the t save him in about 20 minutes thankful goodness he had that. that's like my tmnie. at night with sharks? no. >> meantim people in search of a deal openinghe up tir wallets today. the items you may want to buy. plus, a passion for
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you'll probably enjoy some football with the family. >> i already didat >> did i too. it was painful. >> in our area there is ame tak. other are using their passion for the game to create a cond chance at life. leon harris i here to introduce us to their coach and this weekend's harris's heroes. >> for more than a decade, coach quincy has been coaching on the football field and in life as well. as d.c. native, he knows well do the streets of d.c. can to a young man with no n. direct so his goal is to give them each a college education even if he has to go broke doing . so we thought what better timet reinoduce you to our hero
5:46 pm
>> michael doesn't have to worry about anything. all of iel just m away and he canust play fbl. >> he's been there only a few short months. >> he wanted to know my whole life story. he had me overor dinner. >> as mike and his teammates work o'there play, coach q works on their lives. >> we talk about school and family and work. >> he gets these at risk men into college and secures them scholarships. >> i have relationships with 200,00 coaches. they know i'll bug them. >> he buys them equipment. and he takes them to college visits. >> 700 something mile.
5:47 pm
>> he'll even provide a player with a place toay >> i'm here to help the underdogs. 5'9", 5'10", you know won't go to the pros and notet even g a look. so throws the ones i help with college. >> and in ten years even been able to send 300 young men off to college. it was the youths that he was t able to save that keeps him moving forward. one young man was $35 short of a bus ticket to go to school. >> that weighs on my mind. >> f those he has been able to save, he is beyondat ul. >> where would you be if coach q hadn't helped you? >> i don't know. >> you would be in the streets, wouldn't y? >> uh-huh. i'm not used to people giving me help.ot i just lucky. i met the right person at the
5:48 pm
right time. after ourtory ran the first time around, a viewer stepped up and helped set up a go fund me ge for coach q. during this season of giving, we hope would you consider it. you can find a link on the nbc washington app. go to our site and search harris's hero. and i just learned his team won the semi-pro championship for the state of maryland. >> you don'tant to mess with that. >> thank you.>> et's check out the forecast now. that's our other top story. >> you're saying a wintry mix is on the way. >> it is good for those who got the leftovers. >> fireplace weather. >> exactly!
5:49 pm
that's what we're looking at. so don't even bug yourself hitting the road. just wait until it changes over to rain. it is not going into effect tonight. it goes into effect around3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for those living along interstate 81 west toward the shenandoah valley. and then at 6:00 a.m., it goe into effect for the counties west of the district. lounld, fauquier, frederick, howard county, all under the winter weather adviso y. what can expect is freezing rain and sleep. the advisory does not expire until noon tomorrow when it switches over to rain. thrive degrees now in washington, d.c.
5:50 pm
still holding steady. 32 in reston., manassow are you? 33 degrees. if you're headed out, if you are headedt out, j make sure you're bundle up. really a bite to the air. y and should be fine catching a late night movie. dry. not until about 3:00 wham we have to contend with that win weather. tre's a look at the futurecast. 4:00 a.m.orrow morning. loo arek ke ista. a th's the wintry precip. it will ten to push us along interstate 81. really impacting parts of lold, frederick, even the green showing up could be more of a wintry precip. move toward the afternoon. all rain. kind of moderate to heavy. orange, some deep reds. we are going to get a good
5:51 pm
dousing. through the afterno a evening before drying out around dinner time and we should be clear and quiet for your sunday. speaking of which, your weekend planner. we can see it here. upper 40s. maybe we hit 50 south but i think we'll be in the upper 40s. by sunday, plent s ofshine to get out there. put some decorations up. so that' the day that i'll be outdoors. tomorrow, inside with a good movie. check it out. up a down and up and down. stick around. i'll be breaking down the times to hit the road. more than 80% say they're heading out t doors. >> some are asking if black friday is still the best day to
5:52 pm
get deals? as l found out, it depends what you're buying. americans hunt for deep nt discs, but according to obe analytics, black friday may not be the bt y. >> 60% think blackri fday is the best day on get deals on toys online but our data suggests it is cyber monday. you might not want to wait much longer. especially if you have toys like hatchimals. >> a lot of them wl be out of stock two days after cyber monday. >> if s you'rehopping for appliances, the day after thanksgiving is the best day to buy. but don't forget about it all together. >> black fridathe best day to get deals on large ticketon elecics like computers, a laptopsnd big tvs. >> not all days are created
5:53 pm
equa savvy shoppers should look at more than just the price. t >> some m may be too good to be true or on products that aren't all that great. >> another way to trackdeal follow retailers on social media and use a browser extension. >> you don't to have spend time at home looking for coupon codes or doing comparison shopping. it is doing all of this for you. hugedobe is predicting a year for online and mobile shopping. they expect consumers tpend more than $124 billions over the lot ofeason. black friday is expected to receive nearly $6 billion, a 17% growth from last year.
5:54 pm
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it is beginning to look a et l christmas in vatican city. a 64-foot tree arrived today ica ide st. peter's bas today. it became part of the tradition
5:57 pm
there in the 1980s. john paul iist was the f pope to place a decorated christmas tree in st. peters square. many people won't be getting a big tree but some a cutting down trees for christmas and last year there were reports of a tre shortage but not here locally. s soe carroll county are looking to spruce up their holiday season. l there w no artificial trees for these folks. yes. there's a line and going up and down the aisle to find the right tree. but it seems to be a little more fun t buy on it a farm like this. >> ay rea inincredible family tradition. >> we tried one year when allison was a baby and michelle t.s pregnant with ashley to go to a we sat there 20 minutes. we couldn't find a tree. we came out her and cut one down. >> reporter: what about those reports of a shortage? some said supply may be down on
5:58 pm
the east coast but not here. >> it hasn't affected us because the way we manage it. >> reporter: the national christmas tree association, yes, there is association for that, said the sale of real trees has hovered around $12 and it is suspected this year's numbers won't branch off too >> the demand is still strong. it has been strong for a while.e >> reporter: tre are plenty of good trees to be had. and there's fun to be had, too. these families, it is the experience that overcomes these market based kernels about supply and command. >> it has been snowing for days like today. it is overcast but it's nice. it does advise that now is the time to buy your real. tr if you're looking for one nine feet or taller, most will be
5:59 pm
ne by december. a big rush of people all at ones. >> now, big crowds fill the local malls. off to a song start. what you need to know if you're heading out. >> the traffic and parking situation, still bumper-to-bumper. a few more hours of cold before things start to warm up. news4 begins with a storm team 4eaer alert. >> we are in a weather alert mode because of what's comingy earlsaturday. >> another wintry mix because of the potential for sleet and freezing rain. that's why we have a big winter weather advisory >> good evening. it is going to be hitting during a very critical time. some of us may be planning to
6:00 pm
head home tomorrow. if you are, g you areng to want to hold off. we are talking some wintr mix. and that is not good. that can make the slick road conditions safe. for the areas shaded in, purp if you live in loudoun county, towarded ick, fauquier, west along i-81, you are all under that winter weather advisory beginning at about 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for those west of i-81. 6:00 a.m. for those closer to the district. whatpeou can . not only the freezing rain but also sleet. if you want to know best time to travel, stick we've got another night of serious cold to deal with. liven d.c. people had to work a little


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