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tv   Today  NBC  December 1, 2018 7:00am-8:30am EST

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go to today. good morning. breaking overnight, former president george h.w. bush has died. the 41st president of the united states passing away in his hometown of houston overnight the age of 9 condolences pouring in from across the world as the man who was known as 41 is rbered fondly by his family, friends andro politicians fm both sides of the aisle. the former president remembered as a man devoted to service who spent his entir life fighting to make the united states a better place. war hero, congressman,cia director, vice president, and finally, president. >> i george herbert walker bush -- >> he was in the oval office for
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some of the biggest events. victory in the gulf wa >> as president, i can report to the nation aggression is defeated. the war is over.>> also at the helm for the end of tll cold war. th of the berlin wall. a dedicated public servant who spent his life after t presidency helping to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for charitable causes. a devotedusband to the love of his life barbara. who passed earlier this year. a loving father a grandfather, remembered fondly by his family this morning as the greatest man they ever knew. the world honors george h.w. bushtoday," saturday, december 1, 2018. >> from nbc news this is a special edition of "today," remembering president george h.w.ush. >> good morning. welcome tok "today." thu for joining us on this special edition of "today" on a saturday morning.
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as w mourn the passing of the nation's 41st president, george herbert walker bush, peter i in buenos aires and harry smith is here. >> a lotf memories are flooding in this morning. former president bushed dedic life in in -- his life the service of the country. the condolences have been pulling in since late last night. let's get to garrett haake. >> reporter: the president's long term skesperson announced the death late last night and condolences poured from from all over the world. the former president had been 94 years old and he has been ttling a form of parkinson's disease and he had been in failing health for some time. he was last seen in public casting his vote in the midterm elections back on november the 1 but he had been receiving guests as late as this week. we know that president obama
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dropped by while he was in texas on tuesday. as we had the statements coming in, we have had statements from the bush fily coming out. the former president bush 43 releasing a statement ts morning on by half of his siblings writing in part, jeb, neil, main, and i are saddened to announce that our dear dad has died. george h.w. bush was a man of the highest characterhe best dad a son or daughter could ask for. fthe entireily is grateful for 41sife and love and for the condolences of the friends and fellow citizens. those condolencese will conti to roll in all week. details of the former president's memorial services have not been erleased yet. will be a as much as at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. and then he'll return to his adopd home state at houston at
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the same church that held the funeral for his beloved wife, barbara, when she passed away earlier this year. then he'll be laid to rest at the campus of the texas a&m sidential at his p library beside his wife barbara. harry, back to you. >> thank you so mu.w. georgebush began his life of public service at the young age of 18 when he joined the navy. he went on to serve the country as a congressman, ambassador to the u.n. vice president and eventually president. savannah guthrie takes a look back at his life of public service. ♪ >> as president, i can report to the nation aggression is defeated. the war is over. >> reporter: for george herbert walker vbush,tory in the first gulf war was his finest hour.
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never a political fire brand, he was often described as having theest resume in america. a gregarious personality and most of all, experience. >> what it alles c down to after all the shouting and the tears is the man a the desk and who should sit at that desk, my friends, i am that man. >> reporter: but george bush was also very private and believed even after decades in publicfe li that he was misunderstood. tt i was never clear in leg people know what my heart beat is. >> reporter: born in 1924, bush was raised in greenwich, connecticut. his father prescott bush wasu. senator from a young age, he was a natural leader. at phillips dover, he was the class president. at yale, phi beta kappa and captain of almost every tea he played on. at 18 heef dd his parents by g
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enlist the navy. two years later he was shot down over>>he pacific. 'll never forget it. the plane, the fumes and the smoke and it was terrifying. >> reporter: ambitious and impatient, bush married barbara pierce in 1945 finished yale in just three years. and he moved to texas to seek his fortune in the oil business. they had sixdr ch. and by 1964, bush could afford to turn to politics. >> george bu t,he republican opportunity. >> reporter: over the next 20 years, george bush would become one of the most exp public servants in america. after two terms in bengress, he me ambassador to the united nations, chairman of the republican national committee. t envoy china. and finally, his favorite job -- director of the all of which pd him for this. >> i am absolutely convinced i will be your next president. thank you very much. thank you. >> reporter: but bush couldn't compete with the charismatic innald reagan. ead, serving as his vice
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president for eight years. in 1988, it was his turn. >> i george herbealr bush -- >> reporter: and bush called for greater civility. >> to make kinder the face of the nation and gentler the face of the world. >> reporter: his proudest mp aclishments, the clean air act t andhe americans with ability. >> how are you, sir? >> reporter: and erseas he was edited with the steady hand as the cold war ended. then in 1990, bush faced a crisis when the iraqi army invaded kuwait. >> a line has been drawn in the sand. >> reporter: using his tradelork personal dcy, bush built an unprecedented coalition. after five weeks of high-tech bombing, the ground war was over in just 100 hours. and bush reached an incredible 91% approval rating. he was the most popular president in u.s. history.
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>> we want work! >> reporter: but thah approval rating soon collapsed as an economic recession forced bush to br his most famous campaign pledge. >> read my lips -- no new taxes: >> reportend a little known governor from arkans issued a challenge. >> d't read my lips. read my plr:. >> reporte it was a bitter defeat. >> 20 years ago when you lost, was it a hard feeling? >> terrible feeling. awful feeling. andea i rlly wanted to win and i worked hard. >> reporter: bush t into life after the white house. raising more thanio $100 mi for cancer research. literacy. >> just because you're 90 it doesn't mean you can't still get a thrill out of stuff. >> reporter: he was not above using a spectacle to help charity even at 90 years old. >> why does he keep jumping out of perfectly good airplanes? >> reporter: politically, bush tried to keep a low profile but
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campaigned for sons jeb and george w. and gave advice. >> i talked toim all the time. >> reporter: and in 2000, he watched his sonhe become 43rd president. >> i george walker bush -- >> reporter: as h survived his wife of 73 years, barbara, and witnessed an outpouring of affection for her. the theirs was the long -- theirs was the longest marriage in presidential history. a private man who lived a v y public life. praised by his fellow presidents for his leadership and grace as president obama so aptly said as he honored bush with the presidential medal of freedom. >> his humility and his decency reflects the best of the american spirit. those of you know him, this is a gentleman. >> reporter: but bush himself always maintained his proudest accomplishment was that his children still came home, his life was about faith, a family friends and an understated political legacy. >> i'm sure i could have done a lot of things better, but it's
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been a fulfilling time in my life and a lot of experiences and including being president of the united states.ep >>ter: savannah guthrie, nbc news. >> talk aut a life well lived. flags are flying at half-staff at the white house thimorning. while president trump is in argentina for the g-20 summit. president trump and first lady released a statement overnight saying that the former president quote always found a way to push the bar higher. let' go to peter alexander. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning th you. president trump nother day filled with meetings even perhaps a news conference later this afternoon as scheduled. but just aatter of moments ago posting a tweet, celebrating the life of george h.w. bush. i'll share that with you. he writes, president george h.w. bush led a long, successful and beautiful life. i sawut his abs joy for life and true pride in his family. his accomplishments wereomreat he beginning to end. he was a truly wonderful man and
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will be missed by all. president bush called his philosophy a thousand points of light. he even dedicated his nonprofit that helped support volunteerism points of light. president trump noted that in the statement that he and melania trump thathread through disarming wit and unwavering commitment to faith, family and couny, he inspired many to public service and to be a thousand points of light and illuminating the hope and tpportunity of america to the world. resident trump was not always gracious about bush's vision for a kinder, gentler nation. it was only five months ago that president ump in montana at a olitical rally said of tho words by president bush he said what h tl is that, basically criticizing the former president. that didn't sit well with bush or the bush family. there wasn't a close herelationship between two men. by tradition, past presidents around the current president would allhe gather tog but
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that has not happened since president trump took office. the last meeting of past presidents all those living today absentresident trump, took place in texas last year. you see the picture last year as they were helping to raiseoney for hurricane harvey relief. absent from that was of course president trump. he didot at the end the funeral for barbara bush earlier this year. sending the first lady melania trump in his place. nonetheless, as you noted today at the white house, the president has ordered that flags would be at half-staff. h we'le the latest from here. president trump expected to head home later today. back to you. >> peter, thank you. andrea mitchell is the chief foreign affairs correspondent, she covered congress while george h.w. bush was president. andrea, good morning. you just must have a flood of memories flowing through your mind and hrt this morning. what's primary on your mind? >> the compassion, the humility. and also his determination to do the right thing. g took very tough decisions.
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when i was coverngress i was covering the budget negotiations and he violated his own no new taxes pledge which was the signature pledge of his acceptance speech in 1988. i was covering that convention and of course that was one of e the reasons -- one of th reasons that he did not win re-election against the baby boomers. clinton and gore. that was a very bitter defeat as you saw in savannah'stribute. as he expressau to his granter jenna, our colleague. our condolences to all of the family. i had so many interviews along the way covering campgns, eing him in iowa, new hampshire. and also some personal moments, just showing the grace and gentility of this man. i remember being in kennebunkport during the transition. he was president elect and he wanted to show us a tour of the house and upstairs and he said, come on, i'll sh you the best om in the house. he took me into the bathroom and he showed me from the throne
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lere in the bathroom that you couldk out over the atlantic ocean and that was the president-elect of the united states. that was a moment. >> you talk about your memories. you once said, quote, history will point out some of the things i did wrong and some of the things did right. how do you think history will remember him? pr oh, this was the last of the greatest generatioidents. the last veteran of world war ii. the youngest navy aviator who red against his family's wishes as you saw. and he carried out the legacy that had been created by ronald reagan with mikael gorbachev. but it was george bush who ended the coldwar, heade it possible for the berlin wall to come down and for germany to be reunified which changed the map of europe and ofhe free world. so that is probably the greatest legacy. tanding up against saddam
7:15 am
hussein. and making the tough decision that was a heroic decision at the time. butso economically decades of prosperity, possibly forged by his decision to raiseaxes and seal his own fate in not being re-elected. >> andrea mitchell, thank you so much. >> >> thank you. jon meacham is a presidential historian who wrote a book called "destiny and power" and good morning to you. you wrote a wrote a book about president trump. if you canp the presidency in one word,hat would it be? >> he put the country first. he- against his own interests, on a number nl issues. cert against the base of the republican party as it was nstituted then and it wa becoming ever more conservative. he decided that he hadamassed power and as he put it in a t prayt he wrote himself,
7:16 am
handwritten prayer on note cards with which he opened his inaugural address, his motto wao use poweelp people. now, this may sound sentimental, it may sound nostalgic, but it has the virtue of being true. his substantive legacy is one of reaching out acrosshat was a pretty wide aisle back in 1989 to 1993. he never had eitr house of congress. he used to joke in private when people would be complaining about -- his successors might complain about congress. he would say, try to have neither house, try that on for size. but what he did with the americans with disabilities act, the clean air act, tudget deal that as president clinton will tell you set tro terms of thsperity of the 1990s, he pressed ahead and thnother hugely important thing about george bush is he was always interested in the next thing. the next adventure, the next it's why he jumped out of .
7:17 am
airplanes as msh used to say, perfectly good airplanes. he very much wanted to lay the foundations for the 21st century and in many ways some of the best parts of our country, in fact, he set the terms for that infrastructure. creating a world that we enjoy now. >> so interesting to me, especially from reading your book these -- in the rough and tumble of politics, so often it was almost like he second and then would say, well, here's the cia or go to the u.n. or the different places. a lot of people -- the conventional wisdom whyeould you that job yet he jumped at those opportunities. >> he did. it's a fascinating political life because he only won two elections before he won the presidcy of the united states. two house races dow in houston. he lost two senate races. he lost the presidenc in 1980.
7:18 am
the republican presidential nomination to ronald reagan. o on the biggest moments of a modern american politics came on the wednesday of the republican national convention in detroit in 1980 when just after 11:30 p.m. on the third night of the convention, ieagan accepting the nomination the next y, the negotiations over at -- a dream ticket between reagan and former president ford fel apart. and only then did reagan pick up the phone and call george bush and ask him to join the tiet. both president bush 41 and 43 have said in my hearing that they don't think either one of them would have been pnt if reagan had not made that. phone ca >> right. >> wow. >> you were talking about that, harry. >> jon hameacham, you for your time this morning. >> thank you. coming u we'll have much more on the life of president george h.w. bush as we look back at his legacyubf pc service to this country. plus we'll get to the other top stories including alaska trying to
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recover a day after it was rocked by a massive earthquake. first thoughthese messages.
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welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. we'll have moren theassing of former president george h.w. bush in a moment. but there are some other bigs headli get to this morning. alaska residents are recovering this morning after a magnitude 7.0 rocked the anchorage area on friday. debris flying everywhere, homes badly damaged. roads now in need of major repair. >> nbc's steve patterson is in age this morning and he has the latest from there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the most violent quakes to strike this region in quite some time. the evidence is all around and right behind me you can see a
7:22 am
seion of road destroyed. scenes like this are all over this area. but residents this morning are thankful not to be waking up to any reports of serious injury or death. but the damage to infrastructure here could be whereveras were rolling, they captured scenes of incredible terror. >> earthquake! >> reporter: a violent and frightening anchorage, sending residents running for cover. >> everything was shaking. felt like the ground was doing dance. >> if you could imagine a giant just graing your house and just shaking it violently like wanting to shake everything out of it. >> reporter: at area schools, children scrambled. hiding under their desks. >> that was sick. >> reporter: the 7.0 magnitude quake started at 8:30 friday morning. the powerful rumble roaring for more than 40 seconds, rocking buildings, cracking roads and
7:23 am
highways. early on a tsunami warning was canceled. t later >> shaking the heck out of the kfqd studios and knocking us off -- >> reporter:he tremor's fury knocking radio and tv stations off the air. the epicenter seven miles north of anchorage. >> one of the aftershocks is actually much closer like in midtown anchorage. that suggests that the fault itself was directly underneath anchorage. >> reporter: earthquakes are not uncommon here. the state averages 40,000 a year. more than any of the other 49 states combined. the most powerful quake in th. u.s. was 9.2 this morning, the ahorities applauded a quick response. >> it's okay. >> i tnk the best w to put it it's a 7.2 earthquake and ous response 10. >> reporter: the threat this morning is far from over. residents remain on edge. since that initial quake, there have been close to 50
7:24 am
aftershocks. the most violent a magnitude 5.7. h,ck to you. >> thanks very mteve. severe weather is making its mark on a large portion of this country. >> yes. bringing with it snow, sleet, freezingain andmore. let's go to dylan tracking this one for us. >> good morning, guys. we saw s>
7:25 am
well, we are looking at increasing rain chances as we continue throuto the day y. we do have some rain tomorrow morning. it will be warm. monday and tuesday looking not that bad. on the dry side. ineshe 30s to around 40 deg 40 in washington. gaithersburg, a cool spot at 28. thday those temperatures are going to be i low to mid 40s. that is it. we have showers possi e through thafternoon. it will arrive around 10:00 a.m. more steadrain tonight. forecast. >> dylan, thank you. we have much more to get to, including the latest on george h.w. bush's life and the legacy of public service he passed down to his children and grandchildren. but first, these messages.
7:26 am
7:26. od morning to you. i'm david culver. let's get a check of the top stories. we'll start you off in the district where the search is on for two people involved in an armed robbery. the two attacked and robbed a woman on p street near logan circle. they're looking at video from that incident. she's expected to be okay. police are offering a $10,000 reward with anyonin for rmation that leads to an arrest. >> the walk and 5 k so end hiv starts and ends atreedom plaz there's same-day registration. the run starts at15 with the walk starting a few minutes later. we will kick things off.lp
7:27 am
a lot of events outdoors today. lauryn rickets tracking the forecast for your weekend. we'll check in with her on the other side of this.
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switch to fios gigabit connection, plus tv and phone with a 2-year agreement and get a year of amazon prime on us. good morning. i'm lauryn rickets. we're looking at dry morning out there right now. but rain is on the way. g we'rng to have these showers scoot through during the middle part of the morning and into the early afternoon. then a little bit of a bret rihere. and then more steady rain possible later on tonight. let' time it outor you. 7:00 a.m. we're dry. here comes the rain moving in t the south and west by 10:00 a.m. noon.the d.c. area by and lunch hour out of here by the early afternoon. a little breakoo this afte may be all right for tree lightings. more steady rain tonight and into the day tomorrow tapering off through tomorrow aftern today, 40s. tomorrow 60s. some sunshine late.
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we're dry through this week and cold. ain and snow possible next sunday all right. i know you'll be following that closely. we'll be back with another check of news and weather in about 25 minutes. we're back on this saturday morning. the 1st of december, 2018. you see here the flags are flying at half-staff at the white house in honor of president george h.w. bush. the 41st president died overnight in houston at the age of 94. >> president bush leaves behind an unparalleled legacy of service. he served in the nofy at the age 8 as a combat pilot. he was shot down. he went on to become a texas congressman, serving two terms before becoming an ambassador. >> later, he served as an envoy to china, director of the cia and of course, vice president for two terms under ronald reagan. and a president for one term from 1989 to 1993.
7:31 am
the year he became presgeent, ge.w. bush said, quote, honor thano higher to serve free men and women, no greater privilege than to labor in government beneath the great seal of thees united st and the american flag. >> nbc's garrettaake is in his former hometown of houston, texas. good morning. >> reporter: harry, good moing to you. yeah, the messages of condolences and thanks have been coming in from all or t country and frankly all over the world. a testament to the mark that this president left across the country and across the world with hplomacy. that's statements from the -- there's statements from the bush family themsees, a testament to the mark that george h.w. bush left as a family man and as a father. the former president bush -- george w. bush said he was a great man and a great man and ngb bush with a heart brea tweet about 5:30 this morning texas time saying, i alreaat miss the gt human being that i will ever know.
7:32 am
i love you dad, from jeb bush. now the city of houston, the city of houston, george h.w. bush's adopted hometown, they will get their open chancesa to good-bye when the president has a funeral service here in b houstoore being laid to rest about 100 miles up the road in college station, of his presidential library. the nation wil get their chance to say good-bye when the president lies in state later this week at the u.s. capitol and then services as well at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. all of the details of that still forthcoming from the former president's office here in texas. >> garrett haake, thank you so much. and andy card served as the secretary of transportation under the 41st president and he servedn his son's administration as chief as staff. isank you for your time morning. >> good morning to you. this is a sad day, but we'rece brating a great man who lived a phenomenal life.
7:33 am
>> you know, we haven't talked about this. bush hated talking about himself. but whato u think he would be most proud of? >> clearly, he's most proud of his children. >> yeah. >> and the success that they have had. greater than en that, maybe that he has a countless number of people that he motivated to answer the noble call of publicse ice. that will continue. that will be his living legacy. the student t of bush school who graduate and then enter public service, it's a school for public service. they're the ones that will be his living legacy because he was the shiny example of what it mean to be a noble public servant. he's the one who's polished that noble call. it has been a light to the world and it's -- it's separated america world.weest of the e -- our government is of the people, for the people,or a h.w. bush motivated people to answer the call to public service. >> after he left office, i can't tell you how many dinners, charity dinners that i shared
7:34 am
the dais with him at. just his -- his amount of grace, his amount of freely giving of himself to help other causes was just -- it was profound. >> well, you know, he grew upn aer household where you not supposed to practice braggadocio and he didt. he was humbling to be with because he was always thinking of the other person. and a great example. but,,ou know i think more than anything else, geoe bush was a great citizen. a great citizen of america, a great citizen of the and a great role model for all of us. i feel so privi ged to have known him and worked with him. i first met him in the mid 1970s. and ended up being very close to him. he treated me so well and i learned so much from him. i'm just so grateful. and the country is a b bter placause of his leadership and the world is a better place because he showed the world how
7:35 am
to be a good leader. and his diplomacy made sure that the cold war ended without being hot. >> andy, real quickly -- >> that was pretty remarkable. >> real quickly, andy, talk about his loyalty. >> george bush -- he's loyal to his family. he was loyalo his country. he was loyal to his faith. very loyal to his wife. his life was s a lovery life, but it was a love story with loyalty and commitment and humility. >> andy card, thank you so muchy >> thank you fr time this morning. let's turn now and get another check of the weather from dylan. gola morning, >> goo
7:36 am
>> well, we've got some cloudy conditions out our window. we'll continue to see cloud cover throughout the day today. we'll also see some rain. this is moving in from the south and west to the north and east.t should h our area south and west by 9:00 in the d.c. area. all of this moisture is moving through later tonight. more steady rain possible later on after about 7:00 or 8:00. showers in the afternoon, not rain the whole time, but on and off showers. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> so the question is, sheinelle is traveling today. >> trying to get to kansas. >> to the midwest -- i'm sorry. >> i'll click my heels. thank you. still to come on a saturday morning we'll look back at the legacy of public service that 41 instilled in his family that started with his father and is still going strong today. wasn't my top priority.
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we are back on a saturday morning. remembering former president george herbertke w bush who passed away in houston at the age of 94. >> people are reflecting on the former president's public service to the.s. his sense of service started with his own father and passed down to his own children. let's ger back to p in buenos of s for more on that part this. good morning again. >> reporter: hey, sheinelle and harry, good morning to george h.w. bush celebrated for his humility, service and dedication. 40liyears, four decades in p service to the united states. a part of one of the g american political dynasties. politics has always been the bush family business. public service, a core value passed down from one generation
7:41 am
to the next. >> i'm prescott bush, candidate for the united states united states. >> reporter: prescott bush who left a legacy of supporting civil rights obligation, instilling a sense of duty and honor. >> my father was totally honest and totally committed to service per se. and thatd inpy me. not just there, but in his whole life. >> reporter: values he carried with him to congress. united nations, china and the ima and ultely to the white house. >> i -- >> reporter: but he said that family was most important. wi f wife barbaraming a life long partnership. >> okay, tennis. >> reporter: the family compound in kennebunkport a welcome refuge from the pressures of washington. their three youngest children stayed out of politics, but eorge w. and jeb took up the family business. >> i hope that -- >> reporter: jeb served two
7:42 am
terms as governor of florida. george w. turning to politics after giving the oil business a try. before taking a swing at baseball as part owner of the texas rangers. >> hey, you doing okay >> reporter: winning election as the texas governor in 1984 and then making the decision to follow in his father's footsteps. running for president of the united states. >> reporter: he didn't ask permission. >> why didn't you? >> because his answer would have been, you know, if you runu. i' for >> reporter: becoming the 43rd of the united states. the first father/son presidents in nearly two centuries. the eer bush never comfortable with the family dynasty >> it's strength of family and it's pride, it's not legacy. it's not, you know, handing something down. i hate that stuff. >> reporter: the father careful to keep some distance from his so in the oval office. >> you know, we talk. yeah, there's some times of noat, but it's what do i do now? it's not -- because he knows what he wants to do.
7:43 am
so i'm there for m.hi he gives me --hi our relations is more in our conversation -- our conversations is more along the line of a dad and a son and a dad conveying to hs son how muloves him. >> reporter: george w. bushli accoing what his father couldn't -- winning re-election to the second term as president. through it all, their tight bond always apparent. >> i am honored to be hanging near a man who gave m the greatest gift possible -- unconditional love. and that would be number 41. >> reporter: in his post white house days writing an hom his father, 41. and painting a portrait of the man he admired most. >> i like the painting i did of dad. as you know, i love him dearly. >> any tears when you were painting him? >> a litowe bit, you just thinking about him. he's a kind man. i painted a gentle soul. b reporter: but there wou no third bush president. >> $22 million -- >> i'm sick and tired of him
7:44 am
going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind. >> reporter: jeb's bid for the white house failed after voters rejected the bush brand. in favor of donald trump's populism. >> tonight, i'm suspending my campaign. yeah, yeah. >> reporter: but maybe not the end of the family's commitment to serve. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: jeb's son george p. now a rising star in texas litics. as the torch is passed to a new generation. and many b ways george h.h really represented what feels ike a bygone era of bipartisanship. it was tuesday of this week that he received the visit from the former president barack obama. it was also separately over the course of the past several yeari that he that very close relationship with president clinton. the man who succeeded him. the man who beat him on his way to the oval office. there's a tradition that past presidents all living presidents
7:45 am
including the current occupant ould gather together in the president's club. the last visit was last year in texas. the only one absent from the ldsit was president trump. he is expected to news conference this afternoon, where if that goes on as planned we'll hear from him in person as he speaks about president george h.w. bush. back to you. >> peter, thank you. there's mh more news to get to this morning. coming up next, an nfl star now out of a job after a bru wl atta caught on camera. the latest on that story for you, it's always leap over look. now over later. and pause. not even in your vocabulary. so when a cold sore tingle strikes. you act on it. only abreva can get rid of a cold sore in as little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. it start to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. nothing gets rid of a cold sore faster. and because abreva acts on it... you can too. act on it, with abreva.
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we are back on a saturday morning with moreuble for the nfl. a video just released showing a star running back city chiefs hitting a woman. >> it happened last february, but kareem hunt didn't face any equences until now. ron mott has more. the video is disturbing to watch. s>> reporter: he was an nr running back. >> the show goes on. for kareem hunt. >> reporter: but this morning, hunt is starring in what many see as horror film. hotel video obtained by tmz sports showing him shoving a woman who then tookwi a s at him, later charging at her. she's knocked to the floor and then finally hunt kicks her before being pulled away. >> i was assaulted and i need help. >> reporter: the disturbing footage captured at cleveland
7:49 am
hotel in february. police were called but n charges filed. late friday, hunt's team theas kans cityhiefs said he was not truthful when they spoke to him about the incident earlier this year and that they were releasing him immediately. fired. >> it's a shame that at takes seeiideo to get kind of that reaction when you hear about violence against women. >> reporter: the video reminiscent of another incident of a star player getting violent on camera. in 2014, ray rice knocked out his fiancee, now wife, i a casino elevator. his inial two-game suspension by com sparking outrage and changing. the league toughening the domestic violence policy. rice has not played in the nfl since. >> this is a problem for the league because it comes in the same way that ruben foster was cut by the san francisco 49ers after he was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence and then claimed on waivers by washington, creating and newing the debate a
7:50 am
discussion about domestic violence among nfl player. >> reporter: when asked about the hallway, incide hunt said this -- >> i learn from it. it's -- i'm focusedotn ll. >> reporter: now he's suddenly out of a job. the latest nfl player raising red flags far off the field. for "today," ron mott, nbc news. still to come, we're live in houston as the country world remembers former president world remembers former president george h.wu
7:51 am
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still to come onda "" more of george h.w. bush's passing as his family, president trump and former presidents all remember the public servant who dedicated his life to his family and this country. much more to come, but first these messages. you ok there, kurt? wekarate
7:53 am
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7:57 am
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only need internet? no problem. get internet starting at $39.99 per month. fios. the fastest internet in the us. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. go to today. increasing chances of rain out there as we continue through the morning. a wet night ahead. we doave some rain for your sunday morning but tapering off sunday afternoon. we're looking dry out there right thnow. is on the way to our area. this will move into our region as showers as we continue through the moing. and the all of this has to make its way through. that's going to be moving ins we head through the evening. and a steady rain possible later this evening and through the overnight. temperatures only in the 40s today. we stay steady overnight. 60s tomorrow. rainhances in the morning
8:00 am
decreasing in the afternoon. late day sunshine. next chance rain and snow next ndsu. we'll have our full newscast at 8:30. for now, back to the "today show." good morning. breaking overnight, former resident george h.w. bush h died. the 41st president of the united states passing away in his hometown of houston overnight at the age of 94. condolens pouring in fm across the world as the man known as 41 is remembered fondly by his family, friends and politicians from both sides of the aisle. the former president remembered as a man devoted to service who spent his entire life fighting to make the united states a better place. war hero, congressman, cia director. vice president. andin fally, president. >> i george herbert walker bush -- >> there in theor oval office
8:01 am
some of the biggest events. victory in the gulf war. >> as president i can report to the nation aggression is defeated. r is over. >> also at the helm for the end of t cold war. the fall of the berlin wall. a dedicated public servant who spent his life after the presidency helping to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for charitable causes. a devoted husband to the love of his life barbara who passed earlier this year. a loving father and grandfather, remembered fondly by his family this morning as the greatest man they ever knew. the world honors president george h.w. bush today, saturday, december 1, f2018. rom nbc news, this is a special edition of "today". remembering president george h.w. bush. >> good morning. lcome to "today" on a saturday morning. as we mourn the passing of the
8:02 am
.ation's 41st president, george herbert walker bu peter is in buenos aires and harry iss with here in new york. >> the president george h.w. bush is being remembered fondly this morning as a great man, a public servant who wanted to make america a great place. he dieat the age of 94. funeral plans are being finalized this morning. >> let's go to garrett haake who is in houston this morning. >> reporter: good morning, from houston, texas, waking up over the loss of george bush, 94 years old. he had been in failing health for some time, he had been battling a form of parkinson's disease. this life long public servant was casting his ballot in the midterm elections last mont voting here in houston, texas. now, condolences for theidormer
8:03 am
prt have been pouring in as you said from all over the country and all over the worlne of them more poignant though from the remembrances of his own family. his son george w. bush, his son jeb bush tweeted this morning, 5:30 local time, writing i ready miss the greatest human being that i will ever know. i le you, dad. now, the country and the family and texans will all get an opportunity to s good-bye to the former president and we do know as funeral arrangements are being put together that president george h.w. bush will lie in state at the u.s. capitol and a service for him at the national cathedral and then he'll return to texasor a funeral service at his hometown church here in the same church that his wife barbara bush was memorializedhi earlier year and then he'll be buried a hundred miles up the road from here in college station, texas, at the bush presidential library side by side with hisbeloved wife. back to you in the studio. >>yo garrett haake, thank
8:04 am
president trump is in argentina this morning for the g20 summit. he and the first ladyea rd a statement overnight saying that te'll continue to pursue other americans to go a greater cause. >> let's go to peter alexander in buenos aires with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, harry and oo sheinelle,morning. despite the deep resentments between the two presidents, including george h.w. bush refusing to endorse the president,soday a gra statement from president trump. a matter of hours ago, posting twitter. he wrote the following, george h.w. bush led a long, successful and beautiful life. whenever i was with him, i saw his absolute joy for life and his pride in family. his accomplishments were gat from beginning to end. he will be missed by all. the two men didn't have much of
8:05 am
a personal relationship. you'll remember george w. bush, he promoted volunteerism through a mission that he call ed points of light.nt a thousand p of light was the saying and the president noted that in his comments that the white house posted from president trump and the first lady earlier today that president trump said through his essential authenticity, disarming wit and unwaving commitment to faith, family and country, president bush inspired generations of americans toer public svant and to be a thousand points of light, illuminating g tatness and hope and opportunity of america to the world. but president trump was not always so gracious about bush's hope for a kindler, gentler nation. it was five months ago in montana that he attacked george h.w. bush and those wds saying, what the hell is that? criticizing that slogan vsus his own slogan, make america
8:06 am
great again. president bush was quoted in a book just a year ago speaking of donald trump saying that i didn't know him. i don't know him. but i know he's blow hard. he says, i don't like him in those remarks. eep e really was sort of a dislike between these two in the wake of the 2016 ection. president trump of course did not at the end the funeral services celebrating the life of barbara bush. instead, it was the first lady, melania trump, whoth aended in his place. but it will be an interesting week as -- it's traditional that the president eulogizes a past president when their life is celebrated. remains to be seen what will happen this week as george h.w. bush is lying in state in washington and the celebrated at the national back to you in new york. >> all right, peter, thank yosh michael loss is a presidential historian. >> how are you? >> we are well, but we're awash in memorie of this guy from the
8:07 am
greatest generation. this is -- this is a kind of a presidential history that -- this is the kind of stuff that you etc in stone some place. these guys are few and far between. that's for sure. it's the passing of that generation of george h.w. bush represents. this is a guy who gets out of boarding school, 1942. comes the youngest flyer in the navy, then ends up serving the country for the next 76 years. >> as you look at his career and he life, can you remember what you think might have been his biggest test? >> i think the biggest tesscame when he resident and that is what to do about the cold r. i think w can thank george h.w. bush for the fact that the cold war ended at the moment it did and endedir withoutg a shot. you know, it called on all of s s great talentsdiplomat because he knew that the way to get the cold war to end is for me, george bush, to build a
8:08 am
relationship with the soviet leader, mikhail gorbachev. so bush restrains himself, doesn't give a speech sayin this is a big victory for the united states. that might have helpedush politically, but it would have made gorbachev refuse to make furtheroncessions that ended the cold war. >> michael, as we zoom out a little bit as a presidential historian, we're talking with so many people this morning and andrea mitchell was really describing kind of a completely different era in this country. we talked a little bit about this with john mccain's funeral. it seems at the astime, there this sense of the desire to get back to some kind of a bipartisanship or just a different way of doing politics, if youwill. can you speak to this contrast and what can we take away as we ok back this morning? >> looking back from the moment that we're in now politically, it'sike going to a different planet, arriving and talking about pompeii.
8:09 am
president bush, this was a decent purpose who loved to reach across the aisle. he was very good at that. that's why he was successful c when he was gress. it's why he got all those promotions t some extent it was thy he was elected president in 1988. is so far from the period that we're living through today. maybe we should revisit that a little bit. >> michael, thank you so much. we have some other news including a former dallice officer now facing a murder charge this morning after she was accused of shootg and killing an unarmed black man a few months ago. officer amber guyer was off duty when she entered a neighbor's apartment and fatally shot botham jean inside his home. she said she entered the wrong apartment by mistake and thought he was an intruder. it set off protests all over the country. also this morning, t kansas city chiefs have released their star running back,areem hunt. he has been put on the commissioner's exempt list after
8:10 am
a disturbing video is published by tmz on friday. the video appears to show hunt abusing a womant a cleveland hotel. hunt apologized for his actions in a statement overnight. we're zbrnch
8:11 am
a lot of cloud cover. we are dry. however, rai just to the south and west around the roanoke and charlottesville area moving north and east. look at this it advances to the north and east. we could have some rain here by 10:00. it will cnttinuethe afternoon. could have a little break but more steady rain possible er ght through tomorrow morning. tapering off tomorrow afternoon. >> and thafos your latest cast. >> thank you, dylan. still to come, a look at president george h.w. bush f this is not a bed. it's proven quality sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999... imoelligently senses youment and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep . how smart is that? smarter sleep. e to help you shed thgar cookies, get a running start on the holidays, and take it all in with the patience of a saint.
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8:15 am
>> first and foremost he was a great father. ry it is the part of a presidential's s best told by his son. >> he had enormous success in life. but those succses were meager mpared to the success of bei being -- you know, a fabulous husband and great father. >> reporter: with the glimpse m into the life y grandfather, beyond the world stage and what the public knows of him. before he entered politics, he and my grandmother were busy raising their kids. dad, growing up, what type of father was grampy? >> well, he set the boe daries. buts never one that tried to impose his will on us. because of the way he raised all of us, we admired m greatly. >> so when you wre raising y kids, what type of things did you want for them? >> i wanted all of this.i nted them to feel there were no horizons, they could reach
8:16 am
for the stars. accomplish stuff and sure enough, they have. >> reporter: and history will tell that st fy. her had a front row seat working throughout my grandfather's campaigns. >> so help mgod. >> reporter: he says now the hardest part of politicians is watching the spotlight shine harshly on those you love. dad, when you watched as he was a preside and you would turn on the television to hear critics talk about him -- >> yeah. it made me angry. and i wasn't disciplined enough not to watch television. when i became president, i was disclined enough to ignore all the noise. but when he was president and people criticized him, i didn't like it. but actually it helped thicken my hide for when i became president because criticism of my dad was a heck of a lot more
8:17 am
icult for me to handle than criticism of me. >> what about though, when you hearpeople? >> same thing, i did not like it. i knew by then that it goes with the territory, but, you know, it's your own son. it's hard to take. >> dad, when in 1992, when he lost -- >> it was an unhappy moment. it took a seriesf events to defeat him though, but we of course fed off of his graciousness in the rdefeat. orter: it is a lesson in grace and fortitude. >> it didn't w quitek out the way we wanted. >> reporter: my grandfather has never been bitter or resentful and years later, an unlikely relationship develoind. >> bill n views him as a father. one of the great ironi of >> he doesn't hold grudges as you said. bill clinton's become a good -- friend, yeah. that's right. >> some people that would be surprised by that. >> i think they are. but bubba, he's a go man.
8:18 am
i like him. >> reporter: throughout it all, my grandfather has alwaystput family f he's beenhere for us throughout the most important moments. and the frivolous ones too. >> you remember the time when you were preparing for the 1988 debates with michael dukakis and the day before the debate, barbara couldn't find spiky the dog? >> yeah. >> so gampy rather than be quiet, little girl, go to your room, leads the search for spikh stuffed dog. >> it was remarkable you were baby-sitting us the night before the debate anywhere. y where we? >> i was preparing for the debate. i don't know where i was. the good henews, found spiky. >> reporter: even during his busiest days in the white house or on the campaign trail, he was always simply gampy to uno >> i don't kif you remember in 1984 when you came to mid land, texas,nd jenna came on thetage and kept whipping up
8:19 am
her skirt in front of the crowd. >> i was trying to get youd. elec i was 4. >> he was very tolerant. >> you were a great grandfather. you are a great grandfather. >> so swee >> reporter: my grandfather considers serving his country his greatest privilege. his family the ultimate gift. and now my d offers a loving tribute to his father. >> a kind of question people ask all the team who is the most influential presiden - you know, li- it's no contest. george h.w. bush. g would you say the same th about him? >> unconditionally. >> wow. >> i have been good all morning and i get teary when i hear jenna's voice. i have tyetell you just erday this time yesterday, nna and i were talking about our grandparents and she was
8:20 am
telling me how this is going to be a tough holiday because it's the fit holiday without her grandmother. and now this. and look, she -- her sister, her twin, just got married. they wanted him to be there. he was able to be there. and no matter how much, you know, you're prepared for it, know, you're prepared for it, you're never really prepared.
8:21 am
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plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. good saturday morning. straight ahead on news 4today, we'll bring you breaking news coming into our news room. the search is just beginning this morning for the killer who opened fire in prince george's county overniet. we'll tou to the scene and bring you the latest. and a unique story thatyo ve got to stick around for as t world remembers president george h.w. bu, we'll look at an uncomfortable trip on the water for the president and our own jim vance. that whole piece from nearly 30 years ago is a special one. that's coming up. and we've got a lot of special evenis hap today. but we do have rain on the way. we'll talk about the timing hour by hour, and when it arrives in your neighborhood. that's coming up in just a few
8:28 am
minutes. all right, lauryn, we'll have that and much more of our coverage of the late george h.w. bush when newscontinues. we're back on air in just a moment.
8:29 am
a senator's son, a war veteran and decades of civil service. this morning the nation is remembering our 41st president. the life and the legacy oft presideorge h.w. bush. a live look at the place where the late president bush called them for four years. the flag at the white house was wered just before sun rise this morning. many of you are waking up to the news. we've been gathering the latest tributes and remembrances overnight. we also have a uniqu personal experience from our own jim vance. it's one you'll wan to catch.
8:30 am
first, we welcome you to news 4 today. good morning. angie goff is off. we want to start you off with storm team 4's laurynet ri she's tracking what looks like potentially a rainy saturday. >> it looks like we're going to have rain for the secdad half of thwith showers between now and about 7:00 p.m. if you need to get things done early this morning, now is the time to do it. you can see the rain just entering just off to the west and coming through petersburg. that's going to continue to move from the south and p west andh to the north and east. all of that will be headed our way. we're not looking at much here. these are a few showers. then look at a this tocome. i think we'll have aew showers as we continue through the morning into the early afternoon. we'll get a breakn and more r coming our way. for your weekend outlook, if you're thinking aboutetting a tree, do it either right now or later on tomorrow afternoon. butw just komorrow afternoon it's going to be wet. decorating the earlier the


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