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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 3, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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morning. >> foggy start for many people across the news 4 station. it's going to be a dry day for today as well. there's a fog advisory for the next couple of hours across northern maryland but the thickest fog is in prince william county now where the advisory is not in place. as you're driving in, you could have reduced visibility for the ride in. still 54 at national airport and stilleg 61es this morning. but colder weather. much colder weather starts to arrive later today and it will
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be with us the rest of the week. >> good morning to you, chuck.ta ng a look right now, this is in aspen hill. they said it could be a couple morehours. just the left lane is getting by at this point this morning. 66 and 95 looking pretty good earlier. outerloop, two r lhtes get by the work zone. >> thank you. it's 4:31. now back to our top story. remembering preside george h.w. bush. there's tributes to him around the country toisy. s one in texas where people held a candle light vigil over the weekend. >> now to milton, massachusetts
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where he was born. mourners left mementos and flowers. today his body will be brought here to d.c. >> tracy is live on capitol hill now with more on his life and service that went well beyond e oval office. >> it's fitting that he will be honored here lying under the capital rotunda today and tomorrow because he's such a long resume of public service in washington. he served as the head o thecia before becoming vice president and then president of the united states. some calling him the mos effective one term president in recent history. his remains will be brought here later today where he will lie in state this ternoon. starting this evening, and then all day tomorrow before service at the national cathedral on
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they're telling us that they are catering that service to the needs and is it desires of the family. we now hnow that son, former president george w. bush will eulogize him along with his biographer and then he will return to texas for burial. to washington preparing for several days of a mourning several days of honoring the life of the man that we often call bush 41. >> as tracy sa, the former president's funeral will be wednesday morning at the nationalcathedral. george h.w. bush will have a traditional episcopal funeral. >> all the scriptures and readings were chosen by the family. president trump and the living former president will attend along with 2,500 invited guests. coming up, nicole jacobs will
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have more on the funeral and how it will impact getting around wn >> we begin with your other top stories andater main break in silver spring. this is at georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. the washington suburban sanitary commission says about 300 itcustomers haver low water pressure or no water at all. be sure to follow melissa on twitter at first 4 traffic for traffic related updates. >> an alexandriar police offi shot a man late sundayn. afternoo they were responding to a shots fid call. there was a man that refused to put down a gun. when he allegedly pointed it at the officer, that's when he was the man is expected to survive. virginia state police have taken over the investigation. >> angela will be sworn in as
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the first woman to hold the office of county executive. voters overwhelmingly elect her after serving two terms as the county's state's attorney. >> another candle will be lit on the national menora.s thousa attended the ceremony yesterday. and the redskins are o taking a big rival tonight. the game against the eagles would lifthem to a pass to the playoffs. >> we're talking about loss of catastrophic proportions. >> a win would put them in a tie for first place in the nfc east with the cowboys, but if we lose to the eagles, it's going to set us back in theheivision and tn push us out of the last wildcard playoff spot. >> kick off is set for 8:15
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tonight. t's 4:36. coming up, top entertainers here in the district. the highlights from the kennedy center honors and how celebrities are paying tribute to president bush. >> still ahead, proposal a ring lost in times square. we'll show you how police m e sure this engagement accident had happy ending. a i can't believe it.
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and a special award went to the co-creators ofhamilton. >> last night's ceremony started with a standing ovation for the late president george h.w. bush. his legacy was on everne's mind a some reflected on their
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relationship with the former president bush and his family. >> the day before i broke my back, we were performing at the patriots center and the following day we met president bush. he invited us to the white house with our 8-yearld son at the time, and he spent 45 minutes with us talking. >> nbc 4 will have more coverage from behind the scenes of the kennedy center honors later today. >> good morning, everybody. time for the dog walkingfo cast. over ten years old. looking for a new forev home. she'd make a fine companion over the next couple of days. you can goo humane rescue alliance and find out how to bring precious into your home. dog walkingforecast. sun isn't up until almost 10af r 7:00 today. much colder weather arrives tonight. 10-day forecast coming up.
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>> he'll make h final trip to washington for several days of tributes. >> those begin with an arrival ceremony at jointase andrews. there will be another arrival
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ceremony there forus the family and congressional leaders. he will lie in state until wednesday morning. he h and wife barbara ate there for decades. >> the couple had a special room where they wouldine there. darcy spencer talked to the festaurant's owner about the death his friend. >> he's not only a great president, but a lot of personal things, you can tell. you can feel it. he is such a gentleman. the owner went on to say that when his father died, president bush called him to offer his condolences. president bush w the patriarch ofca an ame political dynasty but to his 14 grand childrene was known as poppi.
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>> jenna bush-hager will share a loving tribute about her grandfather. here's them in 2012 discussing how he wants to be remembered. >> i think history will point out the things we did wrong and some of thehings that we did right. >> you can watch the entire tribute coming up on the "today" ow right after news 4 today and take a look at this cartoon you'll see all over social media. i reposted it o my instagram. it shows president bush reuniting with his wife barbara and their daughter robin in heaven. f president bush'sal resting place will be right beside his wife in college station, texas. on thursday, this train will carry the president's casket 70 miles from houston to his presidential library. bush 41 was a gift from union
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pacific railroad in 2005. it was painted to resemble air force one. our coverage of the forr president's life will continue throughout the day today. coming up at 5:00 a.m., nicole jacobs will have more on how the national cathedral from preparing for wednesday's big funeral. >> here at the live desk with breaking news to report, the french psme minister holding crisis talks following the third straight weekend of violent anti-government protests in ooparis. take aat video over of the protests over the weekend. more than 100 people we hurt and 400 arrests were made. this was france's w riot in years. it began lost month with drivers set over a fuel tax hike. emanuel macron has not ruled out the possibilif a state of emergency. >> it's 4:46.
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developing this morning,t's been nearly a week since a woman last saw her fiancee.d. now police want to know whether you have seen him. 29-year-old david stern was last seen at dixie liquors in georgetown right off of the fooe of key bridge. this is surveillance video of him at the store. he doesn't frequent the georgetown area and wouldn't run ay from his friends and loved ones. >> you know, friends from philly that like went to his high school, elementary school, they have all reached out and they all agree that this is just not dave. he would just never leave to leave. >> and this is a flyer police released of stern.e d.c. police h labeled him as a critical missing person which means moreou res will be devoted to searching for him. if sou haven this man in the surveillance video, call police. >> there's two finalists in the
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search of the next top leader of d.c.'s public school system. those are including amanda alexander. it's been vact sinceebruary when it was revealed that he bypassed the cy school lottery system for his own child. the other finalist is sd to be ndianapolis public school superintendent. >> the very first wegmans is coming to d.c. city leaders held the ground breaking here. it's in city ridge. that's the new designated area. the site o of the fannie mae headquaters. this is what it's s look like. they're planning office space, hotels, a health club, apartments and condos. it's expected to be completed in 2021 or 2022.
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you know me, i loveo see new restaurant, somewhere we can go eat, have our office parties. >> at weans. >> eveear the holiday wishes of local children are granted through the toys for tots program and last night there was a celebration. >> folks having a little fun during a square dancing benefit on wednesday. they a brought gift to donate for toys for tots. they're expecting to rain $1,000 from a raffle. for more information on how you can donate in the nbc washington app. >> do you square dance? >> we had to learn in elementary school. >> okay. i have no idea. now to a christmas display that you will be hearing about today. a home in texas is going viral this morning. and it's not because of an
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incredible light show. >> instead, it's becauset's ode to national lampoons christmason vaca you might remember this in the movie. the character ends up hanging from the roofle putting up the lights. turns out, this is a bit too realistic. a man walking by thought it was real. o was recorded the family's surveillance camera trying to rescue the dangling man. the homeowners were able to track him down and they tnked him f trying to lend a hand. very impressively. got tr lad out and everything. >> ripped it right off of the side of the house. think about it. you want to be a little bit -- >> it would be unusual tt someon hanging there wouldn't respond back to you.ou that be the clue, right. >> but you appreciate the effort. >> a pound of cure for an ounce
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of problem. fis is it for mild weather. are you ready this? >> no. >> well, you have to be ready. >> today w al be far away the mildest day for at least the next week and a half. mucholder weather. much colder weather pattern is on the way. cloudy sky overhead this morning. winds are still temporarily out of the southwest. that's the reason these wake up temperatures are so warm. our average high temperature here for december 3rd is 51 we're already above average before the sun is even up. so a mild start, south westerly winds held temperatures up overnight. the moisture that camelong with the south wind lead to areas of fog this morning visibility down under a mile now. just be ready f a little bit of fog early today. not a big impact. eventually though, northwest winds will turn around and clear the skies out this afternoon but
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it will bring up a much colder pattern for the next couple of days. from 37ig now in manassas. most of the valleys in the mid to upper f the metro area now, upper 40snd low 50s. not a whole lot of moisture to worry about for today. there will be cloud cover to keep things dimmed out a little bit but the secondalf of the afternoon will be sunnier. here's the soggy weather hangine around for next couple of hours. later on in the afternoon, especially intohe evening, there could be extra cloud cover and maybe a late evening fluwoy or for our friends here in the valley. no accumulations. same story on wednesday. maybe a flurry or two but temperatures close to 40 degrees so noer accumulation look at the cold temperatures.tu day, wednesday, thursday, friday. weekend highs will be in the 30s and melissa, those of us in they
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weather commure keeping a very close eye on next sunday and monday. >> okay. i'm keeping a close eye on this. aspen hill southbound georgia avenue on the left side as you're approhingonnecticut to the left lane is the only thing getting by the wat break issue here this morning. that's going to slow folks down. it could be a couple of hours before it's completely cleared. this is from yesterday of course. looking at the ma 66, 95 looking okay but eastbound 9 o there, have that crash hanging around. the only thing in the beltway is this. outer loop after 66, two right lanes are getting by and no yellow line service through december 9th. repairs on the bridge over the potomac. linealternate is the blue but during rush hour that seice is cut in half. >> thank you. theal cap were giving back last night. they dropped off toys for tots
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donations before hitting the ice. they looked like they wouo cruise an easy win over the ducks. they were up 5-1. they came all the way back and won it in regulation. i can't believe it. i saw it and then i stopped watching. mee capitals snapped a 7- winning streak and they're now the first game to blow a four goal lead in regulatn since 1999. i can't believe it. they could get magic back in theirext match up tomorrow night. we're just going tooll this video all the time just to remind us, the caps are heading to vegas to take on the golden knights for the first time since winning the stanley cup. they'll be lookingor revenge too so that could be a good match up. >> check out the celebration. the goal for the bears set off the annual teddy bear toss. look at that. >> so here's how this, woman standings. aft s works. everyone throws a teddy bear on to the ice.
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they donate to 30 local organizations, schools, churches, the children's miracle network. a lot of fun. >> that's terrific. >> if you're looking at a new world record, fans threw 34,798 bears onth t ice. it's raining bears. >> that's pretty impressive. that beats theor old r by almost 7,000. after a long delay to collect everything, thebe ars, the team won the game. >> excellen >> finally the college playoffs, alabamaho survived a scare from georgia this weekend is the top seed followed by the clemson tigers that will take on number 3 notre dame in the cotton bowl in dallas a chuckbell's oklahoma sooners look to tak th spot. they'll play alabama. those semifinal games are set for dec.ber 29th the winners will play for the national championship on january 27th. >> i'm going to vote for them
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because i don't care about the other teams really. so because o chuck bell and my allegiance to chuck, it's all oklahoma for eime. >> in atlanta this weekend after georgia lost that game. the long faces walking around that city. >> you probably saw this story this weekend, the nypd found an engagement ring a couple dropped through a crate in times square after getting engaged. the ring o slipped her finger and into a grate. the couple asked the officers for some help. it was too dark though. the officers came back later and found the ring. th w say it all part of the job. >> being able to return a sentimen ll iteme that back to somebody, with the type of work that we do, it might seem like something small, but to them it's a big deal. >> one problem solved but there as another apparently, the couple didn't leave their names with the officers so they posted their picture onme sociaa
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hoping to track them down. >> you're going to ask police officers to look for an engagement ring and you didn't give them your name? yesterday they found the couple. they returned home to england so arrangements will be m to send them the ring. >> they must not be new yolers. st ahead, we're working to elp you figure out the best credit card. >> we'll show you how to get the most bang for your buck. plus we continue our coverage of the death of former president george h.w bush. when we come back, from lawmakers to former d.
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i hope and i bet you do too, that our children can grow up knowing what freedom really is. >> i come before you and assume the presidency at a moment rich with promise. >> i just want to get up into heaven and i don't get there by bragging onmyself. my mother told me that yrs ago. >> he passed away on friday. his body will arrive at the s. lie il where he will state and america hawill have is chance to pay respects. >> in a matter of hours, president bush's body will arrive at joint base andrews and


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