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tv   Today  NBC  December 3, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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e. you think i win? you win the prize! good morning. honong a fallen president.ew overnight, tributes to the life and legacy of george h.w. bush from leaders aroundhe world, to the son who followed in his footsts. >> if we analyze, not only his accomplishments, but his character, they'll say, job well done, george h.w. bush. >> the former president and war hero set for one final twap to ington today, as the nation begins saying its long golf ball. >> it's very sad. he was a great man. we loved him. truce. the preside and china's president, pressing the pause button, threatening to halt the
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heated trade war betwe the two companies. how long could it loast? and what it wouldn mea for what you want to buy. tornadoes in the midwest while another dangerous storm systemo gets set sweep across the nation. al's forecast justah ead. those stoes just ahead, plus chaos in paris. the c iconicity coping with violent protests, hundreds arrested. his morning, what's behind the anger. shining ♪ you look perfect tonight >> a-listers around the world gather in south africa celebrating nelson mandela on what would have been his 100th birthday. andairy tale proposal. the ring was dropped down ae grn times square. but social media users come to the rescue andind the couple halfway around the world, today,
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december 3rd, 2018. >> from nbc ne, this is "today," with savannah guthrie, ve from washington, d.c. and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to a split-edition of "today" on this monday mornin savannah is down in washington, d.c. good morning, savannah. >> good morning, hoda. this is a city in mourning. this is a country in morning. of course, thiseek will be dominated by tributes and remembrances to former president george h.w. bush. flags here in washington at the capitol and at the white house, and across the nation, flying at half-staff in his honor. >> right no mr. bush's casket is at a funeral home inn. hous and overnight, this photo overnight, his service dog, sully, lying nt to his flag-draped coffin in hoton. >> , this is a week of honoring the former president.
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the president will be flown to washington and will lie inattate he u.s. capitol. a funeral service will be held on wednesday, at the national cathedralonere in washingt before the president makes the final trip home to houston. he'll lie in repose there, followed by a private service for the family on thursday. and he l will bed to rest at his presidential library at llege station,texas. we have complete coverage for you, celebrating the president's remarkable life wh members of his family. and of course, a man who knew him very well, former vice president dick cheney is here with me. we'll talk to him just ahead. first, let's talk to craig melvin, who is in houston, to get us started. good morning to yor: >> reporood morning to you. you may notice the building illuminated in red, white and blue here in houston. that's cit hall and one of the tributes being paid to george h.w. bush.
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after he came here in the t '50. wh bushes left washington, there was little quereion w they would live, this city, which loved them back. this oumorning,on and the world are remembering president bush. this morning, a man whose entire life was defined by servhee. from t theater of war, to thef hallscongress, all the way to the white house. he's now being honored by the couny he loved so deeply. >> he lived a long life. and he accomplished a lot of great things. it's kind of an end to an era. >> reporter: tributes pouring in for former president george herbert walker bush. overnight, a star-studded standing ovation at the kennedy center honor ceremony. >> i think it's appropriate tco ize the passing of a wonderful man, who dedicated his life to service, and attended this event many times in his administration. >> reporter: in his summerome
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in kennebunkport, maine, his absence felt. >> the former president and mrs. bush had a really remarkable presence in the community. >> reporter: mrners leaving socks among the flags and flowers. a nod to bush's long-time love of the crazy and colorful footwe footwear. in his adopted hometown of houston, a moment of silence sunday before the texans game. sd memorials at his statue, overlooking the ciline and his home. >> it is really sad. he was a great r:n. >> reporhe former president's service dog, sully, by his epside, sleing next to his casket. the photo posted with the caption, mission colete. president trump ordering air force one to carry mr. bush back w washington,re he will lie in state in the capitol rotunda
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latertoday. it will be the start of four da of solemn and solitary events, who honored a humble hero. >> i said, tell ganny we say hi. >> reporter: bush, reunited with loved ones lost, barbara, his daughter of 73 years, and daughter, robin, who died of leukemia. >> we know he's in a bete.r pl he's with ganny. he's good. >> reporter: one ofhe president's former friends and political allies, james baker was by his side during his final moments, as he said his last words. he said to his son, george w. bush- >> he said, i love you because 43 had called in to tell his father good-bye and h how much loved him. >> reporter: former colleagues reflecting on the last president of the greatest generation. >> i'm always asked which job i liked best of the ones i had.
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and i cite that period of secretary of defense for george bush. >> everything he did in publicec life was dird to helping the american people. he was the patriot. heon drated that in war and demonstrated that in peace. >> reporter: the man who so eloquently as a thousand points of light, now being remembered as a shining example for all a president, a patriot, and a humble servant of our nation. it isard to overstate his mark on this area in particular. the international airport bears his name. his presidential library is 90 miles northwest of where i stand. air force one is going to be s callcial air mission 41 today and wednesday, as it transports the forr president to and from washington. vice president pence will be delivering a few remarks when former president bush's casket arrives at thi capitol afternoon. >> craig leading us off in houston this morning. we're joined by former vice
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president dick cheney, who served as service secretary under vice president bush. good >>morning. ood morning, savannah. >> you must be flooded with so many memories as you look back at the life of president bush. what do we lose wn we lose a leader like him? >> he showed up at very importantn points theast 70-year history in the united states, from his service in world war ii. the first time i met him, he was a second-term congressman from texas. and i was a new staffer on the hill. we had a meeting in congressman bush's office about a project they were working on. i remember going back. his very impressed with presence. and he dominated the room. i went back and looked up his background when he got back t the office. >> you thought he might be a rising star? >> he was. and everybody believed that. he went on to great thing and i was the beneficiary of being
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asked to help on someso of thos. it marks one of the ighlights of my career. >> some people s's the end of an era in some ways. what singur quality do you think he possessed? >> he had an amazing ability for the personal touch. they might get a note from him on something theve done. i remember, 2004 election night, we're upstairs at the white house. this is when president bush 43 was going to w election. we had our granddaughter there, about 7 years old at theesime. and the ent walked over to her and said, you're the youngest person here, i'm the oldest, let's chat. and he spent a long time talking with theer youngestn in the room. she's never forgotten about it. she's got a picre and everything else. but he had that people touch, i
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guess, where there was no gesture that was too small or insignificant in terms of what he was willing to do toak people feel comfortable, to help when he could help. he was one o theost thoughtful people i ever knew. word did not like that legacy, the "l" word. i don't think his son likes that, either. when he was asked about that, he seemed to be almost unsure what be.legacy would and that was his trademark humility. >> i think what happened was, those of us who have the privilege of serving, especially in some of the top jobs, presidents fall into at, there's always periods of time when the stuff you'r doing is controversial. if it's easy to do, it's not going to o land his desk. i think his experience and that of a lot of us in public life, find that over time, the record is better explained. you see the consequences of those actions.
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you can'tnow the first day you leave office what that legacy is going to be like. think of harry truman, for example, not a very popular esident but one who did great things, in terms of what happened afterwards, the cold war. it's not an unreastoable thing do. it's reenforced by the notion that he retained from his n mother, abo bragging about his own accomplishments. that's rare for a politician. >> i don't think she wanted him to use the words i am. did you stay in touch with him in later years? we know he had some choice words about you in the biography that was written about him. said youte had g harder in the later years. >> the allegation was,im betwee my working for him as secretary of defense and my time king for resident, w his son, i had become a hardass,
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i believe was the phrase he ed. and it was true. partly because of 9/11. we lost more americans than we lost at pearl harbor. given my view of the world and w where we were, harder during that period. interesting after he was quoted ying i had gone over to the dark side. not that way, but basically i was a hard case. i got a note fm him, handwritten note saying, hey, dick, i did it. and then, apologizing and saying nice things. that year when we had the annual alfalfa dinner in washington, i was invited by him to sit next to him at the head table. that patched up wounds. >> i'm sure that means a lot. former vice president dick cheney, thank you for having here. being here. three former presidents and his own son, spoke to "60 minutes" about the president's life and his impa on our
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country and the world. >> first of all, being a child of a predent is unpleasant. i mean, you watch somebody you love get lampooned or made fun of, or harshly criticized. it hurts. by the time i became president, it didn't hurt nearly as much, it turns out. i think he's going to go down as the greatest one-termresident ever. >> what people don't appreciate fully, evenwn within his party, is the degree to which he had to land the plane when the rlin wall comes down. you have chaos, pentially in the former soviet union and russia. uncertainty in europe. all those things could have gony haywire at point. the caheion, and lack of spiking the football, theyed shwas an enormous achievement. >> it's been one of e great
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zwr joys of my life, my friendship of him. you will be our president when u read this te. i wish you well. i wish your family well. your scess isow our country's success. m rooting hard for you. good luck. this letter is a statement h of wh is. that's why he's a world-class human being, n mybook. >> he was a good reminder that, as fiercely as we may fight on policy and on issues, tha ultimately we're americans first. >> the mission was not george h.w. bush. it was how do we serve the united states. if people analyzeot only his accomplishments, but his character, they'll say, j wl done george h.w. bush. >> well, we're going to havemo on president bush throughout this morning, including a really special tribute from his go ahead, jenna, including be
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nevere-seen family videos. it's a touching tribute. you don't want to miss it nbc news and msnbc will have special coverage of the eventg celebrate life of former president bush, all week long. hoda, i'lk send it b to you in new york. >> okay, i have willie alongside me andraig is i houston. we want to turn to another major story in the headlines. the city of parisaw s its worst rioting in years. this morning, hundredhave been arrested. lucy calkafanovis is in p for u. what's the latest there? >> reporter: good morning. we're in the heaf paris. you can see the damage around me. the l'arc de triomphe ndalized. rioters turning these streets into a war zone over the weekend. more than 400 arrnd a protest movement that shows no signs of backing down. this morning, the city of lights
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is a city on-edge. the economic pain and anger, long felt outside paris,urned its wealthiest neighborhoods into a weekend war zone. france hasn't seen turmoil on this scale in decades. thousands of demonstrators glad in yellow w vests clashh police for the third-straight weekend. what began as a peaceful protest over rising fue pricess now a movement fueled by rage. anger stoked by spiraling taxes, crumbling services and a president demonstrators say is out of touch with the working class. the politicians, the rich, they live on another planet, this man says. they don't know poverty and misery. rushing back from the g20 to assess the redamage,h president emmanuel macron holding an emergency security
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meeting, vowing in statement, those responsible for the violence will pay a price. but protesters say they'll remain in the streets until their voices and demands are heard. french president emmanuel macron says the fuel tax hike is needed to combat global warming. his government will try negotiating with represeatives of thi yellow vest movement later today. but if talks fail, guys, asin i harevious weeks, expect more protests and more violence this saturday. hoda? willie? back to you. >> lucy in paris. thank you. alet's bring in for a first check of our weather. good morning, al. >> we have a lot going on this morning. over the weekend, at least 20 tornadoes through much of the dwest, including illinois. this is and we've got a lot of flooding going on now in the southeast. we've wot floodches stretching all the way from florida into parts of georgia with strong storms coming across, bringingnyere from another 2 to 3 inches of rain.
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a coast-to-coast storm coming onshore now. it moves onshore throu california. heavy rain along the coast. wednesday it moves int soerp california, gusty winds, strong do ipours. thursd moves towards the rockies bringing rain to the possible debris flows over the burn scar areas. the second part of the storm moves in friday. torrential rain in texas. from amarillo into oklahoma city. saturday it moves into the southeast. cold air in place in the northg brn snow and ice along the northern edge of this storm. take a look at this. we have heavy rain from houston into jacksonvillets and pf the southeast. heavy snow from oklahoma to the western mountains of west virginia and virginia. so, this is going to be a paralyzing system. toward the weekend, it mak its way into the north ooers. we'll have details onhat coming up as well. the next 30 seconds we'll get to your local forecast.
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good morning, everybody. partly cloudy sky oversh gton this morning. already the first rays of sunlight hitting the top of the jeff temperatures are on the mild side. we're in mid-50s around the city. mid to upper 40s in most of the suburbs. your planner for today with increasing amounts of sunshine and an incre breeze.thwest it will be a mild day with temperatures in the 50s. this is
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colder weather for tomorrow and hangsround all week. next half hour, big cold snap coming. coming up, the uplifting festival that brought together some big stars overnight, including beyonce and jay z. to honor nelson mandela. more on the pass of the george shw. including an inside look at his final moments from his beloved granddaughter who was right by his side. first, this is "today" on nbc. h right by his side. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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7:26 is your time now on this monday, december 3, 2018.od orning to you. we arere rememberingdent george h.w. bush who passed away on friday. he will lie inn state the capitol rotunda until wednesday morning. urners will be allowed in at 7:30 into the capitol to pay their respects. you canook in the nbc washington app for a list of road closures. the washington suburbanry saniommission is still working on this water main break at georgia avenue and connecticut avenue in the aspen hill area of silver spring. now let's chssk in with elissa for other problems on your roads. >> we still have the issue in
7:27 am
aspen hill. still have that left lane geing by the water main break. eastbound 66 at nutley, slow, delays inbound hanging around. the beltway poverall lookstty good, just slow in the normal spots. thank you. today on news 4 at 5:00, local students get a chance to play with a musical instrument, s inspired that was in anwa winning film. wll take a break. your forecast is next. conventional thinking can't save healthcare. welcome to change. just because it's never been done,
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doesn't mean we can't do it. just because it hasn't been seen, doesn't mean we can't envision it. we are uncommon to the core. we are upmc. good morning, everybody. skies are trying to clear out. t much much a breeze out there. winds out of the west averaging 9 miles an hour. northwest winds up closer to 20 miles an hour this afternoon will sta to bring in cooler air. temperatures, 40s and 50s now will peak into the mid t upper 50s. not a big jump where we are
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currently. way colder weather arrives with the northwest wind. we'll be much chiller all week long. another local news update in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show. ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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7:30, now, on this monday morning, december 3rd, 2018. and you are looking the u.s. capitol, where president george h.w.ush will lie in state in the rotunda later today. savannah is in washington this morning. good morning, savannah. good morning to both of you. just ahead, we're going to speak to two granddaughters of president bush, one of whom was in the room when he passed. and we are honored to have jenna bush hager's loving tribute to her andfather, including never-before-seen moments that they recently shared. that's just ahead this morning. >> we look forward to that, savannah. thank you. let's check the other headlines. breaking news this morning. one child was killed, more than
7:31 am
40 otherer hurt, a a charter bus carrying a youth football team crashed and overturned in arkansas, just outside of little rock. the bus was on the interstate 30, traveling from dallas, texas, to memphis, tennessetenn. many were rushed to area hospitals. no word on what cause that crash. kareem hunt is speaking out for the first time since a video surfaced showing himhoving and kicking a woman. hunt sat down for an interview with espn's lisa salters on sunday. he apologized for the altercation that was caught by a security camera in february. hunt said the video was watch and he's not that type of person. >> honestly, i want to let the world know and know how sorry i am for my actions. you know, it's been a toughime for me. i'm extremely embarrassed because of that video. >> t chiefs released hunt last week, saying he lied when asked abouthe altercation earlier this year. next time the cashi at a
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fast food restaurant asks, do you want fries with that? but tell them only six. a harvard professor says that's the ideal serving siz to keepl your mea healthier. they are starch a bombs rank near the bottom of healthy vegetables. research says people should track how they feel after consuming fries. >> if you're going in, go all t e way in. dove six. either have them or don't. i go for the xl.> let's send it down to savannah. hey, savannah. >> as the world is sayingod ye to president george h.w. bush, our thoughts are with his family. over the years, jenna's reports on herrandfather here has offered a look into the life of our 41st president. and this morning, jenna is sharing her farewell tribute to her beloved grandfather. ♪
7:33 am
>> as the summer finishes out and the seas get a little higher, the winds a littl colder, i'll be making some notes, writing it tdown, les i forget >> reporter: my grandfather wrote letters all his life, to his ildren, his wife, friends and eve political rivals. he often wrote about love and family. for me, his words have always been a precious gift, all the more so now. it's my turn to write a love t lett my gampy. >> he showed you and me how to love. he showed you and me the importance of >>humility. he thought it was very amusing to make people laugh and to come out in some goofy hat. he loved he loved being funny. >> i'm sure that every one of hi grandchildren thinks he loves them the most. es every person feel so special. >> reporter: my grandfather always said his greatest gift
7:34 am
was his family. he was bliessed with six children, 17 grandchildren and great grandchildren, too. whatever demands were placed on him in professional life, and there were many, we all knew we could c on him. he made each offe u adored. always, he was our rock. >> a lot of the special times are around the dinner table,he laughs around the table, and that's how he grew up, with everybody at the table and everyone talking and everyonela hing during those meals. they were so much fun. >> reporter: and by his side, devoted for more than 70 years, was my grandmother. through times of triumph, and times of loss. their engagement athe my grandfats beloved walker's point, was a cherished tale. ganny told us about a time when you broug her here and you got her engaged. do you remember that at all?
7:35 am
>> no>> you don't remember at all? you were about t go t war and you introduced her to your whole family. >> she was a beautiful girl, ganny. >> reporter: she was 19. do you rember that at all? >> i don't remember the timeemame. but i rber coming to maine. she g claims we engaged there.te >> repor did you ask her or did she ask you? >> i think she asked me. >> reporter: did she really? i like that. she was very assertive. >> still is. >> reporter: so, you -- and what did your family think about her? can you remember? >> they liked her. >> reporter:t didn't sound that enthusiastic. >> what more do you want e to say? they liked her a lot. put it that way. >> reporter: as they grow old together, my grandfather said every night, he would still reac for my grandmother's hand, just to know she was there. do y think about what life will be like without him? >> i'm not going to be without
7:36 am
him. i can't imagine life without >> reporter: given the gift of time, so rare and so precioam, myy has been able to reflect on what he meant to us. getting him to reflect has never been easy. but sometimes on the back porch with his beloved kennebunkport, with a view that meant so much to him for his childhood, i talked to my grandfather about his life. you' not scared about debt ath t all. do you think autit? i do. i wonder what it's like. reporter: and there's people in heaven you want to see? >> definitely. i can't quiteort out in my mind how we're goingd to fin them. >> reporter: who do you want to seefirst? >> barbara, go with her first. my mom and my and robin, our little girl that died. what do you wan your legacy to be? >> i want somebody else to define the velegacy. banned the use of the "l" word, the legacy word.
7:37 am
i think history will pointe out things i did wrong and perhaps some of the things we right. >> reporter: i'll treasure the special days like this one, spent with my grandfather in kennebunkport, when my mila got to spend time with gampy. >> hold your head up high. >> reporter: when you see a baby just starting their life, like that one -- >> hello. >> reporter: -- what would you say are the most important things you've learned over your life? i know that's aretty big question. >> be true to yourself. to thine own self be true. >> reporter: my children willno always how special my grandfather was to us because we will never let them forget. and they will cherish, too, all those letters, their great
7:38 am
grandfather in his own words. >> remember the old song, i'll be tre ready when you are? well, i'll be there, ready when you are, because's the so much excitement ahead, so many grandkids toow watch and if you need me, i'm here,ad devotedly, >> certainly know that wpresid,enet bweushll was a be writer, a beautiful writer of le qualits of her grandfatr. >> justtt w hener d je yanou thought you knew and loved everything about him, jenna tells you evenmore. that was so beautiful. >> i like to believe that reunion he was fantasizing about is happening right now as we speak. >> i did an ent at his library at the request of barbara bush. and i g a thank you letter from president bush that said, you madey bride extremely happy. and for that, i'm forever grateful. >> wow. >> i thought, wow, that says it
7:39 am
all. >> we're hearing so many -- just ordinary courtesies that people have been holding i their hearts and letters stored away and treased all the years. there's so much to remember fondly. i wanted to mengoon that i'm g to sit down with jenna and her sister, bash remrbarbarbara tomorrow. it will be their first interview since their beloved gampy's passing. sends it back to you guys al, let's turn and get a let's show you what's going 'v. got some cold air coming in. this is a big spans o canadian area. temperatures will 5 anywhere fr to 15 degrees above average from new york down to wilmington. pittsburgh, nashville, cincinnati, all below average. tomorrow from san francco to washington, d.c. down to mobile and up to chicag everybody below average temperatures.
7:40 am
later in the week, it will be 39 in new york city. it will be temperatures -- highs there be 25 degrees below average. 42 on friday in nashville. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. seewe, too, will temperatures colder than average starting tomorrow. today enjoy the mildest day of hee week. still in mid-40s across most of the suburbs. afternoon highs not a wle lot higher than where we are now. what little cloudiness we have left this morni will beoing aaway. northwest winds 10 to 20 miles hoan . tomorrow sunshine but way colder. highs tomorrow d about 15rees colder than today. that cold air sticks around all week with chance of o flurries wednesday and bigger chance this weekend. that is your latest weather. still ahead, the worldwide acial media manhunt to fin newly engaged couple and reunite them with the ring that fell down a new york city glate.
7:41 am
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this morning on "idepth today," a big event that brought together some of the world's biggest >> this was really cool. the 2018 globalitizen festival, an all-star concert, led by beyonce, aired o msnbc. it was in south africa on what would have been nelson mandela's 100th birthday. kelly cobiella has thedetails. good morning. >> reporter: willie, hoda, good morning. just an incredible lineup of a-listers to celebrate nelson andel global citizen festival in south africa. and this concert really was a stunner. it included a jaw-dropping performance by beyonce and jay-z. >> global citizens we love you. and we're here to celebra and celebrate nelson mandela. love.body, everything is >> reporter: global
7:47 am
superstars -- ♪ get it out get it out ♪ >> reporter: -- and epic duets. beyonce, joined by a longtaist of srs for the global citizen festival. in the audience, 90,000 captivated fans and not one of them bought a ticket. they earne their spot by doing good deeds, part of global tizen's efforts to help end poverty by 2030. usher got them dancing. pharrell me them "happy." alongside cold play's chris martin. and ed sheeran had them singing along. ♪ i'm in love withf the shape o you ♪ >> reporter: and in theiddle of it all, a twitter pledge from canada's prime minister, justin trudeau. $50 million from his country toward the cause. >> wow. $50 million. i would have taken 00$200,0 thank you, justin trudeau.
7:48 am
> reporter: the memory a legacy of nelson mandela, front and center winfrey to honor the t apartheid. >> he demanded respect. he modeled integrity. brought joy and hope to every life he touched. >> reporter: a stirring tribute. ♪ halo >> reporter: and an emotional file. had them in tears. su an emotional performance. beyonce paid tribute to africa in another way, guys, in the five incredible costumes. one of them was this amazing beaded number, edbe floral cape, bodysuit. butte bo ws, allh 54 countries of africancluded in the costume. >> i was just about to ask you
7:49 am
about her outfits. no totally explained. can you imagine that night? >> kelly, you describe beyonce'a perfe as jaw-dropping. we were wondering if there is another kind of beyonce performance. they're all kind of op jaw-ng. global citizen does a great job. dr. oz and what you need to change right now that could be a change right now that could be a simple fix for julie means more to me than anything. change right now that could be a simple fix for and i wanted to ask you before i ask her. may i have your permission, to marry her? you're not just marrying her. you're marrying her whole world. shop neil lane diamond ement rings... lhelping to prevent gum disease and bad breath.
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7:53 am
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♪ 'cause you've found what you've been dreaming of ♪ ♪ yeah you know that this is really love ♪ 7: is your time now on this monday, december 3, 2018. good morning toyou. right now we want to check in withour first 4 traffic and see how your commute is going. >> taking a look, live look,nd southb georgia avenue at connecticut. still have that situation on the left side, just the left side getting by that water main break. if you take a look at the map,
7:57 am
u can also see we have another situation at east 66 and nutley. thos delays still hanging around. we'llake a quick break and check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. nice dry day to get the work week starteat tempes mostly in the 40s and low 50s. not a big warm-up hocoming. wed make mid to upper 50s across much of the area today. turnin breezy though. enjoy 58. that's going to be the warmest day of the week by far. we'll drop 15 degrees for tomorrow afternoon and stay colder than average into next weekend. nk chuck, tyou. this just in. harmony hills elementary in silver springs is on a two-hour delay due to that water main break.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, remembering george h.w. bush. >> our grandfather belonged, of course to us, but also to the world. >> overnight, tributes pour in for themer president, as the country comes together to mourn ehe loss of an extraordinary man. lived a long life and he accomplished a lot of great things. it was kind of the end of an era. plus, one-ring sur scircus. how a romantic proposal took a turn, getting the attention of the police and the world. th we do whatever we can to help. was the biggest thing that could happen to them at that moment. and all hail hootie. >> when wasim the last all four of you were on campus
8:01 am
together? >> 1995.ra >> heads back to where it all began for hootie & the blowfish. >> this is the bar where i learned t to a bar. >> as the iconic s'90 band joins us live, with a huge announcement you do not want to miss, monday, december 3rd, 2018. >> we're jump ropers from mason, ohio. >> it's her birthday. > shoutout to our friends at simpson college in iowa. >> from florida. >> for grandma's birthday. [ cheers ] ♪ >> it's mom's 60th birthday. >> from the lone star state. >> first tri to new york. >> oday" it's here. >> my 15th birthday. >>el wme back to a split edition of "today" on this monday morning.
8:02 am
willie is with us in studio 1a. savannah is down in washington, d.c. hi, savannah. >> good morning again. i have quite the picture to show you this morning. look at this. th is ellington airfield i houston. that is morning as the sun is coming up in hoton. today, it will be known as special air mission 41, as it transfers t41st president from houston to washington, where he will lien state at the capianl rotunda. i to get to craig melvin, who is in houston, and will get services-date on the and memorials. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this is the funeral home where president george h.w. bush's body isht being held r now. that is -- that's the george lewis funeral home, not long from st. martin episcopal, where he will be remembered later on thursday. i would say roughly 2 1/2 hours from now, his body will be taken
8:03 am
from that funeral home to the tarmac you just showed at ellington field. air force one, on loan from the white house, will be taking presidt bush onis final trip to washington, d.c. the president, passing away here on friday night. his last words to his son, george w. bush, said, i love you, too. it was, of course, here in texas, where the president launched his business back in the '50s. andis then,olitical career. it is here that the nation will fittingly begin f days of events to honor a humble hero.rg president g h.w. bush taking that final trip to d.c. later today o air force one. he's going to lie in state at the u.s. capitol building before a state funeral on wednesday. it will be held at the national cathedral. president trump and his wife, melania,xpected to attend that event. president bush will come back to texas where will be buried in
8:04 am
the family plot at his presidential library at texas a&m. he will be reunited with his wife,a, barb of 73 years and their 3-year-old daughter, robin, who passed away from leukemia. i want to share this moving photo that was tweeted out last night. this was the picture that was posted by jim a mcgrath, long-time spokesperson of the president. it shows sull h.w.'s vet dog in front of his casket the capti there, mission complete. hoda? >> all right, craig. thank you. what a movg photo. president trump says his new trade truce with china is already having a positive he and china's president agreed to a 90-day trade cease-fire to allow for thnegotiations. president said overnight that china agreed to cut tariffs on american-made cars. the u.s. will postpone a plan to ofe tariffs on $200 billi
8:05 am
chinese goods at t of thi s at s month. a marriage proposal took an awkward turn when a tourist couple lost theirem engt ring. stephanie gosk tells us how it all worked out. >> reporter: call it a modern cinderella story, with an rk only-in-new yotwist. john had just propos to central parony in as the couple were headingut to celebrate, her engagement ring slipped off her finger and into a sidewalk grate. as the e-bridto-be sobbed, strangers stopped to offer help. the couple gave up but theypd didn't, sending operations officers to open up the grate and look for the wayward wedding ring. >> there was a lot of mouck and stuff you would find at the bottom of a sewer grate. fortunately, it was sitting on tof. of that st
8:06 am
it wasn't hard to find. >> reporter: there was only one big catch, john and daniela did not file a police report, thinking there was no chance the range would be the nypd took to twitter, sending outhis sweet apb, wanted, for droing his fiance's ring in times square, nyc. call 800-777-tips. thanks to thousands of retweets, the love birds were located, already back home in england. it's just incredible, the gro told "the new york times." that would never happen anywhere else in the world. >> w help any way we can, whether it's something that seems as sma as this for us, for them, that was the biggest haing that could have happened to them at moment. >> reporter: case closed, the department tweeted. love jo, daniela and the nypd. for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. r the nypd does it all. they got theg and a story
8:07 am
for a lifetime. they will be telling their kids that for a generation. s> for people that don't love twitter, this ine of the reasons to love it.or time your "boost." a fedex driver in maryland said he was deng what thought was right. he saw a flag pole knocked over in the wind in somebody's front yard. he stopped t hck. and as a veteran, he can't bare to see the flag on the ground. he lifts t flag up, and he folds the stars and stripes with dignity, in the proper way, the military way,cend he p it on the chair. >> awesome. well done. there's a lot more ahead, including dr. oz, and a possible ou culprit for back pain. and as we celebrate the life of president bush, members of of president bush, members of his family will
8:08 am
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♪ ♪ we're back at 8:12 with much more as the nation pauses this of to remember the life president george h.w. bushe. savannah is spending the next few days in washington. ahhey, sava >> the president's body will be flown here today and will lie in state ahead o a funeral service at the national cathedral on wednesday. as tbutes areouring in, members of his family are giving us a better sense of his final days. it was a pea efuling to a remarkable life. >> he looked at me. he said, where are we going? and i said, we're going
8:13 am
heaven, jeffe. and he said, that's where i want to go. >> reporter: president bush's former secretary of state and long-time friend, james baker, was by his side for hisin moments. telling "the new york times," eis was the most competit man i ever knew my entire life. he demonstrated that right until the very end. e competed with death. he keptsaying, it was time to go but kept coming back. >> as dad wasou going t the final stages of the transition, almost every grandkid -- a 1 there' grandkids -- had a chance to either, in person, or by phone, weigh in and express their love for this great man. >> reporter: george bush's son, neil, was also the room for his father's final moments. >> it was a beautiful moment to see him. and he didn't suffer. he was in thece loving emb of family. it was aprayerful, incredible time to be able to share aten t of this incredible life.
8:14 am
>> reporter: earlier in the week, a visit from a ther former president. >> i had the pleasure of visiting my buddy, 41, b this afternoon. >> reporter: president obama heaping praise on president bush tuesday, giving no public dication of h friend's waning health. >> the work that president george h.w. bush did, with jim at his de, was as important d as deft and as effective, a set of foreign policy initiat e initiatives as we saw in rent years. >> reporter: by the end of the week, bush's health had deteriorated quickly. family members, inclung granddaughter, marcia bu, was called to be by his side. ganny we said hi. >> and he heard you. >> i hope so.
8:15 am
♪ silentight >> reporte o so theren friday, ronan tynan, the irish tenor, who sang "silent night." jim bakker said, believe it or not, the president was mouthing the words. >> they got 43 on the phone. >> reporter: his final words were to his first-born son, george w. bush, who called in to sp hk to father one final time. >> 43 said, i love you, dad. and i'll see you in heaven. and 41 said, i love you, too. and those were the w lastds that he ever spoke. >> wre joined by two of the president's grandchildren, marshal and ashley bush. cousins. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >>ou're so bright a shiny this morning. i know your hearts are heavy, as well ashg well, as you think about the life of youar, dear grandfather. how are you doing this morning? >> i'm good.
8:16 am
i think that was lucky enough to be there when he passed. so, i have a lot of closure, which is great. i knowac he's with our grandmother and with our aunt robin. happy he's happy. >> of course, it's an inevitable thing. he lived a long andul wonde cfe. i getked up or we get choked up talking about a memory. it's still difficult to grieve. we're celebrating his life this week. there's so much to celebrate about his life. marshal, youou mentioned, were there, you were in the room as he passed, which i imagine wasc profound experience and a real privilege. can yse share what t moments were like? >> itas incredibly peaceful and sweet. a bunch of family and familyer
8:17 am
friends there. everyone was touching him and holding him. we just wanted to make sure that he knew that we lovedim as much as he loved us. making sure he wasn't alone and he was comforted. u know.e sur rounded by love. and it snds like he surrounded his kids and grandkids all his life. ashley, what are the memories coming to mind in the last few days. >> the more recent memories stick in my head more. i spent thanksgiving with him holding his hand and singing hymns. he was singing at the table. my most recent memories are cuddling up in bed next to him andoveeling his until the very end. >> marshal, i think you were 2 years old when your father was in the white house. you have a lot ofor ms of bag little girl and the time he
8:18 am
made for you. >> he liked having family around, all the time. it was great that i was a ten-minute drive from white house growing up. i got to spend a ton of time there. a ton of time with gra ganny, which was amazing. i also loved dogs and we had a a bond connection over that. that was sort of our thing, which was awesome. >> one of the tngs that your cousin, jenna, has told me over the iyears, how much robin, their daughter that they lost when she was 3 years old to cancer, how much robin was in their hearts every day. when you think about them being united and getting to hold her again, what comes to mind? >> just ve, i guess. you know? >> with ganny, as well.
8:19 am
be is favorite thing was t with ganny and to hug. and to make sure he knew how much he loved i think we're very happy that he, now, is getting to experience that. she did not for a long time. she was only 4 when she passed away and she got to experience what we got to eerience for 94 years. >> marshal and ashley, he was a wonderful man. and it's nice to talk to you and get your reflections. thank you for spending time with us. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> as you can see, there's some saess and a lot of joy in celebration of a life very well-lived, guys >> isn't that what you want at the end, to have your kids and grandkidsut speaking a you the way everyone is speaking about him. savannah, t weave got a lot going on, coast to coast. some areas as much as 9s inches
8:20 am
of rain pushing through. flash flood watches stretching from panhandle of florida into southern reaes of georgia for more rain. outwe wesave another storm system coming in. this is going to be another colit-to-coaster. last week. we'll look for rain pushing in. tomorrow storms push y onshore. hein from northern california into central california. as we move into wednesday, that erin moves into sou california with downpours, gusty winds and possible flooding. thursday it heads east towards texas. rainfall amounts from 1 to 3 inches from montereyown to san diego. we'll have to worry about burn flow debris here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm storm team 4lo meteost chuck bell. bright sunshine here in the washington area. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 54 in washington 54 in annapolis. in leesburg. afternoon highs today, mid to
8:21 am
upper 50s across much of the area. a little breezy later on in the day today. move in starts to tonight and it will be way colder around here the next couple of days. highs only in the low 40s. and a chance of winter weather as we get towards next sunday and monday. we'll keep you posted. laets your latest weather. weather. willie? >> thank you very much. let's turnal to our spe series, "ditch the pain today." we're dealing with something so many of deal with, back pain. >> are you waking up and feelnd f sore? do you have a nagging pain and it can't go away? it may be your posture. right, sheinelle jones? >> wait until you see this report. if you're like me, at your desk, in your car, on your couch, you're slouching, twisting, harming your spine. i looked at one fitness regimen looking to change that, and it already has me standing a little taller. your posture can be problematic. don't believe me? looked our studio during commercial breaks. all of that hunching and
8:22 am
slouching compresses the spine. experts s it can lead to serious back pain. >> bad paosture is one of the reasons people come into my office. they don't say they have bad posture, they have back pain. >> reporter: more people than ever are turning to fitness to combat back pain. >> you have to make sure the entire body stays strong. >> reporter: like foundation training, a series of exercises and stretches designed to open and lengthen t body. >> pull the chin back and pull the shoulders wide. >> reporter: it's something you can practice at home, or at yoga studios, like at hot yoga in heiladelphia. >> we're stuck on computer, we're stuck on the steering wheel, and most of all, this we live in this little space of four inches where we're forward, rounded, and our shoulders are hunched forward. it tightens up the middle back. and often times the mid back
8:23 am
doesn't feel it, but the lneck, th back, our hips don't work asell because we're sitting all the time. >> reporter: and the cause and the cure can happen in more places than you think. >> it's p putting theture into your own posture. learning how to sit up and breathe better whe're driving your car. you're going to sit there and walk different, and doew hok differently. >> i wonder when you're saying that, how many don't realize that we have bad posture or not in alignment? >> 99.99 of 100 of us. >> reporter: really? i learned techniques to bring back to your living room and to my co-workers in studio 1a. >> coression. the idea of lengthening the spine and your rib cage. take a nice, a big breatnd expand your lungs. and the hard part, pull your belly away from your back and add to your height. >> reporter: i feel tnt my abs. >> you can't touch the pinkies t.
8:24 am
and scoot yourself forward. open up your chest and you should feel a stretch through all that tissue. pull your hips as far away as you can. llu feel a of the muscles stretching. take two of the big, deep breaths i showed you. >> reporter: will you move to new york? this is good. i think it ayrked. hoda, willie, we have to commit to trying to stand a little taller. all of us are like this all the time. r. we're going to figure it out. we're withmehmet oz. >> we're very self-conscious about our p as we sit here. we'll be thinking about it the enre time, flexing our abs. what are the problems with this? slouching and on your phone. >> the part of it is sending to the world around you and yourself. self-esteem issues. to a physical perspective, we have a couple of issues. when you're slouching, when you allow your back to turn to a "c" you lose that gentle curve. and these discs, they're like
8:25 am
jelly doughnuts. wh you slouch and you cinch up, you put pressure on one side of the yejelly oughnut and you pop out the jelly from the other side. this can cause thesciatica-type pain >> is there something simple -- i know sheinelle was talking about breathing exercises. >> we have footage on you on purpose. right how perfect you are now. most people watching right now, if they're watching on their phone, the neck is slouched over. the head, that cranium, is about 12 pounds. when it starts to lunge forward and no longer is on t of the spine, you get text neck. when you read things, make sure you bring the stream to lie-level. i'm going to show you this. is is the tailbone. we had tails. the tailbone is in our bottom. when people slouchhey actually go like this. and they allow themselves to sit their tailbone. everyone right now in america, don't just sit up and throw your chest ouot that'soing to help.
8:26 am
it causes more pain. do.what should you push your tailbone back. your hips, tilt good morning, everybody. 8:26 on this monday, december 3rd. let's get right to melissa with a look at our first 4 traffi >> good morning. still have this delay in aspen hill, southbound georgia near connecticut. left lane getting byhe water main break. 270 through germantown and gaithersburg slowing in the main. inner loop after 66, the left side is still blocked. >> thank you. harmony hills elementary in silver spring i on a two-hour thlay because of the water main break. school is also set up to distribute water to affected customers. we'll have a check on your forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
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that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech ops manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. good morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s now. afternoon highs today will be in the mid to upper 50s before much, much colder air a tonight.
8:29 am
today's high 58. tomorrow only 43. barely 40 on wedsday with some flurries around. a better chance for winter weather next sunday and monday.
8:30 am
♪ it is 8:30 on this monday morning. it is december 3rd. hello to you. hello to you. guess who is on our plaza. oh, nothing. justfi hootie & the blow. they're lending a hand to our annual toy drive. >> we're very happy to have those guys here. but there's another reason that hootie & the blowfish are with us. it's a big one.
8:31 am
craig headed home to south carolina to catch up with the guys and they shared some huge news with them they'll let us in on the secret, in just a moment. plus, hootie & the blowfish will perform one of their biginst hits livur studio. >> this is a big -- all right. first, mr. roker, you have a special "crowd moment"? >> we do. >> "today's crowd moment" is created with our sister company, universal orlando resort. >> all right. we're making "today's crowd moment" a big deal by the help of none other than howie mandel. all right. >> the real tal. >>t's right. >> yeah. >> we're looking for the figueroa family from new jersey. >> figueroa. >> what's your name? >> are you the figueroa? >> yeah. >> what's your name? >> daniel. >> you ski school today, huh? >> screaming.t >> you know howie mandel and "deal or no
8:32 am
>> it's on tonight. >> big holiday special.ou >> do want to play? >> yes. >> a little small game. >> that's right. you have to pick one of these -- one of these briefcases. >> pick a iefcase. >> 16 or 23? >> 23. >> 23. ne all right. >> i'll put thisown. say open the case. >> open the case. >> you see? this isreal. >> we've gotten a model here, howie? >> boom. >> universal orlando resort. >> you're going to universal orlando reso >> thanks to our sister company, universal orlando resort, you'rd g to orlando. you'll enjoy four days and three nights at the new aventura
8:33 am
$1 million. the models. it's bigger and better than ever i'll be tweeting along with eryone at howie mandel. >> what's different? >> we give the contestant one o opportunity t -- what do you call it --ne tiating. if the banker wants to give you $200,000, they can say $300,000. the banker gets to say deal ora no de. there's a female banker now. it's bigger and ittter. ntil you see what meghan markle does on tonight's episode. >> really? is meghan markle on the show? no. but wait until you see.
8:34 am
>> wait till you see. >> that was a spoiler. >> i see. so, could you have a future prip ses as one of the models? >> i think we have a dictator. >> really? >> one duchess, but out of the new ones, i think one could be a dictator. >> very exciting. >> you guys have a great time at universao. orla thanks so much. don't forget, you can catch a special holiday edition of "deal or no "de at 10:00 p.m. eastern on cnbc. you are everywhere. >> i am. are you telli me to go away and be someplace else? >> not yet. thun's what's going on a the country. here's what's happening in howie's neck of the woods. morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. fair amount of sunshine getting throidh. there arend high level clouds overhead. you can leave the heavy winter coats at home for today. current temperatures are in the upper 40s and low 50s. e 's going toce enough to tb outside. breezy at times later on. highs today in the mid to upper
8:35 am
50s. for tomorrow, way cooler. tomorrow's high temperature only in the low 40s. and we are going to stay cold for the rest of the weekend into next weekend when we have a chance of winter-l. >> hoda? >> al, we re soexcited. just ahead, hootie and the bl blowfish. they are here exclusively and they have big news. >> thi. is hu fans are going to go nuts. and a live performance of one of their biggest hits. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low-tracking litter, your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. they were the soundtrack of the 1990s, hootie & the owfish, the phenomenally name. >> they sold 25 million albums with hits like "only want to be with you" and "let her cry." and craig says hootie fans can start wiping away those tears. yeahecan.ght, craig? ecr university of south carolina, my
8:38 am
hometown of clolumbia, to meet p with the guys of thebonand. and they shared some big news for hootie nation with me exclusively. was the last time all four of you were on campus together? >> 1995. >> reporter: 1995, 23 years ago, was t year hootie & the blowfish blew up. ♪d hold my h >> reporter: their debut album, "cracked rear view" skyrocketed toes s, becoming one of the best-selling albums of all-time. ♪ h just let cry >> reporter: and launching the four friends from u theniversity of south carolina -- ♪ i only want t be with you >> reporter: -- into what's it like being back on campus? >> it's n.awesome, columbia is where we started. >> it reminds me just how old we are.
8:39 am
>> we weren't really allowed here when we were in schoolhe ? >> reporter: why? >> the college is right here. >> reporter: they've been honored ever since. columbia has a street and monument devoted to the band in their historic five points t district whey got their start. >> i thought they were going to do a statue of the four of onus. i d't want to do it. if i was in college, and there was a statue of four guys that went to school here, i just peeed on >> the lead singer got his start in the show choir, carolina live. >> is it still alive? >> very much still alive. >> do you want to hear something? >> yeah. sing something for us. ♪ hold my hand hold my hand ♪ ♪ 'cause i wanna love you the best that i♪ can >> yeah. >> that's the part i'm supposed to sing? >> yeah. that's the part you miss every
8:40 am
night, rig >> reporter: taking pictures with these students, hard to believe they were the same age when they were begging any bar in town to let them play. >> this is the bar where i learned how to go to a bar. >> reporter: like this one, called group therapy, something the band members insist they've never needed. you've held up well. what's the seet? >> part of it is remembering we can't treat our bodies like it's 1995. we ran hard like that. >> i might look 30, but my liver is 60. >> i'm going to let you in on a secret, you don't loo 30. >> reporter: but some things have not changed. four friends who really enjoy each other's company, whether it's eating the legendary meatloaf at yesterday's tavern, or going through old letters. we felt it fell short of our current roster needs. what does that mean?
8:41 am
you got a lot of rejections. >> we got 3,000. >> reporter:housands of noes, before millions of records sold, success later, and a big announcement. >> we're writing in the studio and making a new album. >> reporter: this is big. this is big. >> it will be a labor of love. >> for akus,g a record is fun. we're not doing it for us. t're doing itor the people who used to planheir vacations around the hootie & the blowfish tour. >> reporter: this is an album for the fans? a thank you album? yeah. >> reporter: and the fans will be able to hear that new music when t band goes on tour in 2019, as well as the hootie t classit the guys love to play. >> when we play "hold my hand," or "let her cry," or "only want to be with you," when you hear that crowd, i'll play it every night. >> it doesn't get old. >> to be doing that after 30
8:42 am
ye it's all gravy. i want to go up there and just do it because wecan. >> we should mention, hootie may have taken a break from writing new music. theyid not take a break from their charity work. since 2000, hootie & the blowfish foundation has raised nearly million for charitable issues, including education sues in south carolina. i've been honored to be part of that. not only have they done a lot of good, but really, really good guys. really good guys. i wish i was in the studio to heng with them. >> i can't believere sitting here with us. darius rucker, mark brian, dean felder and j sonenfeld. >> darius,e have new music and a new tour that's goingac to ta yoss the country next summer. >> yeah. we'll be out pretty much most of the year. barenaked ladies will be with
8:43 am
us. it will be a good time. we haven't 1 toured in years. >> was anybody all-in when you decided? was anybody on the fence? >> this is what i was born to do. i can't wait. i'm very excited. righthad to wait for the year. started talking around the 20th anniversary in the release of "cracked rear view." 20 wasn't round arouenough. >> this isn't a reunion, you've been together the whole time.t to wo you attribute that cohesiveness. the rock 'n' roll cliche is that the band gets big and falls apart. >> itk us a lot of years and work beforee made it big with "cracked rear >> i can't believe you had 3,000 rejection letters. >> it's good reading. >> you're going to be playing for us. ticks go on sale on iday. you're going to perform one of
8:44 am
your biggest hits live. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> it is. >> and this is hootie on nbc. ♪ hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love. at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love.
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the "citi concert series" on "today" is presented to you by citi. >> welcome back. you heard us, right? hootie & the blowfish shared their big news. the band will be making new music and heading out on tour >> right now, they will treat us to a performance of our grammy-wning hit, "let her cry." ladies and gentlemen, hootie & the blowfish. ♪ she sits alone by a lamppost rying to find the thought that's escaped her mind ♪ ♪ she says dad's the one i love
8:47 am
thet ♪ ♪ michael stipe, he ain't far behind ♪ ♪ she never lets me in or tell me where she been ♪ ♪ when she's had too much to drink ♪ i say that i don't care i just run my hands♪ through her dark hair and i pray to god ♪ ♪ you help me fly away and erid, let cry ♪ ♪ if the tears fall down like rain ♪ ♪ let her sing if it eases all her pain ♪ ♪ you got t let her go walk rig out on me ♪ ♪ and if the sun comes up tomorrow, let h be ♪ ♪ let her be ♪
8:48 am
♪ this morning i woke up alone found a note standingy the phone ♪ ♪ng sa maybe, maybe i'll be back someday ♪ ♪ i wanteo look for you you walked in ♪ ♪ i didn't know just what i bould do ♪ ♪ so, i satk down and had a beer and felt sorry for m elf ♪ ♪said, let her cry if the tears fall down like rain ♪ ♪ let her sing if it eases all her pain ♪ ♪ you got toet her go walk right out on me ♪ ♪ and if the sun comes up tomorrow ♪
8:49 am
♪ let her be last night i t tri leave ♪ ♪ cried so much iant believe she was is same girl i fell in love with long ago ♪ ♪ she went in the bathtub to hide ♪ ♪ i sat on my couch and cried won't you help me ♪ old me hand d let her cry ♪ ♪ if the tears fall down like rain ♪ ♪et her sing if it eases all her pain ♪ ♪ you got to let her go wa right out on me ♪ ♪ and if the sun comes up tomorrow, let her be ♪
8:50 am
♪ let her be >> yes. yes. yes. >> hootie & the blowfish. incredible. ou guys are going on tour? right? >> yes. >> in fact, t citibank presale starts today. if anyone interested to buy tickets, you can do it today. >> i wonder if anybody's interested. >> congratulations. new music, new ttour,ket sales today. congrats, guys. coming up next, we're sprucing up your holiday table cth a beautiful centerpiece that you actually eat. it sounds just like it you have a lot of deadlines in your business, right?
8:51 am
we miss deadlines, we don't get paid. r what if you lost you network connection? you gotta be kidding me. chaotic. our gig-speed network lets you download files up to 20 times faster. and we go beyond fast with 4g lte backup for complete reliability. so, if you lose your network connection... ♪ ♪ you won't miss the deadlines. having the confidence of something that's never gonna go down would be priceless. one more way we go beyond. call today and pay just $49.95 a month for fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast.
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. this morning on "today food," the creative chef, kathleen schaffer, owner of the qataring business, schaffer. >> shend her husband showed us
8:53 am
how to make hummus with cricket powder. we are wondering what she has up her slee a this time. scared of you, kathleen. >> looks beautiful, though. >> no dugs. we're going to eat some dirt today. but it's made with blacks oli and bread crumbs. >> cool. >> what we do is, these are the ingredients we're using. panko bread crum, fresh herbs, lemon, olives. we ao this the food processor and all these ingredients. >> and grind up this stuff, too. this is to make an edible >> what does that mean, exactly? >> well, you know, we're trying to show you how to be guest at your own party. >> okay. >> you can really enjoy yourself. you do all of the prep in advance. >> and it becomes this. >> off to a rocky start. >> and it turns intin olive paste. look at you.
8:54 am
you're a pro. >> if tv doesn't work out for you, i have a job. >> edible centerpieces. cool. >> is this the panko? >> yeah. you can add it to the panko. >> and this i what it becomes. it does look like dirt. you're right. >> and t youst this. you dry it in the oven for to five hours. you repulse it. this is what it looks like. >> wait a minute. what happens? >> yeah. what we do is, we set these up. and we do them on a very large scale. but you can do a smaller one for your holiday table. >> that's beautiful. >> it's a lot of fun. >> do you add the dressing straight on it? no. >> no. we take a little plate. >> oh, look. >> these are for you guys. >> how cute is this? >> we scoop it up with gardening tools. and then, w use our watering cans. >> you're more than a chef. this is art. >> oh thank you. >> this is incredible. >> is>> it good? ith the dirt on it. >> you have to try it with the
8:55 am
dirt. that's good, ght? >> that's the best i've ever had. >> it is delicious. what do we havehere? >> here, this is a do-it-yourself bruschetta station. and we mad a few types of tops. this is crostini, which is a garlic toast. this is a classic thoomato bruschetta. sto. is a broccoli broccoli. it's a little more healthy. >> this is so people can help themselves and you're not serving everybody. >> this i a gooidea. you think everything has to be prepared and just right. andheeople have own tastes, too. they can mix and match. >> mix and match and make their own. and wit's for you to participate. >> really good. >> you have ate nice cheese p at the end. >> cheese and charcuterie is always a good thing to do. a lot of people get lost in how th t putir cheese and
8:56 am
charcuterie together. and we like to keep it flowing and dynamic. >> these are all unique, clever ideas. thank you, kathleen. >> thank you for having me. >> you can get the recipes, including the edible garden at 8:56 is your time on this monday, december 3, 2018. goodorning to you. with melissa and your first 4 traffic to see if there aremsny probn the road. >> good morning. inner loop had left side oc d. aspen hill, southbound georgia near connecticut,eft side is getting by the water main break.
8:57 am
inbound on 66 and virginia look pretty. go harmony hills in silver springs is on a dtwo-houray due to the water main break. the school is also set up to w distribuer to affected customers. we'll check your forecast when we we all want white teeth. you know doc how can i get whiter, brighter teeth. and the dentist really has to say let's take a step back and talk about protecting your enamel it's important to look after your enamel because it's the foundation for white teeth. i believe dentists will recommend pronamel strong and bright because it's two fold. it strengthens your enamel, but then also it polishes away stains for whiter teeth. so it's really something that's a win-win for the patient and the dentist.
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good morning, everybody. temperatures mostly in thed0s 0s across the area. the cooler area is starting to filter into parts of the shenandoah valley. not going to be a bad de to outside. a little breezy. temperatures mid to upper 50s. a lot w colderther for the next couple of days. maybe some flurries on wednesday and a little better chances o a rain/snow mix sunday and monday.
9:00 am
live from studio 6a this, is "today." >> good morning, everybody. 'm al with sheinelle and stephanie. of course, we are all, as a nation, remembering former esident george h.w. bush, a man who really lived his entire life in servic from the time that, really, he was shot down inld war ii and making his way to washington as a congressman, the head of the cia, vice president and tually president. tributes and memories pouring in in washington, all around the country. flags flying at half-staff in his honor. today, there formerdent will be f


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