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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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more with family. >> and former presidentush 43 will eulogize his nd historian we've been talking to this afternoon, brian mullroonee willhere and the senator from wyoming we think will bring the house down. >> little question whether he'll speak briefly enough. i think people are making bets already. >> my favorite thing was i said i don't remember him and president bush being that close but it was allen simpson's father and president bush's father who served together in the u.s. senate way back when. >> the f were greatends and when george h.w. bush came to washington as a c newgressman in 1966 he bought the house of allen simpson's father. that's whe he live so it's an old family relationship. >> allen simpson was also on the
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short list to become vice president and was kept off of it because of the abortion issue. >> in 1988. >> in 1988. >> he was libertarian conservative out in wyoming, basically keep government out oi ever conservative. >> they were challengingim in the 1988 election in the primaries. he was a sitting vice president. >> dan quayle ang those. >> in a different time hes a
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conservative had done bipartisan legislation with none other than teddy kennedy. >> we want to pause here for a moment. some station will be leaving us and others will be joining us. this is nbc news live coverage of the proceed session for president george h.w. bush. good afternoon. you've been watching live coverage as the casket of george h.w. bush. >> these live pictures from chopper 4 at joint baseandrews. the president's in state r until the ceremony wednesday morning. thank you for jning us. >> today is the first of several
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days ofemembrance and funeral services near washington for the 41st president. earlier today, air force one lich was temporarily renamed t tonia airsp fieldec in texas. the former president george w. bush along with other members of the bush family sto somberly ha 41 was lifted on to the plane. to the chief was played i know what a cannon salut the plane took off. >> now here if washington, the former president had ride by motorcade to the u.s. capitol. there will be rolling road closures along the route including i-295, constitution avenuend independence avenue. >> and that trip will take about 20 minutes to the capitol. we begin with adam tuss live along the motorcade route with a closer loo at the funeral procession. adam? >> reporter: tharis t. obviously it hasn't come through this way yet.
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it is starting to get on the move from andrews. yo wcan seee've got all the roads now blocked off. u.s. capit lice, park police, d.c. police here making sure that everything s isled off inhis area. this procession will start to come through. and i have to tell you. in d.c. when these events happen, and these road closures start to happen, it getsqu eeri t around here. almost ape resful quiet that you're starting to southeasterly normally the would be bustling. starting to get into the rush ur but that's not happening. and you can see the cannon positionn the front of the u.s. capitol. that will be ae salute to former president as well. he is supposed to get here, the procession is supposed to get here about 4:45. once that happens, there's a meeting with house and senateer memb then the public gets to come out and paypeheir ress starting at 7:30 tonight. all of that taking shape.
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i can tell you, it has gotten very still and very quiet. for rush hour and traffic, this isn't the pla to be in the next couplenks s.ho so urmuch. all branches of the military are taking part. a >>the capitol, these the live pictures we have for you here. ople lining up to pay their respects to the 41st president. >> there will be a ceremony now before r from the public is allowed to enter the capitol rotunda. meagan fitzgerald is talking to visitors from allverhe country. hi, meagan. >> reporter: yeah, we've been t here all throughout the day. speaking with people not only coming from around the country but around the world, really. i wt to show you. they are forming a line within eeese gates. you can s a couple dozen people waing over the course of the next couple hours. they are waiting for gates to
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open at 7:30 so they can enter the rotunda, pay theirre ects. and there are a lot of different deeply persol reasons for them being here take. listen. >> from albania. we know about president bush and we would like tohi see funeral, to pay our respects. >> when i was in elementary school, my first time that i wre to a president was george bush. and he sent me a picture of him and his wife. he was the first president that i was raised with and so it is a sad week. >> i'm here today h toor his memory. i think of him as a gentleman statesman. unlike what we see today. generationup with a of respect for all people. it is an honor to be able to pay
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our respects to such a great man. >> reporter: now, that last lady, her name was nancy claire. some context was tt she was in town for a different event. when she heard that president bush had passed away, she canceled her flights becausempt was thattant to her to be here. the cass basket expected within the next hour. maybe just a couple minutes away and then at 7:30, the gates will open and people will have a chance to say goodbye. >> people on both sides of the aisle. respecting a statesman, as that one woman said. wednesday has been declared a national day of mourning. deral workers will not report towork. the new york stock exchange will be closed. and the funeral at the national cathedral begins at 11:00 a.m. george bush was a faithful
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episcopalian. the hymns, the scriptures, the readings were chosen by the bush family. president george w. bush will eulogize his family. all the living presidents will attend along with 2,500 to 3,000 invited guests. >> if anybody saw john mccain's funeral earlier this summer, it will look a lot like that but because this is a state itneral, s ramped up. >> the best advice, stay home and watch on ittv you'll have a much better view. >> this is the fourth time the national cathedral has held a state funeral. our coverage of the life and legacy of george h.w. bush continues throughout the evening and on our nbc washington app. all over town you've seen flags flying at half-staff.
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they areg not whipp out there. it was a calm and beautiful end to this day. >> it was a beautiful afternoon. we are starting to see the winds pick up and take a look. the cold front has made itsay rough the area. notice temperatures. 65 degrees toward virginia h. be 56 in d.c. after a high of 62. 48ha rstown, 38 that pittsburgh, and yes, the colder air moving in again ase we m our way in through the next 24 hours. you n see a mix of rain and snow as the cold air filters across the great lakes. most of this just lake effect. there is another trough moving through and it will provide bree conditions overnight early io tomorrow. much colder tomorrow. will feel 20 to 25 degrees colder tomorrow. nce foraves a c flurries during the day and then yes, all eyes on the weekend. a bigge weekend storm is
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possible and that would be a snowstorm for some of us. we'll talk much morebout that what i'm one minute a young woman is dreaming about her future as a autician. the next minute her family is planning her funeral. >> pat collins spoke today. the family said she went to see friend on friday and she never came home. >> reporter: this is t way it breaks down. she lived in maryland. she came to this house in ut ast. a short time later, she's dead. police are calling it a case of murder. her family wan to know, what was going on in this house? and who pulled the trigger? what has this done to your family? >> devastated us. it has devastad everyone.
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>> reporter: nya howard reylds wa into beauty in a big way and she had that big plans. she wanted to be a super hairstylist, a make-up artist. she was working at agh dout shop in the morning and studying in the afternoon to make a it happen. nya's dream came to an end friday night at this home. here police say she was murdered, shot in the neck. nya hard reynolds was just 19 years old. sheisived at this home add road. friday night family members say she took an uber to this home in southeast. apparently to s a iend. less than two hours later she was dead. her family looking for answers. >> i want answers and i want justice.
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i want jusce served. she is not just another victim in that city. she's not. >> reporter: lots of questions and no awers so far. no motive, no suspect, no arrest. to you. we take you now to the to ca we are awaiting the arrival of the remains of president george h.w. bush. >> he will lie in state for all tose we've seen the lines form. we've seen the lines form. and we'll be hearing
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we are looking now at former president grge h.w. bush his remains arre in d.c., air force one arring in the district with the bush family a short while ago. >> that's right. and that motorcade should take about 20 minutes. so within the nexto 10 15 minutes we should see it pull up to the capitol. the crowds are already lining up jay gray? >> reporter: what a
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our nation and specifically at the capitol, pausing to remember are patriotdent and someone many say was the cornerstone of an era of stability in one that many now fear is gone. today he makes one last trip to washington. air force on in honor of the 41st president. his life, oneicf dion to his country. nearly 70 years of service. a fighter pil in world war ii. a congressman, ambassador to the united nations, director of the cia, vice president and president. and after his time in thete w house, a force for charity. >> it's very sad.
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he was a great man. >> reporter: love spilling out, tributes. this afternoon dignitaries, family and friends will gather for a brief memorial in the capitol rotunda where he will lie in state. thousands expected to pay their almosts over the next cysple ahead of a state funeral wednesday at the natnal cathedral. >> if people analyze not only his accomplishments but his character. they'll say job well done, george h.w. bush! >> reporter: the family will hold a private funeral in houston andhe president will be buried next to his wife at his presidential library on the campus of texas a & m. >> all right. thank you so tmuch. we wan turn now to doug kammerer who is with us.
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he showed kennebunkport, houston, we were somewhere in the middle of one of his three homes. >> you're righ today is a beautiful day. >> it is. 66ee de that's spectacular. e sun is vishining. >> we would like to it last. >> we would b i know what's coming. it is cooler and cooler and tomorrow the bottom falls out. absolutely. we're at 62 degrees. plenty of sunshine. now we have a few clouds o there. we saw the front pass through. the current temperature is 56. notice the windsutrth. at 14 miles an hour. we're starting to see the numbers drop. 47 toward fredericksburg. the windsg start pick up. we're seeing winds gusting 20 to 30ur miles an that will be the case. some higher gusts at times.
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we have a system back to the west some of the clouds streamingin. you can see the rain and snow from the great lakes. we are seeing it in the northeast that will help protce some of tind during the day. and look at the windills. 40, 56, 25 in atbuffalo. the colder air starting to descend and that's tomoow. will be a much colder day. i'm expecting windchillsight here, 38, morgantown, yeah, that's what we'll be seeing. so bundle up. you'll need it tomorrow. a high of 43egrees. breezy is that cold. mostly sunny. it will be a lot colder tomorrow. especially for the kids at the
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bus stop. a very cold tuesday and a cold week. we have the cold air descending across the ea. we understand, even a chance for some flurry activity. i say 40 but most of will youn staye 30s all day long. 42 on friday. not much going on in this time frame except for some colder weather but all eyes on the storm system. and the storms will come together. then on sunday,raing the storm system sunday, if you saw my winter forecast, i was talking about how i don't think we'll see much in the way of snow during the month of december. and this storm lks to be the one that we'll be watching track to the south. and i thinkhats the pattern here in the month of december. big storm or no? cold air. a ana of low pressure forming along the gulf of mexico.
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this storm, i don't see a phase happening. the southern stream stays to the south. more snow for areas like roane oklahoma. not much for us but we stay on theoldside. i've still got that chance in there because there is still a chance ite could m up. that's my current thinking. i don't think we'll seel that. wealk about this over the next couple hours. one thing for sure. we've got a cold forecast in the making. we want to show you hive pictures as we wait for the motorcade to pass by there at third and jefferson. a long line of suvs carrying his large family. and of course, the hearse carryinghe body of george h.w. bush. on the way to theapitol where we will hear eulogies. leaders from both sides of the political aisle.
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we can show you live pictures now of what appears to be the motorcade arriving at the steps of the u.s. capitol at
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this hour. former president george h.w. bush making his final return to washington, d.c. as a political statesman, hailed by feaders across the aisle, as a man greatness and uncommon decency and kindness as well. live pictures coming in. it appears as though family has the steps of the u.s. capitol where there will be a ceremony at 4:45. and beginning at the 5:00 hour. the former president will lie in state. >> and that does begin at 7:30 for a fullight and day for everyone. we want to shift gears now. it is one of the biggest games of this season. on the road in prime time against the super bowl champs. no easy task for our redskins. and as sheri burris reports, if they want to stay in the playoff picture, the team had better g
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a "w" tonight. >> reporter: the first meeting comes on the national stage and ee stage couldn't bigger. if the redskins want to make the playoffs, ton aht is must-win. the odds are against washington. philly sw ly swept them las yea. and it is only one in eight tries under coach gruden. he is very aware of what is at stake. >> there should be a sense of urgency, what our record is. we're tied for first. to go out there a get a big win against the w champsld do a lot of good for a lot of people. >> reporter: while the redskins history has no effect on the outcome of tonight's game. thne win with colt mccoy at quarterback. sheree burris. we want to let you know as the motorcade pulls up to the
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capitol, the plic beginningt 7:30 can line up this evening. first street between constitution and independence avenues, or second street between east capital. that motorcade and theasket move tthe national cathedralo .
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welcome back. live pictures now as the body oh george h.w. akes its way to the u.s. capitol. >> the procession arriving moments ago from joint base andrews for a ceremony inside the capitol rotunda. every branch oarthe mil taking part in this cerony today. for this navy lieutenant, congress, vice president, and president as well. a statesman as we will be all week after the ceremony the president will lie in state until wednesdaymorning. >> and many people have already started lining up, ready to pay their respects. meagan fitzgerald is onsite
4:31 pm
talking to people from all around the country. >> reporter:verybody has a different reason for coming. people from across the country and the world. i talked to a guy froma. alba he said he needed to be here because he is so grateful to president bush for the relationship he built with his country. and i'll step out of the way so you cana get an i of who is here. a couple dozen people standing in line. they have their cameras ready to capital hurt the m that will go down in history. people waiting to pay their respectsful we tal ad to woman who has been standing in line since this morning. she describes why it was portant to her to be first in line. take a listen >> after hearing president bush had ,di we decided to stay here and we'll go home tomorrow.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: a lot of different reasons and s rifices people had to make to be here. one woman told me, our sacrifice being here pales in comparison to the sacrifice that george bush made to our country. 7:30 is when the gates will open. the viewing for the public will ta place all the way through wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. back to you. >> thank you. we have learned that president trump and first lady melania t.ump will be paying their respects toni they will make their way down pennsylvania avenue to that capitol rotunda. >> we are expecting a ceremony to begin in a little less than 15 minutes inside the capitol rotunda. a short ceremony beginning at nt00. the former presiill lie in state. these pictures from within the rotunda. we go now to adam tuss who continues our coverage hive
4:33 pm
along the procession. >> reporter: that's right. we just s the motorcade come through. you can see how all the streets are blocked off. you can take a look around and see the number of people have started to gather here on the streets. just st. even up on the buildings. people are coming ond want to catch a glimpse of the d.c. moments that we're going through. and what a eat, beautiful day. we've been delivered here if early december for all of this to en. and so quiet right now. normally what would be a rush hour,tl husg and bustling has turned into a quiet andaf respectful rnoon. i want to show you the cannon that has been lined up in front that capitol building will pay tribute to the former president as well once the ceremony gets underway. que a moment as it d camen
4:34 pm
through this area a few moments ago. and now the body of the former president to lie if state so c everyone pay their respects. >> all those people lining up. from the roof, to watching history unfold. today, tomorrow, wednesday, too, before his remains go back to texas for the burial. and we've been watching a l of family faces for those of houston go wayback. the old guard of the republican era. they are filling that rotunda right now. we'll hear from the house speaker and leadership from t democratic side of the aisle. >> and our remembrance of george h.w. bush continues in our nbc washington app. >> we have a full schedule of the week events along with a
4:35 pm
look at how he is being remembered in texas and washington. there is a profile of the amazing love story between george and barbara he is ay man first and foremost. 17 great grandchildren. we want to go now to our nbc network. the casket will s lie intate for a period of hours starting this evening after a ceremony until naonalubli memial wedndaynashiton at the national cathedral. and assembled at the capitol to greet him, members past and president. mike pence will speak in e ceremony. and following along in buses,
4:36 pm
the sprawling members of the bush family. a couple months ago they lost barbara bush, thema iarch. >> the beautifulen mon of the city. only since george bush became vice president. because reagan waso the first move it. >> it took guy from hollywood to figure out that washe better shot. >> the picture perfect and warm dae in washington. >> we noted only ten previous presidents have been honored to lie in state in the capitol. there have been others, mos recently we saw senator john mccain, some civilians have lane in state.
4:37 pm
rosa parks, fbi director, herbert hoover. >> i have to say, it proves in a moment like this, they can walke away from differences and not shut down the governmt ich shows if they can communicate with each other, perhaps they can watch this week and learn some lessons. >> one of the things we were talking about, w g thatrge bush's compromise and his willingness to compromise was fatal to his ambitions to be reelected. and it was newt gingrich and others who came up behind him. i >>is a lesson many have learned the hard way. >> towed break his pledge not to raise taxes. i think they call the tax
4:38 pm
revenue enhancements. it was taxes and he paid dearly politically for that. but the government did stay ope west didn't see a shutdown until the 1990s. >> will today's elected officials s do i want to be remembered for could go the right thg? what lesson do they take away, that you get remembered for doing the right thing in the moment? or that he paid a steep pric and he was not a two-term president because of it. >> we can hear the motorcad. i can tell you, vpee president e is set to speak and we are getting a look at some of what he will say. i'm told by a white house ficial that the vice president will remember not just george herbert walker bus the
4:39 pm
president, but as you have there onset have been remembering, the family man. the vice president is expected s a greatbout how he leader who made a great difference in the life of nation. he was a good man who was devoted to his beloved wife, his family and his friends. we expect the vice president to share somend details a remembrances of when he first met him in 1988. when he was vice presidt. andike pence was just 29 years old. just getting started i politics. the vice president in his remarks will talk about how he was struck by the approachability of the president. so many people who knew him. he will talk about the kindness of this president. >> the 41ste president of
4:40 pm
united states. >> he came to congress as a young congressman from texas more than 50 years ago. waiting at the capitol steps, we've already spotted several former members of hiscabinet. vice president cheney, there they are. the chief of staff, elizabeth dole. dick cheney. >> incredibly fitting, he went only gress and he was there for four years. three of his best friends in washington were democrats. ashley from ohio, from chicago, and sonny montgomery from mississippi. until he leftto washi in 1993, bush kept a locker in the house gym. he would go up and sit in the
4:41 pm
steam room and talk. >> a friend of the family, they bush fam just sent me an e-mail to y, paul most and george bush were iends. this is an old friendship as well between pelosi, the senior, d h.w. >> the relationship that's used to exist all the time across the party lines. now we're like, wow! it used to ohbe, yeah, you're friends with people you work with. >> reagan and tip o'neill. you don't find out what party they are to be friends. i >> thatthe geography where president bush saw president reagan off in 1989 and the was seen off inl bclinton. that's where the family members
4:42 pm
are. >> as i mentioned, a lot of bush children, a lot of grandchildren and perhapsome great grandchildren. although a lot of them are quite little. he loved to be surrounded by them. great grandchildren, i guess. >> i got in trouble for identifying someone from theba of their head. so don't worry. the blond in thed backgro there was at her grandfather's bed side when he passed. and she tdhim, say hi to granny for me as h breathed his
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>> we saw members of the family walking inside a moment ago. a service is about to take place for the memorial in the capitol rotunda. >> we expect to it take about an ur. we'll hear from mitch mcconnell, the vice president, mike pence, and of cour we'll see many, many dignitaries, former members of the bush cabinet, current members of the administration, members of congress, of course. even spotted a congressman-elect. dan j crenshaw who wast elected in november.
4:46 pm
a republican and hales from the houston area. a vete and all of them coming to pay their almosts to the1st president. eugene robinson joins our table and we've been talking about how this is the quint essentially american moment. we're saying goodbye to a former president. >> it is quintessentially american. the ceremony, the precision, the ritual that has gone through. it is the way we mark important events and important individuals in our story. and george h.w.hi bush was b an measure an important american of his time.
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>> so many moments. the is former president george w. bush, wife laura, the family standing at the top of the capitol steps, greeting the remains, the ag-draped remains of the family patriarch. george h.w. bush. >> and no poker face there. a son who adored his dfather. s much as they knew he was ready to go, it is hard to let him go in this moment to. se his flag draped casket coming up the steps of the
4:59 pm
rotunda. the music clearly moving him. there is governor jeb bush. you may have also seen at the to of the stairs, members of president bush's cabinet. some family faces that wrote a lot of history. >> james baker, a close friend at the president's bedside when he passed. wiping away tears there. everyone kne this moment was coming and in most ways, they are really celebrating such a life wel lived. >> two things are happening. the majesty of state and then the fact thathis was a really good, genuine friend of everyone.
5:00 pm
when those intersect, you're going to have a lot of emotion. >> john sununu. >> and brentscowcroft. he's been in a wheelchair since suffering a strokea a or so ago. >> this is the bush >>cabinet. is that elizabeth dole back there? >> it is. senator dole, secretary of labor. the white house counsel. lamar alexander. >> still ai sitting senator. ♪


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