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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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new 4 at1:00 starts now. for the next 35 hours, thousandit of vs from around washington and the world will pay their respectso former president george h.w. bush. >> the capitol rotunda will be here around the clock, and are still people lined up and
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filing in tonight. this is a live look inside the rotundht now, where former president bush is lying in state. >> president trump and first lady melania trump were justew here a hours ago. nbc's jay gray begins our coverage from capitol >> reporter: ss the country tonight, thousands stopped to say good-bye. >> it's very sad. he was a great man. and we loved him. >> reporter: more than 100 standing solemnly at ellington field as george bh.w.h boards air force one, the aircraft remained for this special trip, in honor of the 41stpresident. he traveled to washington for the last time. dignitaries, including vice president mike pence, paypeg their rs during a brief ceremony in the capitol rotunda. >> we thank you for sharing this special man with our nation and the world. >> where thousands over the next couple of days are expected to
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gather to say good-bye. >> helped a lot of people. and he just was a wonderful man. >> reporter: mourners celebrating almost years of sacrifice ando dedication his country. as a fighter pilot, shot down during worldar ii, a congressman, ambassador to the united nations,ir dector of the cia, vice president, then president. and out of office, he championed a host of charitable causes. until his fal few years, when illness confined president bush to a wheelchair. and his t tughts turned what was next. >> i used to worry about death, i don't anymore. i have a feeling a there's afterlife, and i have a feeling it's a good one. >> reporter: well adeserved for patriot, president and cornerstone of an era of civility in politics many fear ise now gth his passing.y gray, nbc news, washington. >> back to live pictures from the caol roe ttunda now.
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president bush, just the 32nd person in american history to receive the honor of lying in state at the capitol. the most recent, senator john mccain just three months ago. first street and east capital stet are klosed onhe east side of the capitol tonight, so people can line up to enter the rotunda and pay their respects. >> news 4's jackie bensen is live tonight to talk to the people who are doing just that jackie? >> reporter: well, jim, a scene that you don't often see here in the nation's capital, take a look downhere, in between all the media folks, everything that's going on here, the fire epartment, police, there are hundreds of people lined up at this hour to pay their respects, personal respects to the late president george h.w. bush. the line is moving quickly, and believe me, evenhough the temperatures have dropped, people are anxious to be here. i'm downed now by mr. john cheeks. you are from washington, d.c., correct? >> yes. >> reporter: why did you come
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here this evening? >> i came here to pay respects to a very decent president, and it was during a time and eraf where, you were a republican, it was okay, he didn' divide people, he didn't divide parties, but he looked out forn the ameripeople, a protector, a statesman, intelligence officer. you name and patriot, most of all. >> reporter: people say we don't have long memories in this nation, but look how many people are out here tonight, and how many of them are younger people. >> reporter: a -- >> a lot. a lot of young people out paying their respects to, we call him papa bush, but maybe they'll learn something from this ctepter. >> rep thank you mr. john cheeks. thank you for stopping for us tonight. and again, members of the public, people who want to come here and pay tha personal last respect to former president george h.w. bush have until 8:45 wednesday morning to do so, at
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l beh point, his casket w taken to the national cathedral. live on capitol hill, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thank you, jackie. wednesday's funeral will future former presidents, cabinet members and world leaders. george w. bush will eulogize his father. former senator alan simpson and john meachum will, all president trump and the first lady will attend, along with every living former president. an estimated 3,000 people have been invited a toend the ceremony at the washington national cathedral. mr. bh was a faithful e miss episcopal the bush family chose all the hymns, the scrip childrens and the readings. president trump declared wednesday a national day of mourning. >> y we hope'll stay with news 4 for continuing coverage of the memorials t georgeerbert walker bush. the events continue through thursday, when t former
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president will be laid to rest at his presidential library and mu se museum in texa breaking news. it happened again to the redskins. i'm cary chow. washington just lost another quarterback to a season-ending colt mccoy broke his leg in tonighs game against the eagles. we'll show you file video of mccoy. we can't show you game video, the game is still in progress. mccoy broug his right fibula ten he was scrambling on the final play of first quarter. it was jtat his secondrt of the season. this, of urse, afteralex smith broke his leg in week of the season. and now with mccoy done for the entire season, mark sanch is the only quarterback on the roster, and he signed just two weekago. plenty more coming up later in sports. >> au, right, thank yo cary. we'll see yth . >> hard to believe. let's turn to the weather forecast now, and our focus turning to a chance of snown
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the ten-day forecast, doug? >> yeah, guys, and i did play quarterback on my team in college. there!out >> yeah. >> just throwing it out there, guys. out there today, guys, it was a little bit on the mild side. high of 62 degrees today. it was beautiful early. plenty oaf sunshine f sunshine . look where the numbers are now. 48 degrees in d.c. 30s upo the north. that colder air filtering in across our region tonight. you can actually see the snow coming across the great lakes, showing the cold air making its way our waw, or us, no snow tonight. however, we're tracking a couple of stormshere. much colder tomorrow. chance for flurries on wednesday. not a big deal. but the bigger weekend storm, that is a possibility. i'm going to talk much more about what i think this storm may bring. again, a possible big storm this weekend. i'll be bit.n just a little >> all right, doug. i hope they're watching. new at 11:00, a woman walking home from a metro stop is abducted, held at gunpoint
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and sexually assaulted in a car. tonight, police are looking for the two men who attacked her. the victim left tle n road station in temple hills just after midnight this morning when two strangers forced her into a say both men sexuallyd assaul the woman and drove around for an hour before she escaped in d.c. >> she was terrorized for an hour. so, we want to do our best a by he get these guys off the street immediately. we don't want them to hurt anyone else. >> one of the men was caught on camera using the victim's atm card. cameras also captured the car they were driving. also in prince george's county tonight, a man found dead in a parking lot of a strip mall. police responded to reports of a shooting just after 7:00 tonight near oak lawn and allentown roads in ft. washington. they found the victim dead at the scene.po ce will only say he had through the body. no information about a possible
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motive or suspects. montgomery county police tell us a woman was sexually assaulted in an ambulance. now, a count ems worker faces charges for touching that woman inappropriately while providing medical treatment to the victimo av say mario abando rodriguez then the woman his phone number on the way to the hospital. police are worried there may be victims in the gaithersburg area. if you have any information, give them a call. the d.c. public school system has a new leader tonighta r muriel bowser today named louis farrave to become chancellor. since 13, he'seen the superintendent of indianapolis public schools. if confirmed by the dick cown council, he'll take over im full in jahn. merc service s of health president accused of filing millions in false aims.
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virginia is just poised to expand its medicaid program. t investigators for the attorney general's office raided the office last week. aearch warrant affidavit shows they seized ten computers, 33 documents. it also alleged he fraudulently billed the state nearly$4 million in false medicaid. clai the mercy services office manager says they're devastated by the news, but standing by the man they call dr. john. >> everyone's like family, so, it's more, like, heartbbeaking use dr. john always looked out for everyone, so, i just feel like, you know, the wrong person was charged greene >> green says the office will continue providing services to about 90 patients and employing 100 home health care aids. dr. john, as ca's lled, is being held without bond. a huge turnout tonht to support a local boy battling
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leukemia. a crowd cheered him on by name before he received a special honor. still to come tonight, we'll show you how an entire community answered a call from the police chief to fulfill this boy's wish. before we go to break, more of the sights and sounds from an emotional and historic day in washington. >> here now, the u.s. naval academy glee club with a rendition of "america the beautiful" in memory of president george h.w. bush. ♪ oh beautiful ♪ for spacious skies ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountain majes ♪ above the fruited mraen ♪
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♪ america ♪ america ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ and crown thy good ♪ with brotherhood ♪ from s to shining sea alright, everyone. santa will be right back,
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♪ here again is another live look at the scene from the capitol rotunda. even at this late hour, stead stream of mourners filing past former president george h.w. bush's flag-draped casket. you can pay your respects, too, the 41st president is lying in state on through wednesday morning. ttonight, we have story behind a picture you've seen all over socl media. >> yeah, it's the shot of a dog keeping watch by president bush'ssk . this photo tweeted by a bush family sp mesperson have made sully the most famous canine in the cotry. trainers with the charity america's v dogseach dogs to perform everyday tasks and then matches them with veterans for free. was -year-old labrado paired with mr. bush shortly after his wife, barbara, died this spring.
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>> sully, in front of the casket, really is powerful stuff and just shows the bond that the president and sully had with each other. >> president bush arranged for sully to continue sving his country. his next mission is helping soldiers at walter reed medical center. lell, a wown is showing up to support a little boy. you see, he's battling cancer. >> but the town of haymarket, ia virg wants them to know they're behind him all the way. >> news 4's darcy spencer was there as ethan became a town hero tonig. >> reporter: there were bagpipes and chants to cx him upo the stage. >> ethan! ethan! ethan! n, reporter: etha a little shy, brave t faced crowd, emerging in his father's arms. it's a lot when you're 9ears old, battling cancer, and it feels like the whole town has come out just for you. >> to everyone who came out and who supported us on facebook,
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thank you so much. it really means a lot to us. >> reporter: all these heople areere to witness and see aea dr come true. he wants to be in law enforcement some day. haymarket police officer. >> i, ethan dixon, do solemnly sweaor -- >> repr: the chief of police used social media to invite people to come out for ethan. so many answered the call.ik most, these sisters who made posters, didn't even know him. >> was thinking how happy he's going to be when he sees this >>humbled. completely humbled. so grateful that everybody came >>out tonight. eporter: and there were gifts. a blanket to keep him warm. a basket of goodies to keep him busy during his chemo treatments, and a vehicleweek's ca -- vacation for the family at a beac he didn't have a lot to say, but sometime us don't need words to tell you h youfeel. what do you think of the people turning out for you tonight? thum now, i can't say too much about
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it, because i don't want to ruin the surprise, but something elsb ng planned to make this a special christmas for ethan. let's jt say it involves some caroling. in haymarket, virginia, darcy spencer, news 4. >> goet n. rocking that police cap. >> and what a huge crowd. that's wonderful. >> big deal. >> soer- and they -- had to dress warmly -- >> yeah. >> to stand around for that tonight. >> not as long tonight as it's goingo be the next couple of nights. we saw a high today of 62, itul was beautut there earlier. what a way to start off a work week and what a way to start off a nice warm stretch -- never mind. we hit 58 yesterday, 62 today. that was the warmest since november 7th. we have not seen much in the w of warm air at all. look at those highs. mostly in the 50s. lowell low 60s. a lot colthr now. cold air is moving in, along with a north end.
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they w gusting earlier today. they'll be gusty again during the morning hours, especially into the early afternoonhours. 37, fredericksburg, 39 in still cloud cacross the region. mostly mid to high level clouds. it will be a cool night a tonig, anilly start tomorrow. temperatures are not going to rise all that much and temperatures will continue to fall early on. no clouds, not a lhe in t way of rain or snow in our area, but we have rain or snow back to the west. we have lake effects coming on through here. lake effect snow continuing into parts of ohio, new york. snowshoe, west virginia, has been seeing a lotf snow lately. they will going to continue to open up territory in that area. now, look at these windchills. 44, d.c. 37, hagerstown. 25, sta colleg that colder air is going to be making its way in here by tomorrow. so, for the kidsut at the bus
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stop, make sure you bundle up. you will need the coats tomorrow. you didn't need them today. temperatures not moving much. only intohe low 40s by recess and maybe dropping during the afternoon. wind chis only in the 30s all day. now, 43 tomorrow, 40 on wednesday. about a 20%, 30% chance of snow flurries. not going to be a lot. but maybe some showers out there. 44, thursday, 42 on friday. all 40s for the d.c. area, upper 30s. 38 o and then we get to sunday, and again, sunday is the day i'm w going to bching this storm very closely. there's a potential for a big storm. this is thehoraphic id during my forecast. showing the deep trough of low pressure. we have that in place. and then the southern jet stream, courtesy of el nino, that's what we have out there. low pressureon moving making its way towards the east coast. big storms, we need these two t streams to phase across our area, meaning come together, and the storm is there and theold air is there.
11:21 pm
i think this storm is a little too far to the south, bringing possible big snows to areas liki north ca, maybe down around roanoke and richmond and then making its way off,ot a whole lot for us. but i'm going to watch it. this is still six to seven days out. could it still come our way? definitely. we'll be tracking that for sure. but right now, i think most of the activity stays t our sout we call these storms southern sliders. >> ah. >> so there you go. new term for you out there. >> we hope it slides on out of here. >> not a lot of snow, i said it, in december, so, i need it to. >> got it. thank you, doug. coming up, colt mccoy out for theas . what happened to our quarterback? and what happened to the redskins in this game tonight? oh, that's painf. >> sportuls,
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> the redskins hoping to draw some inspiration from the eagles, who won the super bowl last year with a backup quarterback. e skins are going to have to do one better and do it withr thei third string quarterback, mark nenchez, who jd the team two weeks ago. colt mccoy making his second start of the year, but on the last play of the first quarter, mccoy tripped up. you see his leg whit around and breaks his right fibula. he actuahey stayed in game, played two more plays after thag before hea to the locker room, and he was done for the year. now, his backup, mark sanchez, last threw a pass in 2016. for the eagles, ironically. he really knew how to hand this peterson, whodrian went 90 yards to the house.
11:26 pm
longest touchdown run of his careie. and it jim brown fur fifth on the all-time rushing touchdown list. the redskins actually up 10-7, but the skins "d" couldn't stop the eagles. darren sproles, first ge since week one, 14-yard score. that gives philly bac the lead. and they do not ge it up. 28-13, thefinal. the redskins playoff hopes take a huge hit. the wizards are dealt with plenty of drama so far this season, so, a match-up against the kcks might be exactly what they need. for whatever reason, the wizards have their number,ncluding eight straight wins at m ison squaregarden. the world's most famous arena. pete davidson in the use. about yan that grande not so much. and live from new york -- it's bradley beal! lay-up beats the buzzer to end the first quarter. come on, guys,-hat was - >> it was good. >> i could tell you acticed it. >> beal had 27 points.
11:27 pm
that's a game high. third quarter, thedi "d" to some "o." markieff morris with thek fini. chout this play. very next play. steal. with the look at that, behind the back lltlet pass from morris to beal to wa. we'd love to see more of this. i think. wall, 18 pt us 15 dimes. wizardsti ce their dominance over the new york, beating new york 110-107. former nic gre eer knicks g ewe in ewing and the hoyas o takinn liberty tong. mac mcclung gets it to later in the half, mcclung, wasn't done. he's going to nail thitriple. he had 1 points in this one. georgetown only upy two at the half. in the final 20 minutes, they pull away. fellow freshman superstar james akingo.
11:28 pm
hoyas win their fourthstraight, 88-78. taking on syracuse next. also wanted to mention george mason lost to vermont today, number four virginia beat morgan state, but of stor e, the big story, colt mccoy done for the season, happened again. >> mark sanchez, third string, doug kammerer, fourth. >> yeah, i he cd. yo toss it. >> i'm just saying. i still got it. i still got it. >> we'll put in the word. alright, everyone. santa will be right back, but i just got to say, if you're going to ask him for tech this year, you got to ask for fios too. sorry, why is that? because fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. don't you guys want all of the tech on your wish list to work as awesomely as you dreamed? i'm back! and he's back.
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and we thank you for joining us. "the tonight show" is next. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. many bush coverage.
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(music throughout) [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- margot robbie, el


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