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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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passed by has casket to pay thecr re. >> it's 5:00 a.m. and so far thousands of people passed through the capitol rotunda. so coming from out of state all to pay tribute to the 41st president. we have a look at the memorial service held for him last night. a checknt to begin with on your commute and forecast. >> melissa with a look at the roadsnd rails for us. >> big change in the weather since yesterday. degrees for high temperature. we won't be anywhere near that warm any time soon. as of 5:00 a.m., temperatures right now are 5 to as much as 15 degree colder than we were at the same time yesterday.
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wouldn't you like to put a smile on that dog's face by bringing him home? if you're going to go outside, bundle tempes only in the low to mid 40s but wind chills in the 30s all day long. >> this is fully open here this morning. there's still a ltle bit here on the street from a street light that came down during a crash so just be careful. westbound massachusetts at white
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haven. two left lanesre open there right now. on the beltway, outer loop still have two right les getting by there. >> thank yo this morning president george h.w. bush lies intate at the u.s. capitol. the building is open all night and a steady stream o mourners filed past his casket silently paying their respects. this is a live picture inside the capol rotunda. bush once called the capitol democracy's front and said it was a place for americans to gather as friends and neighbors. before president bush even arrived at the capitol,of hundrs eople lined the streets outside. >> the casket was brought i as s family, lawmakers and members of the military watched.
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>> you see former president george w. bush and the rest of there.mily the sound of the salute rang out over the district. thousands have lined up to pay their respects. >> justin joins us outside of the capitol with more. good morning. >> good morning. we have seen people tricklen and o of the capitol this morning having paid tribute to president george h.w. bush. you can see behind user he they are braced for cven morerowds to show up today. thre barricades set up at first right outside the capitol. i want to take you to video and show you what we have been seeing here over the pastse ral hours. well wishers from across the country showing up here to pay tribute to president bush. for many they say they felt a need to come here in person and pay their respects. that rang especially true for a woman that we met that said that she was inspiredy president
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bush and his service in the military and that her family was indeed many generations of the navy. her father deployed during desert storm which president bush oversaw in h tenure. his one term as president and she says she rells her father telling her to be brave the way the president was av she drove here three hours from wom williamsburg and i asked her what made her want to be here. take a listen. >> he did so many wonderful things for our country, no matter what your pitics or partisanship was, it didn't matter to him. >> as youtheard e, that woman saying she respected the president and his patriotism. his willingness to listen to all sides of an argument and all tople. we canl you that you still have time to a come here pay tribute yourself until wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. at which point the president will be transported for funeral services
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on wednesday morning.nk >> tyou. your time is 5:05. hewmakers from both sides of aisle attended a memorial service in the capitol. the service began with a rendition of america the beautiful sung by the u.s. naval academy glee club. >> the leaders of both houses of congress layed wrehehs at casket. president donald trump and first lady ymelania came to pay their tributes. they stood in front of the casket for a few moments before the president saluted the cassette. vice president mike pence spoke celebrating bush's service to his country. >> i'm told he once joked about the job saying that there was, quote, nothing substantive to do at all. but as history records, during
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thoseyears, he set the standard. >> flags on all public buildings are flying at half staff for 30 days out of respec the mayor asked everyone that attended to collect a colorful pair. they collected new socks to givu >> his eldest son former president george w. bush will deliver a eulogy. the fm erica ner canadian prime ministernd his biographer will also speak. an estimated 3,000 people have
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been invited to attend the service at the washington national cathedral. the bush aamily chose the hymns, scriptures, and readings. president trump declared owednesday a national d mourning. stay with news 4 for continuing coverage for the memorials for president bush. events continue through thursday where the former psident will be laid to rest at his presidential library and museum in t'texas. >> 5:07 this morning. a major set back for the skins when the team faced the philadelphia eagles. colt mccoy broke his leg while scrambling on the final play of the first quarter right there. this is just the second start of the season and the 2nd quarterback the tea lost to an injury. news 4's chris lawrence joins us live with tails. chris, talk about bad luck, wow. >> it'sunbelievable. just when you think, look, our quarterback went do we're going to be okay.
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not only losing to the rivals and eagles and another game back of dallas but losing colt mccoy. a lot of people were really confiden he has been around. he could get us the rest of the way there and then on a spooky play, he's been hurt as well. redskins will be cursing the words right tibula for years to come after this season. but look, they'll have to win the next, maybe a of the next four games to make theyo pffs and that means it's all going to be in the hands of mark sanchez. this was a tough blow. colt finally gets his golpon unity and he gets kicked in the leg and breaks it.
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heart broken for t both ofse guys, really. >> the thing is being an nfl quarterback and trying to a playbook is like on such short notice like sanchez had to its like me handing you that and saying try to get up to spe on that by next weekend. it's tough. so eventually smart guys figure it out. sanchez willtoo. the problem is at this point in the season, redskins are running out of time. a woman walking he from a metro stop was abducted, held at gun point sndually assaulted in a car. they're looking for the two men that attacked her. the victim left the stationni after mt on monday when two strangers forced her into a car. police say bot men sexually assaulted the wroan and dve around for about 45 minutes before forci out of the car in southeast d.c.
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>> she was terrorized for an aur so we want to do our best by her get these guys off the street immediately. we don't want them to hurt anyone else. >> one of the men was caught on camera using the victim's atm cardn there's escaped north carolina prisoner in our iarea. he considered armed and dangerous. he escaped from a correction's facility in north carolina on october 14th, almost a month later on november 10th, maryland stee police say was recorded on this surveillance at a gas station in virginia and this past saturday they foundru a they believe jones stole. it was found in st. mary's county. you see jones, not approach him. police say cal 911.
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>> one counsel m pberlans to add an at large counsel member robert white wants to give minorities and women a better chance to profit and require 35% of work to go to minority owned, women owned local businesses. counsel members will take a second and final vote before the end of the year. today we may learn new about robert mueller's russia investigation. mueller is expted to file a memo discussing the up coming sentencing forat formernal security adviser michael flynn. he pled guilty to lying to the fbi about his contacts with russian officials during the weeks before president trump took office. since then, he has been cooperatingr'ith muel team. today's memo is expected to detail what information flynn may have offered. >> president trump lashed out at
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his former attorney michael cohen. >> cohen pled guilty to lying to congress about a trump real estate projen russia and has been cooperating with special counsel roberthe mueller. trying to avoid a prison sentence. yesterday the president tweeted cohen should have a full and complete sentence. some question whether that tweet amounts to witness mpering. >> the united states using his public twitter t account to to influence witnesses or people who pled guilty whin the mueller probe. to me smells pretty fishy. >> in that same twitter rant, president trump pyised a roger stone. stone has said he will never testify against the president. president trump wrote, quote, nice to know that some people still have guts. cohen is scheduled to be sentenced next week. >> still ahead, america's diabetics are using less insulin, but it's notor the reason you may think. >> plus a tragedy for the s.
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navy. one of the top commanders found dead inside his home. >> it's day 3 of hanukkah, the wild way that one man t decid celebrate the holiday and the help he received toake his hockey stick minora a reality. >> i like it. >> all right. car washing forecast time. if you got your washed off yesterday when it was sunny and in the 60s, good job. most of y dry here for the rest of the week. however, there are some chances for snow. i'llnoet you when that's most likely to happen, coming up. >> and we head to break with a live look inside the capitol. president bush is lying in state and overnight mourners filed past his casket to pay the respects. continuing coverage when we turn. stayre w
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his legacy is gre. his memory will belong to glory. god bless the 41st president of the unitestates. >> another moment from yesterday's memorial for president george h.. bu speaker of the house paul ryan there addressing the bush family, long time staffers and former administration officials. hereivow a look inside the capitol rotunda this rning. his body will lie in state there until wednesday when he will be moved to the national cathedral for his funeral. thousands of mourners are expected to file pastas thet today to pay their respects. this morning, the u.s. navy is
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investigating the death of of its own. he commanded the fifth fleet and served as the top command in the middle east. he was found dead inside his home from what appeared to be a suicide. the navy is investigating his ath. he helped coordinate strikes between isis and the tal taliba more diabetics are lowering thei insulin doses to keep up with it's rising price. they have been using smaller doses t make their supplies last longer. going too long without insulin could cause blindness, loss of a limb or even a death. about one in ten americans live with some formdi of etes. new cases of a mysterious ke polio-llness appears to be declining. the centers for disease contrre andntion announced yesterday the number of cases of acute flaccid myelitis has
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peaked for the ar. there's been 134 cases confi ed in 33 states afm attacks the nervous system and can cause paralysis. >> a local boy battling leukemia has been given an early gift and special honor. >> it's not t only gift that's getting a lot of attention this morning but the way the gift was given. how awesome? is this is ethan's hometown. they all came out to cheer him on as heas sworn in as an honorary police officer. he used social media to spread the message about the event and the town came through for ethan. he was given a basket of treats, a new blanket and a week's vacation at the beach house. >> nice to see when social media does something good. >> esome. >> let's check in with chuck bell for a look at our cold day >> good thing he got a new
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blanket. he's going to need it today. it's coldou ide for sure. the wind is coming out of the northwest again and that promis us not just chilly day today but an extendedio p of colder than average weather is now underway. northwest winds averaging 8 miles per hour. it will increase atlin a l bit once the sun goes up but just that little bit of a breeze out there and lower wind chi as no in some spots even below freezing. wind chill is now 3 in montgomery county. 37 washington and inedericksburg. 29 the current chill in winchester and 39 in southern maryland. if you're headed down to the u.s. capitol building today to pay yousp ts, i took this picture yesterday as the motorcade was coming up toward capitol ll. if you'r heading down there today, that line could be potentially fairly long trying to get into the capitolsi r's center, bundle up. temperatures will stay only in the lowhe 40s through course of the afternoon. but again, wind chills with the
5:21 am
northwest around 10 to 20 miles per hour, wind chills will stay in the 30s all day long. today's high, only 45. a far cry from that 62 yesterday. and again aernight tonight tomorrow a whole lot of clouds and maybe an opportunity for a snow flurry o two. not looking for any accumulation. highs tomorrow will be up close 40 degrees and cold enough to have flurries around. a betthr chance i blue ridge and the valley. that colder than average pattern sticks around all the way into the weekend. highs on saturday a the still a close eye on the sunday-monday time frame. there's still a chance of a winter storm. i'll let you know how high the chances arealn the next hour. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chuck. taking a look here at frederick southbound 270. we had the right shoulder open. looks like everything is open now and we have a little bit of a delay headed southbound. the rest of 270 is fine.
5:22 am
nice and clear southbound and then northbound as well. did have some road workout of the way. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. at is gone too. 66, 95 here in virginia looking okay. a little closeouthbound after quantico this morning and noye quantico this morning and noye ow i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but itanks to the virtual re technology at gw hospital,
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my surons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successl surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for givi new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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>> there are many different ways
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it's celebrated. >> this year two big hockey fans decided they wanted to include this sport io their celebration. as justin finch reports, they were given a pretty incredible assist from the wasngton capitols. >> well before the capitals finally claimed snley cup, dan gittleson had asi . >> i was sitting there and it struck me, this is it. aockey minora and sent the rabbi a message and he said, let's do it. >> so they did. reaching out t the caps to see if they had a few old sticks and pucks to spare to bring his vision to lirn. out they were happy to help. >> you can't just replace this. >> come'l close and y see the personal touches. >> to pee theyers names on the stick. dspecially the middle one here that score the game winning goal in the stanley cup game, to see that is unbelievable. >> the cap's kindness waswh
5:26 am
ming, allowing them to put a special hockey twist on thisyear's hanukkah celebration. while still including the holiday stand tes. >> we ha dradle, and of course the gifts to go along with it as well. families to come together and celebrate. >> justin finch, news 4. >> 5:26 and the gift giving just started. coming up at 5:30, the apps that will help you make sure that yore saving while shopping. >> and if you're getting ready to get up and get the day started, head into work, your commute today will be unaffected by rain or snow butil itbe by cold and wind. seat h oters will be this morning. northwest winds around 10 to 20 miles per hour and a cd day today.
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sun is down at 4:46 man the days are getting shtot. more abouty's forecast and the rest of the week ahead coming up. >> we'll take you back to the capitol where a tribute to former president grge h.w. bush is still underway. how you can pay your respects and more on the impact it will have on our localed radios have on our localed radios coming you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero at a price that makes you the hero? yes. that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less, at ross: yes for less.
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never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. good morning, everybody. it's 5:30 right now. >> if you want to pay tribute, the rotunda will be open to the public through tomor morning. justin finch is there with details, but first we want to check in with chuck and melissa for the day ahead. >> chuck tells us the mild temperatures wouldn't stick around and this morning we're back to the cold. >> you can tell there by
5:31 am
justin's live h shots all bundled up and if you're going to head down to the capital, you need to bundle up as well. the cold pattern has returned. it will remain ahi winded afternoon today. still watching for a chance of snow flurries tomorrow and als keeping a close eye on the sunday and monday time frame. have you ten day forecast and a little bit of an update on that sunday snow chance coming up.w, right temperatures are 5 to as much as 15 degrees colder than at the same time yesterday. so if you didn't think it was cold yesterday morning, don't youworry, it's cold out there today. 42 now at national airport. the wind chills take about 5 to degrees off the temperature for the feels like factor. so right now, temeratures in 30s to around 40. but wind chills are down near the freezing mark this morning and that's about where they're going to stay. wind chills will be in the 30s all day long today. afternoon temperatures will barely recover up into the low 40s. highs in your hometown today.
5:32 am
39 in winchester, 44 in annapolis and gaithersburg, a high of only 41 today. >> a little chillytoday. take a look here, inner loop and outer loop of the belt way, no prob ems. all thelier issues are gone. 270 is slow. pretty slow all the way down. it opens up in the southbound lanes and then down to the spur you're fine. same situation if you're headed northbound. no big problem there. down at theottom of the beltway through prince george's county, no issues. indiana head highway, branch avenue, everything there is oking good. same thing up top here when you're looking at ro29e 195, northbound and southbound, everything is rolling nicely.aa n. >> all right, melissa, thank you. it's 5:32 and thisorning president george h.w. bush lies in state at the u.s. capitol. >> the 41st presidentad a fondness for the capitol
5:33 am
building where he began his life in public a service a member of congress in 1967. all night mourners have filed through e rotunda room to pay their respects. the aspresident'st sits steps away from where he was inauguted 30 yearsago. in a touching moment yesterday when a boy scout stopped in front of the former president's casket and saluted. president trump also saluted the former commander in chief when he and the first lady visited the capitol last night. >> justin finch is at the capitol with more on how regular folks are celebrating his life. >> in just the short time we have beenhere, we have spoke with people that say they have such a personal connection to president bush, they had to come here i person a pay respects. behind us, the line people will gather in they're trickling now as you can see into the capitol rotunda to pay their respects. i want to show you the number of people we have seen come in here
5:34 am
just yesterday. people waiting in lin for hours as wased mention earlier to pay their respects. make their way into that rotunda and see president george h.w. bush's remains draped in that american flag. one man said that president bush was a trailblazer in giving h the rights he now enjoys. and another woman that says she felt a personal connection to the president and drove here three hours after her shift just to be here in person. i want to show you if you do come down here and pay your respects as well or travel in the area, at 1st and east capitol you'll see closures for the for which people will stand in today and come into the rotunda and as you look out w, on, moreorning wears people beginning to make their way inside, beginning to show up to payesheir rcts and if you come out here today, you may want to bundle up, put on a heavy jacket and a hat because
5:35 am
it is windy down here and pretty cold. we're live here outside of the capitol, news 4, back to you. >> thank you. tomorrow morning the president will be moved to the national cathedral f his funeral. former presidents, cabinet members and world leaders will attend. his eldest son will deliver his eulogy. president trump declared wednesday a natl day of mourning. we'll have more on the honors happening for the former president all coming up, tracie potts will have more on how lawmakers and othe dignitaries are remembering president bush. >> now 5:35. now to a developing story putting the fate of the skin's season on the line for thee second t in just two weeks. the starting quarterback is out for the season. colt mccoy slides right there and broke his leg. it's not nearly as gesome as alex smith's injury, buttonough end his season. markk sanchez t over last
5:36 am
night. he's the back ac to the bup and the eagles won 28-13. >> montgery county police charged an ems worker with sex assault and authorities are worried there may be more i victimthe gaithersburg area. investigators say he touched a woman inappropriately pretending it was apart of her medical treatment in an he worked at a fire station in gaithersburg. he has been released on bond. >> it's now 5:36. coming up, school saved. just weeks away from shutting down, a loc school will stay open. details on the solution that's saving the day. >> plus a good deed turns deadly. a maryland man speaks up with a warning after his wife was killed try in
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workers and children ran away fro thelames and none of them was hurt. this morning we're hearing from a maryland man whose wife was kled while helping a woman she thought was in need. she spoaned a w with a sign asking for help to feed her baby inbaltimore. when she rolled down the window to give her cash, a man approached and tried to steal her wallet. >> be careful when we see these panhandlers get in close proximity t your car. the last thing i thought was that they would want to take my ,fe's li so now i have to live with that every day. >> it happened two miles from
5:41 am
the harborhich is a popular tourist destination. baltime police warn people not to engage with panhandlers. it's very sad. a chuck howut our weather? >> it's time for the dog walking focast. dowdy looks like he could use a new home for the holidaysle he's avail for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. dog walkiee forecast, the pace up today. it is cold. temperatures mostlyn the 30s for the morning walks. low 30s this afternoon and back into the mid 30s by 6:00 this evening. will be a chilly one. ten day forecast which is a lot of cold and coming up.h warmth, >> plus another live look at the capitol rotunda. former president georgeh.w. bush's body is lying in state there. >> we'll have much more team coverage on the tributes to him here in washington as well as what you need to know. we're back after this. when a new breast cancer patient comes to cancer
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this morning, the 41st resident lies in state at the u.s. capitol. >> the building has been open all night and a steady streams ofouers silently paid their respects. last night we spoke with people, some from out of state that wanted to show their appreciation for the former president. >> saw what was happening and we thought we'd pay respects. >> he was a belovedperson. i'm from california and i'm really just here to see him. >> president bush will lie in ate for public visitation through tomorrow morning. that will be held at the national cathedral here in northwest washington. and we'll have more on the honors happening for the former president all morning. coming , justin finch will have more on the road closures wntown. it's 5:45 and a major development in the mueller investigation. tracie potts is on capitol hill with what we're expecting to learn about the russia probe
5:46 am
today. >> we know three people that have been working with the special counsel, we may learn a little bit morebout their deals and what they know in the next few first of all, michael flynn, the former national security adviser working with t mueller team filing a suit today that will detail his deal with the investigators but also what they believe he was involved in that he was not charged with. a similar filing expected friday for former campaig chair paul manafort. now they think he was lying after he cut a deal on unrelated financial charges. we'll hear more abo that on friday and then a week from tomorrow the president's long mme personal attorneyhael cohen, anotherga filing to reveal what his deal is with the
5:47 am
government and what they haven't charged h all of it together to give us much more insight into the mueller investigation. >> live for us on capitol hill, thank you. >> happening in the district today, the d.c. council set to vote on a new gun law that would make it easier to take weapons away from people. they're commonly referred tod a lag laws. the version the council would vote on would allow family members, health professionals, or police to ask forio permi to have a person's gun seized. d.c. would join 13 states that have red flag laws o the books. the measures could go into effect early next year. >> he's accused of millions in fraudulent claims. this comes as virginia i forced to expand it's program.
5:48 am
investigators weraided the offi last week. they seized 10 computers and 33 boxes of documents. it also alleges he fraudulently billed the ste nearly $4.5 million in false medicaid claims. they're devastated by the news but standing by the man they call dr. john. >> it's heartbreaking because he always looks out for everyone. he is being held without bond. >> the fate of the redskins season on the line. for the second time in two weeks, the starting quarterback is out for theseason. colt mccoy, he broke his leg when heh collided w an eagle's player. enough to end his year.
5:49 am
>> chris lawrence is in silver spring talking to fans about the latest loss. what a blow f the team, chr wow. >> you said it. just when they said, we thought we lost our starting qu this is a really tough blow. last night they not only lost the game to th eagles, lost rounds to the cowboys but lost another startings quarterba well redskins fans will be cursing the words right for years to come after this season. you know what, the players, ot look, they g to play it out. they probably have to win at least three of the next fourga s and peterson says look, weha ve to have faith in next man up. >> wha can you do?
5:50 am
sanchez, he came in and did what they asked him to do. so our back is against the we have four weeks left. we still have a chance to,ou know, get into thetournament. >> sanchez is in a tough spot. he just joined the team and learning an nfl playbook i like me handing you an encyclopedia and saying try to get up to speed on that next weekend. the redskins running out of time. chri, lawren lawrence, chris, tu so much. >> they had some great high likes. >> yeah, remember those. >> yeah,em rember those. hold on to them.
5:51 am
>> i mean, i don't know what to do at this rate. >> well, you're not i have a feeling that a lot of folks in the redskinsni ortion feel much the same. we have finally dried out a little bit and not a lotn of r or snow coming our way this week. we're in a holding i pattern third place for the third rainiest year on record. we're at 60.78 inches for the year, jus behind 2003 and less than an inch now before we can adt the all time wettest year. we just our wettest november with more than 7.5 inches of rain. right now inwashington, it is 42. northwest winds have completely changed the way today will feel compared to yesterday. 62 yesterday. a today will beut 15 to 20 degrees colder during the afternoon than that. ve your warm coat ready to go. future weather, though, keeps us ixdry with a of clouds and sunshine through the day today. later in the afternoon and into the evening, there will be a
5:52 am
chance for a lot more cloud cover and potentially a snow flurry or tw particularly along the blue ridge and into the valley. accumulations are likely but nonetheless, some occasional snowlakes are certainly going to be seen. now as we get into the day tomorrow, this is srting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. during the day tomorrow, a lot of clouds. still thatst pert northwest flow. so temperatures tomorrow, barely around 40 for an afternoon high and a chance anyway of a couple of snow flurries even getting into the city during the afternoon. not enough to measureug but e to say there goes a snow flake. that's conversational snow. that's what we gow tomo then another couple of cold days, thursday, friday, saturday, dry. as we get into sunday and monday we're still keeping a very close eye. the compute models are all hinting that the storm that will be forming should be far enough to our south to leave us mostly unaffected. needless to say, we will be keeping a very close eye on
5:53 am
that. thank you chuckbell. chopper 4 over the beltway here. inner loop, outer evop, ything is rolling along nicely. no big complaints at the top of thebeltway. mclean though, do you have a medical emergenc you can see the tiniest slow down there. otherwise looking pretty good. manassas park northd 28. left side blocked by a crash. 95 looks good. 270 still slow from 70ll the way down and then it opens up and you're good down to the spur. you don't have anything in your e.way th through prince george's county also looking good now. your travel times in and in virginia. no big worries. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. >> a six figure budget deficit has been threatening the future of thel catholic sch in prince george's county until this announcement. >> two weeks ago i opene letter and there was a check
5:54 am
from an anonymous donor for $200,000. [ applause ] ee well, that money is more than enough to holy family catholic school open next year. the donation brought teachers, parents, and students to tears. holy family raised more thante qu of a million dollars in the last six weeks. >> what an incredible gift. >> it will keep the doors open. >> the gift giving countdowns are on in a dwaferent tonight marks the third night of hanukkah and we're just 21ays away from christmas. three weeks. and it doesn't mean all the good deals are gone. >> but how do you know you're getting the best deal on your holiday gie'? ther an app for that. susan hogan is working for you with these tips to save as you get ready for the holidays. >> it seemsike everywhere we turn during the holidays, there's signs promising big
5:55 am
deals. we have simple steps to make sure that you really are getting a good deal. y >> before buy, do your research. the indecreesable hand blink scour the web for the best deals. set up price alerts. camel camel camel andhop ito me and slick deals tell you when prices drop and buy via, now discount, scan life and shop savvy can tell you if there's a better deal out thenline or even at a local store. while you're shopping, coupo apps like coupon sherpa offer discounts to use at check outs. there are price adjustments out there that wil actually surf the web after you have charged something and it will actually initiate refund if the p ce dropped on something that you
5:56 am
already bought. pretty cool. back to you. >> good morning. united airlines rolled out it's premium economy class. passenger will get deepe reclines as well as amenity kits, noise reducing head phones and free alcoholic beverages. premium plus seats will be ailable on 21 international routes by may. back over to you. >> thank you, frank. still ahead on news 4today, what special counsel robert ueller is doing today that may give us more information about thesi r investigation. >> plus equal parts hanukkah and hockey. the help one local man was given to make his vision a reality. >> we head t break wit a live look inside the capitol rotunda. president bush is lying in
5:57 am
state. overnight mourners walk by the casket to pay their respects. our coverage of the life andcy our coverage of the life andcy le of president george h.w. i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain.
5:58 am
my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. wo's remarkable that i up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me nelife. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
5:59 am
we begin this morning with a live look at capitol hill. president george h.w. bush continues to lie in state in the capitol rotunda. all night long mourners passeby has casket to pay their respects. >>t's 6:00 a.m. now and so far
6:00 am
thousands of people passed by the rotunda. all to pay tribute to the 41st president. >> he'll continue to l in state today and in a few moments emorial a look at the service held for him last night. we want to begin with a check on your commute and forecast. >> a look at the morning commutes for us.t we w to start with chuck bell. he's been telling us about the big chill that is with us. >> yes, indeed, that northwest wind arrived yesterday afternoon an it's driven temperatures way down. the cold ptern isback. northwest winds around 15 to 20 miles per hour. it will be a wind chilled afternoon. still watching for a chance ofo flurries tw and still keeping a close eye on the sunday-monday time frame potential winter storm. not a big potential just yet. right now your wake up temperatures are in the 30s to arou40. take about 10 degrees off the


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