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tv   Today  NBC  December 5, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. final farewell. e nation pauses today to honor an extraordinary american life. president george herbert walker bush's family,ri digni from around the world and all former attend residents set to a memorial service at washington national cathedral. his granddaughters remembering him with laughter and tears. >> he wanted to make us laugh and feel like this fish bowl of a life was normal,nd we did. we felt that. >> ahead, the moving tributes, including this itredible mom fellow war hero and one-time political rival bob dole rise interesting his wheelchair for oneut finale. substantial cooperation. special counsel robert mueller
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revealing former trump advisor michael flynn worked closely with his investigation speaking to his team 19 times, asking for flynn to face no prison investigators and what will that mean for the president? breaking overnight, a stunni twist in the sexual misconduct case against les moonves, a report alleging he destroyed evidence and misled investigators. this morning his $120 million severance package hanging in the abalance. >> that, plus let it snow. al h the latest on the winter storm. stepping down. urban meyer, one of the nation's andest paid college football coaches ndnounces his retirement. a palace intrigue. the royal family fending off rumors o a rift between duchesss kate and meghan as they
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step out tora celte the holidays, wednesday, december 5, 2018. >> announcer: this is "today" live from washington, d.c and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to a special split edition of "today" on this wednesday morning. i'm savannaguthrie right in front of the national national cathedral in washington. hoda is back home in new york. you can see from that shot the sun is coming up. this is going to be a beautiful and touching day of remembrance. >> it certainly is. this has been desclaclaire davi national day of -- declared a national day of morning for president bush. >> his casket will be taken from the u.s. capitol where it is lying in state to the national cathedral. his family, frids, fello leaders here in the u.s. and from around the world, past and present, set to honorim during what will be an emotional
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memorial service. later todaynt the preside will then be returned to houston, his home, where the family will hold a private funeral tomorrow. we start with alexander, who is here with me at the national cathedral. peter, good morning to you. o reporter: good morning you. washington bids farewell to 41 today. this is a national day of mourning. but if you speak to members of the bush family and those who knew the late president they willay tell you it is also a of celebration for a man who represented humility, service, and dedication. the late president's loved ones seeing 41's casket t say good-bye and to say thanks. overnight, bush 43 honoring 41. george w. bush and his wife returning to the capital rotunda. the entire family together to thankrs well-wis shaking hands, giving hugs, smiling with a baby. joining the bushes at today's
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memorial service, president trump and the first lady after heir personal visit with the bushes at blair house. the presidential guesthouse across the street from the white house. president trump earlier trying m toe beyond his strained relationship with the bushes tweeting, looking forward to beingith the wonderful bush family. mrs. bush, melania trump's at the white house, posing with family members h und father-in-law's portrait. the white house, pas and present, will be well represented today the obamas, clintons, and carters. meoners of the ford, n and johnson families here, too. foreign dignitaries, including prince charles, german chancellor angela merkel and the king and queen of jordan. bush 43 will eulogize his father with additional tributes from friends, brian mulrooney, former nator alan simpson and bush biographer john medicien. neil bush remembering his dad. >> is this a time of fwreef or gratitude for you?
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>> for me a time of great celebration. my dad lived a life that is exemplary of service to others. >> reporter: at the capitol this powerful final show of respect from one member of the greatest generao another. senator bob dole, now 95, once a republican rival, standing to salute. joining the procession, americans young and old. beneficiaries of the americans with disabilities act that president bush champion, sports stars and sully the rvice dog visiting his old partner. as the country todayrs remem george herbert walker bush, america will also take a pause. here is how it cou affect you. no mail delivery today. the stock markets, they are all federal offices shut down.ks some b and courts will close today, too. this could vary in different part of the country. a collective i dday of reflecti and appreciation. >> tha you so much.
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we are joined by nbc's tom brokaw and andrea good morning to both of you. this is something special that our country does, buries a president. what does it mea for the country in a moment like this to come together and honor theid prcy? >> especially during a time where we have considerable political chaos in the country. i think it ro we are. we are elected this person, president othe united states. he began his life by serving in the united states military and then he had a lot of other positions. but i thinks well we are paying tribute to george h.w. bush and his family as citizens, models, peoput who care a the country and gave back in so many ways. he was raised in a wealthy family. he could have easily gone to wall street. he d director of cia, head of the party, vice president of the ambassador, s, u.n. ambassador to china. it's an unparalleled record. and it is reassuring and ngthink rene to pay tribute to
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someone like that. >> we know that president bush did not care for the legacy discussion. didn't want to havet for himself. when you look at it, andrea, how do you think we will measure this presidency? >> i thinks history treating him already far better than we in the media ali the p appreciated him when he ended his presidency. he was very, you know, distraught, of coursehe at loss to bill clinton. the fact is the gentility, the decency, despite his political instincts, he was competitive in that 1988 campaign. the fact is that there was a fundamental kindness and gentility about the man. the sense of publicenervice. e talk about the points of light and that metaphor for his volunteerism, that really defined his life. ice taking assignments that he thought would take him away from the political ambition that he nad, once in c once in the
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cia. actually, three times, another time atub the rcan committee after watergate. >> i heard yesterday from the former editor of news week who had that tamous cover, the wimp factor. he said, you know, he showed him in a variety of ways, doing a lot of he was out on the golf course. he was driving his motorboat. then he said, bo were we wrong. ed thomas did. that was one of the times that i remember that president bus really unhappy with how he had been treated becauset s unfair. he was a man of great vigor, but he was not anybody who wanted to drawttention to himself. he was a very loyal vice president to president so -- n. >> i believe he told his biographer that that news week cover was the cheapest of cheap shots against him. >> that was one of the few times he complained about his treatment. >> he was so forgiving. the fact thatlae didn't the media. it hurt a lot, but he had humor
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and he was -dseeprecating and he took credit for the failures, but collectively said, well, we did some things right. i made some mistakes. so he always shared the credit and took for himself the blame. >> tom and andrea, i can't ma r imagine two better people toe sitting here. just ahead, we will tell you about our conversation with two of present's proudest legacies, jenna and barbara. they shared some reay special memories of their grandfather. and we will have special live scoverage of t morning's memorial service on nbc and msnbc. it starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. another big story in washington. a new p iential bombshelln the russia investigation. in a sentencing memo in the case ainst michael flynn the special counsel robert mueller says he has received substantial
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firsthand information fm the president's former national security advisor. nbc's h chief whise correspondent hallie jackson is on the story this morning for us. hi, hallie, go morning. hi, savannah, good morning. these new documents don't tell us everything abo what the special counsel learned from michael flynn. they are blacked out pretty extensively. it shows that the former national security advirtr helped romueller's team, which is why prosecutors are telling a judge flynn shouldn't have to spend one day behind bars. the pages heavily redacted, but between the lines the implication is clear. michael flynn cooperated plenty with the special counsel. 19 meetings between robert muelr's team, the justice department, and president trump's former national secuty advisor w pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his it conversationsh the russian ambassador in the weeks before donald trump took office. now he m is tellingller about it all. onote, the defendant provided firsthand informabout the
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content and context of interactions between the transition team and russian government officials. that's partly why prosecutors recommend no prison time because of flynn's substantial assistance. and not just wit the russia investigation. the filings cryptically reference two other unspecified investigations. a clue that more shoes may be poised to drop. the documents don't say why flynn lied. he servednside the trump administration for just 20 days. he received presidential praise. >> michael erflynn, gen flynn, is a wonderful man. >> i feel badly for general flynn. i feel very badly. he has led a very strong life. >> he has lost his life and some people say he lied and some say he didn't lie. >> reporter: democrat dumb schi adam /* adam schif suggesting that flynn has given far more than we
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or t presidentay know. president's attorneys, they don't have bupkis, says rudy giuliani. spite the blocks of blacked out sentences that mean only mueller's team knows for sure. giuliani saying, quote, if flynn had information to share with muler that hurt the president, you would know it by now. and hallie, a lot of reporters hanging around the courthouse this week because it seems like this is greg t be active few days for documents from the matt lauer mueller /* muellnv -- muellertigation. >> one filing should share more about former trump attorney michael cohen and his cooperation with robert mueller's team, what he told the counsel. we also expect new court filings talking about former campaign chair paul manafort and his lies fo robert mueller. so a lot folks are watching for that. as for michael flynn, his ntencing date has been set,
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savannah, for dember 18, just out two weeks away. >> hallie jackson here in washington with us. thank you. and for the moment we will send it back to hoda in new york. >> thank you. craig is here. another major story this morning. >> good morning to you. three months after cbs chief les moonves stepped down amid allegations of sexual misconduct this morning stunning new evidence and aegations are coming to light. nbc nbc's gadi schwartz with the latest. >> a draft rept prepared for cbs's board and reviewed by "the nvesyork times" says m destroyed evidence and misled investigation about the sexual assaultev allegationsed against him. it's that alleged cover-up that could wind up costing moonves millions. les moonves now facing huge financialng consequences accor to a draft of a report prered by lawyers hired by cbs obtained by "the new york times." the report says moonves engaged in mulple acts of serious
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nonconsensual sexual misconduct. it includes allegations involving 17 women, including at astour cbs employees. according to the draft, inplstigators received mul reports of a network emploe on call to perform sex agents for moonves. moon ves's lawyer saying he never put or kept someone on the ayroll for the purpose of sex and denies havingny nonconsensual sexual relations and cooperated fully and extensively with investigators. comes a wee after a report in the times detailing text messages, phone calls and conversations mean men voonves a hollywood manager aboutobby philips 20 years ago in which he offered her acting jobs to buy her silence. moonves says he bieves it was consensual. >> anyone who reads the text meages and the lawyers for cbs messages,ead the text
7:15 am
that there was a quid pro quo here. >> reporter: the lawyers investigating for cbs told nbc news no draft had been shared with the cbs board and any disclosure to the "new york times" was unauthorized saying our work is still in pro tess anre are bound to be facts and assessments that evolve and changes the work i completed. according to "the timhe lawyers who tes," conducted inq found moonves evasive at times and deliberately lied about and minimized the extent of the sexual misconduct. that means he could have viated the terms of his employment agreement, fftentially voiding that mas $120 million exit package. the cbs investigation is expected to wra up next month. we reached out to representatives for moonves but did not hear back. >> thank you. t now to the storm t is expected to dump snow and ice across a lot of the country and impact some trast to coast
7:16 am
avel. mr. roker on the story for us. >> thank you for getting your first weather from us. upper-level low from san francisco to san dio. burn scar mudslides possible from ventura to san diego with one tohree inches of rain. friday morning through texas and overnight wintry mix from new mexico to oklahoma. heavy rain in tas. saturday that rain and storms move into the southwest, make that the stheast. snow potential from oklahoma on into arkansas. then sundayo snow i virginia, north carolina. the timing and amount of snow o depends the tracks. yesterday we told you we didn't thinkto washi could be involved. things are changing now. heavy rain, widespread heavy rain, soaking torrential rain from texas to the gulfoa. heaviest rain south of i-20 and along i-40 and i-404 heavy ow,
7:17 am
sleet, and ice. here is what happened. yesterday, the european modeln e have bollowing stayed off the coast and stayed to the south while the track has changed now and now it's closer to the coast and that could impact even washington, d.c. yesterda fs forecast was no snow. today 2.1 inches of snow. guess what? december usually only means about 2.3 inchesno of for washington. the last five of the lasten decembering no measurable snow. that could change big time as the tracks keep coming in and we will keep track of it for you. we will get to your local forecast coming up in next 30 seconds.
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good morning everybody. a beautiful sunrise here in the nation capital. top three quarters of the monument illuminated by the rising sun. 34 degrees. wind chills in the upper 20s. radar shows a couple of flurries possible across parts of northern virginia. that will be the case around here for the later parts of the morning into early this afternoon. in accumulations expected but flurries are likely today. cloudy and cold tomorw. cold and dry saturday, saturday. >tadour one of the most successful college careers coming to an end. what ohio state's urban meyer is saying about his retirement and if he'll ever coach again. from here in washington, jenna and barbara bush speaking
7:19 am
out for the first time since their grandfather's passing. >> itmas me that even though he had the weight of the world on his soiers, we never thought of him as anything other than our grandpa. >> our tufrouching conversation they share special memories of gtheirpy. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ this is a new today news break. >> 7:26 is your time on this wednesday, december 5th, 2018. good morning toou. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm airporgaronhrist. we are remembering the life and le of president george h.w. bush. a look inside the capital rotunda. mourners haveng been sayiheir final good-byes since monday. >> the funeral will be at11 0 a.m. at the national cathedral. we will carry the funeral live right herendn nbc4. reminder, today is a federal day of mourning. i will have moreormation on what that means and which offices and roads are cysed ton the nbc washington app. if you are not near a tv, you
7:27 am
can watch the procession and the funeral on the app and on o website. melissa molett has a look at the mornine commute. >>ll have a lot of closures, including rolling road closures because of the procession and funeral. follow that atfi first4 tr on twitter. southbound 270 a crash is clear but delays remn in the southbound lanes. inbound 66 at glebe crash blocking the right side. outbound4th street bridge that crash is cleared. some delayses onound southwest freeway. >> thank you. a check on your forecast is up next. stay with us.
7:28 am
we have a little sunshinen the downtown monuments ever so briefly as the suname up. now a mostly cloudy prevent a pretty afternoon. it's going to sy cold a day. afternoon temperatures mostly in
7:29 am
the mid-to-upper 30s. staying colder than average all the way into the weekend. >> thank you. another update in 25 minutes. >> back to "the today show" after this shore
7:30 am
. bnow. 7:30 on this wednesday morning, december 5th, 2018. a day the nation has set aside tohe celebrate remarkable life of george h.w. bush. savannah happens to beig there in washington at the national cathedral. good morning, savannah. >> good morning, s guys. good t you. and i know you would have liked to be there with me yesterday as we said he willo to jenna a barbara bush. we had a great conversation. we laughed, we cried, and they are sharing memories of their grandfather that we never heard before. we have that touching convertion coming up in a bit. >> we have kleenex at the ready, savannah, thank you. before we get to that though, a quick check of today's other headlines. we start wit a major
7:31 am
the russia in investigation. special counsel robert mueller says former national security advisor michael flynn should receive no prison time. in a sentencing memo, the special couel says he has received substantial firsthandi rmation from flynn who sat for 19 meetings. the 60-year-old is scheduled to sentenced in two weeks for lying to the fbi. senators from both sides of the aisleor say they are convinced that saudi arabia's crown prince was involved in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. on tuesday, cia director gina haspel briefed select senators on the agency's conclusions surrounding t killings. senator lindsey graham says the evidence is so strong it amounted it amoking saw. >> mbs, the crown prince, is aa wrecking i think he is complicit in the murder of mr. khashog to th highest level possible. >> this has got to be strongly
7:32 am
condemned by the administration. strongly condemned. then there has to be a price to pay for what has happened. >> last month psident trump called the crime against khashoggi terrible but stopped short of pointing blame at sdi arabia. all eyes will be on wall street when it reopensor tomrow after stocks plunged nearly 800 points duesday. th suffering the biggest drop in nearly two months amid e sing fears of an economic slow down. and google lost more than 4% apiece. ingering alan g. fiers about a rade war between china and the u.s. is is to blame. back to washington, d.c. and savannah for a special conversation on the life of president bush. savannah >> hi, guys. yesterday afternoon i got the chance to sit down with jenna
7:33 am
and her sr-barbara at blair house, the official guesthouse at the white house. that's where the bush famayy is g while here in washington. the girls were pillars of strength and all heart. >> i think we are both heartbroken. of course, we expected our grandfather to pass away soon. he was 94. and yet it came as such a shocks and we m him already. he really was the center of our family. and yet i think i also get a lot of joy knowing that he is with our grandmother now. >> jenna, overea the that i have known you, you could barely speak of your graouparents wi a tear. how are you doing? >> well, we loved them. i think the tears came from joy. they gave us such unconditional love. i was looking through oldes pict and it amazes me that even thoughe had theeight of the world on his shoulders, we
7:34 am
really never thought of him as anything other than our grandpa. and that joy that we had on our faces as little girls because he made us feel so special. >> on monday, as the sun set over the capital, the nation began to bido farewell our 41st president as the bush family looked on, at times holding back tears not just for a family in mourning, but for a grateful untry, too. >> the beauty in it is that strangers stood on the side of the street in washington, d.c. watching his casket go by andng salu him and waving, and that fills us up i our sadness. >> do you feel the love and respect that is being poured out for him? >> absolutely. i am shocked byow many people have some memory of meeting himh somewhere a they found him funny or how loving he was or was.ersonable he that's really a wonderful gift to us, is that we get to hear
7:35 am
other people's stories and how he touched their lives as well. >> how is your dad doing? >> he is okay. i think he gets a lot of peace knowing that my grandfather is with our grandmother and that he was looking forward to being reunited with her. nd so i think that brings him peace. >> he is writing the eulogy. >> he has given it to us. we, of course barbara and i, we never hold our opinions. we are like, that's great, but could you add a le like this. >> you are a tough critic. >> well, how can you tell a man as giant as our grandpamuas how you love him? it's a tall order. and i think it's going to be difficult. >> and i think he also wants to make se that he can get through it himself without, youl know, ht his father and is also devastated. to be able to get through the eulogy without breaking down is
7:36 am
so working on.that he is >> sounds like you all had some very precious time with him, particularly this summer. >> we didn't take it for granted because we knew most likely this wasoing to be his last summer. we all knew that. one of my favorite memories were little girls singing japanese love jesus loves me. when he passed away i said to henry, and i didn't think she could hear me, i can't believe this is happening right before christmas. she said, of course it's ppening right before christmas. gampy had to get to ghani so they could decorate the christmas tree. they never spent a christmas apart in their whole 73 years, 74. yea so, of course he wanted to be there.
7:37 am
and she probably was like, come on. time to come home. reflective? did he talk about just knowing that his life was coming to a close? he was reflective about my grandmother, and i asked him if his heart was broken and he said yes. then he at me and he said, do you think it will fnl worse t this? it really got me. ov course, his heart was broken. he lost the of his life. and yet he also, whenever you aske him how he was doing, he would say i couldn't be better. i think instead ofbo talking his time being limited, he just lived as much as he could. >> which included watching barba get married wee ago at their long-time summer home in a kenny bunk pore. >> we decided to get married quickly to make sure my grandfather could be with us. he got dressed early and came down before the wedding so he could see me in my wedding dress before wot married. >> what did he say when he saw
7:38 am
you? >> one of the last things heid to me was that i have never looked so beauful. >> a beautiful moment to cherish of a life well lived. >> well, the girls have s many memories. in our next hour, they will them.more of i think the fact that they have so many memories speaks to how much time their grandfather gave them, even when he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. >> in listening to them talk about the christmas tree and that imagery, and we are so close tojenna, and we have seen her heart out there. to watch barbara talk about her wedding day like that, that was beautiful, savannah. >> bbara had a lot of speci one-on-one time with her grandfather this summer, which she tells us about in the next hour. >> wow, that was beautiful. wow. >> please pass along to jbh. a we >> i will.
7:39 am
>> big hugs. by the way, jenna i going to have more in a special hour-long iibute. we are calling a love letter to gampy. you do not want to miss thi aturday night 8/7 central on nbc, guys. >> we are going to go redo our makeup. mat was really beautiful. wow. roker. well let's take a look. we have got really cold air to talk about. with that storm system coming across the country we ar going be dealing with that as well. another round will be coming in from canada. boston today 11 degrees below average at 34. cincinnati 33. lookt new orleans. 11 degrees colder than usual. m55. thursdayneapolis you are going to be 16 degrees. that's not factoring in the windchill. tallahassee 57. new york will be 39. heading into the weekend temperatures in the upper 30s in d.c., amarillo texas struggling to get above freezing. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning.
7:40 am
right here in the nation's capital skies are mostly cloudy. there are lingering snow flurries and snow showers across parts of northwest virginia and down towards t south side of fredericksburg. not expecting any accumulation, but flurries are a likngihood duhe late morning and afternoon hours. currently temperatures mostly in the low 30s. in the from the u.s. capitol to the national cathedral this morning mid-30s, st likely time f flurries in the midday hourshr cold and drygh the rest of th >> and that's your latest weather thank you. >> during the piece, i looked outside and our crowd was outside drying. so it's something felt all over. all right. ming up, the growing rumors of a royal rift between duchess kate and duchess meghan. we are live at kensington palace with that. kevin hart, what he is saying about being selected for the oscar host. and the woman behind a hit
7:41 am
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you're serving your family, your friends and your community. when your hands are busy... you show everyone what you're capable of. the all-new ram 1500. motor trend's 2019 truck of the year. shake-up. it is getting a lot of attention. has a lot of people talking. >> ohio state head coach urban meyer announcing he will be stepping down after seven seasons there. his last though marked by a fair amount of controversy. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer h more on that. >> reporter: good morning. entering the summer, urban meyer was the second highestaid coach in all of college football and one its most successful. now he has one game left in his career at ohio state and he i hoping the past summer scaal does tarnish his future legacy. one of college football's
7:46 am
biggest names bowing out. >> i'm honored to have represented my homend state a this great university the past seven seasons. >> reporter: urban meyer announcing his retirement hetuesday. >> players without question i will miss. >> reporter: his final gamen the sidelines comes on new year's day at the rose bowl as the sixth ranked buckeyes take on the washington huskies. the 54-year-old cited persistent health issues. myers says he suffers from chronic and severe headaches and has a cyst in his brain. an impressive 82-9 record during his tenure. he brought unwanted scrutiny. the university suspended meyer for the first three games of the cipollone for his handling of domestic violence allegatio against h long-time assistant coach zach smith. urtney smith accused her sband of domestic violence in 2009 and 2015. on both occasions he was working
7:47 am
under meyer at the university of florida and later at ohio state. >> anything tha happened to her body was all just defensive movement to remove myself from the situation, and i said that's it. i am not going to get charged because i didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: smith later pled guil to disorderly conduct. an independent panel find meyer made significant misstatements to the media about smith and failed to take sufficient management action against him. meyer apologized for the incident in august, and briefly addressed the controversy tuesday. >> as difficult a time that was, that hasn't impacted as much on headaches, but it had an imr:ct. >> reporome in the sports world are skeptical of tuesday's announcement. meyer has retired before. in 2010, also citing health issues, walking away from the university of florida after two national championships but also from more controversy.
7:48 am
31 of hisye gator pla were arrested in his six years in gainesville. but on tuesday meyer claimed this is l hist time on the sideline. >> i believe i will not coach again. >> reporter: meyers' current noffensive coordinator ray was just announced as the new head coach. tributes are pouring in from former and current buckeyes for the coach who has one game left. back to you. >> thank you. here ishe thing with urban meyer. wins 90% of games at ohistate, never lost to michigan which is a huge deal when you coach at agohio state. n stepping away from the game under this cloud of controversy. th i timing suspicious because the university still has yet to release the bulk of the information related to the investigation. >> he says he won't coach againe do you bel that? >> he is 54 years old. ofis very young in ter college coaching. i think if he decides to years from now to coach anoth college football team, maybe a pro team, he will he a job waiting for him. >> really?
7:49 am
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7:53 am
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this is a news4 today news break. >> 7:56 is your tim on this wednesday, december 5th, 2018. good morning to you. i' eunang. this is a live look at the national cathedral. the funeral for president george h.w. bush will begin at 11:00 a.m. you can watch itn nbc4 and in the nbc washington app. right now we want to check on your commute with melissa
7:57 am
molett. >> springfield outer loop after braddock road a blocking the right side. we have delays inner loop, rubbernecking d inner loop because of that crash. taking a look it the north, diamondburg, west avenue at 270 a head-on crash. and cathedral closures, between massachusetts and mack comb for most of the day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
news4 today an nbc4 is prght br to you by next day blinds. >> good morning. cloudy and cold outside. there are a few flurries across parts of northern virginia and a chance you could see a flurries or two during the day.rse of the low 30s now. we will reach the upper 30s to 40ou today. cold weather tomorrow. sunny and staying cold friday and saturday. welcome to change. just because it's never been done, doesn't mean we can't do it. just because it hasn't been seen, doesn't mean we can't envision it.
8:00 am
we are uncommon to the core. we are upmc. it's 58 onsa "today." ng good-bye. paying final rpects to president george h.w. bush this wmorning. >> just think about how he made us feel and that was loved. really loved. >> we would spend the whole summer with him during our child n he was president and incredible arrying responsibility at that time. >> more ofat our conven with jenna and barbara bush. royal rift? what is going on with meghan and kate? >> meghan and kate are two very different people. >> what the royals are saying about the rumors. and netflix and grill. one of the hottest new food
8:01 am
stars brings the salt f"salt, f acid, heat" to studio 1a with mouth-watering recipesrom her new hit show. today december 5, 2018. >> celebrating 50 year of friendship. >> from west michigan. >> hi mom and dad. >>rom south carolina. >> we came to see craig. ♪ last night i asked her to marry me. >> and i said yes. >> woo! >> from providence, rhode island. >> it's my birthday, woo! g >>d morning, everyone. welcome back to a special edition of "today" on a wednesday morning. we have a great crowd out there with hoda and craig in new york.
8:02 am
of course, i'm here in ashington the nation says good-bye to former president bush. >> and we are looking forward to your second installment offier interview with jenna and barbara. we are prepared. we're >> i know.annah. i need them too. guys. right to the news at 8:00. t of course, os day here in washington and across the nation people will be honoring the life of president george h.w. bush. president trump declared this a nationalin day of moahead of today's stateuneral. ter alexander has more on what will be andolemn historic event. >> reporter: you may see some of the first guests for today's funeral arriving at the national cathedral. this morning washington bids farewell to 41. as you said,l a natioy of mourning. but if you speak to members of the bush family or those who knewhe late president, well, they will tell you that this is really day of celebration. late tuesday and his wife laura returning to
8:03 am
the capitol to pay tribute. the family gathering to pay respects. president trump and the first it lady paid a vt the presidential guesthouse, blair house, yesterday afternoon. the white house past a present will be well represented today. the obamas, clintons, the carts, many foreign dignitaries expected as well. push 43 will eulogizeis father with additional tributes from late president's friends,orr canadian prime minister brian mulrooney, alanps s of biographer a sh friend of ours jon meacham. there was a final show of respect from one member of the greatest generation. it's from a member of the greatest generation to another. bob dole, once a rival, now 95, stand to go salute him. the no mail delivery today. the stock markets will be osed. federa offices and many banks
8:04 am
closed, too. really it is a day not about grief, but about gratitude. sa annah. >> petxander, thank you so much. and just ahead we will share more of our conveation with jenna and barbara bush and their loving memories o their grandfather. >> thank you. the nationwide recall of ground beef and other raw beef productss expanding this morning. the department of agriculture says another five of beef could be contaminated with salmonella. that brings the total to 12po milliods. it was packaged by the jbs tolson companyri inna between late july and early september. health officials are concerned that people could still have some of that stuff in the freezers. it's been linked to nearby 250 cases of salmonella infection in 25 states. gassing up your volkswagen is going to become a thing of the past. vw says it expects to roll out its final generation of gas and diesel cars starting in 2026. after that the german automaker
8:05 am
will focus aost exclusively on electric vehicles. there will be some exceptions for regions where charging stations are limited. vw, which was tarnished by a esel emissions cheating scandal, says it is fully committed to the fight against auto pollution and climate change. a little morning boost. a lot of dog ownerht like this. owning a dog comes with etresponsibilities but youhe love back. this pet politely nudging his owner oya sle saturday morning. somebody doesn't want to wake up. the dog doesn't need a snack, doesn't want a walk. you know what he wants to do? snuggle under the covers. that's it. mark says w that't his dog does, too. i guess it's not unique. what's better than a nice cuddle on a cold day? >> i love how polite the dog is, as well. jushe, more of savannah's touching conversation with jenna and barbara bush as they honor their grandfather. >> he wanted to me us laugh
8:06 am
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we are back on this
8:10 am
nednesday morning as the nat pauses to honor and rememberid prt george h.w. bush. >> savannah is at the national cathedral in washington with more of her greatio convers with his granddaughters jenna and barbara. hey, savannah. >> hi, guys. well, this is the firstime the bush twins are speaking out since their grandfather's death. they are celebrating his life and sharing really special memories of the man they shared with the world. >> we just thi about how he made us feel, and that was loved. really loved. adand how he m our family feel really were one and that we should support each other. family really was the most important thing. i know that people say that, but he lived it. he lived it by babysitting us whene were little first graders living down the street from here in washienton, d.c. hough he had a debate the next day. even as little kids, they were painfully aware of the criticism eir grandfather faced, but
8:11 am
still they knew the man behind thenc presi >> when we lived here in d.c., when wntwere in eley school we have this vivid memory of going to the grocery store.i was with my mom and saw t cover of "newsweek" that said and had a picwiture of my grandpa next to me. it confused us because he was the anthesis of ahe wimp. showed us that family members. he never was looking at work when we were next to him. he wasyeresent. he p with us. he made us feel special. he spoke softly and he didn't speak about himself. he was humble. but why did that have to equate to being a wimp? and it didn't to us. he was our >> reporter: setting an example of grace and fortitude through the good times and bad, and his final summer on the rocky coast of maine he loved so well, the greatest gift cherished time together. >> i wt up there with him, and
8:12 am
it was soonderful to have so much time just with him. it was just us. and i would reado him during the day, and particularlovread to him letters he had to ten to my grandmother or his mom talking about how much he loved my gndmother when they were young, when they were just dating. and he w his eyes would be closed. i i'd try to wrap up my reading thinking he had fallen asleep, and instead every time i'd try to wrap up he would say, go on, and he had his eyes closed because i think he was picturing what i was reading to him. >> reporter: your earliest memory of your grandfather? >> it's hard toecipher if this is my earliest memory or just because there is photos to documee it. but came to midland to visit us in texas and he was vice president when we were borpo so he had a litical rally and we went and i lifted my skirt.
8:13 am
but he never made us feel like anything we did was shameful or heas embarrassed by us. believe me, there were plenty of times. i remember himaying at the inauguration, we borrowed or bought some shoes with high heels when we were 18 and we could barely walk inhe high s. we were trying to pretend we didn't know what to do, how to be the first daughters. i guess we have to we were walking in the my feet were killing me. he looked at my grandma and he said, girls, you know how to walk in those h shoes? an was doing that because he wanted to make us laugh and feel ke this fish bowl of a life was normal, and we did. we felt that. he made fun of our shoes. >> people ask me a lot what my favorite memory with my grandfather is i ands impossible for me to choose
8:14 am
because i havend thousands thousands of memories with him. we would spend s the wholemer with him during our childhood when he was president, and yet he was carrying an incredible responsibility at that time. it amazes me tha he was so with ,s and so pntre many a memories just playing an being withim and none of them did he ever need to cut playing with ushort because of work. we knew that we were important to him because that's how he acted. >>. >> reporter: when you think about what you want to tell your kids, his greatid gran about him, like how will you -- how uld you even put it into words? >> well, i feel so lucky that my kids got to know him. they will remember him. poppy was named after him, which was the biggest blessing. you know mealila goes, u were named after the best man in the world, right?
8:15 am
of course, i had to go hide in athe kitch try, but it's true. poppy may not remember him but she has his name. and i hope k she willw that it comes with a responsibility that he fel to givack and to make this world a better place and to elow that love is a strength. >> reporter: aration of a remarkable life. a man steadfast in his faith and family. >> i mean, there is joy in it, too,nd how proud we are of him. how proud, how grateful that we got to spend time with him and see what grace looks we know he was ready, and he was confident. he said it, of where he was going the day he died. he said he knew he was ready to go to heaven. that provides great relief for and that he had so many people he wanted to see. >> reporter: well, it's great to spend time with jenna and
8:16 am
barbara. y saw her folks for a little bit yesterda they were just as you would expect, full of lghter, some tears, but mostly grateful for such a wonderful life. and barra has said before, she thinks that every grandchild, if you asked, would say i was his favoritendchild because he made everyone feel like that. i have heard other people say across this country there are hundreds of people who would say i was grge bush's best friend because he made them feel they were the most important person. that is a huge part of his legacy beyond politics. >> watchin that just mak you want to be a better person. you can't believe how many life lessons are in that short piece rit there. at was beautiful, savannah. >> the fact that he was so llapparently present with of his grandchildren despite being vice president and president of the united states. remarkable. >> it is. this is going to be a d of remembrance. i think it will be an emotionala
8:17 am
service, but nad one because they feel so confident about why ere he is now. nbc news will have specialco rage of this morning's memorial service at the national cathedral. for now, we'll send i back to you guys. >> savannah, thank you so. for all of that. we willwitch gears, g a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> a day to celebrate. let's see what kind of day the weather is going to bring you. wet weather through california. that's part of a system that mes on in here. also snow around the great lakes today. as we move int looking at this storm friday through monday, torrential flooding andin especially texas into parts of the central gulf. the heaviest rain will be south of i-20. then heavy mixed snow, sleet, ice in the panhandle of increasing threat making its way into the mid-atlantic depending on the track of this storm, washington, d.ou could see a couple of inches out of this. we will watch the tracks as they comenver the next 48 hours. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck
8:18 am
good morng. we will, indeed, be watching that sunday into monday storm threat around here. weay be dealing with snow. there is a long way to go between now and then. ot we have that chanc the forecast. today any snowflakes will just be snow flurries and snow showers. not expecting accumulations. low 30s now. along the route from the capital to t cathedral in the next couple of hours, mid-30s and cloudy. mayb a some flurriesund midday today and staying coldwell into the weekend and next week. a that's your latest weather. guys. >> all right, mr. roker dylan dreyer is here. >> good morning. >> a little "popstart" thismo ing. first up, one of the biggest jobs you can get in hollywood has beenilled. we now know the host for next year's academy awards. posting late last night instagram comedian kevin hart said for years b i haven asked if i would ever host the oscars and my answer wasay a the same. i said it would be the opportunity of a lifetime for me as a kmeed wrun and it will
8:19 am
happen when it'sposed to. i am happy to say that day has finallyom hart thanked his family and friends a for their suppo promised to make this year's show a special one. he will follow some psftty succ hosts from years past, including billy crystal, ellen degeneres, and last year's host jimmy kimmel. it takes place on february 24th. will you sit down? >> the cha- is - it's so high. >> my chair has gone up and i can't get down. >> careful. >> i feel like lily tomlin. hi, how area? good to see you. take a little off the top, would ya? >> oh, man. >> whys at like that? >> i don't know. >> wow. >> you have to sit like that the rest of the show. >> it's like the looney tunes,
8:20 am
it keeps going up. >> iska it to keep going? >> please. i don't mean to look down on you, but i am. >> up next, "sleepless el seattle"rating 25 years and it's doing it in a big way. 199film in theaters in to celebrate the 25th anniversary "sleepless in seattle" is back to theaters today. long with the movie will be a brand new introduction by actress meg ryan and producer gary a sneak peek at the pair looking take a look. ilm. >> the last shot was y runningnu down fifth ae towards theem re state building. >> right. >> and you said shds -- >> that ot fit. norah knocking on my trailer door one morning, she said, remember this. shed, s this doesn't happen. remember this. >> enjoy the moments. she>>as great. yes. she approached me or you
8:21 am
approached me with "sleepless in seattle." >> i did first without her. >> without her. >> and then i hired her, and she said i'm writi f this meg. she needs to play this part. >> so she had a lot of faith in me by then. that was reallyovely. >> "sleepless in seattle" is ba in select theaters today and on blu ray now. >> finally, an announcement. "people" is revealing 2018's 25 most intriguing list. guess who made the cut? savannah and hoda. >> woo! >> more about the list, "people" editor and chief, good morning. we have known for a long time savannah and hoda are intriguing. how did you decide to put them on the list? >> i think watching you guys this year, you have handled the transition s gracefully. and as those of us obsesind with mo television, we are rooting for you. you know, you guys. and the show. but it has been great to see the
8:22 am
success. it's been great to see the way it.handled also the great job you have done. >> lt savannah. savannah is out there in washington. she is joining us, too. >> i know. we are already weepy here. >> i know. savannah, i know this is the greatest day of your life. >> no. you're so kind. and thank you so much. what you said means a lot>> to . hat is so flattering. who else is on the list? >> well, of course meghan markle, right? the parkland teams who haens wh nation's conscience on the gun violce epidemic. john krasinski. ruth gader ginsberg. chadwick boseman.en e finished compiling the list, it was a lot of women. >> oh, wow. intrigui to you can mean anything, right? >> i think this year we really meant -- >> clearly. >> yes. obviously. people who are very
8:23 am
controversial, yeah. >> intriguing? >> no. i think this year it was -- i think this year really wanted to ck people to celebrate. w we were very conscious of that. >> here-here! [ applause ] >> that's grt. >> if you are going to celebrate, how about a party with all of those 25 people? want to meet the people, all those folks on the list. >> i will make some phone calls. fly back. >> i'll bring the tequila. >> maybe some planks. >> of course. >> a heck of a list there. thank you. >> thank you for having me. t> the issue with "people's" 25 most intriguing l hits newsstands nationwide this friday. just ahead, one of our most highly anticipated cooking guests in recent memory. that's saying a lot, by the way. sanen nosrat from lix's wildly popular "salt, fat, acid, heat," she is here. she is sharing the sec ritz to
8:24 am
two incdible recipes from the show. she is so infectious. >> we already gotur hugs. we're into her. >> we are very excited. after your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
this is a news4 today news break. >> good morning everybo. it's 8:26 on this wedndeday, cember 5th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get a check on your ut co >> good morning. right now taking a look at the beltway, springfield outer loop after braddock road a crash blocking the outside. some rubbernecking delays on the inner loop. that's the slow spo on the beltway. west diamond avenue at 270 a crash eastbound t diverted 270. remember these cathedral closures for today's funeral of president george h.w. bush. wisconsin shut down between massachusetts and macomb for most of the day. >> thank you. we will h forecast when we come back. stay with us. -
8:27 am
i* ♪ [doorbell] ♪
8:28 am
♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ ♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low-tracking litter, your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. good morning. t oudy skies over washington and some areas of liow and snow flurries and snow showers across the southwestern corners of our viewi area this morning. it's cold. temperatures only in the low to maybe the mid-30s at most
8:29 am
currently. we will climb into the mid-and-upper 30s as we get towardsod noontime. afternoon highs today onl0 around 4 degrees. cold and cloudy again tomorrow.
8:30 am
hey everybody,t's 8:30 on wednesday morning, december 5th. our toy drive is underway, collecng donations from across -- hey, honey. it's the 25th year. look at our elves. clay aiken and drew back in the day. >> joining forces for a special holiday show on broadway. guys, come on over. >> ruben, come on over. >> cy and ruben, everyone. the band is back together. look at y'all two together again. >> yeah. >> whose idea was this to hit broadway together?
8:31 am
>> absolutely clay's. >> i always have the great idea ideas. >> what's it like being back? togeth >> so much fun. we are like brothers over the years. always good to be around each other. >> what are y'all dn stage? >> we are re-creating variety shows of the '80s that very grew up watching, carol burnett type of stuff. it's fun and funny and all that stuff. ruben is funny. >> sometimes. >> you have comedy and the whole thing? >> skits and allhat stuff, yeah. >> and we are dancing. >> what? >> ren is dancing. i don't dance. >> all right. where are ashley and bella from wisconsin? ashley and hold come on, guys. you guys come over. all so you're ashley and bella from wisconsin? >> yes. >> okay. so we thought it would be kind of fun as a surprise for you if you decided toto g the first night to watch these two on broadway. would you like to see them? >> yes. >>of course. you would? can you give them a taste, a
8:32 am
little christmas song. ♪ just hear those sleighbells ringing ♪ ♪ come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ yes! >> so you guys are going to be at the show. y'all are awesome. thank u so much. >> thank you. >>retty cool. all right. and again performances for ruben and clay's christmas show on broadway starts this friday. tickets on sale right now. coming up, who doesn't want to be happier? there are shortcuts to happiness, simple things to try that youan do right now. we have an expert to teach us a few of them. you kno who makes us happy? >> who? >> samin nosrat. she is goingre to s two recipes from her hit netflix food show. that makes us happy. first, mr. roker,e check of thather. >> good idea. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by dick's sporting goods. ever holiday starts dick's. >> let's take a look. starting off with today, we are looking at some mountain snows
8:33 am
in the rockies, a rainy day through central and southern california. the cold continues in the southeast. snow along the plains. for tomorrow more cold air coming into the plains and that's going to make itsac way ss the country. storm watches out through texas anda. oklah wet weather and snowy weather through southern california into nevada. look for snow around the great lakes. sunny skies along the mid-atlantic states into the gulf coast. that's whas going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the wood mostly cloudy morning and certainly chilly outside as well. 34 in washington. northeast windsen around miles per hour for much of the day. ybe even some light snow flurries and snow showers today. current temperatures i low and mid-30s. cloudy all afternoon with passing flurries. ghs near 40 today. 43 tomorrow. cold friday, saturday, and sunday into monday storm chance is something we need to pay close attention to. >> all right. look who is here.
8:34 am
adam rippon. taking his talent and star power t he is going to guest star on a" "will & grac do you love that show? >> i have watched "will & grace" so many years. to be on the show was so surreal. et it twisted. i have like three or four lines. but like also i feel like i may get an emmy. >> are youoing on as you? >> no, i'm a character. >> you are? >> i mean, i'm mostl a character. >> can you give us a hint? >> i am like a barista. somewhere, to start al. >> you do. >> do you remember his line from the olympics? >> i do. the greatest. >> yeah, i said, oh my god, who is having a better time than you at the olympics? and you said? >> and i said probably somebody that actually won them. >> wait. see you annnced a little while ago that your olympic career is officiald? close >> yes. >> what's next for you?
8:35 am
>> hoda. >> yes? >> you tell me. >> you have a million possibilities. >> i have been so lucky to work on so many fun projects and get to meet so many people. and i started writi abook. >> wow. >> what's about? your story? >> the thing i know the best. myself. what do you have coming up for the holidays? big plans? >> i'm working through the holidays. hey, got>> to hustle. o are we. >> will you be here in new york? >> in two weeks i will be filming with samantha bee. that's going to be a lot of fun. >> you are about to make your way into television? >> really hope so. i feel like at home here, you know? like hoda has bar legs, and i want to bare my soul. >> there you go. there you >> when you back, would you co-host the third hour with us? >> i would love to, yeah. >> all right. adam, you can catch him on
8:36 am
"will & grace" tomorrow 9/8 centralgh here on nbc. love you, honey. let's go to london where thf royalily is preparing for the holidays as well. at the same time fding off rumors of a royal rift. nbc's keir simmons is atfo kensington palace for us. hey, keir. >> reporter: good morning. i always tell you thathe royal move would not be easy for meghan. i didn't expect it toet so tough quite so quickly. i think what we're seeing is something of an unfair pile on. one story claims that meghan to be dismissed by a palace official who said simply it didn't happen. duchess of sussex's growing baby bump last night. at the same time, prince harry's wife facing a barrage of criticism. british newsper headlines claiming meghan is feu, ng can
8:37 am
katede to staff, and dema ting. on mornievision here piers morgan turning on her. >> it wasn't great. and everything in have s since, i am afraid it does snmak of a hollywood actrezing her chance and acting her way to the p. >> reporter: her fairy tale wedding just six months ago now one disapprovingtory claiming meghan wanted air fresheners in theisric st. george's chapel. >> the british press isor notorious building people up and tearing them down. >> reporter: the criticism exploding after news harry and meghan were moving out of kensington palace away from william a kate. the duke and duchess of cambridge password at an event with the queen last night. kate wearing a tiara from princess diana. reports say kate and megn are less than close. >> meghan and kate are two very different people, very different backgrounds, and they both come into the royal family which is quite a difficult situation to
8:38 am
go into. >> reporter: this week former first lady michelle obama in london. unconfirmed reports saying she met u with meghan. the first lady asked what advice she would ge. like me, meghan probably never dreamt she'd have a life like this. the pressure you feel from yourself and others can feel like a lot. so my biggest piece of adv te would b take some time and don't be in a hurry to do anythingo there isch opportunity to do good with a platform like that, and i think meghan can maximize her impact if she is doingomething that resonates with her personally. and surely thing are getting a little out of control when piers morgan is attacking meghan when met her only one time, and she cut off ctact after she met prince harry. it appears, i think most people would schuz prince harry. rry, piers. as the father of twins, i am going to go o on limb here
8:39 am
guys. i'm saying twins. >> whoa! >> boy or girl twins? >> would those be the first royal twins? >> i don't know. i can't give you that. >> thank you. really, meghamarkle was here at "the today show." >> we like her. up next, simple ways you can feel happier right now and every day. this is "today" on nbc. it for us. first
8:40 am
8:41 am
this morning on today wellness, finding. happine everybody wants to be happy, but it takesu work. how caboost your mood and your quality of life? the author of shortcuts to happiness, life changing lessons from my barber. i like the title. i always wondered, is happiness something tha you kind of have in your dna?
8:42 am
i feel like i am -- i meet optimists and pessimists. >> genes matter a lot. and at the same time our choices matter even more. >> okay. i think some people think if ij get rich i'll be happy, if i get that job i'll be happy, if ihe meet right person. is that true? >>on that belief iof the greatest barriers to happiness. believing that success leads to sppiness leads to frustration. success leads toke term aerl. we need to focus on the journey, the day-to-day choices we make. >> i feel li those moments are exclamation points in your life. if you have a loss in your life, those are also points. your real life is like a regular -- let's talk about some of those shortcuts. you say authenticity is important? >> yeah. you know the quote, be everyone else is taken? >> yeah. >> it turns ohat everyone else mattee than
8:43 am
themselves. that's unfortunate. whplenrs t we pmost pursue our r purpose, that is when we are happiest. >> okay. be authentic. that's important. i love this one. generosity and sha fng. l like when i'm feeling crummy and i have many days like that, if you just turn around and kind of give someone a helping hand, your day turns around. >> exactly. if you give, you you actuallyve a lot more. it's about generosity with things and generosity of spirit. annerank once said we can always give something, even if it is only kindness. so acts of kindness.mi take 1tes out of the day to be extra kind. what a difference that cr make to yhappiness, to other's happiness, to a better world. >> so think about it. of course, you may ble through the day. if you think of one kind thi you did, you might come up with nothing. all right. curiosity. is it discovering new things? >> yeah. today because the world is changing so fast, to remain
8:44 am
competitive, we need to learn all the time. but it's not just to remain competitive. it's also for happiness. recently, research came out shusing that cur people, people who ask questions, whether it's of their barber or their family members or friends, they a they also live longer. so it contributes to our health. >> i remember someone talking about their mom and they said their momh i wabooks, with motues. >> with . >> with nature. it's like finding something to love. >> exactly. >> which bring us to relationships. it seems obvious, but you have to have goorelationships. >> number one predictor of happiness. you look at the happiest nations in the world, they focus on relatiships. thehappiest, healthiest people in the world focus on relationships. it could be work reoutionships. it be a romantic relationship, family, whatever. the thing thougis they have t be real. 1,000 friends on social media,
8:45 am
no sube for that one bf. >> we are just watching president ,sh and his fami and you really feel that he lived a really happy life. >> he was present. was there. >> yes. i mean, that struck me so much. you say slowing down. sometimes we blow through life and miss it. we miss most of iou >> often see people with very similar life circumstances. e is happy. one is not happy. >> yeah. >> and very often it'se because happy one takes time to slow down. not all day, not everyday, but once in a while to express gratitude. and just stop and look and observe. einstein said there two ways to live life. one i is a nothing is a miracle, the other everything is a miracle. savor thate. mira >> you're right. quickly, the last one. recovery. we all need a break in life, don't we? >> yeah. ma people talk about stress.
8:46 am
stress really is an issue. but it's only an issue if we don't have time for recovery. if you go to the gym, you lift weights, you are stressing your muscles. 's a good thing if you take time. >> take a break. recovery, whether it's vacation, whether it's deep cteath, time with the family. holiday season perime for that. >> you give great speeches on happiness. thanks for sharing these tips for us. the book is "shortcuts to happiness." find it on next, she shes recipes and techniques she has picked up around the world. she is a fan favorite. rst, this is tod"today" on nbc. >> woo! da
8:47 am
8:48 am
food. we have a very special guest in e e kitchen this morning. samin nosrat is ar of netflix's hottest new food show
8:49 am
"salt, fat, acid, heat." in the 4-part series she spans the globe in search of the basic keys to cooking. take a look. >> it tastes very minerally. like i can taste rocks almost. do you want some? >> no! s >> good to have you. >> awesome toe here. >> our team here gets a eited to see you. i have never seen this before. >> the entire food team out here in the studio. >> groupies. it's so great. a bona fide rock star. >> let's get cracking. we are going to make t dishes from the show. what are we making first? >> a basil pesto with a traditional pasta that it's served with in italy.
8:50 am
>> is that easy to find? >> it's kindf hard to find. you can use any shape. i also love spaghetti and penne, linguini. >> littleco screws, the pasta clings to it. >> you make your own pesto, of course. of course you do. and why ist? tha why not use a blender? >> this is the original blender. but there is a way that when you pound it comes together into a creamier emulsion than it does when you blend it, whereike the water gets all released. it's little more watery when you make it in a blender i lo. i love that creaminess. >> put me toth wor morning. >> i feel like you should pound a little. >> tell me what to do, i'll do it. >> it's a heavy thing. >> o it's kifun. >> it's like you get your congress out. >> and there is plenty of that. >> all right. so i just start with the pine
8:51 am
nuts and the garlic. d a little basil. the wonderful team here has -- this is like movie magic back here. but then we move over. once you work the basiln, you get this thick paste. and pesto actually means pounded. that's the translation of the word. the word pestle is related to pounded, too. so once we have all of the yummy creamy paste in there, we can start workingnt the most impor ingredient, which is cheese. two cheeses. romano which is from sardinia and parmesan.el you definy need both. so if you want to stir that. >> yes, ma'am. and then, of course, olive l. and for the fat episode, we visited italy where i lived for a couple of years. it was really amazing to see how olive o a -- >> that healthy amount of olive oil. >> hello!
8:52 am
welcome. we need it to be saucy, sister. all right. >> and we can put a little salt in a get and then we are just going to bring it over. >> i am going to skip a step and start eating. >> okay. you start eating. >> what's the word from the tasting tle? >> unbelievable. >> when you pound it, you guys can smell all that basil. it smells so asgood. >> plee get to the veggies.'r wedying. >> also, you can use a little water to kind of get it all -- >> you're right. it's gout. >> then some cheese on top. >> roasted vegetables? >> ive that vegetables are the most luxurious thi to serve people. you don't need fancy stuff. just cook it wel brussels sprouts, much maligned. and i have them, trim the bottom. >> if you are roasting vegetables at home, what is the secret? a hot pan? tinfoil? >> if you want that beautiful browning, you have to spread
8:53 am
stuff out to let there to be room for all the steam to escape. ive oil again and salt. >> we are running out of time. >> oh, sorry. and then we willoast these, throw them in the oven for 26 to 30 minutes until they are brown. then the salad with roasted vegetables, beautiful beans that i tossed with zatar here. vinaigrette. simple red wine vinaigrette. we can drizzle vinaigrette over the salad. >>s t beautiful. >> oh, my gosh, thank you. >> thank you so much. we lov you. an open invitation to come back, by the way. >> thank you, i'm coming back. >> you are coming back. it's streaming now on netflix. if you want to see these amazing recipes check out our website back in a moment. this is "today." >> thank you. is is oday" on hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
8:54 am
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samuel mcdowehe is never le >> another huge thankk you. thu so much. food was amazing. >> coming up, nbc news special coverage this morning of president george's memorial service there at the national cathedral. but first your local news. this is a news4 today news break. >> 8:56 is your time on this wednesday, december 5th, 2018. goodorning to you. i'm eun yang. right now we want to check on your commute with melissa molett and your first4 traffic. what are youg, see melissa? >> outer loop of the beltway after braddock road that crash is delays. alexandria southbound 395 at king street a follow police direction there. a live look, wisconsin avenue at
8:57 am
massachusetts those closures in effect because of president bush's funeral. weather in just a minute.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. 's cold and cloudy outside. there are a few areas of light snow across parts of northernia virg not expecting any accumulations. temperatures moving at or f abo thezing mark. if you are going to be along the processional route from the capitol to the cathedral, i will be gold. staying cold into the weekend. esunday/monday storm cha remains in place. >> we will watch it there. keep it here on nbc4. a special report on the funeral of former president bush begins at 9:00. e. e. chaotic. our gig-speed network lets you download files up to 20 times faster. and we go beyond fast with 4g lte backup for complete reliability. so, if you lose your network connection... ♪ ♪ you won't miss the deadlines. having the confidence of something that's never gonna go down would be priceless. one more way we go beyond. call today and pay just $49.95 a month
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for fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. ♪ >> announcer: this is an nbc r news speciort. remembering george h.w. bush. here's lester holt and savannah >> good morning. as we come on the air this morning, it's a cold beautiful washington morning.ri we'll being you coverage


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