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tv   Today  NBC  December 6, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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♪ don goodl morning. fiourney home. the celebrationf president george h.w. bu's life shifts ofhis beloved city hewlett-packard after three days of tributes in ournation's capital. the emotional send-off filled with tears >> the best father a son or daughter could have. >> laughter. er >> you nnow. got to ask. >> and love. vernight, a touching new tribute on the u.s. navy ship that bears his name while the bush fam itly prepares to lay their patriarch to rest today don desperate search. five marines missing after two u.s. military planes collide midair off the coast of japan.
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two crew members rescued. a race against time to find the we are live with the very latest donr win wallop. storm watches posted for south with a powerful system ready to march coast to cst. more tha foot of snow, sleet, and freezing rain set to cause power outagesnd a travel nightmare as much of the nation battles brutally cold temperatures. al'sull forecast just ahead. don those stories, plus in the hot seat. gm's ceo facing tough questions on capitol hill. will she reconsider plans to lay off thousands of workers? don bankruptcy. survival as it struggles to or recor from its sex abuse andal. what the move could mean for hundreds of vicisms don ande and shine. the nominations revealedng kicki off hollywood's awards season. today is thursday, decemberth,
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2018. >> announcer: from nbc news this isda "to with savannah guthrie ande hoda kotb liv from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome back to "today" on this thuday morning. thank you for joining us. savannah, you are back in new york. a lot of us are recovering from what we had a chance to see. >> what a moment in our nation's history. what an honor to be a part of our coverage as w said good-bye to the 41st president. continues thi morning >> the tributes are pouring in. they have moved to his adopted hometown hfston. the former president lying in repose at the churmi where his worshiped for more than 50 years ahead of a private family l.fune >> overnight a sweet gesture from sailors aboard the "uss
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green bay" george w. bush. >> the final day of remembrances ofrb george t walker bush. washington bid its farewell. now it's texas' turn. it was an uplifting service. the nation's first state funeral in more than a decade, powerful and poignant. filled with american pageantry to honor 41. this morning grge herbert walker bush back home in texas today being laid to rest. the remains of the late president arriving at a last leg of special air mission 41 taking a ceremonial lap in the skies abe his presidential canons roan the ground. his family looking on. it follows bush's state funeral at wash's national cathedral. inside partisan politics taking a pause. president trump greeting president and mrs. obama, face to face with his predecessor and the clintons for the first time since takingic o mrs. clinton looking straight
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ahead. then george h.w. bush thissing s guests. every living president together. jon meacham hailing bush as the last soldier statesman comparing him to the first republican president. >>incoln and bush both called on us to chuds the right over the convenient, to hopeather than to fear, and to heed not our worst impulses, but our best instincts. >> reporter: a def ing moment in bush's life when the world war ii aviator was shot down. >> the george herbert walker bush who survived that fiery fall into the waters of the pacific three quarters of a century ago made our lives and the lives of nationsfreer,
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better, warmer, and nobler. >> reporter: former senator alan simpson praising his humility. >> those who travel the high washington, ity in d.c. are not bothered by heavy traffic. >> reporter:he most powerful tribute from 43 about 41. a son celebrating his father. >> he was born with just two settings. full throttle, then sleep. >> reporter: and sharing what hm learned f his dad. >> he showed me what it is to be a president who served with integrity, leads with courage and agents with love in his art. >> reporter: recalling 41's om shorgs. >> his short game was lousy. he wasn't exactly fred as ter on the dance floor. the man couldn't stomach vegetables. especially broccoli. and by the way, he passed these
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genetic defects along. to >> reporter: an eternal bond with his beloved wife >> in his old age dad enjoyed watching police show reruns, the volume on high, all the while holding mom's hand. after mom died, dad was strong, d mom's hand again.anted lastriday when i was told i had minutes to live, i called m. i said, dad, i love you and you have been a wonderful father and the las words hould ever say on earth were, i love you, too. >> reporter: a celebration of his father's life defined by, loyalty, faid family, including the daughter he lost when she was just 3 years old. >> so through our tears let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noblethan. best father a son or daughter could have.
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and in our grief with a smile knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again. >> those words punctuated by thr entire cat breaking out in applause. here is a moment you couldn't help freappreciate the sense of relief that washed over bush finished. the former president after celebrating his dad, knowing it was a tributehat would make his father proud. you can imagine eulogizing your father and sitting there and hopefully realizing jobne well >> wow, i think the relief was physically present. >> yes. thank you. and we move now to houston for more on today's events that will hono honor president bush. gameball gameba gutierrez is th >> reporter: a beautiful setting here. about 12,000 people have already come to pay their respects to the late president george h.w.
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bush. he lied in repose heret. overni now, this is the church that he and his wife attended for so many years that has grown to the largest episcopal church in the country. today we are expecting anothot nal service, this with more of a hometown feel. we a expecting eulogies from jim baker, former chief of staff as well as his grandson. weecre eng musical performances from reba mcintire as well as the oak bridge boys. one of the president's favorite country music groups. now, after this service is finished the president's casket will be taken to the grounds of the presidentcal library and museum at texas a&m university. it will be taken there by ast cu painted train, painted in the colors of air force one. today the last d of remembrances for the 41st president of the united states. a final farewell in the place he
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called home. >> all right. gabe, thank you so much. we will have special livera co of today's events in houston on many of these nbc stations and of course on msnbc. we want to encourage you to watch jenna bush hager's special hour-long tribute, a love latter to gampy don the frantic search r missing crew members after two planes collided and crash off the japanese coast. keir simmons with the latest on this one. good mornin >> reporter: good morning. it's now almost 24 hoursince this crash. concern is increasing for the five missingwsarines. f dramatic rescues. two marines pulled from the sea. the question now, why did two planes go down at th time? right now multiple rescue ships racing against time in the s of japan. five u.s. marines still missing
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redibly twog, but i have been rescued. one said to be in a fair condition. the other t to a hospital for evaluation according to the marines. the u.s. ambassador hearing the news at an event in japan. >> my heart goes out to the milies and the colleagues of the marines that are involved in this tragedy. e reporter: two planes w conducting regularly scheduled training, the military calling the accident a mishap, but not giving more details about what happened. the desperate search for survivors overnight supported by the u.s. fleet, nine aircraft and three vessels quickly deployed from japan. they crashed approximately 55 nautical miles off the coast. at 2:00 a.m. the kc-130 went down along with an fa-18 hornet. refueling operations a standard military procedure. a hose from the tanker aircraft.
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the accident coming just one day after the release of a report into another fatal military accident over mississippi las year. in that case, 16 tied when a ck-130 t went down. the report finding bad maintenance led to a propeller blade breaking off. the cause of this crash very unclear. did something go wrong during a refueling exercise? it seems as if the two planes somehow collided. meanwhile, get this. one of the marines rescued was found ale in the water after ten hours. >> thank you. m>> and now to the weather and major winter steady to bring snow, ice, and freezing rain to tens of millionsto coas coast. al's got the pulse of the storm this morning. >> hi, guys. we are starting off out west. we have heavy rain from santa barbara to san diego, an inch or so coming. late tonight intoroomerwsoror t.
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by friday heavy thunderstorms making their through texas. but look for a wintry mix in the texasenanhandle. ths we move on into friday night into saturday we are looking at snow andm ice f texas on into arkansas. heavy rain in the southeast with flooding possible. snow from missouri and kends moving into sunday morning and a high-impact snow event southwest virginia to northern carolina. here is the impacts. torrential rain and flooding from texas into the gulf coast. vere thunderstorms along the threat of the gulf coast. we are looking for icing conditions from the panhandle of texas ill the wayo parts of kentucky with roads out and we are goinge to seeing trees down and an early season heavy snowfall. a swath of snow from texas to the southeast. we are talking about 1,600 miles potential record snowstorm, record snowstorm potential for asheville, north carolina, lo chare, greensville -- i should say greensboro, and
7:13 am
richmond, virginia. the travel impact. friday the airports dallas, san antonio. foran new or also oklahoma city. on the roads on friday, i-40, i-35 and i-45. g saturday we've major impacts on the airports for dallas, for oklahoma city, memphis, charlotte, and aanta for the in and the highways i-40, i-55 in dallas to atlanta on i-20, and finally on sunday atlanta impacted, memphis, jacksonville, rawle durham and on t roads jacksonville to richmond, st. louis to norfolk, i-85 to durham. guys, this could rival the superstorm of 1993 where asheville saw over 22 inches of snow. we are going to be watching this closelyver the nex 72 hours. >> all right, al, we're counting on you. craig is here with another major story this morning. >> good morning. the ceo of general motors back on capitol hill today. she is defending her company's
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oucision to lay off 15,000 workers and close plants in the u.s. she is being met with anger from both sides of the taxpayers bailed out that company just eight years ago. on capitol hill with more. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. gm's ceo marry barrae will meeting with michigan's delegation today. demandinnswers. why is the company laying off thousands of employees, plus all the supply change jobs effected when gm is enjoying near record profits? gm's cre mary bar back on the hill. >> taxpayers bailed you out. >> reporter: facing tough questions after announcingcohe any is laying off 15,000 workers and closing four plants in michigan, maryland, a ohio. >>ust as the work force stood
7:15 am
>>th general motors, give them a chance. eporter: as barra works congress in lordstown, ohio, where gm is closing the chevy cruz plant, michelle ripple isw ering how she will support her family. >> it's going to be a struggle because there is no good paying jobs around here. >> reporter: gm is ending production of sedans, including the cruz and volt to fus on new electric vehicles. meanwhile, it's shifting truck and suv production to barra won't commit to moving the new vehicle production to the plants set to close. the layoffs and plant clothesings come eight years after taxpayers paid $18 billion to bail it out. >> you got a big tax cut in the last year. do you owe the people of the country more than this decision. >> we wille forever grateful for the assistance and we are trying to make sure we are good
7:16 am
corporate citizens an continue to provide jobs and provide vehicles and transportation that customers want in this >> reporter: many an lists say gm has to make tough choices to coete in a cutthroat business. but back in ohio. >> it's emotional and it's devastating. >> reporter: the future is far less certain. gm is under tremendous pressure from members of congress and president trump to find those laid off workers jobs, buthe company is making no promises. meanwhile, members o congress considering legislation that would make it very expensive for a company to send their jabs overseas. back to you. >> thanks don there are important new developments this morning tied to the scandal that has rocked usa gymnastics. the sports governing body is now filing for bankruptcy. nbc's stephanie gosk with the latest on this. good morning. usa gymnastics faces a mountainp of lawsuits anentially tens much millions of dollars in
7:17 am
liabilities. a move the ayusag will help resolve the claims quickly. another says it's burying the truth about how it handled abuse allegations against larry nassar. for usa gymnastics ft goesm bad to worse. this t morninghe organization that helpedhe u.s. olympic team dominate women's gymnastics for years is filing for bankruptcy. >> the usa gymnastics, where is the honesty? where is the transparency? >> reporter: after the sexuale abusro allegations surunding former dr. larry nassar made headlines. >> i hate you.e you ar so sick, i can't comprehend how angry i feel when i think >> he is a predator and he can be stopp unless he is behind bars for the rest of his life. >> reporter: how usag handled it proving too big a potential financial burden. they say they face 100 lawsuits representing 350 alleged victims while the governing body the
7:18 am
u.s. olympic committee works to decertify the organization taking away its ability to develop the olympic team. bankruptcy brings the lawsuits and the decertification to a sceeching halt. recently appointed head of i the board writpart, we owe it to the survivors to resolve fully and finally claims based on the horrific acts of the pas and through this process seek to expedite resolution a help them move forward. that's not now attorney john manly sees it. he represents 180 clients who say they were abuse by larry nassar. >> we are on the pcipice of who knew what when in his molestation of hundreds of women and they are using the bankruptcy process to stop us. >> reporter: they are under investigation by the justice department and multiple state agencies. there have been a string of organizaon al scandals.
7:19 am
three ceos pushed out, including steve penne. he denies that he ordered documents related to larry nassar removed from the training camp run by marta and bella karolyi. they wrote, we believe the challenges facing the organization are simply more than it is capable of overcoming in its currentde form. aring bankruptcy is a move the usag hopes will give it a future. not everyone is so sure. while some of the out poke spoken nassar survivors have yet to comment, some have made their voices made loud and kei clear. >> why do you think u.s. gymnastics didn't hear you? reputation medals, and money over the safety of athletes. > what does this mean for athletes? you can talk about lawsuits and all this kind of thing, bar ther people training with
7:20 am
olympic dreams right now. >> it is going to add to the unease. there are a whole lot of questions aut what thi organization is going to look like going into >> wow. that's unfortunate. thank you so much. don mr. roker is bache with rest of the forecast. hey, al. >> we have some sunshine for our friends in p theific northwest. a surge of cold air coming in from canada. lacking at wet weather -- lookinat wet whetheather from texas. your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
7:21 am
don good morning. skies mostly cloudy. temperatures are mostly in the 20s and 30s. 37 in washington. lly t of the suburbs espec parts of northern virginia are tlow freezing this morning. and with clouds around not much of a warmup. most areas in the low 4 for high temperatures. we do get more sunshine back for friday and saturday, but it is going to stay cold and the winter storm chances sunday into monday a shrinking but they are not gone totally don monica lewinsky getting homeowners about her mistake. >> then our candid conversation with lance armstrong, the disgraced bicyclist speaking out for the first time in six years. hi surprising tak on the cheating scandal that ended his cyclingfi career. t, this is "today" on nbc. but is "today" on nbc. ♪
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♪ ♪ > this is a news4 today news break. >> 7:26 is your time on this wednesday, december 6, 2018. i'm eun yang. >> good morning. off to a great start.o we are about witness a final farewell for president george herbert walker bush today in texas. there wi be a private funeral before he is taken to the presidential library and buried nera to bar and robin. keep it here forge complete of today's events anchored by nbc's lester holt. today we will be introdu to the university of maryland's new head football coa, coach michael locksy is taking over for d.j. durkin.
7:27 am
locksley comes from alabama whe he served as a defensir coordinato and has worked on an assistant to the terrapin staff two different times. taking a look at the roads, first a four traffirt. a single lane getting by in ch direction. gaithersburg single lane by a crash there. the beltw slow outeroop approaching georgia and inner loop. 270 slow as well. your forecast is up next. stay with us.
7:28 am
good morning. sunrise overful washington this morning. it is seasonably cold. temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s for most areas. it's going to stay cold and the clouds thicken up a bit.
7:29 am
mostly cloudy, 45. more sunshine but stay cold for friday and saturday and those winter storm chances sunday and monday are fading but not down to zero yet. >> backup oundle up out there.
7:30 am
♪ 7:30 now thishursday morning, december 6, 2018. let it ring. c ad morning in midtown manhattan. getting you in the spirit a of the christmas tree, a little christmas music, people dressed in their christmas finally. >> there l were a of savannah guthrie signs yesterday. >> i didn't know m my was in town. i am very happy to be back. >> we will get outside in a bit. a check of today's headlines. george h.w. bush will be burie today alongside wife bbara and daughter robin on the presidential library groundst texas a&m university. overnight the former president lied in repose at s martin's episcopal church in houston where his family worshiped forn
7:31 am
more t0 years. thousands of mourners lined up to pay their respects.ay later t a private funeral service at the church with about 1,200 guests. the country said a formal good-bye to president bush wednesday in a national funeral service in washington. two people are dead after a wrong-way crashing involvi invo team. police say the bus was hit head on by a semi-truck going the wrong way. the driver of the semi and a 72-year-old school volunteer traveling with the team were killed. the suicidtudents are said to h fe-threatening injuries a rocket carrying supplies to the international space station landed in the atlantic ocean wednesday. the falcon 9 missed the intended target which was a concrete landing pland pad. itmusk tweeted that the
7:32 am
rocket is undamaged and the company may be able to use it for another mission. > hearing from monica lewinsky in a new speech about recovering from what she calls her misstakes. namely, the clinton ater that grabbed the nations attention 20 years ago. kate snow has been following some of those comments. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. it w the first time that we really heard from monica lewinsky since her lengthyte iew for that a&e docuseries that aired before thanksgiving. this time she was talking to teenagers about how she moved beyond the biggest mistake of her life. >> reporter: hundreds of hollywood insiders and "a" list celebrities all gathered to honor the hollywo"the hollywood" list. monica lewinsky wanted to speak to the high school students there who took part in a mentoring program. >> i would like to speak directly to them. so the rt you 410 people, you can check your phones or
7:33 am
something. i won't be offended. >> reporter: they weren't born when lewinsky became a household name. >> if you know of the music of eminem, jeezy, of course beyonce, you might have heard of me in aouple of those songs. aside from being a former better amodel i am a lyric in song. >> reporter: her message that every successful woman has made amistake. >> we can all probably agree when it comes to beings in t room the mistake with the worst consequences i win. so hands down. >> reporter: mistakes are rich with learning, she said, and rowth, even when they are devastatin lewinsky sharing a piece of advice given to her 20 yearago by t grand jury foreperson when she faced questions about her infamous affair with the president. >> monica, none of us in this room is perfect. we all fall and we fall several mes a day.
7:34 am
the only difference between my age and when i w your age is now i get up fasteav i now lived long enough to know that she was 100% right. >> reporter: it's the first we have seen lewinsky since her revealing interview for the a&e docuseries. >> i felt terrible. i was scared and i just was wrtified. >> reporter: lask lewinsky tweeted, hinting she had come under attack since the series aid. hall! think the paid troll caravan moved on. >> this was a painful, difficult time in my life and it was also hard for the country. >> reporter: that was the last time hillary clinton was asked about lewinsky in october. the clintons launched a speaking tour last week with two stops in canada so far. they have not been asked by moderators about lewinsky's recent remarks or the
7:35 am
impeachment sag a 20 years ago. >> this week the clintons postponed an event in texas to attend president bush's memorial in washington yesterday. they are taking a break from the road and will start a run of east coast cities inil a lewinsky has more public speaking appearances scheduled in the new year as guys. >> thank you, kate. appreciate it. >> thank you. now we get the weather. >> a lot of cold air coming across the great lakes. that's creating lake-effect snow. we are lookingt anywhere from two to six inches of snow, but watertown, new york, could see upwards of a foot of snow. that cold air continues to pour in from canada. this cold blast will see temperatures today six degrees above normal in new york at 41, rapid city 20, littleock 44, pensacola 11 degrees below average at 55. tomorrow boston in the upper 30s, midland, texas 41. chicago is going to b inhe mid-20s. heading into the weekend it
7:36 am
stays chili from dphilly, moines, abilene, columbia, all the way down to jackson. good morning, everybody. m meteorologist chuck bell. skies are partly to mostly cloudy. it's a cold start. upper 20s andow 30s. mostly cloudy day inront of us with afternoon highs today only in the low-to-mid 40s at most. skies will cle out a bit by overnight tonight. so tomorrow morning it will be a little colder than this morning. tomorrow more sunshine, that's nice, but chilly. highs in the 40s tomorrow. highs in the 30s over the weekend. that winter storm chance there but not as big as it was. >> latest on this kocoast-to-cot storm in the next hour. steven spielberg opening up about theovie that changed his career and the lessons he still hopes it teaches 25 years late sneer and a ride with a former race car driver. the incredible new technology
7:37 am
helping him and others like him get behind the wheel. and padma laskhi. >>nd lance armstrong. what he is sayin about the life after his scandal and his future coming up right after this. scans right after th
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7:42 am
lance armstrong. >> he is speaking about his rise, fall, and hope for redemption. he had that conversation with cnbc. this is just quite the convo. >> good morning, melvin. lance armstrong, the seven-time tour de france wner and cycling legend stripped of those victories. after years of lies and denial, he sat down and opened up for the verirst time since that life changing admission to oprah winfrey in 2013. >> thers last six in a lot of ways has reay sucked. it's beente rrible. >> reporter: a blunt assessment fromance armstrong, the cycling cmpion and cancer survivor, vilified for lying to investigators, the media, a fans for years about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. armstrong was banned from competitive cycling in 2012 for life and str opedf his record sen tour de france titles after the. u anti-doping
7:43 am
agency called him the ringleader of the most shisticated professionalized and successful doping program that sport hasev seen. >> i think people still six years on want to know whether you have been humbled, whether you are apologetic. >> funny. i get both sides of it. i get people h that saasn't apologized enough. then people say, dude, stop apologizing. >> for now i'd like a yes or a no. >> okay. >> reporter: armstrong first open up about the controversy in a 2013 interview with oprah winfrey. >> yes or no? in all seven of your tour de france victories did you ever take bannedr substanceslood dope? >> yes. >> that interview came at an interesting time and a difficult time and maybe in a lot of ways came too soon. but i knew that i was going to
7:44 am
be facing fourif or fiverent lawsuits. at that point in my life i wasn't going to be able to >> reporter: did you think it >> no, i don't think it worked. i think it absolutely did not work. for half of the room, it wasn't enough. then for the other half of the room, it was way too much. >>. >> reporter: everyone had an opinion. even donald trump, then holding nbc's "the apprentice." >> donald trump the morning after wrote lance armstrong did himself great harm last night. wsuits and failure will follow him. did you see that? >> i did see it, yeah. >> reporter: what did you think when you saw that? >> you have to remember, this is six years ago, so he was just -t donamp was just a loudmouth, you know, out trying to get attention. he is half right. he is going to cost himself a lot of money. we know that happened. .d a lifetime of failure but i don't feel like a fiailur.
7:45 am
>> reporter: armstrongctaintains hisions were part of a rampant culture of doping in the sport of cycling at the >>time. read recently that you said if you could do it all over again, you'd d it the same way. is that true? >> i would rather go back and win seven in a row against everybody else that's drinking water and eating bread. that what i want. i believe that would happen. >> reporter: armstrong believes his high profile partly due to the sfcess his nonprofit livestrong foundation caused the blowback t be greathan it might have been for someone else. >> i think there is a doue standard, but i'm okay with it. >> reporter: new york yankees starlex rodriguez another prominent athlete who recently admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs was suspended for a season butater returned to the field before returning. >> a-rod didn't raise half a billion dollars andry to sav people's lives. that's the irony. it's great whenomebody hits home runs and does an event for the girls and boys club. this story held a place in
7:46 am
people's hearts and minds that s way beyond those guys. >> reporter: armstrong is now focusing on blding a new media brand which includes hosting two popular podcasts, starting his own investment company a spending time with his fiancee hannah and his five children. while heriles at being called a fraud, he acknowledges he has a long wayo go to make amends. >> i don't know if it's fraud. you canveall it wha you want to call it. it doesn't matter. fraud. betrayal. these things we know people felt, that's on me. i'll snd the restf my life trying to make that right. >> it's a bizarre conversation because at times is mea culpa. other times it sounds like he is saying, yeah, okay, i was bad, t these other guys were as bad if not worse. do t yhink he is truly remors remorseful? >> it has been a journey for him. life is relative. i remember speaking to him years
7:47 am
ago and he is a in a different plac he has tried to make amends and apologize on one side to theha people he lied and hurt. at the same time, there is that element that you are talking about where he still feels that he is victim. i think that remains very hard for some people to hear. >> all right. andrew, thank you. coming up, the story behind oscar winner dian keaton's lost wallet and how she just got it back after 50 years. first, these messages. me ben. what's that rick? the clarke st street crater, the mother of all potholes, for decades its tormented the people of this town, they've tried to fill it but it always returns, got me good. but you know state farms got you too. yeah. you hear that, you ain't nothing! are you trash talking a pothole? yup. yeah i am. go with the one that's here to help life go right.
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this is a ns4 today news break.r >> 7:56 is yime on this thursday, decembe 6, 2018. i'm usag. right now we want to start with a check on your commute with melissa molett. >> we have a problem in buoy with the water main break one lane getting by each direction. slow through there. southbound 355 at montgomery
7:57 am
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good morning everybody. anot fairly cloudy day ahead. temperatures in the 20sher and across most of the area. 28 in manassas, 32 gaithersburg, 36 at national airport. high temperatures today though only reaching into the 4ow. a lot of clouds around. no chance for rain or snow noday. that chance for sunday night into monday is looking smaller today than it did yesterday. >> thank you. da> another local news upte for you in 25 minutes. for now, back to "the today show."
8:00 am
it is 8:00n "today." coming up, presidential homecoming. after an emotional service in the nation's capital george h.w. bush makes his final flight to texas. the celebration of bush's life filled with tears and uger. >> george told me i only had ten minutes. he was very direct about it. it wasn't even funny. >> as world leaders, friends, and family came together to honor the former president. >> a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have. >> we are hive inouston for the final leg of his journey. movie milestone. >> this is life.
8:01 am
>> 25 years after his groundbreaking film was released, legendary director steven spielberg sits down wsth holt to talk about how "schindler's list" impacted the world and changed his life >> this, for me, is something i will always be proudest of. and the nominees a -- complete coverage of the minations for the annual golden globe awards. we will head out t hollywood where awards season is officially getting underway today isthursday, december 6, 2018. ♪ >> from des moines, iowa, eri is turning 50. >> celebrating our 25th anniversary. >> and to see the tree. >> back together the first day of high school. >> and we haveeen together ever since. woo! >> been married 50 years! >> celebrating my 75th birthday. >> all the way from beautiful
8:02 am
alaska. > good morning to "today's" number one fan! woo! >> what an awesomerowd. welcome back to "today." y we appreciate being with us on this thursday morning. >> that's a good crowd. >> they missed you the past two days. >> so good to be>> back home. e have a lot to get to. o your news today. the nation41st president will be laid to rest today in texas after a week of heartfelt tribrom his family and from the country he served. nbc's gabe gutierrez from houston. good morning. reporter: good morning. just a stunning backdrop for the last day of remembrances. the president's casket lying in repose at sait. martin's episcol church overnight. 12,000 people have come to pay their respects. we are expecting another emotional funeral servicegi tod. eu expected from the president's long-time dear friend as well as former chief of staff and secretary of state jim baker and grandson george
8:03 am
bush. this comes after an incredible service yesterday at the national cathedral inon washin several presidents were in attendance. world rhleaders. but s the most touching moment came from president d george w. buivering a moving message from a son to his father. >> so through our tears let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man, the best father a son or daughter could have. andur in grief with a smile knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again. >> reporter: n, after the funeral service the president's casket is scheduled to be taken by a custom painted train to his final resting place on the grounds of his presidential library and museum in college station. guys, back to you. >> gabe, thank you. and we willave special live coverage of today's events right
8:04 am
here and onsnbc. we encourage you to watch jessica biel jessica biel's specialjenna bush hager's hour long love letter to gampy this saturday at 8/7 central. a major warm is starting the long tre across the country. it's going to cause some pretty serious travel problems. al is tracking this one. >> good morning. we are looking for rain already. san luis obispo, an inch or so. the ystem continues with rain in southern california, showers into the southwest. tomorrow rain and storms into texas. a wintry mix in the texas panhandle. now we move on into friday night, into saturday. we've got snow and ice from texas to arkansas. heavy rain through the southeast. saturday night the snow begins in the carolinas. snow from missouri and kentucky as well. then sunday we continue, this thing gets together. this is going to be a
8:05 am
high-impact situation from southwest virginia into north carolina and along they coast. herain, here's what we're looking at, torrential rain and flooding into texas, theal cen gulf, flooding of rivers, isolated severe weather in the gulf as i well and could be de billtating from the panhandle of utxas into kentucky and snow. we are talking abo snow that may cause major problems as we head on into sunday. friday we are looking for airport delays from san antonio, dallas, for houston, new orleans as well. on the roads amarillo to memphis, oklahoma to austin, dallas to houston on saturday. dallas a big problems, airports in oklahaa city. atlaill be impacted., i-20i-55 and i-40 problems on the roads. we end up on sunday g impacts in atlanta, nashville, ralesh-durham, jacksonville well. on the roads we expect i-95 from jacknville to richmond, i-85
8:06 am
atlanta to durham, and i-64 st. louis to norfolk, m 1,6es the snow will be impacting. this is compared to possibly the superstorm of 1993, guys. we will be watching this extremel carefull >> all right. thank you, al. usa gymnastics has filed for bankruptcy protection asze it faces of lawsuits over the dr. larry nassar sex abuse scandal much the organization says bankruptcy will help it resolve claimsgainst the former team doctor more quickly. it wills puts on hold efforts to decertify usa gymnastics as the sport's govning body and olympic team developer. an attorney who represents many ofr' nas alleged victims says the legal move blocks efforts to learn which officials knew about nassar's conduct and failed to stop it. here is your boost. >> all right. hundreds of families are going to have a happier holiday thanks to a woman they are calling a real new orleans saint. she secretly paid off $100,000
8:07 am
of layawayat account walmart store. now the local news media has confirmed the christmas ale is new orleans saints and pelicans owner benson. >> thank you. >> benson said she wanted to give back to the people of new orleans. her late husband, of course, tom benson, the owner of those teams. she is a lovely woman. >> can you imagine your joy if yo have been saving up and it's on layaway and you find o it's paid off? >> the relationship, by the way, between like the saints and their fans, it really is -- i'm not just saying this -- you're a saints fan. it really is -- >> it's deep. i should point out that outside there are lots of who dats outside. lester holt o onen one with steven spielberg 25 years after the movie that won him the au s oscar. als the inspire story of a race car driver left paralyzed
8:08 am
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chocolate diamonds and every color gemstone in between. no one colors your world like le vian. and nobody sells more le vian than kay. ♪ we are back now at 8:12 with today' tark. legendary director steven spielberg. >> it's been 25 years since the premier of thefiroundbreaking "schindler's list." it is being re-released. lester, really looking forward >> you remember that film. it took audience's breath away. this is the movie steven spielberg wonir his f oscar for. i sat down with him to talk about t film's impact today and why it was so personal to him. >> the lists life. >> i don't think i will ever doing anything as important in
8:13 am
-- to my life as the way this film affected, personally family. me and my this, for me, is something that i will always be proudest of. >> i look back atvi an interew you did at the time of the release of this of the effect, you didn't expect it to be a hit. was that the case? >> yeah, very accurate. i couldn't imagine, based on the story that we told,n that audience would tolerate the, just the amount of violence, you know, human against human. or inhuman againstinhuman. >> reporter: "schindler's list" was, in fact, a hit. academy r of seven awards, including best picture an best director. but speilberg says the now famous movie could have looked very differentudio executives had their way. >> i was the only one who wanted to shoot it in black and white. the studio didn't think it would sell if it was a in black white. they were negotiating and said
8:14 am
color.t in we'll release the film in black and white but release the cassette in color. i said, no. i don't know the holocaust in color. i wasn't around then. but i have seen documentaries on the hocaust. anybody who has seen documentaries, they are in black and white. ,> reporter: i can't imagine. you are in krakome of the places where this actually happened. there are cameras around and all the trapings of a movie, but the scenes had to have taken a personal toll you o-- on you, cast? >> everybody felt that we were memorializing sething. it felt, to all of us, as if we were shooting in a cemetery. so there was a kind of amazing equinamity of respect and it was quiet on the set and everybody did their work. no one was laughing. >> reporter: now 25 years later
8:15 am
the film is stilleaching new lessons. >> individual hat is a terrible thing, but when collective hate orzes and gets ed industrial then genocide follows. we have to take it more serious today than we have had to take it in a generation. >> reporter: we are in an e, anti-semitism is on the rise. we all know -- >> sm. >> reporter: we know what happened in pittsburgh. is this is an important time to re-release the film?os >>bly now is more important time to re-release "schindler's list" than 1993-94 when it was initially released. i think there is more at stakey tohan back then. >> he tells a story during the shooting he mee a schindler urvivor who wants to tell the story. he says, there is more to my life. this led to an eye opening experience and the creation of a town days,narchive, a collection of stories of survivors not only from the
8:16 am
holocaust but other general sides. it's become part of the legacy of the film marching forward. >> so important to get the stories on unfortunately, these survivors are passing away. >> thank you. >> by the way, watch the extended version oft t interview, lester holt reports speilberg the 25th anniversary of "schindler's li" on roku on amazon fire and apple tv. thank you, lester. don't leave, okay? >> oh? "popstart"? >> yes. >> i just happen to have an opening in my calendar. here we go. diane keaton got a pleasant surprise. according to an article from the newws york daily a nman from upstate new york discovered a wallet full of old photos in a storage unit he bought in may. after sifting through the photos and i.d., he realized he might be holding to the wallet of
8:17 am
diane keaton. keaton couldn't ilieve it. th the craziest story, i don't remember losing this, but i'm not surprised because i have lost my wallet many times. she said it may have been lost 50 years ago. so for all of you out there that lose your walle constantly, dylan dreyer, don't give up hope. james corden's parity an ode to thank you next. over 125 million views. she features re-creations and scenes from famous rom-coms. corden decided to put his own spin on the music video and iud in actor jeff goldblum. take a look. ♪ ♪ and so ragnar rock a classic ♪ played in jurassic
8:18 am
♪ for that i say thank you, je jeff ♪ ♪ thank you, jeff, jeff ♪ thank you, jeff, jeff >> goldblum appreciates that serenade there. funny. and on "snl" jason ma mow a going to be hosting. in a new "snl" promo we see he may have had a hard timert deg from his tough guy ruse as he takes a whack at n being nbc page. >> "saturday night live." i do not know that answer ight now. but i will do everything in my power to get that information please hold. >> jason, i got a sketch idea for you -- >> whoa! >> yes. >> sti the
8:19 am
? yes. the show is live. >> somebody should have told him about the live aspect. you can watchho the this saturday at 11:30 p.m. of course right here on >>nbc. hat got me excited to see a good one. thank you. let's show you what's happening right now. we areooking at some surge of cold air coming into the plainse laect snow around the great lakes, sunny, chilly in the southeast and that wet athe the beginning of that storm is going to make a coast to coast march moving into california now. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell. a cloudy start to your thursday morning. temperatures are mosn the upper 20s to low and mid-30s. wind fairly light out of the south and west five to ten miles per hour. it is going to remain quite chilly. low-to-mid 30s around town now. afternoon highs today in the low-to-mid 40s. at least we will be cold with
8:20 am
sunshine friday and saturday. that winter storm chance sunday into monday looks a little smaller than it did yesterday. >> latest weather. a lot of people come to visit new york city. and, dewalks are packed yes, the traffic is out of role. >> recently harry smithade his way through the busy streets with the help of a very special driver and its one of kind car. >> talk about looks. you drive down the street with this guy, c people't help but pay attention, and for many very good reasons. >> reporter: sam schmidt is a formerace car driver who was paralyzed from the neck down in a crash 19 years ago. this is a 650-horsepower chrolet corvette. for sam it is a declaration of independence. fhat does this mean to you to be behind the wheel ohis thing? >> it's really the first time in 19 years i feel normal. because i'm in control.
8:21 am
i'm controlling the gas. i'm controlling the steering wheel. i'm completely independent when i'm driving this car, and there is really no other times when it's like that. >> reporter: i guess that means a lot? >> it means a hell of a lot. >> reportese for tf us who are able-bodied, it might be difficult to comprehen h dependent people like sam really are. just getting him into the c is a slow, methodical process. >> tuck the red straps in. >> reporter: once behind the wheel, wow. >> somebody call for an >> reporter: i was hoping to get a ride to work. >> no problem. hop in. >> reporter: all right. thisou've got to see. but first, do you have a driver's license? >> i think i do. no, i definitely do. the problem is i'm sittingn it.av e only been on tetse st in cabs and with other people driving that are much
8:22 am
crazier than me. so this is going to be interesting for sure. >> reporter: the car is titted withechnology that reads the sensors in sunglasses. the car turns whichever way he looks, left or the tube in his mouth controls speed and braking. low to go, suck to stop. i am thinking if i were driving this, i would b tilting my head back and forth, like trying to look in the rearview mirrors and the car would be all over the road. >> exactly. the wheel is turning. all those driver ed classes that teach you to be responsible, look in your mirrors, you have to untrain that for this. >> reporter: it was a beautiful day in new york, so we popped the top off the car. people on the street ogled the rvette and seemed not to notice the man driving did not have his hands on theteering wheel. >> when do i get todrive? >> reporter: we first met sam on a test track in california three
8:23 am
years ago. since then the aerotechaology compan been constantly improving the car. 19 yeacc since yourent. did you ever think i'll be driving in times square ever? >> never, ever, ever. technology, lesciences, arable tech, the stuff in the last five years is bigger and better than the previous 15. so i know longer say it's impossible. >> reporter: schmidt owns and tns a racing team and works tirelessly for disabled. his foundation, conquer paralysis now, is building a state-of-the-art research and outpatient center in las vegas. the word "slow" is not in his vocabulary. >> wow. >> i have been exchanging people with the aerotechnology company.
8:24 am
he said if you are going to make me a car, it's got to go fast. the guy from -- have to quote this exactly. the guy writes back. he says it's cool and the world needs cool stuff that gives people hope. >> perfect, harry. thank you. harry. that was awesome. we are going to head onoutside. cars is out there with a very special guest. >> i am. look who i have here. meghan trainor! meghan is in town to host tomorrow's fourth hour of today. you are going to do that. >>? >> i am. tune in. >> i hope you are thirsty. also, you are going to be performing at iheartradio's z 100 jingle ball in madison square garden. do you like that? >> i love that. >> so manyoi great acts are to be there. oh, b yeah, it's going toe a party. my whole family is there. >> you know wholso isere?is whermily and steven? where are you?
8:25 am
come with me, meghan. emily and steven. where are you? right here? >> right here. >> nice to see you guys. where are you from? >> nashville. >> nashville, tennessee. this is the great meghan trainor. [ cheers and applause ] >> we have a little something kr them. do yw what it is? >> yes, i do. here it comes. you give it to them. >> tickets to the jingle ball! che this is the concert to see all of your favoritesre going to be there, includeding this lovely young lady. happy holidays. thank you for all that you are doing. and we, don't forget, hosting the fourth hour of the show, jingle ball tomorrow night. enjoy that. good to have you from nashville. we are back with this morning's golden globe nominations in a few minutes. first, a look at yourocal news and weather. the gre meghan trainor!
8:26 am
this is a news4 today news break. >> 8:26 on this thursday. i'm chris lawrence. let's start with a look at the roads with melissand your first4 traffic. >> inner loop o annapolis a brokenn d vehicle. cheverly southbound b.w. parkway a broken down vehicle blocking right lane. herndon eastbound toll road after center road crash blocking the left side. a water main break, a single lane getting >> bundle up out there. a check on the forecast when we come back. outback is making your holidays even better!
8:27 am
for a limited time, get a 4- course meal starting at $15.99. treat yourself to the perfect gift today, because the aussie 4-course won't last long! outback steakhouse. aussie rules.
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because the aussie 4-course won't last long! you have a lot of deadlines in your business, right? we miss deadlines, we don't get paid. what if you lost your network connection? you gotta be kidding me. chaotic. our gig-speed network lets you download files up to 20 times faster. and we go beyond fast with 4g lte backup for complete reliability. so, if you lose your network connection... ♪ ♪ you won't miss the deadlines. having the confidence of something that's never gonna go down would be priceless. one more way we go beyond. call today and pay just $49.95 a month for fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. it's going to be a cloudy and cold day today, temperatures in the low 30s acrths most of area now. your planner for today, a mix of clouds and sunshine but more clouds than sun. afternoon temratures today ly up into the low briefly
8:29 am
maybe as much as the mow-40s around and the cold weather is going to stickd. aroun highs tomorrow again only in the 30s and low 40s. >> all right. bundle up out there. get the latest news anytime in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
. 8:30 it is a thursday morning. it's the 6th of december 2018. a beautiful day on the plaza. we say good moing from great adorableolks who are out here freezing. good morning, everybody! >> and saking of smiling faces. >> hi, sguys. >>ling faces. >> what a crowd, man. >> check it out, you guy have you seen this, the new tv
8:31 am
guide? look at that. look at that. look who is on the front. >> oh! [ cheers ] we got some -- s right. >>ave a couple for avannah's mo my mom. coming up, will bradley cooper, lady gaga and "a star is born" dominate at the box office as the golden globe nominations are revealed on your program. >> also the new season of top chef. season. 16 top ch also a little cooking, a crispy chicken dish. understand she is working diligently there. >> she is. >> and we are going to grub in a little bit. >> we are. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers for all the moments, for love, forever. >> a quick look at the quarterback outlook. tomorrow we have we ha that
8:32 am
coast to coast system bringing rain and heavy systems. saturday cold in new england. snowy from the oklahoma and texas area, that flood threat in the mid-mississippi river valley and heavy snow onsunday, sunday, moving into theap lachians. pacific northwest snow as well. sunshine from the plains to the southwest. that's w t's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your woods.f the good morning. cloudy skies, a light wind out under 10 th and west, miles per hour. a little breeze takes a couple f degrees off the feels-like factor. a chilly day outside. you note the winter coat for sure. keeping it around for the next few days. more sunshine fridaynd saturday but staying very cold. our storm chance for sunday into mond is still a chance, but that storm is trending farther and farther to the south.or much snow towards the roanoke area for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. ladies intere
8:33 am
from the carolinas, when are you heading back home? >> today. >> oh, before the storm. good for you. guys. >> all right. thank you. a big morning in hollywood. the nominatns for the 76th annual golden globe awards are being announced. >> we will take you there live in a moment. ntrst checking in with imbd special corresponave carter. >> great to see you. >> we love watching this because you predict everying ahead of time. >> try to. >> what is the story this morning, you think >> in t drama category expect to hear "a star is born" many times. that's going to get a lot of nominations. a movie people m not know "the favorite" with emma stone an rachel -- great british. and i think "mary poppins returns," too. >> we get to have movie and tv. >> some of the shows that did well last year will do well agn, the marvelous mrs. maisel
8:34 am
and handmade's tale. i thi homecoming as well. >> we are about to go ou to hollywood. the golden globe nominations being announced as we speak. let's take you there. >> welcome to the nomination 76thncements for the annual golden globe awards. with us this morning are christian slater, danai gurira, tey crews, and leslie mann. christian, please get us started. >> all right. best performance by an actress a television series drama. katrina balance of, outlander, elizabeth moss "the handmaid's tale," sandra oh, killing eve. she is hosting also? that's good. julia roberts, homecoming. keri russell, "the americans."
8:35 am
best performance by an actor in a motion picture, musical, or comedy. christian bale, vice. lin-manu miranda "mary poppins returns." veeg a mortensen, "green book."e redford, the old man and the gun. john c. riley, stan and ollie. best director motion picture. bradley cooper, a st"a star is born." alphonso core an, roma. peter fairly, "green book." spike lee,blackkklansman." am mckay, vice. yeah, i did it. okay. [ cheers and applause ] ance by an actor in a television series. drama. jason bateman, "ozark." steven james, homecoming.
8:36 am
richard madden, bodyguard. billy ,port pose. matthew rhys, best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture. mahershala ali, "green book." tithy charlotte y, beautiful boy. adam driver, "blackkklansman." richard e. grant, can you ever forgive me. sam rockwell, vice. best performancey an actress in a motion picture, drama. glenn close the wife. lady gaga, "a star is born." cole kidman, destroyer. melissa mccarthy, canou ever me. eose man pike, a private w ar.iv fo best performance by an actss in a motion picture, musical or emma lee blunt, "mary poppins
8:37 am
ea" therien, constance woo, "crazy rich asians." [ applause ] >> this is. ni best t "the americans," fx networks. bodyguard, netflix. homecoming, prime video. killing eve, bbc america. best performance by an actress in a supporting role in any motion picture. amy adams, vice. claire foy, first man.
8:38 am
regina king if beale street could talk. emma stone, the favorite. rachel vice, the favorite. best original song, motionur pi all the stars, black panther. music and lyrics by kendrick lamar, anthonytive i.t., marc spears, salon a road, al shucerg. girl in the movies, dumplin', music and lyrics by dolly parton, linda perry. rec welcome for a private war, a private war. music and lyrics by annie lenox. revelation, boy erased. sic by troy savan, yawnsy. lyrics by john thor burgen son, tr savon, brett mclaughlin.
8:39 am
allow, "a star is born," music and lyrics byma lady gaga whi.n,nthony rossmondo, [ applause >> best performance by an actor in a motion piure drama. bradley cooper, "a star is born." william defoe, at eternity's ga. lucas hedges, boy erased. rami mallex, bohemian rhapsody. john david washington, "blackkklansman." best motion picture musical or comedy. crazy irish asians, the favorite, "green book," "mary poppins returns," and vice. best motion picture, dra.
8:40 am
"black panther," black chan "blackkklansman," bohemian rhapsody,f beale street can talk arcs a, and "a star " >> congratulations to all of our nominees. please join us for hollywood's party of the year on sunday, january 6th, for the 76th annual golden globe awards hoshd by sandrand andy sandberg live on nbc. >> oh wow! it happened. >> so now the story can be hold. what did your? h >> a lot of "a star is born," including lady gaga for best actress and cowriting shallow. she goes on stage for the first dlme with bra cooper. >> nominated forest director and actor. o and he is of the for three.
8:41 am
>> so one of the big headles is "a star is born" did awesome. what are the other big did well also. all three of the- actresses - >> what is that? >> it's areat early 1700s costume drama, royalty. it's three fantastic lead female actresses performances, olivia colman, who was in best actress and rachel -- emma one supporting. a bonkers movie that i would really recommend to a lotf people. "green book" did well in the comedy category. directedy peter farrely. he has done a career shift. that's come out in the last couple of weeks. this would be a nice shot in the arm. vice did really well. the new movie coming out about dick cheney, christian baleg playin him. they were all nominated for their performances which are all
8:42 am
stellar. >> what were you looking for that didn't get nominated? >> hand maidsale after doing well last year. i thought julia roberts for homecoming which she did get nominated and for the film ben is back. that was a bit of a surprise. i tught nicole kidman could get two for her new movie destroyer, which she did get, but she did not get a supporting nomination. >> how do you -- this stuff.l >> what are the things to watch before the globes? >> i think killing eve, because sandra oh isot only the star but the host. she is hosting the golden globes. that would be one worth seeing. roma, which was not eligible for best picture because it's a foreign language film. my favorite movie of the year and oscar player. >> thank you. by the way, watch the 76th annual golden globe awards
8:43 am
sunday, january 6th, where? rit here on nbc. up next, we are cooking with top chef's padma l tshmi. first,s is "today" on nbc. s is .
8:44 am
8:45 am
this morning on "today" -- huh? [ laughter ] >> padma lakshmi! ah! there you go. >> she is the host of "top chef." he is al roker. i'm good to see you. this season you guys are in kentucky. >> we are. we are doing a lot of bourbon. that is boiling. we are going to make chicken with polenta. i will talk to you about "top chef." will you start that? add it slowly like al is doing while whisking away. let it coo for about 25 minutes and a gentle boil and once that's cooked, this is the cooked one, you just want to add parmesanheese and butter and
8:46 am
let it molt. po lebt a a -- polenta is the italian word or grits. cornmeal, water, salt, pepper, butter, and cheese. now chicken. i have been sweating some onions ore. you want let them get soft. onion, garlic, and olive oil. once that gets to a little bi like a zasglassy -- crush red chili. st the secgredient. these are chopped up preserved lemons. you can get them in the pickle section of any fine market. i'm sure that, you know, big markets have them. these are great. this is going to give you a tangy, flavorful sauce. once that cooksminutes, al, deglaze the pan with chicken sauce. >> all right. >> here we are going to brown some chicken. >> iic love n. >> so these, yeah, you can also -- >>pe is that salt aner?
8:47 am
>> salt and pepper. do it skin side down and you want to really get a hard sear and don't worry about it burning. do not cover this because then the chicken >> what's the secret to getting it crispy? >> that's exactly what i'm telling you. >> should it be dry >> yeah. thank you. basicallhe when you wash chicken pat it dry with paper towels, a, so it doesn't >>on't want moisture in ousplatter. there. >> no. this takes about 15 minutes. when it's done it should loo like this. then all you do is put it under an oven at 425 and then pour the sauce, lay down a b ofrits or polenta, and then this is the sauce. this is what itooks like. >> wonderful. >> i mean, it's incredible. >> unbelievable. good. >> this is so easy and great -- >> and also, i love how you are bossing them around.
8:48 am
>> i don't drink aot. i was drinking frozen mint wleps and i tipsy and had a brain freeze. if i'm slurry on the fst couple ofis es, that's why. i am like the alex trek he >> wn starte ou i kentucky, what was the biggest thing that surprised you? >> nnow, the diversity. >> i was surprise howu k iverse theyre. they have a refugee center where they refugees from syria and different places and i wcoe shocked by that. also, they have a lot of beans inheir south as like grits and all that, wch hy i'm making grits today. but they have a lot of beans. beans are onethe few things that are indigenous to north america. in fact, the native americans were making nothing we think of as truly
8:49 am
american like apple pie or hot dogss actually american except for suck tash,hich is an adaptation of -- >> it' such the rock star thing now, food. are you surprised through the seasons oftochef" young people that aspire? like at "the voic" same thing. you must be moved by a lot of their stories? >> i am. it's a creative art. everybody eats. so you don't have to be a professional to have, younow, fully -- to have opinions. have a little bit of the sauce. >> all right. >> well, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> your plate to eat, all right? dma. thank you. the recipes for this delicious food on the website the new season of "top chef" tonight on bravo. so do, indeed, watha this was delicious. >> thank you. >> seemingly simple. ladies, thank you. we are back in>> a moment. first, this i"today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪ well, something was missing earlier. we need the clitk. >> thise boy, and this is happening i am sure at homes all over america, writingetters to santa. this.wrote a letter to santa by himself. due to an unfortunate spelling error, it might have trouble getting to the north pole. >> you did it by yourself? >> mm-hmm. >> what does it say? >> san. >> santa, huh? >> whoa! >> as you can see, he mixed up a couple of letters there and addresses his adorable note to satan instead of santa. as far as i'm -- two very different recipients. so with a lile help from mom, hopefully that makes itsthe nor >> christmas morning when we are putting the toys together that
8:53 am
santa left, sometimes it may seem like it. >> that's an interesting classic. funny. we will be back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ we have a big third hour. coming up next joe jonas, lots to tal about, including his brother's big wedding. >>omorrow a story of a firefir who chose friendship over anger after a tragedy that changed their lives. >> so eric forgave you, matt. have you forgiven t yourself? t's a tough question. even sitting here 12 years later, it's something that i will struggle with my whole life. >> wow. if you have any kind of beef with anyone in your lif and you watch this story, you will say to yourself, i can resolve it b watching them. it's going to be worth watching.
8:56 am
>> and meghan trainor tomorrow as well. >> yes, she has a lot going on. >> all right. a lot more to get to tomorrow and todayweather, and these messages. have a great day. ♪ this is a news4 today news break. >> 8:56 cyber monday on this thursday, december 6, 20go. morning. i'm usag. a check on the roads with melissa molett. how is it looking? >> southwest freeway at seventh street a large pothole, be careful. probms with that. southbound g.w. parkway heavy delays south of chain bridge is
8:57 am
from an earliee. bowie a water main break, single lane getting by each direction. eastboundr 66 af3 some good volumes headed inbound. >> thank you. we will take a break now. we will check your foromast when we cback. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
it is going to stay mostly day.y and cold all after highs today in the low-to-mid 40s. tomorrow we will get more sunshine but it wi be even a little chillier on your friday. the weekend, saturday also looks cold. use our nbc washington app to stay ahead of the weather a anytime. you may want to have it downloaded because there is a chance for snow sunday and monday. >> chuck, thankheou. get latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app.
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live from studio 6 a, this is "today." >> good morning, everyone. inlcome. i'm sle here with dylan, craig. we have jill martin joining u this morning. thank you for coming this morning. >> thanks for having us. >> i don't know whyt i j said thk you. i guess because i haven't seen you guys yet this morning. 'm excited about the next 60 minutes. if you know jill, you know we'll be talking about gifts and all sorts of good stuff. >> i have you guys set for thel ys to give. >> to give. give me something i caneive someelse. >> we'll do that in a bit. we begin with the final farewell to george h.w. bush.
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