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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 12, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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tracking what you need to know. eye on mollet has her the roads and your commute. >> but we begin withis meteorol chuck bell and the forecast. i know you think it's sunny but if it can't be 70 degrees -- >> you gave it an a. >> record high temperatures are in the upper 60s. h recoh is 60. >> you have to make the most with what you get and maximize your outdoor opportunities becausey.t will be it will be just about average. i'm forecasting 45 for aigh today. average high temperature for december 12th, 47. that's about as good as you can on average expect around re. at least it will be dry. that's not the case for friday afternoon and saturday. much of your weekend could be interrupted by rain drops. this ryrning, and a big range of temperatures.
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34 in washington. for your hit the road forecast, heaters on, windows up. some folks have to scrape some frost. not a bad day. afternoon temperatures will climb into the low to mid 40s. dry pavement both for the ride in and the ride back. more on those weekend rain chances coming up. good morning. >> good morning. that helps me very muchere in first 4 traffic. b.w. parkway, 95, route 1,ng everytooking good. this is our only issue right now. arlington, south arlington ridge road between 23rdnd 395, all lanes are blocked there because of a water main break. at thi point in the morning it's not a huge impact. going to be an impact later today if it sticks around inner loop and l outerp looking good. 95 northbound quantico to the
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belt way, nice and clear. little bit of a delay in the southbound lane. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 5:02. developing this morning for the second time in less than a month, holiday shopper had to deal with violence. >> news 4's darcy sentences spencer is live with more. good morning. d >> reporter: gmorning. montgomery county police are still searching for that stabbing susct at this hour. this all happening as the mall was busy with holiday shoppers. chopper 4 flying over the scene. police got the call just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon a the westfield mall here in wheaton. they found a man stabbed outside the w shoes store. police are telling us he is expected to survive. at ts point they're saying this was not a random crime. three remember just weeks ago there was another violent incident here at the
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same mall. a man wasn shot a car after a dispute inside the mall spilled out into the parking lot. again,tgomery county police are reviewing surveillance video in their attpt to try to identify the suspect. back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you. >>st a tn the case of a man who kidnapped -- they're responsible for a stringf burglaries. dante watson has been arrested for breaking into all of the homes here in the past two weeks. you can see four houses on the ocme d.c. police zeroed in on watson after catching him on this hsee rity camera. he jumped a fence and broke into a home sunday night. two roommates wer home at the time. >> turned around and there he was. walked up and he pulled out a
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screwdriver. my roommate stood up and took out $5 from his wall lent, handedt to him, he's like, please leave. you're on camera. >> police believe he's the same man who captured people from a e d.c. h and had them drive him to an atm. new aegations of sexual abuse against a d.c. catholic police. father vasquez was -aested yesterday. two more people accused him of inappropriate touching. vasquez will appear in court today on the new charges. the archdiocese removed him from ministry when the fir allegations surfaced in october. 5:05. the man convicted of driving a car into a crowd of counter
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protestors at a white national rally is likely to spend the rest of his life behind bars. yesterday they recommended life plus fourlus years. the life sentence is the the added years are for severely injuring other people. the families say that sentence reflects a strong sentence. >> hate does not win today. these aretr ourts and you can't bring hate here. al qaeda used flames and he used a car.> oday a virginia lawmaker would propose a pn to save a lot of money on the dulles toll road. ne4's justin finch tells u
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how ending an airline tax help us out. >> reporter: the virginia democrats say the money, if you think about it, is really already there existing in a tax break for united airlines. here's what they're a here. essentially they say in that jet fuel tax break for united which is a major carrier at dulles, that will generate $4 million a ye year, enough, they say, to set off the 2019 jet fuel over time they say winners all around because it would send semore pers via train to dulles and thereby united, too, and also great vision at dulles overall. as of right now we areng loo at a toll increase about 1.25 at the main tollla and going up
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by 50 cents at the off ramp. today at 5:00 p.m. they'll rally and hoping to get more support. back to you. >> thank you, justin. it's now 5:07. developing from france, we're following the latest on a deadly attack near a popular christmas market in strasburg. chris lawrence has the. late >> reporter: eun, 3 to 400 police officers are on the stres loo for the shooter. he may have escaped across the border into germany. they updated us on t shooting. 14 victims. two of them are dead.s strassbergome to the european parliament, extremelyl po with tourists. right now all cultural sites and centers have been shot
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the sho was on a terrorist watch list. there is a mscdonal nearby. the manager says he was sheltering in place with about 80 people, a lot of them parents with children. >> chris, thank >>you. 5:08 now. the threat of a government shutdown days before still hangs over thousands of federal workers in our area. what should have been a closed door budget negotiation in the oval office turned into a shouting match in front of the nation and ended with the government saying he wouldt proudly s down the government. >> the fact is you do not have the votes in the house. >> nancy, i do. we need border security. nancy, nancy -- >> 20 times you called for i will s gt down theovernment if i don't get my wall. >> i am proud to shut down the government forordersecurity, chuck. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not b going tome you for it. the last time you shut it down, it didn't work will take responsibility. i am shutting it down for border security.
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>> you shouldn't. >> and last night house minority leader p nanosi told fellow democrats, quote, it's like a manhood thing. majority leader mitch mcconnell warned that a shutdown would be a mistake. todaytr president p's ex-lawyer, michael cohen, will be sentenced in henhattan. led guilty in august to an array of koom pain and finance and tax array including adult film star stormy daniels. >> president trump's former national security advisor will be sentenced next week. yesterday general flynn's lawyer
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filedo a m asking them to consider his cooperation. robert mueller recommended no jail time because of his for the second year in a row "time magazine's" person of the year is a group of people. "time" namedhe gro the guardians because the journalists took greatis in the chase for the truth. overs are four different honoring journalists. first cover is that of murdered columnis jamal khashoggi. a third cover features a journalist threatening with prosecnion after reporting the philippine president. thfourth cover honors the capital gazette staff. >> you may recall, they put out a newspaper after a mass shooting killed five of their colleagues.
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>> it's a great honor. it's a terrible thing to win a great h of any kind at such a cost. >> the university of maryland is honoring the f victims with this memorial. a seminar room i their honor. one of the victims, john mcnamara, went to the university. ad a courtside seat last night. 5:11. a dangerous stunt caught on camera. you are looking at a 15-year-old hanging off of the back of that metro bus. the driver w captured that said it was moving at 40 miles an hour. we talked to the teen's mother and she says she's not mad because she did the same kind of thing. it's called reckless and police
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are investigating it. >> so incredibly beyond safe. >> 40 miles an hour. look at all of the cars ahiund m. coming up, how billions of dollars will be used to improve education in maryland. we'll tell you where thern go plans to get the money. plus, kate lee gifford says she is leaving the "today" show. see her tearful announcement next on "today." good morning, everybody. 5:12 on a wednesday morning. rain chances down for today and tomorrow. rain chances are near 100% for friday and saturday. i'll let you know how much we're expecting. you can always stayhead of the weather,
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you're watching "news 4 today." your time is 5:16. it was a contentious hring on capitol hill between google's ceo and house republicans. they want t know if the search engine is politically biased against conservatives. >> i is in o interests to make sure we reflect what's happening out there in the best subjective manner possible. >> ceosindar pach said it is impossible to manipulate that. democrats pushed back calling it a conspiracy. governor larry hogan introduc a plan showing where the money would be allocated.
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the new schls will meet students' 21st century needs. teachers and parents are about the announcement. >> the projects are needed in all schools. >> you don't want t send your child to school and they are keeld and wind up getting sick. >> the o presidentthe prince gorges county 'seducat association says she is not entirely sold on the governor's new plan. the state is having aim hard keeping teachers because of low pay. big changes are coming to f e fourth houre "today" show. >> kathie lee gifford announced sheill be leavingext year. >> all so hard because the reason i s year because i love everybody here so much. gifford made theou aement yesterday morning. her co-host said her life became better when gifford joined in 2008. gifford will focus on book, sic. her last day will be april 7th of next year.
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i'm chris wrence. breaking news in tennessee where we have just learned that there has been a magnitude 4.4 earthquake in tennessee. ges this, it likely felt all the way in atlanta. in fact, in nearly 40 years that area has onlyth seen one quake of this magnitude. at this point they're not expecting large scale damage but they do expect to see aftershocks continue throughout the day. we ml gete information, perhaps some video. c'll be sure to bring it to you. is lawrence at the live desk. thank you. >> ape right. >> hd about an hour ago. i follow people in atlanta, 4.4. luckily we didn't feel it here. that's good news. all we feel here is the chill of
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december. 34 degrees here. light win out of the south today at only 5 miles per hour so there's not much o a wind chill. mostly clear skies and really light winds. temperatures can fall very effectively out across parts of northern now in the mid to upper teens for much of prince william county, warrington and culpepper. little bit milder a in the mid 30s in the northern parts of the shenandoah valley. big range of temperatures for sun wilp early. sunrise and sunset. afternoon temperature will peak around 40 degrees. in hagerstown. 44 in fredericksburg. no rain. combination o satelli and radar. that is our not rain maker. don't have to worry about using
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the windshield wipers today or tomorrow. here's the deck olouds coming through the middle parts of the afternoon. overnight there cayld be a s flurry or two around midnight tonight primarily along the maryland/pennsylvania border. most of us aren't going to see anything. then for tomorrow back to sunshine. it will be at a premium. rain likely to move in after lunchtime. friday morning is goi to be likely to be dry. friday afternoon will be wet. could get anr inch more of rain on saturday with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. all rain, no chance for snow. lissa mollet, how is the commute? >> good morning, mr. bell. outer loop at landover road. rest of the beltway looks okay. even through that section we're not seeing any big delay here this morning. we'll let you know if that changes. stafford, northbound 95, we have wood reported in the roway.
5:21 am
debris. careful there. south arlington ridge road tween 23rd street and 395, lanes blocked by a water main break here this morning. as you zoom in you canee not causing any delays rig now. that is supposed to last until 3:00. eun? >> thank you. 5:21. the countdown has begun to a weg man's opening in d.c. it is going to a new community being built but you might not see it when it's ne. we'll explain the project next on "news 4 today." tune in to nbc 4 this afternn for ellen. actor steve correll will join th show. we'll hear how his near deathpe ence turned into another encounter. stay tuned to news 4 at 4:00. 'll be right back. you know when you're at ross
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. 5:24. construction has begun on a new community in upper northwest c. th center piece of the neighborhood will be the district's very first wegman's grocery store. a lot of people excitedut abo this. >> news 4's mark seagraves takes us on a tour of city ridge. >> reporter: city ridge will take the place of the old fan any mae. at t center o it all, dc's first wegman's grocery store. the historic fanny ema building
5:25 am
will stay where it is. the wegman's is going to go right underneath. eight new buildings will go up ound the original building. when it's completed city ridge will boast68 residential units, 162,000 square feet of officespace, 153,000 square feet of retail space and more than 1300 underground parking spaces. one of the concerns neigh hrs have hadow will all of the delivery trucks get to wegman's? well, the develops have a plan. they're going to build an underground tunnel right off of wisconsin avenue. on top of that tunnel for delivery trucks will be a sloping hill thatas a cafe built into it which overlooks the public park. wegman's is expected to open in 2022. in the district, mark seagraves, news 4. well, the nats are looking for a few good men and women to run for president, but you have to meet certain requirements, of course. right now you can apply to compete as next year's racing presidents at the nats home games. you have to be 18ld years and
5:26 am
stand between 5'7", and 6'6". somewhere in there, you can a wedge. a wedge heel. >> yes. >> applicants have to have a high school diploma and you need be able to run in a 50 pound costume, a big head. >> i have a big head. not theig . >> we posted a link in the nbc washington app. search racing presidents. >> not a golf club wedge.we shoe e. days away from a government shutdown and president trump appears poised to let it happen if he doesn't get funding for a border wall. still d, we're looking at what needs to happen t keep thousands of government employees on the job. good morning, everybody. this is duche sitting with santa claus here. duchess is a 123-year-old dog with love to spender golden years on somebody's la santas is a good start but yours better.
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dog walking forecast, chilly for people and pooches this morning. temperatures climbing into the low 40s later on this afternoon. youant to walk in
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"news 4 today" starts now. developing overnight, chaos a french christmas market.a gunman opens fire killing two and wounding several others. this morning the latest on the manhunt to find the person who pulled the trigger. >> the one thing i t cnk we agree on is we shouldn't shut down the government over a dispute. you want tohut itdown. you keep talking about it. >> the last time you shut it down. no, no. >> drawing the budget battle lines. an oval ofegceiation turned into a shouting match between the president and top dehicrats all the clock is ticking towards another partial government shutdown. good morning, everyone. on a busy wednesdaymorning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 5:30 right now. we want toff kick things on the forecast and the commute. melissa mollet is standing byk with a l at the roads and rails. >> storm team 4 metkrologist ch bell. what is a col morning. >> cold, yes.
5:31 am
nowhere near as cold as it was yesterday morning. stanton and harrisonburg droppew be zero. that was cold. they're at 15 degrees this morning. 21 in la ray. 19 in warrington and manassas. most areas below freezing. some locations downtown and by thay are a smidgen milder. you'll still need your winterco . school day forecast. sun is up at 7:17. outdoo recess with temperatures in the low 40s for most of the afternoon. again, your scarf and your winter coat. need the sunglasses here for early this morning.y t need them as much. you still won't need any umbrella. i got ak lot of for this. the sun's out. not a bad day in december. we're going to go ahe and keep it a plus plus plus for the forecast,ss me >> much to the chagrin says myself and eun yang, a plus plus. especially 34 degrees. landover. outer loop. not seeing any delays through
5:32 am
the belt way anywhere right now. hopefully that's out of the way, too. frederick southboun270, as you'rem headed south f 270. the first mile or two slower, then everything opens up all the way down to the spur. northbound, that will be good as well. no big complaints. stafford northbound after garrisonville, still have the debris hanging around in the roadway. arlington, water main break could be there until about 3:00 p.m. between 23rd and 395. eun? >> melissa, thank you. there are now nine days to go until t u.s. government will partially shut down. lawmakers and theresident can present it but only if they're ble to reach a budget compromise. >> thousands of workers would be impacted by a shutdown. president trump says he is willing to let it i happenhe isn't given money for a border wall. little trouble with the tape there from the president speaking in the oval office. he's f asking $5 billion to
5:33 am
fund construction of that border wall. democrats nancy pelosi and chuck schumer say they already have ch resolutions will pass the house and senate but the president says he won't sign unless he gets the funding that he wants. >> our coverageudf thet battle continues in just a few minutes. we're looking at what ksppens zblo5:33 now. tolls on the dulles toll road are scheduled to incree more than a dollar in january. today lawmakers will propose a plan that could put that increase on hold. news 4's justin finch is live along the toll now with more on this plan. justin, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, eun. good morning. well, a gro of virginia delegates, they're arguing that one of dulles airport's biggest carriers can afford to pitch in here and take o somethe burden of tolls off of drivers. now in their bill they're locking in on united airlines and their jet fuel tax rate. what they want to do is just go ahead and end that and they say in doing so what you do is
5:34 am
unlockhat which tolls are currently atdoing. the same time by doing this, united is positioned to grow even more. they say once that silver lining comes in,hell get millions of dollars ins business dollars overall. by doing so they set themselves up by relieving themselves of that tax break and also drivers of that will cancel about 9% of that coming toll increase that's through january 1st. delegates will be at dulles rallying to get more support for this bill. we a live along the toll road. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank you. we are staying on top of a s developingry from the french city of strasburg. >> chris lawrence is at the ldee with the latest from officials. chris? >> reporter: eun,aaron, 3 to 400 police officers on the street lookingor the shooter. he may have escaped over the
5:35 am
border. the suspect is a 29-year-old man and he's known to the intelligence services as a security. ri here's some video from the scene when the man opened fire near the christmas market. strasburg police just updated us on the shooting. 14 victims, two of them are dead. strasburg is home to the european parliament and popular with tourists. all cultural sites and sports centers have been shut down. police shot and wounded the attacker, but he jumped into a taxi and h eaped the scene. to give you a sense of how scary this must have been, there's a mcdonald's. 80 people, all of them parents, with their children. >> chris lawrence at the live desk. thank you. 5:36 now. jurors havend recom james field jr. be sentenced to life in prison plus 419 years.
5:36 am
he's the white nationalist that drove his car into a crowd of people during a unite the right rally in july lastar heather hier was killed. this morning -- i found him outside of the store. the attk was random. no arrests were made. just last month someone crashed into the front of the dick's sportingds g at the same mall after a shooting in the parking lot. people in thel aspen h area of montgomery county are waking upn their home this morning. residents had to leave after that. >> the laurel city planning commission votin against a recommendation to turn the historic castasting diner build to a medical marijuana
5:37 am
building. next week the board of appeals will vote on the buding's fate. it is unclear what will happen to the diner if the board upholds lastnight's vote. 5:37 right now. still ahead, a look ata' amer opioid addiction problem by the numbers. and would you sell access to your mailbox to help the u.s. postal service is now being floated as a suggestion. stay with us.
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you're watching "news 4 today." a newep government rt reveals which drugs are the most frequently involved in overdose deaths. researchers look at death certificatesed from 2011 to 2016. ey found fentanyl, heroin and methadone were most commonly involved in fatal overdoses. more involving heroin than tripled during this time period as did those linked to
5:41 am
methamphetamin methamphetamines. a new study says health care costs caused by animals tops $1 billion year. half of all animal injuries were caused by nonvenomous insects or spider bites. 1/4 by dog bite it is federal offense for anyone other than the postal service to put aka p or letter in the mailbox. a new suggestion may change rat. >> a new governmenort suggests the u.s. postal service could increase revenue by selling access to mailexes. access would be sold to delivery companies such as u.p.s. or fedex. >> the idea is if they're delivering small packages to you, they don't have to knock on your door. >> leave it on the fronts porch. >> hi, chuck. >> is it my turn yet? >> it is your turn. >> what would you like to add? >> i've got nothing. i pay somebody five bucks to keep them out of there. four things to know about c the
5:42 am
neple of days. nothing to worry about today afterd a cart. it will be a chilly afternoon, not too bad. the rain chanc just in time up the weekend are going up, and away. plus sentencing day for form trump lawyer michael cohen. how his guilty pleas may impact the president's defense against the ongoing mueller investigation. "news 4 toda
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you're watching "news 4 today." we gained in the senate. nan nancy, we gained in the senate. excuse me, did we win the senate? or when the president brags that he won dakota, indiana, we have problems. >> a remarkable dust up in the oval office yesterday. a conversation about thet bud between the president and the top democratson iness deinvolves into finger pointing, threats and insults. in order to prevent a partial government shutdown both sides need to come up with a government solution by next friday. >> but yesterday's oval officea argumentny indication, finding a compromise will be no
5:46 am
easy task. news 4's tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. the big issue was funding for the border waller do the talks go from here? >> reporter: it's not clear where the talks go from here, aaron and eun. very good question. it's something washington doesn't haven answer to. after what we saw yesterday, are they really going to be able to pull ity together next friday? what we saw is the president saying i will take reudonsibility and will be p of a government shutdown if that gets us $5 billions to build t wall. and democrats saying, we don'te a wall and we've already given money to border security and that's not happening. it seems to be a stalemate with 9 days to go and 600,000 federal workers' aychecks,ecks affected by whether or not the government shuts wn, partial shutdown but it would involve things like hud,ousing and anansportation, the justice department, homsecurity. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning.
5:47 am
thank you. president trp's forme attorney michael cohen will beo back inrt today. he will beed sentenc on campaign finance and tax evasion crimes. cohen said the president told him to pay off two women whome clai they had affairs with him. a cohenlso admitted to lying to congress on the president's also appearing in court today, maria butina. she's aused ofcting as a russian agent in the d.c. area. she's charged with conspiracy and failing to act as a russian agent. she is expected tohange that plea today in federal court in virginia to guilty. breaking news now at 5:47. british prime minister theresa may facin a no confidence vote. chris lawrence is at the live desk. >> reporter: yeah, aaron, those lawmakers are upset with how may handled brexit. now she's speaking out moments after they reached a thrrihold toer that vote of no confidence. >> a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put
5:48 am
our country's future at risk and create uncertainty when w compete at the boders, so a leadership elections. >> the vote is going to happen later today. if may loses, she has to step down. if she wins, she cannot be challenged again for a year. aaron? >> chris lawrence at the live desk. 5:48. for the second time in less than a month, holiday shoppers had to deal with violence. >> news 4's darcy spencer is live at wheaton mall with more on this story. ood morning. >> reporter: goorning. there was a stabbing yesterday afternoon just as the mall was busy with holiday shoppers. montgomery county police is still searching for that stabbing suspect. let's show you the video from chopper 4 here at the westfield
5:49 am
wheaton mall. they got the cusl before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. the victim, aman,as found stabbed in the parking lot area outside the w shoesst e. just a few weeks ago there was a shooting in a mall l parking when a suspect spilled ayoutsid. theyou need to stay alert. you need to be aware of your surroundings. park in well-lit areas and try to park your carse as c to the mall or the store that you're going to as possible. sometimes that can be hard this time of year because there are so many people filling the parking lots. as for the stabbing from yesterda he is expected to survive. >> live in wheaton. >>ank you. 6:49. a very special standing ovation at a college graduation was about more than just the degree.
5:50 am
take a look. aldo amenta is aad plegic. on monday he walked across the stage to accept his engineering degree at florida international university using h exo skeleton. a long journey began in 2015. he suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident and lost the ability towalk. he says he and his family are grateful he is alive.ou and canhe determination and spirit it took for him to get up there on this big why. an inspiratn. >> i'm always amazedhe medical advances. christopherateaves foun and those things have done such great wo. >> lot of personal hard work. >> it requires both. >> it's painful.
5:51 am
>> that exo skeleton takes heart to run. no doubt. we have been dealing very long stretch cold weather. >> yes, chuck, what about that. >> i know you've been complaining continuously, eun. 27 out of the last d 33s have been colder than average so it's not your imagination if you think the bottom fell out. temperatures for the month of december, we ended up 3.1 degrees colder than average for november and we're now more than two degrees colder than average through the first o ten days december. so it's not your imagination. it has been a long, col patte around here. it's not really going anywhere any time soon. we'll have a few more days above averageg up but it is july. most temperatures below freezing but not quite as cold. >> 39 in annapolis. 35 up in west virginia.
5:52 am
plenty of sunshine this moing. temperatures up into the low 40s. there will be more clouds coming on later on in the day. it's not going rain. that's all that matters. sunny and you can see the cloud cover that we have in theorecast, down to our south and west. this will gradually fill in. we'll start outith plenty of sunshine and it will be partly nny, mostly cloudy finish to the day. about midnight there could be a snowy or two in northern maryland or right along the pennsylvania border. not going to see anything around the cit andoints south of washington, no chance at all either. here's your ten dayca fo. chilly but at least it's dry in the next few days. we g aboveverage for friday and saturday but it will be raining on both of those days.ld sunday ce a little showery. hopefully, melissa, s tond half of sunday afternoon will at least be the driest part of the weekend. i will keep my fingers
5:53 am
crossed. thank you, chuck. 95 at the i.t.t. northbound. looking good. landover, out er work on it. northbound at manassas drive, we have all lanes blocked ther quite a slow situation for a lot of folks. in bound on 66 through manassas, 95 to woodbridge, the same thing. that's because of the time of day. arlington. between 23rd and 395, lanes blocked for the water main break. no major impact. incould dely change as the morning progresses. 66 in bound looks good. 95 northbound, no major issues. you're at speed there and top of the beltway on the outer loop, listen to the wt and 103.5 f.m. good morning, i'm fnk
5:54 am
holla holland. the breech of the names has been traded to chinese hackers. the hacking of marriott's starwood chain was revealed late last month. they're a top provider of u.s. government and military personl. >> fran thank you. 5:54 right now. should they move back to d.c. stay i maryland or even venture across the river? that's a debate surrounding the washington redskins few maryland's governor is talking about a team- the state is working to provide this. the 300 acre parcel that he called the gateway to maryland and prince gorges county. >> can you emergency the
5:55 am
redskins facility. 300 acres to develop around there forntertainment or other restaurants. whatever wede de. >> governor hoganoints out that it's still early and nothing has been finalized. the football team is currently committed to playing at fedex field through 2027. >> ito would have look like a different team to even think about the new stadium. t.>> ri >> there's so much we have to work out as a team i can't eve go that far. >> let's hope it turns thiseam around. huge night for caps fans an6-2. >> m are talking about the major milestone for alex ovechkin. there you go. earned his 21st career h trick. the most in franchise history. the caps are back on the road
5:56 am
and play the carolina hurricanes thfriday. just earning the title. >> it's fun to watch them, too. he clearly is having a good time it's not work. >> get to a caps game. it's really fun. 5:56 right now. still ahead this morning, the priest already facing sex abuse charges is finding more trouble. police say he abused several teens but less than 24 hours after making the court orpearance. >> on the brazen crimes in they burglree ahead at 6:00.
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5:59 am
while shoppers were taking care of their holiday lists at a maryland mall, a man wasdtabbed eft bleeding in a parking lot. a terror suspect on the loose in paris. police are still working to track down the shooter. from fixer to inmate, the president's personal attorney is set o to find how long he'll spend behind bars after striking a plea deal for campaign finance crimes. iis 6:00.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun no snow chances today but there
6:00 am
are two school systems still dealing with e after effects of the snow. classes have been canceled in spotsylvania county because not enough snow has melted and schoolsre on a delay in prince gorges county. >> we begin with storm team 4 me aorologist chuck bell a look at the chilly forecast, chuck. >> it is going to be a cold start to your december morning. no doubt. sun's not upntil7:17. it's going to be a cold start. to ty of sunshine coming up the early parts of the afternoon. extra cloud cover. staying dry the next couple of days. probably dry until about lunchtime on friday. we will be turning


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