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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 21, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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♪ christ the lord >> we have some of the best songs of the season to get your friday started. we are in prince george's county with more holiday cheer. >> news 4 today startst now. >> is 6:00 a.m. good morning,ev ybody. >> thanks for joining us on a >> rain is still coming down this morning in some places. couldn't come at a wst time though. millions of people are trying to travel this holiday. >> we are getting rain from a massive system that could cause problems for drivers and flyers up and down the east coast da if you're driving on 95, make sure your windshield wipers are ready for the big day. >> dave is keeping an eye on the roads for melissa this mo sing. let'start though with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and that gloomy forecast. >> it's gloomy, yes, but not cold.
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you're going to save at least $2 off your heating bill just for gday alone. temperatures areng to be some 25 degrees above average. but we're in weather alert mode because flood watches remain in place. there's still a chance for potentially up to another inch of rain. o althou heavy rain threat is a little less today that it looked like it was going to that's good news. wet roads up and down. i-95 is going to be wet from miami to maine today. no matter how far you're driving on i-95, you'll be driving in rain drops. if you can delay your travel until tomorrow, the weather will be far more cooperative. storm team 4 radar shows rain all over the d.c.metro area. but it is mild. in the low 60s around the city this morning. lowth 40s i valley where the cold air hasn't quite been scoured out of they val just yet. look at the hourly temperatures today. low to mid 60s but a 100% chance for rain so you'll absolutely today.he umbrella for
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the umbrella and the hat. that's it. no need for sunglasses or your puffy coat. a check for the weekend forecasa coming up i few minutes. how about good news from the traffic. >> goo news andtraffic, well with 60s, haven't had any trouble starting my 35-year-old diesel this morning. that's good. as far as travel on the beltway goes, it will wet at times. the spin out potential is there. we had a spin out on the inner loop ramp to washington parkway. the ramp remains d.c. 295 has been a pain with .he work zone southbound pennsylvania aven you can see the delay heading south. now word on a n spin out on the inbound 11th street bridge. take yourre time-out t this morning. that's the latest, back over to you. >> thank you. it's 6:02 and the holiday travel rush is in full swing. thousands of travellers making their way across the country. the roads are probably going to be wet. >> all the rain could not come at a worst time. justin finch is live outside of reagan national airport where
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he's keeping eye on the roads and the air. justin, what are you seeing? >> the early birds are heading out. mostly they'll be traveling by car. 102 million americans will be traveling by car over the holiday. that is up from last year and in fact, the highest they have seen since about 20 lower gas prices said to be a why we're n as to going to see more cars on the road this holiday. of course, again people will travel by train, plane, and by car, but a lot of concern about the rain as people are waking up and going to the airport.s a family t morning on their way to l.a. with their 14 month old daughter. they have a routine in place, they say, and so far, so good. >> get up early, keep t baby happy. that's it. >> i am a little bit more worried about delays but we're
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loaded full with books and snacks, and we're going t our >>fingers. you heard a mom concerned about delays and about her bab being okay. delays could be an issue as you fly across the country. aaa advising all air travellers to check in with theer car and make sure that their flights time. ing to check in on >> justin, thank you. developing this morning, dozens to be engers are happy off an amtrak train. >> they were stuck on board for hours because of power a issues union station. an nbc producer shot this video aboard the train. amtrak said a meter was tripped knocking out power to the platform. take a look at the t was stuck at l and 2nd street northeast. passengers said they're able to see the platform but couldn't get off the train for more than three hours.
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>> last night house republicans have a short-termpending bill that includes $5 billion to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. now that goes to the senate for consideration tha passed a separate bill that did not include funding for the wall. they're scheduled to meet at noon today. many already left for the christmas break. president trump met with republican cgressional leaders yesterday and insisted any bill should include funding f the wall. >> any measure that funds the government must includer bor security. it has to. f no political purposes, but for our >> president trump is plunging the country into chaos. >> more than 400,000 federal workers are stuck in limbo and they could go without a paycheck over the holidays. the president is scheduled to spend christmas ina. flor
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if the government shuts down he'll stay in d.c.en >> d secretary james mattis handed president trump his two-page resignation. this came after president trump tweeted that mattis isretiring. the breaking point came after two major policy differences between the two men this week. the president announced the u.s. defeated isis and thatop t would be leaving syria. the predent also requested options to with draw troops from afghanistan. mattis's letter criticized the president's military judgment. quote because you have the right to have a secretary of defense whose views are better aligned with yours oner these and o subjects, i believe it's right for me to step down from my position. b democratieve it proves the administration is out of control. >> everything that indicates stability. everything that indicates strength everything that indicates knowledge is leaving this
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administration. general kelly, general mat gattis, so many hers. there's chaos now in this administration. >> the president said he will fill the position soon. >> 6:07 now, all of this rt unnty is effecting the stock market. the dow plunged more than 460 points. december is on tck to be the worst month for losses in nearly a decade. this morning, u.s. stock futures point to a partial rebound after a volatile wk on wall reet. >> now to a developing story about something we never want to especially during the height of the holiday season. chris lawrence is at the live desk with what wast found laguardia airport. >> yeah, prosecutors say a worker has been arrested andor charged allegedly using his cell phone to record a woman using the bathroom. she went into a single stall right after the worker h stepped out. the woman heard a sound and spotted a cell phone hidden within the paper towel dispenser. she told officials sheicked up the phone and was able to play back the most recent videohich
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apparently showed the worker placing that phone inside the dispenser. he was approached by police and legedly responded by stating quote, i know what this is about, and i'm sorry. i was trying to video pretty girls. >> chris, thank you. it's 6:08 now. university of maryland released new videotb of fool player jordan mcnair's final practice back in may. body camera footageivhows two unsity police officers arriving at the field house at 6:04:00 p.m.. cording to the reportreleased in september, staff called 911 nine minutesprior. large portions of theta foo areed bla out but you can hear one of theer offics frustration as they wait for medics. >> when the ambulance finally arrivedt was at the wrong entrance. the second officer told the medics to go near the field whereers were waiting with mcnair. the ambulance finally left for the hospital nearly 40 minutes
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after that 911 call. the 19-year-old died two weeks later in the hospital. university president wallace lo said the school takes legal and moral responsibility for mistakes that lead to this several members of the coaching staff have been fired. d.c. council member jack evans is under fire this mornin the washington post reports his consulting firm weeks before promoting legislation that would benefit the company. he received stocks worth about $100,000 in october of 2016. that company was trying to enter the d.c. market. a monthater he tried to add to the agenda legislation that would have allowed them to install a sign. they pulled the bill when he reized it wouldn't pass. arince george's county
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mother says she is afraid for her safety after her ex oyfriend was found not guilty of trying to kill her. he was charged with setting her on fire while she was pregnant with their child last year. their daughter had to bere deli 7 weeks early. yesterday a jury found him not guilty on all charges including attempted murder. she says she was stunned by the verdict. the dense argued tha she set herself on fire. >> what about my safety? what am i supposed to do now? >> my suspicion was she set herself there was no gasoline found in the bathtub. there was no dna. no fingerprints. >> a second suspect was arrested and charged in this case. they'll erreevaluate whe to move forward. >> a fund-raising campaign is underway tonor the five people shot and killed at a newspaper in maryland. they all worked at capital
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gazette. one proposa called for a garden that would have five lit pillars representing the les lost another called lost copy cognizes the absence of the victims. >> 11 minutes after the hour now, a drone shutdown an airport leaving thousandsas ofngers stranded. still ahead, what is next for police. >> a holiday shopping is about to get started. find out what one major retailer is doing that could be the saving grace for last minute shoppers. >> the rainfall outlook is all focuse on your friday. saturday, sunday, christmasayve and d will all be dry. but colder. how much colder? w coming up. k >> and we will head back to the first bapti church of glenn
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arden and stars from nbc's the voice. >> much more as we get you ready for the holidays. ♪
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. 6:15 and this morninrowe're gett getting you ready for the holiday. >> molette is live with very special guests. the wonderful choir there this e morning to g the sounds of the season. >> we're in the holiday sing along mode, aren't we?
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oh, yes. nothing puts you in the spirit like a holiday that's the church oflennrden choir under the direction of steven kerr, musical director here at the church and seasons 14 and 15, singing sensations, rayshun and funsho here. you moved here from north carolina when you were a teenager. >> i did. i moved here from chapel hill, north carolina. >> this is your home. >> this is mynoome i've been here for many, many years. we'll just say that. >> bring us upee to what are you doing now? >> working on a new project and doing someer the stuff coming up, also. so look out for that, and just doing wha ver iscalled, i'm national cancer thh research society. >> got you. funsho. bring me up to speed, you pretty much callalourself a l guy, right? >> yes. >> you came here when you were
6:17 am
7. >> yes. i grew up in maryland. >> prince george's county, honey. >> prince george's county. get it clear. but i grew up in prince george's county. i was born in nigeria. so yeah, i am i local. >> what are you working on? >> a new ep that drops in the ring an on sunday i have a show at public trust in washington d.c. it's time forhem to sing, angels we have heard on high. let's do it choir and singing sensations from "the voice." ♪ ♪ angels we have heard on high, swe sweetly singing through the night and the mountains in reply ♪ ♪ echoing their
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♪ gloria ♪♪ ♪ shepherds why this jubilee ♪ whyhese songs of happy cheer ♪ ♪ what great brightness did you see ♪ ♪ what great tidgs you see ♪ gloria
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♪ gloria >> this is my mother'sri fa, and i know she's watching right now, so i'm sure she's enjoying this. so beautiful. >> so many of you are too. on twitter talking about we'll let these guys keep singing. we'll go back to them in just a few minutes. >> do hear a church cir singing christmas carols, there's nothing like it. >> 6:19 right now. flights are finally ruming near london after drones flew around the airport yesterday and sparked ado sh. 100,000 passengers wered stran there. you can see some people sleeping at the airport. it's the second busiest airport. officials are s searching for the operator of the drones. >> kohl's is helping outast minute shoppers. right now stores are all open around the clock. store pick up on certain items and customers shop online or use
6:20 am
the mobile app. this is the fifth year the retailer has offer 24 hour shopping. it must be working if they keep doing it. >>rl cl right. >> they're making money. business is booming. >> absolutely right. >> what's not going right around here is the weather right now. >> it's weird. >> i'll take 60 degrees. >> but the weather equivalent of the upside downcake. temperatures went up after the sun went down last night and we have stayed above 60 degrees now at sational airportce 11:00 last night. we're still 61 degrees now. s with ath wind averaging almost 15 miles per hour. sbreezes will keep on the mild side for the rest of your friday. but onunfortunately, you be able to get outside and enjoy the mild weather because it's going to be off on periods of light to moderate rain, pretty much start to finish. sunshine today to go along with the mild weather. 61 here. 63 in lorton. 63 in prince george's county. 63 in dulles airport.
6:21 am
burt your friday planner, covered up with clouds and rain chances. so at least you won't need thea winter flood watches remain in place for the rest of the day. a lot of o are high standing water across the area. the heavy rains threat not materializing at the level we thought. the computer modelsere estimating 2 to 3 inches of rain. this is going to add up to bt aan inch. were goinge what we to face. the main area of low pressure still well down to the south across northeast georgia. so we're not anywhere near done with the rain yet. re's future weather. off and on periods of showers. another round of moderate rain likely to come in here into the later parts of the afternoon. a rumble or two of thunderate this afternoon and this evening. that will be the cold front around oming through 10:00 to midnight tonight. that will be the end of the rain by saturday morning. skies will being out. it will be a bright and sunny ksnish to saturday.
6:22 am
sunday l very nice indeed. here's your whole five day forecast. mild and rainy today. breezy storm. northwest winds blow the clouds and rain chances away, though. temperllures in the 40s day tomorrow. we'll have temperatulis just at ortly above average all the way through christmas eve and christmas day. good morning >> heavy traffic near southbound heading near montgomery county. not so tad on whole this morning. volumes are lower than average so lighter than usual hush our. around the beccway,ional delays relatively brief. that is the latest from the wtop traffic ceer. we have the crash on the 11th street bridge but that's not causing a delay either. back to you. >> thank you. it's going to be a pretty stressful day for anyoneha that to catch a flight, if you're heading out of town today, here's some friendly faces here to help you get ready to deal with some of the traffic stress.
6:23 am
news 4 transportation reporter adam
6:24 am
6:25 am
welcome back. traveling over the holidays could bestressful. >> then you see these guys and some of that stress starts to melt away. adam tuss explains how one airline is using dogs. id a friendly, furry face to combat the h stress at the airport. >> man, i haven't seen anything like that in an aiort. >> mee lily, brooke, and
6:26 am
oliver. >> they're the love of my life. for di just left her dog the holiday break and this brought back a warm feeling. >> did it remind you of you dog here? >> absolutely. there's one especially that looks just like hi >> these dogs bring smiles about everywhere they go. and that's the point. rgat you about this part of the trip. >> all of these dogs come from p.a.l. which is based in d.c. it stas forpeople, animals, love. and they come here to the airport anderrighten ne's day. >> united started this program four years ago. >> weo this across all of our hubs. here we plannen serving about 200,000 customers this holiday season and bringing animals in here to relieve some pressure >> you can feel and see people. >> i'm happier. it's nice being around them. bring some light to the airport. >> these guys will be wking three shifts a day over the next
6:27 am
couple of days. man's best friend, now t travellers besriend here at the airport. >> i think it's pven that when you're around dogs your blood pressure drops and you start to relax. so it's areat idea. ig it's 6:27 r hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do whatou love. at comcast we know our cuomers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hs,r appointment wind including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my nam ois tito, and i'm a te manager at comcast.
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leaving more time for those closest to you during the holidays.
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>> news 4 today starts now. ♪>> beautiful sounds of first baptist church. good morning, everyone. it's 6:30 and we're getting you read the holidays this morning. they're putting me in the spirit. >> absolutely. oc're out along with a few contestants from the voice that you will remember. they're leading a bit of christmas sing along throughout our newscast this morning. >> i want to sing along, but i'm not going to do that to our viewers. >> we can just enjoy. >> i'm feeling the music inside.
6:31 am
>> we're going to head back out in just aew minutes, but first, to our team coverage on this weather alert morning, the radar is still busy. we could get another inch of rain before it's all over and it could impact travel amid this busy hiday weekend. >> let's get you up to speed on what to expect weather wise. first, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has that. >> another rainy day across the area today. keep your umbrellas handy but you don't need the warm winter jacket today at all. up,eratures went up, up, during the overnight hours and we're still in the 60s this morning. all the green highlighted counts. flood wates remain in place. brighter shaded here are where localized flood warnings are. be on the look out for high water. no heavy rain at this point in time that's good news. but still wet pavement from start to finish. no matter how far you're driving today, you're going to be driving in rain all the way from miami to maine today up i-95.
6:32 am
40s in the valley but low to mid 60s to get your friday morning started. dog walking forecast, no reason to put the coatsn the dogs today. this little guy here available for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. mild and rainy today. more about the cool down and the dry out period coming up. let's go over to dave at wtop. > we're on puddle watch this morning. we had a coup of spin outs here and there and the latest crash is on the parkway, southbound toward 175. traffic is getting by on the left. volumes are lower. there are slow stretches uthbound 270 around the outerloop but by and large lower th normal and lighter than rmal volume. verirginia, northbound 95. outbound 11th street bridge, southbound i-295, tha crash should be on the shoulder. inbound lanes at t 11th street bridge. it's slowetting there. back over to you.
6:33 am
>> all right, dave, thank you. 6:33 now. our team coverage of this weather alert day the weather is effecting holiday travel for some people. a lot of folks hitti the roads and taking to the skies too, just days before christmas. >> justin finch is at reagan a internationaport with more on this. justin, it's probably busy there. >> yeah, it's starting to pick up here. as we speak as a matter of fact. coming in off the wet roads here so far, light rain here outside the airport and inside, they're seei some goodnews. mostly on time flights leavingt y. however here and there there are ncellations and delays. however aaa is forecasting thisv will be ay busy holiday travel season with most americans choosing to travel by car. about 102illion people traveling 50 miles or more for the the rest taking planes and trains to get home and elsewhere for the holidays. but i can tell you, speaking to
6:34 am
,avellers he concern about the rain and how it may impact their traveltoday. check in with us and make sure that your flight is leaving on time and hopefully not back in to you. >> justin finch, thank you, sir. >> we're just hours away from a partial government shutdown as lawmakers and the president do not agree on apending bill yesterday the house passed a stop gap measure from the government that includes the id prt's $5 billion to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. now the senate has until midnight to consider the house omll which is different frhe clean version senators passed on wednesday. mitch mcconnell said be ready for a possibl vote atnoon. many senators already left d.c. for the holidays. coming up, whatl services w remain open if the shutdown happens. >> a mother and daughter tha travelled to d.c. to celebrate the holidays died after being hit by a tour bus.
6:35 am
61-year-old monica carlson and her 85-year-old mother were hit while crossing pennsylvania avenue on wednesday night. the two spent the day visiting a mo son buried at arlington national cemetery and then seeing theis white house cas decorations. she was the mayor in alaska. her brother-in-law stoke to us by face time last nit. >> both of them were avid lovers of washington d.c. the naon's capitol was a place they love to visit. they leave very large shoes to fill in a very small town. >> in 2007om two were hit and killed at the same intersection by a metro bus. they added a left turn lane and lefturn arrow. >> now to an update on the 5-year-old girl that was groped at the rockville memorial library. police are now releasing these photos of a man called a perso of interest. this past saturday, a man came up to their daughter in the
6:36 am
children's section, pulled down her pants and inappropriately hed her. she screamed and ran off. >> it's now 6:36. there's a norovirus outbreak in fairfax county. 60 children hissmissed class on wednesday with vomiting and ea diar a letter went home to parents reminding them to keep children home 24 hours after the symptoms disappear. >> 6:36 our time now and the redskins enter another crucial weekend of football. >> the a burgundy gold will be the first nfl team to the field this weekend when they face the tennessee titans. the team needs to win their next two games if they want to make the playoffs. while injuries continue to be a factor, they're n giving up. quarterback josh jon will enjoy his second win as nfl starter. the game kicks off saturday at g 4:30 p.m. here on nbc 4. pregame coverage starts at 3:00. >>6:37 now, and we are getting
6:37 am
you ready for the holidays thii morning some help from the first baptist church choir. >> they are singing along this morning with vocalists from the voice, rayshun lamar and funsho. another performance in a couple another performance in a couple of
6:38 am
another performance in a couple of ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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you'll find the signature hoagies and coffeelong with a georgetown drink too called the g double shot a double shot of, expres caramel and whipped cream wh sprinkles. up next, wawa plans to open
6:41 am
shops in adams morgan, columbia cights. >> y get anything at wawa. >> agies. >> aght. >> now we're going to talk more more food now. >> for the fir time, a taco bell that serves alcohol is going to open in our area. >> the taco bell cantina will be open for business. he's what it's going to loob lik -- llike. it's located on kings street. you can choose from a variety of alcoholic drinks. beer, wine and sangria. >> now your cnbc business report. >> good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc yoadquaters. ar still trying to find the perfect last men gift? you're not a survey by the national retail federation finds a quarter of americanhe think will finish their christmas shopping this weekend. about 7% will be shopping on christmas eve and 4% say their final gifts won't be bought
6:42 am
until after christmas. for those that missed the december 26th deadline have planned to take advantage of post christm les. here at bccn we call that the aaron gilcrest demographic. >> sure do. nothing wng with saving a little extra money after christmas. big time chances for rain today. but that rain in north georgia, once it moves out, it takes the rain with it. ten-day forecast coming >> plus we're live this morning with the voice starsnd the first baptist church of glenn arden. >> they'll get you ready for the holidays just ahead. get crazy good deals at the kmart semi-annual blowout event
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we are tracking a weather alert and y wake up on this
6:46 am
busy friday morning. the radar up and down the east coast. it's going to keep falli as millions try to get out of town for holiday travel. >> we're working forou with team coverage of reagan national airport and of course with the storm team 4 forecast. >> first this morning, time is running out. lawmakers have a midnight deadline to come up with a plan to keep the government open. >> it centers around president trump's request for $5 billion to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. 400,000 federal workers are stuck in limbo and they could go without a paycheck over the holiday. the senate is expected to considerhe stopap measure that funds the government until february 8th but that measure includes money for a border the senate passed a version of the bilay on wednehat did not. no word on whether senate has a vote. it left for the christmas holiday as well. >> if the government shuts down, you'll still get your mail. the u.s. postal service will a remain ope it tries to
6:47 am
deliver them in time for christmas. your travel ans should not be effected. air traffic controllers and tsa agents will still be on the job. defense secretary james mattis is leaving the truch administrati -- trump administration. he will be retiring with distinction at the end of february. in a letter of resignation to the president, mattis is stepping down because the h president the right to have a secretary of defense whose ews are better aligned with his own. >> the university of maryland has released new video from football player jordan mcnair's final practice in y. >> body camera footage sho two university police officers arving at the team field house at p.6:04:00 m.. according to the report released in september, staff calle 911 9 minutes prior. largeortions of the footage are blocked outct to p mcnair's mical information,
6:48 am
but you can hear oneof cer's frustration as they wait for the medics. >> when the ambulance finally arrived they were at the wrong entrance. the ambulance left for the hospital nearly 40 minutes after the 911 call. he died two weeks latern the hospital. the school says it takes legal and moral responsibility for mistakes staff made that lead to his death. developing this morning, dozens of passengers are finally off an amtrak acela train. they were stuck on board for hours because of power issues overnight. a producer shot this video on board t train. they said it knocked power out to theplatform. passengers said they were able to see the platform but couldn't get off train for more than three hours. while things are bk to
6:49 am
normal running smoothly there at amtrak -- >> the roads could be a problem for a lot of holiday travel becae all ofhis rain couldn't have come at a worse time. an eye on the highways and the skies. busyravel day, justin. >> yeah. we seem to be getting to the busy travel day here at nat nal inside they'll have some good news. most flights are leaving on time andin arr on time as well. a few delays and cancellations here and thereut as holiday travel overall, most of it aaa says will be happening b car. in fact, about 102 million sericans from coast-to-coast they will travel 15 miles or more for the holidays. that is up from last year and also happened to be tst hig rate they have seen since about 2001. so on track for the record books here after that, they point tor loweas prices of about $2.37 a gallon.
6:50 am
that's the avrerage. seen.he lowest they have it turns out most americans are making their way to the florida area to be warm for the holidays and before you crank up, aaa is suggesting all drivers make sure their cars are in shape for very long trip. it's not yourim ination, aaa says one in three americans will travel. >> it's 6: right now. >> it's going to be a very rainy day today. temperatures are going to be in the 60i's. show you a check of the a darr. storm team 4 radar which isd covep in rain. 64 degrees is our expected high temperature. we're already in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. so a very mild start to the day
6:51 am
today and it's going to ra. that's where storm team 4 radar is and temperatures are well above average this morning. 62 in gaithersburg. 63 in fredericksburg. o planni the course of your friday. no sunshine today but not cold. rain goes start to finish today. floodreatches in in place through at least sunset tonight and there are areas of high rostanding water the area. be careful. there's storm team 4 radar. more light to moderate rain in southern maryland. this is all coming norhebound . widen the view out and you can see there's a long way to go before we get done with the rain. chic so and louis but everywhere east of the mississippi river has a pretty high chance for rainy. to we'll show you future weather here. pockets of rain, moderate at times but it looks like the real deluge of rain will be across the outer banks and new york and new england. for us, another half an inch to raine an inch of this does start to taper off
6:52 am
about midnight tonight when the by.d front goes on we'll be dry starting first thing tomorrow morning. dry on sunday. christmaseve, and christmas day. but nowhere near as warm as today. so 60s with the rain today, 40s with a gusty northwest wind tomorrow, and then upper 40s to nd 50 for sunday, monday, and christmas day. more unsettled weather a rain chances late next week. let's go over to wtop. >> we're getting a little busy here in the traffic center. southbound baltimorearkway near 175. crash left side is getting by. new wreck just called in on i-270 southbound. the gaithersburg exit between 124 and i-370. this one causing delays as well. just inside the beltway. and in crystal city, wreck involving pedestrian on northbound route 1 nea the access road. busy northbound with volume
6:53 am
delays. southbound so far so good. the getaway as you're heading south of washington. wet pavement, but no mishaps. that's the very latest from the wtop traffic center. aaron and eun back ove to you. >> it's 6:53. four things to know. senators are expected to consider a house bill to avoid a partial government shutdown the sticking point is president trump's request for $5 billiona to build a along the u.s.-mexico border. if lawmakers d't come upith a plan by midnight, 400,000 federalmpyees could be out before christmas. >> retail experts say many of you wait until christmas eve or after the holiday rush to finish your shopping. some stores aretaying open longer to help the last minute shoppers. if you're looking for gift ideas, we have a gift guide on the nbc washington app. >> the holiday travel rush is in full swing. aaa estimates more thanmi00
6:54 am
ion people will take to the roads for christmas. on could put a damper travel. stay with news 4 throughout the day for full weather coverage. >> the redskins enter another crucl weekend of football. they face-off against the tennessee titans tomorrow at 4:30 here on nbc 4. pregame coverage starts at 3:00 p.m. >> we are getting in the spirit this morning with some sounds of the season. i shouldth mention, n of us will be here on christmas, though. merry christmas to you now. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you now. >> lee is live in prince george's county with the first baptist church oflennarden. >> they have been fabulous all morning. they're joined by local super stars from nbc's the voice. what a morning it been. >> oh my goodness. we are all just in the spirit. and we even throughout theci comm breaks when you're not seeing us on tv, we have beenatrooving to the g music. this choir is fabulous. [ applause ]
6:55 am
>> and i want to give it up to ougi two s sensations from the area, the nbc voice stars funsho to the left, rayshun lamar to the right for joining us this morning and the musical director here at first baptist church of glenn arden is hereu thank or having us here. this is wonderful. >> it has beenpl ce joy. we have had a ball with you guys. we look forward to doing it every christmas. >> and you have beene 17 years. you have a whole team behind you. >> 17 ye bs. tht assignment i have ever had. pastor jkins, it's an honor to serve him. honor to servegr these guys. t assistants and great band. we're blessed. >> we're going to sing out to the end of the show with go tell it on the mountain. i have to get out of the way because we need to sing. ♪
6:56 am
♪ go tell it on t mountain over the hills andry eere ♪ ntain ♪ll it on the m ♪ that jesus christ is born ♪ while shepherds kept their watching over silent flocks by night♪ heavens throughout the ere shone a holy light ♪ ♪ go tell it ♪ go tell it on the mountain ♪ over the hills and everywhere ♪ ♪te go it on the mountain that jesus christ is born ♪
6:57 am
♪ down the low ly manger the humble christ was born ♪ ♪ and god sent out our salvation that bless christmas morn ♪ ♪ go and tell it on the mountain ♪ ♪ go tell it on the mountain ♪ over the hills ♪ over the hills and everywhere ♪ ♪ go tell it on
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
> good morning. breaking overnight, shockwaves over the abrupt resignation of defense secretary jim mattis. public scolding preside trump on his way out with an extraordinary rebuke of the commander in chief and his policies. this as the government hurtles .towards a shutdown today critics saying it is up to the president and his party to break ndckidgr . >> white house. get a grip and learn how to govern. >> we are live at the white hous and capitol hill. a very messy christmas. dangers storms are causing major problems at the start of a holiday travel rush. heavyain and high winds lashing the entire east coast from florida to


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