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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  December 30, 2018 8:00am-9:00am EST

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shutdown to last. >> we're not the suckers of the. worl >> we don't know whether this rally is going to last. >>. good morning andelcome to "sunday today" on this december 30th. i'm hallie jackson in for willie geist this morning. as the world gets ready to ring in the newni year tomorrow t, it might be a wet and snowy one for millions of people. another b s winterm is set to hit tonight and might make a mess of your new year's plans. the full forecast is just ahead. plus, as we enter dayine
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of the government shutdown, president trump is on a twitter tirade. a stunning and unfounded accusation that democrats are to blame for the recent deaths of two young migrant childn in u.s. custody. and later, what a year it's been for "sunday today" from celebrity shelvchefs, comic gen. >> i don't like anything where anybody went woo. >> that's the drink on your sunday show. >> i'll have worked 50 years. isn't that the time for the gold watch and a see . >> all of that plus tom hanks, harry smith and another life well lived in the show. let's start thi w morningh the next big storm that will probably affect your new year's eve plans. maria larosarosea is in.
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we have quick moving snow showers in the northeast and new hanging ut the rain is on across the southeast. not to mention a lot of dense fog. watch the drive off the gulf idast and fl we turn our attention to the northwest where we have snow showers happening now. this storm system producing winter storm watches and warnings. 're talking feet of snow. th
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plains. we get into a few inches from monday into the great lakes. nine days in, there is still no end in sight to the partial government shutdown. that's setting president trump. nbc's white house correspondent kelly o'donnell is following it all. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hallie. days and days of no negotiation has l vt ad so easily filled with recrimination. who is to blame? which party has done what? the president has had no public even since his christmas night trip to iraq and he has still been very visible on twitter. shut in all day at the white house. the preside in shutdown mode. sending conflicting messages to democrats. in one breath tweeting, he is waiting for the democts to come o over and make a deal on border security.
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then a few hours later levelin a stunning accusation. after two migrant children died in federal custody. any deaths of children at the border are t strictly fault of the democrats and their pathetic immigration policies. arguing migrantsould not make the journey if we had a wall. they wouldn't even try. democratic lawmakers remain opposed to the president's border wall demands. >> we are not going to allow the american people to be held hostage to a $ o billion somewhere south of that ransom note in order to build a ridiculous borr wall that's not going to make anyone safe. >> reporter: with more than 800,000 federal workers affected by the partial shutdown, the office of personnelag ment offered advice sending out sample letters helping them negotiate with land lorsds and creditors but urgency isn't sible on capitol hill where no negotiations are taking
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congrel leaders are not in washington. pelosi advisors say the speaker designate spent som time in hawaii and will be back in d.c. tomorrow. and this morning a "los angeles times" has what amounts to an ex interview with outgoing chief of staff john kelly who defends his tenure here that was certainly rocky. he said his time should be judged more about what the president did not do on kelly's watch than what he might have accomplished. of course, kelly had som run-ins with staff and has been criticized for some of his own harsh views on immigration as he prepares t leave the job. >> kelli o'donnell. we want to bring in jeff ben knit. he is over in th white house briefing this morning. good morning. >> good morning, hallie. >> kelli, let me start with you. at needs to happen in order for there to be some kind of break through for all of these go rnmentworkers? >> everyone is saying once nancy pelosi secureshe speakership
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negotiationay for her top aids say they will pass something quickly. democrats will get something through will fund the government and not the president'swall. thatresets negotiations. what we'll likely see is both parties have to find a new w to define success. can democrats give him some boer security funding? and of course the next big date to watch when federal workers don't get the next paycheck for these days they're not being paid right ryw, that's jan 11th. so we've got some time to go here but there are some pressure points to watch. >> yeah, that's f sure. let me pull back from both of you. when i'm not here filling in for willie i'm with you covering everything related to president trump and this administration. so given that we've all been on the front lines of some of these huge stories. jeff, when you look back on 2018, what dyou think was perhaps the most pivotal one that we covered? ie>> reporter: ha every day in the life of the trump white
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house can feel consequential. a pivotal moment that changed trump's presidency is the kavanaugh hearing. there was a moment after dr. christine blsey-ford came forward, they advisedo him ditch kavanaugh. he undercut's credibility. that left a permanent scar on the country but in m thatent the president trusted his gut. he trusted his instincts over the advice oots of top white house staffers, aids and allies and he emerged from that, i'm told, feeling vindicated. since then we've seen the president dispense with outside advice and govern from the gut, hallie. >> that cabinet confirmation, probably one of the biggt stories of the year. kelli, what stands out? some of the international trips
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we took together. >> reporter: i think when you look at the president's desire for the big moment, that would certainly take us to singapore and the summit with kim jong-un, but the questio is how much was really accomplished? yes, it was historic. yes, it stt of re the order. it opened a new way of looking at a long entrenched problem, but we are still trying to measure what was accomplished. that's something that i think in 2019 we'll still be following as the president says he wants to meet again but we also saw the bigent in helsinki when we were altogether there for thein me with vladimir putin. some thought it would be a resed ll of the robert mueller special counsel russia veinigstion. infact, it up ended that a bit and the president appeared to be more willing to buck what people wanted him to do and left a lot of people wondering about his relationshipith russia and with a strong man like vladimir putin. those are big memoriesor me. >> that's for sure. we haven't made our 2019 memories yoo but as you
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ahead in the new year, what do you think is going to end up dominating the headlines when we're at this point next year looking back? >> reporter: the first two years the president haseen trying to learn how to govern. that's been something where he's had a lot of criticism but he's done it w republicans all around him. now he has an ever present democratic rival who has real power in nancy pelosi as the presumed speaker and chuck schumer in the senate who will determine what if anything gets dene. the pre who feels most comfortable when he has a defined adversary clearly has one. if you thought washington was rough and chaotic, this will be a president who will be in fight mode as he h prepares for own re-election bid or the outcome of the mueller investigation. we will see that pairing of trump and pelosi vividly in 2019. >> jeff, quickly here. that pairing that kelli's talking about, oversight is going to be a part of it, too, withocrats in the house
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looking to investigate different pieces of this trump administration. reporter: they want to investigate everything from trump's hidden tax returns to potential conflicts of interest between his business and the vegoment. we'll have to see what comes of it. i can tell you the office that would normay handle that, the white house's counsel's office, is under staffed and unprepaecd in partse the team that has just started working, they tarted working about two or three weeksago, hallie. anat's something that we're going to be keepinye on as 2019 rolls on. >> >> geoff: and kelly, it's conversation we'd be having. od to see you both. happy new year. cial sure to catch a s edition of "meet the press" when chuck todd takes on the climate is. his guests include michael eroomberg and outgoing california gr jerry brown. we have other news to get to this morning, lutoo, ing six people recovering from injuries after a jet way collapsed at baltimore washington international airport. the faa says the crew on boardd had cal medics to help a sick
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passenger and as she was being taken off the plane the jet bridge collapsed. officials say fortunately everyone is expected to be okay. overseas, a horrific scene caught on camera. we have to warn you. a rescue helicopter was near a missionear the world's longeste zip linn the united arab emirates where something went wrong, it wen into a tail spin. te there are reportshat the chopper hit the wire. ane who escaped is back behind bars thissh morning. lom mendoza escapedrom san quentin. someone recognized him at a taco bell. he was taken into custody without any major proble t. and f third year in a row it's going to be the alabama crimson time against the clemson
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gers. last night the top ranked tide jumped to an early ldea over the oklahoma sooners and never looked bac winning 45-34. earlier number two ranked clemson shut down notre dame by a score of 30-3. y might most exciting p have happened before the game. that's when aald eagle involved in the ceremonies got loose, landed on a couple of notre dame fans. look at that. sadly for the fighting irish faithful, thais where the fun ended. and new york city police say they'reor ready fhe biggest night of the year. the times square ball drop. about 1 million people a expected to pack the area to ring in the nyear, and on saturday organizers previewed what's to come making se gravittiyll works and testing that confetti drop that will cover everyone in tiny bits of torn up paper at times square is where you'll find our pal lester holt. he has the honor of pushing the butt o thaticially drops the ball at midnight. you can watch it happen right here on nbc.
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all those partiers at times square might end up in rain as well as conf maria larosa is back with a look there there will be dry conditions and sunshine. that's a look a the weather, here's what you can expect where you are. >> i tllnk w break out to partly sunny skies as we continue through the day. not asarm asyesterday. yesterday mid to upper 50s. today mid to upper 40s. monday new year's eve is going to be wet for us, unfortunately, we carry those showers into the overnight on new year's eve but everything will be gone by daybreak on tuesday. tuesday nar day temperatures will be in the low 60s, partly sunny b skies,k in the 40s by the time we head int and that's a check of your weather. >> maria, thank you.
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straight ahead, our look back at the best highs and lows of 2018, including t little girl who melted all our hearts when her dream of being adopted came true on her birtay. > and the young baseball player who made a very dramatic leap for home. >>s plus, wha old is new again. how typewriters are making a bio back this year thanks in part to a hollywood superstar. >> you talk about kid in a canned jie stody store. is this your candy store? >> yeah, it is. it's all comg up on "sunday today." our photo back at all of our favorite photos of the year, proof a photos of the year, proof a picture is really worth a one hour pickup order?
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you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. so every suny willie and dylan take a look at the highs and the lows of the week. the videos that have gone viral, spiring, funny, just plain weird. since they're both off today, we thoughtt would be fun to look back at the top highs and lows of 2018 so i true new year's eve style, here's willie with a countdown of the top five. >> let's ring in our roundup of
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with s and lows of 2018 our number five low, which goes to the level of security on kanye west's iphone. during a wild visit to the white house kanye wanted to show president trump a design for a new hydrogenirowered force one like you do, butan as k punched the password into his phone to reveal his design to id the prent, he also revealed that his password is all 0s. number five on our list of highs goes to the superb hiding skillse now internet famous dog >> tasha. where are you? where are you, tasha? tasha. >> number four on our list of lows goes gerally to the traction on icy driveways of america last winter. first, there was tim in virginia who was just trying to get to his car on a cold morning and
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ended up going for a long ride right into the mailbox. then we had alexis in oklahoma who struggled to bring the family trash can in from the street. good news, despite a quick fall, too. finally made it, number four on our list of highs this year goes to 10-year-old ivy g who a very special surprise on her birthday this year. >> i'moing to be adopted? >> we lyoe sweetheart. we'll always be your parents. >> i love y so much. >> i love you. >> ivy's younger brother and sister also were adopted capping off quita memorable birthday. our number three logos to the fascinating case of the olympic freestyle skier who just skiing.that great at born in america but competing for hungary, elizabeth swainy's qualification was a compliced
8:20 am
story but less complicated w her routine as she cruisedown the halfpipe in pyeongchang. it goes without sayg she finished the competition in a distant last plac n ourber three high goes to the epic base running of one little league superstar when 3-year-old len niconix was told run home,id he the exact opposite. dad even tried to help him in his slomo jouey but he was n having it. it tk him nearly at minute bu lenix finally madet in dramatic fashion. we'reown to the final two, and this logos t the who was hia eagles fan firing up subway riders before the nfc championship game when this happened. here's to him. number two on our list of highs goes to james shaw who
8:21 am
risked his own life in april during a deadly late night shooting at a waffle house e.outside nashvi after the shooting shaw raised more than 40$200,0 for the families of the victims that night and he rhtly was hailed as a hero across the country. >> this is the first time ie seen her since the incident. i actually tried to count the hairs on her eyelashes because i was like i almost didn't see you anymore. at the mtv movie awards in june "black wpanther"ner brought him on stage to share his best hero award. me. it's we've reached our number one low just18 and this one is pure internet gold. iman was taking care of some private busines a chick-fil-a bathroom when suddenly 4-year-old levi shimmied under the door and into his life. >> what's your name? >> andrew.
8:22 am
okay. i want somebody to hold me and wash my hands. and our number one high of 2018 goes to a first ballot highs and lows hall-of-famer. it's the one, thely mary halsey, otherwise known as -- >> mrs. funky white sister is in the park. >> mary stepped up to the mike at an outdoo pnic in august and changed our lives forever. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> b that was just the beginning for the superstar. mary was invited to the "ellen" show for an encore performance which came with a big surprise. a new year's toast to the hopes of another mary halsey single dropping. >> yeah! we can only hope a lot of
8:23 am
year.ighs and lows this other than the eagles one, i approve of your countdown. coming u next, willie takes a look back at sunday sitdowns including breakout stars on the big a small screens, musicians and comedy legends. then harry smith on the remarkable people he met in 2018 who are each making this country a better place in their own a better place in their own special way. ways metal vibration [heavy guitar lick] [glass shattering!] not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you. anvid t today for your chance to win a free treatment. new listerine® ready! tabs™ aren't gum, mints, or marbles. seriously, what is this? if you guessed they're tabs that turn into liquid as you chew,
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good morning on this sunday, december 30, i'm adatuss, it's 8:26. here are the stories we're following. fairfax county police need your help.
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they are trying to track down a suspected hit-and-run driver believed responsible for killing a 16-year-old boy. this happened around 5:45 on south lakes drive at castle rock square. some witnessesay the teenager had just gten off the bus and was crossin the street when he was hit. top andver didn't ntlice say the car involved should have frond damage. get ready for redskins rivalry. today the burgundy a gold take on the philadelphia eagles for their final game of the season. that kks off at 4:25. watch redskins showtime for a preview o the game at fedex field on nbc 4. field on nbc 4. coming up, field on nbc 4. coming up, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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as r as december 30 goes, this isn't so bad. >> you're right. average temperature daytime high is in the low to mid-40s and righe' now 41 in d.c. we have freezing marks, low 30s in the shenand valley so, again, colder along i-81. we're dry, we have maybe a few flurries but we're dry. clouds out there today, morehi su later this afternoon and again temperatures topping out in theid to upper 40s. tomorrowow 50s but we have rain throughout the day and we'll continue to have rain throughout the afternoon monday leading into the overnight to new year's eve as we rin in new
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year's eve. low 60s, we're dry until fridayd . we'll be back with your news and weather at 9:00. for no that' a look at new york's times square where the countdown is on. just a littlha more 36 hours to go until the krystal ball drops and a19 begins so since we're spending our last sunday together in 2018, we thought it would be a perfect time to take a look back at the most memorable sunday sitdowns of the year. willie interviewed eryone fro stars of ds, chefs, the big and small screen, musicians each with a remarkable story to tell. it turns out 18 was a good year to get to know some of the world's most famous faces. >> i don't like anything where people go woo. >> this is your idea to drink on your sunday morning show. cheers. >> a truck driver pulled over and he goes, hey, babe, love
8:31 am
your show! >> not good at golf, is that a oblem? >> i'll take it.f >> kind been starved of strong female protagonis forever. >> i never want to make a movie about wearing tearing their hair apart. like, yuck. >> i am king of wakanda. >> i think there's a thirst for these images. there's a thirst for black super hero. i don't know who these people are but ty are serious. >> is it fair to say there wasn't much of a plan. let's go out there and do this show and seene what happens . >> there was no plan. >> they were more tolerant of my obsessiveness. >> i'm here to swallow gum and i'm here to take names. >> i've never been here and just showing up. i mean, jt shy of being overalls, a shuck of weed. i'm from a soy bean ♪ you've got to fight for your
8:32 am
right -- >> is it true you've stopp playing that song live? >> yeah, we haven't played it since 1987. >> i was ambitious for fame or for money. i was ambitious to make a substantive contribution to the btarts. >> i d there's anyone who knows the british people more than i do, mr. blaire. >> do you know her? >> i've met the queen on several occasions. >> we share a sparkle, neither of us engs mentions it. >> i feelike you don't like me anymore. >> i don't, i love you. >> it's a miracle that i met through that was going the same exact thing that i was at the exact same moment in time. >> all right, all right, all right. >> got to go to school. get my education. y'all got to go to school. my dad on thee other s was, ain't got to go to school every day. ain't nothing wrong with taking bar.boys to th >> i fix your problem. >> now you're nominated for
8:33 am
another golden globe award. >> it's not tha big of a deal, dad never wins anyways. >> i was so hurt by that. >> that's not a great sign. >> drama, thriller, i'm the guy running from the g with the knife and in the comedy i'm the who eacting to the person says something funny. >> close yourut michael. i was daunted to sort of take it on b i just needed to do sort of my interpretation of her. >> why the fancy suit? >> because it's christmas day and i'm after someone on my naughty list. >> my dad's an ex-cop. was a veryough man. when he walked into a room, the oxygen could leave like that. so i used to learn to kind o diffuse that with ways to make him laugh. >> trump might have a sret kid? oh, snap! >> presidents like storms have categories and right now this is a category 5. ♪ i'm a little drunk and i need you now ♪ >> i didn't know bands went into group therapy. >> yeah.
8:34 am
>> they should. >> it's birthday! >> it was m thet exquisite, fun to like give things away a have people's heads blow off. >> $900. >> yeah! c >>oming home. >> i knew i had a voice because i just didn't see me in the. indust i didn't. it was hard because i was edgy. you know, i was straight off the bus. from d.c. >> what is groove? >> gove is you rhythm. your sense ofgroove. everybody grooves differently. >> i was just nving. >> the i got "dumb and dumber." >> i wen from what's your name. ♪ whiskey's supposed to drown the memory ♪ >> i heard you were drinking whisky. >> vidre sho -- it's a long dayouo're sitting around. let's just go for it, you know?
8:35 am
>> americas deser the truth. >> my dad actually sat me down and said, i don't ever w to have a what if in your life. give it a shot for a year and a half, two years. if it works out, great. if you're y awfuou can always go back to school. i waslike, thanks for the confidence, d. sure. >> i'm the dude. >> are you a little nerve? you have no nerve? >> you make me cal because y have the zen. >> i'm an actor, man. i'm an academy award winning >> am i sitting on your phone? >> no, you're good. >> oh. >> i was thene funny in my family although my family says i'm the least funny one ithe family. >> this is make believe. >> first lesson of acting. >> firn les of acting. >> "night museum" is the only movie myat son hased that i'm in. >> really? uyoav he to show him "zoolander." >> i tend to try not to force my kids to watch my movies. >> shut up you disgusting pill
8:36 am
popping sexual deviant scum. t >> what's like to stand up on that stage and look at the most famous peoplen the worldnd just rip them one by one? >> if you can't tse them, who can you tease? this was not a room for the wounded soldiers, you know? they're okay. they'reokay. they're doing fine. ♪ good vibrations >> i was at a football game, my son's game lasteek and in the middle of the game they start vibrations."d my wife's cracking up laughings sh looking at my son who's helmet. is head in his >> we're killing ourselves to be perfec and it's making us insane. >> had like a 9-month-oldt the time. ll was hard to go back to work. it was rea hard because i was so used to being with my kid every day. >> right. ♪ one day more >> i w't like, i d think i can live up to this. i remember confessing this to my wife. she said, good. if you don't have that sense of doubt or humilit about playing the role, then you're not the
8:37 am
right person to play it. i went, all right. i'll go with that. ♪ if youad my love >> i don't know if you've thought about this, june 1st ofl next yearbe the 20th anniversary of "on the 6." >> oh, my god. >> hate you for at. >> 1999. >> i thought you might. >> i'm probably not done yet, but i'm goi to look for the next spark. >> i could see myself like being like that's it at0 and that's only 7 years away but i'll have worked 50 years. isn't that time for the gold watch a a see ya! >> here's hoping 2019 is even better, and don't forget to subscribe to the "sunday sitdown" podcast to hear the entire unedited interviews with wiie's guests. he kicks off a new yearh w golden globe nominated actress margot robby. she'll t about her early days
8:38 am
in the business and her new role in "mary queen of scotts oimpta" mas back. >> ending 2018 and walking into
8:39 am
> and that's aook at your weather. >> maria, thank you. next up on "sunday today" just his type. academy award winner tom hanks on his unusual passion. i'm fed up. i can't take it anymore. i'm quitting! josé altuve is quitting. i can't believe he's quitting baseball - this is ridiculous! i wonder how this affects the other teams in the league. altuve, altuve! why are you quitting? the only thing i'm quitting is cable. quit cable. switch to directv. and get the most live sports in 4k. more for your thing. that's our thing. 1.800.directv
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otezla. show more of you. they say what's old is new again, and in a lot ofes c that's true. vinyl records used to be almost extingts. they're now hot again. the high wasted genes areever wher19 in and believe it or not the typewriter is making a comebackith one very big star leading the charge. we have the sun spotlight.
8:42 am
>> reporter: t moany it seems as silly as selling stone tablets but this dinosaur is back from extinction. >> i'm busy as heck in here right now. >> reporter: the year is 2018es and bus is booming at a place called california typewriter. >> that just doesn't sou right. ken alexander is a mechanic here and says in the past few years they've kept busy fixing -- >> looking good. >> reporter: -- and selling ese vintage machines. >> they need that sound, what's the word, tactile?e i l it. >> reporter: credit teens like rosemary smith. >> i just like it. >> reporter: and millennials like charles hughes. he needs a break from modern day disstrakt shuns. >> when i'm journaling on the typewriter i'm just doing that. i can't tab over to facebook or anything. >> reporter: for a business tt just a few years ago seemed destined for thegraveyard.
8:43 am
>> we were kind of concerned. >> reporter: owner herb permillion said this is a welcome renaissance. >> reporter: how does that feel? >> fee great. >> reporter: you can say the same about grammar city typewriter in new york. >> they're dcovering a typewriter. >> reporter: in the early 200s he sold 10 a month. now it's more like 60. among his customers, a familiar face. >> look at the way the keys fly. look at that! i have never seen one of these machines ever. let's hear the belle. you guys do good work. tonkm s o mse than 200 typewriters and wrote a book called "uncommon type" with stories tha feature the machines. >> you talk about a kid in a candy store. is this your cdy store? >> yeah, it is. i'm here with both envy and regret. envy because it w so many of the machines butse regret bec i have two or three. >> reporter: he uses typewriters
8:44 am
darrylly to write thank you notes. he had to pound out my name. joe >>frye-r-y-e-f-r-y-e-r. >> -e-r. back. bled through the i typed joe fryer inteo piece of paper. it'sow one and the same. that type of permanence can't be beat as far as i'm concerned only by chiseling words into stone. >> reporter: each stroke is like a fingerprint or snowflake. it's unique. is that valuable? no. is it cool? eah. >> reporter: thalains why nicki charstrom u a typewriter to create poetry. >> when you lookt this, what do you think. >> would you. >> reporter: shewnnine not 200. >> why are you so obsessed? there's something romantic. you sit in front of it and you give yourself to it. >> reporter: so on her 25th
8:45 am
birthday there was only one place this phoenix girl wanted to go,750 miles away to california typewriter. >> before we even stepped foot i had to compose myself because i was crying outside thestore. i was like, why am i crying right now? >> reporter: mov to tears not by a celebrity or rock star but by a humble store that's just her for "sunday today" joe fryer, berkeley california. >> joe fryer, thank you. you can see much more of joe's interview with tom hanks on next up, harry smith on the places he's traveled, the people he's met and the stories that will stick with him forever. >> reporter: steve ross is 92s yeld now and had a stroke a couple years back. his son mike speaks o somethe words his father cannot. >> i think he's concerned that people are goior tot about the holocaust and i am, too. and later, a life well
8:46 am
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one of the best parts about working in this business is traveling thery and meeting new people along the
8:49 am
way. when you stop and listen to the stories they tell you realizee the so many folks who help make this country america the beautifu i harry smi one of the lucky few who gets a chance to tell those incredible stories week after week. this morning he takes a look back at some of the people he's met in 2018 for our sunday closer. >> reporter: the worst kept secret in america is i have the best in the country. >> harry, wait for me! >> reporter: be it skiing in steam boat with olympic legend billy kidd or swimming in the cool clearat wers of lake w in any pi sawan i. >> we drove alaskan's dalton highway. it's an amazing country. a place so naturally fantastic it was so hard to take it all in. more important than the places we went were the people w met. b.j. chester tomaio is the
8:50 am
proprietor. the scene is down home, way down home. why do you c think people here? >> i am the world's greatest restaurant. not america, memphis, the world. i have lov don't nobody else have love. when you love the people, that's why people come. >> reporter: the america we travel is populated by optimists like chris evans. he left the comfort of arb su school for woodrow lson in the city. >> competing with what we call the richoo suburb s i want to go out and show those programs that we're just as goo asthem. >> reporter: when he got here seven years ago the band could barely carry a tune. now they are loud and proud. go wildcats! rest sts make choices the of us can't fathom. steve ross survived the horrors of the holocaust. came to america and devoted his
8:51 am
life to helping tru ants and dropouts in boston. >> can you show your arm? >> yeah. >> he didn't start by showing this to people. >> reporter: he's o92 years now and had a stroke a couple of years back. his s mike speaks some of the words his father cannot. >> i think he's concerned that peop are going to forget about the holocaust and i am, o. >> reporter: his message is if i can survive ten concentration camps, you can survive yours. optimists can see thend future know they will make a difference. this was the top young scientist last year. motivated by the flint, michigan, water isis, she invented a portable testing kit. she's done a ted talk and haspe ed on jimmy fallon. how would you describe yoself? >> i'm a very curious person.
8:52 am
i. >> reporte she works hard and plays hard. she's a tween with a dream of making the world a better place. will she? of that we have no doubt. >> i don't really feel pressure beuse i like what i'm doing. >> reporter: right. >> so it's never really pressure for me. >> reporter: right. >> i think it'sll just fun and games. >> reporter: we would be remiss not to t mention octogenarianlu eers at. >> we do get along but we are opposites. i couldn't do what he does. >> i bring him flowers. >> reporter: tom has been brinng donated flowers and goodies to the nursing stations 20 years. >> hey, buddy. >> reporter: david deutschman holds babies in the intensive care unit. >> i think i get mor o out it than they do. they need t lbe held. theye the sse of r:uch. >> rep most every wee we
8:53 am
like the people we meet. >> good job, guys. >> reporter:ti sts. for sunday today, harry smith, new york. >> harrysmith, thank you. this week we highlight another life well lived. there are art critics who spend their lives studying the master pieces and then there are people who simply leovrt and just want to talk about it. sister wendy beckett falls into that second category. >> some pictures you can come and thump and bang on the drum, say it's wonderful, wonderful, wonderavl. others you to sort of feather into speaking for you. >> sis hr wendy millions of adoring fans both in the u.s. and over seas. she was a nun and after living a reclusive life in a trailer at a monastery, she became famous for her take on art. she appeared for just a few minutes in a bbc documentary, but those minutes wer enough to cement her place in this new
8:54 am
>> michael angelo is an artist of the utmosttelobelotar. he's awesome. >> she would go on to appear in several more documentaries with her unscripted comments on the ands of van gogh, da vinci, more sister wendyas born in south africa in 1930 and knew from an early age she wan ad to be nun. she joined a teaching order and went on to study literature where she lived in a convent and observed their code of silence for four years. she became a teacher. when she learned she had epilepsy she gave it up and went be back to the sisterhood. she would write two dozen books about art, literature and poetpp. shered in the documentaries for a decade. sister wendy beckett,un the who became an improbable star in her 60s died this week in
8:55 am
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♪ . . not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town.
8:58 am
energy lives here. that's going to do it for this final show of 2018. thank inu so much for spe part of your morning with us. willey will see you right back here on "sunday today" 2019 and i'll see you on "nbc nightly news" and weekdays over on msnbc. have a great new year.
8:59 am
breaking from overnight, police in prince gege's county working to track down a killer after a deadly shooting on the streets. and a driver running over li and kilng a 16-year-old then taking off. and fears confirmed for the wizards, yeah. all-star point guard john wall's season is over because of a foot injury. more on that injury but first, thank you for being here with us on thiday morning. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm david culver. a busy sunday morning aroun here. >> it always is. and it gets more tense when
9:00 am
roi lauryn ricketts is in the mix. >> i don't know how to take that but thank you guys. >> we love you. >> we're talking about rain. temperatures are in the low 40s. we'l top out in the mid to upper 40s. yesterday we made it into the mid to upper 50s. a few drops w of raie pushing through the asia. a little bit of drizzle possible towards the frederick county area towards loudoun county. likely you didn't see these sprinkles at all. now we widen out the view. area of low pressure moving out. rain into the region just in time for


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