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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 30, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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roi lauryn ricketts is in the mix. >> i don't know how to take that but thank you guys. >> we love you. >> we're talking about rain. temperatures are in the low 40s. we'l top out in the mid to upper 40s. yesterday we made it into the mid to upper 50s. a few drops w of raie pushing through the asia. a little bit of drizzle possible towards the frederick county area towards loudoun county. likely you didn't see these sprinkles at all. now we widen out the view. area of low pressure moving out. rain into the region just in time for new year's aeve.
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we'll taut that in 15 minutes. >> lauryn, thank you very much. the smi tsonian and national zoo will be open through new year's day. >> but on january 2hings change. that's when the agencies run out of money due to the partial government shutdown. derrick ward is live on the national mall with more on how this will impact the folks who are perhaps viting the area for the holidays. >> yeah. you know, this could be your last weekend to taken the sights at the smithsonian. asou can see, the mall is clean because d.c. trash trucks are picking thingswe up. ad a driver come by and say somebody's got to do it but museums like natural history t d the wot goes on outside may come to a close. d theational zoo is part of the smithsonian so come january 2 if tre's no resolution they could be closed. the zoo keepers promised they will take care of the animals, make sure they're fed and cared for but this will alsofft
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places like nih research centers. that could come to an end as announced theas will be furloughing 14,000 workers so that's going to be add the 400,000 people working without pay and the 350,000 who aren't working at all. about 800,000 federalerovernment wo are affected by this. if you go to the opm web site, they've put up some form letters about how you should inform creditors that the bills may not be in full and they apparently mistakenly put up letters that explained or help people set up barteringem agts. they were taken down. but it's affecting more people weekhis could be your last end to come down and get siinsi some of the smithsonian attractions. meantime, we are following breaking news from overnight.
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police in prince george's county are looking into a.eadly shooti this was the scene here on tailor avenue in ft. washington. officers showing up to a reported shooting after 10:30. they found a man witd a gunshot wot it was too late to save him. g investigators are workint what led up to the soting no suspects have been named. we're staying on top of a developing story out of reston, virginia. it's a troubling one. police are trying to track down a suspected hit-and-run driver believed responsible for killing a 16-year-old boy. is. >>ough one, indeed. it happened around 5:45 around south likes drive at castle rock square. witnesses say the teenager had just gotten off the bus and was crossing the street when he was hit. the driver didn't stop and rig now police don't have much information about the >> the onlrmation that we trve right now is that it was a sedan that was theing vehicle. we have no color. we have no other informae on on hicle, unfortunately, at this time. police say the car involved should have front end damage. new this morninga maryland
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man facing charges after a deadly and fiery multivehicle crash up in new york city. police say sherman harrison of upper marlborough crashed into several cars in the tribeca neighborhood. one car flipped and caught on re. while officials were extinguishing the fire, they discovered an unconscious woman inside. she was pronounced dead. harrison tried to flee the scene according to police but he was later arrested. he was taken to the hospital and faces charges including la mahter. we're learning more about a brutal murder of a mother in front of a rockville church and now her 21-year-old son is wi charge killing her. police say kevin justice tin mcguigan stabbed his mother to death friday night at st. raphael catholic church. they say jacqueline mcguigan's body was found after police heard screaming and saw her son standing over her. he got away in her car which wao
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later found abd. kevin was arrested at a rockville gas sedation yesterday morning. >> this is a horrible tragic family situation. >> i'm a mother of a 25-year-old and i think that we all as pafents feel like we can be around those that supposedly love us most. >> jacqueline has o other children. she was a breast cancer mirvivor. members described her as a positive person who was the rock of her family. police say suspicious death is a homicide in prince george's county and they need your help. just before noon yesterdayfi ofcers responded to this scene right here, evans trail in beltsville. th found a man dead inside car. police are working to figure out how the victim died. new developments in the case of a pregnant woman who was set on fire in prince george's bunty. a second man wonfacing charges. according to wtop, prosecutors d is droharges against jonathan edward miller on friday. it's unclear w the charges were dropped.
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a jury acquitted la quinn phillips who was charged with attacking the woman. the woman was pregnant when the attack happened last year. phillipss the father of the baby. she delivered her baby early and suffered severe burns. e shared in story on our weebs a app as it was happening. terrifying moments at bwi thurgood marshall airport after a passenger loading bridge fail, sending six people to the hospital. paramedics were helping a woman with a medical situation get off the southwest flight. airport officials say that's when there was an issue with the equipment on the movable connector from the airport terminal to the plane. the flight just arrived from bwi heom the dominican republic. witnesses descrincident as traumatic. >> about two seconds after she walked out there was this loud crash. it was traumatic and everybody runeed to the front of the p and the flight attendants were like please sit down and nobody knew what was going on.
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>> that's frhtening. six people were taken to a nearby hospita they're expected to recover. the incident remains under investigation. several fire companies banded together to battle a two-alarm fire at a warehouse in upper marl marl -- marlboro. flames shot through the roof of a warehouse b at & k rental at ctd marlboro pike. portions of the ste collapsed. the damage estimated to be about $1.5 million. prince george's county fire was helped out by other fires and d.c. fire. no word on a cause there. new year's eve is just aa day away. as we headnd toward the of the year, an important reminder, don't drink and drive. the washington regional alcohol program in partnership with lyft is offering5 on new year's eve. users can enter a promo code in the lyft app whi will be available tomorrow at noon. d.c.'s sober ride program
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operates at 8:00 at night through 4:00 in the morning until new year's day. 400 rides have been provided this month. the wizards will have to play w guard john he will have to have surgery on his left covery is expected to take six to eight months. sll may not end up being in the lineup but it dieem to affect the game against the hornets. the wizards winning that 130-126. they are back at home this esday playing against th atlanta hawks. from the hod wood t the gridiron, some f familiaraces set to play fge col football's national championship. clemson destroyed notre dame. they won 30-3. in miami, alabama jumped out to an early lead against oklahoma. chuck bell's boomer sooners could never catch up. that means cmson and alabama
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will face off for the national championship. it's the thirdn time i four years. this game is s for monday night at levi stadi in san franalsco. >> sev news 4 eyes will be on this. >>absolutely. our producer alan is a clemson fan. 09 is your time. for-sale signs popping up in parts of northern virginia as soon as amazon announced it was coming to town. up xt, you'll hear from real estate experts how the new headquarte
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it seems the company many of us relied on for holiday gifts is behind a recent spike in home sale
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sales. it seems to have sparked an immediate rush to buy. i met with real estate experts in northern virginia this past week. they explain how old amazon is changing the market before the new headquarters opened. late fall into winter typically chills down the housing market. >> hello, welcome. this is one of our staged properties. >> this year, during what is generally the slow season, susan is working overtime staging houses to feel like homes. he >>'s definitely an amazon effect. >> susan said me she initially only had one home scheduled until november 13. amazon choosing crystal city for one of its campuses and susan's phone started ringing. a >> we stagedbout a dozen homes in november. he >>mmediate impact of the hq 2 announcement in northern virginia? homes for sale going quickly off the market. t according real estate web site dcurbanturf, this november in the zip code that will be known as nationallanding, 22
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homes went under contract compared with three this time last year, a 633% increase. >> we had two listings that were priced appropriately but were not tting much traction or offers for more than a month and within days of the amazon announcement they had multiple offers and they both sold at or above list price. >> taking ovhas learned from grr the country looking for investment properties. >> we had a client frnm cali debating a rental property looking here and arlington because of amazon. >> but she and other real estate experts don't expect that surge to continue. george mason's steven fuller institute stressed the impac would be dispersed across our ou region and w occur over several years. our digital team working on this
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story found out not everyone iso praising thiing real estate market. check out our nbc washington app, search hq 2 and you'll learn about the resident w lse reed aboing their homes. 9:14 is your a time now we look live outside. ea the capitol wheel was spinning ier, now it's stopped. might be a nice day to get out because it will be mild outside. al have a big foo game in town. lauryn ricketts has a look at your sunday forecast when they weome back. cgo
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>> five, four, three, two, one,ap n rehearsing. it didn't actually happened yet. new york city is gettieady for new year's eve in times square. everything is rehearsed, even the confetti. hundreds gathered to see it fall through the air in antic pation of 3,0nds of confetti that will be released in the new year. chec ithis out. thcool. this year the confetti will include thousands of wishes from individuals who submitted them. i think that's a good idea. >> i guarantee t majority will be lottery tickets, people wishing they could win the lottery. >> $415 million, the estimated jackpot. as we inchloser to the start of 2019, we're looking back at stories and videos that made you laugh.
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>> here's rafael sepp with the lighter side. >> reporter: we sing the praises of 2018. it was a yeafilled with ups and downs. >> oh! >> reporter: and some ups that felt like downs. [ screaming ] rae up was this new jersey father and son celng the boy's release from the hospital. or this two-year-old discovering his ball magically comes back. most days of 2018 probably went like any other. you awokto the sound of your alarm clock, got dressed to impress and had a healthy breakfast. but don't de brian b st>>epteher: h tefully he's no cecene of get to the s the the crime where the break in is wrong but the moves are so right. if you like dog sports,chs tert.
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and notice how benny the hockeys dog mano stay out of the penalty box despite roughing. [ dog barking ]rt exsay animals will help keep your blood pressure low. >> stop, please. >> reporter: but bea are keeping your car insurance rates high. >> there's a bear on my car. >> reporter: so for new year's ake the stairs to stay healthy. ttireluons, sometimes the stairs take you. to reduce your carbon footprint, try catching a bus and always remember to ep your eye on the ball. rafael seth, nbc news. >> that wasn't like a running of the bull, they were runningaway from the ball. >> that was a ball, not a bull. >>o kidding. >> that was pretty clear, too. >> no kidding. >> i just didn't know if you kn >> i need help up here. i wanted to know what that event s. >> i'll look into it. i'm right on it.
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>> david, f you have toure out what that was for adam. >> thank you. >> that answer will come. >> i have a job to do, i'll tell you whe it's going to rain. temperatures will be mild, we'll billion in the 50s. not talking about f new york, those temperatures will be in the 40s. >> and they'll be standing in times square for that for hours. >> it will be bad out there. but the samehaystems coming right on up and it's in the gulf coast right now, it m wie that rain into our area throughout tomorrow morning and thenw by tomor afternoon periods of showers, so, yes, mother nature isn't done adding to our 2018 rain total, well over 60 inches. wetest year we've had ever and i believe we'll get a quarter or half inch of it looks like it will rain. we don't have anything on the radar but we have a little blue sky. there it is. so we're partly sunny today and
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i think we'll have more sunshine as well. tomorrow will be wet. we'll time out the rain showers because i don't think it will bg rain all day. tuesday mild. all the rain is out of here and we're lefith warm temperatures before we cool down by wednesday and temperatures anywhere from the low to mid-30s in the shenandoah valley to the low 40s along the i-95 corridor so these will be slow to move through the day. topping out in the mid to upper 40s. we had maybe a flurry earlier this morning but a lot of that wasvarating before it hit the ground we have snow in new york city, a lot of that is moving off the coast and here's the rain system down to the deep south. area of low pressure down to the deep south will move into the ohio valley through the early portion of the week and that will bring us rain showers. not today, though. mid to upper 40s for daytime highs. yesterday we were 58 degrees.
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for your weekendctities we have rain to the decorations down nice and dry sday.ou redskins game musin to keep the eagles out of the playoffs. >> go birds! >> adam, i see you. low 50s for tomorrow. rain arrive us there the morning have showers throughout the day. the temperatures will be 50s. ht b evybodwillee rn b we head into tuesday morning but i'll keep showers chances aund for the 2018/2019 for the new year. they will be out ofere by daybreak on tuesday. look at the temperature. low wednesday, sday, back into the mid-40s and we have rain chances returning on friday.
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chances returning on friday.
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go to today. ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪ welcome back. a hotel fired two employees after the workers told an african-american guesto leave. jermaine matthew was in the hotel lobby a week ago speaking on the phone with his mom.
9:26 am
he recorded what happened and posted it on sociasemedia. a whitrity guard called him a safety threat and accused him of trespassing. the guard kicked him out of the hotel ancalled police. he says he wants to know why he was asked to leave. his attorney wan to know, too. >> why did that guy think that he had the prerogative to just start questioning my guy, to disbelieve him, to badger him, to throw him o call the police? >> the hotel says an outside party will conduct a third-party investigation into the incident> > now that kmasz -- christmas has come and gone, it'sime to tackle the decorations in the tree. but in pennsylvania, you don't have to worry about it, just feed the tree to the the christmas can be turned into snacks. an addiction recovery facility takes them, feeds the treats to their goats on the farm and it out they're a natural we wormer. >> yeah. >> sorry, this vid is j this ve
9:27 am
fascinating th goats will heat anything. they also make fur use of the wood as well.yo there go. so iyou have aoat and an old christma tree, feed it to the goat. >> but take the ornaments and thes lig off first. 9:27. let's give you a le look outside. union station. a mild start, lauryn ricketts is looking into next year already. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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at 9:30 on this sunday tumorning, a ding story. witnesses say they saw a 21-year-old man standing over his bleeding mother outside a montgomery county church. this morning he is charged with her murder. more than a week into the shutdown andrnment all appears to be a holding er pa and with no clear path to the shutdown ending, federal workers are looking for options to make ends meet while they're forced to go without a paycheck. a lot going on on this sunday morning. thank you for being here with us. if you're still watching on tv, maybe you want to pull up facebook live because david has facebook lye going. >> i started it. good morning, i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm david culver. adam is warning folks hisy phi
9:31 am
brethren are coming into town. >> look, i make no bones about it. this is my team. the eagles have to win today and if they do in d.c. and the vikings lose -- which means kirk cousins is involved in this -- the eagles get into the playoff. >> can we bring inbalance. >> the game is at fedex field and lauryn will tell us about ure weather here. >> , you want to take this? >> noten really. liredskins, we have to win this game. i know it's been a long season. it will be fine with. again, if you're headed out to fedex field, it won't be bad. no weather concerns at all today and we're finally getting peeks of sunshine out there smtd we'll continue to have partly sunny conditions leading into the afternoon a we'll be dry out there today. temperatures out there right now. 's still chilly in the shenandoah valley what we're finding temperatures iow the to mid-30s, right along that
9:32 am
freezing mark you can see temperatures are around 40 degrees. we'll top out in the mid to per 40s today. yesterday we were at 58. it was so nice yesterday. you make you way out the door, don't need that umbrella, don't need that hat and gloves, i don't think it will be that maybe if you're going out to fedex, temperatus will be above normal for this time of the year. averag temperature is is 44. mid to upper 40s today. tomorrow and new year's day big warmup coming our way but also a lot of rain coming ourway. we'll talk about how warm we'll get on that ten-day forecast in 15 minutes. we haveto tough for you here. a mother brutally murdered in front of a rockvilnd church the man charged in her crime is her own son. >> i can show you what he looks like here, this is kevin justin edguigan. he's chaith stabbing his mother to death. darcy spencer has more on the tragedy shocking one communi.
9:33 am
>> reporter: she was the mother of three and a breasivcancer survor. now her 21-year-old son is accused of stabbing her to j deatht outside st. raphael's catholic church in rockville. the priest asked for prayers for the family during afternoon services. fu >> such a wondparish, we've been members for a long time and it's a eat neighborhood so very shocking. >> police say jacqueline mcguigan's body was found in front of the church after witnesses heard screaming and saw her son kevin standing over her. police say he got away in a car that was abandoned. he was arrested at a gas station in rockville saturday morning. >> this is a horrible tragic family >> reporter: family members describe mcguigan as a positive person who worked in sales and was the rock of her fa they can't believe she died in such a violent way. gedly at the hands of he own son. >> i'm a mother of a 25-year-old
9:34 am
ca safas the ones who ed suppos love us most, our family. >> reporter: mcguigan is being held without bond on a first degr murder charge. in rockville, darcy spencer, news 4. we're staying on top of a developing story out of reston, virginia. fairfax county police need your help trying to track d suspected hit-and-run driver believed responsible for killing a 16-year-old boy. >> it happened around 5:45 at south lakes drive at castle rock square. some witnesses say the teenager trd just gotten off the bus and was crossing thet when he was hit. t ndthope rmidater an stabn'ou oliv er. they say the car id should have front end damage. w, all maryland man facing charges after a deadly multi-vehicle crash inew york city police say sherman harrison of upper marlboro crashed into several cars in the tribeca neighborhood. look what happened here. t
9:35 am
one cars flipped and caught on fire. while officials were trying to put out the fire, they found a won unconscious inside. she was pronounced dead. according to police, harrison tried to flee the scene. they later tracked himown and took him into custody. he was also taken to the hospital and faces several charges including manslaughter. the partial shutdown of the federal government has now entered its second week and an end to the stalemate doebe't appear tlose. >> likely to linger into the new year, president trump meantime remains in washington instead of taking a planned vacation to florida. meanwhile, thousands of federal employees -- many in our area and across the nation -- is m trying te ends meet without paychecks. chris pollone has the latest. >> reporter: the shutdown is in its second week and presidmit trump is b democrats. saturday blaming them for not givi him 10 votes in the senate to build a wall along the southern border when his party controlled three branches of government. the president demanded more than
9:36 am
$5 billion in a new sp bill for a border wall which would have kept the government open. >> we gave them our most recent offer. we came down off of our $5 billion. >> sources say nbc news would accept a compromise of $2.5 billion but democrats insisted w building a newall at the border won't happen and aides for democratic house leader nancy pelosi say the white house hasn't reached out to her since december 11. still, both sides know how high the stakes are in this shutdown showdown. >> it will hurt our economy. it makes no sense whatsoever. >> reporter: democrats and republicans calculating voters will blame the other side for the third government shutdown this year, meang a solution might not come until after the new year when democrats take control of the house. chris pollone, nbc news. meantime, active duty members of the u.s. coast guard are in danger of getting their paychecks late because of a
9:37 am
mbers will get a paycheck tomorrow but after that mings will gky. they're the only branch of the military in danger of not getting paid due to befunded by the department of homeland security. >> and you have to factor this in. about 15% of housestlds in the ct struggle to put food on the table. thin worse for a lot of families. folks who have been receiving government assistance to provide food to their families can still e ceive the money despite shutdown. that includes programs like wic or the supplemental nutrition assistance program, snap. the director ofun.c.r solutions says federal workers who will not reive back pay should and can apply for unemployment untilrn the gont reopens. >> this might be that push cause theybs a felor you. people need to be fed. >> there are a lot of folkso tryingelp out with. that they have nonprofits and
9:38 am
private companies working to f providancial assistance for many of you federal workers. you can search "shutdown" in the c washington app. time is 9:38. if you need inspiration, ones woma journey will give you hope going into the new year. check this out. claudia rtinez has been working for years to become a doctor. when she turned 20 she was told she had a rare brain malformation. that impacted her vision, speech, and coordination. over the past seven years she'so had six brain surgeries while pushing through med school. >> my experience as a patient has definitely provided me with that i would have not gotten in medil school. >> that is confidence. claudia is likely going to be a patient for life, but she's also going to be a doctor. she'll be graduatirn from mcgoveedical school in houston next fall with honors.
9:39 am
>> one determined soul, that's incredible. coming up, a story showcasing cooperation between the commupoty and the ce. why a woman from prince george's county nominated her young neighbor to be this week's neighbor to be this week's harris' hero.
9:40 am
neighbor to be this week's harris' hero. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:41 am
♪ ♪ >> you did a nice job on this driveway. >> yup. >> was it fun? >> yes. >> reporter: 12-year-old cody davenport is already making a name for himself on this street. just ask his neighbor dr. gerty hurley. >> when it's trash day and the
9:42 am
trash cans are out and theext thing i know the trash cans are back up against thend garage then i have to call over there and i say was cody here? >> reporter: helping others is something he learned from his dad, prince george's county sheriff sean doavenport. from shoveling snow to taking on big projects for hurl dis. s>> they haverm damage from the wind we had. >> reporter: mrs.urley told us about the two heroes because she said she felt it was important to share a good story about law nforcement officers and african-americans. i would not imagine that anybody would think that automatically that it's normal for a white cop to be coming over and helping out a black faly. >> it important for all of us, especially those in law enforcement, to get out of our cars, walk up to ors, talk to
9:43 am
people, have the interaction. >> reporter: they aren't the only blessings in her life. >> i installed these two front lamps. >> reporter: milton bunch drives e helphan 100 miles to c the hurley family out with odd jobs. mrs. hurley metiln while he was working on a different neighbor's house. >> when you have someone older and youw they need a helping hand, take the time toive them a helping hand. >> reporter: it's clear to see there's a lot of loven this street. what do you want people to take away from your experience and this story? >> we can ally together and we really are kindred. this is what the world could be like. this is an example of what it uld be like. ar why not try it. >> leons with that story. there i was wondering how there could be so many hharris'oes and then he explained it. folks helping each other out. >> s cool.
9:44 am
>>. let's lookout sides on this sunday morning. tough to see. >> lauryn assures us today will be nice, cloud cover in the forecast but probably i the upper 40s but we'llheck in c
9:45 am
9:46 am
welcome back. the whardest-hiter cust americans will share millions of dollars in relief as the
9:47 am
district rolls out aew program to help pay for skyrocketing fees. >> the i-team exposed the problem last fall.iv investig reporter jodie fleisher explains who is eligible for the money >> and how they'll get it. >> reporter: district leaders estima 1200 nonprofits include urches and cemeteries can get this relief. this is after news 4 i-team investigation that shows how churches, cemeteries and other nonprofits were struggling pay thousands of dollars each month just far fee. h >> we haven a chance to do anything about the fees until now. >> reporter: mike greenf serves as a deacon at d.c.'s urch of the incarnation he showed up at a recent stoegs find out how to apply. you have been hurt by these fees? >> , yes. 72% of our monthly bill. >> repter: the i-team showed how the clean rivers program was
9:48 am
hurting churches. rock creek cemetery said it would have to close faced with fees topping $200,000 a year. district leadersudgeted $7 million to pay those bills. >> we believe the amount shod coverit. >> reporter: to qualify, nonprofits must be a religious entity, cemetery or licensed with d.c. as a charity with tax-exempt property status. they'll have to show their clean rivers fees amount to at least 1% of their total revenue after expenses. >> we are so appreciative that they have this relief project. reporter: velma wyman showed up to hear about the relief. we met her last year, the rain garden they installed amounted to very little credit on their bill. now that improvement and pour's pavers they install willed qualify them tet 90% of their clean rivers fees dpaid. thtrict is requiring an approved runoff mitigation to get the full amount but nonprofits that can't do that can get 83% of their fees paid
9:49 am
and payments will be retro active to october of 2018. >> we've beeng strugglth our budget for the last several years and having this fee come way down our bill will make big difference in the programs and the things we can do going into the future. >> reporter: but many are worried. the money is only budgeted for one year and the fees will there when the money is gone. hey're based on the square footage of property that could create storm water runoff like roof tops, patios and that's why cemeteries and churches hav been impacted? >> it needs to be in the budget every year. >> reporter: d.c. water kicked in $6 million to help low and bhod r moderate income residents. you ain find more d about both programs in our nbc washington app, including a link to tre page w you can apply starting next week. jodie fleisher, news 4, i-team. only going to s be available on a first come first serve basis, however program officials told the i-team that they're confident
9:50 am
thereill be enough monor all eligible nonprofits and people who good to know. >> 9:50 is your time now. lauryn ricketts with us. just -hind me >> that's a weird view. the camera i'll show you has >> so it's the sun ang e ankle. >> i don't know what is going on over there. >> oh, yeah, the lincoln is shining. >> nailed it. >> nailed >> don't show a cloud camera on a sunny day. >> this just means 's in your perspective. >> in the eye of the beholder. >> thawas beautiful, adam. >> did it bring a tear to your aye? >> no. >> i love you guys. >> so much love. i love you guys.e we have sunshut there. partly sunny skies through the day today. not looking tha bad although this morning it looked on the cloudy side and l lookede it would rain but we'll be dry out there today. we have sunshine. hbelieve we'lle more cloud
9:51 am
cover than yesterday. we have rain moving in as we head through the morning tomorrow. by noon everybody will have rain. but that rai is pushing in from the south and west to the north and east so i don't believe the morninmute will be wet. the evening commute will be wet and will we have steady rain? no, it's more showers as we get through your tomorrow afternoon o notnto tomorrow night that steady heavy rain. probably about a quarter of an in to half an inch. we're dry on new year's day. not only dry, very warm on new year's day. i'll show you this temperature. mperatures are in the low 4040s. mid to upper 40s thrgh the day today. you can see nothing happening on radar right now. if you are joining us in traveling, we are going to have a nation and easy travel across the united states. this system ge here.oing down you can see the rain by the deep south, that's an area of low pressure and tha will bring us rain through the day tomorrow. but not today. mid tospper 40 for today. not as warm as yesterday. yesterday 58 degrees.
9:52 am
to trrow will be in low 50s but we have the rain throughout the day. especially by the afternoon and into the evening. new year's eve night mild, look at this, temperatures will be around 50 but on-and-off showers so not everybody will get wet. you can download the nbc washington app to have the radar. the winds will pick up after a midnig we'll continue to have breezy conditions, about 10 to 20 mes an hour after midnight by. noon tomorrow, everybody wet as e rain rolls in. spotty showers if you're headed to dinner on new year's eve night. by new years once we bring in 2019 a few spotty showers but everything is out by daybreak tuesday morning and then tuesday 63 degrees. it will be beautiful. yes, that's what i'm talking about. wednesday and thursday -- i'm getting applause from adam tuss, that's crazy. temperatures will be in the mid-40 wednesday and thursday. mid-40 wednesday and thursday. rain chances return on
9:53 am
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a lot of decluttering going on, gets boxes and wrapping paper out of the house. it can make you a verget for th >> shomari stone talked to police and one man who put himself at risk. >> we love putting these decorations out here. >>eporter: clark's festive house with santa claus, storm troopers and reindeer is pular in montgomery county. >> hopefully itntertains friends and family who pass through here.ut >> reporter: the 65-inch t
9:56 am
sony box could also attract crooks for the wrong reason. he put it out on the curb for trash collection. >> we definitely made the mistake by making ourselves a target. >> reporter:hieves could steal his joy like the grinch, leaving him shaking in anger like this snowman. >> we have suspects who drive through neighbors looking to see what kind of items are put out. >> reporter: police recommend breaking down the box or removing it. >> you're advertising what's in yo home. >> reporter: that's what clark is doing. >> probably next step thanks to you will be taking it inside, wybe come out when i bring it out in the mornin i see the garbage truck come by. >> reporter: so he can continue to have -- >> happy holidays. >> reporter: to you, clark. if you have a big-ticket like this, cut it down, put in the a recycling bin or take it to a facility. in montgomery county, shomari stone, news 4.
9:57 am
>> good tips. >> we should watch the a super bo clark's house. >> why not? he has a nice tv. > taking aive look at the white house right now. it looks like the sun is pushing the clos away a that's a good thing. a gentle breeze and 42gr s. lauryn ricketts will be back with yousunday forecast when r
9:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪
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10:00 am
just about 10:00 on this sunday morng. if you've been with us since 6:00, thanks for scks it o with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm david lver. that's a long ride. >> why wnot? >>have a busy morning. and we have more to catch you up onsut le start off with lauryn ricketts who's tracking a mild start. hey, lauryn. >> hey there, guys. a mild start throughout with mperatures around 40 degrees in the district. you head over to the shenandoah valley, those temperatures are around the freezing mark so a little cooler to the west. but we'll be cooler in general toda t compared yesterday. yesterday mid to upper 50s.ea soiful yesterday. today not going to quite make it as far and we ha sunshine out there with some cloud cover as will be that's how it out there today. temperatures, okay, they've come up in the shenandoah vall, mid-30s right now. temperatures into the mid to


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