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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 30, 2018 10:00am-10:31am EST

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just about 10:00 on this sunday morng. if you've been with us since 6:00, thanks for scks it o with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm david lver. that's a long ride. >> why wnot? >>have a busy morning. and we have more to catch you up onsut le start off with lauryn ricketts who's tracking a mild start. hey, lauryn. >> hey there, guys. a mild start throughout with mperatures around 40 degrees in the district. you head over to the shenandoah valley, those temperatures are around the freezing mark so a little cooler to the west. but we'll be cooler in general toda t compared yesterday. yesterday mid to upper 50s.ea soiful yesterday. today not going to quite make it as far and we ha sunshine out there with some cloud cover as will be that's how it out there today. temperatures, okay, they've come up in the shenandoah vall, mid-30s right now. temperatures into the mid tope
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40s today. we will have partly sunny ut i believe more cloud cover than sun today. as far as new year's eve is concerned, tomorrow will be a wet one. we have rain moving in but we have warm temperatures moving in. i'll show you the next ten days and let you see if you see any snow in jt minutes. >> snow! >> that got his attention. >> definitely. this could be your last week end visit tmithsonian museums and national zoo for quite a while. >> but on january 2 things enange. that's when the es run out of money due to the partial government shutdown. derrick ward is live on the national mall with more on how tis will impact the folks who are perhaps visiti area for the holidays. >> reporter: good morning, things are picking up on the national mall. you can see more people, you can see how popular it is even though this is the holidaywe end period. it's always popular on weekends but, againd the smithsonian other agencies are joining the
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lists of agencies that have r t of money because of the partial shutdown. shutsdown,thsonian that means things like the zoo will be closed. we've heard from zoo officials and keepers who say they will show up to make sure the animals are cared for. but the nih will also run out of funding on janry 2 if the shutdown hasn't ended by then. we've heard from folks who say this is a disappointment. there's lucky ones but we talked to this guy who happened to be down here takinin the sights and this is what he had to say. >> i think it's unfortunate for everyone not having the opportunity to visit u.s. history. it's unfortunatehat the politicians can't agree onsi
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le things that we should -- we need to get along. > you can see that popular carousel is still now -- wasnn rug but it could be for quite some time again if this isn't resolved soon. the open yeah shutdown, that's like 14, 000 workers added to the role of 800,000 who are affected. 400,000 worng without checks and 350, 000 not working at all. live on the mall, derrick ward, news >>4. hank you very much. meantime, we are following breaking news from police in prince george's county looking into a deadly shooting. this washe scene here on tailor avenue in ft. washington. officers showing up to a reported shooting after 10:30. they found a man with a gunshot wound but it was too late to investigators are working out what pled to the shooting and so far no suspects have been named we're stay top of a developing story out of reston, virginia. police are trying to track down
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a suspected hit-and-run driver believed responsible for killing a 16-year-old boy. >> it happened last night on south lakes drive at castle rock square around 5:45. witnesses say the teenager had just gotten off the bus and was crossing the street when he was hit. the driver didn't stop and right now police don't hav information about the driver. >> the only information that we have right now is that it was a sedan that was the striking vehicle. we have no color. we have no other infor on the vehicle, unfortunately, at this time. >>d police say the car invol should have front end damage. that is something to be on the look youth for. new this morning, a maryland man facing charges after a deadly a crash up in new york city. police say sherman harrison of upper marlboro crashed into several cars in the tbeca neighborhood. e flipd caug osult of that. re. whilofals re extinguishing the fire, they discovered aunconscious woman inside. she was pronounced dead.
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harrison tried to flee the scene according to police but he was later arrested. he wasaken to the hospital and faces charges including manslaughter. we're learning more about a brutal murder of a mother in anont of a rockville churc now her 21-year-old son is charged with killing her. police say he stabbed his mother to death at st. rafael catholic church. they say jacqueline mcguigan's body was found after police heard screaming and saw her son standing over her. kevin was arrested at a rockville gas sedation yesterday morning. >> this is a horrible tragic family situation. >> i'm a mher of a 25-year-old and i think that we all as parents feel like we can be safe around those that supposedly love us most. >> jacqueline has two other children. she was a breast cancer survivor. family members described her as
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a positive person who was the rock of her family. e > police say a suspicious death is a homic prince george's county and they need four help. if you have any ation they want to hear from you. just before noon yesterday, officers responded tevans trail. they found a man dead inside a car. police are working to figure out how the victim died. new developments in the cas of a pregnant woman set on fire in prince george's county. a second man won't be facing charges. according to wtop, prosecutors is dropped charges against jonathan edward miller on friday. it's unclear why the charges were dropped. a jury acquitted la qun phillips who was charged with attacking the woman. the woman was pregnant when th attack happened last year. phillips is the father of the by ba she delivered her baby early and tsffered severe burns. terrifying momt bwi thurgood marshall airport after a passenger loading bridge failed sending six people to the hospital. paramedics were helping a with a medical situation get off
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it will southwest flight yesterday. the southwest flight. airport officials say that's when there was an issue with the equipment on the movable connector from the airport terminal to the plane. the flight just arrived from bwi from the dominican republic. witnesses describe the incident as traumatic. >> about two seconds after she walked out there was this loud crash. it was traumatic and everybody rushed to the front of the plane and the flight attendants were like please sit down and nobody ew what was going on. >> that's frightening. six people were taken to a nearby hospital. they're expected to recover. the incident remains under investigation. several fire companies banded together to battle a two-alarm fire at a warehouse in upper marlboro. yesterday flames shot through the roof of the warehouse at b & kl ren on old marlboro pike. no hne wast but portions of the structure did collapse. the damage estimated to be about $1.5 million.
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prince george's coty fire was he helped out by counties and d.c. fire. c no word onse there. new year's eve just a day away and you want to be safe out there. as we head out there, an important reminder not to drink and drive. the washington regional alcohol program in partnerllip with lyft e offering rides for those looking to get around safely. the sober ride program operates overnight from 8:00 to 4:00 in the morning until near's day. the sober ride runs until new year's day. far, over 400 sober rides have been provided this month. this is a tough one for the shington wizards, they'll play the rest of the seaso without all-star pointuard johnwall. after consulting with a ia splist, wall wilonhave surger his left heel. very is expected to take six to eight months. is wall may i not ben the lineup
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but thds wizar won against the hornets 130-126. they are bacweat home this esday playing against the atlanta hawks. coming up, a man's phone call to his mother and then le someone cthe police on him.
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a hotel firing two employee an african-american guest to leave. the hotel in portland, oregon, apologized for the incident. jermaine massey was in thed hotl was in the lobby talking to his mom. a white security guard said he afs ay threat and asked limb to leave. the guard kicked him out of the hotel and asked him to leave. massey wants to know why he was asked to leave, so did his
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>> why did thathink he had the prerogative to start questioning my guy, to disbelieve him, to badger him, to throw him out, to call the police?s >> the hotel s outside party will conduct an investigation into the incident. knew christmas has come and gone ye have to tac holiday ha decorations,includes the tree. but in pennsylvania there's an alternative. you don't have to throw the tree to the, cu you just feed the tree to t goats. >> it's an a iction recovery if facility that takes the trees, feeds the tree their goats on the farms and the trees are a natural dewormer for the goats. >> warmer? >> wormer. like worms. like puppies have worms. >> look h excit they are. >> the goats will eat anything, clearly. e d once the goat strips the trees bare, they mrther use of the wood. i think they eat the wood as well. >> no, they build houses with it. >> a nativity set. you. >> but you made a good point that you have to take the decorations off the tree. >> unless there's a popcorn
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ball. >> the string better be digestible. 10:12 is your time. let's give you a live look outside. the sun was there. lauryn ricketts will tell us when the emperatures will he up as we go into 2019. [screaming & yelling] ♪
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i'm sorry, i don't understand-king german) ♪ ♪ coming up on "meet the
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press," the climate crisis. the evidence is everywhere, the science is settled but the politics is not. climate-related disasters, from wildfires to more intense storms, extreme rain events and floods, are already a serious threat and getting worse and costrig us millions. ng temperatures are hitting the u.s. economyofith billions osses. in a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll, two-thirds of americans lieve action is needed now to address global climate change. but the federal response to the climate crisis has been political paralysis and in some corners pure denial. we'll talk to a panel of experts to help us understanthe challenge of climate change and the challenge of getting the government to do something about it. i'll sit down with former new bloomberg and california governor jerry brown both of h ave been on the front lines dealing with climate change. that's all ahead on "meet the thess." you can catc special episode of "meet the press" at :30 right after another edition of news 4 today. well, 20 almost over, it was a turbulent year that saw several natural disasters coast to coast and political turmoil in d.c. >> jay gy takes a look back at
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the many headlines in 2018. >> didn't expect that reaction but that's okay. [ laughter ]ye it's beear of the unexpected, unpredictable and in some cases unbearable. wind, water and flames devastating path across the country in 2018. mudslides and fires out west, the camp blaze swallowinrathe town of dise, dozens were orlled in the deadliest wildfire in california hi >> extreme isn't the right adjective to use anymore. it's totally explosive. >> reporter: an explosion on the big island fuelled lava that flowed for months. in missouri, summer storms sank a duck boat, 17 tourists drowned in the deadly hnes ripped across the southeast. >> this is something we have not seen before. >> reporter: florence stalling, flooding the carolinas.g
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michael surgto a category four storm. the strongest hurricane ever to hit the panhandle. a storm of controversy continued to build in washington, from president trump's meetings with north carolina president kim jong-un and russian leader vl adimir putin to trade battles with long-stding u.s. allies. saudi arabia and its crown prince ordering the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. president trump accused of turning a blind eye. while the political fight at home was over congress, the democratic party grabbing control of the house, republicans holding on to thn r majority ithe senate on a history-making night that saw more than 100 women, a record number, women congressional seats. along the border, strict immigration separated families before the white house reversed the policy. there wa of the newest supreme court justice brett kavanaugh.
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the administration celebrated his eventual confirmation and and what the white house called "other important wins" includine ructured nafta trade deal, a strong market and economy and unemployment numbers reaching 50-year lows. washington did set asi partisan bickering briefly to say a heart felt and emotional good-bye to former president george h.w. bush. the world cheered the olympic nd spirit competition in south victory of the year came far from the playing field. trapped in a cave for more than a week with floodwaters rising, in players and the coach of a youth soccer team hailand pulled to safety. kids were pulled into the streets of the nation's capitol and cities across the country mourning friends loss and demanding change. >> it's time for victims to be the chge that we need to see. >> reporter: as gunfire again ripped through schools across
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the country. 17 killed in parkland, florida, 10 murdered at a high school in santa fe, texas. shots rang out on more than two dozen campuses. and inside the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh where 11 worshippers were killed. 12 were gunned down during college night at the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks, california, and five people werk shot aled while working at a community newspaper in annapolis, maryland. >> they loved us and we love em. we're a tight family ithere. >> reporter: a family refusing to be cast as victims. the me too movement saw a po hollywoor broker arrested and once beloved superstar convicted of sexual assault. ile an actress took on a new historic role. american meghan markle marring prince harry.
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the couple announcing five mont later the duchess is expecting as the world now looks to the expectations of a new year. jay graynbc news. and one year ago was loikt's marriage. t you don't know about this picture, right that have kiss one of my friends threw a sparkler at us and it landed underneath my dress and i didn't know because i was kiss mig husband and another person r fr thht stuffed it out. >> it didn't burn your dress. >> no, and i didn't know that but there were a couple pictures where that sparkler is underneath my wedding hodress. >> out to eric your husband who you know i love. nicely done planning this whole thi thing. >> he's scared of the rines, at's true. >> i'm sure eric didn't have anything to do with that. >> i tried. >> we made it in a year, th's awesome. a wetteer. the wettest year on record.
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and we'll get more rain tacki on tohe end of these totals before we get to 2019. look at that. look at that. ju are going to have rain showers. a few showers out there as there. we'll be dry. widespread rain monday. most likely the middle part oft morning and into the afternoon and overnight. dry tuesday, wednesday, and thursday nothing happening on the radar right now. we are dr down to the deep south this is our next system and this will bring an area of low pressure up through from arksas up tohe ohio valley and bring us rain as we g we go into your mo temperatures 30s and low 40s. temperatures are mid to upper 40sor daytime highs. yesterday we were mid to upper 50s. tomorrow we'll be.rnold rain arrives through the morning from the southwest to the north and east and ticks with us
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through the afternoon. it won't be raining the whole time but showers and we will tve rain with breezy conditions butperatures will be around 50 as we go through your new year's eve night. so again we have the rain pushing in through here your monday morning and then by the afternoon and evening, showers. we'll have a few showers around as w ring in 2019. it won't be raining everywhere but then we'll d as we continue into tuesday and sdesday we warm up. temperatures on t will be in the low 60s and by wednesday and thursday we cool down. next chane of r comes friday. friday. weave more news after t hhi
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. here are four things to know on this sunday morning. policeorre looking the person who shot and killed someone in ft. washington last night on taylor avenue after 10:30. fairfax county police are trying to track down the driver who hit and killed 16-year-ol boy and kept driving in reston. new year's eve is tomorrow and you want to bee out there. the washington regional alcohol programnd lyft offering free rides up to 15 bucks. d.c.'s sober ride program runs until new year's >>day. a special episode of "meet the press" up next, the climate crisis start at 10:30, about four minutes from now. you have a 60-degree day in
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the forecast. >> 63 on new year's day. it will be awesome. we'll pick up a quarter to half inchfin. that will push in tomorrow. verybody will have rain by lunchtime. showers and not continuous rain but we'll have that for new year's eve night but greatn new year's day. >> so we'll ring in 2019 together. >> i want to.yn laoesn't want. >> to i will. >> we'll make it happen. >> we'll make it happen. >> everybody have a eat 2019. right now, the best internet meets the best things to do on the internet. switch to fios, the 100% fiber-optic network,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪ this sunday the climate
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crisis. >> brace yourself for dangerous heat. >> the drought we're in is disastrousht everyone ougo be worried about it. >> rainfall amounts are staggering. >> about erything we own was destroyed. >> water rushing into the street. >> this is the eye wall hitting right nownd the strongest wind. >> and average temperatures in the ue. could increase anywh from 2 to 11 degrees. >> two fast-moving f estorms within miles of each other. >> you can seeow intense the flames are right now. >> the evidence is everywhere. >> that's my place so you can answer yourself. >> the science is settled. >> it wouldn't be better if the administration in washington didn't deny science. >> but the politis


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