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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 31, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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right no we are gathering new information and reaction to an accident that left three children dead, not far from national harbor. >> and the last day of 2018, the wettest day of the year, it's only fitting that rain impacts the area. i'll have the lat timing, plus when all of this rain comes to an end. and live pictures from taipei, taiwan, one of the latest countries to ring in the new year. these fireworks coming from the city's highest high rise. >> announcer: news 4 midday starts now. good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm chris lawrence. >> and i'm molette grn.
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we begith the latest on this horrible story. three children are dead. two adults ar injured afterth e cars crashed on indian head highway in oxen hill last night. >> this is video from that scene, indian head highway is back open, but the liveser of ne who loved those children will never be the same. news 4's justin finch is live in oxen hill with the >> justin, do we know what caused this crash? >> well, molette, chris, prince george's county police are now digging deepe t intos crash investigation and tell me, they're not ruling out that alcohol and speed ce contributing factors in this crash. and they do also have a male driver in custody. >> on either side of these high noise barriers are homes, families, children split by indian head highway, which aaa calls one of the most dangeus roads in the d.c. area. >> every night, you always hear peop driving reckless, going,
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you know, over the speed limit. it's crazy.ll it's r hard, and it's dangerous, because you have a lot of kids playing around, also here on the streets, sometimes. >> reporter: gustavo molina says he's sadly not sprised to hea of another tragic wreck along route 210. he lives just o of wilson's bridge drive, where prince george's countyolice were on scene of this crash that trapped and killed three children. fifighters had to extricate or remove two adults from one car and rush themumop a t center. prince george's county police tell news 4 a man was taken into custody at t scene of that multi-car crash. and authoriti add alcohol m have played a factor t ins deadly accident. neighbors like molina now calling on drivers to follow the rules of the road to save lives. >> there's always policemen here. th're always, you know watching out for us. but sometimes, you know, they can't be all over the place. we also have to protect ourselves, you know >> and you are looking live right now at indian head
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highway, right here at kirby hill drive. it was back i march that that 24-year-old samira jenkins was struck and killed here. some months later in october, a speed camera was installed at indian head highway and some blocks south and old fort road, something neighbors have been asking for in this area i many years. and they're hoping that more speed cameras in the future cod prevent more deadly wrecks. that's for that one last night, we are still standing by for identification of all of those victims involved, as well, as the conditions of those two adults whoere injured in the crash, as well. we'll bring you more information as it comes into us.iv we're here in oxen hill, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you so very much. right now train service is suspended on metro between federal center and stadium armory due to a police investigation. this is causing delays on the orange, silver, and blue lines. we'll keep y updated on the problem throughout the newscast. 2019 is likely to start the way 2018 ended, with the
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government partially shut down. it's now in its tent day with e president and democrats digging in on funding that border wall. but at let one lawmaker i signaling that the president may be willing to compromise. nbc's jeff benne has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the partial gernment shutdown is heading into its tenth day, with both sides stuck in a standoff over the proposed border wall, talk of new optimism on the part of the president. >> he was in a very good mood, and i think he's receptive to mang a deal if it achieves his goals of securing our border. >> reporter: trump ally,enator lindsey graham, strategizing sunday with mr. trump, over a two-hour lunch. the senator sending a surprising new signal from the west wing. b the wall has become a metaphor fororder security. >> reporter: graham suggesting mr. trump might consider a compromise, that would extend work permits and temporary legal status to qualified undocumented immigrants, in exchange for billions to build border
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barriers. >> the president didn't commit, but i thinks very open-minded. >> reporter: that private meeting cappi president trump's fourth straight day with no public events. the predent out of sight, but tive on twitter, leveling a stunning indication after two migrant children died in federal custody earlier this month. "any deaths of children at the border are strictly the fault of democrats and their pathetic immigration policies." mr. trumpng migrants would not make the journey "if we had a ulll, tdn't even try." democratic lawmars say a border wall is a deal breaker. >> he's tryin toextract $5 billion from the american taxpayer to pay for somethingat clearly would be ineffective. >> reporter: aing hisoice to the debate, outgoing white house chief of staff, john kelly,tr saying p's long-promised southern border wall is not what he has portrayed. kelly telling the "los angeles times," to be honest, it's not a wall.
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and also blaming former attorney general jeff session for the policy separating undocumented immigrants from their children at the border. kelly saying the move took him by surprise. >> and tourists are goint to ue to feel the impact of this shutdown the longer it lasts. themithsonian says museums on tional zoo d the national zosh could close midweek if they don't reach a deal. switching now to e weather forecast, it's six minutes after the hour. you're going to need your umbrella if you're planning t t go out celebrate the final day of 2018. >> yeah, the big question is, will it be a complete washout.ia ams joining us with some of the answers. >> good morning, chris and i molett tracking two rounds of rain today. the first round area right now. you can see some moderate rain on i-81, but for most of us, light showers and only sprinkles at this time. but as i wid out the picture, you can kind of see, this area of rain moves through during the
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mid-morning hour o mid-afternoon hours, it pushes out and we dry out. and then we have another of rain moving in tonight. let's time this out for you with future weathe this is today at noon. we're still tracking showers across most of the area. as wear move t about 3:00 p.m., it looks like we get a break in the rain for a lot of the region, still cloudy. as we head toward dinnertime, 6:00, 7:00 p.m., we start to see rain move bag into the area. 8:00 out there, looking prettyg by 9:30, 10:00, still dealing with wet roads and showers impacting the region. this comes to an end overnight omtonight. andg up, molette, with around 11:20, i'll let you know how today's rain impacts tomorrow's weather for the first day of the new >> happy new year! >> happy new year. it'sor already tw in new zealand. check out the firework odisplay here of the first of the new year in auckland. hundreds of thousands of people enjoyed the show, which started
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at 6:00his morning. it will be another 13 hours before theelebration hits that level inua times . the new york city location will be the scene of the biggest new year's party in the country. as many as a mlion people expected to pack the streets to watch the ball drop and ring in the new year.or we'll have on the weather and security concerns there in the next half hour. >> you already see the crowds t starti fill in down there. >> want to get the best spot. >> at 11:00 in the mornin ll, happening right now in southeastd. , it is new yard' eve sfl eve. >> families gather for a little earlier new year's celebration with the kids. >> live at yards park where the balloons are set to drop in less than an hour, amy? >> anybody nervous? >>no. >> hey, guys, good morning. this event is great for the kiddos who can stay up until midnight. meet my new friends, who came here from springfield, virginia,
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they are decked out in their finest for this new year's eve celebration. give me yourho best . there you go! there you go! that is the spirit. and i also have my new friend, e kevin, from ig apple circus. the theme this year is circus. he has so kindly agreed to let me try my hand here. ay, here we go. here we go. all right, all right, i'm going to hand it back to you now. >> bravo. >> reporter: i'll leave that to he professionals. this celebration been going on for six years running now. the kiddos seem to love it. they've all got so much going on. there's face painting, there's games, there's musi you name it, the kiddos seem to love it. they've got the big apple circus here and the parents seem to love this event as well. >> something to do during the y for the little kids, it's really nice to have in the city. and to be outside, even when it's a little gray, nice to get these kids to have fun outside, run around, and do fun things.
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>> we were here last year and year before, as ill. the weather is good, we always come to this. and we know that they ve the games and the music and the face painting and i think it's a great celebration for the kids. and forhe parents. >> and the balloons are set to drop in less than an. hour all my new friends are ready. we're ready to ring in the new year. we've got a tent behind us in case it starts raining, so we should all be good. for now, we'll send it back to studio.s in the >> that's so adorable. >> yeah, it's so cool, aimee! my kids wouldever get close to making it until midnight, so dropping the ball at eon, that'd perfect. thanks so much! another faly-friendly new year's eve celebration taking place in alexandria. first night alexandria offers more than a hundred performances in some warm indoor venues and ffthey're going to cap the night with a fireworks to ring in 2019. the fun begins at 2:00 this ternoon and you can go to our
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nbc washington app to find more new year's eve celebrations. >> tonight, metro is staying open later for those out and about for new year's eve. metro rail will remain open until 2:00 a.m. metro bus will operate on a regular schedule. and regular fares a parking fees will still be in effect. tomoow on new year's da metro will operate from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on a sunday schedule. w metro bl also operate on a sunday schedule. all peak fairs will be in effect and parking will be free. tomorrow as w ring in the new year, straws are getting the boot in d.c. the district ban on plastic straws and stirrers goes into effect tomorrow. ars and restaurants will have to give out compostable or metal straws. other cities have already banned straws in a movement to curb some of that plastic waste. a new law in utah is getting some national attentioninhis mo why some are arguing the restriction on drinking and driving goes way too far. and we are learning more
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about the young woman who was killed in north carolina by a lion. she had only been on the job for days and her family now speaking out.
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a young woman w just getting started in her career caring for animals and then she was killed by a lion in north c'rolina. >> gabe gutierrez explains what happened to the animal and what's next for the wildlifens vatory where the attack happened. >> reporter: this mog, the family of 22-year-old intern alexandra black is heartbroken. authorities say she died sunday after a lion somehow escaped from a locked space during a routine closure cleaning at the conservator's center, wdlife sanctuary in north carolina. the sheriff's office says deputies shot and killed the lion after efforts toiz tranqu it failed. >> it's sad that, you know, there was a lossf life, and
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then there was the loss of a majestic animal. but, you know, we had tdo what we had to do. >> black was a recent graduate .from indiana universi she started working at the center as an intern just ten fdays ago. heily saying in a statement, she really wanted to make a career of working with animals. adding, she was a beautiful young woman who had just started her career. she died following her passion. the north carolina chapter of the humane society has identified the lion as mata featured here in one of the center's video. the on's profile, in which he's described as shy and nervous, has been removed from the center's website. w the sanctua founded more than 20 years ago and it's home to more than 80 animals, including more th a dozen lions, many of which were rescued from poor living conditions in ohio in 2004. the animals featured on the center's social media profile and youtube page. the center says it's devastated by the loss of a human life and
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will be closed until further notice, as the investigation moves forward. >> working withil wd animals like this, this is a highly skilled profession and something that we take very seriously. sony sort of incidenike this is devastating to everyone. >> gabeep gutierrezting there. park officials say there were visitors on site when thatck at happened, but they were moved to a safe place. it still isn't clear how the lion got out. here a home, police still haven't made any arrests inde a ly shooting in oxen hill. a man was found shot to death outside a home on mystic avenue st night. itot clear if he fwactually lived inse the home. ince george's county police are trying to establish a motive for that shooting. and investigato wking to identify a driver who hit and killed a teenager in fairfax county. the 16-year-old boy was trying to cross south lake's drive in restonht saturday n when he was hit and killed. a sedan hit the teenager and otpt right on going. investigators areure about the color of the car, but say
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the vehicle could have heavy front end damage. call fairfax county iolice you have any information. necessary changes coming to bwima thurgood hall airport. they come after six people were injured from a jet bridgese coll. airport officials say they ar replacing several metal brackets. yesterday, crews inspected all of the airport's bridges, which attach the airport terminal to the plane. they've determined a defective metal bracket prompted saturday night's incident. that bridge is being replaced. at the time of the equipment failure, paramedics were responding to a sick passenger onboard a flight. p the sixeople who suffered minor injuries are now home, ra recung. developing this morning, a manhunt is underway for a man e whoaped custody and stole a sheriff's vehicle in virginia. this happened in montgomery county, down near roanoke. cody drain was arrested for dui yesterday and was waiting to see a judge. while he was sitting in a squad car, he managed to slip out of his restraints and steal the
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sheriff's vehicle. they found the abandoned car short time later, but drain is still on the loose and police think he is armed and dangerous. okay, so as people prepare for new year's eve parties, utah is taking a contrpersial s to stop drunk driving crashes for good. >> yeah, the state jus passed the strictest dui laws in the country. nationally, drivers are considered legally drunk at 0.08%. but utah has dropped that number to 0.05, which means a woman who weighs about 120 pounds willh reac that blood alcohol content with just one 12-ounce beer or half an ounce of wine. that equals about two drinks or a man who weighs about160 pounds. >> hoping to see better decisions made on the front end of a night where somebody's choosing to consume alcoholic beverages. >> in we state of utah, take it seriously and if you're going drink here, don't drive here. >> some critics say the state is going overboard. the american beverage institute
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calls the new law an attack on the restaurant industry and turns responsible diners into criminals. as the year comes to an endt we ref on the members of the military who are putting their lives on the line in afghanistan, iraq, w and other zones around the world. >> nbc's pentagon correspondent, introduces us to mesof oosthwhe o sacrifice thi. >> reporter: for american troops fighting from africa to the middle east, 2018 started out deadly. sergeant first class mihail goalen was born in latvia, became an american citizen, and died in afghanistan on new year's day. one of many killed in afghanistan, including brent taylor, the mayor of his town in utah, the victim ofn apparent insider attack. killed by the very afghans he was trying to train. >> i love yo honey. stay strong. >> reporter: dedicated to helping others. c it just keepsing back to service to god, family, and country. they're one to him.
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>> reporter: the deadliest single incident of the year took place in iraq when a helicopter crashed at night, killing all seven onboard, including two new york city police officers.he >> guy just loved to save and help people, and that's what he did. >> reporter: a total of nine americans died while fighting isis in syria and iraq, part of a global fight against extremism that ao took the life of 26-year-old sergeant alexander conrad in somalia. in all, 23 aricans lost their lives in four countries this year. their lives and their love leaving behind holes impossible to fill, but examples for all. >> i'm going to want to look oui for people, if i see someone sitting alone at lunch or anything, i jt want to help everyone. >> reporter: hans nichols, nbc news, the pentagon. >> and with the war sort ofnd
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g down, a lot of people can forget there are still service members overseas serving in that capacity. >> yewe. , it's some big changes coming in the new year for some nfl coaches. ami, and denver fire their coaches and the bengals could be next. >> after the break, we'll take a look at the dskins' final game and where the team goes from here. i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. the three what? the three p's? what are the three p's?of the three p'ife insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price.u a price n afford, a price that can't increase, urd a price that fits udget. i'm 54 and i wasa smoker bu. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65, retired, and take medications. what's my price?
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so call now. well, i you plan to be in annapolis today, you could run into some delays. the military ball starts in less than an it's taking place at the navy marine corporal memorial statement. vi-tech is facg off against navy at noon and they already >>ld a parade ahead of today's game. f we could, we would just forget what happened yesterday at fedex field, the that went on there. the redskins' season ended with an embarrassing shutout to the eagles. >> see how many eagles fans -- >> they rubbed it in good,
11:24 am
didn't ey? >> skins fans were already pretty disappointed with the injure-laden season, but after yesterday's loss, it was easy to see the players feeling just a disappointed. sherree burruss has more.r: >> repor redskins season spinning out of control and with embarrassment at home. phillies' fans stands as washington failed toilled th single point. nelson agholor caught a pair of touchdown passes. thegl last one from ea' backup quarterback, nate suddenfeld. redskins end their season with a 24-0 loss a record of 7-9, and a really bad taste in their mouths. >> it's just tough for me, like, in the end, to basically feel like i letot of people wn >> nobody wants to leave the season like this. obviou y, we had great intentions to be better than we are right now, but we've got to roll into the off-season, like adsaid. nderybody picks something to work on, then you come back with the amount of focus. >> all that's left on the
11:25 am
schedule now is locker room cleanout today, and a look at what could have been for a tthm 's won only one of their last seven. from fedex field, sherree burruss, news 4, sports. >> yeah, the season started on such a great note. jonathan alan tweeted out an optimistic message after the game. one day we'll look back at this arason and think about how we've come. lots learned this season and we'll be back. >> all right, so as we close this thing out, we're going to have more in >> more rain. >> perfect way to end this year. >> it's been the trend all year. it's the wettest year on record. we have about 66 inches soft rain year to date. that's almost double o normal amount. and we're going to tack a little bit on to that today. a re going to pick up about quarter of an inch to a half an inch of rain. everybody's dealing w showers today. but it is dry tomorrow, to kickoff january 1stit not just dry, but it's mild, too. temperatures tomorrow throughout the day, kind of hanging out in
11:26 am
the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. it's drawing out on wednesday and thursday, and more rain is possible friday on into saturday. but currently acrs the area right now, temperatures coming in in the 30s and 40s. gend of a wide r in temperatures, from 38 in hagerstown and 36 in ma insburg, all the way up to 48 degrees in the district. and 47 down at the river. we're going to continue to see our temperatures warm not just through the day but through the night, as well. typically, we cool off at night. not the case tonight. around midnight, we'll have temperatures in the to mid-50s. more on that and a planner in a moment. but i want to show latest visibility out there, because i did get reports of some fog today, especially in parts of northern virginia out around areas like culpepper, manassas, and leesburg. you can see the visibility is there around a mile or nogreate too big of an issue. but i am picking up on some fog arou martinsburg, hagerstown, and the friction ar aedricka as.
11:27 am
temperatures this afternoon and this evening in the low 50s, around 53 degrees. and as i showed you with future weather a few moments ago, looks like we're going to havehe bout of rain impacting the area right now. we'll likely see some dry time ound the late afternoon and early evening hours before a second round of rain moves back if we do get that break, skies will stay cloudy out there. thiss what i'm talking about overnight tonight, guys. check out the temperatures. 9:00 p.m., we're at 52. by 1:00 a.m., we've warmed upt o ab5 degrees. but the chance for showers out there, i'm going to have more on the mil starto the new year, coming up in about 15minutes. >> all right. >> thank you. i love that word "mild." >> yes. >> we have some newnformation on the 2020 presidential election. the snafenator now taking a ste toward running. >> and more than a milliond people expeco pack this spot tonight. times square in new york city to ring in the new miyear. co up, theatest on lse
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got a developing story to tell you about. we start with anpdate on an incident that has train service suspended on metro. right now, trains are not running between federal center and stadium armory due to a police investigation. metro transit police say the s perswn here, as we take a white pread an unknown powder on benches in eastern market, then got on a train t metr center, where he got off via the elevator. police say the powder was harmless, but the investigation is causing some delays on the orange, silver, and blue lines. obviously, if you have any information on this man, you should call police right away. new at midday, senator elizabeth warren is forming an exploratory committee. this is the first major step toward launching a campaign for the presidency. the democra from massachusetts is 69 years old and could be entering one of th most crowded races in decades. and an small to sporters warns
11:31 am
that she'd more formally announce a campaign plan early 2019. ♪ well, tt is already new year in australia. this is what it looked like at sydney harbor just a few hours ago. isn't that amazing? >> that's beautiful. >> yeah. was a bit of a problem ahead of the fireworks show. and here we go. we're taking a live look at times square, where folks are already starting tok p the area for the annual ringing in of the new year. >> you've stood out there before. what are they doing? >> i don't know. >> just standing? >> i was out there a couple of hours before the ball dropped, but i don't know whatou do at 11:30 this morning. >> i don't know. rain coulde a problem, and as chris pallone explains, final preparations are underway for the nation's largest new year's
11:32 am
celebration. >> reporter:n new york's times square, there's a feeling in the area. >> it's exci ing. my hearts racing. there's adrenaline everywhere. >> reporter: hours before the nation's largest new year's celebration, final preparations are idone, the stage set, balloons are inflated, and that iconic crystal ball -- >> happy new year! >> reporter: testin, gl and ready to drop. and while some people would rather be anywhere else. >> mean, how do people use the bathroom? >> they don't. >> they don't! rest? they sit down and they don't. it's just going to be crazy. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands more can't wait to see it in person. >> happy new year! >> reporter: larry marshal from virginurprised his whole family, crossing a big item off his bucket list. >> it's new york city. the city ner sleeps, and look at the smiles. it's worth it. >> reporter: as always, security is tight. for the first ti, the nypd will use drones to keep watch over the revelers. that in addition to the usual battery of uniformed and plains
11:33 am
clothed police officers, security cameras, police dogs, and traffic-blocking s trucks. >> t going to be one of the most well-policed, best-protected events at one the safest venues in the entire world. >> reporter: in fact, thet biggest thro the fun might be rain. the last time it was raining when the new year arrived, 24 years ago. larry marshall, unconcerned. >> things gonnahappen, things gonna happen. we'll look at it like that. we're just happy to be here. we're not going to l anything ruin our experience. >> 2019 is almost year. chris pallone, nbc news, new yon . >> stayinge big apple here, a prince george's county man is charged in aan deadly hid-run in new york city. th is video from citizen app. police arresead 37old sherman harrison from upper marlboro o saturday morning. witnesses say harrison was speeding, swerving through traffic, crashing into several cars and started a fire that killed one woman. >> it was a horrible accident, absolutely horrible. family came out a we saw
11:34 am
the accident, we immediately stopped and prayed for the family, praye for the perso who definitely had died in the accident and just all of those eavolved. so my goes out, my heart breaks for the family that lost their loved >> policet up with harrison. he is charged with manslaughter and leaving the sne of an accident. harrison and two other people injured are in stabl condition in the hospital. police in arlington county are looking into a shooting. a man was found shot near south ghalib -- glebe and arlington roads last night before >>7:00. general motors is hiring skill sets of the future. gb is shifting its focus awayer from o technologies and towards autonomous vehicles. the re-hiring initiative is called take two and it's mostly med at women who have technical expertise. it's basically a 12-week paid tryout that gives prospective
11:35 am
employees to see if the timing is right for them to return and the company a chance to see ith r skills are a good fit. brace yourself for even more car commercials nse that t christmas ads are over. >> i just feel like we've been inundated already with car commercials. >> and if you are in the marke for a car, as nbc's chris clackum reports, you'll need to be ready for some major changes in the way you buy one. >> drive safe. >> reporter: all of those car commercials you'll notice this week is just december living up to its billing as one of the biggest months for car buying. >> you won't just climb your mountain -- hing else r: and som car buyers may notice is the new longer terms on car loans. >> 84 months or seven-year auto s are not uncommon. >> reporter: matt jones with cag budvice site gottenrms on loans have longer because sticker prices have gotten higher. >> and what we're seeing is that people are focused on theiry
11:36 am
montpayment. and their monthly payment is what drives a lot ofuying decisions. >> reporter: he says while true that longer-term lns means lower payments, they also mean higher cost. >> even if t payment is lower, you can end up spending thousands of dollars more over the terms, so you really have to look at t total cos of ownership. >> reporter: and look at how long you plan to hold on to the car. >> i don't think there's anything inherently wrong with a 72-month loan, if the rates are low, especially for somebody who says, hey, this is the car i'm going to buy, i'm going to drive it until the wheels fall off.or >> rr: or if long-term loans aren't an option, he says consider leasing your next new car. chris clackum, nbc ws. >> well, speaking of the new year, coming up, what people are eating for the new and why. >> lots of carbs on this last day, right? plus, the latest on our rain chances. today is not the only day this week y'll need that umbrellaou.
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well, the new year is almost upon us, and that means it is time for resolutions. a lot of celebrities are, you know, they're an inspiration for getting in shape and a lot of them are sharing their regiments on social media. >> who's your celebrity inspiration? >> i don't know. rock? >> the wrong one, whoever it is. >> nbc's mark wilr takes a look at the best celebrity diets ofut018 that could help you in the new year. >> hey, look at this drama! >> reporter: there's no drama rer kelly clarkson, looking and feeling after losing nearly 40 pounds. >> somebody gave me this bookreo ad called "the planned nd paradox," a i read it and it changed my life. >> everybody's got mcdonald's, but the tito guido has todjust bunless burgers. >> there's a lot of healthy fats
11:40 am
in it, a lot of meat a protein in it. >> a it's clearly working for him. check out these before and after pics. halle berry is on the toke kick, as well, and has been taking her workouts up a notch. >> i want to be a bcon for aging gracefully. i've been working out really hard for one year. i've lost 20 pounds and i'm really proud of that. >> kim kardashian west credits hard work in the gym and cutting out a lot of sugar for her body transformation. >> i didn' see results right away, but if you really stick with something and you're consistent, you will. >> kevin smith is sticking to a vegan diet after having a february.rt attack in and it's made a difference, dropping close to 50 jpounds. t hard to be vegan when you hate vegetables, but peanut butter and jelly technically is vegan. >> reporter: these celebrities are all about living their best lives in the healthiest way they can. >> i'mng on my health and my fitness. i've lost 20 pounds, the healthy
11:41 am
way. i work out and eat much better fo for myself. >> mike wilbur, nbc news. >> amazing. they struggle with it and they've got nutritionists, dietitians, personal chefs, a that stuff. you may want to put off the diet until you eat some of the traditnal, and some say, lucky foods from the new year. a lot of folks eat black-eyed peas and collared greens on january 1st with the hope that the peas will bring luck and the will bring money throughout the year. 12 grapes are a tradition in parts of spain. e grapes represent the coming months of the new year. sish also on that list, as well. the sca on a fish represent coins and fish also represents abundance, because they travel in school some of the lucky foods to consider. >> i like that. >> ah. >> i can eat all of those, except for the grapes. not a fan. >> you're not a fan of grapes. >> not a fan. >> well, i know my father is working on some black-eyed peas right now.
11:42 am
i'm ready to just pick them up on new year's >>day. hat's the way you do it. work in the morning, swing by, dad helps you out, eat them, great luck going io the new year. and also going into the new year, we're going to have mild weather morrow. yeah, temperatures in the 60s throughout the day tomorrow! and like christmas day,oday not all that bad, either. we're already near 50 degreera our a high, 44. so we're above average today, tomorrow, and in fact, most t o th-day is going to feature highs a little bit above average. now, take a look at your weather headlines. we are going to have showers at times, not just today, but tonight as well. so if you ve dinner plans out to ring in the new year, definitely want to have that umbrella or raincoat handy. nothing too heavy in the forecast, but i am trackg rain t there. tomorrow, it's breezy and it's mild with temperatures pretty much in the upper 50s to around 60 throughout the day. our next chance of rain is friday o intosaturday. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. you can see rain falling area wide right now. the pink, potentially a little bit of icing out there, but i'm
11:43 am
checking all the latest mperatures coming in, and we should be well enough above freezing that that really is not an issue. the radar just potentially t t but as we head throughout the afternoon and evening hours, we're going to continue t track showers from this storm system. as we look torr to, no rain and there's some mild air. 60 degrees. but it is going to be noticeably breezy out there on your tuesday, with partly to mostly skies. here are the temperatures throughout the day, notice how they're near steady in your neighborhood. 00 a.m., we're in the mid-50s to near 60. by lunchtime, we're still in the mid-50s t near 60 degrees. same thing goes as we head on into the afternoon hours. the coldair, though, does finally successfully move in tomorrow night, on into wednesday with a high on wednesday of 47. 50 on thursday and friday. there's that chance for showers friday and .saturd and then sunday is looking dry with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 50s. chris andmolette? >> all right, thank you, amelia. losing weight, getting fitl ery popular resolutions.
11:44 am
after the break, another resolution more than half of all americans make. >> and some good news for shoppers at whole foods coming your way.
11:45 am
11:46 am
amazon plans to build and expand whole foods stores across the country. "the wall street journal" reports that the push would put more ctomers in range of amazon's two-hour delivery service, prime now. someldtores ce about 45,000 square feet, that's slightly bigger than the average whole foods. the chain i using that extra space to accommodate amazon delivery and pickup for online orders. and roughly half of americans make new year's resolutions and many are related to finances. but less than 10% actually achieve thr goals when it comes to money management. wallet hub has a list of the top resolutions you should consider in 2019. first, sign up for credit ronitoring. second, pay you bills right after getting your paycheck. third, repay about 20% of your credit card debt. and fourth, use different credit cards for everydaurchases and
11:47 am
debt. and fifth, add one month's pay to yr emergency rainy day fund. with your cnbc morning busin'ms report,ate rogers. >> all right. well, as 2018 comes to a close, we pause to remember some of those we lost over the last year. >> many well-known personalities who left an indelible mark on society passed away. ♪ amazing grace ♪ do you have to let it linger ♪ do you have to ♪ do you have to ♪ do you have to let it linger ♪
11:48 am
♪ all this time i was finding myself and i ♪ ♪ i didn't know i was lost ♪ i didn't know ♪ i didn't snow ♪ i didn't know >> sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find anything. forget it! >> need a lift? i've got you. >> you've -- you've got me? who's got you?! >> thank you for everything. for -- well, you know.
11:49 am
>> sometimes i wonder what you girls dohen i'm not here. >> the true gift is in your head and in your heart and in your soul. >> i said it before, i'll say it again. barbecue may not be the road tworto world peace, but it's a start. ♪ who lives in a pineapple under the sea ♪ ♪ spongebob squarepants un >> it's noeading about somebody who's perfect. you want to read about people
11:50 am
thatou can identify, because we've all got problems and we've all -- we're all flawed. >> t universe is a very large place and we are a very small detail. >> let us, each of us, pledge to do more. wherever we can make a
11:51 am
difference. >> for a better america, for an endless, enduring dream and a thousand points of light. i've kind of banned the use of the l-word, legacy word. think history will point out the things i did wrong and perhaps some of the things i did right. >> iish all of you great adventures, good company, and lives as lucky as mine. he >> contributions are a living legacy. >> yeah, just, you know, i guess watching that, obviously, you remember anthony bourdain, aretha franklin, but there are a few on tre i forgot or i didn't realize they had passed away. >> i did too. >> always such an amazing time oflook back and think of all those incredible people that we
11:52 am
lost this year. >> may they rest in peace. we're going to be righ i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn programf ou're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. the three what? what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54 and i was a smoker but quit. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. ta i'm 65, retired, an medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80 and i'm on fixed income.
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11:54 am
we showed you new zealand, we showed you australia. in just a few minutes, people in bangkok will welcome 2019. these are live pictures from outside a luxury shopping mall, where fireworksill be going f at the stroke of midnight. and as 2018 comes to an end, we're taking a look at the lighter side of news. >> nbc's rafael sepp takesok a
11:55 am
t some of the viral videos in the past year. >> reporter: we sing the praises of 2018. it was a year filledith ups and downs. >> ohhh! >> reporter: and some ups that felt like downs. >> hh ahhh! ahhh! >> reporter: one definite up was this new jersey father and s celebrating the boy's release alom the hosp or this 2-year-old discovering that his ball magically comes back. most days of 2018 probably went like any other. you awoke to the sound of your alarm clock, got dressed to nd impress, had a healthy breakfast. but don't get deputy brian bowman started on the commute. >> come on, grandpa! i got places to be! >> reporter: hopefully he's not trying to get to the scene of this crime where the break-in is wrong, but the mov are so right. if you l dog sports, check out these expert fetchers at the
11:56 am
champion's tournament in london. and notice how benny the hockey dog manages ty sta out of the penalty box, despite roughing. experts say animals are supposed to help keep yourlood pressure low -- >> can you stop? please? >> reporter: but bears out there are keeping your car insurance rates high. >> there's a bear on the car! >> reporter: so for new yeas resolutions, you should always take the sta ss toy healthy. >> ahhhh! b >> but sometimes the stairs take you. to reduce your carbo footprint, try catchina bus. and always remember to keep your eye on the ball. raphael seth, nbc news. >> that is crazy there! >> oh, my gosh! >> and the bear in the >> i know! that looked scary! that was a little scary. a well you take a look outside, you can see how overcast it is, and more rain is on the way. >> not a pretty way to end the year. amelia? >> no, not a pretty way to end the year, but it's kind ofou wh
11:57 am
we expect because of how so rain out there right now. we're going to continue to have into theimes on afternoon and evening hours. this rain comes to an end by about 1:00 to 2:00 a.m. temperatures warming into the low 50s by the ornight hours, and overnight tonight, we'll be in the 50s. throughout the day tomorrow, it's mild with a temperature near 60, but you are goingo notice that breeze out there throughout the day for new year's day, mostly to partly cloudy skies tomorrow. we'll have plenty of clouds wednesday and thursday, >> all right, thank you an amelia. and if you're driving out there tonight,y take it en the roads. it's always a tough night and then you've got the rain coming, tota >> take adv of those free rides. you can get news and weather updates anytime with the nbc washington app. i want you to have a great day. >> and we' see you back here tomorrow morning! tomorrow morning! n it will be
11:58 am
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we are live iven fi four, three, two , one. >> jennifer marie leno jr., will you? you accept? >> yeah. >> i love you baby. >> we love it. charles leno on his knee and proposed to his girlfriend. welcome to "access live," love is in air. nothing better to kickoff the holiday week. nfc north title in eight ars. that's a reason to party like this in the locker room. thpr


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