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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 1, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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there is a laundromat and other small businesses here. they believe three o four males were involved in some sort of dispute. one opened fire. the victim suffered critical injuries. >> a preliminary investigationer shows there two groups that got into a dispute. somebody pulled out a first arm during the course of the dispute. it appears the victim may have been an unintended target. now, at thispoint, the chief says he does not have any lookout information for any possible suspects. they were checking the surveillance cameras in the area to see's if the any video that could be helpful to this inveigation. tonight a community struggling to keep with the suddens of three young children. on sunday night, a suspected drundriver killed the children
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and the parents survived. the parents are recovering. david? >> reporter: the family went to church services right here if maryland and you have folks across the region coming together here at prince george's to pray for the recovery of juanita and alexis and to remember their three young children. doze of mily, friends andrc fellow chu members walking into prince george's hospital center holding a prayer service. hoping it will heal their broken hearts. >> everyone is devastated. they were special people in the church. it isy sad, tragic. >> reporter: those three, 5-year-old twins. their 1-year-old brother isaac.
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marie guzman telling me this is painful. a big f loss the whole family. she teaches sunday school withhe juanita and three children are her students. it is so hard, she says. it is difficult to know theywo t be in the class. it is hard to know they away.ed you can see the crushed front end of a pickup truck. investigators belie the driver was drunk and slammed into thet car stop light. the impact killing the three young back seat thpassengers. family was headed home from sunday church services. >> we thank t godt the parents survived, she says. tearfully adding, we know theen chilre in a better place. ones painful but god is the who gives strength to the family. >> they're relying on their beliefs more than ever, turning
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on strength. >> only god can help them. >> reporter: the suspected drunk driver is out of jail. the police say they have more investigating to do before they come forward withny charges. meantime, i was going through a go fund me that has been set up for the family. it has raised in the pas 24 hours, more than $40,000 of i comments.through the folks had no connection to the family. more than 1,000 fol have already donated. it was interesting. yocan tell they're compelled to dosothing. >> iis so sad. it is impacting so many people. we are learning mor about a deadly new years eve crh. the sheriff says that the 15-year-old died with her sister
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an cousin in the car. the crash happened just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon on st. charles parkway. the cousin was in the front passenger seat. today she spoke with meagan fitzgerald. >> they're not responding to me. i wish i could have known what happened. >> this is an ongoing investigation stoffel charles county sheriff's office wants to hear from anyone who might have seen this crash. much more from meagan coming up at 5:. >> this meeting as jim was saying has been billed as a briefing and it is i not cle the president will try on negotiate a teal. house democrats plan to approve
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a series of bills on thursday to reopen the government wounlt funding the wall. the president lashed out saying he won't sign any bills that do not include wall funding. the smith smith says money is running out so museums on the mall and national zoo will close tomorrow if a deal isn't reached. tourists we talked toay they're so frustrated. >> a real shame. no reason the government couldn't stay open. no reason they couldn't find a compromise to make it work. >> i probably spent upwards of $20,000, 0,0 to get here. i've got two days to smash and fit in all ofuf this it is ridiculous. >> in you are in town and you are looking for other
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activities, heado over our nbc washington app important some great ideas. ed> and an american detained in russia acc of buying. now the russian security service says he was caught during a quote, espionage situation but gave no tas. the man's twin brother says he was in russia for a iend's wedding. >> as a law enforcement back ground, he has his marine back ground, he does corporate security and he's aware of the risk of traveling in certain parts of the world. it would never have used to me that he would have trouble in a large metropolitan area. or that he would commit any crime. >> he said his brother is innocent and the u.s. state department has been in contact with his family. russia is required to provide
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consular access under the geneva convention but they e waiting for compliance. the russian charges carry a prison sentence of up to 20 years. breaking tonight, a u.s. marine is dead after being shot while on duty at the marine barracks in southeast d.c the district police respond thound 5:00 this morning. they tell u marine was shot within the grounds of the main post. it i unclear what happened but the "washington post" says it appears the marine was shot by an accidental discharge from another marine's weapon. back in ajune, marine suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound while guarding the home of the marine corps' highest ranging officer. t the. some major transportation projects will be taking shape as
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well. here's a look at the biggest impacts you could be facing. crews are worki o fitches. let's start in virginia along the entire length of i-66 where work is ongoing inside and outside the beltway. the most disruptive work will be outside the beltway where two new aoll lanes being added in eacct din. and all of this is right next to traffic. >> we really want drivers to be aware. to take their time when traveling through these areas. >> the earth is movings the purple line continues to reshape the landscape. there's plenty of heavy lifting e' do. >> super sympathetic. we're loud. we vibrate. we have major infrastructure to
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build. >> you'll soon see noight turn on red signs as first reported. about 100 intersections will get no right on red >>gns of the. e think the mayor has heard the calls from the public that we are in a crisis. >> and still a lot to figure out but lots of construction on tap. traffic changes today are all designed to help reduce tt he had pedestrian fatalities. it is 3 points n on a driver's license. the penalty for blocking a bike lane is up to $150. cyclists will now be charged $50 if they're caught riding
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with hean phonesoth ears. and driving more than 30 miles per hour over the speed slimt now a criminal offense. let's turn to the weather on this first dayf 2019. >> we started in the mid 50s. we rose up into the 60s throughout the afternoon. and the temperatures will start to take their tumble. the clouds will remain in place. 7:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow, temperatures in the 30s to the 40s across the area. we'll get you all the and yes, some rain showers, too. i'll join you in a few minutes wi will. a woman identified as a grandmother was whkilled. friends are saying about her. >> plus, speed o bunchesthe
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they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make mealtime easy, so you have more time with the people you love. less than 24 hours into the new year, arlington police are already dealing with their first death investigation. aib grandmother des as caring and genous was found stabbed to death. cory smith has been talking on tenants there. >> reporter: well, those ten ants are very shaken up byen wh ha today. we have some new news to tell you. investigators will be meeting with the victim's family tonight. it is unlikely that we will learn the victim's name probably until tomorrow. with that said, people who live here at the apartments and kne
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this woman are sharing their thoughts about her. they are absolutely devastated by her death. tenants at the field partments woke up to find their parking lots swarming with police and the building roped off by crime scene tape. inside, a number of markers placed where investigators bagged evidence and took photos. i wonder what happened. williams says she has known her for 15 years. she described the woman as a grandmother with a heart of gold. ready to step in and help anyone inneed. she'll do anything for you. her and her mom wer best of friends. >> they say the violence is uncommon it is usually quiet here save for the children playing.
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but that concerns her. it hits too close to home. >> i enjoy living in thele co to come out and see like a time of a new york scene. threate is currently n o the public and everyone knvolved has been identified. while they wor to notify the victim's family, she will have to tell her elderly mother the friend she's lost. >> very sad for her to pass onn years. the first killing of 20 then. >> police are only calling this a suspicious death investigation. no charges have been file it could be days before that happens if it happens at all. one thing is certain. it has not been a happy start for the new year. >> some 18 young women c
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for the 2019 title of miss district of columbia miss usa. the winner will go on to miss usa later this year. >> it is a wonderful story. every contestant only haso a d.c. resident between 20 and 28 years old, unma ied and no children. that opens the door to a lot of igible 20somethings. what draws them to compete? one young woman i talked with was just looking to bolster build on something she didn't have growing up and that's self-confidence. we relived the final seconds. simply having confidence to compete was her goal. >> growing up, i really felt like didn't have much confidence. my mother, after her being incarcerate, in and out of my life, dad being an
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they in and out of foster care. at one point she was actually homeless. >> i was 14. i did become a ward of the court again after trying to commit suide. i calle 911. >> that marked a new beginning. time on build self-confidence. she worked hard in school. at 16 she competed in a beauty pagea pageant. >> noticed idea what i was getoing >> she didn't win. she said with no dself-confidence, it is ho be a winner. >> i was told that i would end up pregnant, in jail, homeless. and i didn't t want end up like that. >> she was determined to stay in school. >> what i w did i persevered. >> she went to llege.
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>> i got a scholarship. because i was a ward of the state, they helped pay for it as well. >> she went to george mason university. got a degree in social work and was encouraged by friends to run for miss district of columbia she lost. >> i was humbled and i went back the next two years and i made runner up. m>> shee good friends in those pageants. chelsea rogers, the former miss d.c., told her to try again. >> i am miss district of columbia 2008. i have to do the math. it's been 11 years. >> i fel like she had a story that everyone needs on hear. not just in theistrict but nationally and internationally. and thesa system, especially miss district of columbia usa is really big on that. they want someone who can make
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positive change. >> she said people get it wrong. they think it is about fwouns and swimsuits. >> that's laughable to me. i am a licensed, barred attorney. each and every one of these girls that compete, this is just one stepping stone in their life. they are socia workers, lawyers, musicians, writers. >> cordelia has a masters in social work from the university of maryland. she is anon educa specialist for d.c. family and child hrvice agencies. she earned her nfence. everything else is just icing on the cake. >> looking back at all the things to overcome, i was rilled to be here today. >> i love her story.ks she w with kids in crisis to
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help them believe that there is nothint they can't action pleasure with an education. >> w! all that she's accomplished. top of the list right now is le model for so many young people. >> she tants they willknow that yes, being miss district of sclum a very important title. she hopes to win the next time ound. she'll go now to the miss usa contest. she'll go on to miss universe. she said it is a stepping stone. she wantso get kids to stay in school. >> so inspiring. >> 2018 came to a close with the price of gas and food trending in the right dire downward. ahead at w5:00,hat you can expect to pay at the pump.
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t> my puppies didn'tin >> it was a great way to start the new year. would be nice if they would last. we know the temperatures will be
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going up and downro hout the next seven days. a beautiful view right now. isn't it nice to see without the fog that we've experienced? sfoeks are out and about across the area as we said, the temps will be falling. cloudy is that cool tom arow the showers. the showers will be returning by the e of the week. we'll talk about that in a moment. 53 degrees currently. keep an eye on thattemperature. it will be falling. 7:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., then tonight, cooler temperatures. make sure they have the overcoat. the temperatures are on the warm side. normally the higharor ja one is 44 degrees. but 50s abound across our region an they will for another 12 hours or so.
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the 40s and 30s we go. a high temperature. 44 degrees in town. low 40s in the outlying areas. no rain showers to speak of. we'll show you the area to show hat you the radar is still working. no snow flakes across the area. over the n t 24hours, it will be a cloudy overnight. a cloudyom day forrow as well. we'll keep the skies clear of any rainrops inur area throughout the area tomorrow. for tonight, for tomorrow, the temperature throughout the next several days, a rler coaster continues. a cool start tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s, above average. the temperatures were made above average with highs in the 30s
5:26 pm
and 40s but no snow in the future. >> some of us were busy staring at fireworks. others making sham pane toasts. maryland's proposal to expand the beltway runs into major opposition. how homeowners have mobilized the man toen whe highway. plus, heart break. one teenager iskilled. a 21-year-old badly hurt. we talk t o of the survivors. we talk t o of the survivors. >> they're not responding to me.
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a grandmother was found stabbed to death at these fields apartments on eighth street south. olice are calling this a isolated incident. so far police are saying everyone has been identified. a church community is rallying aundamily who lost three young children in a crash day. dozens of people stopped by the
5:30 pm
hospital center to pray for the falls church couple who is recovering. a suspected drunk driver ran into the family. >>.s a marine is dead after being shot while on duty at the mari barracks in southeast d.c. police responded tit. the marine appears to have been killed by another marine's weapon. congressional leaders from both parties have beennvite to the white house for a briefing on border security. this as both sides try on come to an agreement and a partial utgovernment wn. this is 11th day of the sunshine which has dragged now on as democrats and the whitearouse ver funding for a southern border wall. >> right now, a local family is dealing with the loss of their teenage daughter asir t other
5:31 pm
daughter fights for her life. >> they wered invol in a horrible car crash on new years eve. the charles county sherifs fice identified the teen victim. she was just 15 yearsol >> meagan fitzgerald is live for us. you spoke with their cousin who is alsthat car. >> that cousin, just 18 years old. she of course with other family members absolutely devastate tonight. this crash happened just behind me here. these girls live about a mile away from that scene. >> we didn't have any control of the car. >> it was 24 hours ago on st. charles parkway in waldorf. it still feels like bad dream.
5:32 pm
she's still in shock. but the girls never arrived. she was in the front passenger seat ondthe car her 21-year-old cousin was driving. nadia's 15-year-old sister was inhe back seat. the charles county police say nadia lost control of the vehicle. sliding down the embankment a >> they' re not responding to m. >> i was in shock. i didn't know what happened. >> y she said thesengsters are far fromag avere. she was afr hman in high school who dreamed of becoming a
5:33 pm
forensic scientist. her aister is senior at elizabeth town college in a kind woman who wants to attend law school so she can help people in need. >> she was like a normal kid. she wanted something more so she could help others. >> this broken hearted family is praying that nadia can survive as they struggle to accept that their little zer zeyneb isgone. >> thank you.> >> we know the name of a woman killed in a new years eve crash along the fairfax county parkway. police say 20-year-old mel never was killed after her car wen off the road near new road. they stay centerville wom overcorrected and slammed into oncoming traffic. the other driver and
5:34 pm
ent heitwo otheth cf ausee is still under investigation. a plan to ease traffic jams possibly expand the beltway has jammed the box at the maryland department of transportation. the state has already received more than 2,000 comments from the public about the proposal. we've learned that the homeowners have mobilized against widening the highways. g >>d evening. governor hogan made a lot of noise when he made plans to ease congestion at 270 in the beltway. the state is working more than a dozen possible pposals but it is the man to add lanes that is ausing the most noised aroun here. a day off work. a few hundred feet from 270, he
5:35 pm
said he is glad the state is considering improving tffic on the notoriously crowded highway. >> it has bee backedup. so i get why they're doing this. >> the state tells news4 in the coming months, it will narrow wn its list of 15 possible changes. at least one of which would add new lanes in each direction. >> to me it seems if the highway is the problem, more highway is not the solution. using the freedom of information act, news4 obtained companies of the e-mails and found an overwhelming number of them in opposition to any lane expansion including dozens from people this rockville.
5:36 pm
one writing, it won't be solved by widening. others talking about the stores and restaurants that will be affected. another writing, please don't ruin ckville. another said it's fox it doesn't affect the property values. montgomery cone transportation committee saidhe state should be listening to local drivers and homeowrs. >> this is montgomery county. we have federal planners and congressional aides. they're all great resources. >> a spokeswoman said thees solutions are developed when all voices are heard. right. it should be a good year for
5:37 pm
people filling up a pump for the first time in three years, gas prices are expected to go down this year. gas that you haddy predictson t na average for a gael of regular unleaded will be about $2.70 this year. that's down from $2.73 lastier. but iis still significantly more than we re paying in 2016. prices generally naek may around memorial day. when i comes to food, it is more of a mixed bag. prices are expected to go up 1 to 2% which iselow inflation. the good news, some food like pork, eggs, nonalcoholic beverages could be cheap they are year. coming up, a cser look at the middle of the night encounter someon 4 billi miles away. and a child pulled from the
5:38 pm
rubble more than a day after a deadly building collapse in russia. we'll be right back. and our new years warm temperatures will end abruptly. i' tell why you in my ll
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a new years day miracle is still bringing hope to loved rs found an 11-month-old baby alive this morning.
5:41 pm
a gas explosion sparked the collapse at the building. an unknown number of families are still trapped in the debris. crews r areing against the clock to find survivors. the temperature is below freezing there. the little baby's cries helped rescuers find him and officials said he survived because he was still bundled warmly i his crib. if you made a resolution to make more money in 2019,ould you hit the jackpot on the first day of the year. the mega million is the eighth largest ever. it is up to $425 million.e es som places, there have been such long lin that they've had to stay open a little longer. this is the fifth time it's had a megara millions dwing on new ars day and there was a winner that day. the cash option would be worth about $255 million. oh, what we could do.
5:42 pm
buy a treadmill, things i need for my other resolution. this is such a cool little story. her parents weren'txpting to have a new year baby but this little bundle of joy had other ideas. we'll meet one of the first babies of 2019. plus, a lot of people cutting the alcohol to begin what is called the dry janua challenge. ahead at 5:00, the benefits go beyond your waistline. >> if getting healthy is part of your resolution, the nbc 4 health and fitness expo can help you reach your fgoal. ae event to help you learn about health, wellness,es fi about health, wellness,es fi at the washington
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it was definitely a perfect day for a dip in the ocean. the annual eskimo plung was very well attended. procitds ben scholarships for local children. >> cold just looking at i. talk about timing, less than a minute into the new year, a local family welcomed a new member of the family. one of the first babies born in the dmv in 2019. >> reporter: at the stroke of midnight -- >> she was coming tooquick. >> reporter: just a few seconds passed >> 34 seconds? >> reporter: this little angel -- >> melanie morales. this is a blessing. y my newrs gift. >> reporter: a gift mom and dad weren't expecting this early. >> heratue was january 13th. >> reporter: but already they're
5:46 pm
love. she is ayiny little miracle. >> she weighs 5 pounds, 13 ounces. >> reporter: it was definitely time to make the surprising trip to the hospital. >> she was in a rush to me. >> reporter: and anxious for the photo op. >> everybodyas asking about her. >> she is named after her dad's grandmother. >> it's prettyam ing. incredible. we're just very help a aappy and healthy. it is nap time for the baby. she's an entful first few hours on earth.>> it is very cool that she may be the first in the area.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: and giving a happy day for the baby book. >> mom and dad say there is one thing they're looking forward. to introducing their new baby to their 1-year-old daughter. news4 is working for your health as you start the new years resolutions. a new study suggests giving up alcohol for one month can be good for your waistline and of course your wallet. eoitish researchers studied more than 800 pple had did not drink for the entire month o january, 2018. they said they had more energy, slept better and lost weight. ey also reported drinking less months later. nearly 90% als saved money. shocking. >> but did they have as much fun? who knows? low carb or low fat? that's the big debate for many trying to lose weight in 2019. what's the best option for you? let's start by low carb. by cutting carbs your body burns fat i am stead making weigh losseasier.
5:48 pm
a study found people on low-carb diets burned more t caloriesn those on high carb diets. option two is low fat. aram of fat has twice as many calories as the same amount of carbs. cutting that out can help you control and lose weight. so what works best for you? well, a study tested both diets and found they were equally effective. people on low carb and low fat diets both loss about 1 pnds a 84. >> in one difference, nutritionists say limiting carbs could be a better option for once g the weight off you've lost it. there's this diet and that diet. >> sticking with the diet long material, past tomorrow, is the key. the mayor and her daughter
5:49 pm
took part in th fresh start 5k. it is thest f of several inauguration events as the mayor gins her second term. from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ellicott will be shut down between seventh and ninth streets. there will be no parking along parts of the streets as well. starting today, route one through city will be known as richmond highway. it used to be called jefferson highway. the alexandria city council ted unanimously to rename in it june. amy cho tells us how much the toles areng g up.
5:50 pm
>> starting today, your wallet will feel l atle lighter. the main toll is going up by 75 cents is that the ramps are ing up 50 cents. so up to $1.25ach way. that money will go toward maintenance and building the silver line extension of metro. this has been a pretty controversial toll hike. some people say airlines should have to pay part of th burden. highway officials say they hope to not raise the toles again until at least 2023. news4. if you're looking to get out of town this year, you may want to consider booking the plane ticket pretty soon. january is the cheapest month to book airfare. ifou can't make a decision that fast, february and august
5:51 pm
are also good mon s tobook. you can save the most money by booking a flight that leaves very early in the morning. if your flight is domestic, mree o book two to three weeks ahead of time. for international kflights, boo two months before your trip. although for 60-degree weather, you don't really nee to go to florida. >> exactly. we're talking aboutplanning. what we need to wear tomorrow morning to go to work and what e kids need to wear. let'he just sayll need a hat. for your evening planner, things to think ou we are at 53 degrees outside our studios here. will be ratures dropping. by tomorrow, many areas will be in the 30s. we were enjoying a misthe warm
5:52 pm
start but it won't last. the winds fromhe northill usher in that colde air. more of the planning tonight. the temperatures slide downwards. cooler and cooler. by tomorrow noon, the temperatures will be in the 30s. the temperatsres e, a wide range of temperatures across the area. 50 degrees in many ars. we should be about 44 degrees into normal temratures for t washington area. future temperatures in motion as they change. for tomorrow, the morning commute. plenty of 30s to go around. manassas will feel like 31 and it warms up barely into the 40s. we showed you the radar. a cloudy dayne for way throughout the daytime hours.
5:53 pm
we'll keep the clouds through the day. the chance of rain increases we get closer and closer to the weekend. thursday, fridaynd saturday. 47 degrees will be the high temperature. we're still on the warm side. still aboveverage this time of year so temperatures above average, 40 degrees for our temperatures. keep your umbrella handy as we ink about frida into saturday. after that, the rest of the week probably just a jket of the we can leave the heavy coat for the next run. >> all right. we'll do it. >> hisry in th making at the nasa lab inlaurel. scientists showed up to work
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
nhea has started new year with new exploration. the spacecraft called new horizons has reached a tiny object more than 4 billion miles
5:57 pm
from earth. it took more than a decade. >> reporter: cheers at the joms university applied physics looker to ashe new spacecraft phoned hopeful. >> we locked up the telemetry on the spacecraft. everything looks great. >> reporter: ernight, over 4 billion miles from earth, a fly by giving as you peek at the outer most edges and possible beginnings of our solar system n horizon conducted the farthest exploration in the history of human kind. >> reporter: a space rendezvous at 32 million miles an hoay. scientists it could take up to two years for the craft to beam back all of its observations including high resolution images. new horizons launched in 2006 soaring past jupiter a little over a year later heading to
5:58 pm
lluto. in 2015, after nearly a decade long journey, revealing the dwarf planet and its moons we've never seen them. and now exploring space that was unknown about new hizons asted off. >> we can build a spacecraft on earth and we send it out billions of miles away fromt earth and sends us back all this wonderful date that we get on look at and learn more about our world, our solar system. >> reporter: for scientists in the and u.s. around the world, the new year bringing the potential for new i the place we all call ho. nbc news. >> now that new horizonsnas flby, there's no way to slam on the brakes. the spacecraft will keep on going thrgh solar system at more than 32,000iles an hour. news4 at six is next with jim handly and adam tuss. a grandmother killed on the first day of 2019 many
5:59 pm
arlington. >> she was a very good, kind-hearted person. >> what neighbors are telling news4 about the victim as police search for answers. a vigil after three children were killed by a suspected drunk driver. >> everyone is feeling devastated. >> dea or no deal? inviting congressional leaders to the west wing ts government shutdown stretches into the new year. >> and oh, by. e world was counting down to midnight. one family was counting contractions. >> this was a blessing. good evening on this first day of 2019. we are following several breaking stories for you tonight. first, a bystander was shot in
6:00 pm
the head ao rush te hospital. >> police sayic he is them of two group who's started shooting at one another. >> darcy spencer joins us hive from the scene at first and kennedy streets northwest. w t are you learning? >> well, i just checked in with d.c. elpolice. they me that this victim is still clinging to life. this happened around 12:30 today on this new years day. police say two groups got into a dispute. s the victim wasuck and critically injured. he had been visiting one of the business here. they had aunch of small businesses. the chief says three or four mas were involved.


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