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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 1, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight, an an accused of spying in russia. a former marine whose twin brother says there's no doubt hins cent. >> paul is your heourist who happens to be atrong place at the wrong time. >> could this be retaliation after a russian with ties to the kremlin pleaded guilty in the u.s.? zoo horror. a toddle plunges into a rhino oeensher and is airlifted to the hospital after a dangerous encounter th wine of the animals inside. let's make a deal. president trump tweets at democrats, as the eshutdown enters new year. leaders from both parties invited to the white hoe for the first time since it began. the impact growing. our national monuments and parks trashed. new year's nightmare.
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aa car plowing in crowd. a bridge collapses. miracle rescue nearly 36 hours after a massive explosion, baby is found alive in the rubble amid subzero temperatures.> >>he new space race. a major milestone for nasa. china's mission to the moon. and will 2019 be the year that tourists visit the final frtier? >> this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." >> good evening. i'm kristen welker in for lester. we begin this new year th growing tensions between the united states and russia, after a marine corps re veteran was ed last week in moscow on spying charges. wi tonight, his brother is speaking out, insisting he is innocentnd demanding his safe return. our nbc pentagon correspondent starts our coverage tonight. >> reporter: for the go former marin missing in moscow, a mystery. russia arrested or8-year-old paul whelanpying.
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but his family says the ruians have the wrong man. >> paul is a tourist who happens to be in apparently the wrong the wrong time. it's inconceivable he took the actions that e the russians h alleged. >> reporter: the state department requested ndaccess to whelan expects russian thorities to provide it. in moscow for a follow marine's wedding, he was last seen giving a tour of the kremlin, which he has visited at least once stefore. the arhreatens to complicate the fraught relationship between the united states and russia. ru last month, ian operative maria butina spleaded guilty to acting a foreign agent when she tried to infiltrate conservative groups like the nra. asked about her in his press conference, putin insisted russia wouldn'tiate. >> translator: we're noot going to detain any nt people in order to exchange them for anyone. >> reporter: that
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raised suspicions among russian experts. >> it has the sense of a tit for tat action to me. because they' still holding this man in custody. >> reporter: according to russia's state run news agency, whelan if found guilty, could face 10 to 0 years in concern among his family that he could become a political pawn. >> the only thing i would say is let my brother go and send him back on the next plane they can. >> reporter: we're learning he was in the marines for 14 years and served two tours in iraq bu court-martialed on several charges related to larceny. his twin brother says his military and security back ground prepared him for what could be a lengthy ordeal. kristen? >> hans, it is a growing mystery. thank you for that report. now to the terrifying moments for a family at a zoo in florida. a 2-year-old girl falling into a rhino enclosure and he airlifted to hospital. nbc's katick has the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: a family new year day trip to afl ida zoo turned terrifying, when a ye ar-old girl
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toppleinto a rhino exhibit. g a witness postinthis picture of a white shoe. the zoo in melbourne says during the educional experience with rhinos, children 3 years of age and older are led by a zookeeper and able to touch the 4,000 pound animals. separated by a series of steel polls. >> while the father was kneeling down and lding the child, the child stumbled nbackwards and fell betwhe bars. the father and mother brought the child out immediately. oft least one, if not two he rhinos made contact with their snout. >> reporter: the toddler airlifted to a hospital. the mother also nj treated for anury to her arm. thincident similar to a 2016 incent at the cincinnati zoo, when a 3-year-old boy fell into a gorillcl ure and tossed about one of the animals who was later killed. remains close pending investigation.
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th zoo says until they have thoroughly reviewed our processes and procedures to ensure this cannot happen again katie beck, nbc news. >> truly terrifying. as the new year begins, the government has been partially shut down for 11 days now. today, a hint of compromise, president trump tweeting let's make a deal. leaders from both parties haveeen invited to the white house tomorrow.s nbff bennett joins me from the white house. jeff, it's remarkable. e first time these leaders have sat down together since the stalemate started. so the big question, can they get a deal done? >> maybe, if they can agree on the definition oh of a border wall. what kind of physical barrier or other border security measures are acceable to both sides? this deadlock has ved far beyond policy, this is all about politics. the president is concerned if he makes a deal, if he compromises, his core think rters wil he's caved, since he's talked about a wall in rally after rally. t a wall he sat mexico would pay for.
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>> but jeff, nancy pelosi does have a plan to reopen the government so is there any chance the president can say yes to the bill that the house mocrats aylan to pass on thur >> it may never reach his desk for a signature. once it clears the .house it heads to the sena but under mitch mcconnell, the senate won't pass a bill the esident won't support. house democrats say they plan to ps legislation on thursday that would fund the federal government while denying the president the money he's demanded to build a border w democrats are basically challenging senate republicans and president trp, ring them to keep the government closed. kristen? >> and the fast-moving developments continue t of washington. jeff, thank you for that. as this shutdown on, we're seeing the real life impacts all over the country with many national park rangers on furlough, some of america's greatest natural wonders are overflowing with trash and forced to shut down. nbc's morganchesky has
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more. >> reporter: at joshua tree national park, the desert views now compete with a nasty reality. >> cigar wrappers, tinfoil. i can stay here for about three hours and clean this up. >> reporter: with staff on furlough, he volunteers up to six hours a day pulling ranger duty, trying to save a place that ved him. >> i came out here and started climbing. it opened my mind up to everything i can do in life. >> reporter: his best efforts, no match for visitors packing parks nation wide. in the capitol, washington monument views come with this. in texas, trash keeps bear-proof cans from even closing. >> we'reistic we'll come back to work soon. .but until then, yeah >> reporter: in utah, only zion national park will stay open. as the state pulls back funding. now governors are promising state money. andrew k's cuomo tweeting that he'll keep the parks open for the statue of
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liberty. and eis island, adding the grand canyon will not close, pledging $64,000 a week to keep it open. in joshua tree, camp grounds are closed, blaming vandalism and health hazards. >> thanks for cleaning happy new years. >> reporter: park access could change without notice, n leaving visito their own. kristen? >> morgan, thank you overseas now, they're calling it a miracle. more than a day after an explosion leveled an apartment building and killed at least sinine people in r rescuers pulled a baby alive from the rubble. >> reporter: the moment even amazed rescuers, an y 11-month-old baby bo pulled out of the rubble, alive after su rviving for more than 36 hours in freezing temperatures. a glimmer of hope for authories desperately searching for survivors. this video capturing the moment a deadly
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gas explosion ripped through the russian apartment ilding monday. dozens opeople still fear trapped. but today, rescuers heard that baby's cry. "i saw parts of the crib, we cut the linoleum and i saw a face." the baby named ivan had frostbite and a head injury and fractures. but he was swaddled in a blanket and warm bedding that helped him survive minus four degree temperature his mother was able to escape when the building came down.y "mder son and i fell through, and he was left alone in his cot." tonight, ivan has been airlifteto moscow for treatment. doctors say ivan is in serious condition. his father, calling him a new year's miracle. kristen? >> lucy, thank you for that report. authorities have opened a terror investigation into a new year's eve stabbing spre that left three people injured, including a police officer at a train
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station in the uk. a witness says the suspect shouted terror related slogans during the attack in manchester. that suspect is under perrest. and lly you got to ring in 2019 with family and friends. but in many parts of the globe, the new ye got off to a chaotic and sometimes violent start. nbc's matt bradley has it all for us. >> happy new year! >> reporter: billions celebrated new year's evlast night, with huge parties, from paris to pyongyang. t in tokyo, celebrating took a terrifying turn, when a driver deliberately plowed into the crowd. a pedestrian bridge collapse in moscow sent revelers ng tumbling, inju more than a dozen. a huge bond fire nearly turned into a wildfire in the netherlands. and in france, eight people stuck on a carnival ride. they had to be rescued by helicopter. t inimes square, cleanup is well under way after a soggy beginning to 2019.
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while in texas, fog mixed with smoke from fireworks led to near zero visibility on the roads. fog also to blame for this 20 car pileup near austin. >> we're going to have at least 30 people that will need evaluation. >> reporter: out west, w itas cold and blustery for the people that camped out overnight for the rose parade. >> it was exemely cold and our chairs flew into the street. reporter: and then there are those who truly embraced the cold, kickg off the new year on a fun but rahilly note. mattey, nbc news, new york. nasa is celebrating tonight after successfully completing the farthest fly-by ever in our solar system, a staggering 4 blion miles away, with the new space race set to kick into high gear in the new year. nbc's tom costello explains. >> reporter: jubilation at nasa as e ace draft zipped past and took photos of a curious space object.
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it looks something like a 20 le long bowling pin. >> we have a healthy spacecraft and have accomplished one of the most dtant fly-byes. >> reporter: one of the researcher, queen guitarist brian may, himself an astrophysicist. 2019 could marquee year for space exploration. a chinese rover is expected to land on th moon, paving the way for an eventual chinese manned mission. after eight years of flying aboard russian rockets, this could be n the year ameri astronauts board an american spacex rocket for a trip to the space station. elon mus plans for the moon and beyond. >> isn't she beautiful? she has just been to space, which is ridiculous. >> reporter: richard branson says this is the year space tourists will ride his rocket to the edge of space. >> i think 2019 could mark the renaissance s
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ofce activity. renaissance is the right word, rebirth, because 50 years ago, we were flying to the moon. >> reporter: there's plenty of interest in the u.s., china, e ndia, russia, even the ve plans for lunar or mars missions. how con could depend on how well 2019's missions g tom costello, nbc news, washington. back on this planet, this new year's day broug together serena williams and roger federer, squaring off in a doubles match seen round the world. so who won this new battle of the sexe our miguel almaguer has the play by play. >> reporr: it was dubbed the first en face-off betwe tennis greats serena williams and roger federer. >> it was a great experience. i'm kind of sad it's over. i was just warming up. >> reporter: while a mixed doublematch, all eyes were on williams and federer, arguably t best ever to play the game.
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>> it s nerve-racking too, to be honest, because you're serving,i'm like i've g win this. .but it's serena willia >> overpowering each other with crushing serves. these champions share es competitive edge, mutualct and deep admiration. >> hopefully i canet me tips later on on how to get a little better >> reporter: both 37 years old, federer has won 20 grand slam titles. williams, 23. he has 99 career titles, she has 72. >> i don't think you give us cred. >> reporter: being compared to the 1973 s battle of the sexe match between billie jean kinbobby rigs. the world was watching roger and serena. while team switzerland won, serena took home her own trophy. >> you wanted to have a selfie. >> reporter: two champions and the picture of perfect sportsmanship. miguel almaguer, nbc news.
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now that's a perfect match. also ahead tonight, new year new laws. what hospitals can no longer hide about thco of your care. then, the ladies whose sweet moves wowed the crowd in their rose parade debut. the former nfl star helping families find a n start in the new year. (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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it new year. that means a bunch of new laws on the books, including one tha requires hospitals to post their prices and take the mystery out of the cost of your health care. nbc's stephanie gosk explains. >> reporter: from cars to clothes to food, we always know the price before we one big exception, health care. but that may be changing. starting today, the federal government requires every hospital t prices online. michael frank could have used that information three years ago. frank wanted to know
7:18 pm
how much a hip replacement would cost before getting the surgery. >> i contacted t insurance company, and ht they sent me r back to the hospital. >> reporter: hnever got an answer. >> this was like playinrussian roulette, but i didn't have a c ice. >> reporter: out of pocket, frank had to pay $10,000. now hospitals will have to post prices. but it's complicated. jeannie pender runs a website at helps patients save money. she gave us a tour how hospitals are now posting their prices. >> what benefit does nt give patients? >> we' 100% sure because the prices, the sticker prices are charge prices, are often wildly inflated. >> reporter: patient out of pocket costs vary dep on coverage and deductibles. government officials admit this is just the first step towards more transparency in health care pricing. >> if you are about to e get a procedd you're concerned how much you're going owe at the end of it, what should you d >> we recommend that
7:19 pm
people ask how much will it cost me on my insurance plan? can i have that in writing? will there be any other charges? and to keep asking those questions. >> reporter: in other words, insist on getting the price tag long before cutting the check. ephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> now, that is information everyone can use. coming up, he queen bees who shot to stardom toy on the national stage. you've had quite the cyeeer. , i've had some pretty prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan. let's create a plan for what's next. i like that. get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade. ♪
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7:23 pm
of the honeybees, the dance team for the nowned alabama state university marching band, exclusively for plus size dancers. the group is a crowd pleaser, appearing on e strvey. "america's got talent." . >> good luck >> reporter: and ebut ng their today in the rose parade. y'>> the universits dance line, the honeybees. >> reporter: but their favorite audience, the young girls they talk to, not just about weight but confidence. >> i don't have a problem with athing on my body. [ applause ] >> if you feel like you're going to look good in it, wear it. because i will wear anything if i feel good in it. i'm just saying. i want other girls t feel the same way. we all do. f >>l like i can just be successful and become a honeybee. >> reporter: an inspiratn to all
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(smiling) ahhh. if you like saving money, call geico. bob. they had a baby... it's a boy. a fifteen minute call could save you 15% or mo on car insurance. ...last name is "wehadababyit'saboy 8lbs3ozmother'sdoingfine." it is a happy new year for families beginning 2019 in new homes, thanks to a former nfl star on a mission that's very dear to his heart. ig lester has ton's "inspiring america." warrick te dunn played football for 12 seasons in the nfl. but he says his team work off the field has been far more meaningful. ow >> just folly lead, all right? >> reporter: in 1997, he started homes for the holidays, working with habitat for
7:28 pm
humanity to build homes for single parents. inspired by his own mother, betty. >> i know she sacrificed her life to d ut a roof over our heads crificed her life for her kids. >> reporter: she died when he was 18, ving worked two jobs to support dunn and his five siblings. always dreaming of owning her own home. now her son's charity has made that dream re me true for than 160 families. >> so whatou saying? >> it's beautiful. >> reporter: torsha sneed and her kids spent many years moving around. >> knowing that they have a place that they can call home and we n't have to move again, it meant the world to me. >> you see kids crying, being thankful, having opportunities to have their own rooms, their own things, that's life changing. that means way more than the g football. >> that's yours. >> reporter: a man who once played pro otball now gets to play santa claus, all
7:29 pm
year round. >> thank you so much. this is amazing. >> those families getting to celebrate the happiest of new years. that is "nightly news" ay for this tue lester is back tomorrow. i'm kristen welker. for all of us at nbc news, happy new year. thank you for watching and have a great
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>> just punishing people at this point. >> taking tngs to the next level in 2019. >> every fiber of your body is on fire. >> what well deserved honor f


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