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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 2, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we spent in afghanistan more in one month than wha we are talking about for the wall. >> we are asking the president to open up government. we are giving him a republican path to do that. why would he not do it? te the sen measure would have funded other agencies involved in the shutdo including a solution on homeland resolution but not border money. the president said he will notp s any law that does not have that in it. this fight is not anyw to an end. tim, wendy, back to you. >> thank you, leon the shutdown goes beyond the halls of government. now, all smithsonian museu are closed. that includes air and space. that is the most visited institution in the country. 19,000 visitors a day.
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the national zoo closed. the belovedpanda cam dark. doors of the national museum of african-american history and culture shut. chris gordon joins us to tell us how people are reacting to that. >> reporter: visitors are telling me they planned their trip to theti n's capitol months ago to spend the holidays and go sightseeing. the top spots you mentioned today, here on the mall closed. it's not just here on capitol hill, but enough oforthwest where the nationa zoo is closed due to the federal government shutdown. the gates are closed at the national zoo, taking visitors by surprise. >> i came here with my sister. f she is out of town. she was really e'scited. government shut down and everything. >> the national zoo's panda cam is turned off. for years, the giant panda bears
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have been streamed continuouy by tens of thousands of fans. il , the cameras are off u the government shutdown ends. stores located on connecticu a avenuoss from the zoo are losing money with fewer customers. >> we don't have money for paying the rent. we don't have money for paying employees every month. >> visitors on the mall try to figure out where to go now that the smithsonian museums are closed due to the government ut wn. >> i didn't know that was the case coming from new orleans. kind of disheartening to hear that. >> reporter: families with children left very d.disappoin >> sad. ou have an expectation to see that. it's a lifelong dream you could say. >> it's sad. n it every day you can come here. i hope they wi be open while we are here.
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>> reporter: today, we found some museums onthe mall still open and free to the public like the east wing of the national gallery of a and the sculpture gardens. i'm told they are open bause they have a different method of funding. also, at the u.s. capitol, the visitor center is open. before you goo an attraction or museum, check ahead to make sure it isen as this government shutdown continues. that's the latest li from the mall. wendy, back to you. >> not a lot out there, thanks. stay with t news 4 washington app for coverage of the partial government shutdown. we are working for you, covering every angle. a former marine detained in russia is said to be doing well tonight. that word, following a visit america's ambassador to ssia. he spoke to whelan's family to
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assure them he is okay. he was arrested last friday. security officials say he was caught during an espionage operation but gave no details. whelan's twin brother says he was in the country f a friend's wedding and is not a spy. we knowthe naval marine killed here in the district. the military confirmed he is 20-year-old lance corporal riley. these are pictures from his facebook page. he was shot and killed while on duty. he was struck by an accidental discharge. the military has not offered details on his death. the national defen service medal during his time in the military. wendy? this evening, family and fellow chuh members are surrounding juanita andlexis with support and love. their three young children were killed by a suspected drunk
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driver on sunday. online, 1400 people are opening their wallets, comm don't know the family, but wanted to do something. we have a glimpse into the love they had for the kids. >> reporter: a father's pride in his son. >> good job. good job. >> reporter: this is a video o posted on itagram. his page is family focused. he shared ahiut 5-year-old twins. the most recent post from november, olding his1-year-old son, isaac. the caption reading, so tough aving for work when he wants to play. meanwhile, my twins are in school. #ilovemybabies. tonight, the family's pastor is he says the/íklfçñ three kids e his great grand kids. he saw them every sunday for church services.
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this past sunday, he hugged them go ld-bye. they atle angels that left from this earth, he says. the devastating loss happened sunday night. the family headed home tal f church. investigators believe the driver of the pickup truck may have been drinking before slamming into the car, crushing the backseat, killing the three children. there is no explanation for pain we are living the pastor says. it is a pain compellin strangers to do something. since monday, morehan a thousand people donating tens of thousands of dollars to a gofundme. the pastor asking for prayer knowing they will need a deeper healing to live wiout that innocent joy that once filled their home. as far as the driver in this case, a lot of questions about why he'sot charged. police are working on the investigation. they are gathering as much
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evidence aspsko an all too frequent scene i the district. crime scene after crime scene, shootings leaving innocent victims dead or fighting for their lives. that's how 2018 ended and 2019 began. one person shot and killed on barnaby roadsoutheast yesterday evening. around lunchtime new year's day, shot rang out on kennedy street
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outside this neighborhood restaurant. an innocent bystander shot in the head. >> yesterday on kennedy street,g you have a guyng out to enjoy his new year's day off with friends andnded up in the hospital struggling for we can't have that. >> reporter: 160 murders in the district up from 116 the year before. mayor muriel w bows sworn in this morning and reflected on innocent victimsn murders like this 10-year-old killed in a hail of gunfire as she went out to buy ice cream. wendy stabbed as she was out for a run. >> one of the worst calls as mayor is when someone dies on our streets. even worse when that person killed is an innocent child who should be doing things little kids do.
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or wendy, who should be enjoying life with her new husband. >> reporter: the victim is listed in critical condition. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. >> d.c. police are asking for the public's help in solving the barnaby road murder as well as the other shootlings. we have rain moving into the area. amelia is here to tell me when we will begin to see the rain falling on us. >> we are going be tracking rain moving in as early a 8:00, 9:00 tonight. rain overnight tonight. that is the first weather taking headline. taking a look at the second weather headline, more rain later friday into saturday. all in all, the temperares are running above normal. mild out there on your sunday. check out storm team 4 radar right now. it's this moisture pushing into the area and moving in between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. most of the rain is fallingof south washington overnight we are tonight.
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we are going continue to see showers out there as we head toward the midnight hour. as we make our way toward 4:00 5:00, 6:00 a.m., this rain is pusng out of the area. increasing sunshine throughout the day tomorrow. the temperature right now at 47 degrees. that was the high today and we'll be warmer tomorrow. i'll have more onhat next round of rain moving in on friday. going to time out e rain coming up with future weather hour-by-hour at 5:25. >> see you the ank you. as we mentioned, the district saw a spike in the number of homicides last year. not all areas are dealing with a rise in crime. ahead at 5:00, what is behind the drop in murders and otr crimes in prince george's county. >> get caught going way too fast in one part of the area and you could be considered a criminal. i'm adam tuss. i'll tellou about a law that just took effect. a young girl overcomes her battle with leukemia and credits
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the kindness of strangers. we have the
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tougher tougher rules on d.c. roads. one of the changes, criminal charges for driving 35 miles per hour over the speed derelict. adam tuss explains the questions the new law raises. >> reporter: here's a question. if you are eeding, are y considered a criminal? well, in one part of the area, you could be. go 30 mper hour over the posted speed limit and the law says you are technically a criminal. >> i hope it. i do. >> 30 miles an hour is quite a limit. >> reporter: it does happe police reports show yesterday, new year's day, two vehicles
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were stopped ang the parkway, one for goingur67 miles an in a 35-mile-an-hour zone. the othe going 71 miles per hour in a 35 map zone. should the driversbealled criminals? >> i don't know if it classifies as crimil, but it's dangerous and unsafe. i don't think you should be speeding 30 miles over the speed limit. >> reporter: what does it mean going 30 miles over the speed limite you could f days in jail and means you could face a fine of upo 500 bucks. safety advocates are calling for tougher palties as traffic deaths increased in d.c. and welcome the >> we think the mayor heard tca from the public. we are at ar crisis forfic safety. >> reporter: in the ist,trdic e serious traffic injuries and
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deaths on our roads. as d,promi people who use metro to get to and from work areentitled to a refund if you se delay or ten minutes or more on the rails an automatic credit on their smart trip card. e bus, customers can request a credit online. register your smart trip card. metro says the on-time performance reached a seven year high last year at 87%. starting next week, you'll actually beble to bring your bike on metro train regard lsz of time of day. they are changing pthelicy that previously banned bikes during peak travel times. officials looked into it. the majority of rush hour, trains have eight cars and the 7000 series cars have more room. metro may restrict them on heavy
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travel days like the fourth of july. there is a young girl who turned a difficult experience into something wonderful for kids in the hospital. >> barbara harrison is here to tell us about a 16-year-old paying it forward. >> she is. i enjoyed meeting her. she is 16 years old. she had alt diffic holiday three years ago. i had a chance to talk to her and hear her story when i caught up with her. she is doing something she's d beng several years now. three years a, at 13 years ago, she found out she was pretty sick. >> i heard someone said leukemia. i didn't know wh that meant. >> she had been not feeling well for a couple weeks. they were able to tell she had leukemia cells in her blood. >> she was crying in the shower. i told her to i d't want anybody to cry. >> she turned that memory into
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mega's very merry giveback, bringing smiles to children in the hospital now, not just during the holidays, but twice a year with a specialas christ in july giveback. it's been a wonderful way to smile all theug way th the holidays and all yearlong as well. t's really terrific. >> what those kids need is distraction. >> i know. >> anything to take their minds off it. >> when she walks in, she gives a lot to the kids. >> good for her. she love it. >> she does. i'll have more at 6:00. >> thanks, barb. one lucky new yorker is kicking off the new year $425 million richer. the jackpot winning ticket matched five numbers in the new year's daydr wing. it was sold at this gas station and convenience store in long island, new york. the owner still in shock.
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>> reporter: what was the first thing you thought when you got that call? >> excited. ialked to my wife, you know. they were all screaming. surprise. >> big one. this was the eighth largest jackpot in mega millions history. the cash option, a whopping io 254.6 mill bucks. seven other tickets matched at least five numbe across the country, winning $1 million. none of those in our area. i t thi store owner gets something, too. >> his screaming doesn't match those who didn't win anything. we are out two bucks. if the new year includes a t small changes that can help you. still ahead, what you need to know if you are thinking about going vegetarian. >> storm team 4 tracking the arrival of rain tonight.
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de oh hey, sandy. hey. this is a trick my nonna taught me to make sure my produce is fresh. but aldi produce is delivered fresh every single day. every day? yeah. soo.ou don't need.. do you're not even going to hold that cantaloupe against your face? ee the only trick you to save time and money is to shop at aldi. save on your choice of little salad bar chopped salad kits, now just $1.99. aldi. shop differentli. i heard wendy green blobs. some are better than others. is it coming after midnight? >> showers come betwe 8:00 p.m. and midnight. most of it falls when we are sleeping. >> most of it falling on raleigh. >> exactly. we are going have showers
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overnight. they come to an lyd ea tomorrow morning. check out storm team 4 radar. you have a few more hours getting the dog outside and getting errands done. the chance of rain is closer to hi 7:..m. here is p.m. notic, most of the area is dry. y of hite is showing ple cloudiness out there. showers in the northern and pareme so8:00, 9:00, rain in northern virginia. notice the mason dixon line, a few showers in frederick and washington coumoy. of the rain from this system is going to impact the d.c. aetro area to the south. here we are at midnight movito rd 4:00 a.m. commuters dealing with rain and around the fredericksburg area. by 6:a.m., the rain is out of
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here. maybe wet roads tomorr morning. for most of us, the morning commute, we are dealing with rain at thatpoint. our temperatures are coming in in the 40s, 47 degrees in washington. tomorrow morning, cloudy. a tempeture of 42 degrees. it's dry for recess. recess is definitely -- a light jacket is fine. don't need a puffy coat a temperature of 50 degrees. tomorrow, plenty of clouds and creasing sunshine. all in all, the weather having a low impact on yo d tomorrow, on your thursday. the morning commute, wet roads early. recess is outdoors, getting the run done outside. it's cool, not cold. maybe light gloves. i was running out there with them. on saturday, a high temperature of 52 degrees.
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your weekend recast, look at sunday. 57 degrees for a high. here is the thing, a wave of rain moving through tonight.w ll have another rain moving through friday night and that is going to stick around for the first half of your saturday. scattered showers out there through theidday hours saturday, the second half of saturday looking dry. pleasant on sunday with plenty of sunshine and high temperatures near 60 degrees. tomorrow, a high of 50. that's a good five, almost ten degrees aboveal no normal is 44. friday, a high temperature of 51. 70% chance of dealing with rain for friday night, a high likelihood and 5 chance of dealing with showers for the first half of your saturday. again, a nice warm up saturday to sunday. day.50s for a high on m we keep it dry. more rain possible on tuesday. guys, what this ten-day forecast is lacking is any snow chances. >> oh, yeah. not with those numbers. ve continuing ge of the
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top story, overnmentshutdown today 13. ahead, what we can expect from lawmakers as they return to the hill tomorrow. 2018 ended with aviolent weekend. the county closed out the year with some of the
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we are back at 5:30 with a closer look at the top story, shutdown.rnment >> with lawmakers coming back to town, we are not any closer to an end. president trump met with congrsional leaders of both parties holding a border security briefing. following the meeting, nancy pelosiaidhe house would put forth legislation passed by the senate. day, the smithsonian and the national zoo closed to the public because of a lack of funding. joining u is msnbc capitol hill correspondent garret. thanks for joining us. it's be a busy day. pelosi and schumer came out of he white house planning to pass the republican plan. what do they hope to accomplish with that? >> reporter: they are hoping to show the democrats a serious about governing by passing the bills through the house.
5:29 pm
lok, we are here. we don't want the shutdown to continue. they would leave this short term funding in place for department of homeland security. the debate abut the wall could continue and most of the go.rnment could contin we know it's not going to go anywhere in the republican ntrolled senate. the democrats want to say look, we are here torn gond put pressure on repubcans until they can get a solution. >> back to the president. speaking during his cabinet meeting,ich was quite lengthy, he prides himself as a man who can get dealss done. is going to look good for him to continue to stand his ground? >> see. over the next couple weeks, the stories we do about the shutdown will change. today, we are talking about the zoo and museums. a couple weeksfrom now, we
5:30 pm
should start thinking that way. a couple weeks from now, talkinr fe employees who aren't getting their paychecks not just in the d.c. area, but across the country. the majority aren't in d.c., they are spread out. it puts political pressure on the president and republican senators who run forti re-el in 2020 and can't look like they are turning their back on constituents. i think th longer this -- >> did we justse l garrett? >> reporter: -- while before we ge that point. >> is there anything congress can do in the short term to get, to help those federal workers and get some money while thisg thgoes on? anything? >> reporter: not really. what you typically see congress do is pass various bill to guarantee the back paid gets
5:31 pm
apaid. there lawsuit going on in the future by federal employ unions. the last time this lawsuit was passed, federal employees got extra money when theyot back pay. there's not a lot of good newsf federal workers. they are stuck waiting for congress to figure it out. >> some won't get back pay. we can't forget about them, either. garrett, thank you for joiningu look for the latest from political teams on the hill, at the white house, just ahead on "nightly news" with lesterd. ho with 2019 under way, prince george's downcounty is startinga high note. akacee wilkins a closer look at stats and what appears to be a successful strategy in curbing crime. >> reporter: four murders at the end of 2018 ended in quick
5:32 pm
arrests with many suspects appearing in court today. among them, two people whore held without bond. a third suspect is expected to be extradited from north carolina. l three charged in connection to the murder of dave in beltsville on saturday.s hoago, police announced the arrest of fletcher foroo sng and killing a 22-year-old in austin ghll sunday he was earning an mba at wagner college new york, playing his fifty year on the football year after earning an undergrad degree. it was a violent end to what has been a year of historic lows in crime in prince george's county. in 2017,0 homicides. in 2018, 60 homicides, down25% in one year. violent crime was down11.4% and overall crime down 9.7%
5:33 pm
according to prince george's ounty police. the police department reported the lowest crime stats for 2018 nce the county has been recording crimes statist i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. school was on lockdown while police search for two gunmen responsible for a shootout in the street. they began firing at 11:00 this morning. both men are still out there. our cameras found officers carrying long guns, police dogs, searching for clues. the lockdowntu evly lifted and students went home on time. a woman brutally murdered was strangledside a home. news 4's cory smith with w prosecutors say he killed her.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: the family joined the state attorney topplaud the life sentence handed down to her >> we loved her. she will never be returned to us, we know she is resting in eternal peace in the arms of our lord. >> rerter: strong called 911 and told dispatchers what he had done to the woman he dated for three years. >> i killed her. >> this wasta we want to thank the judge for the sentence he gave. we think it was the appropriate sentence. >> reporter: last october he pleaded guilty to slashing, strangling and killing the real esta estate agent. his final words to her, i hate you. >> what is sadis about t case is that they were fighting on this particular evening about the most common thing couples fight about, money.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: he surrendered to of a journey to justice. they hope heretoryes as a cautionary tale. >> in her memory, pay attention to all women in yourife who could become victims of domestic violence. >> despite h down a life sentence, the judge suspended all but 45 years of his prison term. if he serves the full term, he will be his 90s by the time he is free. a half dozen strangers all get ill on the same flight. the discovery. 2018 a terrible one for stocks. will this be brighte the wild ride as we begin the new year. have your allergies been bothering you? check it out, mold high.
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st why it's important all animals have thees ra vaccine and also a legal requirement. a dog was attacked by a rabid
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ccoon in the kentlands. the dog wasn't going to put up wi it when it w attacked and the dog killed it. animal control tested it. confirmed it had rabies. the dog had t vaccine so will be okay. a man is behind bars fairfax county. jaquan ross was arrested. he was complaining about pain and was taken for treatment. he broke free.o we are t he had a handcuff on his right wrist when he was. caug a new year and beginning the same way the last one ended,it the wild ride on wall street. the dow started the day with a steep 400 point drop. stocks bounced around all day, ending up 18 points.
5:40 pm
volatility ruled wall street last month with the s&p 500 posting its worst december sincg that depression. a shopping and fashion icon is counting down their final hours. lord & taylor will close. the store stoodin midtown manhattan for a couple years. a company th bought the space rented to them. they are closing but 45 other stores remain open, including the one in chevy chase, pharrell williams is backing a new venueald the dome project. it's an outdoor music venue, surfing park, restaurants, office space, housing. $328 million for this complex.ou it take up two square
5:41 pm
blocks near the ocean. the city council has toote on it. >> impressive, the drawings. i you are mak changes for the new year, right? you might cut meat from your diet? sue an hogan explains what you sue an hogan explains what you need to know before going
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so you finally got fios, huh?
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t yep, and wanna know wh best part about it is? gaming with less lag? nope. watching movies in 4k? nope. the best part about it is,ight now, my mom is streaming classes... dad is streaming games...n because the fiber-optic network gives you insane speed and capacity... ...they don't have to ask you to get offline. giveyou owe me so big time. and capacity... exactly. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. get fios internet for just $39.99 per month and get a $50 amazon gift card when you switch. now, to a bizarre situation involving a former u.s. marine. he's been taken into custody in russ accused of spying for the u.s. >> his brother was in the country for a wedding. the ate department isn't saying much about it. w what make of this? we are hearing a lotut a this
5:44 pm
guy. what do we know? is it weird toyou? >> it's a very strange story. former cia oficers say they do not believe he was spying, particularly for the cia. this is not how they do business in russia. a it denied area, they plan everything. they don't send random people in especially with a military background. there's something odd about the case. he way mike pompeo responded, not demanding immediately that americans are able t see this person. it was not the full throated kind of outrage you would see from u.s. officials when an american is taken into custody in russia. >> what can you tell us about his record in the military? we know he got a bad discharge from the marines? >> bad conduct. he was accused of larceny. i take it to mean theft.
5:45 pm
the family nys he was russia for a weding, not related to business. he had been there before and haa a russian so media account. the russians released no allegations about what he was alleged to have been spying about, what informati t heok. nothing of the kind. we don't know. >> a standard operating procure for them, a lot. switching gears as we talk evidence. bert mueller's case. is that going to drop so, this year? what are the tea leaves saying? >> our reporting is that the justice department is getting reports as early as february. that doesn't mean there won't be other indictments. it appears robert mueller is wrapping up. he's charged people with crimes, including people close to the president. we have not seen in public the central question, d anybody
5:46 pm
from the trump campaign conspire? >> how kely is it we will see that report, either officially or leaked back channels? >> oh, we will see some form of th report. there are complications but the public will demand to know what r mueller has found. >> i have another question. does hea his taxes? will we likely see the taxes? e rybody believes mueller has the tax returns. the way we might see them is house democrats are going to get them. they will try to make them public. it's expected donald trump will fight it in court. we may not see it for some time. >> heavily redacted? >> no, out in the open. every presint has released them except this one. >> happy new year. coming up, an update on the miracle in russia, the baby found ave in the rubble after surviving 36 hours in
5:47 pm
subfreezing mperatures. his mother speaking to the media today saying she and her older son escap when the building collapsed. her infant disappeared in the chaos. he likely survived because ad was sw led in a blanket and warm bedding. a gas leak is said to have caused that explosion. dozens of people are noted accouor. a very long flight for frontier passengers. lax people became six on a flight from cle to florida. it was a real mess. >> there were coming out of nowhere, throwing up, sick, throwing up. hey come in every different aisle. >> get me off thatla. they were treated when they got off the plane. all the people drank from a water fountain in the airport before boarding. the cleveland airport closed the water fountains as they
5:48 pm
invesgate the source. we are working with your health. something to consider. researchers at louisiana state university look at the best ways to stop food cravings. they found that completely oo cutting from your diet is more effective than allowing yourself to have small amounts of i certa obesity mdications help people fight cravings. here is the catch. some experts say exercise seems to increase the hankering for junk food. you have to have a reward. >> you have to have that fix, too. maybe you have decided to cut meat out of your diet. going vegetarian may have several health susan hogan says you may need to take extra care to get the nutrients you need. >> reporter: there's a variety of people who don't eat >> vegetarian. >> vegan. >> reporter looking at most
5:49 pm
menus and grocery stores, there are lots of options for a plant based diet. there is a right way and wrong way. >> you need to do your homework, plan yr meal and learn about the nutrition aspects of od. >> reporter: for a balances vegetarian or vegan dit, pay attention to getting enough of these four important nutrient protein, also yum, iron and vitamin b12. >> tofu, chick peas and grains likenoa meet your protein needs. have some protein at every meal. >> reporter: don't forget bone building, 1200 milligrams if you are over 50. how do you get it if you don't eat dairy? >>almonds, boc choi.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: getting enough iron can be a challenge. lentils, white beans and other things. > a source of vitamin c he with iron absorption. >> reporter:fi for plants, breakfa breakfast cerls help you get at b12. if you are may recollecting a switch, check with your health care provid to ensure you are nutrients.ugh have you ever thought of vegan? >> i was ati p vegetarian for eight years, then vegan for eightmonths. it was tough. >> that's hard. >>u what n eat, which was
5:51 pm
killing me, french fries. you almost need a personal chef. >> rumor is they are gluten free, too, french fries. >> they are. >> feel good from a consciousness perspective. >> that's why a lot of people do it. >> thank you, susan. >> you're welcome. all right. we are going to get wet tonight. >> a green vegan block. green. > showers are moving into the area. we are going to have overnight tonight. the good news is most orafin u going to be dry by 5:00, 6:00 a.m. the rainainly falling now that we are home for the night and while we aresleeping and then out of here for the morning commute. tomorrow, during the day and ri friday d the day, mainly dry. that's the first weather headline. as we look to saturday, during t morningnd midday hours, right now, scattered showers are in t forecast. is looking dry saturday
5:52 pm
afternoon. i have a say, sunday isoong speck ta spectacular. here is storm team 4 radar. the moisture is pushing into e area, indicating light rain in southern maryland. th is evaporating before it hits the ground. we are going to see showers develop, mainly south ofgt wash. right now, we are at 47 degrees. our official high toy, 48. we are going to hang out in the midnight.til after that, we fall to the low 40s. the clouds and rain acting as a blanket. we are not going to see theur temper cool off that much. 8:00, 9:00 p.m., we are going to see showers in southern maryland, stafford, king georges county and ash far no as the dis rikt. the mason district line, a chance you are dealinh showers, not a guarantee. again, the farther south, the moreikely you are dealing with rain. it's out of here by 5:00, 6:00
5:53 pm
a.m. for just about everybody. if you are in southern maryland, rain could linger until 7:00 a.m. most of us stepping out the door to plenty of cloud and a temperature of 42. lunchtime, a mix of clouds ands sue with a temperature around 49 degrees. a high tomorrow of 50.o it'sortable out there for early january. once again, the teeratures running above normal tomorrow. as we look to tomorrow night, 7:00, it's dry. we have temperatures in the mid-40s. here is the ra outlook. again, tomorrow, the day is dry. it's dry on friday. widespread rain impacts the area friday night. saturday, scattered showers through the midday hours and completely dry on sunday andmo ay. here is the timing for the rain friday with future weather..m 2:00 notice it is still south and west of the area. 7:00 p.m., the evening commute, dealing with rain in northern virginia. this is 11:00 p.m. on, midnig friday.
5:54 pm
the rain out there and more showers out there on your saturday morning. here is four four-day forecast. low 50s aytomorrow, fri and saturday. sunday, we warm up. a high temperature near 60 degrees on sunday. we keep it relatively mild on monday and tuesday. the chance for showers on tuesday with the stormystem that will cool us into the 40s nextwednesday, thursday, friday and next saturday looking dry. i said it before, i'll thsay it again, we are lacking snow. >> we are in no hurry. >> i agree. coming up, aeekend coffee run ends with tragedy for a texas mom. >> her childas shot and killed by a man who pulled up next to rtem and s shooting. trackil new deveopments in
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5:57 pm
h e is a manhunt under way in texas after aol 7-yea girl was shot and killed in houston. >> the girli was out her mother getting coffee. scott macfarlane has the latest from police andthe girl's mother. >> a tragic situation. a woman was out with her daughter sunday morning. a pick-up truck pulled up and a she didn't know started shooting. >> i turned around and my w 7-year-o shot in the head. told everybody to get down in the car and i reached over.
5:58 pm
my oldest was next to me. the shot came through my window and broke mygl ss. i don't know how my baby got shot. she is an outgoin fun-loving child. we were going to get coffee. coffee. and my baby lost her life. >> her daughter was killed in the shooting. she begg whoever shot to come forward. >> our priorities for me, personally, is to bring justice for jasmine. we are going to continue to do every effo possible to bring closure to the family and also that we get the killer off our streets. >> police also released this surveillance image of the truck the suspect was driving. possibly a white man with a beard in his 40s. itpears the attack was
5:59 pm
unprovoked. at the live desk, i'm scott . macfarla deal or no deal? now at 6:00, the high stakes meetng in the situation room on day 12. >> i have my commitment to pay employees. >> thounds out of work. smithsonian museums shut down and trash piling u the mystery deepens after a marine is sh on duty here in d.c. tonight, new reaction from his family on social media. a local community comes together as a horrific reality sets in. a young girl with a big heart, now giving back. >> it's more fun to give because i like to make people ppy and, liksm put ae on their face. >> how she's helping a hospital feel more like home for some of the area's youngest patients.
6:00 pm
18 hours from now, we will see a big change in washington whocrats take control of the house. >> but, will that change do anything toimpact the shutdown showdown? the feud over funding now in its 12th day. 800,000 federal employees not getting paid and money has run out forcing the national zoo and smithsonian museums to shut down. >> democrats reveal wh happened at the meeting at the white house with president trump today. we have eram cge. let's start with blaine alexander on capitol hill. >> reporter: what happened in that meeting, a lot of finger pointing, but not a lot ofti sos. the last time president trump hosted democrats at the white house, he declared would be proud to shut down the government over border wall funding. we are now in day 12 of that


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