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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 3, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning, everyone. i' eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. it is 5:00 a.m. now. a historic day on capitolill. democrat leader nancy pelosi expected to once again become speaker of the house. >> the last time a previous speakeof the house was re-elected to the position was in 1955. the new house will hit the grou running too. a plan to end the government shutdown is expected to be voted on. s have all that covered t morning. first, though, we want to begin with a check on the forecast and the commute. melissa mollet is standing by. let's start with storm team 4's lauryn ricketts in forchuck, telling us about a little rain t moving through area. >> we have some rain down to the south. staying east of d.c., south and east of the beltway. not to say we couldn't see a few sprinkles try to move north as here,ystem moves out of but again, most of this is staying south. a loturf moi with this system as a stalled frontal system is creating rain showers and an area of low pressure is moving off the coast of norfolk.
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entually that rain wil continue to dip to the south. south and east of our region, that's where you're seeing showers. calvert county, st. mary's county, southern charles countyk and b through king george, fredericksburg, and stafford county. just getting a few light showers out there right now. again, all of this will continue to sink south. but there could be a few sprinkles north before it starts to do that. iy rean't think all this is going to be out of here until about 9:00 a.m. temperatures fairly mild as y o wa the door. mid-40s right w now. on o to the low 50s today. we'll talk more about that weekend forecast coming up. let's tk about traffic. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, lauryn. a couple new problems causing bigger issues than initially thought. outer loop near 270, left side blocke that crash. three vehicles are involved. one of them is a glass truck. we now have glass across the
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roadway. centerville, eastbound 66, the ramp to northbound 28, all traffic stopped a b and new crash. this is the closest camera. not very clear, but y some of those backups here. again, that's inbound this morning. washington, southbound 295 at pennsylvania avenue, rough pavement still slowing traffic there. >> thank you, melissa. it's now 52. there will be a power shift on capitol hill. a new congressegins with democrats in charge of the house of representatives. >> the election and swearing in of a new house speaker will happen this morning. xpncy pelosi isted to regain the gavel today. their first order of business will be to ve on legislation to end the partial government shutdown in its 13th day. it's very similar to a bill thad pahe senate two weeks ago, with broad republican support, but senate republicans n have refused to bring this new bill up for a vote. with the president, who says he won't st reopen the government unless he gets $5 billion for his border wall.
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we expect to learn more about how democrats plan to negotiate n nancye president w pelosi appears on the "today" show this morning. she'll discuss the shutdown and heroals in an exclusive interview with savannah guthrie. the impact of the government shutdown continues to spread ho thro the region. >> anyone looking to get a marriage license throu. superior court will be turned away. news 4's chris lawrence is live in the district withdetails on what the mayor is saying about this. r:ris? >> reporguys, look, it can be extremely tough to figure out exactly whatnm the govt considered essential. that's how they determine what to keep open and what to keep closed. alth tgh, i got tol you, getting married is pretty high on a lot of couples' but you're right. one d.c. couple was turned away at d.c.ou superior whend they tr get a marriage license. turns out that court is funded by congress and the marriage bureau is not considered essential. they had planned to to back the courthouse when the shutdown
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ends, but there could be help on the way. mayoruriel bowser announced that she plans to putorth emergency legislation to establish the authority to issue marriage licenses during the shutdown. her spokesman said just as the grinch can't steal christmas, the shutdown can't stop open. so you still have jury duty, you still have hearings. cannot get a marriage license, you can stillet divorced. we know this shutdown is affecting our lives in so many ways, from trash piling up in some of the national parks to somera of the feworkers really struggling to buy food for their pets. we'll divinto those issues coming up at the bottom of the hour. reporting live at the national mall, chris lawrence, news 4. back to you. >> chris, thank you. and disappointing news for panda lovers this morning. the panda cams that stream video from the national zoo are dark this morning. they've been turned off due to the vernment shutdown.
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for years, the giant pandas have been streamed continuouslyo tens of thousands of fans. now that the cameras are off til the government shutd over. and keep it here on news for continuing coverage of the government shutdown. we'll update every new development on air and in the nbc washington app. 5:05 now. new this anmorning, a is in critical condition after being shot in frederick, maryland. this was in the 1100 block of key parkway. police are wutking to figure who shot the man, but they don't believe the public is in any danger. they'rh asking anyone wit information on this shooting to call them. we're learning new details about the marine killed in a shooting at the marine corps barracks in southeast washington. officials say lance corporal riley kuznia died on tuesday. the are still a lot of questions this morning. news 4's megan mcgrath isve l e outside the barracks with more. we're also hearing from corporal kuznia's fatherright?
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>> reporter: correct. we did talk to his father by oone. we're a learning some new information, but there are still a lot of unansw ed questions here. first of all, the marine who was fatally shot here has been idtified. he's20-year-old lance corporal riley marine corps officials confirm this was not a suicide. the gunshot was not selfnflicted. "the washington post" is citing sources saying the shooting was accidental, that corporal kuznia was hit by round discharged from a fellow marine's weapon. s kuznia's fatheke to news 4 by phone. he wants more information about what happened, and he wonders whether it could have been avoided. >> i mean, i'm not blaming anybody, but from what i've read, if proper procedures would have been followed, i would have my kid today yet, is what'm feeling from what i've been seeing. >> reporter: the commanding
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officer of marine barracks washington released a statement that reads in part, quote, we are truly saddened by the terrible loss. riley was a highly driven and goal-oriented marine whoseti po attitude set the example here at the barracks. nopo cl kuznia's father told us that he is expecting to talk to marine corps officials later on this mning. he hopes to get more information about exactly what happened. >> all right. megan mcgrath live at the marine corps barracks in sothheast. k you. your time is 5:07. this morning an arlington woman is in jail accusedf stabbing another woman she knew on new year's day. arlington county police have charged 60-year-old linda snow with second-degree murder. they say she stabb alice carter to death inside an apartment complex on 8th road south tuesday. police believe the attack ft occurred an argument between the two women. snow is being held without bond. an updateea to t made
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against three schools in prince george's county. police arrested a teenager for two high schools. they say the 14-year-old girl le confessed to writing a series oa e-mail threainst the schools. police say the teen did not havo the abil carry out the b threats,ut she is charged with making threats of mass violence. in news for yher th, we have a warning as flu season kicks into gear.nd marys among several states with high flu activity. the cdc says it's one of nine states seeing increasing flu numbers. health officials are warning ople to take precautions heading into the new year. >> i know a lot of people are dataeliever, but t really shows getting the flu vaccine is probably the most important thing you can do to help reduce the incidce of flu. >> officials say pregnant women and young children are at high risk for flu complications. coming up on the "today" show, what extra precautions you can take this flu season. and we're working for your healnf with newmation
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about price hikes making your he medication more expensive. >> 60 companies raised the prices on nearly 300 drugs in the first two days of the new yemo. prescriptions went up 6%. oxycontin went up over 9%. that's nearly three times the rate of inflation. thgroup patients for affordable drugs says these price hikes are just about making more money for already rich companies. >> people are hurtin they want the elected officials in this country to make changes to get this drug pricing situation under control. >> president trump has promised action soon. nbc news reached out to some of the largest manufacturers and de the industry t group, and none pointed to a specific reason for the price hikes. today prince george's county will take a step towar ming prescription drugs cheaper for residents. county leadership will announce support for legislation to create a prescription drug
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affordability board. that board will review and establish fordable costs for maryland residents. the board will be introduced ri the upcoming session of the maryland general assembly. today is projected to be a o h day for technology stocks on wall street. d is comes after apple war first quarter sales would be less than previously expected. the dow jones started yesterday with a steep 400-poi drop. stocks bounced around before finally ending the day up 18 points. now to a storyou saw first on 4. there are now 15 different proposals being tioned for the proposed expansion between the beltway and 270 in maryland. news 4's scott mcfarland says officials want more of your feedback. among the options, adding new lanes to ease congestion along i thways. scott uncovered thousands of comments from people. most of them are against dening the highways. many of those messages came from homeowners who live near the highway. state leaders will narrow the list this spring. there will soon be even more wheels on metro trains.
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starting next week, metro customers will be able to bring their bikes with theon the train at any time. metro is ending a long-standing restriction that prohibited bicycles during rushour. it's expected to me metro rail more attracte to riders who want to take their bikes between their station and workplace. all about options, some people dould say. still ah this morning, why keeping your kids on a sleep routine couldelp them in the battle of the bulge as they grow older. plus, defending college test scores. what one florida student has to do after her s.a.t. scores went up. we'll explain the controversy. and we have a few showers south and east of d.c as youake your way out the door this morning, just know at stafford, southern yan maryland, king george county. we warm up, but we also have t re rain on the way. we'll show you t the ten-day forecast.
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it is now 5: would you feel comfortable knowing your child's teacher was carrying a gun? a florida community group fo after the parkland school shooting says some educators should be armed. the group of 15 peop unanimously supports changing florida laws to arm teachers who volunteer and undergo rigorous firearms training. the panel also says school systems need to create clear procedures for locking down d classroomspolice department guidelines should require officers to confront er school sho >> there needs to be a mind set change. there needs to be a sense of gency. when you send your kids to school in the morning, there's an expectation they're going to come home alive in the afternoon. >> the panel included parents of two children killed in the februa 2017 attack as well as
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law enforcement, education, and mental health professionals. if you have a college-bound high schooler, you know the s.a.t.s are no joke. sometimes a student will take the test once and then a second time and a third time, hoping to improve their scores. that's what one miami high school student did, camila campbell. now she has to defend her work. when she tk the test, she scored a 900. seven months later, she took it again and scored a teofficials now believe she cheated and made her scores invalid. she's now taking legal action. >> to be told, well, you did too much, like you put too much effort in and we don't believe that you could have possib did this on your own, it's really not a good thing. >> she has submitted a letter from her tutor as well as the books and materials used to she hopettend florida state university this fall. it is the end of an era for a major department store.& >> lorylor has closed its
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it'll also send reminders to help you stick to a healthy diet. all three apps are free for ios and android users with premium features available if you're interested. 'd l t see an app drag me down to the gym. >> i was going to say, i need somebody to burn somes calor for me. >> give it a try. see what happens. >> slap the cup cake out of your hand. while you're working on getting in shape, you can also take steps to make sure your ildren are getting healthier. one way to do that, enforce stricter bedtimes. a a new study from penn state found children who were never ug a bedtime routine by 9 years old had a higher body mass index by the time they turned exrts say it's not even the slp that's most important here. it's the consistent bedtime that helps. for more tips on improving and your family's health, check out the nbc 4 telemundo 44 health and fitness expo. it's only nine days away now.
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it's all free. we hope to see you there. usually there are cooking demonstrations. >> free health screenings. fun for the whole family. >> and we'll be there at different poi >> all right, lauryn ricketts. it was milder than i expected for some t reason. hought it was going to be freezing cold. >> i thought it was going to be a little chilly. tomorrow morning will be a little comer. we're in the low to mid-40s right now. that's average daytime highs for january 3rd. jaary 3rd, right? >> thursday. >> thursday, remember? >> we got that. all right. so for early january, emperatures should be in low to mid-40s. we're above that to start off on thismo thursday ing. we have some areas that are a little wet right now if you're south and east of. d will that translate into an evening commute that's going to be on the wet side? no. all of thisain will be out of here. again, a lot of people are dry right now. bu everybody will be breezy out
5:19 am
there through the day. wind pick up after 9:00 a.m. and stay with us through 5:00, 6:00 p.m. tonight. we have more rain on the way. that's going to be fridayight through the first half of saturday. but then it'll end, so no washout for the weekend. in fact, sunday looks absolutely gorgeous and mild. but here's the rain rightow moving along a that's stalled out. that will start to move back down to the south a little bit. most of these showers are staying south of the beltway, not to say we couldn't see a few sprinkles trying to make their way into the southern portion of the beltway. again, most of this is really to the south, throu st.mary's county, through the northern neck, even through king george d off to the south of fredericksburg. 30s in the shenandoah valley. everyone else in the mid to per 30s right now. temperatures will dip a little before sunset and start to move ck up. temperatures around 50 degrees today. so again, here's the rain staying to the south. it moves out to the south after
5:20 am
about 9:00, 10:00. we're cloudy throughout the today. maybe a few peeks of sunshine, but definitely more cloud cover than sunshill. tomorrow wlso have cloud cover to start. rain starts to push back in. after aboutve in 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night. could be heavy at times during the overnight. we'll continue to have some rain intoarly saturday morning, tapering off through the middle partf your saturday. that'll set us up for a gorgeous sunday. temperures on sunday in the mid-50s with full sunshine. sunny skies on monday with a few clouds trying to push in. more chances of rain next tuesday and saturday. again, just rain. we're fairly mild. all right, melissa. oot's get a at that traffic. good morning. >> good morning to to you. taking a look at the roads. outer loop at 270, left side ill blocked. just got off the phone with police. this should be out of the way in the nt 30 minutes. st waiting on a tow truck. three vehicles involved in the crash, glass across the roadway because one of those vehicles was a glass truck. a little scary there. 66 near 28, you can see a disabled vehicle there. looks lik a tractor trailer. here's the situation with that
5:21 am
crash. t eastbound 66 ramp to northbound 28, you now havest t left to get by the crash. eastbound 66 after 29, sl centreville, disabled vehicle blocking one lane. >> thank you, melissa. coming up, craing down on speeders in the district. and later today on ellens dax shepherdtopping by and bringing his own guest. >> my momas chopping down a tree in the mountains in oregon, a christmas tree,fell, and broke her arm. now, that's how you break anm, everybody. >> that's a great story. that's a great story. >> along with trying to embarrass his mom, dax talks about what movie sequel he'd love to star in. watch the interview today at 3:00 here on nbc 4. stick around for news 4 at 4:00.
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5:24 now. tougher rules are now in effect on d.c. among them, criminal charges for driving 30 miles an hour over the speed limit. >> transportation reporter adam tuss found many people understand the need for the punishment. >> repter: go 30 miles an hour over the posted speed limit and the law says you're techcally a criminal.>>
5:25 am
hope it is. i do. >> reporter: michael hogan lives in and walks around the city all the time. >> i've almost been hit dozens and dozens of times in the last month. ti reporter: pretty hard to find anyone that'll j that amount of speed on a d.c. street. >> 30 miles an hour over the speed limit in the city is quite a bit overpeed limit. that's generally double the speed limit. >> reporter: but yet, it does happen. take a look. police reports obtained by news 4 show jt yesterday, new year's day, two vehicles were stopped along the suitland pa way. one for going 67 miles an hour in a 35-mile-an-hour zone, another going 71 miles an hour in a 35-mile-an-hour zone. but should those drivers be called criminals? sifieson't know if it cl as a criminal offense, but it seems really dangerous and unsafe. >> reporter: so really, what does a criminal penalty mean for going 30 miles an hour over the speed limit? you could face up to 90 days in jail. it also means you could face a fine of up to 500 bucks.
5:26 am
safety advocates have been calling for tougher traffic penalties as bicycle and pedestrian deaths have increased. right turn on red signals will also soon be banned at about a hundred downtown intersections. >> we think the mayor has finally heard the calls from the public that we're at a crisis for traffic safety. >> reporter: now look, all of this likely will be on a case-by-case bas. it will be interesting to see how the police actually apply this law. nevertheless, it is now a law in the district. in d.c., adam tuss, news 4. 5:26 now. coming up, mayhem at mcdonald's. the story behind one customers -- customer's over the counter attack that's going viral this morning. and we have rain early this mortgag morning, drying out later this afternoon. we're looki friday into saturday. we'll time that out for you coming up. plus, he's the capitals'
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captainnd one of the bestn the league. why alex ovechkin is now sitting out of the all-star game and why it could keep him off the ice here in d.c.
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is to shop at aldi. save on your choice of little salad bar chopped salad kits, now just $1.99. aldi. shop differentli. a live look outside on this thursday morning. looking nice out there now, but you may need to keep the umbrella handy today. 2019 starting off a lot like 2018 ended. more rain heading our w.
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>> we're welcoming aaron back to work this morning for our first show together in the new year. hello, happy new year to. y melissa mollet is also tracking the roads. first, we want to head to storm team 4gi meteorolost lauryn ricketts for a look at our forecast. not too bad right now. >> not at all. those temperatures fairly mild, low to mid-40s at this point. we're taking those temperatures to above normal today. but we have rain for some portions of our area. a lot of rain on this moistur t train all riding along the stalled frontal system. th system is just tohe south of us. that front is pushing to the south as this rai movff the coast. again, areas to the south, i'm augu to you. southern maryland, charles county, even st. mary's king george county, and our friends in fredericksburg. you're seeing shers, but this is going to continue to trend to
5:31 am
sink south. current temperatures right now, 46 degrees. all in all, not that bad. we'll talk about m rain chances because we have them as we head into the weekend. we also have big warmup in store. that's coming up in fminute. let'st show you what the roads look like. >> good morning. some delays here on 66 this morning. the problem is eastbound 66 near 28. we'll take a look at that in one second. this is appro hing thatarea. we are quite slow as you're headed inbound here this mornin take a lookhere. eastbound 66, the ramp to northbound 28, stay left to get by that crash. eastbound after 29 centreville, a disabled vehicle blocking the lane. falls ur, eastbound 66, near 7 this time, left side blocked sounds like a car versus a bus. seeing some delays there as well. bethesda, outer loop near 270, crash with the left side still blocked.
5:32 am
three vehicles involved there, glass across the roadway. aaron? >> all right, melissa. thank you. 5:32 now. today brings both the opening day of e 116th congress and the 13th day of a partial government shutdown. is congress is making history as the most racially diverse and the most female group of representatives ever elected to the house. the first order of business in the house will be to vote on a bill t reopen the government, but it is a long shot. >> during a meeting with lawmakers yesterday,sident rump made it clear he is not signing anything unless it includes $5 billion for a border ll. eaker designate nancy pelosi told "today's" savannah guthrie the president is gambling with the people's livelihoods. >> t's the president saying will hold six agencies of government hostage to my mpaign promise that i was going to build a wall and that mexico was going to pay for it. that is so ridiculous.
5:33 am
mexico is not paying for it. >> you can watch more of the exclusive interview with pelosi on the "today" sholater this morning. coming up, news 4's tracie potts will have more on the efforts to reopen the government sooner rather than later. it's now 5:33. our team coverage of the governmeutdown continues with news 4's chris lawrence. o> he has details on how the impact continues spread around the region. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. yeah, some of the tourists have called the trash a national disgrace. ok at all this litter here on the ground. itooks pretty bad, but if you see a can that's not complely overflowing with trash, you can thanhe d.c. government for that because while garbage is parks all n national over the country, here in our area it could be a lotworse. the public bathrooms are still closed, but that still means a lot of nport-a-potties areot getting cleaned. the d.c. public works crews have been goingat throughnal
5:34 am
park, collecting trash twice a day. mayor bowser says t budget for trash is up $40,000 to $50,000 a week, and they don't have the track,r to pick up loose like coffee cups on the ground. but they are getting help from ice capital hill business improvement distr their volunteers have been expanding their clean team services, sweeping and cleaning neighborhood parks, like lincoln park, stanton park, a stewart square. hundreds of thousands of federar wo in our area have been furloughed. missing a check could mean they don't have the money to buy food for their pets. the humane rescue alliance is urging them to use d.c. pet pantry, which can provide at least half the food their dogs and cats need for the month. you do have to fill out an enrollment form. really all that entails is prove
5:35 am
you live in d.c. coming up at theop of the hour, we're going to dive further into t shutdown and ook at the effect that the closure of the marriage bureau is having for folks trying to get a marriage license here i theistrict. reporting live at the national mall chris lawrence, news 4. back to you. >> chris, thank you. also developing this morning, a man has been arrested for firinhe shot that hit an innocent bystander in the head. d.c. police say willce fired at a group of people he was arguing with tuesday afternoon near 1st and kennedy reets northwest. a man walking into a restaurant was shot in the head. news 4 spoke with friends and family who say he's still in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. an arrest has also been made in the murder of a former high school football play. rundell fletcher is charged with the death. detectives say the two were fighting. johnson's death was one of four murders during the last weekend of the year in prince george's county. despite a surge in violence at the end of december, the county
5:36 am
s safer last year than t year before. homicides fell 25% between 201 and 2018. violent crime dropped prince george's county police say crime overall fell nearly 10%. 5:36 right now. here's a look at our other top stories. mystery continues to surround the death of a u.s. marine. nce corporal riley kuznia was just 20 years old when he wasay shot tueorning at the marine corps barracks in southeast d.c. officials confirm the gunshot was not self-inflictedthey won't say exactly how it happened. you can hear from kuznia's dad in a few minutes. a 14-year-old girl is charged with making threats of mass violence against three prince george's county schools. police say the teen admitted to writing e-mails threatening the schools.e officials say d not have the ability to carry out those threats.
5:37 am
60 companies raised the prices on nearly 300 drugs in the first o days of this new year. a price tracking firm says most prescriptions went up more than 6%. the highly addictive drug oxycontin went up more than 9%, nearly three times the rate of inflation. caps fans, it looks like alex ovechkin will not be playing in this year's all-star game. n e star has decided to sit out this year's gamesan jose. he says he wants to take full advantage of theeek off to rest and make a push to repeat s as atanley cup champion. >> long year last year. we want to do the same exact thing like last year. i like to be involved. i like to be in those kind of
5:38 am
games, you know, with all the best players out tre, but i think my body needs a little rest. >> while the gat eight may not be in this year's game, some other players will be. braden holtby will make his fourth straight appearance. >> and the game kicks off in just a few week january 26th. your time right now is 5:38. coming up, she's ae member of th mystics and the washington wizards coach, but now how much she'll be paid is in the national spotlight. we'll tell you why. but fit, that wild video. over the count chaos inside a mcdonald's. what angered this customer before t attack. he
5:39 am
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novec helps you save energy can which saves you money!year! novec. helping you save. ♪music stop! >> wow. you've probably seen this video
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onocial media. an argument over a straw led to this encounter at a mcdonald's in florida. hethe customer in the vide is now charged with battery for attacking the woman behind the counter. apparently he questioned why there were no straws at the drink station. we're told the employee informed him that it's against the law to have the straws out, but he t could reque. after the two had words, the customer lunged at the female ee empltried to grab her shirt. she was not having any part of that. she said she was simply defending herself. the video would seem to support that. >> it happened quicke. looked l he lunged over and grabbed her really quickly. she seemed to be prepared for that though. >> he clearly picked the wrong one. al right. better fast food news. there are new healthy options available at chipotle. > the mexican food chain is serving a collection of lifestyle bowls geared towaet popular there are four new salad bowls to choose from. vethey're available exclu through chipotle's website or mobile app for in-store picp
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or delivery. choose from paleo, keto, whole, and double protein. i don't know what all that is going to include, but we'll check it out. if you're looking to get in shape this new year, be sure to oin us at the nbc 4 telemundo health and fitness expo. it will be held january 12th and 13th at the whington expo center. it is free tote . there will be free information, free screenings, fun for the whole family. we'll be there. how about the weather, lauryn? >> the weather not looking too bad this morning if you're in d.c. and northwest. we have a few showers if you're in fredericksburg, northern neck, and out to souther maryland. that's not going to last too much longer. we'll talk about when t ts rain ens morning and when the next round of rain comes our way. it's before the weekend. llat's a coming up in a few
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5:45 am
we're learning new details about the death of this young marine. officials say lanceorral riley kuznia was killed in a shooting at the marine corps barracks in southeahington on tuesday. this morning there are still a lot of questions surrounding his death. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is live outside the marine barracks with the latest details. megan, we're also hearing from kuznia's father. >> reporter: that's right. we spoke to his father by phone, and frankly, he has a lot of questions himself and is hoping to get more information about his son's death soo now, 20-year-old lance corporal riley k onia was duty and in uniform at the time that he was shot and killed here a marine barracks washington.
5:46 am
marine corps officials confirm that it was not a suicide, so this was not a self-inflicted guhot wound. "the washington post" is citing sources saying that the shooting was accidental, that kuznia was hit by a round discharged from a fellow marine's weapon. corporal kuznia's father spoke to news 4 byhe phone. says his son always wanted to serve and he others. >> he was moving up the ranks quickly. just for starting, i didn't think he was going to be thatup far but i'm very proud of him. >> reporter: the officer of marine barracks washington released a statement that reads in part, quote, we are truly saddened by thisib te loss. riley was a highly driven andd goal-orien marine whose positive attitude set the example here at the barracks. now, corporal kuznia's father is e corpsto talk to mar officials later on today, hoping
5:47 am
to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his son's death. back to you. >> mcgan mrath live in southeast. thank you. today is day 13 of the pa ial governmentshutdown, and a power shift is coming to capitol hill. w democratl take over the house later this morning. >> that does not mean hundreds of thousands of federal workers are any closer to being paid though. news 4'sts tracie p is live on capitol hill with more on when we might expect the government toen re >> aaron, good morning. good morning, eun. democrats say they can do it today, but the votes they take d to afternoon are expec go nowhere because republican leership on the other sid in the senate say they won't en consider that. so votes will happen today, but they probably won't reopen the government. there is another meeting happening between democrats and republicans and the president at the white house on friday. overnight, the president was eeting after their failed meeting yesterday, after the meeting failed to come to any sort of resolution, he said he's willing to work with democratve
5:48 am
but they o have that wall. that's the issue. so as the new congress opens today, it remains a stalemate with nine federal government agencies closed. >> and later this morning, nancy pelosi is expected to be re-elected as the leader of the house. how will thes leadership changes impact how things get done in congress now? >> so first of all, democrats take over the house. that means they have power and authority they didn't have before. they'll be inharge of all the committees, all the investigations. so russia, collusion, protecting robert mueller's job, going after the president's tax returns, protecting amacare all on their agenda. on the other side, republicans want to try togh push thr some of the president's judiciales nomind some of his cabinet members, four ofhem now that are outstanding and need senate approval. >> tracie potts on the hill this morning. thank you. virginia republican dave brat only hasou few left in congress. now we know where he'seang
5:49 am
next. liberty university. he'll become the dean of the business school. brat was an economic professor at randolph macon college before efeated eric cantor in a 2014 republican primary. he lost his richmond area seat last year. secretary of state mike pompeo wants more answers from russia. pompeo is commanding tssia clarify the espionage charge against american paul whelan. jail,een held in a mosc accused of spying. u.s. embassy officials say ambassador john huntan visited whelan yesterday. officials also say whelan spent 14 years in the marine corps but was discharged in 2008 for bad conduct. whelan's family says he was only in russia to attend a friend's wedding.>> the family of a silver spring woman murdered just before her wedding day says they nohave justice. she was killed back in 2017. r fiance, anthony strong, called police and told them he killed her inside the home they shared.
5:50 am
yesterday he was sentenced to life. strong pled guilty last october to slashing, smothering, and strangling his fiance. her family hopes this serves as a cautionary tale. >> in her memory, we would likem tod you to pay attention to all women in your life who could potentially become victims of domestic violence.>> the judge suspended all but 45 years of strong's ter if he serves the full term, he ime d be in his 90s by the he's released. this morning five dogs rescued from a fire on christmas eve are doing much better. they were discharged from the care veterinary center yesterday. the fire broke out at the middletown valley beagles kennel. it killed more than a dozen dogs and other animals. the dogs that were saved had severe burns and smoke inhalation. they were treated with ic hyperbxygen therapy. it's a noninvasive, painless
5:51 am
treatment. care is the onlyte vet cr in maryland offering thatt. treatmen one of the wizards' assistant coaches oy makes $10,000. we're talking about christy tolliver. she plays for the rather than head to europe this s summer, scott brooks asked her to join the coaching staff for the season. she took the chance, following in the footsteps of other wnba stars. but because of strict wnba rules, her salary is capped at $10,000. other assistant coaches in the nba make close to $1 million. wizards' team owner ted leonsis tweeted this r inponse. league rules and collective bargaining agreements never contemplated having a wnba player as an nba coach. we're glad to be first, and the rules need to change. there you go. john wall may be out for the season, but that didn't stop the wizards from winning bei in first game of 2019.
5:52 am
they crushed the atlanta hawks 114-98. the team will head south to on the miami heat. the wizards have kind of struggled on the road this season, but thingsing change. otto porter is back in the starting lineup here. game tips off tomorrow nightt 8:00. >> would love to see a turnaround. >> would be great. >> all right, lauryn ricketts. once you talked ,out sund i'm focusing on the weekend already. >> i know. well, none of us knew what day it was. so it could be friday. >> we're getting close. >> no, we are get ng close, thank goodness. yesterday was the most monday wednesday ever, right? oh, mygo ness. all right. so today it's thursday, and we are steppingloser to the weekend. unfortunately, we have a few rain showers, b sunday, absolutely gorgeous. right now we've got a nice morning out there. sun coming up just at about 7:30. it's fairly md right now. four things to know. we've got some rain down to the
5:53 am
south and we're going t breezy. winds are going to pick up after about 9:00 a.m., 10 to 20 miles an hr. clouds around tomorrow. then rain tomorrow night. that'll last into saturday morning. clearing through saturday afternoon. sunday, sunny and mild. we're going to be mild out there today. we have some rain out there. since we are ld, it is just rain. this is a stalled frontal system with an area of low pssure moving into the sea from norfolk. at rain is going to continue to push south. so some portions of our area are seeing some rain. we're talking about leonardtown, st. mary's county, calvert county, even into charles county. all of that rain, just a few light showers are left. again, it's continuing to sink to this should be out of here by about 8:00, 9:00. temperatures right now anywhere from the upper 30s to the mid-40s. aso over the next 12 hours, we're looking at some breezy condcoions, cloudyitions, with maybe a few peeks of sun later on this afternoon.
5:54 am
winds will come after about 5:00, 6:00 this eveni. now, as we head into your thursday, you can see that rain sinks to t south. we have plenty of clouds out there as we go throughr y thursday. even into thursday night. rain will move in after 5:00 friday. could beeeavy at times as lead into your saturday. then it moves out by midmorning on saturday. loing at dry conditions by saturday afternoon. dry conditions on sunday. sunday, 55 degrees. plenty of it's going to be beautiful. monday, not too bad either. maybe a few more clouds, mid-50s. next chance of rain will be on tuesday. look how mild we are over the next ten days. all right, melissa, let's get a look at tha traffic. >> good morning. a lot of problems here along 66. new problem in centreville. westbound 6 near28, right side blocked by a crash. seeing backups here in the camera eastbound near suddenley road. we have a couple problems. eastbound 66, the ramp to
5:55 am
northbound 28, stay left to get by the crash. then eastbound after 29, disabled vehicle blocking a lane. eastbound near 7, still have the leftide blocked there. a crashed, vehicle versus a bus. outer loop at 270, lanes are open. still have a little bit of a delay here this morning. avel times right now, 270 southbound looks good. top of the beltway, no problems between 95 and 270. inbound on 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, you're goo it just before that, that you have a problem. northbound 95, quantico to the beltway, 50 miles per hour. >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:55. india aaron, you know it's hard to keep up with all that kardashian baby news. oni know you werering about this. apparently there's another baby to join the hollywood reaty mily. >> so exciting, yay. >> i can tell. >> no. news is kanye west are
5:56 am
apparentlyaving a fourth child. this will be their second child from achurrogate. ago west was born a year ago. her older siblings are saint, a boy, and north, a girl. >> so now we're left to wonder what baby number four's name he couple not confirming the reports, but e! news says the new baby is due in may. good fi' mheadquarters. wall street is set to open up lower this morning mostly due to apple. the company slashing its sales forecast for its most recent quarter, which iludes the holiday season. in an exclusive interview on cnbc, tim cook pointing slowing iphone sales to slow economic data from china. apple stock down nearly 8% in premarket trading. that means it's lost roughly $6 billion in market value. apple also dragging down shares of its parts suppliers as well
5:57 am
as tech stocks, such as facebook, amazon, and
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. 6:00 a.m. now just about on this thursday morning. a historic day onapitol hill ahead of us. democratic leader nancy pelosi become to once again speaker of the house.
6:00 am
the last time a previou speaker of the house was re-elected to the position was in 1955.e w house will hit the ground running too. a plan to end the government shutdown is expected tbe voted . we have all that covered this morning. first, though, we want to check on the forecast and the commute. melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the roads. let's start with storm team meteorologist lauryn ricketts in for chuck with a look at our forecast. >> we ve some rain to the south. not everybody seeing those rain showers out there right now. but a few of us are. this moisture train continuing along ant stalled f system. an area of low pressure around the norfolk area. that's going to continue to pust out to atlantic and bring this rain to the south. if you're in fredericksburg, st. mary's alunty,rt county, king george county, and off to the northern neck, you're seeing a f sprinkles. just light stuff. again, most of this staying south of the beltway and will continue to move to the south as we move through 8:00 or 9:00. it is a mild morning out


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