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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 4, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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two weeks in this shutdown showdown. >> he said he would keep the governmentlosed f a very long period of time. months or even years. >> absolutely i said that. top of the ho, battling an inferno. we come on the air this afternoon take. look at these images. firefighters havbeen at this home in mclean, virginia, for hours. >> when they firstarrived, flames could be seen shooting from the roof and from the second floor w dowsthere. we're working to learn if anyone has been hurt in this and if the re spread to any nearby homes. we'll bringou the updates as soon as we get them. now let's turn on some other incredible video. keep your eye on this truck that you see here traveling down the beltway. another driver recording this and watching i horror as this 18-wheeler flips over in a fiery crash.
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ic this crash bringing tra to a stand still for hours. chris gordon now live near beltway in prince george's county with the video you'll see only on news4. >> well, on the beltway, traffic has been disrupted most of the day. the inner loop of the beltway wasn't fully reopened until about 1:00 this afternoon. now, we are about to show you the video taken by a driver who was following the 18-wheeler that crashed on the beltr:y. >> reporou are looking at the exclusive cell phone video of the becomes to happen. the tractor-trailer swerving across the lanes of the beltwmo thising. the driver who shot this video first called 911 tolert police. then pulled out his cell phone because he thought the driverf the 18-wheeler had lost control of the tractor-trailer. >> he hit the wall and sparks
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started flying. i don't know. he was on the median a little bit. if i'm not staken, his trailer was still on the median. and yeah. as soon as he came to the stop, i just pulled over to the right and tried to run across the street to see if could help. >> reporter: he was in his bread truck making deliver toys stores. he is on the beltway daily and said h he never seen anything like this before. >> as soon as i got there, i noticed he was shaking like he was having a seizure. >> reporter: now, the driver of that tractor-trailer was taken o a local hospital to be checkedout. he is expected to be okay. that's the latest live in prince george's county. back to you. >> good news. chris gordon there for us, thank you. it's friday and ywh know that means. as usual, it means rain.
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stormtracker 4 showing showers moving from the south and the west. our meteorologist is standing by with what'soming our way tonight and over the weekend. >> we've got rain moving in. will it be a washout? i'll answer that. a live look now. you can see the evening commute for a lot ofl us w a dry one. clouds have moved in and we are expecting thatain to follow pretty quickly behind. here's a look at the radar. owing you where the showers are situated. still to our south. a little drizzle showing up in southern maryland. as we head through the evening, i would say around 5:00, le6:00 s look for those showers starting to creep into the area. they should be a littl more widespread. if you are stepping out tonight, what we're looking at, a p of heavy rain at times. again, it won't be a complete washout overnight. you will see some dry lulls and then the showers will pick up. temperatures in the low 40s overnight. relatively mild. i want to you stick around.
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we'll talk about the timing of the rain and it won't be a washout of a weekend. >> okay, we'll y hold to that. we encourage you to download our app if you haven't already. sohe call it highway of death. indian head highway in prince georgety co more than 60 crashes over the last decade on that highway. the latest just last weekend. three young children died in oxon hill. just moments ago, people talked about the safety of that road and whatre the doing to make it eebetter. trilkins is live with the details from that news conference. >> reporter: they just wrapped up the press conference a little while ago. involved, the chief of police, and state delegates as well as countycouncilmembers. all folks saying they are focused on making indian head highway a safer road.
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the county executive went as far as calling it a death trap. again, a safer road. this after the latest crash on the deadly stretch of highway claimed the lives of three young children. 5-year-old twins, alexander and rosa lee. and their 1-year-old brother isaac, were all killed when the driver slammed boo tac b of their vehicle. police say they believe the driver may have been drinking and there were nsigns, or signs that the driver of that vehicle even tried to b before the crash. police say they have worked the decrease the number of lives taken there. the county has vow to increase efforts but they need's the publealth. >> no amount of enforce lmt help unless community helps as well. we have to change the behavior of motorists who travel on this roto.
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simplying a motorist, putting out speed cameras,tt g all of our resources and police on this road will not unless intended effect everyone understands they have a responsibility as well to slow do. to be mor careful. to remember that it is our neighbors who are traveling on this road. it is our family members who are traveling on this road. as we go to work and come home. it is our loved ones who travel on this road. we a have a responsibility to change our conduct as we drive and travel on this road. >> reporter: there were five people in thathe vehicle the crash happened. the three children who have lost their livesnd their two parents who are still recovering. the driver who is bieved to be responsible for this crash has not been charged. that driver is still allowed to ive on the road to go to and from work. i'm tracee wilkins, back to you. we've got more breaking news
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now. president trump threatening to keep the government shutdown foo hs. even years if he doesn't get his border wall money. president trump and democratic lawmakers meeting at the white house today for over two hours.h president says he's considering dechairing a nationalhemergency to build barrier. he is insisted on getting at least $5 billion to build the wall. >> we told the president, weov needed thenment open. he resisted. in fact, he said he would keep the government clo for a very long period of time. months or even years. >> we won't be opening until i lved. we think this is a much bigger problem. the border is a much more dangerous problem, a much bigger problem. a problem of national security. >> last night house passed funding legislation to reopen the goverent without wal funding. but senate republicans won't even bring it up for a vote, accusing democrats of playing politics. developing at4:00, d.c.
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mayor bowser that she plans to bill the federal government for piing up the trash. she said she'll charge the federal government for other d services ttrict government is providing during this partial shutdown. it is costing d. taxpayers more than $50,000 a week just to temperature trash cans is that governmentorkers typically take care of it, federal workers, we should say. on capitol hill, the mayor said she expects d.c. taxpayers to be compensate >> i will seek reimbursement for all oenthis. at the which we hope is near, we will evaluate our additional costs and we will seek reimbursement. >> she said she plans to submit emergency legislation to the district government so it can beginui i marriage licenses while the details courts are closed. thepresident's pla to keep the shutdown in place for as long as a year is adding to th financial uncertainty for the 800,000 federal workers going without pa those employees and contractors facing the harsh reality of how to pay for mounting bills.
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rey smith joinss live from downtown with a closer look at the mental and the physical stress that's all of this is creating. e bills don't stop. >> reporter: if you're a furloughedmployee you can at least fall back on the hope thae back pay wil coming. well, the workers at the museums don't have that. they cannot work. >> life insurance, car insurance, comcast bis, my cell phone bill. >> reporter: with each passing day, it see like new bill shows up at her mailbox. each one bringsack an o feeling. the sail creeping depression that darkened her life aew years ago. >> i really feel stress and the pressure and the uncertainty. the fears of not knowing how long this will go or how much i will suffer due to this situation that i have no control over. >> reporter: this is the human
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toll of the government shutdown. kelly is a federal contracinr wo security at the smithsonian museum. she won't get back pay but thel bills w still come due. the stress is not good for her alth. mentally or physically which is another challenge she faces. >> i won't have money to even purchase any more medication. and i don't play around with my hypertension medication. so you know, that is a real concern. >> reporter: she says allhe can do is pray lawmakers come to a resolution. without one she'll be forced to make an almost impossible choice. keep the lights or sacrifice her health. >> if i don't have money to buy my medication, it could be a life and death situation. >> reporter: her story is not unique. comi up, we'll talk to the union that represents federal contractors to have them e tlain why have seen over the last nearly two weeks.
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back to you. >> thank you. reporting live. stay with us for continuing coverage of e shutdown. and in our nbc washington app you can find a guide w ofhat is being closed and what is still open in our area. happening now, a stock market surge. wall street roaring back today on multiple pieces of news. among them a robustar jobt and comments from the fed chairman saying he plans to be, quote, flexible with hiking interest rates. a woman is dead. hit and killed by a suspected drunk iver. >> and police say she was out for a walk in lovettesvill morrisonville road that's in northern county, excuse me, northern loudoun county. >> right now let's to go wendy rieger at the live desk.
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>> dettives are telling us someone called the police around 7:30 this morning after they saw a car. it had gone off the road a crashed into a street near mountain road on morrison road. loudoun county sheriff's deputies went to investigate ane that's they found the woman's body nearby. she dd at the scene. investigators are now saying at zachary fry was drunk when he hit the woman and then he drove off the road. he is 19 years old. fry is charged with involuntary manslaughier. driving intoxicated. he had minor injuries. he is being held at e detention center until his bond hearing. they have not released the name of the building. but she lives in this area for several years. she recently retired from teaching. and julie carey will have more on this this evening. a >> new twist in thesk afoscars.
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you just saw ellen support behind the comedian kevin hart. >> don't let those people win. host the oscars. onl on news4, keeping our children safe at scol. the changes coming to several ftcal school districts a the death of a third grader. the action being taken by one lawmaker to prevent another >> and rain on storm team 4 radar. back with the tim
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back with a live look at storm team 4 radar. we'll look at the impact everywhe erywhere. >> if you were just watching ellen before news4, you saw her sit down with kevin hart about his decision to not host the oscars after homophobic tweets that resurfaced from ten yeap that stage and make that night about me and my past. when you have people worked hard to step on that stage for the first teie and r an award. >> hart said he didn't even get a chanc to bask in the glow of being selected as the it guy for the jobro whens got to work
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an ing through tweets many effort to take him down. he sd he apologized for the tweets when they happened ten years ago and that he'svoed as a person. andn said she believed him believed in second chances adding that she called the academy herself. >> to inst inlies, it is bigger than just the oscars. it is about the individuals that are out there now that are finding success. and someone has to take a stand against quote/unquote trolls. you have to. >> but there going to win if you don't host th oscars. >> this conversation was a lot about education, a lot about evolution. and it seeme ellen really
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tugged at his heart with a sincere plea to host the show. 'll have to see if it changes his mind. >> if it changes any minds. two new security breaches tt reportde the white house. both in a word, colorful. d both led to arrests. scott, what's going on? >> in one caseto prosecurs whoa tted having -- thes offic say he breached a security barrier and told officers he wanted to deliver two bottles of crown royal to the president and wanted toeek the president's help finding a wife. a judge ordered him totoppear on a federal trespass charge. no comment from his lawyer. meanwhile, police arrested another person who crossed last night riding abi cle. that person was yelling an expletive about the pdsident saying i will not stop. police say they found evidence
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of drugs on the man as well. a fastbe rising n of breaches. dozens sense2014. you can see the zmams the peculiarities of those cases. you can go to our nbc washington app and look under investigations. >> that's one i never expected to see. crown royal and looking for a wife at the white house. all right. thought when we turned calendar page, we would leave the rain behind us. >> new year, n weather, not the case. we are looking at showers really moving in in the next couple hours. the good news is they're staying at bay during the rush hour commute. take look at what's on the way. i have the radar zoomed out so you can see the big picture. to our soeth and to our west
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you will see it upon the area. it is very cloudy skies. let's zoom in and pick up a few sprinkles her and there. areas in southern maryland, iceing some light rain. this is going to up as we head into the overnight hours. so let's run it through the futurecast. 8:00 p.m., the showers continuing to push through. we're pretty light aroun 8:00 p.m. just after sunset. the yellows, the oranges, denoting the heavier rain. that will pick up. so closer to midnight, 1:00 a.m., the evening and friday mpght revelers. you will beted by some heavy showers in the beltway and surrounding areas. 6:00 a.m., it looks like we're dryings out. no, no. it is just a lull. another batch will move through around 11:00. so just during the lunchtime, we are looking at moderate to heavy showers before everything wraps up t around same time
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tomorrow the forecast for tonight, periods of rain. onight falltures into the low 40s. not too cold. tomorrow, upper 40s. we should be around 43 degrees for the high this time of year. but we'll be near 50 tomorrow afternoon. the showe like i said throughout the bulk of the apda ng up around dinner time. the winds will peck up so it will be pretty breezy saturday eveng as well. so what to wear tomorrow? rage gear. keep it on for friday and saturday. by sunday and monday, actually a light jacket. we'll actually be rather warm. the rain i was talking about, sunday we're dry. we are tracking a chance for late monday into tuessday. storermsh teamow 4 outlook, you se we're in the mid 50s by sunday.
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very mild weather. and zooming out, really mild over the nex couple days. all the way to the next weekend. pretty dry over the next ten days. a few rain chances. back to you. >> young woman accused of cheating on her sats. the story gaining national ilattention. stahead, the reason she said her scores spiked. and the prominent civil rights attorney now helping her defend her case. >> and wearned you yesterday about this guy who is accused of cretly recordi young women inside local fitting rooms. today one of his closestal fries isng only to news4. >>t hurts. it hts realur
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a church van involved in a fiery crash was filled with children heang to disney world. te childed with a tractor-trailer yay in gainsville. the entire highway just reopened a short time ago. almost 24 hours after the >>cra. a controversy erupting over one student's score on the sat.
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she did wt college bound kids do. she tookat one to get a first score and then a prep course before taking it agn. her score went up by 330 points thanks to what she said were hours of studng. but testing officls called the results too improved. marking her scores invalid. >> i worked so hard and i did everything i could do to get ready to prepare.e to ht taken away from you, oh, well, we think you cheated.t is not fair. >> camla and her lawyer are claiming racial bias and are now threatening legal action. the college board, the pthvate compan administers the test, said in a statement, we do not cancel scores based on a score gain alone. we will only cancel scores after we are t confidentt there is substantial evidence to do so. >> breaking news now, d.c. policein announc one of the
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largest seizures of heroin in years. authorities confiscating more than $2.5 million worth of heroin. investigators have arrested two men connected to a drug ring across d.c. is that maryland. b tht took big supply of drugs and illegal guns off the streets. >> more than 40 kilos of heroin, over 40 pound of marijuana, six semi-automatic handguns, one maserati vehicle. >> the s chiefd it was laced with fentanyl. we're helping you plan out your weekend and for part of it you will be dodging rain drops outside. coming up next, how long the rain will last. not down. democrats and president trump dig in over funding for a borde. wa how the president said he will get it done if democrats don't
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cooperate. >> reporter: tonight only on 4, we're learning more about the manecretly recording dozens of women inside store fitting rooms. rooms. his close friend
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it is already raining for some of you and it won't be too long before many more need an umbrella. > and the scene of a house firing in mclean. you can see the flames shooting from the roof of that structure there. officials had to use fire blocks. a dramatic crash on the beltway. a driver o his way to work recording a rvtruck, sweg in and out of traffic and then jack knifing before it burst into fl ses. this crarled traffic for hours. one person critically hurt i this cras only on 4, we're hearing from a close friend in a man accused of recording initting rooms. >> he is accusedf knowingly recording more than 60 women on
4:31 pm
camera. >> reporter: a friendly and familiar fac in alexandria, making the allegations against him all the moreg disturbin for his close friends. e fairfax police arrested muaz rauf. a young teen noticed c aera inside the forever 21 fitting room. police say that someone was mumtaz rauf. late thursday, the detectives released disturbing new num r upping the number of victims to more than 60. many mothers and their young ht das. the news was shocki. he likes rauf works in the hospitality they're both bar tenders and he's known rauf for more than 20 years. how do you reconcile this? massivealling this a case. >> it is a massive case is that it is hard to take.
4:32 pm
people aresking me and i just, every one of my friends are asking. what a t you goingdo? you were pretty close to that guy. i just tell them, i'm pretty much lost in thought right now. speechless. you think you know someone and all of a sudden, boom, something like the gets dropped. never in my life would iave thought it would document is. >> reporter: mitch talks about it. also ahead, police explain what should you do the next time you step into a store's fitting room. in alexandria, news4. now to the forecast, how does the weekend look? >> well, it looks like this. more showers on the way. a lot of the rain is to the south but that will be changing in the cominghours. we are expecting the rain to start to move in after sunset. right now, lots of clouds out there. ethe temperatures in upper 40s. notice how we're fairly stable until closer to midnight.
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we'll see things really dropping off. the temperatures in the low 40s. the timing on this rain, will it be moving out in time to not have a washout is the stick around. back to you. house speaker nancy pelosi hasn't get tn much rest since retaking gavel out bright and early this morning. just one stop on a busy schedule at a time washington's trinity university. packed with students and alumni. all o them this to celebrate one of theschool's favorite daughters. nancy dealessandro pelosi. class of 1962. she had been there after cebrating the new congres is that its record number of women. the university's president callingt a great day for women and schools like trinity which has beenduting women for more than a >> if anything, women colleges are more important than ever. in this day of the me too movement and women feeling like they still can't get elected to high office, except for nancy
4:34 pm
pelosi, women need support and the leadership training that men's colleges provide. >> you can see it tonight starting at 10:00. you can catch that actually right now, president trump is threatening to keep the government shut down for month or even years, he says, if democrats don't give into demand for $5 billion to build a border is live with the latests the shutdown continues. that raised a lot of eyebrows. >> it certainly did. and it raised a lot of mope the parties were making some progress. etheyrged from a meeting and it was clear there would be no deal today.or >> rr: a white house meeting between president and leaders of both partiesde we tand the two sides no closer to reopening the nt govern >> we cannot resolve this until we open up government. d we make it very cheer to the president. >> tweld president, we needed the government open.
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he resisted. in fact, he said he would keep the governmentsed for a very long period. time. months or even years.r: >> reporhe president insists a deal to reopen the government includes on$5 bil in funding for a border wall. >> we won't be opening is solved. we think this is a much bigger problem. the border is a much bigger problem. a problem of national security. >> reporter: the president is aski eacharty to pick negotiators to talk through their differences. >>can have this fixed very quickly. this could happen by early next week. we'll be working over the weekend. orter: that would be welcome news to countless ericans from federal workers getting no pay to national park visitors to food six did i recipients, worriedhat feeding their families. all waiting to see if washington can find a compromise. and the president suggested if congress doesn't act, houlder to military to build a wall. >> a lot to take away from that
4:36 pm
thanu. only on news4, the tragif death a third grader and the finding of a news4 csumer investigation, leading to changes in several local school stricts. susan hogan with the details on the newefforts. and a new warning from the cdc. the flu widespread in even mor states. when doctors expect the vir to peak. >> reporter: and you can watch >> reporter: and you can watch the golden globes coming up on so you finally got fios, wuh? yep, andanna know what the best part about it is? gaming with less lag? nope. watching movies in 4k? nope. the best part about it is, right now, my mom is streaming classes... dad is streaming games... and because the fiber-optic network gives you insane speed and capacity... ...they don't have to ask you to get offline. you owe me so big time. exactly. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. get fios internet for just $39.99 per month and get a $50 amazon gift card when you switch.
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we're keeping a close eye on this raging fire in mclean. crews with fire hydrants from a few blocks away. nobody was home. there are no reports of any injuries. a driver dialing 911. the driver losing control, flipping over before theru burst into flames. a teenager is accused of driving drunk and killing a jogger. he ran into the woman on
4:40 pm
morrisonville road outside lovettsville. driving while xiinted. president trump confirmed he promises to keep the government shut down for months or even years if he doesn't get the wall. he met with leaders for two hours today by t failed on reach a compromise. this is day 14 of the shutdown. bemedians are co-hosting the golden g for the first time. mark barger has a preview as they get toward lay out the red carpet. >> the way he figures it, getting to host with sandra o was only a matter of time. >> we presented together at the emmys. >> i was reay, really excited. >> let's just stay street demanded it.
4:41 pm
>> even seasoned pros can be a bit anxious over presiding over one of oohod's biggest events. >> i am so terrified. >> what could gowrong? >> not only is he co-hosting, she is also nominated. for best actress in a tv for killing eve. >> i won't be thinking about being a nominee. not for one second. because i'm terrified of hosting. >> terrified despite the free wheeling tradition. this time around, nerves might spar alaugh. >> we might get se giggles. >> vice comes into sunday night's events. and a star is born chug best actress for lady gaga. if she ns, she'll get one of the brand new statueettes. >> it gg , heavier and goldener.
4:42 pm
>> and for those nominees who don't win, there is a plan. >> it could be like we just won thena pnt. we'll put on the goggles. >> nbc news. >> you can watch it here. it will comeer right a the nfl playoff game. and there will be a recap o all the winners at 11:00. >> keeping our children safe at school. om>> the changesg after the death of a third grader >
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
. nd what comes after the rain clears out. school districts are making changes to keep your children safe atschool. >> reactions coming after the tragic death of a third grader and a news4 consumer investigation into those powerful motorized partitions found in many schools. susan hogan working for you onn an impor update. >> the 9-year-old died last may while helping a teacher operate a motorized partition at franconia elementary school. earts ofry touched the so many of our viewers and me, too. >> we've learned that several lawmakers taking action to try to prevent another tragedy.
4:46 pm
>> t virginia delegate is on a mission. >> i think we need to do everything possible. especially if there's a technological fix to have a safe place for our kids to learn. >> that's why he is drafting this leion, for safety devices to be added to all motorized partitions in schools. we told him about our news4 consumer investigation. out of 21 school districts in our area that haveotorized partitions, 17 told us they had no formal written policies. he told us he man's to now add language t h bill requiring policies. >> i was very surprised that schools are not mandated to have a policy. >> we've learned that some districts are making changes. we followed up with all of them.
4:47 pm
arlington school district said they are adding an extra layer , of securi that only pre trained staff can access the operating key. they said they'll receive training every year and arlington schools will no longer install large motorized walls. they are switching to the tropical-down curtains instead because they pose less of a threat. and montgomery county schools say they may only be opeted by mcps staff. prince george's county says they have recentl developed standard operating procedure as well. and they are mounting it near the partitlsn. they are conducting additional training. now calvert county schools tell us that they are wor on writing a procedure that will fall under the safety and health
4:48 pm
policy. they want to make sure that every school district in virginia h those policies in place. >> we can't let this just be forgotten. we have to use this to light a tre fire. family plans to sue the school district for negligence. all right. if you're planning to head out this evening, do a littleate night. maybe see one of those movies up for an award, take umbrellas wiha you. >>s right. we have another round of rain moving in.
4:49 pm
let's look at the radar. rain is still pretty much to our south and west. that will change over time. you can definitely see the wide swath of cloud coverage is very cloudy out ther into southern maryland. notice how it we could see some down pours out of this overnight west move into 7:00 a.m. we wake up and things are fairly quiet. make sure you do have the umbrella handy tomorr. the good news is if you're planning on hitting the town tomorrow night. we'rery about 7:00. here's a look at the weekend
4:50 pm
forecast. i should have changed this background. temperatures over the weekend are going to be in the low t mid 50s. quite mild this time of year. i'm probably going to leave up my decorations. do it on sunday, not tomorrow. >> you're going to notice that as well. the breeze picks up after the rain moves out tomorrow. a few breezy days ahead. we're at 49 degrees in washington, d.c. 46n manassas. 46 at dulles airport. we're rather mild this time of year. we should be at 43 degrees.
4:51 pm
on monday, mid 50s, and by tuesday, we could be flirting with 60 degrees. it is a pretty mild start to our january. storm team 4 ten-day outlook. notice bulk of the rain hitting tomorrow. i want to you keep this on your radar. monday night into tuesday. both days will be dry. as we move through week, we are remaining dry. we start to get closer as we head into the end of the week. some breaking news, this coming in fro the redskins' front office just now. nbc sports w hington reporting that washington coach jay gruded has been tol his job is safe. he will be returning in 2019. he hasn't won a single playoff
4:52 pm
game. we'l update you as we learn more here. we're looking for your help. the flu is spreading quickly in some areas of the country. maryland is now one of 24 states reporting widespread flu activity. with peak fluon se not until february, doctors expect cases and hospitalizations from the virus to continue to rise. children and the elderly are most at risk. so what can you do to stay healthy? we're getting a look at a new drug that could help tonight at 7:00re right we're helping you and your family get that flu shot. drop by the washington nvention center saturday the 12th or sunday the 13th. we'll have the very haste if fe th screenings, exper t o
4:53 pm
it's free. >> and we'll all be there. >> we looko forward saying hello. >> so try not to get the flu. >> wash those hands. just ahead, investigators hope a now sketchil help them find the person that killed a little girl in houston. but first, wendy receiving we are a look a what's coming up new at 5:00. >> as we talked about earlier, we're following the developingh story as woman who was out for a morning walk was hit and killed by a s tpectednager who was a drunk driver, according to police, and has been charged with this has happened in front of the church she has attended for 15 years. 5:00.tory is coming up at in a world where kids are concerns about the there are effects on children's hearing d their vision.
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4:56 pm
for the first time we're hearing from the sister. >> reporter: the reward here is now up to $100,000. and one of the young witnesses inside that car is now telling us about her terrifying glimpse
4:57 pm
of the game. authorities authorities in houston hopehis will lead them to jasmine's sister. >> what will you miss most? >> her smile. >> rorter: she was with her mother and three sisters on aff run early sunday morning when the gunman killed her in the back seat. the sheriff's deputies just releasla this survee video. they said the family started off on the passenger side. he p tled upthe driver's side. >> she had enough time to know that it was a woman kids in the car. >> do you remember how many? >> he finished his clip. he emptied his gun. >> reporter: investigators have not determined the motive. jasmine's mother who was shot an the has her own theory. >> i believe this was a hate crime. >> reporter: they're looking at
4:58 pm
whether this deadly encounter may have been connected to a shooting in the same area in 2017 where a white suspect carried out a shooting. >> once i determine who did it, and where, then we'll understand the motive a little better. shaquille o'neal has offered to help pay for her funeralnd deandre hopkins said she'll donate his paycheck from this sunday's game. >> what i can do, that's nothing. that won't bring back a person. it is the least i can do to help out. >> reporter: investigators home a sclech lead to a break in the case. and atf is now analyzing the bullet casings to try to match them with another crime. a community rally will be tomorrow and the funeral is now set for gaesday. gutierrez, nbc news,
4:59 pm
houston. right now t5:00. highway drama on camera. a tractor-trailer explodes into a fire ball after overturning on the beltway. a witness tells what happened right before the crash. and tracking the arrival of some rain this evening. and bracing for an extended shutdown. >> he said he would deep government closed for a veryd long perf time. months or years. >> absolutely i said that. >> and a white house meeting ends with n agreement. both sides are digging in. >> the uncertainty of how lon this will go. >> as workers fear for the worst. we're beginning a new effort to keep you saif on one of the deadliest roads in the country.
5:00 pm
>> some people call highway 210 the deadliest in the county. there have been more than 60 deaths and many more crashes. police outlined what they are doing and they have a warning for drivers who decide to speed. >> tracee wilkins has jus at about the drivers on this rd t also a lack of funding going into this road. they're saying tha h 21 a series of issues that's making it a very unsafe roadway. they're going as far as calling it a death trap. >> if we are going to enforce the traffic laws on route 10 like never before. >> reporter: today they discuss what


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