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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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bigger problem. it is a problem of national security. >> the president is asking each part to pick negotiators to talk through their differences. >> we can have this fixed very quickly. this can happen e byly next week. we're going to be talking over the weekend. >> that would be welcome news to countless persons from federal workers getting no pay to national park visitors, to food subsidy recipients worried about feeding their families. all waiting to see if washington can f a compromise. nbc news, washington. the political costs o the job going government shutdown remains to be seen. the human cost for federal workers becomes clear we are each new billhe opens. >> life insurance, comcast >> nearly two weeks into the shutdown, she is starting to feel depression creeping back into her life. >> the stres and the pressur and the uncertainty, the fears of not knowing how long this
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will go. how much i will suffer over this situation that i cannot control. >> it is not just her physical . health it is herental health too. >> her supply is dwindling. >> i won't have moneyo even purchase any more medication. and i don't play around with my hypertension medication. >> her situation is not unique. her union whi represents about 1,100 federal contractors said they're really starting to feel the impact. there are trs as we get into day 11, day 12 and more.
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>> it is an mobley choice. keep the lights on or buy medication? buyf i don't have money to my medication, it could be a life and death situ rion. orter: they're urging men's to call representatives and demand that they reopen the government. remember, federal contractors will not receive any back pay. the soo the government reopens, the better. >> and we know her story is one of hundreds in our area. thank you. >> we're also getting a look at the shutdown now on d.c. taxpayers. muriel bowser plans to send a bill for picking up trash on the national mall. she is plans to open it up for d.c. marriage censes. this come as vice president mike pence and hundreds of president trump's top political appointees are about to get a $10,00 a
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year raise. he said he may scrap the raises but he did not commit to it. >> chuck todd joins us with insights on wha it will take on tend shutdown. that's ahead at 6:15. well, were you caughtth in dramatic scene this morning during the morning rush on the maryland beltway? an 18-wheeler out of control. bursting into flames. tyin up traffic for hours. chris gordon has the play by play inlideo that you only see on news4. >> the driver who shot this rid first called >> by time he swerved from the far left to the far right. he did it two time then on the second time, i just pulled out my phone to start
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recording. >> he says he drives t beltway daily delivering bread but has never seen anything like this. >> my gosh! >> he hit the wall and sparks start flying. >> he was eashaging bad. >> he said state troopers and ems arrived quickly. >>he fireman came and busted out the front window. he walked o of thewindow. or through the front window. the wind shield. >> chopper 4 flying overhead shows the traffic. it lasted for hours. the tractor-trailer on its side.
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the fst responders on the scene. >> we've checked and we're told the truck driver involved in this crash was taken by ambulance to the hospital. he is being treat for injuries and he is expected to make a recovery. back to you. >> boy, everybody has a story to tell. ? new video fromer cho 4. crews battled flames as they arrived on malta lane this afternoon, the flames were shooting from the roof. and second floor windows. it tookeveral hours to knock thedolames wn. no one was in the house at the time. no one was injured. you're going to need your umbrella.
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let's take a look at the latest radar. you can see some light showers starting to pop up farther south. the big picture. the rain to our south. this whole system is going to continue to push toward it north d picking up. more than likely a little closer to dinner time. we're pretty cool as we head through the overnight hours. weis not freezing but as head into tomorrow, it will be mild. i'll be timing out this rain. i'll help you plan your weekend so stick around. neighbors call at this time highway of deathth because o
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dangerous track record. more than 60 people have died in accidents along indian headwa hi over an 11-year span. 134 crashes resulted i severe injuries. most recently the death of three ildren hit by a suspected drunk driver. ilkinsere on their way diploma w tells us, local leaders are pushing for change. theirin s driver behavior needs to change. when you tal to folks, they tell you they don't see enough police officers. this video of cars illegally using the shoulder of route 210. she said it speaks to the recklessness of the drivers on the roade >> i almost gotten hit numerous times. >> reporter: she's wren to state and county leaders.>> t is horrible.
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very few cops and there needs to be a lot more >> we are going to enforce the traffic laws like never before. >>oday the county executive described what they're doing. just last sunday on the deadly stretch of highway, it claimed the lives of three young children. 5-year-old twins and their 1-year-old little would were all killed in the accident. the mother a father survived and they are recovering. >> we've had way too many similar crashes. >> it has risen each it is almost one crash a day. five people died on 210 result. the driver responsible for the latest crash may have drinking and driving. the driver is still on the road
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today and she explained why the driver won't c berged until the entire investigation is complete. >> we don't want the tragedy we had a few yearsre ago w we acted too quickly. any fur wer chargesld have caused double jeopardy and we lost the t ability charge for killing someone. we will never repeat that.e stegislators were able to put one speed camera on 21 they'll propose new legislation to see if they can get a camera to move around or possibly add additional cameras. reporting live. back to you in st.ud three police officers from district heights w had their certifications questioned in an audit will remain on patrol in the foreseeable future.
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jo jodi? >> they were going to be removed from active patrol thinking their cases were scheduled for review by the maryland police and corrections. the state confirms there are no cases on that agenda. the i-team first revealed the concerns last week. two officers failed psychological evaluations and were not recommended for hiring. one officer said he smoked marijuana. later he said he was around someone w smoked maisch. they gave 60 days. the district heights city commission voted t place him on paide administrativ leave
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pending an independent review of his hiring practis. gibson told the i-team he's already provided that documentation and adjusted internal policies. the mayor says the city will wait to take any action regarding the officers mentioned until after the final version of the report. the training commissioner said that could take several weeks. news4 i-team. >> thank u. a local woman out for a morning walk hit and ky led suspected drunk driver. what we're learning about this. and a local third grader who was helping his teacher and he was killed in a freak accident athois scol. what is now being done to tryo prevent another tragedy? and tough talk is causing mocrats tode
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. this is already a vffy ent friday from the last one we saw in 2018. >> we are now a divide government. democrats have taken control of the house. one thing has not we are in day 14 of the government shutdown. no end in sight. one t that has apparently changed, message discipline. democratic leaders are ac downplaying iment talks. some members refuse to tow the line on that. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." president's with the very publicized threat to keep she government closed for mon
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or even years. what do you make of that? >> it is couldn't fusing many ways. when i heard the president today, on the one hand, em, yeah. it could be years. tate of don't need .reco ass s emergency. then he's talking about well, te ha supreme court issue with daca. boy, if the courts had ruled thatway, we could have had this big great dl. maybe he's creating an exit ramp. he will wait until the supreme court reopens. in body language, i sense aes ent desperate to find an exit ramp that doesn't make ite look like folded. and they haven't figured out how to devise that. >> and how do you do that if he has the wall in the sand? how do you make that look right without the democrats folding? >> so i heard two ways. >> one was this court action.
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you can say we have to waitfi a out what the situation is with daca. >> that's a way to save face. you say i'm fighting for this wall. or he can say, they're not going to get this wall. i extracted this much more money out of they will. an just wait,hey're going to beg me to build that wall when didn't d out their ide work. he has to figure out how to do that. he just hasn't figured it out. this is something of his own making. mitch mcconnell is saying, we gave you the opportunity to get out and you chose not to take it. we're not going to get involved until you a the democrats figure it out. he is now a bit on an island here. and congressional republicans are running out of patience. i happen to belie that real
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hard deadline here, and this is next friday. payday. the next time paychecks are due. if we are still closed by, th i think we could be here for months. if they're willing to go through that pain, theyassed that threshold and we could be here. i think the next 96 hours. >> who is losing this battle? the optics and people can't pay their lls. >> sadly, the government worker has beenpo rizing. meaning i think there are some on the right that don't care. they may care personably a friend or a family membe without a paycheck. so i don't think tain is felt. as if suddenly our airports,ts agents will call in sick if they don't want to work on borrowed
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time. tional parksren't quite enough yet. that's when it would hit home a little bit. i think a week from today is the tipping point between this lasting weeks more a potentially months. i thought i saw president desperately afraid of missing thatpaycheck. i believe the whole goal of this week is to find an exit ramp. >> let's look at what the freshman congresswoman said. using reallyr vul terms to refer to the president and saying we'll impeach, whasever. pelosieen very good at keeping everyone on message. what is she going to do with this left wing of her party seems to be robustly enjoying
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their new that position at the microphone? >> she clearly learned one lesson from paul ryan. his favorite expression would be, tha ws not the i would have worded he's having to say that a lot. i think it tells you the seriousness, she didn' criticize the sentiment. she just tried to tam it down. i think these a hearingsre hevitable. the question i much time can nancy pelosi buy? sort of push this off so it doesn't look like they're, it doesn't look like they really want to do this. >> they have to have a mueller report in order to make her feel comfortable going through this. >> she has a lot of new novice
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members u to keeper control. >> eventually you can delay those demands from the rank and file. you can't ever totally pus them away. >> john boehner and paul ryan >> they're not in town anymore. i think it shows t t nan pelosi will final this liberal base is much harder to keep in check. >> all right. thank you. >> it may be a new year. you can still watch "meet the press" at the regulartime. summed mornings at 10:30 right he nbc 4. >> they feel a little heavier though. still ead, annusual smash and grab ins d.c. a thieves use a u-haul as a with at to get what they want. plus, rain drops are fallingnd temperatures are climbing. and before we head to break. some sad breaking news.
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oh hello, that looks so good. at giant, it's the little things that make the rain is on its way,
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taking its time. i sure to arrive for some dinner plans tonight or if you're out and about. zooming y in, can start to see the fst bit moving into spotsylvania county down towarda fredericksbu closer to southern maryland. for the rest us, a lot of clouds out there. notice how widespread that becomes. you can see how the heavier rain move in to around midnight to 2:00 in the morning. you will probably hear t heavy downpour at that time. the jrng jog. a secondetween 11:00 p.m. in to by tomorrow evening, 7:00, 8:00,
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we're clearing things out. merds periods of rain. the temperatures will drop into the low 30s. not cd but cool. s.morrow, upper 40s to near 50 the rain stops around 5:00, 6:00, and then the winds will pick up. so you will notice the difference there.t to keep the htan t yo and tomorrow. both days you can pick up the lightjacket. sunday, monday and tuesday. sunday, mid 50s, you can seett we're prey mild through tuesda things cool down at the end of
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the week. all right. thank you. next, only on news4, incdible video showing the moments before a fiery beltway crash that tied up traffic for hours. and a woman is hit and killed during her morning walk. at we're learning about the teenager behind the wheel. >> plus, new action to keep students safe. the changes beinge across the changes beinge across our region denise? oh hey, sandy. hey. this is a trick my nonna taught me
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ne are now day 14 of a government shutdown and there's no end in sight. more talks are expectedt the ite house. a two-hour discussion today with
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the president. he wants $5 blion in funding to build a wall at the southern border. a wild scene for drivers the beltway this morning. look at this. news4 object detaining exclusive video as an 18-wheeler flips over. bursting into flames. the truck driver is expected to be okay. a loudoun county church community is heart broken mourning a parishioner who police say was killed by a drunk driver this morning. >> and the driver is a teenager. she was found justeps from the church where she worshipped. >> we spoke to friends and neighbors. this lorning ag time
6:30 pm
resident out for her regular walk. struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver. struck and killed right in front the church she attended for the last 15 years. >> she just loved everybody. >> she would do anything for you. >> she just worked so. ha >> she was a volunteer in church. the group crying and embracing. this is a 19-year-old investigators say is responsible. zachary fry. he was dving eastbound on morrisville road when he crossed to the other side and lauren mcdarby. his car left the roadway and smashed through a sign and into a tree. >> i spoke off camera to one of the first people at e scene. he said he checked first and she was alreadygone.
6:31 pm
he waid the driverked up. when he found out she was dead, h was crying and screaming and banging hisd on the church. heits charged involuntary manslaughter and dui. the family is trying to process . >> i'm told a drunk driver. >> it's a shame. very sad. >> the victim's pastor tells mee f the good works was making quilts for the poor. he said the family had been looking forward to a daughter's wedding in the spring. now they must plan a funeral. and he says, the whole congregation likely shedding tears tonight over this sudden loss. julie carriey, news4. tonight we're learning more about the man who investigators say was behindhe camera recording women undressing.
6:32 pm
he is now accusedn as many as 60 cases. the story you'll see only on news4. >> this is the photo most now associate with mumtaz rauf. he secretly recorded dozens of women. >> hard to believe. >> reporter: friends with rauf for more than 20 years, he said he knew him for a fun-loving guy. >> sno boarding, going out to may golf, a phenomenal dad. >> the news is shocking. they saw him a a friendly, even popular bartender. the questions opening up more about this double life. >> reporter: authorities believe he is behind multiple fitting room recordings. first discovered at this forev21
6:33 pm
in fair oaks mall. >> some, it appears, a mothers with their daughters which is just awful. >> police say they found 100 plus videos on his phone. it shows more than 60 female victims. investigators believe most of the victims were recorded between december 15th and christmas they others to reach out. >> it is a humiliating thing to have happen to people but we have resources to help. >> reporter: here's what they suggest the nexou time step into a fitting room. look for tape. ook for games in the stalls, partitions. >> an inspection to protect your privacy. antime, the suspect's friends struggling with the question why. >> it hurts. it hurts real bad. >> a canadian man is under arrest. heo attempted breach white
6:34 pm
house security. secret service officers say he moved a security barrier on thursday. he said he wanted to deliver two bottles of crownoyal canadian whiskey to president trump. he said he wante the president to help him find a wife. today, he was appeared in court next week a charged ofal trespassing. flu scene is here and the virus is spreading quickly. the weekl cdc report shows high levels in virginia and low leved . 13 people have died from the virus this flu season. coming up onhe "nightly news," t doctor compares this year's strain to last year. and the steps you can take now to protect yourself and your family. and we're gearing up for the
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annual nbc 4 telemundo and fitness expo. there is something for evyone. from alth, fitness, nutrition, free medical screenings and experts to answer your questions. it is next weekend, not this weekend. the best part is it is all not making the grade. growing controversy over the floridastudent's sat scores. this could leadoome legal action. nancy pelosi hasn't forgotten where she came from. aloser look at her success and her sisterhood. and we have a lot to talk about. when
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nancy pelosi has never been accused of taking things slowly. she got a taste of washington litics. sense retaking gavel, pelosi has had a pretty packed schedule. >> before meeting with the t, presidhe spent time at one of her old smping grounds. >> trinl university's auditorium was packed with alumni. they were here to celebrate one of the college's favorite daughters. class of '62 alum nancy pelosi. s at the town hall after the celebrationt the capitol for the swearing in of congress with its record setting number of women. nancy pelosi came back c topus where she first became familiar with life in politics in d. >> having nancy pelosi, a trinity um being elected twice as speaker. this is a joy for a ofus. e
6:39 pm
we're sited to welcome her back. >> photos record an ely interest in litics. although a university now, it maintains its university status a a four-year college for women. >> why do you suppose stimany wrem choosing to go to an all women's college? >> if anything, they're more important than everful in this da of the me too movement and women feeling like they can't get elected to high office, except for nancy pelosi. women need the support and the adership training that women's provide. >> another well known trinity alum. the former governo of kansas. later, in the obama administration, also present spting women in leadership
6:40 pm
roles. a lot of the nuns are accidental feminists. they were taught they could do anything. >>cy nanelosi and joy reid. it is aim transitional for them and some say for women in general. >> especially in politics. i see a lot of women are speaki out about their rights. >> the people who need at this time most. >> such a strong message to these we willny ma of whom will be graduating this afternoon as well. so this is a great kick-off for them in their careers. airoday's town hall will tonight on msnbc with joy reid. she is the host, of courseit starts at 10:00. it includes lots of questions from students at trinity college as well as discussing shutdown. some really interesting things
6:41 pm
came up today. >> they're developing some strong women at trinity. >> they a cerre. it is a very common move for students who take s.a.t. they take it once to get a base score and then take pre course to see how much they can improve. one student's score went up so much. the college board said it won't certify her results. her score went from 900 to 1230. an increase of 330 points. the college board says the score was too improved and thebs was ntial agreement between her answers and those of other test takers. she said the board's response is an insulto her integrity. >> to have your effort taken away from you. it's not fair. >> lawyers a calling for the board to certify her results
6:42 pm
within twoth weeks befor application deadline for most colleges. they're threatening to sue ifott is n resolved. a young boy killed in a freak accidt at school. we'll find out wt local leaders are doing to prevent another y.trag the weekend won't be a washout. look. it's over. i love you, but i'm not in love with you.
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breaking news. we have new video. these are suspected thieves using a u-haul to smash into a cell phone store at the dakota crossing shopping central.s earlier tmorning, at the t-mobile in northeast. after backing the truck into the store, they started grabbing
6:45 pm
stuff. at one point they have trouble with what appears to be the safe. they grabbed a dolly and there you go. terrified metro riders tho wht someon holding a gun. it was actually firecrackers gog off. we have pictures of the people police thoughtere responsible. passengers heard a series of fast, lou bangs. metro police want to talk to both of these beam the fireworks. there are disturbing new details about the hack of the marriott hackerillion we passport numbers from citizensrl around the the pass worst revelation is all the more troubling because china
6:46 pm
is believe to be responsible for this hack. it could have access now to everything fro travel itineraries, border crossings, for people from so many different and at th time, marriott people total amount of affected is 380 million. but that's down from the original estimates of00 millio schools are making changes to keep your children safe at school. it comes after the tragic death of a third grader in fairfax county. d an investigation into the motorized partitions found in many school buildings. susan hogan is working for you. the 9-year-old died last may while helping t acher operate a motorized partition at franconia elementary school. this touched the hearts of so many ofur viewers and me, too.
6:47 pm
so we are investigating how could have happened and how it prevented. a h virginia lawmake drafted legislation to try to prevent another tragedy. >> i think we need to do everything we can. >> he is on a mission. >> i think we need to doyt evng we can. especially if there's a technological fix to make surav we safe places for our kids to learn. >> that's why he's drafted this legislation requiring safety devices. we told delegates about the fiings of o news4 consumer investigation. out of 21 school districn our area that have motorized partitions, 17 told us they had no formal written policies. heold us he plans to now add language b to hisl requiring
6:48 pm
policies and training. >> i was very surprised that schools are not mandated. >> we've learned some are making changes west followed up all of them. the schools said they are introducing an extra layer of security. so only pre trade staff can cess the operating key. they say any potential operatorc willve training every year. and arlington schools will no longer tenstall large motorized walls. we are sweching to the drop down curtains enstead because they pose less of a threat. some maryland schakls areg action. montgomery county schools say written protocols are in develop development sohey may only be operated by the staff. prince george's county say they've recently developed a standard operating procedure as
6:49 pm
well and they are mounting that procedure on walls near the partitions. th are also conducting additional training. calvert county says they are writing a procedure that will fall under the safety and health policy. >> i think it is good that policies have been developed by certain school districts. they will introduce will when the session gets underway next week. we have to make sure we light a fire to get it done. >> fairfax has also revised the policies after his death. his family plans to school the school district for negligence. want to know if your child's school has a motorized partition?
6:50 pm
>> friday night is here and the bars are open. >> all the evening revelers. they will need umbrellas. we've been keeping a close eye. it is swirling in all its dwloir. uti think we'll squeeze about a half an inch. not a ton of rain but enough rain to affect us. washington, d.c., maybe a few sprinkles. cloudy north of the belty. as we head through, we'll see it. ght to moderate rain expected a little closer to midnight.
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we're waking up. ning orning run or the m walk. you are going to be in for some wideread showers. a second round of rain will move through. and it should be out h ofe by 6:00, 7:. we'll see it wrap up 8:00. turday, 51 greflts sunday, 56. a lot of us could cap in the upper 4 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine on sunday. the good news is if you are planning on taking decorations down, sunday is the d to do it. he said i should be changing this back ground. dress for late fall. i temperaturthe mid to upper 50s. not too cold. streets kind of breezy.
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skepg ahead to wednesday, inside e beltway. gaithersburg, 45. clinton, maryland, how are you? 47 degrees right now. we should be around 43 this time ofyear. we'll jump trait to tuesday. 67 degrees, a very possible high for tuesday. a chance for showers monda into tuesday. i wouldn't worry about i too i wouldn't worry about i too much.
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all for just $79.99 per month with a 2-year agreement. with fios and prime, you can stream prime originals in 4k, get free games with twitch prime, and get fast, free shipping on over one hundred million items. switch to fios gigabit connection, plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee and a 2-year agreement. plus, get a year of amazon prime and an amazon echo on us. only need internet? no problem. get fios internet for $39.99 per month and get a $50 amazon gift card when you switch. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. go to today. jay gruden around is getting mixedreviews. >> yeah.
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they want major changes and they're not getng it. things have been quiet in ashburn. we know oneha majorenge that won't occur. jay gruden has been told he'll be back. reporting that gruden has been told he'll return. in each of the last two seasonon he's 35, 44 and one with one division title in five years. he signed it in 2017. the wizards began without john wall. now it's time to hit the road. they're just 4 and 16. as bradley beale. he can't do it all himself.o everyone has contribute if they want to be successful. dave johnsonas more. >> don't be fool. the breezes are tickling the palm trees in miami.
6:57 pm
this is very much a business wizards. the washington this is a wizards team we know that is dealing with having no john wa how will they have success? they'll have to put on their hard hat and roll with it. on wednesday aga thehawks, he was 3 away from a triple double. he is so strong on the ball but moves well on the ball. and on wednesday, he had a career high 15 rebounds. and rebounding will be stolen tonight against the miami heat teams. let face it. they're one of the best teams in the nba.
6:58 pm
they'll have to put on their hard -- well, you getidea. this is a business trim. can i get a little iore fruit this drink? the sun is a littleoo bright. wendy is concerned about the sun tan lotion there. dematha hires bill mcgregor. mcgregor was there for 29 years. he stepped down in 20 level. he gets back on the side lines in attsville. so a good job and lcongratulations to bil mcgregor. coming back to coach. the capitalse lost two straight and trying to get back in the win column tonight. the knock on dan snyder was that he doesn't give coaches a
6:59 pm
chance. "nightly news" starts in 60 seconds. we hope to
7:00 pm
breaking news night, president trump threatens the government shutdown could last months or even years, and the president signaling he might go around congress. >> we can call a national emergency and build it very quickly. >> using his presidential powers to get the money for his and amid the shutdown, there is word of a possible uptick in tsa workers calling out sick and a new warning it could get a lot worse for passengers when tsa paychecks stop comin>> also tonight, the president firing back at a new member of congress who said this. >> we're going to go in there and impeach the [ bleep ] out of him. >> that wasn't the only surprise today that sent stocks surging. the new flu alert n tonight as the mea season hits hard.


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