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tv   News4 Today  WRC  January 5, 2019 9:00am-9:31am EST

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first lauryn rickets is tracking this wetee weather that's moving through this morning and ome sunshinen the way. >> hey. not a lot of sunshine. we will have a small window where we can see sunshine likely after 3:00. the sunsets at 5:00 p.m. again, small window where we can see some sunshine. i believe portions of our area, especially west of d.c. may get a f pops later on. but again, for this morning, you'll need the rain gear. tomorrow just a lightjacket. by monday a winter coat. and by tuesday you're going to need srts and a t shirt. we're warming up to spring-like hmperatures. we'll talk abo warm it's going to get coming up. otherwise, let's talk about this rain. it continues to rotate through the area as it lifts to the north and east towardhe cape cod area. all of this is going to move to the north and east it's going to rotate through the area bring occasional shows. lingering showers later this afternoon as that moved off and
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out to sea. 47 degrees is the teoterature. it'shat bad. it's mild. we have the fog out there. and we're going to continue with thfog. showers around through the early portion of the teoon. by 3:00 dry. breezy this afternoon. we'll talk about the timing o the rein and how warm we're going to get. breaking ns in southeast d.c. two people were found dead after an early morningire ripped through a home. derrick ward is live at thesc e. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, police are investigating as well as the fire department. investigating the circumstanc of those t deaths. we're here in the 3300 block of eli place southeast. the fire occurred in the corner houset about 6:45 this morning. somewhere after 6:00. firefighters g it was a firefighter that was well.ed as a may day call went out. that brought additional units to the scene. at about the same time a fire about a block away d on street
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of suspicious nature. there was a lot of apparatus and broad-ranging investigation into all of this. we did talk to a spokesperson for the d.c. fire department, vito. he talks about the circumstances of what happened after they got this fire under control. take a listen. >> at about the same time, another fire was discovered in a house almost direcy aroundhe corn corner. it appears to be suspicious in nature. >> reporter: police are investigatin we understand four people are displaced from that fire. it happened insoutheast. again, they're looking into whether or not the fires are invest gated and the circumstances of the death of the two people foundin de. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> all right. derrick, thank you. new information prompted a renewed search for relisha rudd.
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d.c. police have searched tuels where she and her mother stayed before she vanished almost five years ago. the shelter will be torn down soon. the man believed to have been behind her abduction had access to the tunnels. she was seen with a man at a hotel in princgeorge's county the man was later found dead from an apparent suicide. this morning a prince george's police offier is off ob accused of sexual assault. the police chief says the officer responded to a dispute between a man and wom at a home around 4:00 yesterday morning. the woman asked for a ride so she could be separated from the man. the officer droveere to the metro station in his marked cruiser and in uniform. policeay the woman later ran from the call and told a metro transit police officer that th county officers touched her inappropriately. the prince george's police chief sa inappropriate behavior from officers will not be tolerated. >> by virtue of being
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transparent, it's my hope to express to them clearly that n yes, in organization of more than 2000 peop, there may be misconduct and cmes committed. but those people will be held accountable. >> the chief did not give the officer's name but said he is suspended pending the outcome of the inveheigation. partial government shutdown is in the third week. negotiations will resume at the white houser this morning. but it's almost guaranteed the stalemate will stretch into next week, maybe longer. >> he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period o time. months or even years. >> absolutely, i said that. congressional leaders spent roughly two hours at the white house yesterday. democrats want a stopgap deal to open the government immediately. president trump remains firm,g demandinat $5 billion for a border wall with mexico. if democrats won't give it to him, the president saysgo he cod nother route. >> we could call a national emergency and build it very quickly, and it's another
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doing it, but if we can do it through a negotiated process, we're giving that a shot. >> we recognize on the democratic side that we really cannot resolve this until we open up government. >> vice president mike pence invited congressional staffers to come back to the negotiatingn table this g at 11:00. here's a look at how the shutdown is impacting d.c. residents. the mayor plans to send the feds a bill for picking up trash g alon the national mall and other services. those services cost $50,000 a week. the mayor also plans to submit emergency legislation so the district government can begin issuing marriage licenses while the d.c. courts are closed. this comes as the vice president and hundreds of political appointees are aboutet a $10,000 raise. they president suggested he scrap the raises. this morning the officer of personnel management saidmahey not happen as well. the shutdown has affected tourism. the national zoo is closed indefinitely. there are a few things you can
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do. the library of congress and the u.s. botanic gardens is open. for a complete list of activities still available to the public during the shutdown, go to our nn washing app. we're learning more about breaking news out of california. three men killed and four injured at a shooting in a bowling alley south of los angeles. some kind of fight i broke out the middle of a large group of people who were crowded into two lane not long after that fight started the gunfire erupted. so far police have not made any arrests. this morning a man is facing charges after a double shooting in clinton, maryland. detectives believe robbery was th motive. prince george's county police arrested sean davis junior. officers say he gunned down two peopvi. o shows the aftermath of what happened. the homeowner says one of the cctims was in a that stopped in front of his house. that n that video you can hear
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screaming outside. we talked to anoer person who knew one of the victims. she did not want to appear on camera. >> it was this female yelling. she sounded like a wounded cat. i'll never forget those cries, that pain. >>olice believe davis planned to rob the victims during a drug deal. d.c. police just made one of their largest heroin busts in years. police confiscated more than $2.5 million worth of heroin last month. investigators arrested two women connected to a drug ring.e the polhief says the bust took a big supply of drugs a illegal guns off the streets.
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>> more than 40 kilos of heroin. over 40 pounds of marijuana. six semi automatic handguns. one vehie. >> the chief said the heroin was laced with fentanyl. he is thi confidents bust saved lives. we have new video of suspected thieves using a u hall to smash into a cell phone store in d.c. this happened near new york and south dakota avenues early yesterday morning. after backing the truck into the store you can see people enter the store and start grabbing items. at one point h theyad trouble with what appeared to be a safe. they grabbed a dolly. no arrests have been made here. the president said thern gont shutdown could last months or years. that means it could be a very long wait for new beer. find out how the shutdown could rimit the d
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good news for metro riders. starting today you will not have to par there on saturdays. metro has been charging $2 t use t parking graunls on saturdays as part of a pilot progm. the program is over now. regular parking fees still apply during the week. new this morning, the u.s. supre court says it will hear a high profile case alleging n marylandring the case involves allegations that democratic officials drew district boundaries to benefit their party. a lower court found the rights of republican voters were violated. the news is on the same day state commission met for the first time to address the issue. the h supreme court wilr arguments in march. this morning a canadian man is facing charges.
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secret services says a man moved a security barrier on wednesday. he told officers he wanted to deliver t bolts of crown royal to president trump. he alsode wanted the pre to help him find a wife, according to court documents. he will appear in court next week on a feder tes prasz charge. the government shutdown is not only impactingl the natio do and museums until the government reopens there will not n be any beer. all new beers in the market need to be approved by the aohol an tobacco tax and trade bureau. right now the bureau is closee beca the shutdown and it is not processing any of those labels. this does not affect any beer currently on the market, but beer in the spring may not be sold if the label hasn't been approved. th government shutdown can have the effect that we just told you about he on beer. a live look outside for you this morning. at the potomac river, cloudy
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sky. we saw some drizzle and fog this morning as well. temperatures holding close to 50 degrees. we'll have a look at your forecast in a moment. also too many birds at a kfc. it doesn't sound like a problem, but these are not chickens hanging out in the trees. there's a strange vulture problem, and officials don't eave many options to deal with it. thetails are straight ahea on news 4d t
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this is not a scene from the hitchck class "the birds". it's just another day. hundreds of vultures are camping out next to a popular shopping center. tracee wilkins took a closer look at what's going on there. >> reporter: these cats are like family to mary ann parker. shed helps fee and take care of these cats in upper marlboro, but the cats aren't the only ones waiting for food. there are literally hundredbl o ack vultures hanging around this cat colony which happens to border a shopper center with a grocery store and akfc. >> the roof of the kfc has 200 or 300 birds behind it. the trees behind you, another 30 the roof of the grocery store is probly another 100 birds. >> the multiplying population is getting attention and the wrong
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kind of attention to some of the businesses. >> somem of t are on top of the roof over there. people are scared to death. >> my colleagues over here at the ford dealership no longer eat at kfc because of the birds. >> reporter: these birds don't bother people. what they're after isn't walkinm e. >> their nutrition comes from dead carcasses on the sidead of the and when you have a foodyo source. re putting cat food out for a lot of cats. that's a food source for them as well. >> they'll sneak upbehind me when my back is turned and eat the cat food. >> it's an odd spectacle some are flocking to see, but not too closely. >> reporter: i'm told this isn't a quartert' of w normally here. in the morning they're all over that kfc and then make their way over here to the words. we're told by officials these are protected birds and unless they go into mesomeone's there's nothing that can be done
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about them. m tracee wilkins, news 4. trap and release cat colonies are protected in prince george's county. an animal control spokesperson says not all cat colonies attract vultures. there may be a combination of things in that area the birds like. >> maybe the catsre in rough place, and the birds are like we're waiting on you, swooping in on that one. he looks rough. >> a couple days, i'm giving it. that's funny. >> the clouds are just not giving up. >> we have about from 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. to see sunshine out there today. that's around the d.c. area. west you might have about 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. the sun goes down at 5:00 p.a mall window to get sun. >> you're not here tomorrow. >> i'll be enjoying the sun. >> good for you. adam and dave and all of us will be here tomorrow not enjoying the sunshine.
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again, we just have a small window tew get a peeks of sun today. i believe some areas can do it d sn't look like we're going to see sun when you look at your door. we have fog, drizzle, mist. it's not going to rain all day. that rain wilbe moving out through the afternoon. and again, ending from the west to the east we are looking at dryer conditions later on this afternoon. no rain tomorrow. we are dry tomorr. we have plenty of sunshine. we warm up tomorrow. temperures tomorrow in the mid 50s. by tuesday we're going to be in the low 60s. so with the mild forecast, no snow in the forecas ten days.ext now, next weekend there is just a small t chancet i would see maybe a few snow flakes. that's next weekend. that's so far anything right now is very, very, very light. i haven't even put that in the forecast yet. saturday, againg bhat rain gear. you'll need it this morning. by sunday you need the lig jacket. monday the winter coat. and in true d.c. weather
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fashion, tuesday shorts and a tank top. we're going to be in the low 60s. rain continues to roll through the area. o 's going to rotate through the area as it liftse north and east. an area of low pressure ontinues to move up toward the massachusetts area. and again, all this rain will move with it. we're left with a little bit of a breeze later t ons afternoon as well. visibility is done quite a bit. there's a lot of fog o there. be careful when you're traveling around. we're going to hold onto that fog for quite some time. widespread showers this morning. mainly drizzle and mist and light showers. we're dry on sunday. a few passing showers monday night into early tuesday. otherwise no big washouts. here's a look at the future maybe a showers. ewst. maybe times of dryness and drizzle. but once a we geter lunchtime, then the rain starts to pull away. again, from the westt to the e by 3:00 we're dry. and then we continue to rapidly clear skies will clear as we continue into the overnight. ernight clear skies and temperatures in the 30s. right now the 40s.
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's not that bad right now. we're going to head around 50 for daytime highs today. winds pick up. northwest winds at about 10 to 20 miles per hour throughout the afternoon and evening. even tomorrow breezy conditions. it will be about 10 miles per hour tomorrow. next wednesday into thursday it's going to be pretty windy with gts up to 25 or 30 miles per hour. if you're headed out this weeken maybe you wanto ski, spring conditions. it's slushy on the slopes. tcorations, i would do tomorrow. we'll be breezy tomorrow, but sunshine and mild. nice exercise above normal temperatures. itight be nice for a jog. tomorrow nice, 55 degrees. plenty of sun. the passing shower late monday into tuesday. we drop on tuesday -- monday and head back to 60 on tuesday. breezy con tions on wednesd and thursday. a chance of rain right now on saturday and sunday. we'll wch that systemnd see if anything develops withth at. we've got more news right afr this.te
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we are just a day away from one of hollood's biggest nights. the golden globes honors the best in tv and movies. a couple of first-timers are taking over hosting duties. t >> reporte way andy samberg figures it, getting to host the globes with sandra o was only matter of time.
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>> we presented together at the emmys. >> i was excited to do i again. >> let's say the streets demanded it. >> even seasoned pros can be a bit ne >> i was so terrified. >> something could go wrong. >> not only is oh co-hosting with the star. she's also nominated for best actress in tv drama for killing eve. >> i won't be thinking about being a nominee, not for one second. because i'm terrified ofin host g> terrified despite the globe's free wheel tradition. this time around nerves might spark the laughs. >> we might getmb s party giggles. >> "vice" has the most nominations, six. "a star is born" has five. including best actress drama for lady gaga. if she wins, she'll get one of th brand new globe statues. >> it's gger.
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it'sheavier. it's goldener. >> forhose nominees who don't win, the hosts have a plan to keep spirits fest ive. >> we'll spray everywhere. >> at the golden globes, that might work. the golden globes will be tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. here on nbc 4 folwed by news 4 at 11:00. we'll have the highlights from the big show. it's 9:26. here are four things to know this morning. a prince george's police officer is accused of sexuaom assault. a accused the officers of touching her inappropriately after she gave him a ride.ic the o is suspended while it's under investigation. the search for relisha rudd is renewed. d.c. police searched tunnels under a d.c. general shelter. the man believedo thave been behind the abduction had access
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to the tunnels. zblrc . firefighters found a fire around 6:00. one firefighter fell floor but is expected to be okay. you're done paying for rking at metro stations on saturdays. today begins free parking at ftro lots and garages. that's the news today. we thank you for starting your day with us. tune in tonight for news 4 a 6:00 and get your news and weather any time. >> all the >> with our nbc washington app. >> it's always there, and the radar is th the rain should be gone by 3:00. >> i'm going to hold you to
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what's up, "redskins nation"? the 2018 regular season has concluded and the redskins w finih a 7-9 record. injuries on the offensive side of all keptm this team f reaching its true potential. but now it's time to reset,et reload, and back to the drawing board. before we start the stratthy of off-season, let's take a look back at this season's highlights. >> today we kick off the 2018 season in glendale, arizona. fires chris thompson left side, to the pylon,


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