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tv   Today  NBC  January 7, 2019 7:00am-8:50am EST

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scandal." hitting the wall. both sides dig in hard. the shutdown enter the third week. the president threatens to go it alone on his wall. national ooking at a emergency because we have a national em dgency. >> tocrats saying no chance. is the impact of the shutdown about to be felt at our nation's airports? new twist. two men in custody thi cmorning inonnection with the murder of a 7-year-old texas girl. police now saying the showaing 't a hate crime after all but a tragic case of mistaken identity. night of surprises. >> "bohemian rhapsody." >> the golden globes domined by major upsets. "bohemian rhapsody" taking home best drama a best actor but "a
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star is born" is virtually shut out. we've got all the winners on stage and on the red carpet. all that plus his day in court. ctor kevin spacey set to be arraigned on sexual assault allegations this morning. we're live at the courthouse. here comes the snow. the of millions from midwest to new england bracing for a powerful winter storm. al has what to expect. wild finish. the philadelphia eagles sn the chicago bears in a nail biting playoff game that came down to this finalkick. >> it hits the uprightag n. >> heartbreak for the bears, their fans, and their mascot today monday, january 7th, 2019. . from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda ko live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good mooding, ever welcome to today.
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thanks for being with us on a monday morning. eas, i'm wring my eagles green. >> yes, you are. >> but my heart goes outo that bears' kicker. what an ending to the football game. >> it was like doink a then doink thing. >> it was a tough loss for the bears, but the eagles are on their way. >> you, to new orleans to face hoda tbko's saints. >> we're ready. let's start with day 17 of the government shutdown. this is now one of the longest ng history, and there's no indication it's go end anytime soon. coming up, its potential impact on your next flight. first let's start in washington, kristen welker on the story this morning. gorning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this partial government shutdo is poised to become the second longest in history and there's no end in sight. th two sides can't even agree on how the talks are going. the white house said sunday's discussions we a democratic official countered that no progress was made and it all comes as the real life
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consequences are escalating all across the country. this morning the shutdown de showdownening despite a flurry of weekend meetings, the two sides still deadlocked over the president'semand for $5 billion for the border wall. >> schumer and nancy pelosi and myself can solve this i20 minutes, if they want to. go they don't want to, it's oog a l gong time. there's not going to be any bend right here. >> but the president may be bending on one aspec the wall doesn't have to be made of concrete as he repeatedly promised on the campaign trail. >> beautiful precast concrete going up. >> his new message, steel is just as good. >> they don't like concrete so we'll give them steel. steel is fine. >> but democrats have insisted fundingor a border wall is a non-starter regardless of what it's called or what it's made of. >> a wall is an immorality. it's not who we are as a nation. >> and in a bid to try to turn up the hea on democrats,
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president trump threatened to declare a national emergency and unilaterally send troops to the bordki. >> we're l at a national emergency because we have a national emergency. >> reporter: such a move would undoubtedly face legal challenges, democrats fired back. h>> this president doesne the power to declare an emergency and build a multibillion dollars on the border. >> reporter: the shutdown is threatening to halt payments from food stamps to tax refunds, and 800,000 federal workers won't receive payche in fact, a document sent out last week from the office of personnel management enuraged workers to barterh wit their landlords over rent. for his pt president trump raised eyebrows when pressed by nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> can you relate to the pain of federal workers? >> i can relate and i'm sure that the people who are on the receiving end will make adjustmen adjustments. >> reporter: don't expect any major progress today. congress doesn't come back to washington until tuesday, and while president trump has said
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meetings be throughout the week, democrats sayo f there are none scheduled. >> kristen, there's a report o that some trump supporters and allies are concerned about misinformation now getting right to the president's desk. what is this all about? >> reporter: that's right, savannah. as we've reported former chief oc staff john kelly who departed recently wased on regulating the information and news stories that made their way to the president's desk,nd now there are concerns with kelly's departure that there's been a o floo misinformation getting to mr. trump. "axios" reports that white house officials have expressed concerns about a wild west lik atmosphere returni to the west wing. according to "axios" those former officials note thema president ha a number of recent statements that have been fact checked, false or misleading. id reach out to the white house about owl this. so far no comment. >> and as the shutdown rolls on, e tsa is dealing with tgi ings of a blue flu.
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screening officers are calling sick. they're concerned they will not get paid, and it could get a lot worse. m costello is at reagan national airport with the latest on this. what the impact goi on there? >> reporter: so far minimal impact across the country, but both thesa and the unions say they have seen an uptick in tsa alling out sick. it started over the holidays. some of those are upset about the fact that they're in theory working without a paycheck, ot there is a a legitimate uptick in the flu. that said this week's going t be critical a they don't get paid on friday according to the t the union, you could see a lot of tsa no-shows at check points and that could mean longerecurity line lines. >> on the front lines of aviation security, 51,000 tsa employees, the average pay roughly $30,000 a year. >> empty pockets of all personal effects. >> but if the governmt remains partially shut down, notsne at will g et paid this week.
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>> we are a paycheck to paycheck family. >> brian turner hfi been an r for six years now hoping president trump and congress come to an agreent within days. >> we have mortgage payments. we have credit card bills, utilities, and we also have child care, so with half of our ery me gone, it's concerning. >> reporter: so far tsa officers have not missed a paycheck, but the tsa's union says some officers have already called out sick in protest. at dfw in dallas and jfk in new york, though the airports rept minimal impact, the tsa says a few longer lines on sunday were not unusual for the weekend tter holidays. >> if you don't have a check that's going to come in to payu bills, then what are you going to do? you're going to loo forme soing outside the -- what you're doing now. >> reporter: for now the tsa says security effectiveness will not be compromised and performance standards will not
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change. wait times may be affected depending on the number of callouts, but many passengers t say governmen employees should not be pawns in a washington power struggle. >> a lot of people can't go that long without a check. >> especially when you don't know if you're going to be compensated for the work you're doing. you could be jobless next week. >> reporter: the questions many tsa officers are asking now, will they soon need food stamps or have to look for another job. >> i have to keep food in th kitchen, and i will have t make that call at some point. >>eporter: tsa says it's grateful to the employees who are showing up despite all of this drama in washington and uncertainty going forward. we also checked with the faa about air traffic controllers. they in theory would als be working without a paycheck. their next paycheck isn the 15th. the faa says so far its has no repo significant numbers of air traffic controllers calling out sick. >> we'll see ow this playsout. thank you. a surprising twist in the
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shooting death of a 7-year-old xas girl. two suspects have been taken into custody. it happened over thend w after the investigation took an unexpected turn.e nbc's g gutierrez is in houston. gabe,ood morning. reporter: savannah, good morning. one of the two suspects is due back here in court later today. investigators now say this shooatng wasn't ae crime but rather a case of mistakenid entity. >> this morning the manhu for jazmine barn jazmine barnes's killer is over. >> i feel some relief in this because now my baby has got justice, and nowro we can pbly put her to rest. >> reporter: the 7-year-old was out with her mother and three sisters on an early morning coffee run when sheas shot in the head. eric j blackior is charged with capital murder. he admitted to driving a dark colored suv when his passenger opened fire on the car jazmine was in by mistake thinking it belonged to someone else.
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authorities say the pair didn't the wrong targeted vehicle until they saw it on the news. the alleged shooter has not been formally chaed in the case yet but may already be iny. cust jazmine's family attorney and nbc afill yfiliate identify him larry woodruff who was arrested on an unrela. d drug char >> she did not deserve this at neall. >> jaz mother laporsha washington was shot in the arm but survived. she had believed the shooting was racially motivated. the sheriff now says it wasn't. >> this was likely a case of mistaken ideity where the intended targets were likely someone else. >> reporter: authorities had been rearching for this pickup truck and for the man in this composite sketch. a tip came in from an activist working the case identifying new suspects. black was arrinted d a traffic stop. prosecutors say he later confessed and investigators found the gun at his home consistent with the eight shell
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casings found at theot sg scene. >> with his family it didn't matter whether he was black or white, they simply wanted the right person involved orptured. >> rr: as for why the suspect description was so vastly different, the sriff said t shooting happened quickly, it was dark outside and that red pickup truck was likely the last thing jazmine's sister saw. authorities want to talk to the driver of that pickup to get his account of what happened. jazmine's funeral is set for tomorrow. >> gabe in houston, thank you. craig joins the table, another big story we're covering, the golden globes last night. >> hollywood's party of the year night.t disappoint last natalie morales was there for all of it. nat good morning. >> this year the golden globes took on a much lighter tone after it was dominated last yeae by seriousness of the #metoo and time's up movements.
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many were surprised. >> "bohemian rhapsody" was the chpion at the golden globes, the freddie mercury biopic hi hitting a high notes with wins for best aor and best drama. >> finally to fddie mercury thank you for showing us the power of embracing your true self. >> the movie beating out heavyr te "a star is born" the film starring brley cooper and lady gaga only winning for best original song. >> as a woman in music it is really hard to be taken seriously as a musician and a song writer. >> the winner is "green book." in the musical or comedy cateolry it was a gn night for "green book" earning best picture, best screen play and best actor. the dick cheney bio pick left with only one win, cistian bale accepting the award for best actor for his portrayal of
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the former vice president. >> thank you toan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role. >> olivia colman's portrayal of queen anne in theavorite raen reigning supreme. glenn close won best actress for her work in "the wife" getting a standing ovation with this message for women. >> we have to fill our, you know, follow our dreams. we have to say i can. do th reginale king ceating the time's up movement. >> make sure everything that are produced are 50% women. >> andy samberg and sandra oh set the tone taking the roast of nominees in a different direction. >> jeff bridges. hey, jeff, i wish you were my dad. >> for oh, it was a histoc night. the first asian american to host the golden globes addressing diversity i hollywood. >> i wanted to be here to look out into this audience and
7:14 am
witness this moment of change. >> later becoming the first asian actor to win m tiple globes with her win for "killing eve." rachel brosnahan was marvelous again defending her title as best actress in a tv musical or comedy. two legends, jeff bridge receiving the cecil b. demille award. >> we're alive. we can really make a difference. >> and carol burnett accepting a new award made in her honor. >> i can look back ask say once more, i am so glad we had this time together. thank you. >> such a great moment there f carol burnett and so well-deserved. something to keep in mind, gue, golden globes tends to set the tone for the rest of the awards season and voting opens today for the oscario nominatns with last night's winners fresh on everybody's minds. could influence how that goes. >> you look beautiful, nat, hope you had fun. >> thank you, guys.
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it was fun. >> late night. >> yeah. >> always, 'rright? going to have a lot more on the golden globes including moments,ions, the viral a lot more throughout the morning. >> i think we've waited long enough. can we talk about football? >> all in due course. we'll go in chronological order. there were a couple of upsets, exciting finishes. this is wild card weekend. let us start with sunday's early game, ravens hosted the chargers. los angeles started to pull away in the fourth quarter on this touchdown run b melvin gordon. the ravens got within six points late in theame there. comeback attempt came to a screeching halt in the final seconds. raven's ac lamaron loses the ball. the chargers recover. they hold on to win it 23-17. and then wt happened? >> here's what happened. here's that exciting finish you saw right here on nbc before thd en globes. the bears hosti savannah's eagles, philadelphia tak g the lead in the third quarter when nick foles finds the end zone for the touchdown. still, the bears had a chance to wi it.
7:16 am
chicago kicker cody parkey. ballits the upright, then a . crossbar eagles hold on to win it. heartbreak for bears' fansev erywhere. check out the bears' mascot, all of bears nation falls over in shock. the eagles facing hoda's new orleans's saints next weekend. >> bring it on. >> possibly the biggest eagles fan, i s him on social media last night. i think we've got a video here. see this kid? >> touchdown, eagles! touchdown eagles! >> oh, yeah. >> they're starting young. >> that was actuall even saturday. we were just trying toet our intentions for the game. >> are you ready for sunday? >>re'm y. it's on. the battle goes, saints versus eagles. >> mr. roker you've got a check of the forecast? >> i'm thinking that's all
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eatin' either one of those days. we've got winter weather to talk about. 21 million peopl under winter wind advisory or storm warning from dakotas to new england. it's all part of a system. there's a cold front part of it and warm front part of it. where you see the rain it's warm. where the snow is happening, we've got some pretty coldai this system pushing to the east. as it does, rain delays in thet midwight snow, freezing rain and sleet developing later today in the northeast movg on into tonight and tomorrow. heavy snow for new hampshire and maine. secondary low pressure system develops. a second wave of rain laty. in the here is what we're looking at. upwards of a foot of snow in the upf michigan. otherwise about a half an inch of rain. as we move into the northeast, we're gng to be looking at snowfall amounts in parts of northern new england and upstate new york, a foot or no but down as you get closer to new york. it's going to be closer to maybe a quarter of an inch of rain. asll a decent amount of snow you move upstate new york and interior sections of new
7:18 am
england. going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ni good m. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist shuck bell. partly cloudy skoverhead, seasonably cold, low- to d-s to get your day started. your planner, clouds on the increase. b mostly cloud late in the afternoon, staying chilly. highs in themi low- to 40s. 45 around time. a chance for a few showers late tonight andnother chance of a
7:19 am
few showers late this afternoon before windy and colder weather settles in later in the ek. >> b west coast storms moving in. we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. thank you. coming up, actor kevin spacey facingudge on a sex assault charge. live report from the courthouse coming up straight ahead. we'll takeou inside the consumer electronics show out in las vegas. look at the wild and weird gadgets that could change all of our lives. but first this is tod"today" on nbc.
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coming up, who wore it best? the outfits from the red carpet at the golden globes that are getting the mos attenti today. also, why sleep is apparently the key to sticking to your new year's resolutions, and how to get even more of it in 2019. first, your local news and -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home.
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and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. >> announcer: this is a "news 4 today" newsbreak. 7:26 is your time now on this monday january 7th, 2019. go morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> a woman expected to be okay after she was shot while driving on 295 early this morning. nearco m x avenue near anacostia-bowling. police are looking at a homici. police say a man was shot and killed just before 11:00 last night in the area of kansas and barnam street northwest. they say they are searching for possibly two suspects. now we want to checkth o
7:27 am
commute with melissa mollet. melissa. >> things looking better. inbound 395, still justit ae bit slow. inner loop and out loop okay. lorton, 95, a crash in the right lane,0 southbound looking pretty light. >> all right, melissa. thank you. >> we'll check your forecast next. stay with us. what a great l
7:28 am
begin a new mday and work and school week for many. a nice golden glow in our sky. sun coming up as of 7:28 in the morning. it's seasonably cold. most areas in the 30s. a northeast breeze, windclls down closer to the 30 degree mark. you'll certainly need your winter coat for today. quickly this up morning. it will be mostly cloudy later in the day today. any rain chances hold off until after midnight tonight. nice and mild for tomorrowgut turnindy and colder wednesday and thursday. there is a chance for snow this coming weekend.
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>> all right, chuck. thank you.r anot local news update in 25 minutes. >> now back to the "today show" after this short break. have a great day. denise? oh hey, sandy. hey. this is a trick my nonna taught me to make sure my produce is fresh. but aldi produce is delivered fresh every single day. every day? yeah. so you don't need to... do that. you're not even going to hold that cantaloupe against your face? the only trick you need to save time and money is to shop at aldi. save on your choice of little salad bar chopped salad kits, now just $1.99. aldi. shop differentli. there are at least three ways to lower your novec electric bill: you could live off the grid. you could set hermostat no higher than 68 degrees in winter. or, you could follow the ways to sa tips on you'li discover how instal and using a programmable thermostat can save you about $330 a year! novec helps you save energy
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which saves you money! novec. helping you save. ♪music timothee chalam timot . back now, 7:30 on a monday morning, january 7th, 2019. there's a new star born. i that's the womthe back making a splash at the golden globes, the so-called fiji water girl. she's everywhere. >> wow. >> so who is she? what is she doing, and w is sh posing in every single picture? carson's going to join us to explainhat phenomenon. >> fiji got their money's worth out of her. >> for sure ander dress matched the water bottles. >> well played. let us start with the headlines. no breakthrough over the weekend inhe effort to end this partial government shutdown and now it's in its third week. house democrats are planning to step up the pressure on the president and republican lawmakers to reopen the government, but the president is showing no signs of budging on his demand for more than
7:31 am
$5 billion to build a wall along the u.s./mexico border. on thsunday, gh, he did say it could be built with steel rather than concrete. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is not min wng wordn it comes to her feelings about president trump. here's what she told anderson cooper last night when he asked her if she thought the president was a racist. >> the president certainly didn't invent racismbut he's certainly given a voice to it and expanded it and created a atform for those things. >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> yeah, yeah, no question. >> the white house denied ocasio-cortte ocasio-cs claim in a statement saying in part president trump has quote, edpe repeatedly condeacism and bigotry in all forms. the pacific coast highway in southern california is expected to be reopened today afterid massive mud closed portions of the roadway over the weekend. road crews have been working overnight to make the iconic coastal highway passable again.
7:32 am
the slideser came aft heavy rains swept across southn california on saturday. al just mentioned those storms a few moments ago. he's going to be ang with his forecast in awe few minutes. actor kevin spacey is expected to appear in a nantucket courtroom on sexual assault charges. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kevin spacey is expected inside this nantucket courtroom at 11:00 a.m. this morng for hist, arraignmhe charge indecent assault and battery. this is stemming from a 2016 incident where a mother alleges he groped her then 18-year-old son. if he is, in fact, convicted, he could face up to five years in prison. >>his morning actor kevin spacey due in this massachusetts courtroom to answer charges o sexual assault. >> kevin spacey bought him drink ter drink after drink, and when my son was drunk spacey made his move and sexually saulted him. >> heather unrue, the mother of
7:33 am
former ged victim and a boston tv anchor says it was at this nantucket bar bk in 2016 that spacey groped her then 18-year-old son who had told the actor that he was 23. >> it wasn't until kevin spacey put his hand inside his pants that he really knewe was in trouble. >> according to investigators, the teen sent a snapchat video of the incident to his girlfriend and in ami prery hearing on december 20th, spacey's attorney can be heard p questioningice trooper who interviewed the alleged victim. >> he also never verbalized according to anything in your report, he never verbalized the word stop it. i don't give consent to this. i need you to stop, nothing like that, correct? >> that's correct. >> spacey is charge of aindecent assnd battery. the two-tiar oinner fired from his hit netix show "house of cards" following a previous
7:34 am
sexual assault allegation. spacey has not commented publicly. his only post on twitter for over a year is this recent video. wouldn't rush to judgments withoutldfacts, wou you? >> titled let me be frank, spacey appears to speak as his house of cards character, frank underwood, though it's unclear if he's speaking directly to these allegations. >> i'm certainly not to pay the price for the things i didn't do. >> repter: spacey, who according to court documents is expected to plead not guilty, asked the judge to allow himo skip today's arraignment saying, quote, my presence will amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with this case. that request >> so morgan we do know spacey is expected to be in court today. do we expect to hear from the suspect as well? >> reporter: the family of the alleged victim said they will not come to this arraignment at this courthouse today because they said they want to protect thesentegrity of the as you mentioned, spacey himself was ordered by the judge to
7:35 am
appear, although we have not received comment from his lawyers. >> all right, morgan, thank you so much. we go over to al bnow, busy times in the weather department. >> that's right. . >> that's right. pacific northwest and northern california. look at the wind dage that was caused. look at these trees down on the cars. nobody injured, icing, power lines down, a lot of per outages. we've got more of that same weather coming in. we've got another big storm getting ready. this i in on tuesday. hey, everybody in the pacific northwest, california, this i the first of a number of round of storms. this one developsn heavy r approaches the coast tomorrow. tomorrow it's coming down pretty hard. we've got snow for higher elevations and gale watches fori coastal s, coastal areas that's going to cause more . proble rainfall amounts, anywhere from 2 to 4" of rain. that could cause minor mudslide flooding. we're looking snowfall-wise, 2
7:36 am
fto 3" snow. in some of the upper elevations, lake tahoe, those areas, they will be looking at 60" of snow in som of the higher elevations. that's what going on around the country, here good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. st a f minutes ago we had a beautiful golden color to our sky as the sun is coming up. now that the sun is above the horizon, it's dimmed out by cloud cover. it looks a lot more gray than lden like it did a minute ago. still cold. temperatures just above the frzing mark, low- to mid-30s. high temperature 45 degrees with thickening clouds this afternoon and a chance for a few showers tomorrow. morrow will be the mildest day for the next week or more. >> and that's your latest. guys. >> al, tyou. coming up a surprisg impact of a controversial new docuseries on singer r. kelly. >> plus much more on the golden that , from the moments went viral overnight to the hottestooks on the red carpet.
7:37 am
another new twist in the kevin hart hosting drama. is he in or is he leout? >> theronics show, unbelievable new tv to an oven that can help youcook. hoda, where do you find it. live in las vegas right after this. ♪ oh no. are you okay, mike? yeah, had a pretty big fender bender here. don't worry, state farm's got you covered. [helium voice] ahhh, that's great to hear...robyn? what's going on? are you sure you're okay? yeah, yeah, i think so. ahhhh... ahhhhhh...
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we're back, 7:41, going in depth today on the consumer electronics show. >> the biggest tech event gets tomorrow, and gas while there is a lot of buzz surrounding the newest innovations, there's also new concern about privacy. nbc's jacob ward is there with latest. hey, jacob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. you ow, the consumer electronics show is overwhelming. it's an annual gadget freakout in which massage chairs and self-driving cars and robotic baby-sitters are all shouting at you for attention, but this year they are also talking to each other, and that's because of two new technologies, high speed 5g
7:42 am
wireless internet and artificial intelligence, and all of that led us to wonder, well, if all of these devicre going to be in sync with one another, well eeenow safe is your data? >> this w in las vegas, more than 4,000 tech companies are showing off the future. well, a reallysh iny, expensive version of it anyway. from samsung's design yr own tv expandable from a mere 12 inch screen up to almost two stories tall, to artificially intelligent robot helpers for the elderly, new gadgets for your kitchen like a touch screen oven that walks you through the hcipe. >> i can see jus badly i burned it. i didn't garnish it properly a >> reporter:nd a fresh bread vending aachine. goog amazon are battling to be your ever present assistant using new faster 5g technology to more quickly process what you're seeing. >> artificial intelligence is the ingredient of the show. it's the future because that
7:43 am
allows products to be smart and more responsive and predictive of needs of consumers. >> pretty much everything here connects to the internet, and as tech companies collect more of your data, privacy questio are everywhere. apple does not usually show up here, but this year i must have sensed the mood. a 13-story ad on a building near the expo reads what happens on your iphone stays on your iphone. a clear shot at competitors under fire for selling consumer data. ter a yearhere big companies like facebook, amazon, ma tiott, andicket master lost customer data to hackers, here in vegas a balancing act for tech giants offering entertainment and convenchnce in ge for knowing more about you than ever before. >> reporter: it used to be, you know, that you would only trust let's bank, you know, maybe a credit card company with all ofl this perso
7:44 am
information, but it's important to understand that these days every company in this building stands to gain from watching you and trying to predict what you are going to do next. now, they may not have any exeerienceng your secrets but as we've seen here, they definitely have the aerlity to gaour data, you guys. >> so jacob, what should someone what watching right no should they be thinking about before they go out and buy one of those fridges or one of those ovens that's collecting all of the information? >> you know, craig, i would saye that the n one thing is read the boring privacy policy it's sometimes called the terms and conditions that come with these devices. do that before you click agree on any newiece of software or hardware. i mean, you know, the thing is this is a new skill. it's something we're all going to hav to learn how to do. it's becoming clear that it's going to be more and more important to have those skills before we start bringing this technology into our home, you guys. >> jacob, welcome to the family, by the way.
7:45 am
welcome to the >> reporter: guys, it's wup one of the highlights to be with you. o >> bring homene of those self-cooking ovens too. coming up next, carson's going to break down the golden globe's most viral moments including this young the fact is, americans move more than anyone else in the world. on average, we'll live in eleven homes. and every time we move, things change. apartments become houses, cars become mini vans.
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7:49 am
oh my god. it's chevy. you had me bragging. based on a recent nationwide survey, chevy is more reliable than toyota, honda and ford. wow. i never would have thought. i'm so impressed. might have been slightly wrong. chevy's killing it. i love it. welcome back, everybody. last night's golden globes marked the official kickoff of w hollywood'sd season. >> along with all the winners andlosers, the fashions, there were se otheroments people noticed. carson's in the orange room, social media buzzing about a lot of this. >> you teased it a little bit earliertoday. with all the stars on the red carpet, this would be one of the viral moments we're going to start with tonight. it took place before the show
7:50 am
even began, and it's thanks to this one right here, here we go. what do you see that's in common in this picture? that's the fiji water girl in the background. social media usersere quick to notice the same girl a holding tray of fiji water in the background expertly photobombing celebs on the red carpet. here she is in perfect position again, and now catching jeie curtis's cam. no matter what angle, she was always in that background, and then quickly the hashtag took off. she's the one here. her name is kelleth cuthbert and she was hired along with the other three girls to work the red carpet and hand out those bottles of water, and she certainly did work the red carpet. enough of that. actress emma stone had somengun duhe opening monologue. listen carefully as she dressed her controversia portrayal of an asian woman. >> it is the first studio film with an asian american lead
7:51 am
since "ghost in the she" and "aloha". >> i'm sorry! >> that's right, she actually shouted out there an apology for and he people to hear, those who actually heard it at home she yelled i'm sorry. emma stone apologizing for aloha ishe new song of the summer. id ris elba snapped selfie with daniel craig. it reignited that long-standing rumor t he could for all intents and purposes should be the next james bond, although he does continue to deny that. it was a memorable night for hollywood and every following alongs at hole. after the globes last n left us no closer as to who may be the host at the oscars. coming up just after 8:00 i'll have the very latest with kevin hart. so stick around for that. >> we can have a lot more with
7:52 am
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ry> 7:56 is your time now on this monday jan 7th, 2019. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. right now we want to cech onur morning commute and icrst4traffic. >> a disabled v with three left lanes getting by. we do have a lane blockedhere now. in lorton, northbound 95 before lorton, a crash in the right lane. 66 tough manassas and slow into fairfax. >> thank you. we'll take a break and check your weather when we come back. stay with us. a
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
clouds on the increase so there's not much of a rain chance during the day today. there will be a chance for a few showers late tonight and later tomorrow afternoon. most of today will just be cloudy and dry. we're in the mid-30s across the area now. afternoon temperatures will only reach the low- to mid-40sor your monday afternoon. tomorrow with a couplef hours of sunshine the first half of the day, nice andld 59 tomorrow but gusty northwest winds bring a whole lot colder weather for thursday, friday, maybe a snow chance over the weekend. >> all right, chuck. thank you. another local update for you in 25 minutes. for now back to the "today show" after this short break.
8:00 am
coming up, no end in sight, the shutdown showdown on week three. 8,000 federal workers now without a paycheck. party leaders deadlocked over the president's border >> we're looking at a national emergency because we have a national emergency. >> can a compromise be reached? we're live with the latest. plus, globes glitz and glamour. break down the hottest looks from last night's golden globe's awards. who wore it best? we'll find out just ahead. and dream on, how sleep can help you keep your new ye's resolutions. the simple tips and tricks you can do to kick those bad habits and get a better night's rest tonight, monday, january 7th, 20
8:01 am
19. ♪ >> ready for the championship! >> go tigers! >> roll tide! >> sending love to our kids and grandkidal >> from dlas, houston, and waco, texas! ♪ >> shoutout o to twin sister anna. >> in mathisen, mississippi. >> the three meniscus usketeers oxford, university. >> in minnesota! "today," it'sk to a monday morning. happy to have you wh us. a lot of folks are getting ready for tonight's big game. >> every time we go outside there are people who yell roll tide. they're always out there. scream go you scream go tigers when you see them? >> clemson, alabama, tonight, college national championship. go tigers, go tigers. >> it's goingo good. busy morning, let's get right to the news.
8:02 am
at 8:00, there was no breakthrough in weekend talks to end t government shutdown as its impact becomes more widespread now. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker tells us ifn there's bny given at all. >> reporter: there hasn't been. good morning to you, the shutdown showdown is deepening despite a flurry of weekend meetings, the two sides deadlocked over the president's demand for $5 billion for h rder wall. the president now saying that the wall doesn't have to be made of concrete. remember, he repeatedly promiseh on the campaign trail. his new message, though, steel is just as good. so democrats, will it help? well, they've insisted they' not going to give any funding for a border wall no matter wha it's madof. president trump is threatening to declare a national emergency raand unilay send troops to the border. such a moveould undoubtedly face legal challenges and democrats fired back that that's a nonstarter. it's unlikely there will be any significant progress today because congress doesn't come back to washington until tuesday, and while president
8:03 am
trump has said there will be meetings this week, democrats say there are currently none schedul scheduled. in his annual address to diplomats at the vatican pope francis this morning celed the abf minors by clergy members quote, one of the vilest and most heinous crimes conceivable. he said it sweeps away the best of what human life holds outor innocent children, and the pope vowed that the church is working to combat those cris and their concealment to bring justice and healing to those victims. s an artist, singer -- and whether women who accused him of being a predator were ignored. stephanie gosk is here with a closer look. >> you know, for decades as res career s singer r. kelly has denied repeated claims of xual misconduct. now some of his alleged victims are speaking out in a powerful new docuseries about the sexual,
8:04 am
mental, and physical abuse they claim they suffered at hiselands ♪ i bieve i can fly >> he's the singer known for hits like "i believe i can fly" and "ignition," but these days r. kelly may be just as well-known for the decades of allegations against him of domestic abu and sex wit minors. >> he preferred the younger ones because it's easy to manipulate. once he sees yourn weakness as a adult, then you're fair game t him. >> those allegations now taking center stage in the new lifetime docuseries surviving. kelly, detailing kelly's 2008 child pornography trial centered around an infamous sex tape. kelly was auitted of all charges. it also focuses on reports kelly married singer aliyah when she wass 15 yed, kelly publicly maintaining that the wedding never happened. then there are more recent allegations from parents who say they're trying to free their daughters from kelly's
8:05 am
influence. >> no matte how demeanilt it fe you had to always just play along with it. >> asante magee who says she found herse in an abusive kelly relationship wit when she was an adult, now says she's sharing her story in an effort to help others. >> it'som about black being taken seriously and being heard about the abuse that he's doing to men. >> the rape, abuse, and incest national network tells nbc news that on thursday, the the first night of the documentary, they saw a 27% increase in traffico their hot line compared to the previous thursday. >> i'm just happy to know that the docuseries has helped a w l en to come forward. >> some celebrities also speaking out. >> r. kel s has broug much pain to so many people. >> john legend has received praise for his role in the docuseries tweeting afterwards, to everyone telling me how courageous i am for appearing i the doc, it didn't feel risky at all, i believe tse women.
8:06 am
adding easy decision. kelly eached out to r. for his reaction to the series. he had no comment. in the past he's consisttly denied wrongdoing, and he's never been convicted of any related crimes. >> it's a powerfu it's a very powerful docuseries. steph, thanks. we've got the news covered, how about a little morning boost for everybody. what's bette than the sound of a child laughing uncontrollably? we found the perfect girl, te a listen. >> that kid is having the time ofit her life. as all just a horse ride in sweden. that laugh never let up. she's holding onto the mane. she's riding bare back, but she's having a >>ball. ow sweet. still ahead, will he or won't he? the latest in the kevin hart oscar's drama.
8:07 am
but first, who wore it best 're he golden globes, going to break down the fashions on display last night with the on display last night with the help fromal n w when you have a cold, on display last night with the help fromal n w pain from a headache can make this... ...feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol®. [indistinct conversation]
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go with the one that's here to help life go right. we're back with today's talker. you can probably guess what's on the minds of a lot of people.ou we're talking the golden globes. >> specifically the fashions. natalie was right there in the thick of it. >> he guys, and it did not disappoint. the stars gathered in bever c hills toebrate the best of film and television, and it was one of the most fun awards shows. it always is every year. we were there to see it all. all thater glis wasel defin gold, stars dazzled in sequins and metallics. >> look atyou, you are a golden globe right now. n> the biggest names in hollywood out i force. it seemed everyone was ga ga for nominee lady gaga. >> look at this blue hair, blue dress, that train. >> is that camera catching your beautiful green eyes?
8:11 am
>> oh, my gosh, did you just say that lady gaga? >> get a close-up. >> even the stars get star struck. >> i saw that. >> you don't think i wanted a phsograph? >> t picture of lady gaga. >> i'm in heaven. >> it was a red carpet fashion show with some major wattage. >> louis vuitton. >> colorful couture standing out in the crowd. >> we got the memo. >> whoa, we're the orange girls. >> black and white having a moment and frocks with a royal flair. >> we're lucky wer get to w all these amazing designers. >> the men keeping up with the women. >> now this red carpet is where legends come, and w start off with you mr. dick van dyke. >> every 50 years i get a good part. he >> this is tirst time in my career someone said we're going to give you a tuxedo. >> your hair's longer, i like this. >> it looks real, right? it's all stitched in. it's my awards hair. >> you can still shake your
8:12 am
bonbon? >> of course, baby. it's in my blood. >> shaking it right now. >> wow. >> i came to play. >> that's hollywood. >> for some it was a family affair. >> i brought some friends of mine. >> some friends. >> brothers a chance for romance. >> most stunning couple award,a i'm justg it right now. >> good, we'll take it. >> tinseltown coming together for a night of celebration. >> cheers. >> cheers.ri >> allt, guys, my favorite fashion moments of the night were nominee billy porter from pose and lady gaga, of course. billy's so confident, always has fun with h fashion, such flair, and lady gaga, guys, she is officially a mega movie star. i love sheg dress the part now. good-bye meat dress. that's way behind us. >> you're gone but not forget. >> or the egg, remember that one? >> you're my red carpet pick. you looked beautiful. >> oh, thanks >>ladies. let's talk more about it,
8:13 am
right? glitz and glamour. >> good morning, ladies. >> y literally just flew in on the red eye. >> i hopped in. straight here. are you on a high? do you think the fashions were good? >> i think they were great. there were a lot of risk takers: i spoke to a lot of the stylist and a lot of them were telng they're pushing their clients to think outside the box. >> why not? >> it's the night to do it, right? >> what were your picks? two of my tops, emily blunt, ca i sis. so beautiful. she's wearing it for such a long time, this most elegant embroidery. you can't see the detail, bt has horses and moons and stars, an exquisite. >> too bad you only wear it once. that is such a beautiful dress. >>erhat belongsn a museum.
8:14 am
th t ercompletely shut it down. ga ga. it was stunning. she is fashion maverick totally did it in this valentino cotour. i love the nod to judy garland. it was a simndar dress, then the silver hair. she just goes for a look head to toe. >> it's a movietar moment. >> so blue was hot, though, wasn't it? >> blue was a big trend. we saw a lot of blue. so many beautiful dresses. e of my favorites, jema khan. so gorgeous in this beautifulo valentdress. >> that's like a navy blue. >> it's kind of aer dark teal. this actually has 98 et of fabric in this dress. i don't know how that's possible because she's actually wearing shorts, but it was so stunning, and also another great blue look we hadamy adams and also in calvin klein by appointment, which was one of the most
8:15 am
stunning dresses, very clean, very chic, with her fiery red hair and then lupita as well in this dress. this had 35,000 chains on it. >> oh, my gosh. >>le calvin by appointment. 35,000 chains. i know, 20,000 beads. that must have been so heavy. i can only imagin >> but she wears it well. how about the nudes? there was a lot of almost kind of transparents. >> i love the new transparents. t was liket fairy tale ballerina moment, we sawe consta in a gorgeous dress by vera wang. she looked crazy rich. and also emma stone in that beautiful louis vuitton, and that had a ridiculous amount of beading, too. that was i think 35,000 beads on that as >>well. and julia roberts, was that pants under that? >> yes, pants. and i like the idea of the nude on the top. it's l oe femininethe top and masculine on the bottom. >> constance wu was one of my absolute favorites and i love
8:16 am
the splash of color, the orange ribbon waist thingy. >> the belt. >> that'shat they call that. >> we needed a fashion expert. >> we donal usuallyabout the guys, but let's give them a minute. what did you like in the guy department? >> rami malek killed it. he looked so cool in this suit. he knows fashion. i spoked to his stylist before he went on. she said he's been sending mect es for months. >> what? >> he's so into his fashion. >> he did play freddie mercury in like a sheer leotard, but he was adamant he wanted to wear it's just beautiful. >> there were a lot of white tuxes, too. white on white. >> are those back in? >> i think it's great for springcu it's on the. i love bradleyn this head to toe cci. another guy very into his style. >> a lot of white pops on the
8:17 am
red carpet. >> zanahank you for jetting back here to see us. >> take a little nap. at job. >> you want more on the golden globes, catch enews tonight, full recap. we're going to go over to carson. >> i agree, i miss the meat dress from gaga. first up, andy samberg and sandra oh did a nice job hosting the globes, butll it's s unknown who's hosting the os rs. kevin hart addressing after the academy encouraged him to f apologiz past homophobic tweets. hart insisting he had already addresd those tweets a didn't feel the need to repeatedly apologize. ellen came to his defense and encouraged the cheedian and academy to reconsider. for a moment it appeared that perhaps hart would. according to deadline that is not the case. deadline reporting that hart felt his hosting would become a distraction, a continuing controversialartive that would take the spotlight off the people and movies being honored. he also grew concerned athe limited amount of time he would
8:18 am
have to prepare. nbc news has reached out to hart's team to confirm this report. we have not heard back at this time. in other news, those watching the golden globes last night were treated to an hbo teaser with new footage from highly anticipated shows. we're going to take a look, but first a quick warning tohahose of youare not caught up on some of those seriesg the followinaser does contain a few spoilers. >> i want to know what happened that night. >> i need to show that i'm a lone, fierce she wolf. >> move the cat out. >> aot to look forward to this year. 2019 is going to bring tth is g seven and finaleriesf ""game of thrones" specifically. >> we've got a quick one here.
8:19 am
as parents we all know, it can be tough to travel with kids. it can be tough on the kids too, right? it's not easy. how this dad coped when his daughter refused to walk out of the airport. he grabbed her by her hoodie and dragged her right o of there. the person who took this video said there was no screaming, no problems, no issues. the child just hanging out and dad doing the heavy lifting there. >> it's easy for the kid, easy for dad, and hs cleaning the airport. >> he's like a swifer. >> it is funny how neither one is freaking out. it's like they're doing a rolling bag or something. >> that's not the first time that father has done that with his daughter. >> this maybe is a trend. here's another moment similar captrped in another t. this parent had the harness, watch, there's a harness on the kid. same idea. >> toing along forhe ride there. >> oh, gosh. >> can't slide along the>> rug. ut don't try it at home. >> child protective services may show
8:20 am
show you what we've got going on. who is calling me? somebody is calling me from work. >> we are at work. >> we are at work. i understand. atlanta, 11 degrees above norma for today's high. dallas, 14 degrees above normal. chicago, 23 degrees above normal high for a that's crazy. look at these temperatures, t warm secto between the cold front, warm front, cincinnati 59, mil ukee 48degrees. that colder air is going to be making its way in. in the meantime, look at the records, cedar rabpids, dubuque then we see temperaturesng coo down. high in new york, nashville degrees. then the cool air makes its way in. friday 33 in new york city 41 in richmond, same in louisville and 28 in detroit.
8:21 am
that's what going on around the country, here is what's ha woods. >> i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we will also be o that little built of a temperature roller coaster. we were 57 yesterday. a high of45 today, back near 60 tomorrow. monday morning, partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures is.the mid-30 afternoon highs,to lowmid-40s with a lot of clouds around. not much of a rain chance ttoda. or tomorrow, there will be a chance for showers later on in the afternoon. high near 59 degrees on your tuesday, then colder. >> and that's your latest weather. that's my new name. with 2019 now in fullswing, ny of us are reworking some of our dailyha ts. this morning we're focusing on something you should not take lying down. >> and as part of our resolution revolution, we're talking about how to improve your sleep each night with the sle doctor himself, dr. michael bruce. thank you for being here. let's start with the simple
8:22 am
stuff, people wake up, i wake up at all points of the night. >> right. >> does that matter when we wake up? >> it absolutely matter, the mo w consistent oure-up time is the more our circadian rhythm isn syny, it makes it easier to wake up and easier to fall asleep. >> you want to be consistent with where you wake up. >> i know that kind of stinks because the weekends people have a tendeo want to sleep in. only sleep in a half an hour on the weekend. you get what's called social jet lag. if you stay up late on friday, sleep in on hasaturday, guess happens on sunday night, your body wants to stay up late. >> you also say it' important that we know something called our chrono type. >> it might be a word people don't know. if you've been called bird or night owl, you can learn what your chronotype is. it tells you when to go to bed. it aouo tells when it wake up. >> what about what you eat and iink, does that affect your sleep? does absolutely.
8:23 am
there are two big culits there. those include caffeine and alcohol. those are two biggie's that can have a big section -- >> are those the polar opposites? the cfeine keeps you up and alcohol makes you sleepy? oo when you'reng at something like alcohol, while it makeou feel sleepy it kee you out of the deeper stages of sleep. >> why is that? >> it turns out alcohol has a particular effect on our overall sleep cycle. if you just wait about one hour per alcoholicage before bed, you're fine. let's say you have a couple of glasses of wipe ne at dinner, y dinner is at eight, at 10:00 you're fine. caffeine's a little different though. alf-life of ot a six to eight hours. you want to stop caffeine around 2:00 p.m. that way it doesn't avffect you abilities to fall asleep. >> some peopl drink tequila and it acts like caffeine. >> that's another segm at. >> that' whole different ball game. >> you also say light is something that's very important
8:24 am
to the way we sleep. >> absolutely. right before we're going to bed blue light that comes from our devices or froio a telev can have a big effect on our ability to producemelatonin. i brought with me blue blocker glasses. these are very interesting. i'll let you guys try them on. >> from the commercial? >> yeah. what cool about blue blockers is you can wear these at night. >> wow. this lit things up though. >> what's great about it, you can still wread,ch tv. you can watch "game of thrones" or do your high sco on candy crush without it blocking the melatonin production. blue bckers are key. they're available on amazon ifo want to check them out. >> but you go to bed looking ridiculous. hen you get sleepy you take them off. >> exactly. go to >>amazon. hey make these in prescription by any chance? >> they caprmake them in cription or they have ones that go over readers as well. go to amazon, type in sleep doctornd blue blocker you'll find ones that other sleep doctors and myself have okayed. >> let me ask you this, for 90% of my life i've never had a
8:25 am
device anywhere near my bed zl that's awesome. ip now all of a sudden i've got an ne, an apple watch, mehohow is that impacting my sleep? >here arare some people that ard you't need any of the information in the middle of the night, and so many people when they wake up at 2:00 in the morning they pull open their phone. they check their e-mail, they're getting all this blue light, gettingengaged. put your phone in another room. i promise it will inhelp. >> w up with sunlight? >> one of my best tips ever, if you n, get 15 minutes of sunlight. it does the opposite of blue ockers. it lets blue light in, turns melatonin off. >> dr. bruce thank you so much. go to for more tips on how to keep the new year's resolutions strong. we're throwing a puppy party for sonny.ddy >> allison williams is going to
8:26 am
be stopping by. she's going to be spilling the beans on her new top secret role. but first your local news. morni gilchrist. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. melissa moll with a look at traffic. >> oxon hill, one right lane blocked. tution avenue at 6th street northwest, an accident blocking some lanes, a270 tuckerman, northbound, southbound, no worries. >> melissa, thank you. we'll get a check on the forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
monday morning, off to a drr clouds on the increase. no real chance for any rain during the day today. kind of a few showers after midnight tonight. right now mid-30s across the area. a cllier d today than yesterday. today's high 45 degrees. mild weather soame back in tomorrow for a one-day warm spell and a gusty northwest wind brings temperatures colder than average for the first time in nearly month coming u thursday and friday and a little
8:29 am
chance for snow over the weekend. >> all right, chuck. eaank you. more news ander for you in 25 minutes. get the latest any time in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
hey, everybody. it is 8:30 now on this monday morning, january the 7th, 2019. we're saying hello to all of thes folks on the plaza. youguys, i don't know if you know this, but we are about to throw a ppy party for our pal sonny who turned one last wee >> that's right. check this out. we've brought in very special guests for the occasion from all across the country are sonny's siblings. speakingf puppies we're going to give our crowds some treats
8:31 am
from the upcoming vie "a dog's way home." >> looking for mindy, addie, ben, patricia, where are you guys from?>> we're from dallas, texas. >> dallas, texas. probably a little warmer there? >> just a little bit. 75. ur>> your sign caught o attention. i'm going to read it for our folks at home. my hubby stayed home with the flu, put me on tv so he can se h his. >> boo we were bringing our daughter for her 18th birthday andhe night before we flew out he came down with the t'flu. >> wha his name? >> jeremy, she's on tv. hi dad. >> and somebody loves jenna bush hager up top. doesn't? >> deep in the heart of texas. >> thank you, guys, for coming. >> also, go tigers. >> go tigers! >> flu, huh? >> i love it. i bet he's ordering pizza and eating ice cream right now.
8:32 am
also ahead, allison williams is we're go talk to her about her newest role and new year's resolution. and our buddy martha stewart is going t share some of that knowledge with her new martha manual. it's packed with tips for cooking, cleaning, hosting, gardening you name . >> that woman is prolific. >> she can do anything. >> she's got a new book out every six months. ything, everything >> she's going to do your taxes. by the way, coming up in he thirr of today, all about getting it done. we're going to give you a behind the scenes loo at our daily lives and how we manage to try, try being the operative >> let's see what the week looks like ahead. today we've got mild january in the mid plains, mountain snows in the rocky, s shine along east coast, another storm in the pacific midwest. bylood threat their
8:33 am
wednesday turning colder in the plains. colder in the northeast. rain returns down through texas and mississippi river valley and some sunshine through the western ains. that's what going on around the country, here is what's in woods. mostly cloudy and chilly outside this morning. 36 now in arlington, 31 still in gaithersburg, 33n prince george's county. under mostly clear skies, a chilly a ernoon to beoutside. we'll only reach low- to mid-40s for highs, 45 here insh gton. tomorrow will be nice and mild.a -up close to 60 degrees. ow.nce for rain tomo that's the cold front coming through that brings us chilly weather for the second half of the week. some of >> staff still handing this out courtesy of "a dog's home" opening up in theaters. don't forget, "today" on sirius
8:34 am
108. back to you, savannah. radio channel 108 along with you. back to you, savannah. a series of unfo iunate even not how you would describe allison william's career. >> we've seen allison as one of the preppy girls on girls a the danger one in get out.w no she's stepping into the shoes of a secret agent. check it out. >> uniforms? >> >> i need your help. i need you to infiltrate the hote as concierge and learn the identity of j.s. before thursday. i have an insid man who's made all the arrangements. all you have to say is 'ls. >> say y volunteer. >> of course we will. >> they're back. >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> happy new >> happy new year. >>oue playing like a secret
8:35 am
agent type? is that what's happening? >> she was so much fun. she is basally this fierce woman who is -- we don't know when we first meet her ifod she r bad, but we know she is not someone to mess with. she is also carrying a little bit of a extra load. she's got a belly, about a seven ng belly. she's running through the forests doing all kinds of stunts ilegnant. justng it. she's awesome. it was really fun. >> were you a fe of lemny snick et growing up? yes. he's saying i told you to sto reading. i told you nothingp goo happens so if you're still reading it's your fault. it's this kind of communication between ther narrator o kids reading it or watching it which allows it to not be so scary. they're orphans and only get taken in by the most irresponsible adults. >> neil patrick hars is blast in person. what was he like to work with on this? >> he was amazing and watching him go through three and a half
8:36 am
or four hours every morning. olaf is about the most hideous, ightening person. >> we go through that just o lonormal. >> it was amazing to watch. he was so incredible and he brings this evil to i little bi bl loveability, which is hard gives the thi throughout the series. it was fun. >> you had to keep this all under wraps, right? >> would people stopreou on the ? this has a huge fanan followingd they're kind of younger. e i had to be very cautious. they had to y try to fige out who i was playing, but the show didn't l want me to reveal that. >> so you had to lie tods >> i live my life lying to children. or we say what do yo what happens when we die? what do you think? >> that's good. that's really good. >> i love that. that's a good one. >> deflect, deflect, deflect. >> don't deflect on this
8:37 am
question. this is important. girls was a series, we watched it and loved it. will there be a girls movie? >> what do you think? >> i hope so. i would love that. i haven't heard anything about it. >> lena dun hham was thecr tor. she said she was open to it. >> i'd love to see
8:38 am
have you ever wondered this question, wuld martha stewart do? you should because she is an expert in so many areas, we could never list them all. >> what can't she do? they are all covered in the n book martha put out called "the martha maal," how to do almost everything. it's a guide to all thell s tips and tricks you're ever going to need at home, in the garden and anywhere else in your life. >> martha, what book is this?
8:39 am
what number is this? >> 94. king on thisn w book a very long time. i added the almost. iteaves room to do some more organizing book now. this incorporates all kinds of things, the small tasks that one would like to do around the house. it'slmt springtime, i think, and it's time to rethink your home. is it pretty? is it what you want it to be? >> update it a little bit. >> a coat of paint is the easiest way to just change your home. it's so niceo add new color in a room or continue a color down a hallway. >> right. >> or wall papering. >> i would think of all the tasks, wall papering would be intimidated. once you mess it up. >> somebody did that. how do you do it? >> here you have a nice little fiber roller. and this is the paste. this i the wall paper paste. wall paper is made out of such good materials no c youan't
8:40 am
tear it as easily. remember it used to be really just paper, apaper,nd you would tear you to cover every single centimeter. >> i'm aays intimidated by the idea that you have to match up seams. >> of course i'm going to asko you put this up on the wall because you're tall enough we don't need ader with you. and we booked a book fold so that you fold it over. >> that doesn't stay stuck together? >> no, 15 minutes with the glue, and then hang this up. >> it becomes an adhesivefter 15 minutes? >> it's adhesive right away, but it helps to get it -- don't get it on your h suit. mae edge. we want to butt the edge. the top has to go exactly at the top. >> i'm not that tall. >> there yougochl. this -- you want to abut the
8:41 am
seams together. to get this on the wall you use these tools, you use either this or the brush. >> how hards it to get these air bubbles out? >> that comes rig out. >> oh, yeah, it does. >> what if you get the kind you just peel off, martha? >> you could do that, too, and that's an insttat like a c sheet. >> that's not that bad to do. you can go all the way down use a straight razor to cut the bottom, and you have a totally new room. >> that's cool. that's pretty cool. >>s love how t looks. >> did you have to do anything to this dry wall prior? >> make sure it doesn't have any pits or holes or cracks. >> so fillhat up. >> fill or sand paper, whatever. these are all the things the book -- this is the book, andth all the ings, so organize, fix and maintain, refresh and embelli embellish, launder,raft and eate. >> you still have cooking? >> a little bit about cooking. >> care for your pets. >> i think we have a few seconds. here, again, you might have
8:42 am
chairs that really need a refreshing. these are pretty chairs, but look at this hideous seat, ady someid a real sloppy job. we found these actually like at a thrift shop. you can take this -- don't be intimidated. >> what are you trying to te reupho it and that's it? >> you want to make it a little more comfortable. >> can you add padng aswell? >> it's a nice wooden base. you take that junk off. you use upholstery foam. this is called batting. this gives you thatoft look. get a good commercial staple gun. you start in the center. why is that not wothing? there, e, go like that. all the way around. pull it ip sos nicely done like this. then we're using a pretty fabric. this is a linen. make sure if it's stripes or a pattern you want it nice and even stripe. >> right. >>ar you pull this, always
8:43 am
in the center. here, start here. and right at the edge, yeah, right at the edge. and then at the base, pull tight. >> tight, tight. >> and this is what you wind up with. >> the foam, right? >> yeah. wow. >> this is what you end up with, the eedges, take th corners and really fold them ni ly. >> allright, we're going to have to scoot. >> you have to see what it looks like on thechair. beautiful. >> put it on the chair, hurry up! >> look at the difference. >> look at that. >> gorgeous. >> you have something thalilooks professionally done, what a difference, don't you think?se all t little instructions are all in the book. it really does help to unclutter your life, refresh. spring cleaning. >> all that stuff. >> martha, tha to get a copy of your book "the martha manual"o to we're back in a moment, f ist this "day" onto
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> monday morning. just go to >> reading how to embroider a ou . >> "news 4 wsbrk.his is a > 56 iour today" now on this monday january 7 th,19. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. let's get right to melissa mollet andt4 fiaffic. good morning. >> good morning. 295 crash, one lane blocked, outer loop slow as well. arlington parkway, gw memorial bridge, left lane blocked with oversized vehle still hanging around. southbound into ro millles an h not terrible.
8:47 am
eun. >> melissa, thank you. we'll take a break and check your forecast when we come back.
8:48 am
cloudy and chilly outside on your monday but you can probably get away withoutt needing t
8:49 am
umbrella today even with all these clouds our chances for rain today't come in until after midnight, which makes it really tomorrow's rain chance. right now in the mid-30s, cloud cover today, afternoon high 45. a fewwers after midnighte after. 59 tomorrow, then colder weather moves in on wednesday. we say cold for thursday and friday and a littlehance for snow this weekend. ews andn the nbc washington app. have a great day.
8:50 am
from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, welcome, ereryone. craig melvin along with al and dylan, sheinelle, jenna busu hager, andeard that announced, right? we are back here in studio 1a for the third hour. >> yay. >> yes! >> that means no moreng across the street, out of breath. >> that was really tough. >> sliding into our seats last minute. >> it was great exercise, i have to say. we're going to have to get our steps elsewhere. i'm looking at the monitor, it looks the same. >> yes. >> it's good to be back. >> it does. >> we're all here. the gang's still here. was it was a golden night in hollywood. the 76th annnl gol globes.


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