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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 7, 2019 4:00pm-4:40pm EST

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effective? we're working for you. news4 at 4:00 starts now. this government shutdown is now in itst' 17th day and going to hit home big time later his week when thousands of federal employees miss their first paycheck. >> but democrats are not budgint on presitrump's demand of $5 billion to build a wall. so the president is going to take his case to the nation.he 's going to deliver primetime tv address tomorrow and he's heading for the border thursday. we have coverage of the shutdown and its affects on families in our area let's begin with blayne alexander. >> reporter: this shutdown is oe o break records mp today ties for the second longest shutdown in history and no sign it's ending soon. the partial government shutdown nowtretching into wee three and a compromise over the border
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wall apparently notcl even e. both sides only digging in deeper. president trump announcing he will address the nation tomorrow night on border security. >> i willell you this, if we don't find a solution, it's go on for a long there's not going to be any bend right here. >> reporter: in fact, the white house says the president is traving to th southern border himself this thursday after threatening to go around congress andre dec a national emergency reallocating military funds to build the wall. an idea rejected by some democrats. >> is probably the worst public policy idea i've heard in about ten years. it would have been horrific. reporter: anwhile, senate democrats taking a stand of their own, threatening to block any legislation until there's a vote to reopen the government. >> don't shutown the government as hostage. open it up quick and we're going to try to do that again this week. >> reporter: for the 17th day it's federal employees caughtddn the mi. facing the real threat of
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missing their first paycheck this friday, unless there's a deal byow tomorr. >> i think they will make an adjustment because they want the border taken care of. >> reporter: the employees say it's not that easy. >> it's hard. >> reporter: hoping for a solution with none in sight. and president trumpop i to a wall made of steel instead of concrete calling it an effort to compromise. but democrats insist the president agree to reopen the government the o negotiate border security. thank you, blayne. as we justn saw that emotional moment with that one man just a second ago, the shutdown is really starting to put the squeeze on the wallets of federal workers. aimee cho continues our coverage. she has a look at the impact on more than 800,000 people. aimee. >> reporter: wendy, leon, forero
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many f workers who live paycheck-to-paycheck, they say they are going to be hurting friday. that will be the first missed paycheck since this started. we heard frombe a n of federal workers at a round table.ay these workers they're about to face some impossible choices. parents deciding whether to buy medicine for themselves or kids. homeowners trying to figure out how they'll make their mortgage payments, which bills be paid f and the essential employees that have to work but not getting paid, they say getting to work costs money too.e and every furloughed they say what makes this frustrating is they want to work, but they can't. >> weike our jobs. we like serving the american public. we are availablel and we f crippled. we feel like we're being held hostage, and it's not fair. >> reporter: now federal workers are eligible to for unemployment benefits. after they file it takes twoo threeeeks to get the first
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check. nefits range depending on where you work and how much you normally make, but the money has to be repaid once the shut down ends. i spoke to employment services today, and they told me they had about 2,000 claims since the shutdown started and they've had to extend tir hours to process the claims. the shutdown is affecting students too. one county school board member wants free meals given to school students whose families are affected. ahead you'll hear the response to that proposal. a median frenzy nantucket. as actor kevin spacey made his first court appearance on assault charges. he pled not guilty to groping a bar. man in a >> reporter: a crush ofan camer
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d reporters greeted actor kevin spacey as he arrivedt district court monday morning. the actor kept silent both outside and inside the courtroom. >> this complaint charges in the town of nantucket, july 8, 2016, you did commit indecent assault. >> they entered a not guilty plea on spacey's behalf. it stems a from encounter at this restaurant. an employee went to police later thatear of telling the police spacey sexual assaulted him when they were drinking together. but the did not interview him until about a year after that. >> in july of 2016, actor kevin spacey sexually assaulted my n. >> the teen's mother, a former boston tv news anchor went public with the accusation against spacey in november 2017. several other men have come
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forward with similar accusations. when the charge became public last month the actor released this video in which he appears to be speaking as his house of cards character, frank underwood. >> you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you? >> reporter: spacey is free while he awaits >> you're required to stay away and have no contact with the alleged victim. inreporter: the next hearing the case is march 4thut spacey is not required to attend, no trial date has been >>set. meanwhile, in anotheroo cour supreme court justice route gad ginsburg missing oral arguments for the first time ever today after having surgery last month. the 85-year-d has been on the bench since 1993 and has never
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missed a court hearing from illness before, despite going through two bouts with cancer. noor when she returns to the court. this week winter comes back. but not before the temperatures take us for a ride. i ameliado draper >> yesterday we were near 60 degrees for a high, temperatures 60the 30, tomorrow back near and the bottom falls out once again. not much out there, you can see on the radar. during the evening hours we're going to be mainly dry. overnight a warm front lifts through the area and that warm up our temperatures tomorrow to near 60 degrees. we'll have near steady temperatures until 7:00, 08, 9:00 and maybe an isolated shower. but for many,f cloudy and cold. towardmidnight we start to see
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a few showers moving through the area as temperatures go to and mild during the day tomorrow. i'm tracking colder air moving in, a not just colder air, but the chance for snow in the weekend. i'll have more in my full forecast coming up around 4:15. there are new details about the teenager accused in the drunk driving death of a woman. court documents show 19-year-old zachary frye did confess to police he was drinking at a friend's house before that crash last friday. he's accused of hitting lauren mcdarby while she waski w along road. it happens outside the church where she volunteered for 15 years. day time hours and we continue to upp e. upper 30s for thursday, friday, and saturday. i'll have the ten day forecast and a closer look at the snow chancesaturday and sunday coming up around 4:45.
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but a mild 60 degrees tomorrow, with a 40% chae you dea with rain during the evening and overnight hours. tomorrow night, as we look to wednesday, we have temperatures in the 40s with the winds that will feel like we're in the 20s and 30s. guys on thursday and friday, wind chill temperatures only in the 2he throughout day. so blusterygh as we look thr the majority of the work week after tomorrow. some surprises, e heart fel last night's golden globes. >> as aoman in music, it is really hard to be taken seriously as a musician and as a song writer. everything you need to know next. plus, one by one disgraced singer r. kelly vowing to expose his accusers. celebrities e're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home.
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>>ohemian rhapsody." >> a song that rocked the '70s became the movie that actuallyr ed the golden globes last night. >> yeah, "bohemian rhapsody"
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upseing ""a star is born"" to win best drama. the film brought rami malek the best actor award for his role as freddy mercury. >> a o lot people surprised for the win. joining us now is scott evans. were you urrprised? >>ised to say the least. excited, happy. but definitely wouldn't you say? >> yeah, i wouldn't have bet on that up against "a star is born." >> we just figured going into this a st"a star is born" is go to do it.the two biggys glenn ce beating out lady gaga. you can see the surprise on her face. totally genuine. we talke to her on the carpet, said did you prepare a speech? no, not really. didn't go in thinking she was going to win. now thi may be a nod to what came come in the oskar me.
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so look for her as a nominee. "bohemian rhapsod which beat out "a star is born" best picture. this followed directly after rami malek accepted his award. you guys, the entire room was like, wait. what just happened? >> yeah. yeah. >> even back stastage i said toi malek, you have to know a lot of people thoug he finished the sentence, thought this was going to go aifferent way? yeah, what happens next? man, are you kidding? >>, the hollywood foreign press is a diffent animal than say the academy. >> 100%. think about "a star is born." this is the fourth iteration of story. though hugely original and awese music,reat performances. it's still the story we've kind of seen before.
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but "bohemian rhapsody," this story of qen and freddy mercury was unreal. we have to talk style. >> let's get tothat. best and worst from what you saw autoout there. >> there was some pretty incredible incredible fashion on thecarpet. lady gaga -- >> yeah, that was beautiful. >> a custom valentino. do you know what color that is? >> it's almost a cross between per winkle and baby blue. >> it's periwin key larkperiwin. it's not lavender, baby blue. and her hair matched. othat's hard pull off matching the dress with the hair. not many people can pull itff but lady gaga, the rock star, of course, did. there was controversial looks on the carpet as well.
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things that didn't quite work out so fa we got these three. anne hatheway. >> do you know the designer? >> you may as well ask me how far is juitter from here? >> far. that's eli, that's too mu leopard print. then you have emily blunt. >> i loved this dr i thought it really hugged her body well without being too revealing. and i loved the hem line. i thought it s justlovely. >> i think it was the frayed hem line. f think the golden globes people want to see it come to the floor or the varying levels. i thi i looked torn or unfinished. but i agree, i loved the dress myself. then heidi klum. goodness.
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that's the most clothes i think i've ever seen on her. >> only she could get away with it. >> this is the first red carpet she walked after being newly engaged. i think she was feeling ro ntic, she was feeling floral. >> i'm saying, where are her sheep, you know? >> come on. >> it was a bit itch. as a bit much. some heidis one choice. i did love her party look, though. it was almost like a satin, like a si. like someone wrapped her up and sent her out. i did enjoy that. what werehe highlights for you? >> since i didn't watch. i'll def towendy. >> i'm a big foreign film person, i'm so happy that "roma" i was screaming in my living room. none of my friends will see it. they're like is it subtitles? i can't see it.
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if you've seen "romase call me so we can talk about it. >> i'll be calli for sure. >> it was a master piece. >> i agree. couldn't agree more. >> and trust me, wendy has the leopa leopard. >> yes. feeding it every>>day. you better get it! you better get it! >> take it g easy. d to see you. coming up the government shutdown putting the squeeze on familieshere. >> next the lgths that o school official is going to t make sure the impact doe reach children in prince george's county. >> need toill up the gas tank? there's an
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. now a 4:30 gas on demand. the new company trying to get you to stooing to the gas station to fill up. fighting the flu dangerous strain on the rise. is the shot or nasal vaccine more and day 17 of the shutdown, every dollar counts for kids withen p that are federal workers. paying for school meals is ding an extra financial burden for them. >> one school brd members want those meals to be free now. >> we have the proposal. >> reporte >> this county can lend a
4:22 pm
helping m. >> reporter: he wants prince george's county to offer free meals to students whose parents e federal workers. >> we knowiving through those shutdowns, it was tight. >> for me it doesn't start with free meals. it starts with government being responsible and making sure children are not harmed. >> reporter: the schoolsaoard the problem is bigger and lore t expensiven the s boarood will c onsider the proposal. >> we're going to do our best, work with our board members, with our ceo to try to identify the nature of the impact on our babies and we will present that quickly to the com to our leadership and then work with them to make sure tha our children have adequate food that they nee supported. amilies are >> we're going to get a full
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analysis on thursday to look at our options. but as dr. thornton said this is not a bill the school system would have to foot by themselves. >> reporter: parents we support, agree with the hedl. >> regs of where you are politically, the kids don't deserve to suer. we hav to find the money somewhere, but it's money well spento take care of the kids. >> reporter: the vice chair tells me he's done a little number crunching looking at millions of dollars going into this in the first couple weeks. but with more than 60% of the kids in this schoom sys already on free and reduced lunch it would be expandg that program. reporting live i'm tracee wilkins. >> this is going to be a makese for a t and worrisome week for employees cing up on their first friday without a paycheck. we find those workers are going to have some tough decisions to make.
4:24 pm
>> reporter: we're talking about th 800,000 jobs across the country affected by the federal shutdown. these are federal jobs. these employees have been furloughed or are working without a paycheck. and the expectation they will be paid when the governmen reopens whenever that is. but the workers are saying they cannot a without a paycheck or two. a transportation security officer, screeners at the airport their paycheck is expected on friday, but if the government remains closed they won't get a paycheck. this is profound impact across the country. hear from people affected coming up on nbc "nightly news." we haew some information after a pedestrian is hit and killed in prince george police are telling news 4 they do not believe the victim was in a crosswalk. the 75-year-old was hit as sheo d new hampshire on sunday afternoon. police say the car did have a green light as i approached the
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intersection. the driver did say on the scene. son far has not b charged. do you like that task ofin fi up the car at the gas station? if not, there's a new mobile fuel delivery service that wants your business. corey smith explains how this works and why not everybody is excited about it. >> reporter: if there's one thin she hates is going to the gas station. so a few months ago she signed up for fill. >> i don't have to wake up early tomorrow morning. i can get gas while i'm sleeping. some magic fairy comes in and puts gas in my tank. >> reporter: the process is simple, sign up onne, share some details about your car,pic the gas cap open and a driveran will comfill it up overnight. >> i love hitting snooze. >> reporter: putting convenience aside, the thought of a mobile gas stationou rolling thr the neighborhood in the middle of
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the night had residentsco erned. but it's covered. this is no atanker, just standard pick up, holds about 400 gallons of fuel max. for safety like any gas station pump there is anmeency shut off switch and materials used to pick up any spillage. in the short term, the ceo is banking the success on the ability to save time.g in the lrm he says filled is the future of fuelling. a future that ismobile. >> there is going to be a need for other alternative fuelling needs. hat infrastructure doesn't exist. >> corey smith, news 4. >> in d.c. the servi fee is $4. the company covers every ward in the district. where are you going to get your slim gy slim jims now. >> exactly. new reactio from r. kelly's camp.
4:27 pm
and a rush hour policy change on metro that involves riders who want to bring their d.bikes on bo right now tracking mainly dry conditions across the area but we could see rain showersli after that it turns cold and
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for dades as his career
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so soared, r. kelly has denied repeated claims ofexual misconduct. but now some of his victims are spking out in a docu-series. this docentary 2008 child pornography trial ceered around a now infamous kelly was acquitted of all charges in the trial. but this documentary focuses on more recent allegations of sexual relatio with teens. those who spoke out said they want accusations by black women taken more seriously. in a statement chance the rapper apologized foron taking so to speak out saying any of us who ignored the r. kelly stories were doing it at the detriment of black women and girls. ne-yo wrote, there is no excuse,
4:31 pm
music is important but it is, but not more imptant than protecting our children, our little girls. john legend has gotten a lot of praise, but he tweeted a strong message saying today quote to everyone telling me how courageous i am for appearing in it, it didn't feel risky at all. another loud voice has been jada pinkett smith asking boldly on instagram, do black girls' lives matter. >> r. kelly's music sales haveo potentially in the impact and the timing. so you want to stay tud. right now, as i'm seeing it, there's going to be school out there on monday. here's the four day forecast. again, check out ourng fal temperatures from 60 tomorrow to 45 on wednesday. and then only upper 30s on thursday and friday. but with the winds we're dealing
4:32 pm
with win chill temperatures in the 20s despite plenty of sunshine out there. saturday the high of 37. e dry start but snow potentially moving in later in the day and winlyng down e in the morning on sunday. it's then breezy out there on sunday and high temperatures above freezing, any snow that does fall will melt. next week is looking sunnynd seasonal with highs for the most >>rt in the low 40s. guys. this is a sign that yes, christmas and the holiday season are really bind us. the rockefeller center tree goes dark tonight. >> tonight at le00 the five worth of lights are going to be all shut off, and then it's going to come down. >> and put to good use. habitat for humanity is going to use it to build homes. if you take metro this week, something new on board. >> a brand new policy during rush hour about bringing your bike on board. wh you need to know about that
4:33 pm
coming up next. jim is joining us news room to tell us what's new at 5:00. >> two young siste are taking out the trash when they're approached by a tot stranger with bad intentions. coming up at 5:00 what police tell us those girls did to stop their attacker. we have the latest on the t efforts find them tonight. plus the self-driving cars ma be the future,we're already seeing a number of automated features in cars. ahead at five, susan hogan gets behind the wheel to find out how safe they are keeping you safe. they're doing everything but cooking supper on the way hom cooking supper on the way hom these dayse .
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a long-standing rule is no longer on the books. beginning today metro wl all bicycles on trains at rush houru in finch is at the u street station with look at the changes. >> for cyclists zipping along the trail a new option should they choose to accept, they can pull off to the nearest metro rail station or bike to any other rail stop and from theon hop a train to their destination with their bikes, even during will this change how you get around? >> i'm going to try to and see
4:37 pm
howt works. >> it's exciting news. i know there have been a lot of times i've bee stuck somewhere with my bike and it started raining, and it's like, well, il looke i'm going to have to bike home in this. >> reporter: once on board, meo is asking bikers to foleww a rules, one to enter and exit through the doors at the end of the car and not block t doorways and isles once inside the car. can this work? >> i think so. i wouldn't bring my bike on a train that's super crowded. >> reporter: and metro w doing monitoring and fine tuning if needed. as you might imagine, there is concern about crowding. metro has done work and said they believe they will have room. once you factor in there are larger trains runner, so given that with the volume of trains
4:38 pm
going, there will be enough room for bikes and people going forward. we'll have to see. now at 5:00. >> we're 800,000 federalthorkers ill not get a paycheck by the end of the week. this government shutdown is one of the longest ever. team coverage tonight as financial fears widen. attempted kidnapping. the search for a suspect afto ung girls are targeted. who's behind the wheel? susan hogan with a warning from experts about new self-dving features. perature racking a t roller coaster for your work week. plus no chances in the forecast for the weekend. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. we want to beginith the latest on the government shutdown with neither side backing down, the president is t preparing toe his case to the public. >> tomorrow president trump will deliver a primetime address from
4:39 pm
the oval office on why he thinks american tax should foot the bill for that $5 billion border wall. >> and we are now on day 17. after the speechhe president plans to travel to the border on thursday. meanwhile, affected federal worker will miss their first paycheck this friday if there is no deal. >> with no end in sight this could become the longest shutdown ever. >> so joining us now with closer look tonight where everything stands is whiteouse correspondent kristen welker. this afternoon thepr vice ident and homeland security secretary met with reporters and apparently he used the word crisis a lot. the presideng has been tal about a national emergency. is that what we can expect to hear plenty of tomorrow night. >> reporter: they didn't say that. they instead said that president trump is considering declaring a national emergency. what we can expect to hear tomorrow night, i think, are
4:40 pm
echos of y what just laid out. the white house is making the case that this is a crisis along the southern border and thais y $5 billion are needed to build that border in of that national emergency, i can tell you there are a lot of questions about the legality. we know that the white house is reviewing that. but democrats have already started firing back throughout the weekend, effectively saying it's a nonstarter. it won't stand. both sides still very d much in and that is why president trump is taking his case to the american people. so he's going to give that speechomorrow night andhen on thursday, as you say, he's going to travelth


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