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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 8, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. news 4 today starts now. >> 4:30 on the dot. a live look outside this morning. unionation there in the background. another nice day in store. but winter temperatures move in later. it is day 18 of the government shutdown. we are working for you through it all. we will fill you in on the president's primetime address tonight and how you can h getp in our area. thousands of workers aren't getting paid. i'm eun yang. >> i'm eric gilchrist. we want to start with chuck bell and your forecast. >> i have good news for your tues.y, no doubt about enjoy the weather today because the change of seasons aliv after sundown tonight.
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had some rain during the overnight hours, that left some puddles inhe ea. all that rain is coming to an end. you can see the clearing ne, the clouds are moving on out. we'll be left witherunshine for your morning and afternoon. temperatures in the freezing mark in the valleys. be careful, when you go from hagerstown out to charlestown, west virginia this morning. there could be a little patch of ice on the sheltered valley. look at that, 60 degrees. an outdoor recess emergency day today. medium weight coat for the chill this morning. sunglasses, as well. you may want to pack that umbrel umbrella. >> way colder tomorrow, with a howling northwest wind, be ready >> 20 to 30 miles per hour. >> the you're moving own
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leesburg. 15 remains closed between stst. st. clr lane. hopefully to get through the next hour or so. we're quiet along virginia. nothing to worry about so far on the beltway. everything clean and green so far. a live look at 270, in frederick, near clarksburg. you can see, a little wet roadway. give yourself a couple extra minutes. back to you. >> thank you, jack. it's 4:32, as we 18 of this shutdown. the nation is preparing for a big speech from the prident. the president will address the ffice forom the oval the first time. he is addressing what he calls the humanitarian and nseional rity crisis at the southern border.
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he may take bold step of securing money for his border wall. money started the shutdown. you can watch the address at 9:00 p.m., on nbc 4. as lawmakers and the president are fighting over a deal, federal workers are worried they won't get paid this week. >> it's a tough situation for many families in our area living paycheck-to-paycheck. >> i have talked to several employees -- >> reporter: a nasa scientist, struggling to make her mortgage. a court services inworker, t to make sure her kids get money for lunch. and a census bureau eloyee deciding which bills he won't be able to pay. th is the face of workers unsure if they'reoing to get their next paycheck. edward hill said nowit's furloughed, it's tough to stay positive. >> you have toat and live and have transportation. everything else is abnego. >> reporter: several people are sharing stories around a round
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table. >> the government shutdown is a slap in the face to the country. and to hardworking federal employees. >> one option federal workers have is to file for unemesoyment. it t two to three weeks for the first check. benefits range from $50 to $430 per week, depeing how much you normally make. >> this is the norm of the federal government. and i feeler that f employees are being held hostage. >> you can wat the president's address live on nbc 4. you'll be aeae to s it live on the nbc washington app. you can find freebies for federal workers during the shutdown. fairfax county police are beefing up efforts to fin a man suspected of groping two sisters. the two young girls were approached by the suspect. one ofhe girls was groped and the other fought the suspect
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off. saturday's incident happened just blocks from elementary school. police say they did everything right to stop the intack from anything further. >> if anybody isouching you, yell, scream, run away. in this instance, the were able to do that and the suspect got scared and ran away. >> police areel ding a sketch of the suspect now. we're going to tell you about ta mandmitting that he was drunk when he ran woman, killing her. she was walking along the road when she was struck. e crash was near the church when she volunteered for more than a decade. the driver is without bond. a double-homide remains under investigation in southeast d.c. the victims were found dead in a burning home on saturday morning. the victims were beaten and
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choked to tdeath. collins spoke to one of the victim's brothers by phone. >> he is a good guy. he never hurt anybody. it goes out every now and then. that'sll he ever did. >> investigators believe the fire was set to cover up the crime. to our other top stories,ic d.c. p are investigating the seventh homicide of the year. the lat ot happenedn "v" night. last damon dukes was shot. police are offering a reward up to $20,000 for information leading to arrest and conviction this case. authorities say collin potter stabbed another mann wisconsin avenue. no word on what led to the attack. polls open at6:00 this morning for a special election in virginia.
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it is to fill a senat seat in the state's 33rd district. jennifer boysko is the democratic candidate, the winner will replace jennifer wexton who is going to congress. the cmson tigers reign supreme. they are the new national al college footbl champs. for the second time in three years, they beat alabama in the title game. you can imagine fans celebrated right along with the team all night long. >> last night's win was lopsided. clemson beat alabama 44-16. a lot of people expected it to be closer. they finished the season with a perfect 15-0 record. trevor lawrence, he' 19, named offensive mvp of the game. his future looks very bright, as does for now, they are college football's kings, back on top. congrats. coming up this morning,
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classroom cutbacks. students missing out on science ons because of staffing s. shortage first, we're working for you behind the wheel, looking ahe t lf-drivingse
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welcome back. 4:40. consumer alert about who is really in the driver's seat while morend more cars are rolling out whith what are self-driving features, some warn they're not really that. >> susan hogan gets a unique look at howge one safetyncy is working to keep you safe on the roads. >> reporter: the safety agency known for crashing cars is now ying to avoid accidents.
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at the insurance institute for highway safety in rutgers, virginia. >> put the car in drive. >> reporter: news 4 put automation and crash avoid dance to the test. whoa. i didn't hit it. driverless cars aren't here yet. more vehicles like the ones you see here are incorporating a degree of tomation. automatic braking. lain departure warning.d blin spot and park assist. but the iihs says,se just bec your car can do this -- doesn't mean you should stop paying attention. >> it's not a convenience feature. 's not something the driver is supposed to rel on. it's a feature, if the driver is aware ofng attention or the hazard in front of them, it will try to mitigate or avoid the crash completely. biggestter: one of the questions the iihs hopes to answer during all of the testing, is, do they handle
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driving tasks as humanssw would. the er so far, not always. >> we found that the driver needs to still remain engaged. have their hands on the steering wheel because while seom of the systems do work well in some scenarios, it can also leado unexpected behavior. if you're not ready and truly d, engat can result in a dangerous situation. coming up, we kw getti gas can be a pain. now, a service will fill your tank to save you time. how it works and what it costs. > good morning, everybody. dog walking forecast time. cute radar here. they put the radar o, i'm going to pick that picture. radar would make a great addion to your family. go to humanerescue alliance.orgs therour forecast. nice and mild for most of the day. a chance for showers thisin ev before old man winter pull the rugs o
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you're watching news 4 today. welcome back. night could be a game-changer in the government shutdown, now in its 18th wday, int will be his first oval office address to the nation,ru president will talk border security. he could declare a nationalo emergencyet funding for his border wall. >> that could make the standoff between him an congress e worse and extend the shutdown. tracie potts has more on the s presidenntentions and the problem it could create. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if the president declares a national emergency, we could throw this thing to the courtsre
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because the could be a challenge, not to whether he can declare a naty,nal emergee can, but whether it ee's appropriate t do so at the southern border. what's the emergency? what's the justification for that? where are the numbers? nbc lookedt the numbers provided to congress. the administration has said suspectedn or terrorists were stopped at the southern border last year. homelandol security congress in the first half of last year, just 41 -- 41 and only 6f those were immigrants. we'll see what the president says and what his justificati is tonight. the money for the wall seems to be the issue that's keeping 800,000 federal employees out of work >> empty booths and tables where workers once gathered. usually bustling tables sit empty. the same is true mosaic cafe. this shutdown is having a big
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imct on small businesses all over our area. federal employees worried about when they will see the next paycheck, dining out is the first thing to go. >> people come in during lunch, dinner, aroundbaur . right now, you see, all e hty. so far, three customers. usually we have a lot more than that. >> restaurants say they're worried they can't recover from the last revenue becau of this shutdown. we have a section dedicated to a governmentshutdownn the nbc washington app. just search shutdown in the app. today will be the first full day on the job for prince george's counties new states attorney. aishabraveboy was sworn in as the state attorney. her top priority is tvereform
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the le justice system. it could be easier to vote in virginia if governor northam gets his way. right now, commonwealth voters can only use one of the ballots if they have a qualifying reason, such as being out of to on business or severe illness. d.c. and maryland allow early voting. both maryland and virg general assembly sessions begin tomorrow. newfforts t forceto clergy report child abuse and negle neglect. some want to close a loophole when the session begins. doctors, nurses and teachers are mandated to report abuse. not clergy. they're not required to. while the proposed legislation would make clergy mandatory reporters, there would be one exception, disclosures during confessions. d.c. public schools says it is taking action to make sure middle schooeirs r science
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instruction. it revealed that four middle n schools wer providing enough science instruction. those middle sluools i eliot-hein, and cardoza. thereere several reasons why, ncluding budget shortfalls, difficulty hiring science teachers and an effort to, binsteadst math and reading scores. the school district tells the i-team it i attempting to make sc for shortfalls with a series of nce-only days this semester. one parent said she is satisfied with the proposed fix. >> i think it's actually good. it allows for a really intense look at a particular tpic. science-only days begin this month. wel keep you posted on the changes at the other three schools. some folks were saying bah humbug as the season comes to an end. the rockefeller tree in new york
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city went dark last night. the tree will be given to habitat for humanity to build homes. there's your bright spot. the spruce was decorated in five miles of multicolored l.e.d. lights and topped wit crystal star. ba humbu baa humburg was used by scrooge. >> i thought it ended on the 26th. one of those people. >> wrap it up. >> move it along. >> is your tree down? >> we took it down on7th. it went up the day aer thanks gi thanksgiving. >> there's christmas decorations around. >> it was theremo a h. >> that is true. >> my tree is still up. >> come on. >> it's wk to take it down. that's why i don't put one up usually. >> right now, the valentine's day and easter stuff is out. nobo waits. >> mlord. my next vacation is three months and three days away. that's thehi next that i'm looking forward to.
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four things you need toou kw the weather. had some rain overnight. there are puddles to be con tendtend . parts of thedl panh down near freezing this morning. there could be frozen puddles up there. here.uch of an issue up flirting with 60 degrees today, before another round of showers moving in thi evening. that leads to colder weather the next few days. join today. nice and mild, a risk of shors coming in after 5:00 or 6:00 today. that area of low pressure across parts of minnesota and iowa, that's the storm system that will unlock the cold. that cold will be rushing in here during the overnight hours tonight. and the next couple of days will be a far cry from 60 degreeda this morning shows the last of the rain long gone. temperaturesre down near freezing in parts near the panhandle of west virginia. be on the lookout for a frozen puddle or two. upper 30s or 40 around town.
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clearing skies for the rest of the afternoon.ot r chance of showers as the front comes by, around 8:00 and midnight tonight. and tomorrow, woo, is it going to be windy. winds northwest, 20 to 30 miles per hour for tomorrow, with testimonite eratures barely above 40 degrees. windchills around freezing tomorrow. that's the leading edge of what will be a colder pattern. high temperatures in the0s for thursday and friday. saturday, especially saturday night into sunday morning, we have a chance for some snow it may be enough snow for aaron gilchrist to shovel your driveway. jack taylor, that's the good news on the forecast. chuck, thank you. l we'lk at leesburg and paint of rocks. 15 is closed. southbound, you're diverti at
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luck ets road. they're hoping to have the road open by6:00 or 7:00. keep it tuned to channel 4. the beltway isuiet. still looking good at 95 to george avenue. 95, into springfield, making the decision to get u on the beltway or continue on to 395. nothing in the roadway yet. so far, so good, a you head out. back to you. it's 4:53. it happens to all drivers at one point in another. you get in your car oy to alize you don't have enough gas. i hate that. >> now, there's a servicen the district that wants to keep that from happening again. korey smith introduces us to filled, the new service that brings the gas station to you. >> reporter: if there's onet thing tha catalina hates, it's going to the gas station. a few mons ago, she signed up
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for filld. >> i don't haveo wake up early. i can get gas while i'm sleeng. a fairy comes in and puts gas in my tank. >> reporter: the process is si ule. just sig online, and share some details about your car, pick the fuel you want, leavep your fopen, and a driver will fill your tank up overnight. >> i love hitting the snooze. i get twoesore snoozrn in the g. >> reporter: the thought of a mobile gas station rolling through a neighborhood had some residents concerned. but filld says it has theases covered. this is no tanker, it's a standard pi up. and it only holds 400 gallons of fuel li any gas station pump, there's an emergency shutoff switch. car korey smith, news 4. >> groceries are delivered, weg. e going to build a studio in
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the backyard of your house and then, we're never going to leave. >> cfilld willt you a bit more than filling up yourself. per gallon is based on the local price, and a $4 delivery fee. >> right now, it covers every ward in the district. the company is looking to expand. >> looking to continue your career or start a new one, the best jobs has been announced. the top job,ar sof developer, statistician, physician assistant, dentist and orth the orthodontist. there are several factors that go into the best job, media salary, stress level and employment rate. >> i should have been a software
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develope there's no way that would happen. the stress level and the high demand causes the good numbers to be number one job satiaction. >> t data we're talking about was gathered from the u.s. bureau of labor statistics. jod to see the complete list of best , go to the nbc washington app. >> we have good jobs. om nothing toain about here, really. history coming this weekend, on the football field. sarah thomae will beche first woman tote offic a postseason nfl game. she will work the chargers/patriots game. another will be in the lt chiefs game in saturday. from the roads to the rails, how the shutdown is impacting anyone onmetro. 14 and hours after appearing in a courtroom, kevin spacey pulle over by police here in d.c. we'll tell you why.
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news 4 today starts now. >> a major day for president trump tonight. he will address the nation from the office and make his case for the wall along t
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u.s./mexico border. it is 5:00 a.m. good moing, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yangre we previewing the president's address and talking about the shutdown. we want tt look the forecast and commute. >> jack taylor is in with a look at the roads and rails. let's start with your forecast and chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. after a fairly nice day to be outside,ng meat wasn't raining, had some rain overnight. rain s another chance of showers this evening. between now and then, it's going to be a very nice day to be outskie. the s are clearing up. still, a couple ofprinkles that could graze southern st. mary's county. it is a drying dtrend. he sunshine will be around for much of the day. your prep list, low to medium this morng. later today, sunroofs open.


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