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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 8, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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. breaking news. a man found dead in the yard of a prince george's county home. the investigation just hours old. will have a live report. what the american people expect washington to do is work together to solve this crisis at ourouthern border. >> the vice president talking ahead of president trump's address to the nation. many are asking whether he'll declare a natnal emergency? and it may not be cold or windy today but it sure will bec for the nexple of days around here. i'll give you a complete check of the storm team 4 forecast coming up. newsid 4y starts now. good morning, everybody. welcome to news 4 midday.
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we wanteg to with breaking news in maryland where sunrise led to a disturbg discovery. a man's body found in a backyard. chopper 4 up over the scene eaier andhere are a still a lot of questions about how he died. news 4's meghan fitzgerald is live there with what w know at this point. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. what we know is the call came in around 7:15 this morning for a hat was discovered in someone's backyard. as you take ad look behe here, police have arrived on scene andhis area on lundy drive have turned into a crime scene. police are taping i off while they investigate. they are focusing on the backyard of that yellow home where you can see homicide detectives gatherede front. police ackyard is where tell us that body, that man, was found dead. now, like you mentioned, still a lot of unanswered questions. it's still uncleaole say, whether or not there is a connection between that victim and the homeowner who wastiome
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at the. that's still something they're trying to determine as well as how this manas killed, but oureo princee's county bureau chief tracee wilkins did speak with a neighbor who say she heard several rounds of gunfire last night but then we also otherwith a lot of neighbors who woke up in shock this morning. take a listen. >> this is the fmest time ing like this ever happened. not only do i get up this morning, i see police cars but i s.was curi i wanted to find out what was going on in my neighborhood because this neighborhood w don't have really crimes like that. >> reporter: police are expected to remain on scene here for w several houle they try to get the answers to those unanswered questions. they are lookingor a suspect. they're asking anyone with information about this homicide toall police back to you. >> megan, live for you us, today's is the 18th day of the government shutdown and president trump is preparing for
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ig announcement. in what will be his first oval office address to the nation tonight, president trump will talk about border . securi tracie potts hasro more f capitol hill. >> reporter: tonight president trump salesman in chief convincing america why he wants $5.6 billion in build a wall a the mexico border. >> what i expect him to do onight is explain to the american people that we have a humanitarian and security at our southern border, 60,000 apeople are nowempting to come into our country illegally every month. that's more th 2,000 a day. >> reporter: he's threatening to declare a national emergency to get the money if congress won't e it. >> i worry greatly about the total inability of congress to thing should the preside grab that kind of national emergency power. al reporter: its already horrific for fed workers caught in the middle of a showdown over funding the wall. this is day 18 of the partial government shutdown.
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now tied as the second longest in history. if it continues, 51,000 tsa employees won't getfr paid ay. >> we work for our money just like everybody else. >> it's -- it's tough to wake up an have your wife reassure you thateverything's going to be all right. >> reporter: president trump says he feels their pain but insists most federal employees and the public are withim on this. he'll speak to the public tonight and visit the bder thursday. the white house says, 4,000 known and suspected terrorists were stopped at the border last year, the southern border but homeland security's report to congress shows in he firf of last year it was only 41 and only six of those were migrants. acie potts, nbc news, washington. we'll have live coverage of the president's oval office address and the democratic sponse at 9:00 p.m. house speaker and chuck schumer
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will speak after president trump. right now a special election is und way in virginia to fill the state senate seat in the 33rd districts. current state delegate is the democratic candidate, she's challenging the former republican joe may who served for 20 years. the winner will replace jnifer welchton. she now represents the 10th district. the polls close at 7:00 tonight. now to our weather, chuck, you said, we'll have a warmup toda the sun isn't doing a lot of work to make that happen. it's sti dreary. >> the sun is struggling to get out. i'mti still optim they will have enough breaks for a reasonable warmup. a temperatur already above our seasonal averages as you look live ove a mostly cloudy covered downtown washington at this point. there are breaks of sun in the
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shenandoah valley. a lotud thicker c cover along the mason dixie line up here and lingering rain showers for northernmost maryland. they are headed into southern pennsylvania. i do think gethihi bafteoon. srk temperatures are already relatively mild,ild by january standards. our average high temperature for today's date is 43. we're already 46 in washington, 50 in annapolis52 southern maryland, 51 in frkt and where the picks o sun are thicker cloud cover considerable chilly in norther maryland. northern maryland not going to get near 60 today. around the city, mid-to-upper 50s and some spots will touch ss today. chance forwers rolling in this evening. that's the cold front coming by. it's breezy after midnight and tondy and cold morrow. more about that coming up, aaron. >> chuck, thank you. developing now, there's still just one lane getting by after this accident on the dulles toll road. this is happening westbound near
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wolf trap. we're told the driver h a guardrail but was not severely injured. keep an eye on the app for when this is all clear. >>dl it has been a d start to 2019. police have had to investigate seven homicides in sevenys the latest happened on v street. 25-year-old damon dukes was shot. police are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information that leads to an arrestnd conviction in this case. and there are new details this morning about a navy accused of murder. he stabbed a man to death in an apartment onve wisconsine on sunday morning. potter enlisted in the navy in 2010 and was stationed at quantico. no word on what led to that attack. an update now on a disturbing voyeur case out of fairfacounty. so many calls are coming about this.
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he's accused of secretly recording about 60 women in springfield town center, son's corner center in december. he's ale formerndria bartender. victims can now email and
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have. >> reporter: that fits. she found it. vefs very excited about it. now, listen. we havear ers. news4 partners up with bourke and herbert and alsoith med star georgetown. the nurses, some of the volunteers are here amongst the' crowd and such a wonderful effort and to be able to see pick-up day happen iswonderful. this continues until 1:00 and then there'st another bution day coming up on thursday in the district at the salvation army site on sherman that is the latest live from alexandria, back into younow. >> such a critical necessity this time of year. great to see this happening today. thank you. the d. public school says it is taking action to makeure middle schooler get enough science instruction. it revealed that at least four middle schools were not providing enough science instructions. they include elliott hine,
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brookland and kelly miller. the school tells the i-team they're attemptingo make it up. virginia lawmakers plan to revisit the states kings dominion law. state law requires schools to t start labor day but according to our news partners, one praufl this year wouldre al the law entirely, another proposal would repeal the law just in nrthern virginia the house of delegates passed it last year but it stopped ther this year's general assemble session begins tomorrow. we are gtting a lookat the planned upgrades for union station here in the district. these a rendering of what the amtrak and commute sh trains might looklike. the changes will hopefully alleviate congestion and increase the number of the area can hold. if you live in maryland and are among the thousands of commuters who u the mark train to travel two and from d.c., we have rough news for you. e safety system that was supposed to be finished by the end of last year is not done and
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may not be for a few months. the i-team has learned that marc is just one of 33 railroads asking for a deadline extension. its technology that slows or stops trainsau matically to avoid crashes. marc says the safety system is up and running on its camden anr nswick lines but the popular penn line throuim baore to d.c. is stl underg testing. trak told news4 the safety system should be fully operational byhi spring. later today, a funeral will beeld forazmine barnes. the 7-year-old was shot and killed in houston. we're also learning more today about the suspect in this case. gabeez gutieeports. >> reporter:rn this mg a community is preparing to honor the 7-year-old shot and killed her mother saysfawhile the ly was on an early morning coffee run. >> nobody knows the pain of
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losing a child. >> reporter: her mother ralli supporters this weekend just hours before the a case took dramatic turn. two suscts now i custody. eric black jr. charged with capital murder is being held without bail. >> the evidence is being held to the shooter of jazmine. >> reporter: jazmine's familyat rney citing law enforcementso urces identify him asarry woodruff who was arrested over the weekend on an unrelated drug chargend >> it's ourstanding that this was a case of mistaken identity, that they fired in the vehicle believing that it was in retaliation for an altercationt had happened earlier in the night. >> reporter: still after a manhunt that initially focused on a pickup truck and the wrong man i this composite sketch, there were unanswered questions. shawn king, the activis who helped raise $100,000 reward and received a tip that helped crac the case, something's not right. key details are missing in the
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story. i no longer trust the timeline. overnight he told nbc news he thinks there's much more to this story and details are quickly unfolffng. the she meanwhile has repeatedly backed up the mother's story. >> we doev not ben any way that the family, that they'd been involved in anything nefarious. we feel they were truthful. >> reporter: today the focus not on the investigation but on ying good-bye to a young life cut short. that was gabe gutierrez reporting. this is the first day back to class at jazmine's elementary schools. students there were asked to wear purple in her honor. > hours after appearing in a massachusetts courtroom in connection to a felony assault charge, kevin spacey was pulled over for speeding in the d.c. area. oficers from the airport's authority pulled him over on the gw parkway just outside reagan national. he was given a verbalwarning, not a ticket. spacey started yesterday by pleading n guilty to that assault charge. he's accused of groping an
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18-ye-old busboy at a bar in nistucket. thihe first criminal case for spacey who's faced multiple allegations of sexu misconduct. you know it happens all the time to drivers,ou getnto your car and only to realize that you have very little gas. n there's a new service in the vestrict that warns -- wants to keep that from happening again. corey smith introduced us to f illed, the new service that brings the gas station to you. r >> report: if there's one thing we hate is going to the gas station, so a few months ago she signed up for filled a new fuel service in the district that brings the gas to you. >> i don't ha to wake up early. some magic little ferry puts gas ro my tank. >> reporter: thess is simple. just sign-up on line, share details about your car, pick the fuel you want, leave your gas flap open and a driver will fill your tank uprn oht. >> i love this. e it g two more snoozes in the
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morning. >> reporter: putting convenience aside, the thought of a mobile gas station rolling tough the eighborhood in the middle of the night naturally had residents concerned. we'll start with the truck itself. th is no tanker. it only holds about 400 gallons of fuel max. now for safety, like any gas station pump, there is an emergency shutoff switch ander this also materials that can be used to pick up any sort of ge. l corey smith, news4. it is flu season and we have the latest on how effective the flu mist is as preventing the illness. illness. plus a rob that isot
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a lawsuit was just filed against the local gym chain. this is a story you're seeing first on news4. washington sports club has sixns locatin d.c. and d.c.'s attorney general filed suit today accusing the gym of deceptive cancelation and
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billing practices. it says they told customers they could cancel their memberships at any time for free. however, according to the la suit, they actually require six weeks written notice for cancelion and charged cancelation fee >> there were verbal -- they were verbally msleading consumers and consumers would ask what's the cance policy and they would say there a none, no requirement, just cancel at time, at no cost, when, in fact, as i indicated there is a 45 day written reqrement to cancel and fees and penalties could bett aached to those. >> washington sports cl and s owners are also accused of violating the terms of a 2016 settlement for similar violations and since 2016 the ag's office has received more than 50 complaints f. we have reached out to them for comment. his time we ar at get a look at the next wave of tech devices when the ce kicks
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off in las vegas. it's the trade show formerly known as the consumer electronic show. liz mcglocks lynn a look as what's in store for 2019. >> reporter: rebots are looking to win over consumers. the goal of walker is to become pt of your family. is we want walker to become that -- that ant in your family that is a loved one. >> reporter: artificial intelligence programmed to give robots a personality and sometimes an attitude. >> please don't touch me when i am dancing. >> reporter: there's even a robot that can fold your laundry. now you can also fold up your tt or a screen with 8k resolution one of many develoent that's could benefit from a 5g cellular inetwork. s all about bringing much faster speeds, bringing better security and also bringing in a whole new array of applications
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and services for the. futu >> reporter: it seems everything now cloud connected and voice enabled. >> welcome home. >> reporter: all creating more data that could be atsk >> in a lot of these devices, they've absolutely not paid attention to any security. >> reporter: that's bringing more cybersecurity companies to ces including pin drop which specializes in voice authentication. >> i'm sorry, i cannot confirm your identity. >> reporter: just a few of the 4,500 companies vying for the spotlight in the super bowl of electronics. so many new options coming. you made your new house a smart house. >> it's a lot smarter tan i am. >> that's the problem. >> i can't get anything to happen on schedule but that may be operatorerror. who knows? >> we won't call it that. well just give you a pass. >> how about these clouds, chuck? we wege thinking things will warmer, sunnier? >> i'm still optimistic.
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we have enough of a southerly breeze. my optimism for getting all the way to 60 in washington. its wavering. i still think we'll ma mid-to-upper 50s but 60 now is only reachable for parts northern virginia. i do think that the d.c. area may be stuck in the mid-to-upper 50s. there's a look outside. no matter how you slice t, today will be another day well above average. today wi be the7th day in a row with temperatures warmer than average and the start to the month, january starting out 10 degrees warmer than average and that's before we factor in today's numbths. front itself that will eventually bring colder than average weather back inplay by the time we get toward the end of the week, that front is still we back out here across parts of west virginia so we get just enough of a pu of a southerly breeze to get temperatures to jump up well into the 50s tay except for our friends in northern maryland where the clouds are thicker and the rain chances are already starting to
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move in a bit. the rain has left southern maryland now and as a result mperatures are reasonably mild. here's a look at future weather and you can see he, look at how optimistic the computer model is. look at all that. clear skies breaking out. it won't last for long and the s's down just after 5:00. as we get into the evening hours, the front starts to press in to the state of virginia. rain likely about 7:00 in the shenandoah valley. that rain chance maximizes between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. around the city and then after that, the front will really start to move through and you'll rotice a big change around here for tom northwest winds near 30-miles-per-hour tomorrow and again on thursday. so near 60 today. showers this inevening, and way colder as we finish out the week. we'll talk more about tt ekend snow chance coming up in just a little bit, aaron. >> all right. see you then, chuck. thank you. are you in such for the beso possible new rankings are out. i we'll you the top picks. and metro could lose millions during t government
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you're watching news4 midday. i expect the president will do tonight is explain to the american people that weave a humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. he'll explain the need, not just to build a wall, which he's determined to do, but also to o provi border patrol with additional resources, humanitarian and medical assistance, new technology, but the democrats need t come to the table and start negotiating. ef> hoursre president trump addresses the nation, vice president mike pence there speaking to nbc news about theo on government shutdown and border security. the vice president made it very clea that the possibility of declaring a national emergency is on the table, but says no decision has been made. as we continue into week three
11:30 am
of the government shutdown, you may be noticing fewer people on metrtrains. many workers are simply staying home and that's led to some fears about metrs bottom line. meanwhile, on the roads, there's also concern that some potholes may not be getting filled. our transportation reporter adam tuss has a closer look. >> reporter: empty trains and bumpy roads, a bit of a met for for this shutdown's effont transportation. >> i don't know. it seems like nobody's here. >> reporter: take a look. ddle of the day on metro, ually you'd have a lot more people on this train, this rail ore thatpty, the one b and the next one is empty. metro says it needs a few more days to t measure effect but when a 16 day shutdown happened in 2013, the transit agency lost about $5.7 million buc and ridership was down 25%.
11:31 am
eantime, of course, government workers could also be losing money. >> i just think it's terrible. >> reporter: her daughter is furloughed. sheorks for the natural history museum and n iso longer on the train to work because she's staying homeo >> shedn't mind a vacation so much, but not knowing from one day to the other, makes her unhappy. >> reporter: and on the roads, eing made on time. take a look at this potholeng a the gw parkway in alexandria. some have been compg about it for days. the park serce tells us they are still making emergency repairs for potholes. in alexandria, adam tuss, news4. now if the shutdown is not ended by friday, hundreds of thousands of people will be without a paycheck. many of those people have children and they're nowacing a frightening reality making sure there's food on the table. in an effort to help workers with family, thege prince geor's county school board member is
11:32 am
pushing fo free school meals of children with federal workers. on>> the kids deserve to suffer, so i think, you know -- i guess we had to find the moneo e where but it's money well spent to take care of the kids. >> reporter: theroposal for free meals would go on a long as the shutdown comes. school leaders will continue that proposal on thursday. you can find more resourc available to workers who have been furloughed and news4 will carry the president's address to the nation tonight along with the democrat response at 9:00 p.m. now to a consumer alert about who's really in e driver seat. more and more cars are rolling out with what some would call self-driving features. some auto experts warn they're not really self-driving cars. susan hogan gets a unique look at how one safety agency is working to keep you safe on the roads.
11:33 am
>> reporter: the safety agency knownor crashing cars is now trying to avoid accidents. at the insurance institute for highway safety's center in virginia,t news4 pu automation and crash avoidan to the test. itoa. i didn't it. driverless cars are here yet. more vehicles like the one you see here are a incorporating degree of automation. automatic breaking, lane detection, park assist and rear crash prevention. just because your car can do this, doesn't mean you should ever stop paying attention. >> it's not a convenient e. featur it's not something the driveration supposed to rely on. ha's a featuret if the driver s not paying attentio or aware of the hazard in front of them, it will mitigate or
11:34 am
avoid the crashet comely. >> reporter: one of the biggest qstion they hope to answer during all of this testing is, do they handle driving tasks as humans would, the answer so far, not always. >> what we found is that the driver definitely needs remain engaged, have their hands on the steering wheel, because, you know, while some of the systems do work well in some scenarios, they can also lead to unexpected behavior and if you're not ready and truly engaged, it can result in a dangerous situation. >> and just in case youss mied it, susan went behind the scenes of a crash test. you can see that video in the nbr washington app searchh test. are you looking to start your career or start a new career? u.s. news and world reports best job 2019 list is out and the top job there is softwe developer. statition, physician assistant,
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dentist and orthodontist. there are several factors that go into determining the best . jo to view the complete list of best js, go to our nbc shington app. health this morning, flu season is here an u've no doubt heard the countless warnings about being prepared. the flu shot is not the only w option d off the illness but is it the most effective. >> report: flu season is here, there are two options. the traditional flu shot or the nasal spray version. now new research from the centersror disease contol and prevention confirms the nasal pray was not as effective the flu shot among children. data from 2013 to f 2016 shows mist was only about 20% effective against two strains of the virus. compare that to the flu shot which was 67% effective. as flu is in full swing and
11:36 am
the virus is already spreading across the take a look at this map. 19 states, including virginia all highlighted in red reporting widespread flu activity right now. there are minial cases so far in maryland and low activity in the district. peak flu season usually hits in late january or february, so we can expere to see m cases over the next few weeks with the worst possibly still ahead for us. if youaven't gotten your flu shot yet, what are you waiting for? it's not too late. although may not be 100% effective, getting vaccinated can help lessen the severity of flu symptoms if you get it and it may make the duration rt shr. kaiser permanente will be offering the flu. that's thisnd wee at the washington convention center and the best part of all, it's free
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for you and your family h. we hope we'll see u there. p someple just seem special from the minute you meet them and for countless people that special someone is a little girl named leah still. she's the 8-year-old daughter of the bengals retired defensive tackle. four years ago she was diagnosed with an aggressivem of cancer. she had a 50/50 chance to live. leais cancer-free. she's a survivor and she and her dad appeared on the "day" show to reflect on their journey and arned. sons they've >> i knew that if i died, my ole family would cry and i didn't want that because i knew that i didn't want them t through like i did and so i just didn't want them to cry likeho i cried. >> that's probably one of my biggest regrets is not being more vulnerable in front of her. i thoht that i hado be strong all the time but i didn't know that she was experiencing the same emotions that i was going through so when we would get off facetime with each
11:38 am
otusr, i would start crying and i found out that when i was writing this book, s would go into the bathroom and cry because we tried to stay strong for each other. >> you see the cover of it there, "still in the game,"di f the faith to tackle live's biggest his advice to other parents or caregivers is to remember to taklf care of your too. one player is getting a lot of attention after college foothampionship game. we'll have more on clemson star quarterback plus m today, snow by the weekend? chuck's back after the break chuck's back after the break with ala test on our
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. some breaking news out of arlington right now. police are investigating a deadly accent involving pedestrian. we know the victim was hit and killed at arlington boulevard and manchester street near the seven quarters area.
11:41 am
police still have that area closed off right now. no word on when that scene might be cleared. >> the clemson tigers are riding high this morning. they are the new national college footbam cha for the second time in three years, they beat alabama in the title game as you m imagine, fans celebrated right along with the team all night long. you seeome of the images here. last night's win was a little bit lopsided. clemson beat alabama 44-16. t maybe just a little bit. they finished the season with a perfect 15-0 record. the freshman quarterback tror .p larson named m. of this game, his future's looking bright. really standout performance in this game. we've noticed also a lot of social media posts this morning about his hair and how he seemed to wait outside the locker room to congratulate all of his teammates. maybe heidn't want to mess up the hair. >> he grew it out so it's very long and it's whole story.
11:42 am
you have to be a college football insider thing. he's only 18 barely 19. he's a true freshman. they're star running back is a true freshman. lemson may be a real problem for the rest of us for years to come. >> oh, e y. ather's been a bit of a problem today too. we thought we'd have a lot more sun and a little moral heating the -- more heating in the early day an increasing southerly wind, i remain cautiously optimistic, we will get enough shine to bring us close to 68 degrees today. this will be our last chance for quite some time to come. keep that in mid. 46 now with inn washington with peaks of sun trying to get through. windsout of the south at 5. that breeze will increase a little bit so that's the reason my optimism remains in place. we should be able to jump up another 10 degrees or 10r 12 degrees. still forecasting near 64.
11:43 am
northern virginia, northern maryland you won't get that warm. a mix of cloud and sunshine. chance of evening showers and a little bit more -- bween 8:00 and midnight probably a quick burst of rain. behind it you'll notice it northwest winds tomorrow will be howling around here, way colder tomorrow andhat cold weather hangs around as we get into thursday and friday. there's the front for now. this is the leading edge of a lder pattern that's coming our way. let me show you how we handle the change in the weather. snow showers in the mountains oe t virginia tomorrow. then as we get towards thursday, little storm starting to develop in the southern plains. it starts interacting with the o d. snow in st. louis on friday. that leads to a snow chance her saturght into sunday and then by sunday afternoon we should get back to sunshine once not a lot of confidence in this forecast just yet. medium levels but i would say
11:44 am
that we should plea on at enough snow to whiten the ground saturday night into sun fy. we'ne tune the amounts, aaron, over the next w days. harley-davidson is going green. we'll tell you about the new motorcycle in th>works. plus a play coming to arena stage, explor u.s./russia relations after the cold war and now.
11:45 am
11:46 am
news4 working for you in the community by helpng families stay warm this winter through the share the warmth coat drive. our mow let green is live in the salvation army location in alexandria with more on this. >> reporter: hi. we're at the mount vernon avenue location. there's still time for folks to come and pick out a warm coat. fa good chunk them are right here and take a look at some of the coats we hav that we just picked up. this is a men's coat, nice leather coat. here's a big furry coat.
11:47 am
we have kids' coats. there's something here for eryone, men, women, children, come on down. there's a whole system. you have until 1:00. you can come in and shop until y op, basically, for a warm coat, which is really the perfectiming here becausehe weather, the cold weather is about to kick in and this really does do a lot of good helping a lot of people this time of year. >> need doesn't change and there's always going to be someone who needs our help, needs the community's help and this is a perfect example of what's been done here. we've been collecting sin september. they've been cleaned and put on hangers. distribution. all the volunteers. it's all about serving people who can't afford to do it for themselves. most of these folks a basically just trying to eat from day-to-day and to have a coat, even a used coat, changes their life.
11:48 am
> reporter: and you have until 1:00 to come down to this location and pick out a coat for you o your child or someone in need and let me tell you, t thursdas thursday at the d.c. sherman avenue salvation army location, 10:00 a.m., come pi out a coat a that site as well. that is the latest live from alexandria, back in to you. later this morks the world premier drama "kleptocracy," is set to hit the otage. of the stars of the show is here and joins us to talk about this production. give us a sneak peak. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having be. >> sta telling us what the story is. >> it's a fictionalized account of a time in 1990s russia when the country was faced with two divergent paths, i play a
11:49 am
liberal and a societyhat represents the west and vladimir putin and that's the russiali we'rng with today. the play is not only about that struggle but also how there was a time whenhe worlould have been very different if a different path was taken. >> you think about the late '80s, earlier '90s there was so much time when people didn't pay a whole lot of attenti to what was happening in other parts of the world and now we do. >> this was a b whileore i had the -- i didn't know this story at all and one of the things that struck me was how amazing it is that there was this -- these decisions being made across the world that have great impact on us today, obviously, t all we ha do to watch the news to know that and to have been completely ignorant of it. it's really fascinating to see what happened when we weren't watching. >> tell me more about your character. play a russian ogly gark who has a long story. >> my character was the owner of -- became the president of a
11:50 am
company --il company. russia became one of the richest men and probably thees ric man in russia. after a certain point it seemed that he had some sort of political aspirations o his own and he was advocating for a much more weste aligned russia at which point vladir putin was not so thrilled. >> right. >> he ended up being imisoned for 11 years on charges of tax fraud, tax loevasion, his company, which was reabsorbed by russia and becamerom prison an advocate for this different kind of russia and now he was really shortly before the sochi olympics and lis in england and is still advocating for abroad for a different kind of russia. >> a young vladimir putin is an important figure obviously in this production. i do you audiences are fascinated by him and by that
11:51 am
because of the way the world is >> i hope so. i hope they're fascinated by him. all you have to doheis watch news. in the past month we've got bill about rubossia. obviously, both here and abroa and russia is clearly flexing its muscles to become, you a real world player again in a big way and as you said earlie we didn't pay too much attention during a certain period of time and now we have to. >> yeah, absolutely. very good point. o can't wait see how this turns out. it's an interesting sject matter. "kleptocracy" runs january 18 rj to the 24th at arena stage what would you call what happened to you? >> a miracle. >> this ilman's f was making his funeral plans. will tell you more about the mir ac
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
harley-davidson is dropping new details about its very first all electric motorcycle. the live wire is coming in eogust and harley has started taking ers. it starts at $30,000. much more than other electric bikes on the market. the live wire goes from 0 to 60 in under 3.5 seconds. harley says it will be able to travel 110 city miles on a single charge. with your cnbc morning business
11:55 am
report i'm franknd holl his family says it's a miracle. a man thought to be nearly braie , his life support removed but then this incredible surprise. kevin tibbles has his amazing story. >> reporter: they call him the racleman. >> i was almost dead and they didn't think i would a survive all. >> reporter: because he wasn't supposed to be here in omaha to ring in the new year. he was in a coma. el doctorsved the result of a stroke. >> he was completely unresponsive and he was intubated. >> reporter: the 61-year-old's brathing tube was removed, funeral plans about to get under way. >> i'll never here him say, hey son, to me again. >> reporter: but the feisty father of four wasn't quite ready for the pely gates. as his kids were saying his final good-byes and i said hi, dad and he cracked a smile with
11:56 am
his eyes still closed and i didn't know what to do. >> i grabbed his hand and he mumbled to me, hey, girl. >> reporter: turns out it wasn't a stre. enreceive lop think syndrome that's what i had. >> reporter: doctors say the brain swelling receded and after weeks of therapy he's back home hoping to use his gift of skr me to help others. >> reporter: what would you call what happened to you? >> a miracle. f period, end story. >> reporter: a story that now has an extra chapter. kevintibbles, nbc news, omaha. amazing story, indeed. before we leave you this morning, i want to get one lastr look at forecast at this area. chuck bell in the weather center. >> this could be what we're looking at around here as wetget the weekend, a chance for some wet snow coming our way saturday night into the first part of sunday morning. it will not benowing saturday
11:57 am
morning. our chances for snow wrap up after 4:00 or 5:00 saturday afternoon. best time to cumulate will be during the overnight hours, saturday night into sunday and cwe could have aple of inches to snow. still to early to nail down any final amounts, but you can always use our app to get the very latest on the forecast, also be tweeting about it and putting it on my social med pages. there's your 10-day outlook. after today it's going to feel a lot more like january around here for the rest of the next ten days, aaron? >> chuc thank you. that is it for us. we're back on the air first at 4:00 and you can news and weather updates at any time with the nbc washington app. ha ave
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we're live in 5. 4. 3. aron is here! [ cheers and applause ]in >> i didn't you were going to make it up here. >> i didn't either. there was a whole hour into the -- i was watching the three-hour show. t itk an hour pregame to get to that moment. welcome here to "access" live. how many simes did they


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