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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 10, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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news 4 s todayrts now. >> it's just about 4:30. we take a live lookde out on this thursday morning. it is 32 degrees outside of our s in northwest. that's not counting any wind. i ho your home is warm enough that you can't feel t winter temperatures. it is frigid out there. we have to get used to it becae it's the way it's going to be. it's winter. >> i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence. chuck bell is here with the o laten the forecast. we'll get to melissa for a check on the traffic. >> didn't janice have twoce we're about to look at the frowny fe for january.
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my colleague came up with the bread meter. how much snow and what you should be getting at the store. let's turn itn and see where we land. get at least a loaf. theres a high cha of getting at least an inch of snow. the odds of getting a heavy snow look l ter todayn they did yesterday. but still, a long way to go. still more than 48 hours from the first flakes from this storm. this morning, lingeri owshowers in northern maryland. the issue with today is the wind and the cold. temperatures down in the upper 20s to around 30. but just ferocious northwest wind. windchills are in the teens tos around 20 t morning. however you want to put i you can say windy and cold or cold and windy today,me ssa. >> either way, sounds like a big brrrr to me. 66 here, eastbound-westbound. no issues on 66. you can see the wind. the cameras are moving there. and dumfries, northbound 95,
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near the dale rest area. right lane is closed there. quantico to the beltway, 66 miles per hour. that's going t take you 18 minutes. nothing as you're head eed inbound. and outbound, looking good. innerloop, central avenue, two left lanes getting by that work zone. >> thank you, melissa. president trump heads to the southern border today to make his case for building a wall. this comes on the 20th day of the government shutdown and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. w conversationh leaders broke down at the white house yesterday. the president said he asked house speaker nancy pelosi if she would fund a wall. when she said no, the president id bye-bye and walked out. a handful of republicans broke ranks with their party and joined house democrats and passed a billhe reopening t financial agencies. today, the house will take up
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another bill to reopen agencs that farmers and food assistance programs. all of the bills are expected to go nowhere in the senate, llough. mitch mccon refuses to schedule a vote for bills the president will not sign. coming up, we'll talk to tracie pottsbout the heated negotiations whe s with lawmake. thousands of workers in our area, we know a federal worker or we have one in ourfamilies. we are working with you to get information to t helpse that won't get a paycheck because of a shutdown. the united way is stepping up, opening financial empowerment center. four centers are opep here. they will offer one-on-one financial planning and budget coaching, free tax preparation and counseling. the united way is donating$5 000 to area organizations who are helping provide foodnd rent assistance to all of you impacted by the shutdown. th is a map showing where the
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centers will be opening. coming up next half hour, we're live in lgo in prince george's county. dozens of businesses have been offering aand to federal workers, from free dinners to discounted tickets. you can check outhe list. we've been updating by the hour in tng nbc wasn app. coming up, we're going to tell you about the organization making sure federal workers' pets are staying well-fed throughout the shutdown. tomorrow, the 51,000 tsa employees who keep you safe while you fly will feel the effects on their paycheuts. they haven the hours but they won't get paid. and that's causing concerns of possible p sick-outsossible employees. that's not the case at our airports. and tsa is disputing that there's any impact nationwide. 99.9% of travelers waited less than 30 minutes in line. 94.8% waited less than 15 minutes.
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tsa precheck centers waited less than five minutes. here's a look at top stories we're llowing. maryland state senate president mike miller is battling pe inine cancer. he will discuss his diagnosis when the senate meets later this morning. the source says thes cancer i aggressive and advanced miller is a democrat from calvert countyhat served as president since 1987. rod rosenstein isli cal it quits. his darture is an indication that the investigation by specialounsel robert mueller is nearly complete. nbc news reports that renstein expects to step down within the next month but the report adds he intends to sta until mueller finishes his work. a woman has died after a new year's eve car crash that killed her sister. she died yesterday, a week after sheas injured after crashing into an tree irl c county. deputies say the woroads were w.
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police are investigating car thves in chevy chase and bethesda. thieves could be seen walking through neighbors and checking for unlocked cars. theft from auto ist the mos common crime in montgomery county. it was down last year. happening day, a man convicted for killing a prince george's county police detective timenow find out how much he will spend in prison. in 2016, ford opened fire on a police station in landover. colson was off-duty andiv a in plain clothes. he was mistaken for being one of theas attackers and accidentally shot by a fellow officer. a jury convicted ford of second-degree murder last year even whidthough heon not kill co. the vatican could be near the sentencing phase when it comes to theodore mccarrick.
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a person familiar with the case tells "the washington post," vatican investiga rs have finished gathering evidence, that includes testimony from three people that are accusing mccarrick of abuse. mccarrick served of archbishop of washington and has been removed from the college of cardinals. he could lose church housing and stipens. mccarrick is living in seclusion in kansas. an arlington high school could have a new name by the end of the day. h hearing iset to rename washington lee hhool. many want the change the name to washington loving high school, honoring mi ining mildred and loving. tonight's hearing is scheduled to start at 7:00. its 4:37. coming up, a local hockey team celebrated by thecaps. why their trouble on the ice is
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getting them attention., plus a divorce announcement from the wealthiest man in the world. what jeff bezos split could mean for the rest of the amazon empire.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> what a difference 24 hours makes. the wizards get a win over the philadelphia 76ers last night. they look like a completely different team compared to tuesday night. final score last night, 123-106. the wizards are playing without john wall. he posted this picture from his hospital bed on instagram tuesday night, after undeoing a season-ending surgery on his left heel. in the caption, he says, smiling is good for the soul. indeed. wall is expected to miss six t eight months recovering from surgery. we wish him the best. we need himack on the team. new this morning, one local youth team is getting a lot of
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attention on social media. >> the map leaf maple leafs ar against racism. a member of the team faced racial taunts. his teammates were not having it and began yelling at the other team. two caps players heard this story and felt compelled the do something. >> we heard about the unfortunate incidents that were taking place with the vine. we were happy to see your team stand up and defend and support each other. >> they recorded a video message for the young team thanking them for sticking up for their teamma teammate. smith pelley says this hits close to him. he recalls facing the same hat growing up. >> it makes me so mad. want to encourage people to get in sports they may be underrepresented ino i am happy the caps stepped up. >> you see it around the world
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and nsoccer. >> the caps invited the entire team to their game against the st. louis blues on january 14th. hope kids do that more often. >> after that game, the youth rest s going to meet t of the caps, as well. cool outcome. coming up -- f new hopeor keeping brycen harper i d.c. hy the gnnats star may not b leaving after all. are we holding our breath? >> i don't know. are they going to pay h $25 million? why would you leave? if you can make $40 million . somewhere el hit the road forecast for your thursday -- hold on tight to that steering wheel. the winds will be up over 20 to 30 mil per hour at times. seat heaters are on high. and if they're broken, you need to get them fixed because there' a lot cold weather in front of
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you're watching news 4 today. >> on this 20th day of the government shutdown, preildent trump travel to the southern border to make his case to fund a wall. this com a day after negotiations between the president and democrats ended with the presidentalking out of the oval office meeting. >> yeah. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, what happened during that meeting? and what does the house plan to do today? >> reporter: the meeting tha took only about 20 minutes -- the president said they could wrap it up in 45, it was less than that. the white house said he walked in and was ready to work things out with democrats. but when he asked if they would pay for the wall and nancy pelosi said no, he walked out. and the president confirmed that
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on twitter. she said no and i said bye-bye. it looks like this is an absolute stalemate. today onhe capitol hill, democrats will try to reopen the government piece-by-piece. yesterday, they approved the irs. the senate won't look at that. today, they will look at the agriculture department, which affects farmers andeople who get food stamps. we're expecting demonstrations here in washington today. federal workerand others affected by this shutdown, who may get backpay when it's all er. but we don't know when that's go >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. today, the pnce george's county school board will consider a proposal to pay school lunches for the students affected byhe utdown. the ceo of the system is requesting free lunches for all students in prince george's county unt federal workers can get paid again. the school system would have to itself.e bill by but the county government, state, nonprofits and businesses could chip in and hp pay f
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that. food for your dog or cat can add up. and this herning, as shutdown lingers, many are forced to make tough financial cisions, not knowing if the bxt paycheck will come in. northern virgiureau reporter, david culver, shows us e group's efforts to ease the st ofep pet food. >>orter: loki has quite the collection. it is here that staff is helping ease theovernment shutdown's financial burdens. >> so many people are affected. >> reporter: sam knows the desperation can be real. he's seen it in the past. >> we hear stories of people who come in that say that they have d their children and they fed their pets and they don't have anything to eat. that's where we want to step in. >> reporter: government employees, contractors, anyon who needs it, can draw from these supplies -- dog food, cat food, all doned by pet lovers. if you want to help with the
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effort to collect food affected by those affected by the shutdown, head to the nbc washington app and search ut wn. for nbc 4, david culver. >> we're wnking for you the community. molette green is stopping by a barbershop, putting on a cut-a-thon for furloughed workers. i'm meagan fitzgerald at the live desk, following breaking news for a police officer in shreveport, louisiana, has been shot and killed. her name has not been released. investigators say she was shot four times, including once in the head. officials say, she was preparing to go to work when s was shot late last night. police are questioningomeone but no arrests have been made. we're following the latt on another officer-involved shooting. this one, in raleigh, north carolina. officials there say two suspects
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are in custody aft an officer was shot late last night. the officer was kweinvestigatin the report of a suspicious car when he was shot. he was rushed to the hospital. but at this,ho it's still unclear of his condition. back to you. >> all right. thank you, meagan. now, to a disturbing story from arizona. phoenix police are investigating a arlong-term facility after a wo who has been in a vegetative state for a decade, gave birth. she is 29 years old. she's in this facility right here.r police are gatg dna from all of the male employees at thatfacility. it's not clear if staff members were aware of her pregnancy until she wen into labor last month. the woman's family does plan to care for the baby boy. more than 100 people die every day from opioid overdose
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in the u.s. now, an app is developed that can detect breathing problems after drug use. it's called the second chance app. it uses soundsu waves to m breathing and calls for help if there's an issue. 19 out of 20 times, the app correctly identified shallow breathing. there i acatch. the app does not work from inside of your pocket. now, to w a stove been following. police arrested a homeless veteran in thes infam gofundme scam. he failed to appea in court in new jersey and police picked him up in philadelphia. in started with a video appearing to show a homeless mondman giving 20 bucks to help a stranded drer. people donated to the homeless man but the story wasn't true. investigators say johnny bobbit conspired with the couple.
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he sued the couple saying they kept most of the money for themselves. all three of them are facing criminal charges. the e. coli outbreak linked romaine lettuce is over. it caused dozens of people to get sick. 62 people became ill i al the outbreak was traced t farms in california. the food and drug administration said it was continuing i investigation. amid the government shutdown, people are looking for good news to look forward to in d.c. nats fans will like this news. itppear mrss more likely that bryce harper will be staying in town. the nationals are offering harper more than the original ten-year, $300 million offer. sources tell the site, fshington is theavorite to re-sign the free agent. harper is expected to meet with the phillies this week. but it appears that team is
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goingfter manny machado. >> you can't expect that man to million.under $300 >> he has bills to pay. >> a childoriaise. >> breathtaking. >> i mean, they say hittiun a ball with a bat is the hardest thing to do in sports. but my goodness >> only t weeks away from opening day. >> wow. that's awesome.>> yeah. weather-wise -- >> far away. >> you can thinkbout spring training all you want to, but we're about winter for the next ten days orso. cold weather has returned to the d.c. area, after long, 4 weeks in a row with temperatures warmer than average. that all stops today. chances for snow remain very, very high. chances to get an inch or more remain at 80%. hat's pretty good for snow lovers. chances of 4 inches or more, i lowered this number from yesterday. there's less confidence we're
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going to get a lot of snow. 40% chance of 4 inches or more. 8 inches or more, under a 10% chance. on average, general amounts, in the 2-4 inch, 2-5 inch range. here's what the european model is predting. 2, 3, 4 or 5 ifshnches in the shenandoah valley. it's all about setting expectations in the forecasting wohd. expect enoo make the ground white, enough to make a snowman, but not enough to keep you buried in your house for weeks. future weather shows the storm developing late friday across parts of the middle plains and eventually spreadinow in here by mid to late saturday afternoon. our best chance to accumulate snow will come after midnight tsaturday night and most day on sunday. snowfall amounts, still to be determined. but a high confidence that something is coming. 60%hance of snow by 5:00 on saturday afternoon. and an 80% chance of snow by
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sunday morning. download that nbc washington app and find a follow me on my social media pages. just twede it out. the on my instagram, forecast for you. it's about the wind and the cold today, the cold tomorrow and the weekend snow chance melissa, traffic has got to have better news than that. >> we have pretty goodnews, actually. a couple of work zones here and there. centreville stbound, 66, two right lanes blocked. that popped up for you. northbound/southbound on 95 in virginia, nothing in your way. capitol heights, interloop. we had two left lanes getting by. that's cleared out of the don't worry about that anymore. remember, we have the wind warnings in effect. it's breezy out in some spots. no vehicle rerictions, just warnings on the bay bridge and the harry nice bridge. toyota is recalling 1 million cars for a deadly
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problem with air bag inflaters. cars and suvs air bags need to be replaced because they can explode and hurl shrapnel into the driver and others. the recall covers the 2010-2016 4-runner, 2010-2013 carolla and mi the matrix. it covers other several other lexus and scion models, as well. for a full list, check out the nbc washington 4 app. the company chairman of sears has submitted a new bid to save the company. a bid for under $4.5 billion was rejected because itve would l the company administratively insolvent. if sears accepts the offer, it would only allow lampert to
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participate in an auction on monday. he d submit a $120 million deposit to beo eligibility t make bids to save the company and roughly 50,000 the richest man in the world will now have to figure a way to split his wealth. >> there you go. amazon ceo and founder jeff zos announcedn twitter he and his wife are getting a divorce. the decision to divorce comes after a trial separation. the couple has been married for 25 years.s bezos worth about $140 billion. that's billi with a "b." his marriage played a role in the creation of amazon, which is now the world's most valuable when that divorce is finalized, you will have the world's most religible bachend bachelorette. >> i was going to say, yep. still ahead on news 4 today, the.c. region population is growing. how metro plans on handling that boom. plus, a rash of car
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break-ins caught on wham r what you can do to keep yourself and your belongings safe.
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news 4oday starts now. >> good morning, everyone. i'mn yang. >> i'm chris lawrence in for aaron. we're here, day 20.
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hundreds of thousands of federal workers get ready to go witho a paycheck for the first time. the president is heading to the border. this morning, we'repreviewing his visit and looking at the latest round of failed negotiations with democrats. also on the agenda, snow. things are looking quiet on the radar right now. in a feways, we could be in a very different situation. melissa is standin by with a check on your commute. and justin finch is live with the unitedway, announcing help for federal woiners. we bith meteorologist chuck bell because everyone is talking about the snow. i heard you caused a little panic at the grocery store. >> boy, did i ever. i neede to shop on sunday, apparently. when i went yesterday, i dared to have bread, milk and eggs, all in my bucket. >> shocking istocking up. >> when the weather man is stocking up. >> i caused a


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