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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 10, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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workers get ready to go witho a paycheck for the first time. the president is heading to the border. this morning, we'repreviewing his visit and looking at the latest round of failed negotiations with democrats. also on the agenda, snow. things are looking quiet on the radar right now. in a feways, we could be in a very different situation. melissa is standin by with a check on your commute. and justin finch is live with the unitedway, announcing help for federal woiners. we bith meteorologist chuck bell because everyone is talking about the snow. i heard you caused a little panic at the grocery store. >> boy, did i ever. i neede to shop on sunday, apparently. when i went yesterday, i dared to have bread, milk and eggs, all in my bucket. >> shocking istocking up. >> when the weather man is stocking up. >> i caused a near-panic. no reason to panic.
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we're not looking at a blizzard in any way, shape or form. but that being said, enough snow to cause an impact and perhaps ause disruptions to the monday morning school work commute. it could do that. but it will not be measu feet. it will be measured in inches. we are seeing a couple light snowshowers across parts of northern the snow squalls that went through here yesterday will not be repeated in as much intensity today. you can alws use our nbc washington app. there's a radar feature there and o following me social media can keep you ahead of the coming winter storm. your thursday morning, it's all about two words today, wind and cold. windchills this morning are in e teens to around 20. and there's precious little imprement coming. afternoon temperatures will stay in the mid to upper 30s. and the c windsld gust over 40 miles per hour at times today. if you own itnd it keeps you warm, put it on today. and for the commute,li messa,
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hold on tight to the steering wheels. >> not a bad idea. thank you, chuck. ou can imagine in the grocery store causing a full-on panic. if i saw the weather man in the grocery store, i would be following him around. silver spring, left si blocked by a disabled vehicle. doesn't seem to be slowing that's good. this cleared out of the way. it popped up and was gone. centreville, eastbound 66 at 28. we had two right lanes blocked at the work zone. 95 northbound, problems. slow near wood bridge. southbound near quantico, a tiny slowdown. prince george's county, no problem there's. the clock is ticking. less than 24 hours, the first pay period for federal workers impacted by the shutdown will arrive. but the paycheck is not going to come alongith it. >> it's likely most of us know somebody in the d.c. region who has been furloughed. if it's not you, it could be a family member, a friend, a neighbor. roughly 800,000 people iting
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for th gridlock to end, new good news. justin finch, withew financial empowerment centers that the united way has made available. >> reporter:hat's right. financial empowerment centers like this one behind me, theyer are he to offer a resource for those w are in dire need during these uncertain times. unitedlso learned the way of the national capital area has secured $50,000 in emergency funding to help theurloughed workers and their families. they have four centers right now, spread acrosshe gion. they are now ready to assist, to answer qutions, to also offer financial counseling and other advice to weather this storm, that's now been going on for weeks. we want to show you a map of the financial empowerment locations. there's one on good hope road.
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one on rich mondamond highway. and one on minyville road. and the one here in largo, they open at 9:00 a.m. backte out live, the u way saying they want individuals to give, corporations to give. neighbors helping neighbors will be one way to help the furloughed workers and their families get throu tough times. we'll be here throughout the morning in ways that you can help and way that furloughed t workers ce advantage, guys. back to you. >> justin, thank you. eachday, we learn more about who is going without a paycheck. secret service agents who are protecting the agent. u.s. customs and border patrol agents, and atf and dea, and nasa is working without pay and air traffic controllers and tsa office. >> everybody talks about 800,000 employees. well, that's just the 800,000 of us who work.
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how many wives, husbands, spouses,rs part children? >> we don't know when this is going to end. we don't know when the income stream will pick up again. >> the tsa union says some office are starting toquit. for so many furloughed workers, waiting for congress and the president to agree is not an option. mortgages need to be paid and children need to be fed. news 4 met up with two sisters in prince george's county who are both federal workers and the prime earners for their families. they came up with the idea of making and selling cheesecakes. >> we need to make sure we're securing a future for ourselves and for our families. >> the sisters bake out of their home. the cak cost about 30 bucks. hear this, they've already received nearly 100 ordersrom across our region, some as far away as texas. speaking of the lone star state, today, president tmp is
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heading to texas to continue making his case for building that border wall. he willh meet w border patrol agents and take part in a roundtable discussion on yemigration. sterday, another round of budget talks broke down. democrateaders met with the president in the oval office. rt"the washington post" re the meeting lasted less than 20 minutes. the president asked the house speaker if she changed her mind and would agree to build the wall. after she said no, the president left the room. now, he and white house advisers are looking seriously at declaring a national emergency, ich would freep funds and allow construction to start. >> i have the absolute right to do national e rgency if iwant. my threshold will be if i can't make a deal with people that are unreasonable. mewhile, eight republicans have joined the democrats in the house to reopen the irs and other financial agencies. but senate majority leader mit mcconnell won't bring the bill before the senate. the house is going to try again today, votingn a bill that
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will reopen departments that are designed to help farmers and families who rely on food stamps. the federal government, with all of i buildings and monuments in the district is d.c. water's biggest customer. the treasury department says it will not be ableo pay its quarterly bill in full on time. at quarterly bill is about $16.5 llion. it only plans to pay $10.5 million, leaving $5 million unpaid. d.c. water officials joked about cutting off the water at the white house for nonpayment. that has never been done anden won't ha. but d.c. could charge the federal government a late fee. imagin that's really hefty on a h6 million bill. stay w news 4 for live coverage of the shutdown and unitedway's announcement. go to our nbc washington app, search shutdown. breaking news rig now.
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learning that maryland senate president mike miller is being treated for prostate cancer. meagan? >> difficult news this morning. according to multiple sources, "the washington post" is sourcing two people familiar with the situation and according to "the post," representative miller recentlytarted treatment at johns hopkins university for prostate cancer. he apparently received the diagnosis shortly after the christmas holiday. one of "the post" sou describes it as aggressive and advanced. the 76-year-old will discuss his cancer diagnosis when the senate meets late their morning. miller is a democrat from calvert county that has served as senate president since 19 i. the longest serving senate president in the country. we'll have more on this coming up. >> thank you, meagan. arlington high school could get a new name tonight.
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>> officials have been working on a name for washington-lee high school for a year. an announcement could come tonight. we go live to the high school. megan, what are you hearing? >> reporter: we are expecting e vote later tonight. this could change the name here. washington-lee high school, the name honors george washington and confederate general robert e. lee. and the debate about changing the name has been going on for some time. tonight, during a meeting, the school boas expected to take that final vote so we could see th name officially changed -- or the decision tonight. the committee gathered input from thecommunity. they have recommended the name washington-loving high school. it wouor h mildred and richard loving, the interracial couple challged a law i virginia outlawing interracial marriage and the supreme court struck down that law. the vote on the name change could happen during the public meing at 7: tonight.
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should mention that the school superintendent hasecommended approval of the name change. back to you. >> all right. thank you, megan. lawmakers in our area rang in the new year by banging the gavel. and general assemblies are under way in maryland and virginia. >>oth haveong to-do lists in 2019. in maryland, it goes to education funding and raising the minimum wage. larry hogan say he wants maryland to be a model for how congress should work together. a different set of priorities in virginia. across the aisle, tax relief is the most important. there's talks of state-wide sports bettin and democrats are pressing hard on gun violence prevention. news 4 will be following these issues we will keep you updated online and in the nbc washington app. ahead, our region is growing fast. mekio is l for ways to keep up. >> we're showing you a look at some of the potential plans when we come back.
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plus, a new study on alzheimer's just mpleted. what you may be experiencing right now that could be an indication for the disease later in life. good odmorning, ever you're making your morning cup of coffee, make it extra st. it extra cold and windy outside this morning. this cold is here to stay all the way into the weekend. so, snow chances remain high. see you in a minutethe ecve-day for
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you're watching news 4 toda >>elcome back. if you think the d.c. region is crowded now, just you wait. it is projected that over the next severalyears, millions of people will move into our area. >> isn't that a lovely thought? now, metro is taking a look at its operations to see i t it's goin be able to handle the influx of residents. transportation reporter, adam tuss, explains. >> reporter: you know, one of
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the things metro has to figure ow they're going to grow as our region continues to grow. think about this -- by 2045 regional planners think our population will go up to 7 million. that's up from 5.9 million right now. metro is going to be a big part of how everybody gets around. i one of the bigues is capacity. how will metro carry everybody? they have a plan in place now to increase the number of eight-car trains, those longer eight-car trains in the system. something that you heard about and can start toain some steam, is a new tunnel that would connect rossyln and georgetown. rossyln is the choke point of the metro system. e at's something that planners will have to figt. listen to the general manager when we sat down with him and he talked about the system getting better. what's it going to be next year? is there a slogan coming out? >> not so much as slogan. but we have to be better than good. >> reporter: adam tuss, news 4.
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mro leaders are scheduled to meet later this morning to talk about the ways they can grow. adam will cover that meeting and you can follow him on twitter throughout the day. a new study suggests that poor sleep may be an iicator of alzheimer's disease. older adults who d didn't getp sleep, had brain proteins linked to alzheimer's. it's important to note, thisid study not find that lack of sleep played a role in cognitive decline, only the quality of that sleep. >>good news for anyone who suffers with a peanut allergy. there's a new device that can help you determine whether the food you're about to eat contains peanuts. it's a cket-sized device designed to detect peanuts in food.
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you put a pea-sizeodpiece of fo in a test capsule. the device tests for the nut. if your child sees a msage that says anut found, they will know not to eat that food. t' they see a smiley face, safe to eat. th weekend, we hope you will join us for the nbc 4 telemundo health and fitness expo. it is saturday and sunday at the shington convention center. storm team 4 is tracking snow but don't let trot stop you coming. the event is on, no matter the weather. there is a metro stop at the convention center. how convenients that? the expo is free for you and your family. you can ask chuckheell about forecast and about the snow. >> i answered a lot of questions yesterday. >> i'm sure you did. when theer wean has bread and milk, it's the apocalypse. >> it's been so warm, we haven't had to think about snow. >> an inch or two in novemb. it's been high and dry. but cold has returned and snow
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chances arecoming. right now, it's a freezing 32 degrees in washington. but theindsre averaging 17 miles per hour, gusting over 30 miles per hour. so, windchills are in the tee and low 20s everywhere. feels like 18 in leesburg. feels like 12 in martinsburg. feels like 16 in gaithersburg. w youl need an extra warm insulated layery to s outside today. there's your planner. 20s this morning. in the mid -- briefly in the upper 30s thisoo afte but northwest winds will average 20nd gust over 40 miles per . ho the storm we're watching arrives here during the day on saturday. future weather holds the snow out of here through daybreak on saturday. after lunch on saturday, snow starts es and light snow to breakout. accumulating snow will be saturdaynight, noontime on sunday. we remain confident we're going
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to get snow, at let an inch or two. here's the reason that today i'm a little less confident of any blockbuster snow. this is the american model, cranking out o1 or 2, 4, 5 or 6 inches. yesterday, the numbers were higher than that. the other american modello has r amounts. we're confident we're going to get snow beless liut less likel bi big, big snow. a 70% chance of an inch or two. i have aomplete forecast and written up a discussion on the nbc washington app and nto nbcwashic you can follow me on my social media pages to give you the latest. todawindy and cold, for sure. bundle up. you will need it for today. tomorrow, still cold, but not as windy. there's that increasing chance for snow during theay saturday. saturday night, into sunday. if you're trying to get out of s the history on monday, i've had to continue our snow chances, at least for flurries,
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into monday morning. that could increase chances for hool delays or dare i saync lations? we'll keep you posted on that. >> everybody is getting excited already. they hear that one word and start freaking out pip don't blame them. new york avenue at capitol street here. police are on thscene, a new crash. we have part of that blocked right now in the district. silver sing outer loop, after university boulevard. had the left side blocked by a disabled vehicle. that's hon the shoulder. centreville, eastbound 66 at 28. that's cared out. 66 looks good. so does 95 northbound, southbound a little slow south of quantico. ahned, the att for the family of the young girl who survived a shock atmgm national harbor speaks to news 4. >> the tactics he says the casino is using to delay that practice. on "ellen," claire foy is
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stopping by, talking about her, movihe golden globes and taking on ellen in a round of "heads-up." you can catch "ellen" at 3:00 and stick around for news 4 at hey! havertys having a big sale.#newliv you know, people don't actually use hashtags when they talk. s #thisgirld like that. no one ever does that. #havertysboom stop it. oustopit havertys 2019 kickoff is on
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having the confidenc that's never gonna go youdown would be priceless.s. one more way we go beyond. call today and pay just $49.95 a month reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. you're watching news 4 today. >> this morning, new details l about tsuit filed by the family of 7-year-old zynae green. last summer she went t mgm
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national harbor with her family. she was shocked after touching an outdoor rahandrail and her family sued. the family says the company is using sll tactics. >> the attorney sat down withil traceens to talk about how the delays are impacting the family. >> this is a tragedy that mgm is ng worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: attorney benedict morelli is representing zynae green's fitily in a against mgm national harbor after the-year-old was injured on the patio last summer. she was healthy and vibrant andv can't speak ornow. >> she needs 24/7 care of nurses. she also needs doctors and equipment because she had a trache tube, a feeding tube, and this is forever. >> reporter: 120 volts circulated through her body as
5:24 am
she held one charged railing and placed her feeon another. county inspectors say the railings were improperly installed and violated building codes. the familyanas filed suit. the attorney says mgm is not responding to the lawsuit and stalling at the family's expense. >> the mom was working three jobs. and now, she's not working at all because she spends so much e t the hospital. >> reporter: on monday, the family filed an additional rwmotion to move the case d. in a statement, mgm said, we were disappointed that we were unable to reach an agreement last november when the lawsuit was fit continue to communicate with their esentatives to reach an amicable solution. morelli says he is.oping the sa >> everything is wrong about this. everything is wrong. t.d i hope and trust that they'll make it ri >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news 4. >> a spokesperson th the in george's department of
5:25 am
permitting, tells us mgm is working on fixing problems founr by inspe to is planning to meet with mgm weekly to moits progress. mgm national harbor spokespeoply say re refitting the railings that sndcked zynae removing some of the electrical components. this morning's synagogue hae a new >> crews spent yesterday rolling the historin building d to a new site down the block. now, the building, 273tons, is located on 3rd and f streets northwest. it was original home to the synagogue. the relocation is part of construction for the capital crossing project. this is the third move for the synagogue, which has had a long history here in d.c. >> it was a synagog for the first 30 years of its life.
5:26 am
>> it will be part of the capital jewish museum, set to open in 2021. coming up, an assault investigatio widening after a woman in a coma gives birth. police break their silence aboue who are investigating. chuck? dogec walk ft time, everybody. cute little ames. she isappy to keep you xa company. dog walking forecast today, keep the up, everybody. temperatures are only in the 20s and 30s. theheindchills are down in teens and 20s all day. high-profile dogs, hd on to that leash extra tight. plus, anupdate to the romaine lettuce recall. some good news, as you pack your lunch this morning. the detail plus how the government shutdown could impact warnings a
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get started winity for $79.99 a month for 2 years, plus ask about 4k ultra hd. switch today.
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news 4 todaytarts now. >> your time is 5:29. we look outside on this thursday morning. hoping your home is nice and
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cozy. you're not going to want to get outf bed this morning because the temperatures are really low right now. o it's col there this morning. we're just going to have to get ried to it. >> that's t. yes, you are. >> what are you going to do? >> i'll be thinking abo this weekend. >> right. send me pictures from the beach, ch s. just rub iin. >> i'm eun yang. >> yeah. i'm chrislawrence. heads-up for parents in grant unty, virginia, public school on a two-hour delay because of te weather. this weekend,t's where we see the real trouble with the snow. meteorologist chuck bell is here with the forecast and melissa will give us a check of the commute. gd morning, everybody. thursday is off to a very windy and cold start. we've been joking about this all morning. reead, milk, and eggs, i took this pic yesterday when i came home from the store. i tweeted this out on twitter. two gallons of milk, two loaves
5:31 am
of bad and two dozen eggs. the amount of goods purchased does not reflect the expectation of a lot of snow. it's just,hat's how empty the kitchen was. the bread meter that emilia designed for us yesterday -- yeah. grab a loaf. it looks like enough snow to cover the grass, cover the roads. it doesn't look like a blockbuster blizzard. that's good news. today, even though rerema equally confident that we're going to get snow, it looks like we will get a little less than we tught we would g yesterday. a long way to go, 48 hours or more until first flake. we'll fine-tune the forecast and have the first tput of the snow forecast map tonight. pere's yournner for today. bundle up. it's windy, cold and it will stay that way. >> thank you, chuck. iove the bread meter. it puts it in perspective. anew yorknue here at north
5:32 am
capitol street. police are on the scene on both sides of the roadway. we have a slowdown through that area. new crash reston. we have a crash reported at sunrise valley drive. 66 looks good. 95, okay. southbound at quantico. inner loop aend outer loop, no worries. it clears up down to the spur, no probleyo. >> thank it's 5:32. today begins the 20th day of the government shutdo >> it's coming as hundreds of thousands of federal workers start their first pay period withoutti g a check. with team coverage on all aspects of the shutdo, justin finch will join us with a new you to help thousands of who need assistance right now. tracie potts is live with the latest from capitol hill. >> we begin with news 4's j gray who is on the border with president trump is headed tode
5:33 am
to mis case to fund a wall. jay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president will be here in south tex a bitater today, as negotiations over the budget and his border wall seem to be in disarray. and he continues to suggest that he may use the controveropal on of declaring a national emergency to end that standoff. if that were the case, those funds would be for money dy allocated alror the military. so, already, that would be controversial. d divisive even within his own party, it's likely he wou face some type of court challenge if he were to -- if he wereo declare that emergency. the presidt's schedule here -- not exactly clear. we know he does pla to get briefing along the rio grande here and sit down and have a cu roundtable dion with some of the border patrol agents. that's the latest here in hidalgo, texas, along the border. back to you. >> jay, thank you. continuing our team coverage
5:34 am
with thousands of federal workers in our area, many of us know someone unfafacing an uncen future. d we have neighbors helping neighbors. united way is making a huge commitment to help people in our tiea. >> j finch is in largo to announce financial aid to help those in need. we understand that another company has stepped in tois pr funds, as well? >> reporter: that's right. we have the united way with $50,000 and another $50,000 was andonated. theyet help to those right away. we are hoping that more people step up and help the furloughed workers and their om joined by hugh, who is the program director the financial empowerment center here at prince george's county
5:35 am
community college. i have to imagine right now the phones are ringing. >> well, yes. the financial empowerment center seeks to empower those in thi community financially, enhancing financial capability. we seek to improve credit scores and improve savings, as well as reduce dt and increased use of financial products. it's important that folks come out for financial coaching. they havmall business ideas, an effective approach to have a supplemental stream of income. we offer small businesat coachig he center, as well. in addition to that, we offer home buying coueling and edit counseling. i guess our message for those struggling right now would be,u ow, stay current on your bills. budget with what you have, as well as, make sure you know what assistance programs you know what you're available for. food assistance, medical
5:36 am
assistance, disability assistance. look for the floughed practices best guide. individuals can turn to us tond undershat they can do to manage their situation right now. >> reporter: these worker do have some frustration. sey want to work and are unable to. ane have some shame about coming in and asking for help. i imagine you wanto eliminate that shame right away. >> absolutely. no one should feel the for not showing up. if you're in a crisis you need to know your options. to know your options, you have to show up for things that's classic part of the financial behavior change . playbo you have to find help and show up for help. we provide action plans. i think right now, folks are searching for action plans. some people experience sort of a shutdown-style crisis on a regular basis,ho aren't furloughed workers. we work withua indiv like that, as well. we have different things we can
5:37 am
rely on from the consumer convention protection bureau and other industry. up eporter: we want to pul a map and show you there are locations you can go to, if you aref in need assistance. there's two in the woodbridge area. you'llee on theap there. one in alexandria and the one we are at here in largo. all opened thisou morning for to go out and get the help that you need.ri eun, back to you. >> where and how can everyday peopleo to hel those in need if they want to pitch in? >> reporr: well, rig now, you can go to the nbc washington app or our website. a we have link there that will direct you to ways that you can donate right now and help the furloughed wkers and their families. that link is live right now as we speak. back into you. >> justinnk finch, tha you. happening today, a man convicted for killing a prince george's county police detective, we'll findow out much time he will spend in
5:38 am
prison. in 2016, ford opened fire on a police stati in landover. colson was off duty a in plainclothes. he was mistaken for being one of the attackers and was accidently shot by a fellow officer. a jury convicted ford of second-degree murder last year. even though he did not kill, cols faces decades in the vaticad be near the sentencing phase when it comes to theodore mccarrick. a person familiar with the case tells "the washington ," vatican investigators have finished collecting evidence, that includes testimony from three people that are accusing mccarrick of abuse. mccarrick served as archbishop of washington and has been removed from the college of cardinals. if expelled from the priesthood, he could lose church housing and stipens. mccarrick in kansas. seclusion coming up, aocal hockey team celebrated by thepsca why their trouble on the ice is
5:39 am
getting nationwide attention this pl a divorce announcement from the wealthiest man in the worl what jeff bezos' split
5:40 am
5:41 am
new this youth team is getting a lot of attention on social media. >> they are getting support around the country for rallying against racism. earlier this mmonth, aber of the team faced racial taunts against a team from pennsylvania. his teammates weren't having it. they started to yell at other team and eventually broke out into a fight. two caps players heard this story and felt compelled to do something. >> hey, metro maple leafs. we heard about the unfortunate incidents that took place with the vine. we were so happy to see your team step up to support each other. >> the cap stars recorded that
5:42 am
video message to the youth team, thanking them for sticking up for their teammates. the story hits close to home and one recallede the same h growing up. the caps invited the entire map leafs team to their game against the st. louis blues january 14th. how fun is that? >> you have to stick up for your teammates. u can't let that go down. after the game, the teams get a chance to meet the caps. chuck? a little forecang. you're g out to the bus stop, jog in place. it's cold out there this morning. the windchills are down in the teens. the afternoon highs will stay in ie 30s. that wind going nowhere. gusts over 40 miles per hour today.av coat, hat with the tiedowns. and first and second graders may need rocks in the pockets to weightu'
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
watching news 4 today. 2 >> on thith day of the government shutdown, president trump will travel to the southern border to make his case to fund a wall. this comes a day after negotiations betwe the president and democrats ended with the presidentalng out of the oval office pemeeting. >> tracie potts is livel n capihill. tracie, what happened during the meeting? ter: different accounts of what the tone was in the meeting. but what the president said could take 45 minutes took less than half of that, when he asked nancy pelosi ifhe was going to at all or at any point fund the wall that he wants to build at the mexican border.
5:46 am
she saido and he said, there's no reason to be here. he walked out. t's ownng to the presid tweet, he said the meeting wasn't worth his time. so, these negotiations appear to have fallen apart. this was the third time they sat down to try to end the shutdown. for the president, it's all about the wall. elr democrats, it is for people that will l not be getting paychecks tomorrow unless something unhapected ens. today, the democrats will continue their attempt to reopen the government ece-by-piece, focusing on a different department every day. today, agriculture, food stamps. but republicans won't touch any of that legislation until we are at a stalemate on day 20. tomorrow, we will tie with the longest shutdown ever in u.s. history. all right. tracie potts, live for us on capitol hill. thank you. > today, the prince george's county school board will consider a proposal to pay school lunches for sdents bein affected by the shutdown. a member of the school board is requesting free lunches for all
5:47 am
students in prince orge's county until the government is reopened. the school stem would have to foot the bill by itself. but the county government, state, rinonprofits,te businesses could pitch in to help. this shutdown is affecting federal workers in more ways than you can imagine. >> this morning, we are working for you in the community. news 4's molette green is live inls church. she has details on what they are doing to help furloughed workers. >> reporter: good morning to au. they're calling shutdown cutdown. getting haircuts, all part of the plan to do something to pport the community. this barbershop is embedded in the falls church community. and the customers are feeling the imact apact and so is the barbershop. we have furloughed workers here. the tax assessor has taken phone calls from folks concerned about their finances and future.
5:48 am
dustin foley here with the neighborhood barbershop can talk about what's going to happen on sunday when yave the cut-a-thon, starting at noon. why did you want to do this? >> well, a lot of our customers start eed calling in and saying they department have theoney and were too uncertain whether or not they would come . so, we thought we would take the embarrassment out of the paycheck nduncertainty a open it up to our friend >> reporteah. that's what they're going to do. we s havearah over here on furlough, wondering when she's going back to work. an sitting in the chair, getting a haircut right now. ryan, this cut-a-thon and this community effort, it reallyhe to the heart, doesn't it? >> absolutely. this is one of the first things that i didn't know if i would be able to afford. i'm actua ay due for haircut in about two weeks. when i saw that dustin was doing the event on sunday, i said,'s that phenomenal. the guys here do a bang-up job. >> reporter: you had to chop some things off your listyo as re waiting to go back to
5:49 am
work. >> absolutely. some of the first things i had to cut out, freezing my gym membership. there's a local cfee shop that i go to frequently. i haven't been there since middle of december. so, y know, i'm digging into savings to try to make it through, pay my mortgage for next month. a lot of things to figure out ii an pay for it. >> reporter: and thank goodness you're getting your haircut early. the shutdown cutdown. we have retired federal government workers here supporting this effo it's going to be on sunday, starting at noon. walk-ins are welcome. barbers and hair stylists, if you want to join them here a the neighbor barbershop, come on down because it's a communitiey effort here in the city of falls that's the latest from the neighborhood barbershop, buzzing away here. back to you. >> you heard that manight there. so many things you have to pay up. that add a small adjustment like this is a big deal. >> times like this can bring out
5:50 am
the best in a lot ofle pe happening today, another school in our area may be about tohange its name. >> they have a hearing set for tonight that could change the name o washington-lee hi school in arlington. >> reporter: we' expecting the final vote to happen tonight recording the name change. this could change the name here. washington-lee high school, the name honors george washington and confederate general robert e. lee. the debate about changin the name has been going on for some time. tonight, the school board ispe ed to take that final vote. the naming committee gathers input from the community, andmm reded the name washington-loving high school. the new name would honoran mildd richard loving, the interracial couple that challenged an law virginia outlawing racial marriage. the supreme court struck down
5:51 am
that law. the vote on the name change will happen during a public hearing tonight so members of the public are able to attend. that getsnder way at 7:00. should mention that the superintendent isnd recomg the name change, as well. back to you. >> meagan mcgrath, live for us me fairfax. thank you, n. we have three schools on a two-hour delay. mineral, hardy and grant public schools. >> that's right off of the lakes. you think lake-effect snow. that moisture rides up the hill. en you go away from the great lakes, you go uphill, into the mountains o west virginia. it wrings out the extra moisture. those are lake-effect snowshowers on the upslope side of theountains in west virginia. more snow in the forecast for the weekend. yesterda was it. at was the final day, warmer s an average. 28 d a row warmer than average. our high yesterday was 54. we're currently
5:52 am
we probably won't get out of the 30s today. winds out of the weed, susta at 17, but gusting over 30 miles per hour. that winng gus potentially over 40 miles per hour from time-to-time this afternoon. so, windchills have been driven down into the teens and low 20 this morning. there will be little recovery today. temperatures are staying in the 30s. windy and cold all day. plan on windchills being in the low to mid 20s all during the course of the afternoon and falling back into the teens as soon as the ton goes dow at 5:00. today's high, a balmy 39 degrees. future weather, there's the downwind streams. they're bringing the snowshowers to parts of west srginia. thenow chance remains very high for the weekend, saturday night and sunday. high chances for snow. how much snow is obviously the million-llar question. ere's a little bit of a waiver in how much we're going to get. yesterday i thought in the 3 to 6 range. today might be in the 2 to 4
5:53 am
range. a significant t amount enough cover the ground and linger into monday morning delays. chances ofn inch up to 80%. chances of more than 4 inches, i lowered that. yesterday, i had that at 50%. today, only a 40% chance of 4 inches or urmore. and chances of getting more than 8 inches, today, also, a little lower todda than yest there's your ten-day forecast. all days between now and the middle of next week will be colder than average. we will try to balance out the scales in january. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, mr. bell. chopper 4 over dw parkway. we're hearing about a potential problem and going to check that out now. new york avenue at north capitol street, a lane blocked there. reston, fairfax county parkway, a crash reported there. 66 and 95 looking okay. inner loop and outer loop of the
5:54 am
beltway, nice and clear. 295 inbound, still slow there. as you past 50, justhe normal inbound slowdown. travel times in maryland, 270 looks good. 66 inbound. 95 northbound. no major problems. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your c today. >> thank you, melissa. now, to a disturbing st ry arizona. phoenix police are investigating a long-term care facility after a woman, who has btin in a vege state for a decade, gave birth. the 29-year-old woman lives at this facility right here, owned by hacienda health care. police are gathering dna from all of the male employees at that facility. it's not clear if staff members were aware of her pregnancy until the birtlast month. the woman's family does plan to care for the baby boy. the e. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce is over. that outbreak was traced to i
5:55 am
farm california and caused dozens of people to get sick in 16 stes, including the district. food and drug ainistration ys it was continuing its investigation but could be curtailed. "the post" reports fda inspections have been reduced because of the partial govement shutdown. >> back to our caesar salads. the richestan in torld will have to figure a way to split his enormous wealth. >> yeah. twitter is having a fie with this one. >> some of the comments. >> amazon ceo and fnder jeff bezos announced on twitter he and his wife are getting a divorce. the decision comes after a trial separation. according to a statement on twitter, the company has been married for 25 years and they kids.4 bezos is worth about $140 billion. his marriage played a role in creation of amazon, which is now the worls most valuable company. >>ood morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. sears will have a few more days to consider all of its options.
5:56 am
sources say the retailer got a last-minute bid from its chairman and largest shareholder eddie lampert who could save it. he offered to buy stores and 50ep about 00 employees working. sears will have an auction for its assets on the company will decide on lamp ert's offer and bids with liquidation firms. with your cnbc business report, anm frank ho still ahead on news 4 today, the d.c. region population is growing. how metro plans to handle that boom. and a rash of car break-ins caught on camera. who is being targeted by thieves d what you can do to stay safe?
5:57 am
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news 4 today starts now. >> goorning, everyone. just about 6:00 a.m. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence in for aaron. day 20, hundreds thousands of federal workers are getting ready to hit the fir pay period. but they're not going to get a check. and the president is heading to the boer. thismorning, we're previewing his visit and looking at the latest round of failed negotiations with democrats. also on the agenda, snow.
6:00 am
things look quiet on the radar right now but in a few days we could be in a different situation. i meliss standing by with a check on your commute and we have team coverage of the government shutdown. we're going to start witor team 4's chuck bell. chuck, people are already talkin about thissnow. what's the lateest? >> the latest? yet.ave not pulled it back looks like a high chance of scumulating snow starting with theond half of your saturday, continuing well into your sunday. a high chance of snow this weekend. four things to know about the weather today, whoa, that's cold. after a long stretch of mild weather, a complete the winds are howling. they're going to be that way all day long. windchills will stay in the teens and 20s. if you're looking for the silver lining, there will be more sunshine and fewer snowshowers tosty than day. still tracking a couple of snowers


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