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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EST

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things look quiet on the radar right now but in a few days we could be in a different situation. i meliss standing by with a check on your commute and we have team coverage of the government shutdown. we're going to start witor team 4's chuck bell. chuck, people are already talkin about thissnow. what's the lateest? >> the latest? yet.ave not pulled it back looks like a high chance of scumulating snow starting with theond half of your saturday, continuing well into your sunday. a high chance of snow this weekend. four things to know about the weather today, whoa, that's cold. after a long stretch of mild weather, a complete the winds are howling. they're going to be that way all day long. windchills will stay in the teens and 20s. if you're looking for the silver lining, there will be more sunshine and fewer snowshowers tosty than day. still tracking a couple of snowers across northern maryland and the hpanhandle of west
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virginia. no delaysr consolations today. but windchills are way low. windchills in the teens thismo ing. winds gusting 40 miles per hour. be on the lockout. melissa will let us know if there's restrictions for high-profile vehicles on the bridge. >> we had wind warnings in effect, but no restrictions on the bay bridge or the harry nice bridge. chopper 4 is coming up on a problem. we're going to look again and hopefully he will be there in a second. beltway looks okay. we were hearing something on the scanner. i'm going to check that out for you. beltway looksay inner loop and outer loop. inbound new york avenue at north capitol street. heill a crash in the middle of the roadway. one inbound lane is impacted by that reston, fairfax couy ive. 66 and 95 look okay. 295 inbound, slow after 50 here's t chopper, outer loop
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at old georgetown. we're going to look at this in e mi definitely a slowdown here right now. chris? >> thank you lissa. the clock is ticking. in less than 24 hours, federal workers are supposed to g a check. for the first time since this government shutdown started, are notlot of them going to get paid. >> most likely, many of us know somebody who hasteeen aff by the shutdown in our area. for roughly 800,000 people who are waiting for the congressional gridlock to end, there is some good news this morning. news 4's justin finch joins us in largo with information onlew financ empowerment centers that the united way has made available. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more about that in a second. some really great news coming in this morning here in largo. we just heard moments ago, that pepco has stepped up to match the $50,000 that the united way of the national capital area earlier.n we're seeing progress on this help get to
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furloughed workers and their families who are in need this morning. i'm joined by rosie, the president and ceo of the united wayhe of national capital area. i have to imagine that during times like athis, you thinking of ways you can help almost immediately. >>te abso. good morning to all of our listeners. here in the united way in the national capitalreis uniquely positioned to bring bring together to solutions to some of the challenges. this is a huge challeng it onl appears to be getting worse. olutions o bring some st. lou to bear. that's why we're here to talk to the emergency assistance fund that we brought to the area, as well as our financial empowerment centers. we have four of them over the last 2 1/2 o years that are open and ready, to ser those not only affected by the crisis
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but everyday individuals. it's been texas xacerbated by t furloughs. pepco has also stepped up to work with us. and we want everyday citizens, their hat want to help neighbors to be able to go to the website. every dollar goes to organizations that are help those in need. >> for those looking for this assistance, there's some channels to get access to that assistance. is that correct? >> here at the financial empowerment center her on the campus of prince george's community college, it was our first empowerment center that we opened three years ago. it's done phenomenal work with tailored solutions for families. any individual that needs support can come . they can go to any of the other four financial empowerment centers, prince william county, fairfax county and now in the district of columbia, as well. they can access the services and also from their home dial 211
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and be able to access the services. our website has a plethora of services available to the community, as well. >> reporter: you're working with charities in the area to get the emergency fds to those in need, correct? >> we are. for this emergency fund, we'rei wowith catholic charities, northern virginia family service an it's third one that's blanking on me now. but what we hope to do is be od able to offer rental and other assistance to those furloughed and reay needs the services quick and soon and right away. >> reporter: is there a timetable to how quickly the funds might be avail snilablava? >> those funds will be available ino 24 48 hours. the third one is capital areank food we want to make sure they get the funds and deal with the famies and able to support them right away. those funds are coming in. as soon as the partnersends funds to us, we turn them right around and get them to the
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organizations. >> reporter: rosie, thank you so that money goeight to those in need. and that fund canning be ready in 24 to 48hours. it's critical to have donations come in, to get to those in need as quickly as possible. >> justin, thank you. each day, we learn more about who is going without a paycheck. secret service agents, border control marshals, atf and dea are impacted. and na is working without way, as are air traffic controllers and tsa officers. >> everybody talks about 800,000 fedel employees. that's just the 800,000 of us that work. how many wives, spouses, partners, children? >> we don't know when this is going to end. we don't know when the income stream will pick up again. >> the tsa union says some officers are starting to quit. for me furloughed workers,
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waiting around for congress and president really an option.ot mortgages need to be dren need to be fed. news 4 met up with two prince george's county sisters who are both federal workers and prime earners for their families. they came up with the idea of making and selling cheesecakes. >> we need tmake sure we're curing a future for ourselves and for our families and hopefully for others, as well. >> the sisters bake out of their home ift. washington. the cakes cost about 30 bucks d they've already received 100 orders from across our area, and some as far away as texas. speaking of the lone star state, today president trump heads to texas to continue making his case to build a border wall. he will meet with border patrol agents and take part in a roundtable discussion on immigr aion. yesterdather round of budget talks broke down. democrat leaders met with the president in the oval office. "the washington post" reports the eting lasted less than 2
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minutes. the president asked the house speaker if she changed her mind and would agree to build the wall. after she said no, the president left the room. now, the president and his advisers are looking seriously at declaring a national emergency, which would free up funds and allow construction to start. ht>> i have the absolute ro do national emergency if i want. my threshold will be if i can't make a deal with people that are unreasonable. meanwhile, eight roiublicans haved the democrats in the house to pass a bill t reopen the irs and other financial agencies. but senate majority leader mitch mc nnell won't bring the bi before the senate. the house is expected to try again today, voting on a bill to reopen departments that a designed to help farmers and families that rely on food stamps. the federal government, with all of its buildings and monuments in thec.istrict is ater's biggest customer. the treasury department says it will not be able to pay its quarterly bill in full on time. that quarterly bill is about $16.5 million.
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only plans to pay $10.5 million, leaving $5 million unpaid. in a recent board eting, d.c. water officials joked about cutting off the watee at the whithouse for nonpayment. that has never been done and won't happen. but d.c. could charge the federal government a late fee. i imagine it would be a hefty stay with for live coverage of the shutdown and united way's announcement. go to our nbc washington app, search shutdown. it's 6:09. we have breaking news right now. learning that maryland senate president mike miller is being treated r prostate cancer. meagan fitzgerald is at the live desk with more. meagan? >> difficult news this morning. according to multiple sources, "the washington post" is sourcingwo people familiar with the situation. and according to "the post," representative miller recently started treatment at johns in hopkuniversity for prostate cancer. he apparently received the
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diagnosis shortly after the christmas holiday. one of "the post" sources describes it as aggressive and advanced. "the post" reports the 76-year-old will discuss his cancer diagnosis when the senate meets later this morning. miller is a democrat from calvert county that has served as senate president since 1987. he is the longest serving senate president in the cou we have reached out to his office for a comment but haven't heard back yet. back to you. >> thank you, meagan. lawmakersegan the new year by banging the gavel. irginia have nd long to-do lists. in maryland, the focus is education funding andng the minimum wage. and larry hogan is determined to work with theat legie. he wants maryland to be a model for how congress should work together. a different set of
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taiorities in virginia. across the aisle, relief is the most important. there's talks of state-wide sports betting. and democrats are pressing hard to pass legislion on gun violence prevention. news 4 will be following these issues. we will keep you updated online and in the nbc washington app. still ahead, a new study on alzhei disease just completed. >> what you may be experiencing now that couldtut you a risk for the disease ler in life. chuck? >> good morning, everybody. thursday is a dwindy and c day today. this is setting the stage for a potential of winter weather over the weekend. our snow chances remain high. 80% high. we get into saturday night and sunday. coming up, i'll show you the ay five forecast and the potential amounts as i see them and our computer models see them. help for aommunity of furloughed workers. we're at the neighbor barbershop in false church details coming up on the showdown cutdown.
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your health ews 4 this morning, a new study suggests that poor sleep now may lybe an e sign of alzheimer's disease. this is according toesearchers at washington university in st. louis. it found older adults who didn't get deep sleep had more brain proteins linked to alzheimer's. it's important to note, this study did not find that lack of sleep played a role in cognitive decline, only the quality of that sleep. we hope y will join us for the nbc 4 telemundo health & fitness expo a the convention center. the event is on no matterhe weather. there is a metro stop right by he convention center, no
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excuses. the expo is free for you and your family. we'll see you there. the government shutdown is affecting federal workers in e're ways than you can imagine. >> this morning, working 4 you in the community. molette green is live at the neighborhood barbershop in false church. how are they helping floughed workers? >> reporter: they are getting ready to host a shutdown cutdown. that's how they willelp the furloughed workers. we have t folkshat are furloughed. sarah waiting to go back to work. everybody her knows somebody, right? who is furloughed and waiting to go back to work. we talked to ryan last hour. he talked about not having money to pay for a haircut. he is getting a free haircut ght now. i want to talk to dustin foley with the neighborhood barbershop for coming up with this idea. your customers were calling and
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canceling. >> yes, lema'am. peere calling. there's so much uncertainty. e just want to call everybody out. if you're furloughed, come out. come down, have a good time. let's get some haircuts and talk about stuff. take some of the uncertainty out of this. if you're a hair stylist or barber, come on down. weave ten chairs and we'll be rotating through. >> reporter: you are so community-minded at this barbershop. you know this community well and the impact. >> yes, ma'am. we all know federal workers. this could beny one of us. if this was l.a. or new york that was shutdown, it would be insane. this is the third, you know, largt economy in the states. and so, we really need to take care of each other. the rest of they, communitur friends, our neighbors. >> reporter: the impact, i want to talk about thel impact r quick with the city's commissioner of renue, tom
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clinton here. you've been hearing from folks. they've been calling, concerned. >> right. we've been working with small businesses. and the treasurer's office is o workin extending payment plans and deadlines to get them patch. the tou it affects peopleer all ov we have a lot of government workers at falls church. >> reporter: a lot of government workers. ryan, you're lookinggood. i'm happy you're getting a haircut and you don't have to worry about the money fro that, right? >> me, eptoo. >> rorter: this is awesome. coming up on sunday, the shutdown cutdown happens sunday. barbers, hair stylists, will be here. you want to help out, come on. walk-ins welcome. and liftyour hair done your spirits through this time of uncertainty. back to you guys. >> love to t see business community coming together to help out furloughed workers. molette, thank you. >> everybody is pitching in. it does. it takes a lot of peope to h out.
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>> must be haircut time. i got mine cut yesterday. i told him to only cut the gy ones. and he said you would be bald. maybe i should have waited. a little extra hair would help. >> it would feel god out there. >> it is windy. you will need your turtlenecks and scarvesnd anything you can do to brace yourself against a biting norwest wind, averaging 16 and gusting in some place to over 30 miles per hour. so, testimoni shg, temperatures the stories this morning. everybody about below freezing. when you factor in the wind, windchills have been pushed into the teens and the low 20s this rning. there's not much of a recovery coming. temperatures will stay in the 30s today. those wind are going nowhere until after the sun goes down tonight. the northwest wind, could have snowshowers and flurries around nowhere near the intensity we saw yesterday. the weekend snow chance remains high. 80% high. here's the future weather model,
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it bringst of the snow in here, mid to late afternoon on saturday. and then,gh lasts thr saturday night and through the day on sunday. getting at least an inchf snow, 75%, 80% chance for that. not -- c g't quite definite yet. but we're almost there. i think tomorrow, we can get in the definite category. the amounts, the potential amount of snowoming up, looks a little lower today than it did yesterday. the european model is estimatiig 2 or 3 or 4 inches of snow. the american model, 4, 5 or 6 inches of snow i don't s models that have anything 8 inches or higher. that's a change from sterday. still a high confidence of snow and an impactful amount of snow. melissa, the chances of getting more than 8 inches are lower today than yesterday. >> okay. i like a lot of snow. chopper 4 over the american
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legion bridge. the beltway there looking good and moving along nicely. earlier problem hearing about outer loop at georgetown. chopper 4 pulled up and they were getting the truck out of the way from the disabled vehicle and that is clear. norm buildup here, outer loop. inbound, new york avenue at north capitol street, looks like that crash is finally cleared out of the intersection there. reston fairfax county parkway, that crash is sll hanging around. southbound here on 295, after 50, as you're headed into the district, we are slow. c again,pper 4 over the american legion bridge, no big issues there. >> thank you. still ahead, the attorney for the family of a young girl who survived a shock at mgm national harbors spe to news 4. >> the tactics he says the casino is using to delay the process. today on is stopping by. foy
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talking about her movies, the golden globes and taking on ellen in a round of "heads-up." you can catch "ellen" at 3:00 you can catch "ellen" at 3:00 4 and sticaround for news k
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z34hcz z16fz y34hcy y16fy
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back at 6:23 this morning. new details about the lawsuit filed by the family of zynae green.
6:24 am
last summer she went to mgm national harbor with her family. she was shocked after touching an outdoor handrail and her family sd. the family says the company is using stall tactics. >> the attorney sat down with bureau chief tracee wilkins to talk about how the delays are impacting the family. >> this is a tragedy that mgm is making worse and worse and worse.te >> rep attorney benedict morelli is representing zynae green's family in a civil suit r against mgm national har after the 7-year-old was injured on the patio last summer. she was healthy and vibrant and can't speak or move now. >> she needs 24/7 care of nurses. she also needs doctors and equipment because she had a trache tube, a feeding tube, and this is forever.
6:25 am
>> reporter: county inspectors say 120 volts circulated through her body as ld one charged railing a placed her feet on another. county inspectors say the railings were imprerly installed and violated building codes. the family has filed suit. and the attorney says mgm isot responding to the lawsuit and stalling at the family's pense. >> the mom was working three jobs. and now, she's not working at all because she spends so much time at the hoital. >> reporter: on monday, the family filed an additial motion to move the case forward. in a statement, mgm said, we were disappointed that we were unable to reach an agreement last november when the lawsuit was filed but continue to communicate with their es retatives to try and reach an amicable solution. morelli says he is hoping the same. everything is wrong abo this. everything is wrong. and i hope and trust that they'll make it right. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news 4. >> a spokesperson with the
6:26 am
prince george's county department of permitting, tells us mgm is working on fixing ms found by inspectors. it is planning to meet with mgm weekly to monitor its progress. mgm national harbor spokespeoplh sa are refitting the railings that shocked zynae and removing some of the electrical components. good morning, everybody. i lrned my lesson the hard way yesterday. the weatherman cannot buy bread, milk and eggs with snow in the forecast. it caused a near panic at costco yesterday. amounts purchased reflect the emptiness of my kitchen not the forecastnow amounts. emilia's bread-o-meter, grab a loaf. we'll look at how much snow ie. going to arr and an update to the romaine lettuce call. it's good news. details on how the shutdown could impact arnings about
6:27 am
other foods. and a local hockey team celebrated by the caps.
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>> just about 6:30 now. we take a live look outside on this thursday morning, hoping our home is nice and warm and cozy. you're not going to want to get outf be temperatures are just hitting 30. really cold out there. we're going to have to get use it. it's january after all. good morning, everyone. i'm eun ng. it's frigid. i'm chris lawrence. we have a few school delays to tell you about, mineral, hardy and grant county public schools in west virginia, and allegheny public schools in maryland, they're on aur two- delay. melissa will update us with the commute. we have to get to check wit the forecast. what do you say, chuck? >>or bundle up byou go out. windchills in the teens and 20s all day wlong. 't be a bracing shock to your system on your way out the door, itta will that way all day. 12 in winchester, 16 is the
6:31 am
feels-like in manassas. 20 in washington. temperures aretruggling mightily to get in the mid -- briey, perhaps, in t upper 30s. the northwest winds will average 20 and gust to 40 miles per hour or higher at times. hold on tight t your steering wheel and your small children. highs today, mid to upper 30s. snow chances for the weeinnd re really high. at least an 80% chance of an inch o and still, a 40% chance of 4 inchesre or general amounts, i think we'll be in the 2-4 range. yesterday, i thought 3-6. a little less expectation today but more than enough to cause some troubles that could linger into monday morning. i'll give the full ten-day forecast coming up. gettingoo excitedng at stuff like that, including myself. beltway at 66. this is 66 headed inbound. the headlights, those folks approaching t beltway.
6:32 am
typical delay there's. inbound on 66 right now. nothing in your way, just slow on the ride in. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, noor slowdown there's. 270 at old hundred looking good no major backup there, either. in reston, fairfax countywa pa at sunrise valley drive with a crash there. 66, 95, not so bad. thurmont, krierstown road, and graceham road, a crash and a shutdown. today is the 20th day of the shutdown. s of comes as hundr thousands of federal workers prepare for the first pay period without a paycheck. >> 's getting real now. team coverage on all aspects of h e shutdown. we want to start wy gray on the border. he's on the border,here the president is headed today to
6:33 am
make his casedi for the fng of a border wall. >> reporter: good morning. the president will be here in south texas a bit later today, as negotiations over the budget and his border wall seem to be disarray. and he continues to suggest that he may use the controversial option of declaring a national emergency to end that standoff. if that were the case, those nds would be for money allocated already for the military. so, obviously, that would be controversial. and divisive even within his own party, it's likely he would face some type of court challenge if he were to -- if he were to declare that emergency. the president's schedule here -- not exactly clear. we are getting more information we know he doeplan to get a briefing along the rio grande here and sit down and have a roundtable discussion with some of the border patrol agents. that's the latest here in hidalgo, texas, along the border. back to you. >> jay, thank you. you or someone y know may be furloughed and they're not going to get a check tomorrow.
6:34 am
we're working 4 you in this time of need. the unid way announced they are opening empowerment centers at four locations acrossur area. that's where you can go to get assistance. justin finch will have the details in about ten minutes. today, the prince george's county school board will consider a proposal to pay school lunches for stunts being affected by the shutdown. a member of the schooloard is requesting fre lunches for all students in the county. the school system would have to foot the bill by itself. but the county government, state, nonprofits, private businesses could pitch in to help pay for it. if you're heading out the door, chehe out nbc washington app. we have complete coverage on the government shutdown and how y can get help. search shutdown. tomorrow, the 51,000 tsa employees who help keep you safe while you fly will feel the effect on their paychecks. they put in the hours but they will not get paid.
6:35 am
that's causing concerns about possible sick-outs by frustrated employees. that hasn't been the case atur local airports. an tsa is disputing there's be any impact nationwide. the agency says on tuesday, 99.9% of travelers waited less than 30 minutes in line 94.8% waited less than 15 minutes. precheck customers waitedan les ive minutes. happening today, another school in ourrea may be about to change its name. >> tonight, a hearing is set that could change the name of washington-lee high school in arlington. megan mcgrath with more on the likely name. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we can tell you that there's a vote tonight on what has been an ongoinissue h re.
6:36 am
washington-lee hhool, the name honors george washington and confederate general robert e. lee. and the debate about changing the name has been going on for quite a while. t tonigh school board is expected to vote to change that name. the naming cmittee gathers input from the community, and recommended the name washington-loving high school. the new name would honor mildred and richard loving, the interracial couple that challenged a law in virginia ou.awing interracial marria the supreme court struck down that law. the vote on the name change will happen during a publring tonight. that will get under way at 7:00. should mention that the school superintendent is recommending approval of the name. back to you. >> megan, thank u. new this morning, one loc youth hockey team is getting a lot of attention on social media. >> the maple leafs are rallying against racism. earlier this month, a member of the team faced some racial
6:37 am
taunts during a game against a people from pennsylvania. his teammates weren't having it. they started to yell at the other team a eventually broke out into a fight. two caps players heard this story and felt compelled to do something. >> hey, metro maple leafs. we heard about the unfortunate incidents that took place with devine. we were so happy to see your team step up to support each other. >> caps stars john carlson and devante smith-pelly recorded a video for the youth team, thanking them for sticking up for their teammate. smith-pelly says this story hits close to home and he recalls facing the same kind of hate growing up. e caps invited the entire maple leafs team to their game against the st. louis blues team, january 14th. >> and they will get a meet the caps after the game. >> it warms my heart that the teammatestepped up and said, we're not putting up with that nonsense. 376: coming up, a divorce
6:38 am
announcement from the wealthiest man in the world. what jeff bezos' split could mean for the rest of the amazon empire. here's a lk notice the neighborhood barbersho in falls church. more on the 24-hour shutdown cutdown theye planning this cutdown theye planning this 'r t
6:39 am
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and get a $50 amazon gift card when you switch. ou're watching news 4 today. >> federal health officials say theco e. li outbreak linked to romaine lettuce is over. that outbreak was traced to farms in california and caused dozens of people to get sick in 16 states, including the district. food and drug administration says it was continuing its investigation but could be le curt washington post" report fda inspectors have been reduced because of the partial government shutdown. the richest man in the world will have to figure a way to split his enormous wealth.
6:41 am
>> twr is going crazy with this one. amazon ceo and founder jeff bezos announced on twitter he his wife are getting a divorce. the decision comes after a trial separation according to the statement on twitter. the company has been married for 25 years and they have 4 kids. bezos is worth about $140 billion. his marriage played a role icr theation of amazon, which is now the world's most valuable company. here's your cnbc morning business report. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. sears will have a few more days to consider all of its options. sources say the retailer got a gest-minute bid from its chairman and larst shareholder eddie lampert, who could save it. he offered tuy about 425 sears and kmart stores and about 50,000 employees working. sears will have an auction for its assets on monday. the company will decide on lampert's offer and bids with liquidation firms. with your cnbc business report i'm frank holland.
6:42 am
schoolkids are getting excited about chances of snow. today, focus on your studies. you're going to class and you'll be cold getting in and out of ing today. temperatures stay in the chilly 30s with windchills in the 20s .l day lo if you got it and it keeps you warm, put it on. hats with tiedowns required. an update on the weekend s chances and what effect it might have on monday's school, coming up. taking a look at 66. chopper over66 at 50. a little volume and a couple other problems around townnd full details aravel
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6:44 am
6:45 am
we have some breaking news. maryland state senate president mike miller is battling prostate cancer. miller's a democrat from calvert county and he serveds senate president since 1987. today will be maryland's second day of a new legislative session. he kicked off yesterday in you'ng to hear a lot about gnapolis. education funding and raising thetate minimum wage. virginia's attorney general also went back to wor yesterday. the priorities are enrichment, ax relief and state sports betting. we'll keep you updated on the news out of the capitals in the nbc washington>app. happening today, a man convicted for killing a police dective will find outow much time he will serve in prison.
6:46 am
a judge will sentence michael ford in the death of detective colson. or 2016, opened fire on a police station in landover. colson was off-duty and arrived in plain clothes. he was mistaken for being one of the attackers and lys accidenthot by a fellow officer.ju a ry convicted ford of second-degree murder last year even though he did not kill colson, he faces deces in prison. a family in charles county lost a daughter a the result of a crash in waldorf on new youeas eve and now they have lost another. her sister died at the scene. nadia died yesterday because of inries. the rl's cousin was injured but survived. deputies say the roads were wet at the time of the crash the vatican could be nearing the sentencing phase when it comes to theodore mccarrick.
6:47 am
a person familiar with the casee s "the washington post," ca vatiinvestigators have finished gatring evidence, that includes testimony from three people that are accusing mccarrick of abuse. mccarrick served of archbishop of washington and has removed from the college of cardinals. iffic pelled from the priesthood, he could lose church housing and stipens. mccarrick is living in seclusion in kansas. president trump is heading to the southern border. he will continue with his push for funding for a wall along the mexico border. he will meet with border patrol agents and will take part in a roundtable discussion on immigration. yesterday, budget talks broke down. democratic leaders met with the pres in the oval office. >> "the washington post" reports th meeting lasted less than 20 minutes. the president asked nancy pelosi if she changed her mind and would agree to fund the wall.
6:48 am
after she said no, the president said good-by a left the room. now, he and his advisers are looking seriously at declari a t wouldl emergency t free up funds and allow construction to begin. >> i have the absolute right do national emergency if i want. my threshold will be if i can't make a deal with people that are unreasonable. meanwhile, eight republicans have joined the democrats in the house to reopen the irs and other financial agencies. but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell won't bring the bill before the senate. the house is going to try again will reopen departments that are designed to help farmers and families who rely onood stamps. e h day we learn more about who isoing without paycheck. secret service agents protecting the presiden custom agents, border prol, atf and dea are impacted. nasa is working without pay and air traffic controlrs and tsa officers.
6:49 am
our team coverage picks up how we are working 4 you. if you or someone you know apa of the more than 800,000 workers who will not get a paycheck tomorrow. >> this morning, the united way announced it is opening four centers for furloughed workers to offer assistance. f justch is live in largo where some of the federal workers are already startinco t for help. justin? >> reporter: hey, ris, eun, that's right. big donations are now coming into the united way telp out furloughed workers and their families during this tough time when so many are making some very difficult decisions. the united way is hoping that some of those come here to their financial empowerment centers like this one here in the largo area. i'm joined by ran do wood, who has been here for some time, getting coaches. what do you think those in need can gain from services? >> sure. the financial empowerment center has been very helpful in helping those t in community, as well
6:50 am
as students who ed, maybe personal coaching, as well as business coaching, which would be very helpful at a difficult time like this. they may be seeking help with their personal fnls finances is of budgeting and saving or seeking assistance with passive streams of income, wch would be helpful during a time of a government shutdown, why they may be looki for other streams of income or residual income or additional ways to bring in money when it may be difficult to make ends meet. >> you can see a lot of people seeing benefit info coming here just one selssion, perhaps. >> absolutely. i know there's workshops offer here during the day, the evenings and the weekends. a lot of people in the community may find that helpful in helping them to keep their f ances together and intact. >> rhonda, thank you so much. i'm going to back up and speak with rosie allen, the president
6:51 am
and ceo of our local united way here. this, of course, ine of four centers throughout the region. break down where those are for >> sure. the financial empowerment centers are located here at prince george's community college. we have another one in sou county and fairfax county, on the route 1 corridor one in prince william county and woodbridge. the latest one to open is at the yland workforce center in the district of columbia. this is our f.rth cent we're pleased and proud to bring this work. this i something that your united way does every day. it's more critical during a time like this. >> reporter: that drove the united way to find, on their own, $50,000 in emergency funding. we have heard pepco has stepped in to match that. how quickly candi the f get to work? >> we're proud of what your united way is able to do with the donations of our donors. we're more pleased with thepa nerships that we're able to do.
6:52 am
our job is to be a collaborator and convener. we're proud of pepco, who has en a long-time partner of united way and prince george's community college. theyre here to help us get the dollars out. as soon as we receive them and in the next 24 to 48 hrs, those dollars are out the door. two nonprofits doing great work helping those in need. >> rorter: they're looking for more donations. you can help by going to our nbc washington app and finding the link and donating. that money goes to work very quickly. 24 to 48 hours. chris, eun, back to you. >> all right. the crisis seems to bring out the best of people in our area. working for you in the community, the neighborhoodba ershop is getting ready for their 24-hour t-a-on the for furloughed federal workers. they're calling it the shutdo cutdown. beginning sunday at noon, workers can go to the barbershop
6:53 am
for a free haircut. we have everything you need to manyabout the event and others in the area during the shutdown in the nbc washington app. the big news here, the weather. it is freezing cold out there as you head out the door this srning. we havw on the way, as well. >> we sure do, chris. keeping a close eye on the weekend cafo. if you were here last year, the firsteekend ofanuary was bone-chilling cold. the average temperature for the first nine days of january lost year, compared to this year, a 24-degree difference. that's gone now. 31 with a gusting northwest wind. that will put temperatures down. 30 in leesburg. 29 in manassas when you factor in the winds, windchills have been driven into the mid and upper teens and low 20s. the windchills will stay below
6:54 am
freezing all the good news, the sun will be back today. gusty northwest winds hold on ght to high-profile vehicle steering whls. the snow chances for the weekend, very, very high. how much snow we're going to get, obviously, the million-dollar question. today's snow chances are snow flurrs on the northwest flow. the storm will be waiting for us, coming out of the great plains. snow is expected to move in early to m saturday afternoon. steadiest, from sundown on saturday to lunchtime on sunday. the temperatures will be marginal. with temperatures close to the heavy, mark, this is a wet snow, than a light one. amount potentials, 2 to 5 from the european model. 2 to 6 on the american model. plan 2 to 4 incs acrosshe area, that could linger into your monday morning commute. needless to esay, we'll
6:55 am
covering this carefully all weekend. doug and amelia will be on the news with our first output of the snow forecast map. i would appreciate if you didn't impact myt commute all, chuck. >> you could stay home. >> that's true outer loop of the beltway. chopper 4 over this problem. looks like a vehicle hit a a ladder another one hit that one. this is the middle of the road. it's gng to be slo as they get this out of the way. outer loop of the beltway. if you have to head this way, allow for extra time. this just hapned and we're going to get delays because of that this morning. twe rest of the belay looks good right now. no big complaints. 66, 95, same situation. prince george's county, no problems into town or outwn of ight now. maryland travel times, 270 south, looks good. top of t beltway, outer loop, 23 miles per hour here this morning. so, that is a little bit of a delay. inbound on 66nd northbound on 95, quantico, 40 miles per hour
6:56 am
going to get you there in 28 listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. it's 6:56. four things to know. the school board in arlington is set to vote on a nore change washington-lee high school tonight. the leading name to replace it is washington-loving high school honoring the couple who challenged laws against interracial marriage. the meeting f is set 7:00 this morning. police in phoenix are vestigating a long-term care facility after a woman who has been in ate vegetated s for a decade, gave birth. police are gatheringdna samples from all of the malees employe at the facility. the latest on the investigation on "today." today, president trump heads to texas to continue making his case for building a border wall. he will meet with border patrol agents and take part in a roundtable discussion on immigration. more than 800,000 workers have been furloughed. but the united way just ng foured it is ope
6:57 am
financial empowerment centers right here in our area to help those affected by the utdown. if you need assistance, go to the or the app and search shutdown to get resources for help. there you go. windy and cold today. sunny and cold tomorrow. snow likely late saturday into the day on sunday. >> everyone's like -- i
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. . good morning. falling apart. negotiations to reopen the government reach a new low. president trump walking out of an oval office meeting with democrats, labeling talks a total waste of time. >> we saw a temper tantrum because he coun't get his way. >> today the president takes his case for the wall directly to the border. the shutdown onfhe verge o becoming the nation's longest ever with nearly 1 million americans now just hours away rom missing their first paycheck. winter ss. a major snowstorm set to impac millions across the country and disrupt travel coast to coast. that forecast is straight ahead. the world's most expensive divorce, nearly


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