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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 12, 2019 9:00am-9:30am EST

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it the annuall event we look forward to. it's arrived. ilwe'll have s on the weekend-long happeing happening up on "news 4 today." >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. >> good surday morning. i'm david culver. there's a lot happening in the area, even as we get ready for theto winter that is a few hours ago. right now, there's no stopping the nbc 4/telemundo 44 health and fitness expo. it is hpening now at the washington convention center. doreen gentzler joininghs w a few friends. hey, doreen. >> reporter: yeah, david. people who watch the"t ay" show will probably be familiar with sunny, the puppy with a purpose. 're going to talk with his handler and hear about what that's all ou coming up in a few minutes, in another preview from the expo. clay, what's up with this weather? >> outside right now, on the radar, we're starting to see some signatures of some snow
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across the area, as we go to thr radar im the snow is not reaching the ground. again, a loft of moisture continues to moisten up as the storm system moves across our area. as a result, we're starting to see some of the signs of things to come across our area. that oincludescourse, as we'll show you, more ildeta about that and the forecast coming up in just a few moments. at9:01, breaking news out of prince george's county. we have news 4's derrick ward, who has been working the scene this morning. he joinss live with some of the new details. derrick? >> reporter: we have to do it. good morning. 're in riverdale. we're in thee avenue and riverd.
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this is the scene of a fire from earlier. it started at 2:30 thismo ing. it was put out in 30 minutes. once firefighters got inside, they made a discovery. prince george's county fire and prince george's police. we spoke with spokesman. >> a deceased person was fnd inside. t >> reportet investigation now ensues, again, with prince george'sir county and with, also, prince george's county police. now, a bit of irony, we're told this blding use to be a firehouse. you can see from the front, the two bays. it's changed a lot since those days. it was quite a while ago. again, this is the scene of ani inveion with a person
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found dead in an early morning fire here on roanoke avenue in riverdale. that's where we're live. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> derrick ward, we can clearly see, that is a very busy scene, hours after the fire. we appreciate you working that. 9:03 on this saturday, time is running out to stock up on the essentials before theor snow moves on in. likely, we've been giving you plenty of notice through storm team 4. shamomari stone this morning looking intola -minute prep. shomari? guyseporter: good morning, this is one of the front end loaders that will go into the salt dome here in northeast d.c. now, officials with d-dot, m-dot, and v-dot are closely monitoring this stor now, they recommend that when you see salt trucks on the main rohe highways, make sure you give them plenty of room so that they can get jhe done. now, we're going to continue to bring you updatesrm on this s as they become available on news 4 and our nbc washington app. here in northeast d.c., i'm
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shomari stone, news 4. as sho ri pointsout, the storm team 4 is working overnight thekend, tracking the storm as it rolls through the area. you can see what's happening any time witthe nbc washington app. also tonight, amelia draper will be the latest forecast on news 4 at 11:00. tomorrow morning, chiefme orologist doug kammerer will be here, as we're waking up to the first snow blanket of 2019. happening right now, major interruptions to a ouple lines on the metro. this is all due toul sch track work. blue and yellow lines shut down cuts off reagan national sar airport. pentagon, pentagon city, crystal city, closed all weekend long. they have an express shuttle running between the airport and lafont plaza every five to ten minutes, that you can catch it. a historic milestone is reached i this partial government shutdown. it is now the longest federal i closur u.s. history. previous record happeneduring e clinton administration. that one lasted from december
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15th, 1995, through january 6th, 1996. this current partial sshutdown furloughed thousands of federal workers in our area. roughly, nationwide, 800,000 federal workers facing this harsh reality of not getting paid. they're being forced to make some very difficult choices. news 4 spoke with a furloughed couple in montgomery county, who says they're a paycheck to paycheck family. they've stopped eating out. they've cut back on therapy for their child with special needs. three weeks into thshutdown, they've had to reach out to a local food bank. >> don't want to feel like we're takingsition where we're something from people who are in much moree dstraits. >> there is no shame in requesting help when you nee it. when you don't need it, make you give it. >> the manna food center in montgomery county tells us they'll waive normal income requirements for affected workers while the shutdown drags on. right now, another area bank stepping up to help out federal workers, today, the
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capitol area fd bank going to have five pop-up markets. federal workers can receive bags ofgroceries, no questions asked. free produce and non-perishable item given out at select giant stores. >> it is a tough january for many families in our community. their budget is already gh stretched with a missing paycheck or two, it just makes it harder to make end's meet. often, what we're seeing isood is that part of the budget that people tend to >> the markets just opened up six monthutes ago. 'll be open until noon. all you have to do is bring your federal government or federal contractor id. and those furloughed federal bovr government workers are finding a haircut is not in the budget. we go to a local community barbershop offering to help out. >> reporter: haircuts, buzz cuts, trims. furloughed fedal government rkers are chopping their regular hair appointments to cut
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expenses. the more i thought abo, the longer it is going on, i realized, i have to have a co haircu february time. i didn't know if i was going to be able to work i iinto my budgad worked out. >> reporter: ryan is getting a free haircut at the neighbhood barb barbershop in falls church. calls from furloughed government worker like ryan prompted the barbers to host a free haircut day. >> we'veeen hearing from customers that there's too much uncertainty. they didn't know if they were going to get another haircut right now. some are facing the economic reality that this might be an interview haircut, if they have to look for temporary employment elsewhere. weoust wante lend a hand and just take one element of uncertainty out. >> reporter: ryan is grateful ommunity rim and support. >> i don't know if i can quantify it in words, you know. the support from dustin and the guys here at the shop, it is amazing what they're willing to do to a community. >> reporter: the shutdown cutdown is sunday at noon. walk-insre welcome. in falls church, molette green,
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news 4. looking for free entertainment tonight, theal nati symphony orchestra going to perform a free community concert. it'll be held at l thecoln theater at 9:00 this evening. it is part of the o's annual your neighborhood series, where more than 25 free events take place at area venuth. all ne morning, some tough news out of the redskins organization. we've learned the oldt son of former redskins coach joe gibbs has died. accordg to wtop, j.d. gibbs died of comications following a long battle with a degenerative neurological disease. he is 49. joe gibbs coachedskhe rs from 1991 to 1992, then was back again in 2004. the team issd atatement from owner dan snyder, calling j.d. a, quote, champion in life and 9:08, a live look at the washington conventen center. nbc 4 and telemundo 44
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is th and fitness expo happening right now. you can see the doors are open. it is a cold morning, a good time to get indoors.r doreen gentz going to join us live from the expo floor, next.
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♪ if you are looking for free mily fun this weekend, we have just the event for you. our nbc 4 and telemundo 44 health and fitss expo happening right now. doors just opened about ten minutes ago. news 4's doreen gentzler joining us live from the washington convention center. doreen, you have shown us so much going on there. everything from hula hooping to e cash grab. now, are you offering some pet r training? what's going on? >> reporter: well, we have aot of great people for our viewers to meet if they come down and join us at the convention cent. there is some awesome dogs here, too. if you watch the "today" show,
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you're probably familiar with sunny, the a puppy with purpose. olivia is his handler. >> he is learning to be a guide dog, joined by his sister, camden, learning to be a guide dog. we have puppies with special purposes. we'd love to meet you. >> a lot of service dogs, you're not supposed to pet them. that's not the case with these? >> they're still young. we're doing a lot of socialization rightnow. as long as you ask first, so we can set them up for success, we'd love to meet you. >> reporter: they're b beautiful dogs, olivia. >> thank you. >> reporter: what is it like, trying to train a dog in the midst ofe chaos, lik we have all around us right now, and on the set of the "today" show? >> all of these experiences, both at the "today" show and this type of expo, with the crowds and excitement, lights, camera, action, helps him to be an adaptable, confident futur
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guide dog. there's really nothing that he's going to experience after his training that he hasn't already experienced, which gives him a lot of confidence. >> okay. awesome. >> yeah. e. reporter: we're going to demonstrate the sh can i get a shake? >> camden, sit. >> reporter: there you go. >> good job. >> ry.orter: thank you, su both of you. sam de mden, a shake? all right. your training is working. i wish i could get you to train my dog. we haven't gotten past sit at my house. anyway, we're glade here, and we hope a lot of people will come down and meet these guys there are some other service dogs here at the expo, as well. if you're an animal lover, this is something that you'll want to check out. lthere is ae behind me. we'll be here all day today until ro5:00 and tom morning, we'll be -- ow, no matter what it is doing, we'll be here with doors open at 9:00 a.m.
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i seehe peacock h joined me. you can have your picture taken with the how cool is that? david, people are asking for you down here. when can we expect you? >> you tell my mother i'lle here shortly. i'm sure that's the only one asking. no, i'll be here after the show. i'll be there until e2:00. ou there, doreen. >> reporter: great. thank you, david. >>okhank you. like a lot of fun there. we, of course, are still tracking what is a around here. a storm team 4 weather alert day, as doreen the snow coming in. a good time to be indoors at the expo. tracking hon is mu we can expect, aftcher
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back at 9:17. winning the lottery, it's a dream, right? hundreds of folks who did not win are still getting cash from the d.c. lotto. only on news 4, mark segraves s a story on how this happened. >> reporter: the d.c. lottery lills thousands of tickets every day, generating ms in revenue for the city and millions in winnings for some of the lucky players. last month, the d.c. lottery mistakenly paid out to hrsdreds of lo after a lottery official announced the wrong winning itnumbers. appened in the d.c. 2, d.c. 3, d.c. 4, and d.c. 5 games. in all, 773 tickets were incorrectly announced asni w
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numbers, for a total of more than $1bl,000 in pos winnings. so far, 43se of tho tickets have been redeemed. the d.c. lottery has paid out more than $77,00 to people holding those losing tickets. d.c. lottery officials decided to pay out both the actual winning numbers tweas well as tc numbers ann by mistake. the error impacts tickets sold december 12th. a rsspokes for the d.c. lottery tells news 4 the mistake was e humanor by d.c. lottery staff. in a statement, a spokesperson writes, new software was installed to our draw system by our vendor to ensure ts error cannot reoccur. d.c. lottery has reviewed and updated policies and procedures as needed. if you have tickets from the december 12th drawing, you still have time to cash them in. in the district, mark segraves news 4. >> costly miake there.
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>> yes. 9:18. you said a viewer reach out ansaid, clay, mention the pets. >> absolutely, david. folks that are, you know -- we have plenty of snow to talk about. a long duration snow event. i'd be remiss if i did not think about your ts, our pets. take your pets out, particularly as the snow continues tocr se, think about them. don't keep them out too long. here at news 4, we areoncerned about everyone. outside right now, let's talk about the weather ase are shaping up to the first significant snow of2019. i know folks will add their adjectives and stories as we in co. the big story is, of course, the winter storm warning. winter storm warning for us, the washington, d.c. area. it will s at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. areas in pink are all under the gun for that winter storm warning, winter advisories up to rn northern and wes counties for that, we'll talk about the forecast. accumulations now. inside the beltway, a bit less than 4 to 7. wfor the most part,re looking at a substantial amount of snow, 4 to 7 inches o sw to our
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north and east. the low will be well to the south and et. areas, baltimore, north and east won't pick up t much. higher elevations, as the snow moves into the area, 5 to 8os inchesbly in your county, points to the west. what's it feel like cold air in place. temperatures in the 20s across the board. now, it's dry rht now as far as the pavement where you are. things will change throughout the afternooe any tfter 12:00 or 1:00, we'll start to see the beginning of the snowflakes across the area. the key is morenow for tomorrow. that's right, more snow for tomorrow. with that, we'll show you, igagain, the radar now. you're not looking at snow. you're looking from the ground upward. the moisture around the satellite imagery right now. weatill show you th as we give you a broader picture of what's going on across the region, we'll see those lines of showers, snows, showore snow moving in from the ohio valley, across the washington areaea y, but it will continue across the board. that's the big picture of what ab're talking t. with that, a quick look.
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♪ right now, the nbc 4/telemundo 44 health and fitness exponderway. news 4's doreen gentzler is live at the washington convention center. doreen, how is i going? >> reporter: hey, david, we hapo
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all kinds ofs for people to come and -- for people to t come and out this weekend at the expo. you recognize this guy? this is talon, the mascot for the d.c. united. they are here. they've got soccer stuff all set up. there's a practice field over there. this is as many kids in our scommunity who are intocer nowadays, this is a big draw. i want to let you kno that the united goalie, bill hameho, metown guy, he's from annandale, he was the team mvp, he is going to be here. he'll be signing autographs at on. at 1:00, he's going to lead a clinic. imagine how cool it'd be for your kid to be in a soccer clinic with the d.c. united goalie. that's today. tomorr, mauricio from ell al a
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afl-ci salvador, i'm told one of the greatest soccer players of all time, will be here. it is a great opportunity to get active indoors. the national nationals are here. the redskins are wehere. ave all kinds of sports opportunities. there is a rock climbing wall. bring yourids down here to check some of this out. tennis, pickleball. david, i could keep going. you get the idea. there's a lot of active stuff under this roof at the convention center today. >> yeah. >> reporter: all day today until 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. tomorro morning. >> you can spendoa hours rng the floor.ta n with the camera is trying to get in front of you. that's all right. >> reporter: all right. he's not the first cera hog daviever dealt with, >> doreen, i'll see you later this morning. i'll be there right after the show. looking forward to seeing you d, of course, all the events to take in. 9:25. we set you up with four to know before you head out the door on this saturday.
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today, crewsearing up before the first major snowfall of 19 20 you can expect to see several snowplows ready to tackle the roads once thehi storm . if you live in maryland, you car ack the snowplows through this app. check out the nbc washington app and search maryland sfloe plnow for more detail. a historic milestone reached in the partial government shutdown. it is the longest federal closure in u.s.or hiy. the previous record happened during the clinton administration. major interruptions to a couple lines on the metro. this is all due to scheduled trackwork. blue and yellow line shutdowns cut off reagan nationalai ort. the pentagon, pentagon city, and crystal city stations, those are cled all weekend. they have an expressat shuttle th'll run between the airport and lafont plaza every five to ten minutes. and as we just showed you, the nbc 4/telemundo 44 health and fitness expo, that's ppening right now. doors already open. they're going to stay open until 5:00 this evening. of course, they'll reopen
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tomorrow. cla anderson, ainal check of the forecast. >> david, when we're talking about the forecast today, everyone, be calm, be careful. we will get through today and tomorrow. four to seven inches will be the accumulation, expected across the washington area. yes,ake a good look at next saturday and sunday. it is a long way out, but prepare for the possibility, possibility of some me snow for next weekend. we'll keep you posted. >> keeping busy. hope to see you at the expo. have a great saturday.
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watching televisiofothat'sis educational and ational the more you know on nbc. lauren: i m lauren thompson, wax up your boards because the champion within starts right now. today, an old sport that is taking on a new tradion. courtney: there s just a different dynamic the olympics b rngs and i know surfing dy for the olympics. lauren: then, john clson comes from a small town but biat only makes his new g trophy that much better. ryan: he s an ol apian, then he s an nhlthlete, now he s a stanley cup finalist. we re just wowed...we re still wowed by what he s able to do. lauren: plus, the remarkable story of traden karch, and he brought a major friend along to tell it. man: golf in the pga junior league really needs you. hopefully we ll see you soon.
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all of that is coming your way on the champion within.


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