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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 13, 2019 6:00am-8:01am EST

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6:00 on this sunday morning. the storm hasit. take peek outside. it's coming virginia already under a state of emergency as the first winter storm of 2019 continues to drop blankets of snow across the region. >> and, of course, road crews have been out all night trying k toeep up with the heavy snowfall. news 4 is out on e roads thi morning to give you a look at what to expect. >> good morng to youn this snowy sunday morning. >> i'm adam tuss. >> i'm f meagazgerald. what a difference a week makes. 60s last week ande' now got
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snow. a lot to get to, of course, including a few schools calling off their weekend activities for the day.ic check ther at the bottom of the screen the for the updates, tick, tick, tick, tick. so far no school closures announced for monday. >> let's take a look outside. we'll open up the window. you see reagan national airport right the several inches of snow have region.all over the d.c. >> and this massive winter weather system it's far from over, folks. news 4 has full team coverage for the first snow event of 2014. storm team 4's clay anderson is out tracking the snowfall outside of our studio. >> and derrick ward is in northern vir tnia trackinghe snowy road conditions that can't today traffic our doug kammerer is tracking the snow. >> if i'm in here at 5:00 in the morning, you know something is going on. we've already picked up 5 to 6 inches across parts of the area. waking up outsid my house today
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into the bethesda-chevy chase area, a lot of heavy snow. really coming down out there. the roads really tough this moaking, so sure you give yourself plenty of extra time. if you don't have to leave the house, good idea to stick e'ound. listen to what got. snow everywhere. this is different than ourno al big snowstorms. a lot of times they form off the coast and then we get that flow coming in froe ocean. this is differe . this is going from west to east across our area. this is a much broader storm, and we're going to continue to see it that throughout the d today. here's what's happening from philadelphia through the d.c. area and fredericksburg. looks like a break over the mountains and that's lack of data and we'll continue to see this fill in around the d.c. area. you see where the rain-snow line, is very close to southern st. mary's county. that's where we're watching as well to see how far this creeps up to thefoorth. you parts down the northern neck and southern maryland, not
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an issue at all. snow from frederickshe to fredericksburg region. what we have going on right now, an are of low pressure moving to the south is starting to transfer energy off the coast here. that area of low pressure was. we were thinking the other day was staying a l tle farther to the south. now it's forming a little farther to the north, and that's why we'reoing to stay in the snow all day. guys, we're really kind of getting. start we're not even halfway through the storm, but we're seeing some of the heaviest snowfall rates back to the west. take a look, back towar cincinnati. doesn't look like a lot back here but this ishat willeep our snow going all day. we're talking about an upper level low that will move across the region meaning more know for us during the afternoon. that's why everybody is in a winter storm morning until 6:00. oncegain it does include everyone. as i mentioned we're seeing pretty good snowfall rates. clay anderson out there on the weather deck. it was really coming down 20, 30 minutes ago.
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>> reporter: it's still coming down. a major storm is moving across our area. snow continues to fall, and temperatur are rather content across the region. here's the important thing and what you should remembe today. as doug mentioned, it will snow all day all across t region for everyone. snow totals will continue to rise, even in the evening. here's the y, the last one. clean your car. clean your car. safety first, safety last. safety always as folks are out and about. so for adam and meagan, i'll toss it back to you. >> thanks, clay. our first team coverage of the major snowfall of the year continues. >> that's right the dmv have blanketed making for a pretty sight, of courbu, treacherous roads. >> our derrick ward is live in northwest d.c. what are you seeing out where you are right now? >> reporter: it's kind of a tale of two road surfaces a we're looki wisconsin avenue now. some plows came through on the far side. if you look at the northbound side, that's completely clear.
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plow train came through there less than five minutes ago. on the southbound side, the side closest to us, they came by a little bit earlier so you're t seeing surface starting to be changed a little this is what it looks like on some of the side streets and many so of the residential roads in the area. they may have been treated ie earl but there's been a lot of snow coming, so they have got a bit of a coating on them. now this is sort of powdery. t too hard to drive on or to walk on, but you do have to watch your speeds because of stopping distances if you're actually out on the road. now, one thing d.c. officials and people all over theio r are urging that you do is look for fire hydrants in your area. they ask that you clear the area around three feet around the fire hydnt and makeure there's a way to access it in the event that firefighters do need to g that. we're seeing reports of some fires in the area. one in prince george's county not too long ago, but the saving grace with this storm is it's
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happening on a monday and aamid shutdown so you've got a lot of traffic that's not on the streets. thes these plows a lot of and time to get their jobs done. plows are actually working 12-hour shifts today, so they are about dday, the ones that came on at midnight. as you said, this will be a significant event. 's going to be doing this for quite a while so if you don't have to go out, don't go out. if you do, then be cautious. we're live in northwest. rrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> derrick, thank you very much. meantime, aake a loo conditions that drivers had to deal with heading into night. this was before midnight in arlington. most drivers were already slowing down to navigate the snowy roads there. pls were waiting along several of the busier interstates to clear that snow as it fl overnight. >> some folks ditched their cars and ventured outside to take in the snowy sites. aal few peopled gingerly on thew- scovered shrinidelines la night and many folks opted to stay home and inside their warm
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houses. ut >> absy. airport workers hit the runways as soon as the snow started falling. most of the flights are on time but a few have cancelled. if you're traveling today, contt your airline and check el your flight before heading out. trelays are inevitable with all the weather across the country so just be ready forat meantime, this powerful storm system has already turned seven people were killed on the roads after snow pounded parts of the midwest. parts of missouri were covered with a foot ofnow. this has led to hundreds of crashes, left several people wiofout power. ficials are urging all those to stay off the roads in that area, and coming up later in the show, we'll have a deeper look at this storm's impact all across the country. >> and it's a b, of course, nobody loves to do, but we can't avoid it. talking about getting out there and shoveling snow, folks, but always keep in mind safetyt. fi so it sounds simple, but there are a lot of injuries every
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winter just from shoveling. here are things to keep in mind. give yourself an advantage but keep a shovel close to your body. this will lighten the load and put less strain on your spine. dod not penrom your back, squat from the hip as if you're about to sit down in a chair. also, shift the direction that u pitch the snow. do not throw it the same way each time. finally, pace yourself and take a break. coming up. adam tuss will go outside and show us how it's done. >> younow the realtip, find the 15-year-old kid in the neighborhood who is willing to shovel the sidewalknd driveway. >> people get heart hey tax from doing this. have a se winter and enjoy the snow. the storm team 4 coverage of this year's first winter storm is available anywhere when you download the free washington news app. >> the partial government
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utdown is now the longest shutdown ever in u.s. history. n it day 23. this is where we stand, everybody. congress is in recess. no negotiations have beendu scd. the president spent part of the day yesterday attacking democrats in a series of tweets. back and ians go forth, 800,000 federal workers are paying the pric a >> it's little scary. two kids, you know. we don't know what the long term is going to be. >> among those not getting paid, air traffic controllers. they filed a lawsuit against the trump administration. >> the federal aviation administration says it has brought back about 500 furloughed safety inspectors. the faa expects more to return later in the week. most of theen 's safety inspectors have been at home during the shutdown. inspectors oversee and certify inspections by airline and repair shop employees. they are not considered essential employe but agency is bringing them back to work to ke surhings run more
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smoothly at the airports. >> hundreds of furloughed workers lined up for groceries yestfday. a signust how the government shutdown is actually hurting area families. yesterday a worker from the capital area fd bank handed out bags of free groceries at five pop-up locations around o area. check it out here. this is one in rockville on rockville pike. long line there, and up to 250 people with federal i.d.s received free bags of produce and other groceries at each location. >> hearing from other colleagues in other locations that they ha finished their 250 and there's still people in line. we're seeing a significant need for food in ourarea. >> just shows you the true impact here. the food bank plans tav pop-up markets each weekend until the shutdown is over. >> as the shutdown continues, you can only imagine the anxietw g for some 800,000 federal employees who have little or no money coming in. >> unbelievable. as you can imagine many of the work remembers nervous about their financesnd the domino
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effect this do all create. consumer reporterusan hogan is working for you as to what you can do right now to lessen the impact. >> well, that's right. a majority of furloughe workers likely don't have enough savings. a recent survey byareer builder found 78% of americans live paycheck to paycheck. for those of you are a mortgage some lenders are now offering assistancealrograms to fed employees impacted by the shutdown such as waiving late fees but you need to contact your learned immediately to let them know of your situation. w, for those of you who rent, contact property managers or your landlordsnd see if you can work out a payment plan with them or at the very least ask if they will waive a late fee for you as well. same thing goes with credit cars paym don't wait until your payment is due. contact them now and a they will waive your late fee or pay only minimum amount and consider taking out at short-term loan. furloughs are offering
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loans to the federal employees who have their paychecks depoted into a checking or savings account. these loans don't require a credit check and some have zero percenel interest as bottom line, cut all unnecessary spending and, again, w cannot stress this enough. be proactive and talk with your creditors now. >> all right. very mucank you we'll have more on the shutdown aheadn thi morning's edition of "meet the press." chuck toddill join us in udio as he does every sunday to break down what's the longest shutdown that the country has ever seen. that's still ahead coming up on "news 4 today." >> we'll take l a livek outside where the snow continues to fall. we've got you covered. we've got team coverage this morning all throughout the morning to let you know about the road conditions and what you need to keep in mind for today and the rest of the week. plus, the best part or the place rather to escape the falling snow, our n 4 telemundo 44 health & fitness
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expo, of course. the doors open for day two at thehi wton convention center. if you're coming out, please be safe or careful on the roads or even better, take metro and join us for a healt sta to 2019. meantime, a new step in the meantime, a new step in the scandal involving washington's
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>> allight. 6:16 on this snowy sunday morning. you're taking a live look at your front yard in northwest d.c. 5 inches. maybe more where you ar >> snow is not stopping. pretty to look at. not fun to dve in. >> doug kammerer hit this one on the head. >> on par. >> doug, you called it, man. >> no words, just speechless. >> hey,s you know, t something that we've been watching the storm over the last couple of days and we had to change our totals yesterday but we've been talking about this storm for well over a week and we'reno talkinger one next week so we'll be watching this one very closely and we' getting into a more wintry and more stormy pattern after what was a very warm period. we saw 28 days with temperatures above average. that is changing, and you can
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see why. we've got a maj storm right now make its way across our region and theigr question earlier in the week is how is sunday going to be? we knew saturday was going to be snow all night ew we'd see snow but whay would sun bring? that area of low pressure off the coast is coming closer, and that's why we're thinking this is going to all day, not only all day but into the night for snow making its way across the region. a nor'easter, this is not a nor'easter, that would set up off the coast and throat moisture back. we'd beoi seeing theure coming in from the atlantic. look at where this is coming, from all the way from west to east across our regionringing that snow. down to the south, starting to see a little bit of a difference here. seeing that area of low pressure starting to form off the coast ofas carol and starting to get lost in the north and if it does it will keep us in the moisture. that mrens several watching an area of upper level lows back
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to the wes spinning around st. louis this. all has to come through our area, a h we justpen to be on the perfect track for this. ehis is -- this is where the area of low press is going to be going. philadelphia, not going to see nearly as much? ase are, and really north of the mason dixon line not going to get 'smuch. ll around our area, and we'll continue to see it. that's why we have a winter storm warning in effect right o6 throug0 tonight. notice where it does not include, as i mentioned, a little norer north and east. a winter storm warning around our entire area. we're in the sweet spot, ladies and gentlemen. if you love snow, this is the sweet spot and this is what we've got around our region. look at this. here we aret 6:00 a.m. here's 9:00, 10:00. yeah, still heavier snow down in our southeastern region. i really think d.c. south and east will be the belseye. a lit bess up towards the north. still snowing. by 1:3 little bit lighter and heavier snow as the area of low pressure really starts to get in control down to the south
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and east. this area waldorf to friktsberg, we'll be watching very close lit rain-snow line around st. mary's county. you may switch over to sleet a rain, and if you do, your totals will be cut down. significant right on that same area you're going to get another 6 to poibly so inches o snow. look, by 5:00 as theow area of pressure moves out the rain-snow line shifts further south and still snowing everywhere around 5:00. starting to deteriorate ando startingove out around 8:00 and still snowing very heavily nd by midnight it's out of here. by tomorrow morning we can wake up. most of us will be out of school tomorrow. i really to nk there's going be a lot of school closures. still have the government shutdown s looking good there, too. a lot of us can sit back and watch during the day tomorrow. this is not through the event, this is how much more and i'm still thinking anoer 6 to 8
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inches where this stays all snow. another 6 to 8 inches, on fricrg around waldorf, calvert county. d.c. 3206 and closero the 6-inch rain and frederick, you'll be right along the 3 line. guys, we've got a lot more to go. this is fun. we're jus getting start. i think i'm live all the way through to 2:00 and then amelia comes in. everybody is coming in during the day today. i just hope we're bringing in food. >> you're not allowed to go home. >> i forgot my roast beef sandwich, and i madet this morning to bring in. i forgot it. so i'm hoping there's something because right now all i have is mozzarella sticks. >> we'll call in ricketts. we'll see if she can help. >> thanks very much. icy cditions are to blame for this crash. take a look. a truck flipped over onts side on colleyville road in front of the silver spring metro station last night. no one was hushts and a serious crash shut down the southbound line of the paw tuxin river in
6:21 am
laurel last night. the road is now back open. >> maryland crews have been working overnight treating the road what can you tell us first about how the roads are looking around the area? >> they are actually looking pretty good, adam. as the storm slowed do a really good part of that factor that that snow fell at kind of a slow rate so the pre-treatment that we applied over the last couple of days and then also the plowingug operations thut the night allowed us to keep roads really navigable, so, you know, we're prettap with how things look. we'll keep working throughout the day and throughouthe night. as you heard on the forecast it's supposed to go all day long so we'll go all day long. >> hey, john, thanks for joinin. what are some things that people need to keep in mind if they do need to hit the roads thi
6:22 am
morning? >> it's really just kind of t puttin fun back in the fundamentals. something as simple as having an ice screr in you car, make sure that you have good visibility through your rear ndshield and your front windshield, making sure that you understa exactly what these conditions do to your car. if you're going l atle bit fast and you hit an icy overpass or icy bridge area, you need to be able to understandha the road conditions can do to your vehicle. so if you slow down, give a good following distanc between you and the car in front of you and stay out of way of plow trains i think you'l be good. >> because this is really the first big snowfall this year, you know, a lot of times we'll treatment the roads over and over again with chemical and solution and ttuff hasn't had a chance to set in. does that play a part in all of this today bause this is really the first big snow storm? no.
6:23 am
so we treated the road with brine which is 70% water and30% solution. the road that you see going along in the storm and as we go through the day you'll see the salt situation in order to help with the melt and treatment and we always try to be good stewards of the envir and make sure we're applying as little salt as we can. if we don'to have salt w an't but what we will do is continue to sal remove the snow from the road and we'll continue to watch it and see what wo need do in terms of salting or in terms of plowing or both. >> i want tgo back to what you had mentioned just a minute ago. i personally experienced going over the key bridge, for instance, a as you make that turn going left towards georgetown university, ilmost fishtailed. you're going slow, but as you
6:24 am
mentioned it is a little bitsl k and slippery, and, you know, if you're not going slow enough youis can tail out so if you are going to hit had the roads, please, be very, very careful, because as you mentioned, john, you know, crews are doing everything they can but it's still a little tricky. it's still snow-packed roads in some area. >> got to be careful out ttore. good lucll your crews and thanks for their hard work, and we'll check back i with you throughout the day. meantime, virginia's governor declared for the worst by declaring a sta of emergenc and this will help mobilize resources and affect anyone impacted by the storm. salt trucks were out. take a look at this strip mall in reston. you can see they are being treated. the emergency declaration in toginia makes it easier deploy people and heavy equipment if there are power outages or damages due to fallen trees. and until the roads are fully treated, transportation
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officialsn ourrea are telling people not to go outside if they don't have to. news s darcy spencer drove through parts of northern virginia last night. she continues our team covage. >> the region isetting the first snow of the new year, and it's promising to be a major storm. snow fell steadily in northern virginia coating grassy surfaces and making roads wet. drivers seemed to get by okay as long as they were careful. by evening the snow began to accumulate had a little more. roads had some slush. snowplow were at the red as soon as there was enough to push. with expected snow totals creasing, some made a run to the store to stock up. >> at first i didn't think it was going to be a lo but now i -- i'm kind of good that we d get groceries because i wouldn't want to be trapped i the house with no food or anything. >> there were a number de acs in the region. a truck ran into a utility pole
6:26 am
on a snow-covered brad okay road. sign side roads were gting slick. >> i ran out to pick up last-minute items and when i heard the forecast was going to be a little works i thought let me come and get a few extras. >> reporter: the roall conditios nly get worse as the snow continues to pile up. officials are urging people to stay home unless you absolutely have to go out. in aington, darcy spencer, "news 4 today." >> this has become a tradition during snow days around here. later today join the snowball ght around the washington monument. the washington,.c. snowball ght association, did you know there was such a thing. >> i didn't. >> planning a snowball fight at 1:00 this afternoon. everyone is welcome to join in the fun. i've act flly been there
6:27 am
some of them. they are fun. >> i was about to say, not to toot my own horn, i'm kind ofwb legit at sl fighting. >> i wouldn't want to go up against you. >> you ready to go? >> i was born red. >> reporter: as far as the ldowball fight i w probably do that once. that would be about it. my roimtism would start to act g,. good morn everyone. the snow continues to fall here in northwest washington and as doug was mentioning more snow to come. this is a situation where you'll shovel this morning. later on this afternoon if you don't shovel, hopefully you have one of the push shovelso you can push the snow. another tradition we have is measurin the snow as it is falls so, of course, i brought, i would be remiss if i did not bring my own measuring device, so we're goi h stepe in northwest find out, a good meteorologist takes three
6:28 am
measures a see what w have. that's 6 inches there. another 6 inches. i'll step a lite far away, hmm. so what we're looking a here, this is northwest washington, everyone. right here at thenow line is 6 inches of snow. 6 inches of snow. it's 30 degrees. 30 degrees in the district of coowmbia. it's b 30 degrees, colder, probably in the 20s where you life, so the important thing, of course, everyone is to be safe. be safe when you go out and make sure you clean the car and wipe the front and back windshield, the side windows when you're out with family. do go to the health and fitness expo and get out there and make sure you're safe before you travel. >> you've got path collins. you're going to wake pat collins up. >> is that t official pat collins snow stick? >> this is my own. this is trademark. >> 6 inches though, that's ,something. clhank you very much. we've got so much more
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6:30 am
> the snow is is not stopping. several inches of snow have already hit much of the region, an it loo like several more inches are coming down. >> road cre are working to keep up with everything coming down. news 4 is on the street to track the snowy conditions for your sunday. >> the longest government shift durye in his continues this morning half more than three weeks of stalemate over a southern border wall. is there any path forward to reopening the government and putting thousands of federal employees back to work. the chill and cool of this sundayorning kind of mere oregon the government shutdown. a lot going on around he for sure. >> a lot going on. >> thanks so much for being with us here on a snow day. m i'm a tuss. >> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. you know what's really cool? >> adam's tie.
6:31 am
>> i want to help doug kammerer with the snow totals here, so, yeah. >> there it is, the close-up. >> and my mother-in-law would be very because she gets me these ties every once in a while and i put them on >> they are cute. let's take a look outside this morning several inches have fallen already across the d.c. region. you're taking a look at aeagan natiirport as the operations continue. >> and this massive winter weather system is far from over. news 4 has ful team coverag for you. the first snow blanket of 2019. storm team 4's clay anderson is outside in the elements track the snowfall outside of our studios. >> derrick ward is in d.c. tracking the snowy road conditions for those who can't afford traveling today. >> let's start with chief meteorologist doug kammerer who is tracking the storm as it moves over ourod region. morning, doug. >> good morning, guys. yeah, we're just getting started here with this storm now. some areas have picked up 5, inches of snow. reports as of about 4:30, 5:00,
6:32 am
e about an hour and a half old. 4 inches of at american university down the street from station and clay measured 6 inches in d.c.d.see aice litt burst the last hour towards bethesda. a waldorf isund 3.8 inches and fairfax around thehailly area 5.3 inches of snow. we've got a lot more to go, dies. th won't be ending any time soon. however, you can see the snow is area-wide. it doesn't show up too well back to the west but it's still snowing back here. onehe lighter s and the heav sienow will be close to and south of the d.c met area. you can see why. watching this area right here, this isfouthern portions st. mary's county. now reporting sleet mixing in with snow. sleet mixing in with snow. this is the rain-snow line.
6:33 am
will creep to the north. not a lot but just a little bit. that's a big factor for youn folks dround the northern neck and parts of southern mary cnd. st. marynty and extreme calvert county. it will bring your totals down an make for a nastier day. i would rather have all snow rather than snow tong sleet. mats way back to the west. we're watching this upper level of low pressure. you can actually see a little t of a spin back here. ook at how long this is from st. louis to west virginia. this is the upper level low and all of this has to move aoss our region, too. at the same time, an area of low pressureth moving of coast will be making its way off the coast and that will keep the snow in all day today. it will go on through 8:00, 9:0010:00. winter stormarning in effect until 6:00 tonight. we'll watch this go probably expire around 6:00, 7:00 as the snow moves out but here's 6:00 a. we'veot thenow coming down right now. watch what happens here around
6:34 am
10:00. still seeing the snow heaviest down to the south. look at the rain-snow line creeping into parts of calvert county. we'll get a lull. the lull happens as area of low pressure makes its presencelt it fills right back in around d.c. we'll see much more snow hand how much more to expect over your area. i haven't swn you the ten-day forecast. there's another storm but we've go to get through this one first. >> let's gethrough this o first before we get to that one. >> thanks, doug. >> if you open the windowhis morning you're no doubt seeing a sea of white. >> absolutely. >> the.c. metro area has been getting dumped with snow. it's not over. you're taking a live look at colesville road as we can see what's going on. also, want to tell you the metro s just reporting they are on a light snow detour plan so be awar of that. meantime, our derrick ward is live in northwest d.c. with conditions on t main roads and the side streets. derrick, were you starting to see a little bit oft pavem so
6:35 am
that's good news. >> yeah, it is indeed. when you hear those plow blades scraping the pavement, that's a we'veign, and that's what been getting all up and down wisconsin area as you can see here. that's more true recently. it's been treated but a little earl yes, but still very passable. we haven't seen any vehicles having any trouble. we've seen metro buses coming through. indeed, it's not a problem. take aook at some video that we shot earlier. you can see some plows that are actually out on the street. a plow train came birk and that's how we got the clear pavement, and we visited some of the side streets. no issues there. just b aware those streets will be treated. you can't see speed bumps. you might be surprised and bottom out your car and take the speed up and what you need to do to be prudent in weather this. it will be snowing for a good
6:36 am
part of the day so these teams will have their work cut out for them. they are working 12-hour shifts and that's why we can see the main roads passable now. again, they are going against an all-dayrm s and as doug was saying we'll get a heavier snow and another snow-rain incident. what city officials are asking that you do is clean off your sidewalks in front of your property, if you can. loir for hydrants. clear a three-foot space around the fire hydrant and just b prudent if you've got to be out, but don't go out if you don't have to. this is a perfect day to stay in and be warm. away from all the precipitation. just take a look at it and enjoy the splendor of it andarl at that. again, it's a sunday and we're amid the government traffic is light and we're getting the plows a chance toheo whatneed to do. live in the northwest. derrick ward, news 4. >> good tips for sure. meantime, want to get a look at the road conditions in
6:37 am
montgomery county. joining us is richard dorsey from the county transportatio department. we're starting to see some pavement and that's good. not having a lot of traffic. that's nothing but beneficial for road cruise, rig? >> absolutely. i mean, with the traffic being very light, it gives us a chance to get our plow operators out and mthe the best o team and get the storm cleaned up. we still have a lot oftorm ead of us, but we're working diligently to keep our emergency routes passable until we can, yo know, get folks into the neighborhoods, get the neighborhood streets open up sometime tomorrow dday. >> allright, richard. good morning, it's meagan atzgerald. whice do you want to give the folks who want to hit the roads? crews are out the w doingt they can do to plow them? it's sunday. so folks thinking about going
6:38 am
to church, running errands, heading outxp to the what would you tell these folks? >> by all means be careful. watch the pavement conditions because they are challenging right now, and be mindful that there's guys tut thereing to clear the roads for their safe passage, but jus be cautiou and be aware of those pavement conditions. >> richard, i'm t guessingt you guys have just total full supply of st supplies and brining solution and all that stuff since we really haven't had to deal with too much snow this year. absolutely. we have anven try of rig invent of salt and brine solution so we're ready for whatever comes. >> when drivers are out on the road and they see the plow drivers, how far away do they
6:39 am
stay? should they stay in the opposite ne? >> back off at least 50 to 100 feet just to be safe for th aselves andow the trucks to maneuver around the area. >> all right. >> got a long way to go. the storm is still planning to drop a couple more inchesn our region. hed dorsey from the transportation department, thanks so much for joining us. we'll check bk in with you as the day goes along. conditions that drivers we dealing with. this was midnight at arlington. mostrivers were slowing down to navigate the roads around there a plows were on the busier interstates to clear the snow as it fell overnight. virginia's governor prepared for the worst by declaring a state of emergency yesterday. this will help the commonwealth mobilizeresources and provide nyone who is affected by the storm. as snow began falling yesterday, trucks and other heavy equipment began treating the salt trucks were out. this was at a strip mall in reston.
6:40 am
this makes it easier to deploy ople and heavier equipment if need be and also if there's wer outages or damages because of fallen trees. >> some of you have ditched the cars and ventured outside to take a look at the snowy sites. a few peoplealked gingerlyn the snow-covered sidewalks. here's the national harbor, but there are other folks like ourselves who choose to stay inside. coffee. >> what do they say, walk like a penguin? >> very difficult. >> meantime,rs hit the runways at the airport as soon as the snow started to fall. plows cleared the runways through nheht and most flights in the area are actually on time this morning, but there are a f who have been cancelled. if you're traveling today, you'll want to make sure you ntact your airline and check before you go to the airport and be patient, of course. this thing is going all across the country, this storm, so travel delays are inevitable. be ready to wait a little bit. >> indeed. storm team 4 coverage of the first year's winternow is
6:41 am
available anywhere any time. all you have to do is download >>r nbc washington app and it's free. e're with us for the next several hours as well. to tolltics now. as the snowblankets the nation's capital, the partial government shutdown is the longest in u.s. history. this is day this is where it stands. congress is in recess and no negotiations have beenhe led. the president spent part of yesterday attacking democrats in a series of tweets, and as politicians go back and forth, 800,000 federal workers arest tsing to pay the price. >> that's a little scary. two kids. don't know what the long term will be. >> among those not getting paid, air traffic controllers. this alf-ac filed a lawsuit against the trump ti administ. >> the federal aviation administrationization it has brought back 500 furloughed safety inspectors. the faa expects more to return r in the week. most of the agency's safety inspectors have been at home during the shutdown.
6:42 am
the inspectors oversee and certify inspections by airline an repair shop employees. they are not considered essential but agency isem bringg back to make sure things run smootly at rports. >> time right now is 6:42 the kind of day husband boyfriends don't look forward to because there's a lot of sgloflg get outside and get rid of the snow. >> but kids will love sledding in this today. team be back with full coverage of how much more snow is actually on the way. yes. it's not over, nokes. backfter this.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
it's 6 45ks this mornilc. e back. taking a live look at the white house as the snow continues to fall and a reminder that today marks 23ay since budget talks collapsed and funding ran out. >> the somef a metaphor in there for snow covering the
6:46 am
white house. this is the longest shut doup that we've ever seep and right now not many hopeful prospects for a deal being made any time soon. here's the man to answer all the questions of what to expect. moderator "meet the press." >> i'm having flashbacks, i remember the previousst lon shutdown in '95-'96. >> snow storm. >> snow storm, had a couple of roommates that worked for the , governme'm working as a journalist. between the shutdown and multiple days off for the snow, i don't thinkke they w for like three months. >> how do you see it going? there really doesn't seem to be anyovement at all. >> there's no movement and i think the astonishing thing ist congress w home. there's an upside to them going home that may expedite rethis. they getting an earful, you know. some of the new members have decided to confront it head on and are having town halls and they are hearing from people i wonder if on tuesday as more
6:47 am
heuerman faceas been put on this. yes, they will get their bad pay. and what does it do to their credit rating tsy miss a payment here or there? that is snowballing effect that limb pactheir lives if not for years if you think about credit ratings and things like that. i wonder if it just changes the attiere had a little bit. but, you know, right now, the leadership of both parties feels thic it's polly better to stay dug. in at some point you've got to think some pressure is going to hit them both, but right now they are not eeling it. >> interesting to see who people hold responsible for thi government shutdown. >> nearly 2-1 holding the president responsible over ngressional democrats and what's interesting inside that poll you have a plurality of democrats that say they want democrats to stick to their guns andaj had aity of republicans to say they want republicans to stick to t ir >> caught in the middle. >> neither partisan wants to see a compromise.
6:48 am
>> shifting gears to the big terdayell of a report y that the fbi opened an investigation into president trump possibly working t for russian government after firing james comey. he went on fox news and didn't deny it when he was asked point blank, you know, is this true. he said it's ridiculous. >> he didn't want to address the question i think. perhaps that was his mindset. thatat do you make of >> let's step back here a minute, that the fbi was so rattled by the firing of james comey, coupled with two other things, right. they were rattled by that, him saying to lester holt that russia -- that russia >> that's thendeason why in the letter. here's why. i think this is what the story i think -- we all need to orient how wught about the investigation. the president beating up the fbi e often made people ass that the mueller investigation is donald trump and his organization and things like that. what is trying to remind
6:49 am
everybody of. this was always an investigation of russia it just happened tot they stumbled upon links donald trump or links to his campaign. the hub and the spoke, right, think of it this way. is trump the hub with a bunch of spokes coming out of it or is russia the hub and oneokf the is trump and now everybody is realizing russia is the hub. oneke of the s is trump, and that is i think the othart of trying to understand why this investigation i think is so troublesome to this president. >> yeah. real interesting stuff. are your guests going make it intohe studio? no, because congress is not in special. i have boths gue on from washington. >> we'll see how it all skes down. >> you got in. >> you can see "meet the press"r
6:50 am
every sundaht here at 10:30 after "news 4 today." >> switching back tots snowis whictill coming down in northwest d.c. >> you can see it right there on connecticut avenue. >> the tracks in the road right there, and our clay anderson is out in the elements. he has beenoutside on the storm team weather deck this morning. clay, step into the frame and tell us how things are looking. >> i'll jump into the camera. there you had,yes, yes. >> hi, everybody. still snowing outside. just wanted to makeha sure we still had snow falling. snow continues to fast. temperatures the around 30 degrees, they dropped to 2 and as doug was mentioning, the enrom the storm continues to impact our area. speak of impact. these are current accumulations of snow across the board and they include 4 i inche here in the disdishes a bit more here northwest in our studios and notice out to our west, over 5
6:51 am
inches of snow that's already fallen simply from last night and earlier thisrn g. there is more snow to come across the area. so, doug, what's happening the next few days? >> someone else was talking in my ear. a lot of things going on when the weather is coming down like this. not a lot of snow falling around your area and the reason why, a secondary area of low pressure continues to make its way offshore. we're watching some lighter snow up aroundde fck and hagerstown and still heavy down to the south. i want t show you a different way to show this. that's in haul white. you can see the rain-snow line. i want to show you that. ei'm going to m that down to the snow. you can see the rain-snow line to parts of st. mary's county. this is the regular reflectivity wiout the precipitation meaning it doesn't show you
6:52 am
where the rain or snow or sleet, is buts what this d show you is where the heavier snow is. around the warrenton area. heavy snow and there's the darker green. darker green around charles county. heavy, heavy snow in towards the ldorf area, and this is all moving up to the north, so another round of heavy snow in d.c.g com up over the next heavy snow and ver in the frictionberg area. the area of low pressure is starting to movee offshd really starting to come into its own. the rain-snow line startin uto mo to the north. we actually had some she reported in parts of southern maryland. that will knack totals down in that area. how much are we gng to see? still a long way to go. here's the storm, but the actual storm and upper area of low pressure still has t through during the day today and that's continued to enhance the stormnd that's why we have the winter storm warning until 6:00 tonight. let's take you hou by hour.
6:53 am
snowing everywhere and heavier in tou serthn zone. a lull bit of a lull her as area of low pressure starts to really -- starts to really coastthen off the notice here's leonardtown. we've got rain potentially here. again, snow changing over to rain. fredericksberg, three to 6 atitional inches in the d.c. metro area and 6 to 8 depending if you sta
6:54 am
6:55 am
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call today and pay just $49.95 a month for fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. all right. welcome back. good morning to you. you're waking up to a winter wonderland hand look at the roads. there.e snow-packed tricky. we've been talking to experts all throughout the morning saying if you don't have to be outside on the roads a good day to stay inside and enjoy it
6:57 am
>> you fishtailed it. i was oel theay and that didn't look great. stay home and give these crews wre time to dot they need to do so that everybody can be safe out there and the roads will start to look good. >>f course. much more ahead. >> including a hour-by-hour look. a look at how much snow is expected to fall. meantime we're checking in with officials at reagan national airport. you can see felghts and cancellations. a safe bet they will start to stack up all across the so if you're heading out of town and got someone flyg in, going make sure you check on that. full coverage of the first winter snow storm of 2019. good
6:58 am
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here we go into the 7:00 ur on "news 4 today" and this is what we are tracking for you. the storm has inia already under a state of emergency as the first winter storm of 2019 continues to drop blants of snow acrosshe region. >> and road crews have been out all night trying to keep up with the he have snowfall. news 4 is out on the roads this morning to give you a at what to expect. >> and we have got you covered front t back here on news 4 this morning on this sunday morning. but, first, thank you so muchng for bere with us. i'm adam tuss. >> good morning to you.
7:01 am
i'm meagan fitzgerald. thanks for joining us on this winter wonderland of sunday. what a difference a week makes. we were talking 60s. >> really nice. >> yeah, it was nice. >> not the same. >> beautiful to look to at but going outside you've got to be careful. there's a few schools calling off their weekend activities for the day as well so check out the ticker at the bottom of the screen for the uptes. ar not such good news for the siddos. noool closures announced for monday yet. >> something tells me that will start to change. this is a live look aga r national airport as the is up is starting to come up a little bit and we're starting to get a clearer picture of how much has fallen. right now several inches of snow are all across the d.c. >> this massive weather system is far fro over. news 4 has team coverage for the fit full blanket of snow for 2019. clay andersons outside tracking the snowfall outside of our studio. >> and derrick ward is in d.c.
7:02 am
tracking the snowy road conditions for those who can't avoid traveling today. >> let's start with chief meteorologist doug kammerer on a sunday morning. >> good morning. nothing i'd rather be doing on a sunday morning across ourre i'll tell you what. when it's snowing, when we have a big snow storm, no place i'd rather be than here with you. snow coming down across parts of the area and lighter snow up in frederick and hagerstown a heavy snow down to the south. first off, all snow in and around the d.c metro area. this will stay all snow. take all at it wil day along. we knew it would be cold enough to snow. fishtailing along the key prifnlgt i did something like that similarly and i was driving a four-wheel drive had difficulty as well. if you don't have to be on the thads, not a good idea. metro and acros region. this is something else we're
7:03 am
watching. extreme southern maryland. around leonardtown. just got another report and now sleet atc sd over to freezing rain. that's nasty. even a couple of tree limbs down in this area. this rain-snow line will make its way ttheorth and west down here and watch out in that area, but the rest of the a region, this snow, and it will stay all snow all day. now, as we m oe pack to the west. batching this big area of low pressure. look at how much moisture we still have to go. a long time. another 12 hours or so of th i befos all said and done. that's why everybody under a winter stormnt warning 6:00 tonight for the entire region. once again we are in the sweet spot for this storm right around our region and up towards philadelphia only a winterr weat advisory, but for us it is the additiol 6 t 8 inches in parts of the area and 3 to 6 inches down towards d.c.
7:04 am
metro area and 1 to 3 farther north. i'm going to take you region by region and sho you the ten-day forecast. there's another big storm later next week. we'll talk much more about that one, but right now wll talk more about the snow coming down outside our area. how is it coming down right outside of ourea >> reporter: i've got to take itme of the snow off of the rebe coming down. 29 degrees as the storm continues to wrap itself around therea. yoay see temperatures falling across the region, and the snow continues to fall, as doug mentioned. here's what you need to know. 'll reiterate it all day today. you're looking out your windo thinking, oh, it will break about 11:00 or noon. no, , no, no. with that the snow totals continue to rise. again, safety first. if you're going to do some shoveling, it's probablyest to do some in layers. if you haven't last night, probably when the
7:05 am
sun comes up or snow shovel now because you'll have to do it again when the sunsets and, again, clean your car, clean your car, clean your car and clean all the windows. clean the front, windshie the back windshield before you head out today because i know folks will sti o be goi and about. but, again, be safe. especially when you have friends and family in the car. so mean and adam, it's a freight day. it's not windy outside. very nice. temperatures are cooperating. doesn't feel too bad. >> shake off the hat, man. >> looks good, a very stylish bereng >> looood. >> he's got the beret. >> meantime, our team coverage continues now. >> it does with a look at the roads in the district. >> our derrick ward is live in northwest d.c. derek, is that a snowplow? what have you got behind you, a snowlower going on behind you? >> yeah, that's snow blower, a low-end snowplow, right, and
7:06 am
we've got at gentleman s trting to cle sidewalk. some of the other sounds that you'll start t'r hear now. not the only ones working at this hour now. this is what you're geeng to and heart. the sounds. snow blowers and the shovels on your sidewalk and, of course, the snowplows. take a look at video we showed you earlier. we can show you one of the plow trains going by on wisconsin avenue. folks haven't hit any problems that we can see getting around on t roads now because of the snowplows. they are working 12-hour shifts here in the district and merchay,s will open to so they are starting to clear in front of their properties so people can get in there and get all the things that they are geing by in a big rush yesterday, the bread and milk, hot towels, that sort thing. what you're going to encounter out hee are s surfaces that will be passable but maybe deceptively so so you've got to take it easy, even if you move well on a stopping, we'll have a
7:07 am
whole different deal. 12-hour shifts fhese folks and clearify higher drants. something that the fire department wants people to know and about 3 feet around the fire hydrants. firefighters canot them if they need to. don't want to waste time when there's a firing burning. thists what you should exp as you come out again. going to be-to-get a little b heavier and a little bit of progress made coming down right now and braourselves and i think we're in for a bit more because this first snowf event o 2019. live in nohwest, derek west, news 4. >> derrick, thank you very much. of course, y can still see it's snowing with him and with clay. take a look a conditions tha drivers had to head into dealing with the snowy conditions. plows waitilo the several busier interstates to clear all the snow from overnight. >> some people ditched their cars and ventured outside to
7:08 am
take a look at the snowy sights. a few people walkedingerly on the snow-covered sidewalks here at the national harbor last night but then, of course, there are others who opted to stay inside in the warm with hot chocolate or hot coffee. >> that's your recommendation? >> just keep it hunkered at home. >> meantime, workers at the airport hit the runways as as the snow started falling last night. plows cleared through the runways and through the night end right now most flights are actually on t in our area, but a few of those flights have been cans i at dulles. we actually want to get a check of the situation at the airports with the airport authority this morning. jo us on the phone athena hernandez. tthena, always good to talk to you. fif course, the weather. what's that doing to the impacts at reaga national and dulles national this morning? people should obviously be checking ead before they go, right? >> good morning,dam and meagan, thanks for the opportunity to update the public on the status of both airports. right now we can report thatl reagan nationd dulles
7:09 am
international airports are both open, but as youentioned there are reports of sanslations, so anyone traveling within the next 24 to 48 hours sen couraged to check with their airlines on status of their flight. can you go to the airline website. many of the airlines post updates on social media. can you call your airline, but you definitely want to check the status of your flight before attempting to travel to the airport. >> athena, h are cre at the airport handling the snow? >> our snow teams are keeping up with the conditions. they have been working since yesterday. our snow teams are working around the clock. the airline teams are working to de-ice the airaft so that we can get travellers that are going t making flights safe and we'll continue to keep up with the day and throughout the term of this storm. if there are any changes at the
7:10 am
airport we will certainly leech out to the public at this pnt t at this point we don't expect any closures at the airport, but as the day goes o and the snow progresses it's going to be really important for ssengers to check with their airlines if they are planning to come to the airport. >> hey thena, of course, youre guys also in control of the dulles toll road. i'm sure you'll be out ploatng as well with the help of vdot. >> yes. we began work onhe toll road yesterday. there were -- they we pre-treated in advance of the storm and we have a number trucks and plows at the ready to continue to continue to keep that road clear. >> hey ndena her at the metropitan washington airport authority. aking upo much for early and speaking with us this morning. >> thank you. >> as you know, it the storm team 4 cov of the year's first winter storm is available anywhere any tim when you download thec free washington app. want to take a live look outside
7:11 am
for you, and you can see the sun is not up just yet, but the know is falling and doug says it's going to connue to fall. we are tracking your forecast and have team coverage for you coming up. of course, the best place though escape the falling know is at the nbc 4 telemundo 44 helt & fitness expo. >> still going on. >> doors open at 9:00. >> adam and i will be there after the show at the washington convention center. with that said, obviously roads are a dangerous, so if you are going to venture out, be exemely careful. you can also take metro to the convention center to kick start a healthy start to the 2019. >> and we're also keeping our eye on the government shutdown and how that's impacting everything across our region. another big part of our sundayb dcast. dcast. we've got it all for you when we
7:12 am
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now let's get a look at road conditions in montgomery county. dorsey froricha the county's transportation department. once again, richard, since we last spoke last hour what have you in theed in terms of the road conditions? >> the road conditions are still challenging right now. i mean, there'some pavement visible, but for the most part it's still covered with ice and slush, so it's a challenge right now, and the sno is still over us for next several hours, sit because it's outs there. >> hey, richard, thanksinor g us this morning. for those folks who are on the roadways,bviously know those plow drivers are competing with cars that are out there. what are some things that folks need to keep in mind if they will be heading out on the roads. >> slippery paving conditions. when you see the flashing lights
7:15 am
from the plow trucks just be cautious in passing, let the gentlemen and ladies operating these snow conditions do their job and just give them the space that they need. >> richard, i'm assuming that the major roads, they are going to get the fst treatment a then you guys will get to the secondary roads after that. any idea when people might start to see their neighborhood streets, yknow, see a snowplow? n >> well, rig we're focusing on our emergency primary routes, and typically we address those until the snow stopsnd then we treat into the neighborhood streets, but depending on when mother nature tends to switch off, that kind of determines when we goig into the orhoods, but i would suspect sometime late this evening or early tomorrow morning we'll start addressing the neighd streets. >> doug says we're in the thick of it right now. 6 inches has allen ind.c. and another 6 inches or more even on the way, so certainly a big
7:16 am
thanks to the men hand women who are on the roads doing what they can to keep them safe. fichard dorsey, montgomery county department transportation, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> all righty. ase've been talking all morning long, the snow continues to fall, but we've got you ervered right on "news 4 otday." we'veou covered outside at union station in the distance >> the flag flapping right there. this is going to be some snow man making weaer. whthat
7:17 am
7:18 am
7:19 am
welcome back. the snow fell pretty hard on th4 nb telemundo building here in northwest d.c. pretty hard all throughout the night actually. down.ll coming storm team 4's clay anderson is outside right now. clay, how are things looking outside right now? i see your hat not as filled with snow as last >> reporter: had the opportunity to brush it off. if you stay out here for a while, the snow will continue to come down throughout your sunday morning. good morning, everyone. as you can see, the snow continues to fall where i am and it's definitely w fallingre you r.take a look at snow totals across the area. it's all about location, location, location.m anywhere f inches. 3.8 in waldorf and a bit more southwest of quantity quo and virginia. north and west as it always is,
7:20 am
more snow. fairfax county,ng clo in on 6 inches of snow at 5.8, and ied meas across our area in the beginning of the first hour, and weere about 5.5 to 6 inches here in the northwest so it ooes depend where you r.another key ingredient in a snow storm temperature notice temperatures across the poured are rather uniform to our far western suburbs. oakland far western maryland, looking at 19 degrees and notice down to the south and east, paw tux et river, 31 degrees where doug was mentioning picking up sleet and freezing rain so the critical is 32, 31 degrees. that can make all the difference. it will be snowing all day today. take that extra time and take the extra precaution and make sure that yout know t snow throughout the day into the evening hours make sure you clean the car first and have safety first. many of us still have to travel, safety fit, last and always.
7:21 am
guys. back to you, doug. >> absolutely, clay. you know, one of the biggest things you just mentioned about the cars. guys,his is more of a powdery snow so you start going down the road that. snow is not only going to come right on into your windshield if you don't clean off the hood there, but off the top, too, it will hit everybody behind you. you really have to clean those cars toake sure you're ready to go. i saw one person, one lady driving. she had just done the driver's side window. that's it. even theassenger part of the windshield was still covered. you can't see. youave low visibility. please make sure you clean off your car. take a look out there showing you the snow still coming down.d notice up aro the frederick area, frederick, maryland, muchi less up frederick, hagerstown, still snowing around the d.c. metro area. we'll continue toee that. normally when there's snow i show it in white to show the en difference betain and snow. this is all snow, area-wide, except extreme southern
7:22 am
maryland. at this shows us is where the heavier snow is, and iooan zm in around the aa. around frederick, not much going on there. in d.c. a little b of a lull around bowie and bethesda. lookt thisine from clinton, maryland towards manassas. this is heavy snow moving up i-95 towards the beltway. this will be in the d.c. metro area in 25 minutes. farther south, take a look at what's happening over towards portions of calvert county. very heavy snow. here's ntingtown, extremely heavy snow there and farther downe south that's where the rain-snow line. everybody in this area seeing all snow. that will continue all through n the day and yice the rain-snow line creeping up to parts of southern maryland and reports of sleet and freezing ain and watch out towards extreme parts of southern maryland as well as st. mary's county and parts of the northern net. look at the upper level l still spinning back here. all the moisture to go, and i'm
7:23 am
telling you once again we're in the sweet spot s for thisrm because all of this comes right across our region. not up towards philadelphia. they are almost done, but for us we'll see it all day long, so that's why we had the winter storm warning in effect until 6: when our weather advisories farther to the north and east around that philadelphia area. as we move on through the day around we may see a little bit of a lull. now that's because the area of low presre is forming off t coast. once it does the upper level low moves back over and then we see nhanced snow again during the afternoon. rain-snow line moving into calvert county, and here's the big key f you folks around fredericksburg. you'll be very cloin to the now line. if it's all snow you'll get more. if it turns into sleet or freezing rain that will keep your totals down. look at 5:00, still snowing and getting out of here around 8:00 and starting to move out before it's totally out of here around the 9:00, sock hour. i'll show you the ten-day. got to show you the ten-day, guys, because we're 36 torrow,
7:24 am
cold. a lot of school closures around the area for sure. look at thi storm watching again saturday into sunday. a little storm friday but another one and som extreme cold in behind, it so winter, oh,es. would say winter is coming, but winter is here.
7:25 am
7:26 am
welcome back. as you take a live look here at
7:27 am
66 and 123 in northern virginia, obviously some snow-covered roads out there. u can see that people with the on and off ramps will be a tricky part of the day. give yourself extra time. >> virginia's governor prepared for the worst by declaring a statendf emergency, this is going to help the commonwealth mobilize resources and as the snow began to fall yesterday, we're out treating the roads and this one here at at stripall in reston. it makes it easier to have power outages or damage due to falling trees. >> want to give you a live look outside. it looks like reagan airport. snow-packed roads, and i you're going to be out there be careful. we have team coverage for you we have team coverage for you all thro
7:28 am
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welcome back. it's 7:30 this morning, and the know is not stopping, folks. several incs of snow has already hit most of the region, and it looks like several more inches are coming down. >> road crews out in force trying to keach up with all the snowfall. news 4 out on the roads to track this onditions for morning. >> the government shutdown continues after three weeks of stalemate over a southern border wall. is there any path forward to reopening the government and putting thousands of federal employees back to work? >> boy. is it snowing or >> i think so. >> is it snowing out there? >> a couple of flakes fell. >> yeah,e, on your too. >> i brought the snow tie.
7:31 am
>>eay cute. >> it's our first snowfall of 2019. >> ydeed. >> prearn excited about if, but it's also pretty tricky out there. have you covered from front to back. good morning to you, i'm adam. tu >> good morning, i'm meagan fitzgerald. lot to get to this morning. we have teamcoverage, and right now you're taking a live look outside a reagan airport. thereto are cars on the road. be careful out there because the roads are a little owacked. >> and this massive weather system far from over. news 4 has full team coverage. first snow blanket of 2019. our clay anderson outside on t front lawn tracking the snowfall outside our studios. d> that's right. derrick w is in northern virginia tracking the snowy roao conditns for thosech you who can't avoid traveling today. let' start with meteorologist doug kammerer. tracking the snow storm as it moves over the region. >> i absolutely lost tie. >> thank you, buddy.
7:32 am
>> i love it man. got to wear red because we're in storm team weatheralert. >> the what have you got in the. >> i've got something here. i've got to getn d >> what could you possibly be pulling out here? >> a snow stick. >> yes. >> we just need the man. i don't know where he is, but this one sunday lock and key. there's twoav people thatthe key, and it's not me. he just left it here. i don't knowho the other person is. but we've got one of these. ltt collins will be down there at the h and fitness expo as well, but trust me, he'll be joining us o tv a little bit late we are this baby. he's got one of these at hise. ho this, guys, just looking at some of the biggest storms in our history. we're not going to get there with t ssrm. we're not going to, but some areas are going to see close to a foot of snow. >> what? >> amazing. >> a foot!>> lready got half that have in parts of the area. let's take a lookoutside right now. i won't be holding this all day
7:33 am
long. i-66 alo a fairfaxnue. you can see this coming into the arlington area around the ball c ballsam region. give yourself plenty of time. here's the radar to show you what's rit around fre or hagerstown. light snow still happening around our region in the. d metro area. still seeg the snow coming down but this mode, hand this is what we normally would use for rain. i've taken off the snow, and this snows you where the heavier snow is, so you can see here some heavier bands. frederick county up to montgory, not a whole lot going on. but once you get into the d.c. metro areas when you see the heavier bands. ou've got one in bethesda and a little bit a lull over towards bowie and look at this band right here. look at thi coming through burke and coming through the clifton area and fairfax county and right across into clinton, and this is about to move right across the beltwo and i d.c.
7:34 am
and farther south and east. look around calvent c right along sunderland. route 2, moderate to heavy snow falling in that area. farther west another one and any of the darker greens, heavy snows and you'll start to see your snow picking up here. here's theicoverallre. you can see how big this snow is. it'seally a couple of parts. we've been talking about that the last couple of days. the saturday pt we saw yesterday coming through with a warm fnd the storm system itself is a shiftingnd we have the upper level area of low, and we've got a of this to go before it's all said and done with. that's why we'll see more snow all day. slick roads and periods of heavy snow. take metro if you're heading down to the expo. great idea to take metro because we'll be down there a little bit later today. snow through the day. i think this will be right on through the day thisfternoon so watch out for that as well,
7:35 am
guys. how much time do i haveef i've got ten seconds left? take all the time in the world. >> just enough time to lock this baby up. >> i was about to say. pat collins could be coming for you because he's in at 9:00 a.m. >> he's on the move. >>imon't tell i have this. >> okay, sure. >> just make sure you get it to him, that's all. >> all right. >> thanks, >>doug. thanks, doug. all right. so our team coverage of 2019's first significant snowfall continues. and as you mentioned atat:00 a.m. collins will join us. >> we've got cruise spread out all across theig area now. our derrick ward live in northwest d.c. who has been dealing with people out there shoveling the sidewalks, and the plows are going by. what are you seeing out there, derrick? >> reporter: well, we can see e fruit of their labor. take aook. e last time that we talked these guys were clearing the sidewalk. theyovave cleared it and m on to the next project. this gives you a sense of how much snow we've got. l if youk here you can see
7:36 am
wherege the rid is sort of. you know, at least a couple of inches, like you say we know that we're going to get at lea o for five inches, so this ntves you a good barometer of that. o look over at the roadways now. plow trains have been through here so you're kind of down tou pavementot completely so you've got to take care. people are moving a little too fa for my like, but, hey, who am i to say. just a guy on the side of road. tell you. what look at some videoha tt we saw from earlier today. from some of the neighborhoods where they haven't gotten to -- you know, where the plows haven' gotten there. we did catch up with one plow here in wisconsin, b somf the side streets have yet to be gotten to. may have been treated earlier and not lately. just the hiera some said they will get the main roads and emergency equipment can move around if they need to and then they will get around to the rest of the residential streets.
7:37 am
people are out amid the government shutdown people who may have been working on sundays for the federre governmentt working. so it's a good opportunity for the people who are going to clear this stuff toet out and do what they need to do, and if you can, just sit back and want for this to all settle in and then they can get it clear. you'll know what you've got to do tomorrow so take ity e today. if you do have to be out, prudence, of course, is the name of t game. take it easy and drive slow and leave some distance between the cars in front of you and watch yourself on the sidewalks as well. live in northwest, derrick ward, news 4. >> real quick, question for gy. is thatd snowball make snow. what do you think? >> let's see. i'mht in the slush r now so if you don't like someone this is the kind of snow to use. it's not really. it's kind of fluffy and feathery. now, if you're -- if you're out here skiing down wisconsin avenue y would -- you're probably well off, but if you'rr ng to make a snowball, not
7:38 am
that the good yet. maybe it will change by the time the snowball fight happens so, you know. >> we'll check back in. a nice time fight. >> we'll cnck back for the snowfall report. thank you, derrick, appreciate it. >> take a look drivers have been dealing with heading into the night. this was last night before midnight in arlington. most drivers were already slowing down to navigate the road. plows waiting along the busier interstates to clear all the snow from overnight. meanwhilee've been telling you that. virginia's governor prepared for the worst by declaring aoftate emergency. this is going to help the commonwealth mobilize resources and provi a help toone who is affected by the snow. as the snow began falling yesterday. meantime truck, cruise, heavy equipment, the emergency declaration but the governor makes it eier to deploy people and heavier equipment if there's things like power outages or damage due to fallingtrees. > some people ditchedir t
7:39 am
cars and ventured outside to take in the snowy sights. a couple of people walkeder gi along the national harbor, but w thereere other folks who chose to stay indoors wath a cup of coffee, hot cocoa, to sta. >> that's the place to be. at the airports, workers hitting the runways. as soon as the snow started falling last night plows began clearing runways. most flights are on time but a few have been cancelled if you're traveling to the airport today, be sure tco act your airline. check in before you head out and, of course, be patients this sto really all across a lot of country so that we' probably be delays and you'll likely to v to wait a bit. >> the year's first winter snow storm is available anywhere any time when you download our nbc washington app which is free of charge. >> time at 7: let's turn our attention to
7:40 am
politics, as the snow blankets the nation's capital the partial government shutdown is now the longest shutdown ever in u.s. story. it's now in its 23rd day. this is where we stand. congress, ty are in recess. no negotiates have been scheduled. e president spent par of the day yesterday attacking democrats in a series of tweets, d politicians go back and forth. 800,000 federal work remembers paying t price. >> it's little scary. two kids, you know, you don't know what the long term is going to be. >> among tetse notting paid. air traffic controllers. they filed a trump administration. let's open the window and give you another look on this sundse morning as yo the flags flapping in the wind outside of union station. hey, the train, that maybe the today.go amtrak usually does pretty well b storms like this, no matter what, we'll check in with all types of transportation around the region and how much more snow you can expect? senator coming. i 6 inches d.c. that we've
7:41 am
mentioned and another 6, possiblimore on the y. >> we'ware
7:42 am
welcome back. today we near weather alert dayn we areoring the conditions across our region. >> absolutely. joining us on the phone is ellen kamalokis from vdot. haven't spoken to you in a long
7:43 am
you guys weren't taking any chance and you started pre-treating on thursday, >> we pre-treated on thursday and on friday, and we've had our trucks out all day saturday. they actually started moving last night around 6:00. so once the storm starts and they can get out and about and start putting the salt ,do they started doing that, and then plows down happened and probably happened a little bit overnight because we're definitely getting the snow and they are going to continue on throughout the day just non-stop >> ellen, this is megan, good morning to you. >> hi, megan. >> what arehose neighborhoods, lick a lot of folks wondering if they wille able to get o of the house if they want to hit the roads if you want to be careful that you are, and are crews able t make it into the neighborhoods? >> first of all, we say pleasom stay today if at all possible to give you the magnitude of what we're dealing with. we maintained 16,000 subdivision street o so within district very a lot of subdivisions.
7:44 am
we are getting into the neighborhoods, but our primary concern is interstas and primaries and secondaries. we want our commerce routes open. we want to be able t get the gasoline in, food for people, supplies, so that's where terstates are key. i know trucks are in the neighbhoods, but with this amount of snow they will make it happen and it will cover back up pretty quickly so people can stay athome. that is the first thing that we ask. >> this is a little bit of foreshadowing that might come with school, closin cancellations, that kind of stuff. >> ellen, social media being at it is, how can people report to you if they have or have not seen a plow? should they call or tweet at you guys? what's the best thing to? >> we ask people to give us, size of a storm give us a couple of days. do have 3,000 trucks out with this deployment, but even with
7:45 am
that, thers 14,000 lane miles that we maintain so it's just a little bit of a matter of time c f.afterple of days you feel like youas street not been hit, if it's a vdot-maintained street, some are hoa-maintained, if it's vdot, if you go to please go that. go tohe dvot plow's website and see the avl, the automatic locator of where the mouse are at agiven time and you can see if they are near you or not. again, we ask people to stay home ifto possible y. >> all right. elorn, thank you so much joining us this morning. >> this is a big task. this is a significant snowfall. as she was mentioning and as we go through the next cou e of days here it will take a couple
7:46 am
of days to dig out of this, and you might not see a snow palau and the street down to the pavement. >> as you said, just couple of days away. >> let's open the window and take another loo outside on this sunday morning. reagan national blanketed. as far as we know there's some delays and ccellations so make sure to check with your aline ir
7:47 am
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welcome back. 7:48 right now. the sno is still coming down here in the northwest and probably in your neighborhood as well. to go allt's going day long. our clay anderson, clay, we're calling that the clayet b what you've got going on right there. the clay beret that's collecting all the snow right there, but it's still coming down in the northwest on our front yard. guybsolutely, the sun is up across the area. the snow continues to fall across our area and temperatures remain rather constant in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. just waking this morning, this is just the beginning, everyone. fairfax county closing in on 6 inches of snow over to the north d west. anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snowas alreadyallen and what you're looking at right now has already fallen and you're looking bat 12 hours more of snow across the area. down to our south and west. pickingp a b more snow as well.
7:50 am
temp two, as i said, rather uniform across the area which means for usemperatures in the mid-20s, and it will remain in the mid to upper 20s across the area, except as you notice down to the south and east. p pawtuxet river, yeah, somebody out there making snow. kind of looks like me. kind of looks like me. think? you i think the -- probably with some glass eds on that would probably be m that snow person needs a beret though. >> the clay beret. i love t that will be a trend willing fact. i'm putting that right here and mosting it on facebook and ytwitter. #c rebet. absolutely working for you. you'll get to the come inside for about an hou and thene're back on the air at 9:00. guys, this will continue all day and i've updated more sno totals. one way to get the mostcc aurato inform download the nbc washington app.
7:51 am
i've seen so many different apps, one to three inches and 5 to 1 inches, download app. we put it in our sempts the other apps that you use most time. no meteorologists actually look at it. show you what's happening out there rightow. ill dealing with the snow coming on through the area, but you notice stopping up around the frederick area. it's working it way back in. a little bit of a lull towards hagerstown and baltimore. no lull around d.c. once again this is showing us -- i've taken away the coloring here and showing you where the snow is. this is all snow and what this does is really help show where e heaviest snow s.frederbok, you're aut to get back to the snow. look what's happening around d.c. just saw clay seeing the snow coming down. heavy snow. maryland, inton, around sunderland and over toward dunkirk, out towards huntingtown and prince
7:52 am
frederick. heavier snow watchi this band towards quantico and this will move towards laplata and the wall cover area. the wider picture showing the area of low pressure starting to move off the coast and real develop here. at will combine with thisug he area of low pressure. look at the spin. a little slow spin. that's upper level support and what we need, this system needs upper level support to cope the snow going all day and, boy, do we have it make its way across the area this afternoon wnd that the winter storm warning goes until 6:00 tonight for the entire area. let's talk about the snow and take you hour by hour. maybe a littleull around 11:00 as the coastal low develops. could see the norain line move farther into portions of st. mary's county and to the south. can't help see the sleet and freezing rain reporting. back during the afternoon, real eing around 8:00. how much more? just updated this map.
7:53 am
is to 2 more in fredericks and w hage and 2 to 4 in lower d.c. and montgomery cnty and 4 to 6 further south. waldf to the fredericksburg area 4 to 6 inches. key.area down here is a if you go back to snow earlier, could be more snow in your n ar. tht couple of days. 36 tomorrow and 40 degrees on tuesday. dry conditions for the middle of the week, and thene see another big storm. what is this one going to do? will it be rain or snow? right now it's a mix of all the above. behind it we get cold, the coldest air of the season with coldest air of the season with winter people aren't talking about giant's coldest air of the season with winter easy grab and go chicken wings, perfect for game day. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make entertaining easy, leaving more time for those closest to you.
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oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make mealtime easy, so you have more time with the people you love. your time now is 7:56 this morning. fournghi tso know. region areacross the out working to clear streets as th snow continues to fall. you'll still want to be very cautious if you are hitting the roads toda >> that's right. if you live in maryland, track the snowplows with a new app by md more info in our washington app. just smaryland snowplows. >> stay right here for the latest on the government sh down. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd will break down what's now the longest shutdown in u.s. history at 10:30 right here on c 4. we're still open and on for the
7:57 am
telemundo 44 health and fitness expo. doors open at 9:00 just an hour from new at the washington nvention center. the snow continues to fall. >> it does. look who joins us. >> hey, doug. >> you're here on a sunday. t>> right. t tells you something. >> you know, the show started at 6:00. they called me at 5:55. >> no, no. planned for the last couple of days. wenew we'd be talking about big-time snow during the day on sunday, and you're seeing it out there right now. kind of a two-pate s had one part. that was yesterday's system and now we'll have
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is a humanitarian crisis. >> a temper tantrum by the t. presiden >> enough is enough. we need to gernment open. ♪ good morning and welcome to "sunda today" on january 13th, i am willie geist. >> washington d.c. this morning is shut down in mor days than one. the nation's capitol could also get 10 inches of snow today on the back end of the storm that left


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