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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 14, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and government offices. you m not haveo work but you may be outside with a shovel, cleaning up from the worst snowstorm our area has seen since 2016. if you didn't shovel throughout last night and the morning, you're going to have a big mess on your hands today. good morning,everyone. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. things appr settled outside. we remain in weather alert mode. snowy, icy conditions make things things treacherous on the roads. d.c. public schools are closed. emergency workers and telework employees should continue to work. this does not apply to furloughed employees who are affected by the shutdown in a k status. now, to schools in maryland. mgomer montgomery, calvert, anne arundel and howard county schools are closed. frederick county, maryland, and two-houron schools on a delay. >> now, to virginia.
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>> i thought you could do it. >> i tried to do it in one breath. >> it's a coschool closings challenged. >> that was virginia. now, tt wvirginia. grant, hardy, hampshire, mineral, morgan, berkeley and jereerson county schools a closed. >> if you're hoping to take a metro bus, you may be out of luck. buses will only take major roads today. last night, news 4 cameras found this bus getting stuck in d.c. we're checking outhe snow totals and looking at road conditions for you. melissaill join usn a minute. we'll start with chuck bell. >> four things you need to know about the weather. it is icy this morning.
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be careful. whether you're walking or driving, it's not going to be o easy go. we will be above freezing inhe ternoon. a big-time refreeze coming your way tomorrow night. tomorrow morn willing b every bit this slippery once again. and we'renoooking forer chance of winter weather later on in the week. if you have a great picture of h, share it w and you can put it on instagram. stag tag me there. chuck bell 41 the name to search. temperatures in the 20s. nearly everyone with a solid 8 to 12 inches on the ound. freezing cold through most of the morning hours. the meltdown will be effective this afterno before everything turns back to ice overnight tonight. good morning to you. have this problem here. the biggest issue is in college
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park, southbound 95, ramp to the inner op. we're shutdown because of a crash involving tractor-trailers. t it different crashes. one of them is jackknifed. we're seeing the delays here. west before glebe road. you can see both sides of the roadway here. service suspended on vre. delays on marc, operating on anc "r" dule. metro bus, delayed. rail opening but supposed to be running at normal service. aaron? >> melissa, we'll check back with you. as the sun went down, so did the temperatures yey. and the snow kept right on falling. >> many roads became impassablee and entire dmv saw snow,
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plety of it. we kicking off coverage in virginia and maryland. >> justin fckch is tg conditions in ashburn. he's out of the car. what do you see? >> i jumpe out of the car. i found myself out here. i was caught in build-up here. over time, it appears the trucks did not come back. we have a lot of snow here on the roadway right now. this is the reaso why schools and workplaces will be closed today. as i walk through right m now, foot is going in deep here. the main roads looking very, hevery good forost part, given these conditions. some slick spots here and there. andyou see the side streets the neighborhood streets, that need quite a bit i of work. thnot an icy snow. it appears, fluffy stuff.
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great for t kids. in a few hours, we'll come outside and enjoy this. as you cansee, we certainly got measurable snow out here. as you're waking up, maybe stay inside. just enjoy this picture. if you have prepared to see scenes like in. a lot of snow and work that needs to be done. juin finch, news 4. >> thank you, justin. if you have a flight schedule for today, check with your airline before you head to the airport. according to flightaware, there's delays and cancellations at area airports. i dullernational has eight delays. bwi marshal has no delay bus four cancellations. and a live look fo iyou at reagernational airport.
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there are 7 delays and 55 cancellations. it looks busy. >> the road crews did a good job. you want to c doubleck with the airline on its status before you head to the aplane this morning. hopefully you get to enjoy the snow. if you do, snap a picture and tag us in your post. this member o myamily enjoyed it the most. this is leo, who was loving his first big snow of the winter. >> wait a minute. >> i can barely keep up with him. >> it's a snow day and you had to walk the dog? where are the kids? >> ben is with me. wealked him to starbucks. >> he walked you t starbucks. >> whichever child agrees to go with me gets a hot chocolate. that's the deal. >> that's a good deal. >> and jake is like, not me. >> he's at that age now. >> yes. we want to see yours. pictu tag us in your pos posts @nbcwashington.
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check out this video from oakton, virginia. this is a drone footage from a news 4 viewer. footage showing us the conditions thrage of the storm and the aftermath will continue all scrning long. you can see the hool closures at the bottom of your screen ho and see mores online at and on our app. >> every ing you need toknow, you learned in kindergarten. >> please, thank you. as people dig out from the n , we're entering day 24 of the shutdown. >> this is the largest government shutdown in u.s. history. federal food inspections have stopped. miami's airport. bush international airport in houston, both closed terminals after tsa workers called in sick. many employees are turning to
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food banks for the shutdown. ticouple unable to afford life-saving medi. >> he can't get my wife's medicine. >> it's childish. you shut down the government because you can't come to agreement. >> members of congress are o expectedturn to washington today. president trump spent his weekend at the white house tweeting about an explosiv report by "the new york times." the newspaper reports the fbi opened an investigatiointo whether the president acted on behalf of russia. "the times" says the investigation began e ortly after president fired then-fbi director james comey in 2017. he times" says no evidence has surfaced that trump was in contact with or took direction from russianciovernment ofs. the president said, it was the most insulting article i've had wrten. mike pompeo who is traveling, called the report ludicrous. >> the fbi was afraid that the
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firing of comey was a way for the russians to stop the fbi from figuring out what they did in the election. also, in "poe washington ," the president was accused of concealing notes from a la meeting with vmir thident told the interpreter not to share details with any administration officials. democrats are calling for an investigation. happing today in wisconsin, the man accused of kidnapping jamye closs a killing her parents is set to be in court. police say jake patterson killed her pares before kidnapping her in october. closs was held captive for nearly three months. people at the church where jayme grew up celebrated her survivale this wee.
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the parking lot was ust before sunday mass at st. peter catholic church. our coverage of this weekend's major blast of winter weather continues. >> we continue our live team coverage in d.c. we're checking out the snow totals and looking at the roads. it wasn't only our area hit hard by snow. look at the mess people across >>th we t the oaty ones had snow this past weekend. and this next weekend ahead, because that's all you care about on a monday morning, nextk d, we have at least another chance for a rain/snow mix. yikes. looks like winter is here to stay for a while.
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the first snowstorm of 2019 came andwent.
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th morning, it is all about the cleanup, folks. mings appear c outside. but the temperatures dropped overnight. the roads are icy thisrn g. we can tell you that federal offices are closed. emergency workers and telework oployees should continue work. this does not apply t furp l furloughed employees. at the bottom of the screen we have school closures. a couple of delays. you can check thebc washington app for up-to-the-minuteos es and the forecast. we have you coveredll morning long. >> the district had ten inches dumped over the weekend. adam tuss is live in northwest d.c. now. adam, what are you seeing? >> i told you to take down your holiday decorations and you didn't do it. here you go. you did a great job. i mean, you did a really phenomenal job out here. and the snow makes it that much
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better. but there are people we get upset with, right? when they don't take their holiday decorations down. you think, how beautiful this makes everything. this is off of arizona avenue. i want to tell you about the sidewalks here. take a look. we're dealing with a lot of snow here oro thed that people are going to have to shovel out of the way. it will take some work. as you go over to arizona avenue, take a look. that's down to bare pavement. that's good work by d.c. dpw and ddot. look at the side streets that we're dealing with in some of the parts of the district. it's hit and mis around here. certain side streets may have been hitten with a plow once. it could be more time before crews get out there and make another pass. talking with the department ofa ortation, they said, if
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you haven't seen a plow, you can report it to 311. ddot is good about responding to things. today is going to be all about the cleanup. it's good that we're not dealing with precipitation out here. the crews will get out and wait until all of the snow fell. i'm going to ca doug for his holiday lights and tell him he s a house that's pretty good. maybe he wants to scout this out this year. >> soon, tom will be out there making citizens arrest. he will be tweeting about that.s >> t is tom's neighbor. and tom is going to come over here in a moment and be very upset abt this. great scene. >> good stuff. >> you had your stuff down. >> first weekend after christmas, i like to pack it up and keep it tidy.
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>> not only the d.c. region is cleaning up this morning. >> acrosshe country, hundreds of cities and towns saw snowstorms of their own. look at this video. this snowstorm caused a delta plane to slide off of the tarmac after landing at an airport near cincinnati. officials say the plane ran o of the baifmepavement and on to grags sunday morning. all 120 passengers were taken off of.he flig no one was reported injured. the same winter storm hit the philadelphia area. some parts of new jersey andwa de saw six inches of nisnow. severat flights had to be canceled there. >> this swstorm has turned deadly in the midwest. this has led to several crashes and left thousands of people there without power. officials are urging people to stay off the roads. we're 20 seconds away from our forecast. we have to show you this story. it a feel-good story making
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rounds in social a homeless man stopped to help someone stuck in the wsnow. he rescuing jeff allen. allen later thanked the man and gave him tickets to t cefs afc championship game. >> nice. >> and that man had never been to a chiefs game. the first one is going to be good one. >> yeah. >> you're not a fan of the patriots? >> imagine that, right? >> i just want the chiefs to win. maybe the wle thing. >> you hate tom brady. you're a brady hater? >> i'm going to not -- i'm not going to say anything about his -- that team's practices. >> his wifeon makes more than he does. >> ah. gisee is the breadwinner of that family. >> he married up. we're dogging about snow around here. if you've got a great picture of the snow in your yard, please
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tweet it at me, at chuck bell 4 is my twitter handle. you can find me on social media. facebook, chuck bell 4 and forecast for you on instagram. the of great pictures o snow. our region is so pretty with the fresh snowfall on it. and snowfall aunts are abundant. i'm putting the list together for maryland and virginia. on saturday morning, we upped our amounts forecasted, 6 to 10 in all reality, we should have gone 8 to 12. nonetheless, a lotf snow across the area. there will be a good, solid amount of melting during the day today. likely to golo bew freezing this evening. be ready foro another icy first thing tomorrow. today's high, 35 degrees.
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the's the last of the snow now. this low pressure moving off of the delaware andarand shore. as it pulls down, the sky will clear. there's an improving picture for the next couple days. fure weather. all of the snow, back to sunshine later on in the day. tomorrow, a cold start in the morning, with temperatures in the mid-20s. an highs morrow, upper 30s to near 40 degrees. a lot of melting tomorrow. quiet weather for today, tomorrow and wednesday. on thursday, what will likely start out as rain around here, that could be a wintry m thursday night into friday morning. then, as that all comes to ank end, bn the mid-40s midafternoon. youave to remember this coming weekend, saturday and sunday, another chance for somerinter weats coming our way. and that will be followed, unlike this snow, whi is followed by seasonably cold
5:20 am
weathe early next week, we could be in the deep freeze. be ready for a significant snap of cold to f nlow thet snow chance next weekend. ext halfut that in the hour. let's go over to melissa to see how the traffic is doing. >> outer loop ramp to westbound 50. hearing about a crash on the right side. onhhe phone wolice trying to figure out what's going on. so, bound 50, seeing a little delay here on the right side of the roadway because of this. sounds like it's a car off the road. 'm hearing in my ear, not a cras we're going to get information on that and show you the belays. collegepa , southbound 95, the ramp to the inner loop. two crashes involving tractor-trailers. we showed a live picture of that one coming up in ten minutes or so. >>, bethes the right side is blocked by a crash there. aaron? >> thank yo> 5:21.
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when a snowstorm hits, a couple things are certain. the roadways have to be plowed and the sidewalks have to be shoveled and the pat collins snow stick challenge will begin. >> pat will walk us throughome of the wildest photo submissions. submissions. catch "ellen" at choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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good morningnd welcome back to news 4 today on this weather alert day. g 're tak live look outside now, from saturday night to early this morning. it wasll about watching the snowfall that kept on falling. today, it will be about digging out. all of the cars on my street. it means the first stick challenge of the year. and people are getting creative out there. viewers have sent in pictures weekend. today the winner will be chosen. y strike a pose. we call it the sunowcute challenge.
5:25 am
put on your best snow outfit. go outside, and strike a pose. best picture gets the stick. hold the pose. we got scores and scores of entries. in the off the wall category, how about the woman in the gown with the mink and a snowplower at the ready? or the woman in the wedding dress. talk about a whiteout. we call this, backllo the '70s, ottoms and all. strike a pose. t animal section, the dog. the dog with the trapper hat and scarf. and the one dressed as a shark, chasing snorkelers in the snow. and this. you might call this unbearable. strike a pose. hold that pose.
5:26 am
then, there are the kids. there is nothing more adorable than kids in the snow. the smiles, those smiles have a way of making us all happy. in northwest, pat collins, news 4. >> that's a cute baby. the shark and the snorkels, that's cute. >> make anything you can find into a costume. we're going to turn to chuck bell. 5:26 on this sundnowy monday morning. >> a little breeze this morning. a little windchill to contend with. there's a lot of melting going on toos afte but it will refreeze again tonight. kids, you're likely to be out of school tomorrow, too. another snow day? okay, chuck. we're working iffer you with team coverage all over our region. here's a live look at the roads
5:27 am
in northern virginia. we'll look at what it's like in your aa. re
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r to the storm team 4 weather alert right now. after more than 24 hours of nonstop snow, it looks like it has finally stopped for most of our area. the trouble from the storm will days.h us for several >> this is the backside of the lincoln memorial as we head toward downtown d.c. and independence avenue. some of you m have a foot of snow to shovel out from this morning. and roads that were pretreated may be a bit of a mess right now. 5:30 right now. goodmorning,everybody. >> if you don't have to head out today, stay at home. rit? >> we're going to keep you company this morning. most schools and offices are closed to keep people off of the roads. we want to look at the big closures. they're running on bottom of your screen, too. d.c. schools are closed. federal offices are closed. this does not apply to
5:31 am
furloughed employees impacted bh the down who are already in a nonwork status. now, to schools in maryland. montgoment mery, calvert, st. mary's, calvert, anne arundel and howard schools are closed. >> now, to virginia. nk i t i took a breath in there. >> all right. >> west virginia, now. grant, hardy, hampshire, mineral, morgan, berkeley and jefferson count schools are closed. all of the closures are running at the bottom of your screen all morning long. you can find themhe in washington app. >> we have crews across the region. we have melissa monitoring the
5:32 am
roads in your first 4 traffic. let' begin with chuck bell. he's here to explain what has happened so far, what' next for the storm, another storm that's coming this weekend. >> we'll get the snow totals from the weekend. national airport, 10.3 inches of snow. bwi-marsh bwi-marshall. columbia, maryland, 13 inches. damascus, 12 inches of snow. i'll give you the list in virginia in bi if you have a snow report, send me to me on twitter. happy to show you retweet favorr he course of the morning. 27 at dulles. 28 in prince george's county. it is a cold start this morning.
5:33 am
kenny avail tablt hilable at th rescue alliance. we will face a chance for more winter weather later in theek melissa, good morning. >> we have a live picture, a photographer on southbound 95, the ramp to the inner loop shut down. that's the flashing light on tht left side o roadway. two crashes involving tractor-trailers. we're going to get out of the way and move on to the next thing here. thank youor that, joe. lanham here, the outer loop, the ramp to westbound 50. the car off of the roadway was reported about seriouscrash. we talked to police. sounds like the week is off of the road. oxon hill, at st. barnabas road. american legion bridge looks wet. bridges and overpasses, they all freeze first. it cou get slick this morning, especially because we're not above freezing. southbound 270 after the lane
5:34 am
divide. right side blocked by a clash. northeast, new york avenue at brentwood parkway. icy conditions there. it's 5:34. take look at how fast the roads can change. clear conditions on route 7 in loudon , a quick turn on to a snow-covered mess on xington drive. this is in ashburn where some roads are obviously still waiting for the plows to find them. it couldwhake a e. we had a lot of snow. >> justin finch is there right now. he's been on the roads for hours this morning. they hit the primary roads first. >> reporter: there's a contrast of the work they've done and the work they have to do. just behind us here, w made that turn not too long ago. you look behind me and you see a
5:35 am
lot of white. i promise you on one side, the side i'm on right w, there's grass. and to my left, that is the road. there's been some traffic here, that's kind of warn down parts of it. but there is still quite a bit of snow, almost as much as the storm below my feet here. ninow to play in. it's not icy or that gross snow it will get there at some point. just yesterday. they had to help several drivers, whose vehicles were disabled. you see what the conditions have been here last night into this morning. this would be the difference between a treated and untreated road. with schools closed and jobs closed, we weon't see a lot o traffic on the roadways. those that drive, you will see
5:36 am
the con ast likethat. a well-treated road and not well-treated road almost side-by-side. we're live in loudon county. >> thank you. oure team coverag continues in southernty co some parts saw as much as 8 inches of snow. >> molette green is live in waldorf. she's been lookis at conditi in that area all night long. what are you seeing there? >> we have a better vantage point of 301. we moved up the way a little bit to show you the black top that you can se also, there's some snow there. the plow trucks and the salt trks are out in full force. we're seeing cars going way too fast. that throughout the morning. you see some of the cars going in. charles county governmentt opening 11:00 this morning with nonessential employees able to take liberal leave.
5:37 am
we know there's a lot of snow out here. the crews are doing their best to clear the roadways. three more gentlemen had to get ut early because they had places to go to do their businern this moing. >> kept talking about it. last night, it looked good. i woke up this morning and i was like -- starting over >> just have tareful. >> just go slow. take your time. we'll get there eventually. >> reporter: back live in charles county. you can see the roads and the blacktop. the cars are moving. i want to show you what it looks like not on the major stretch where's they haven't gotten a chance to work on the roadways. the snow is fluffy. right under cthere, you see little icy patches. so, still a lot of work to stay s if you can. if you can, stay home.
5:38 am
that's the best bet for you. if you get out, take your time because the roads are slick and icy in a lot of spots here. that's the latest inwaldorf. >> i like that coat on you. it looks good, molette. i know you're cold and all. >> reporter: thanks. metro buses will have mited service this morning after suspended service yesterday before buses stopped nning. this one became stuck on wisconsin avenue in northwest. who is goih to p a bus out of a snow ditch. >> nobody. >> the icy conditions made it too dangerous for passengers and drivers. today, buses will be limited to major roadsonly. and passengers should expect service delays and increased wait times. if you head out, let us know what it's like at your home. this is look at pictures you've been sharing this morning. tag us in your post. if you haven't done it already, take moment to download our free nbc washington
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wel back. 5:41. a new nationwide push is changing the w officers collect evidence in an effort to solve violent crimes by connecting them. >> the news 4 iteam discovertm some departs are not doing it. jodi fleisher shows us why. >> gun violence is the most difficult thing that we have to deal with. >> reporter: with 160 murders in noe district last year, the police chief the value of strong evidence. that's why his officers are required to pick up every shell casing, even if the call was just for sounds of gunfire.
5:42 am
>> if you arrived on the scene and nobody was injured, you would clear the scene with no report. now, we handle it completely differentl >> it's called comprehensive collection. and the atf calls d.c. o of the leaders in doing it. experts compare 3d images side-by-side with casings already in the system and tie crimes together. >> havg that kind of information is remarkable for an investigator.ut >> reporter:he head of the atf's firearms division, said for years, law enforcement was t using it to its full potential. now, leads from smaller caigs help solver ones. >> the technology is ahead of those departments. >> reporter: the news 4 i-team investigates what is keeping police departments from using this technology and being done to fix that? that's tonight at news 4 at 5:00.le
5:43 am
jodiher, news 4 i-team. talking about the snow and ice on the roads and all over the region. there is still a chance for mor wintry weather before this week wintry weather before this week is
5:44 am
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5:45 is your time right now. it is a weather alert morning. if you're just joining us,
5:46 am
there's a good chance you can head back to bed. most of our region is digging out from yesterday's snow. here's your drivedo in l county. >> want to show you a map, too. this shows the schools that are in red. those are closed. washington and frederick counties in yellow. federal offices are closed. emergency and telework employees are expected to work today. this does not apply to furloughed employees who aor in a no status. .t is day 24 of the federal government shutdo >> it is the longest shutdown i. hist susan mcginnis is live for us. is there any sign that there's an end in the shutdown at this point? >> reporter: no bak in the stalemate. the democrats are asking for tht governo open fully. the president is demanding a border wall funding for his border security, in order for the government to reopen.
5:47 am
we did have one high-ranking senator, lindsey graham of south carolina, suggesting over the weekend tha the president reopen the government just for a short time. if they fail, the president c resort to the threat to call a national emergency and use emergency funds to have the wall built. no sign he's going to take that advi advice. >> susan, the president blasted "the new york times" for its story that the fbi was investigating if the president was working for russia. what's that about? >> he spent a lot of weekend talking about it on twitter and fox news. "the new york times" reporting that the fbi was concerned enough, surrounding the president's firing of fbi director jes comey and comments he made surrounding that time, concerned enough that the preside might be working for russian interests over american interests that they decided to open an investigation. no public result of that investigation have been released so far.
5:48 am
>> ususan, thank you. back to our team coverage on this weather alert day. this was the scene in northwest d.c. you can see some of the side streets are covered with snow. but the main roads seem to be okay for the most part. even though the snowfall made for a pretty picture, refreezing is making the roads a bit dangerous thirn g. >> adam tuss is on the road this morning in southeast, near capitol hi., with mo adam, what do you see in that part of the city? >> the same thing we were seeing in northwest,guys. look out here. still have some work to do. the ooser you gethe capitol and around the complex, it seems like there's more wor done there. if you come on to streets, like first street here and come on to "d" street here, youee can there's some snow covering the roads.
5:49 am
the crews have to come out and do their work once the sun comes up. a lot of the secondary roads, they've probably seen a plow once. mae twice. they will get the treatment and get down to blacktop today. this is the video that they want to show you from northwest d.c. riwe wereng around and found a lot of side streets that are vered with snow. roads like river road had snow covering them. you could go down the side reets and find snow cover. it's a tale of two streets. you can't pinpoint one to t next, which one is going to be better. give the crews time toork today. >> that's key. it will take a little bit of time. make way. good thing people don't have to work today. adam tuss in southwest d.c. thank you, adam. later hetoday, first pat collins snow stick challenge winner will be chosen. >> news 4 viewers sent in pictures all weekend long, with
5:50 am
hopes of trying to win a famous and coveted snow stick. pat had a special visitor during the storm coverage yesterday. the mayor measured the snow live on the air.t and d fun with the mayor, too. >> bet you would like one of these. >> i would. >> you can't have this one, madam mayor. after pa the mayor brought over her baby. she's adorable. and all three posed for pictures with pat's snow stick. that snow stick is under lockdown. >> it's hard to get. but prebldent pro doesn't have water service now. >> you don't tell the mayor no. one of the pictures shows a woman with a mink code, and a snowblower. kind of appropriate there. s another picturws somebody in an inflatableic n
5:51 am
costume. >> i think i see a mermaid. no that's elsa. sorry. >> let it go, eun. >> i know. i see pandas. >> a ballerina maybe. >> love all of the pictures, chuck. when the snow comes on the weekend, it is easier to deal with. we'll be dealing with the aftereffecou for the nexte days. the snow totals growing. 10.6, dulles airport. not far ahead of the t10.3 reagan national. manassas, virginia, 7.8. leesburg, 11.4. dumfrie dumfries, 7.8. a foot in aquia. and mainsburgest virginia, a foot of know. if you have a snow report, you can tweet it at mein and me on instagram. a lot of pictures of the beautiful snow over the weekend.
5:52 am
it's a slippery start here. most businesses and schools are clostoday. 30 at national airport. not a big beze blowing. the north wind is shaving about o 10 degrees off of the feels-like factors. it feels closer to 20 degrees outside. your planner for today. usun's at 7:25. down at 5:10 this afternoon. we'll have plenty of hours, between 11:00 in the morning and 6:00 this evening, should be above freezing. with the sun out and temperatures above freezing, it will be big improvement on the roads by the end of the day. the last of the snow, going tor the easshore. it's all done at this point in time. future weatarr,es the clouds out. tomorrow, another nice day. plenty of sunshine and temperatures up to close to 40
5:53 am
degrees tomorrow. and anoth dry day on wednesday to dry things out. a chance for late rain on thursday. that could turn into aintry mix on friday morning. and another high chance for more wier weather, whi could be another fairly good dosing of snow coming our wayor t weekend. melissa, that would not necessarily be what people want hear. >> maybe not. i don't mind it. perhaps not. southbound ramp to the inner loop. chopper this camera able to zoom in. the southbound 95 ramp there is shut down this morning. that's because of two different tractor-trailer crashes on the ramp right now. you see there clooint in purple. it's not just slow and red. it is purple becau it ishut down right now. inner loop. new crash, bethesda at rockville pike. outer loop to westbound car off of the road there. we zoom out a little bit. camp springs, inbound branch avenue. american legion bridge.
5:54 am
we'll show you a picture around town. southbound 95 ramp to the inner loop, that's our closure. a blowout in boston and a thriller in nve orleans l us with some great match-ups for championship weekend in the nfl. ar new orleans, the patriots jumped out to an ely lead over the chargers. the game was pretty much over by halftime. the nal score, 41-28. didn't see that coming. tom brady and the patriots will play the chiefs on sunday for a shot at the super bowl. in new orleans, action, much more exciting. the saints and eagles were neck and neck all afternoon. the eagles came up short right there with an interception for the saints. the saints pulled out a close win and will host the l.a. rams at the superdome on sunday. maroon 5 will host the halftime show at the super bowl.
5:55 am
>> travis outkast will take the stage. february 3rd. this weekend, the snowstorm did not keep people away from the telemundo nbc 4 health and fitness expo. >> as always, on saturday and sunday, it was a packed house, folks. a lot of people taking advantage of the free health screenings, cooking courses and even some fitness asses. all of usrom the news 4 today team were there. we enjoyed meeti you. signing autographs, playing some games and taking pictures. chuck bell and adam tuss, shaking hands.ig a b thank you to the sponsors and for all of you who came out and brought the babies to do a little rkout. >> d you see me holding a baby? >> i did. >> i asked the mom first. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. sears will hold a bankruptcy auction for its assets toda thos proceedings will happen at a law firm here in new york city. thlargest shareshareholder, edd
5:56 am
lampt that would keep sears and kmarts open and 50,000 employees rking. it's unclear how that bid stacks up against other whi are mostly from liquidation firms. if lampert's bid is possible, the brands could live on. with you cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. coverage of the aftermath this weekend snowstorm continues. >> we're loong at the conditions impacting the roads. >> and closures at schools and businesses and delays at the how 2019's first blast of winter weather will impact you
5:57 am
5:58 am
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news 4 begins with a storm am 4 weather alert. 2019 e first snowstorm of proved to be a force to be reckoned with. snowplows and cleanup crews across the region worked through the night, as snowflakes continued to fa. some areas nearly a foot of snow accumulated. >> temperatures dpped fast overnight. this morning, the snow has moved on. icy conditions have forced the closures of schools, businesses and government offices. you don't have to work but you might be outside with a shovel.
6:00 am
it's 6:00 a.m. right now. good morning, everyb ay. i'on gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we remain in weather alert mode. snow and ice are making >>nditions treacherous out there. ant to tell you about the closings around our area. d.c. public schools are closed. federal offices are also closed. emergency employees and telework employees. esis does not apply to furloughed emplohat are in a nonwork status. in maryland, montgomery, come vert, st. mary's, anne arundel, and howard county schools.


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