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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 14, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's 6:00 a.m. right now. good morning, everyb ay. i'on gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we remain in weather alert mode. snow and ice are making >>nditions treacherous out there. ant to tell you about the closings around our area. d.c. public schools are closed. federal offices are also closed. emergency employees and telework employees. esis does not apply to furloughed emplohat are in a nonwork status. in maryland, montgomery, come vert, st. mary's, anne arundel, and howard county schools.
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>> if you're hoping to take b metr today, you may be a little out of luck. the lot of the routes are suspended. the buses will take the major roadtoday. this bus was stuck yesterday on wisconsin avenue. >> that's aproblem. we're checking out the snow totals and looking at road conditions this morning. melissa will join us in a moment. first, we begin with chuck bell and a look at the forecast. the snow has stopped, right, check? >> all done. the last of the flakes have fallen across most of the area now. no more accumulation from this point going forward. the storm overperformed. first thing saturday morning, doug and amelia and i had a
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conference call and we moved our numbers up, 6 to 10 inches on the forecast. we should have gone further, to the 8 to 12 range because that's where everybodended up. early and slippery on a monday morning. it will go back below freezing laternit. i suspect a large number of delays and cancellations for school areas coming up 30 degrees in washington. 28 degrees at dulles. in montgomery. 27 in prince george's tyco a cold day today. dog walking weather. kenny available for adoption here. he look like a sturdy fella. temperatures, as i mentioned, below freezi this morning. more winter weather later in the week. we'llalk about that coming up.
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southbound 95, the inner loop ramp here. we're shut down because different crashes with tractor-trailers. it is dangerous across the brad is up in chopper 4. what are you seeing? >> well, it didn't take long once we took off to find this. this is going to be a familiar sight this morning. the roadways are icy,spially the exit and the entrance ramps. those stay frozen longer. salt trucks that were hitting this ramp right here. you want to give yourself more time than usual this morning. we're going to follow this all . morn the roadways will be treacherous. >> good reminder there. be careful on the bridges and
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overpasses. southbound 270 after 370 crash. southbound after the lane divide, crashed into a snowbank there. silver spring, southbound 29, brand-new crash repted there. and rockvillepike, some lanes blocked. that's a new problem. and the started falling late saturday and continued until a few hours ago. this is a live look at some of the rds here in d.c.f many the roadways and allies remained cover. >> as theun wentdown, so did the temperatures. and snow kept on falling until a few hoursago. >> many roads were impassable and the entire area saw snow and plenty of it. we are kick off our le team average in virginia and maryland. >> justin finch in fairfax county, virginia. >> reporter: i'm going east on route 7 heren fairfax county. had a good ride so far. like brad mentioned a short
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ago, what we have seen are pretty stretch routreacherous l ramps. conditions tend to freeze in conditions like this. for the most part, we've seen the main roads look good. however, making a right into a neighborhood, you can see, it's just a little endiffer aill some ice on the road. snow on the roads,well. be careful if you are going out today. you will see clear-looking roads. look wet.that the vdot warning, you may see icy conditions even on the treated roads. there's a plow truck working the ads, too. they are doing some passes out here, trying to get the roads clear and safe. u're going to see c lditions
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thk dicey. back to you in the studio. >> justin finch, thank you. if you have a flight scheduled, you want to check with the airport and the airline before you go out there. the website flight aways there's 7 delays, 55 cancellations on this airport. dulles has two dozen cancellations. you want to double-check your be flight stature you head to the airport. o team coverage continues in southern maryland. >> molette green is live in waldorf now, with news on snow conditions there. how is it looking? >> reporter: we left the area of 301, the main drag here in charles county community, we showed you blacktop. we're five minutes off of 301, atn substat road and keystone
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drive, in a subdivision area. and thistretch haseen plowed. and it looks pretty good. it is icy where i'm stand g here. we've seen the plow trucks. a lot people say they have to go to work. i spoke toen aeman coming on his way through. let's listen to what ed has to say. >> it was great yesterday afternoon. it got covered up last night. just keep your head and drive easy. you'll get there. kept talking about it. last night, it looked good. starting over again. >> reporter: this is a clump i. if youtay in, do that. schools are closed.
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charles county government opening at hi11:00 morning. at a subdivision, off of301, where the snowplows have been treating the roadways. it looks clear. but it's very icy. you see some of the slickness. really dicey out here. don't take chances if you don't have to. hopefully you can enjoy the snow. if you do, snap a picture and tag us in your post at nbcwa ington. this is one of my s posts from yesterday. this is leo. >> i can barely keep up with him. somebody tweeted me a baby in a panda outfit. you know. i love that, yes.
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this is in fairfax unty. a viewer took this drone footage, showing the conditions ther the storm and its aftermath will continue all morning. you can see the school closures running at the bottom of your screen. see more photos online at nbcwashington.con and our app. as people around the region dig out from the snow, we're enteri day 24 of the shutdown. >> this is the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. federal food inspections have stopped. ami's airport. bush international airport in houston, both closed terminals after tsa workers called in sick. many employees are turning to t food banks f shutdown. a couple unable to afford life-saving medication. >> h doesn't like having to say, i can't get my wife's >> it's chsh. you shut down the government because you can't come to agreement. >> members of congress are
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expected to return to washington today. president trump spent his weekend at the white house tweeting about an exive report by "the new york times." the newspaper reports the fbi opened an investigation into whether the president acted on behalf of russia. "the times" says the investigation began shortly after the president fired then-fbi director james comey in 2017. "the times" says no evidence har surfaced thap was in contact with or took direction from russian government officials. the president said, it was the most insulting article i've had written. mike pompeo who is traveling, ep called thet ludicrous. >> the fbi was afraid that the firing ocomey was a way for the russians to stop the fbi from figuring out what they did in the election. also, in "the washington post," the president was accused of concealing notes from a meeting with vladimir putin. "the post" reports that the president told the interpreter not to share details
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with any administration officials. democrats are calling for an investigation. happening today in wisconsin, the man accused of kidnapping jamye closs and killing her parents is set to be in court. police say jake patterson killed her parents before kidnapping her in october. closs was held captive for nearly three months. it's not clear if they had a connection at all. people at the church where jayme grew up celebrated her survival this weekend. the parking lot was full jusma before sunda at st. peter catholic church. still ahead, our coverage of the weekend's winter blast continues. >> we continue our live team coverage in d.c. we're checking out the snow l totals andking at the roads. it wasn't only our area hit hard bsnow. a look at the mess people across the country are dealing with. 6:11 your time right now. chuck? >> better call your carrier before you head to theirport
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today. as you're looking further into the week, the most important thing on a monday morning is what does the weekend look like? for better or worse, depending how you feel about snow, there's a chance for winter weathwe, this cominend, as well.
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the first snowstorm of 2019 came and went. this morning, it's all about the cleanup, folks. things appear calm outside. but those temperatures, they dropped overnight. we're looking at icy roads all over the place. federalffices are closed. emergency workers, teleworkul employees s continue to work. this does not apply to furloughfurlough ed employees. at the bottom of your screen, we have a list o school closures and delays.
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there are a couple. you can check the nbc washington app for up-to-the-minute information on closures and the recast. 15 minute after the hour. we have you cover with team coverage this morning. >> the district i had thes dumped on it over the weekend. adam tuss is live on the international ma national mall, with a look at the roads there. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. we have changing conditions across the city. it goes from street-to-street. look at this. this is maryland avenue in southwest d.c. a lot of snow to clear off this side road here. you go to 3rd street, you can see t crews are having to navigate some of that. all of this is a metaphor for what's goingn in washington. a snowy scene here on monday. look at this video as weere driving around in northwest d.c.
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side streets in some spots are really bad. i mean, the sidewalks, the streets, everything. the cars need to be cleared off. it will take some time to dig out fromsll of t today. frankly, from the number of cars i've seen covered with snow today, people are waiting. they were waiting until the snow opped last night. that is the philosophy of road crews. they will get out here and get after what they can do. a lot of s streets one or two of the passes of the plow today. we talked to the director of d.c. transportation yesterday. he says if you have a street's thot been plowed or needs another hit, call 311. social media, ddot responds to that. dpdw responds to that. that's a good way to get attention. a lot of cleaning up to do in snowy washington, d.c. ack to you. m tuss. thank you. it's not only the d.c.t' region t cleaning up this morning. >> yep. cross the country, hundreds of
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cities and towns saw snowstorms of their own. take a look at this. an intensenowstorm caused a delta plane to slide off of the tarmac after landing in cincinnati. 120 passengers were safe. o one was taken off of the flight. >> glad no one was hurt there. the snow crews do a great job at the local airports. if you've never seen the snowplows up close. you lose track of how big they are. those things are 25 feet wide each. they run them 150 feet across. >>hey have the great wire brush on the front of them. it's really cool.
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>> you can clean the driveway in three seconds. that's a way to beat the rush. snow totals over the weekend. we should have gone a little hieer. should hone into the 8 to 12 range. that's where most everybody ended up. reagan national airpt, 10.3. bwi-marshal, only 6.6. colombia, maryland, 13. damascus, 12 th washington county, boonsboro, maryland, 7.9. hollywood, maryland, 8 1/2 inches of snow. a lot of snow t there. there's a cnce of winter weather coming up. 30 degrees in washington. most of the suburbs are in the mid to upp 20s. thers a little breeze out there. you can use your nbc app to stay ahead of the weather
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and the changes coming up in the week. if youave a snow report or a pic, tweet it to me. hit the road forecast for today, in the 20s this morning. a lot of melting and sunshine later on in the day today. you need the checklist today, at heate on high. ice scrapers and snowbrushes for sure. make sure you get all of the snow offf your car before you take off. it's a big danger to people behind you on the road. there's your five-d forecast. a little chance of rain late thursday that could lead to a wintry mix on friday morning. >> we'll be ready forit. looking at the roads. first 4 traffic alert. southbound 270 here after shady grove road. take a look here. chopper 14 sees somebody sli off to the right this morning. this is the second problem on southbound after the lane
6:20 am
divide, another car into a snowba snowbank. brad found this crash for us. tell us what's going on there. >> this is actually in the local lanes from shady grove road to get on 270south. you can see that vehicle down the embankment. it looks like everybody is okay. we had an emergency vehicle sto byearlier, but they kept moang. ot to do this morning. we have an ambulance on the scene there. this is the entrance ramp.ra s that are icy and covered in snow. give yourself some extra time this morning. will be a long ride. >> it will be long, for sure. atpi rockville , the right side is blocked there. college park, southbound 95. that ramp to the inner loop. that's finally reoffed. we had two crashes involving tractor-trailers there. sohbound bw parkway. and only, icc one vehicle off of
6:21 am
the road. and green belt, outer loop at kennel worth after. when a snowstorm hits, a couple of things are certain around here. the roadways need to be plowed. the driveways need to be shoveled. and the pat collins snow stick challenge will begin. >> pat will show us the best submissions. stick around to catch "ellen"t 3:00. stick around for
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welcomeack to news 4 today. it is 6:24 on this weather alert day. a live look outside from saturday nighi to early morning. it was all about watching the snowfall and it kept falling and now we will be digging out maybe for day. the first snow of 2019 means the first snow stick challenge of people are getting creative. they sent in a lot of submissiins. >> the dea is passed. and the winner will be announced. pat collins walks us through some of the best submissions this weekend. >> strike a pose. we call it the sunday snowsuit challenge.
6:25 am
put on your best snow outfit. e outside, and strike a pose. best picture gets ick. hold the pose. we got scores and scores of entries. t off the wall category, how about the woman in the gown with the mink and a snowplower at the ready? or t woman in the wedding dress. talk about a whiteout. we call this, back to the '70s, bell bottoms and ke a pose. in the animal section, the dog. the dog with the trapper hat and scarf. and the one dressed as a shark, chasing snorkelers in the snow. and this. you might call this unbearable.t ke a pose. hold that pose. then, there are the kids.
6:26 am
there is nothing more adorable than kids in the snow. ose smiles have a way of making us all happy. in northwest, pat collins, news 4. good morning, in storm team 4 weather alert because of the iciness this morning. the snow has stopped.g walking forecast today. kenny available for adoption through humaneescue alliance. taking your puppy out, watch out. a lot of ial sid this morning. a lot of melting coming your way today.n- y forecast, that includes more winter weather chances. working for you with team coverage all over our region. a live look outsiden fairfax county, virginia. we'll check in with a team of reporters throughout thonregi
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right to the storm team 4 wet.her al after 24 hours of nonstop snow, it looks like it's finally stopped falli for most of our area. the storm will be with us for probably several days. >> this is a look from live northwest washington. me of you have nearly a foot
6:30 am
of snow to shovel today. even the roads that were pretreated may be a bit of a mess today. >> 6:30 right now. if you don't have to head out, stay at home. i saw somebody the back of the picture there. stay off of the road. >> we have to be here. everybody here has to be here. here's some of the big closures running at the bottom of your screen. >> d.c. public schools are closed. federal offices are closed. emergency employees and telework employees should continue to work. this does not applied to furloughed employees impacted by the sha down who were i nonwork status. now,o schools in maryland. montgomery, calvert, st. mary's, charles, princgeorge's, anne arundel, and frederick schools are wash county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> we turn to virginia now.
6:31 am
in west virginia, grant, hardy, neral, hampshire, morgan berkeley and jefferson county schools are closed, as well. all that iormation is running throughout the bottom of your cle screen throughou>> the morning. lot of multisylabic counties in virginia. we haveeream 4 ce for you. chuck bell has the forecast. melissa is looking at several issues on the roads this mornin w you knew i coming. >> we knew it was coming. as we hit 6:30, more the roads and that's what happens. chopper 4 over a brand-new problem.f two cars off the roadway here.
6:32 am
this is on 370 in gaithersburg. look athe issues through gaithersburg and rockville right now. we lost one of ethem. we h three at this point this morning. brad is up in chopper 4. you came upon this looking on that area. >> that's ri dt. yo't have to look too far. we looked a little to the east and we have these vehicles off of the roadway on the 370 ramp to get on to 270. thatrea is very icy. we heard road crews talking about getting salt trucks and possibly some plows because these areash underne the overpasses and on the exit ramps are treacherous. i'm going to come back ove -- ar with me. we're going to look at an incident, 270 southbound at shady grove. in the local lanes, we have that vehicle into the trees. i will swing around here. and i was seeing other emergency vehicles just prior. looks like they're headed to that scene, right there, hoping to help
6:33 am
people out on the local lanes. this is going to be a long commute. alll keep an eye for it morning long. >> thank you, brad. inner loop at rockville pike. the right side blocked. earlier crash there. chopper 4 over that one. didn't seem bad enough for us to hoverover. we moved on. green belt, at kennel worth after. beltsville, southbound t95, 212. a crash reported, as ll. one off of the road and southbound 29 after briggs cheney inve s spring. chuck, what did you do to me this morning? >> it wasn't me, i swear. all of theom snow has to a stop. unfortunately, it will take a long time to melt all that down. a very icy morning. use extre caution on the sidewalks this morning. don't forget to scrape the snow off of the roof of your car. it's the law. and you don't want to be t t perst leaves the mountain of snow on the roof, and lands
6:34 am
on the windshield of theyoar behind u. most everybody is freezing this morning. annapolis that was above, the lone spot aboves freezing down to the 32 mark. we'll stay at or below freezing now until noontime today. the spend most of afternoon just above the freezing mark, up to 35 degrees, for high today. sunshine. above freezing. a lot of improvement on the roads. another refreeze tonight. you can use our nbc washington app. andend me your snow reports, happy to tweet them out. >> thank you. it's 6:34. plenty of roads are clear. avt you will to navigate all sorts of conditions out there. going to watchporom on snowy roads to clear. there's icy patches to contend with road crews have been working all night. there's still plent of work ahead of them.
6:35 am
justin finch has been on thd for hours. he's on root 7, going through fairfaxunty. what have you seen? how are things looking? >> reporter: aaron, that's right. e crews are out here trying to work the roads and get them clear, just as traffic is beginning to pick up here in the bailey's cross roads areas. we're looking at route 7 and we're seeing snowy residue on the road too,hat can make it tricky to get icy tches, as well. be on the lookout for that. main roads for the most part have been clear. but there are patches between not as much. we just turned off route 7 here. you can see, clearly, a plow has been through this neighborhood street. we're feeling ice and patches t undernea snow on top. be careful for that. throughout the morning, the ramps, theoverpasses, the bridges have been some hairy spots, as west. l slick and icy. we know the areas are among the
6:36 am
last to fully get warmed up and become safer driving. so, just be careful as you take note of that, as yowell. know, also, too, if you're driving out, if you have to get out and drive your car, go ahead and make sure you knock all of that snow off of your roof, off of thoadod and trunk. we've seen snow spray as a result of people not doing that. luckily, with school and work, we'll see them coming out on thi road they have to at all. live in fairfax county. justin finch. news 4, back into yo> >> our team coverage continues in southern maryland. crews were out in full force, clearing the stets. in charlcounty, some parts f snow much as 8 inches ther >> molette green has been moving around the waldorf area for us, kewing an eye on s conditions there. looks like you moved again maybe. what do yousee? >> reporter: yeah. i came back to busy 301 so you
6:37 am
can check it out. more cars out sere. therblacktop. you can see the stretches of road here. the crews have done a great job. snowy patches here and along 301. that's the main stretch heading into the city. the side streets, the secondary roadt's a whole other story. slushy, icy, dicey. i had a chance to talk to o frustrated man on his way to work in alexandria. terrible. these roads, they're -- it nothing like it. and i have to go to alexandria. so, amazon, you guys owe me. i'm doing your packaged tote, on the strength of, i know you need it. e> reporter: i know the amazon customers will appreciative of his going to work this morning in these conditions.
6:38 am
check it out. 301, drivable. it's a good thing the kiddos have the o day and county government opening late at 11:00 a.m. to give the road cre a chance to get to as many of the areas as possible today. if you have to head out, and can hold on, make sure you do that, you cannot have such a tough drive this morning. that's the latest from the areorf back to you guys. >> thanks so much. metro buses will have limited services this morning after suspending service yesterday. before the buses stopped running, this one got stuck. the icy conditions made it too treacherous for drivers and passengers. metro bus will be on a limited schedule. and passengers should expect service delays and increased wait times.m toverage continues when we
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6:41 now. a live look atl reagan natio airport for you. according to flight aware, it had 8 delayed a flights 55 cancellations this morning. dulles, 8 delays and t dozen cancellations. and bwi-marshall has two delays and four consolations. chk your status with your airline before you head to the airport. this is your cnbc business report. >> i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. sears will holaua bankruptcy ion for its assets today. those proceedings will happen at a law firm here in new york city. last week eddie lampert ubmitted an offer that would keep sears and loyees open and 50,000 e workin it's unclear how that bid stacks up against other which are mostly from liquidation firms.
6:42 am
if lampert's bid is possible, the brands could live on. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. first traffic alert on i-270 involving a montgomery county police officer. northbound 270, the local lanes before montrose road. we just spoke with montgomery county police. e officer is okay. there's other injuries. we're shut down. northbound 270 before montrose in the local lanes. the maines are getting true. thisws sho you how slick the roads can be. you have to take it slow. chuck? >> absolutely right. get your ice scrapers ready. get all of the snow off of the roof. make sure your windshield fluid is tipped off, as well. you're going to need a l
6:43 am
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it is 6:45 on this weather alert rning. if you are just joining us, there is a good chance you can head back to bed. most of our region is still digging out from yesterday's snow. look at that. stale lot left over, too. this is in sterling, virginia. >> we'll keep you company if you aay up. you can sit in b stay up with us. this shows about every school district in our area isse c today. washington and frederick counties in maryland are the exceptions, in yellow. those are on a two-hour delay. federal offices are closed today. emergency and telewo employees are expected to work today. this does not apply to furloughed employees who are in
6:46 am
a nonwork status. if yav don't to drive today, don't do it. look at this scene. we've already tracked several crashes involving cars just sliding off of the roads. chopper 4 is flying over onesc e. this is along the northbound lanes of 270. it involves a montgomery county police suv. melissa and chuck will join us in a few minutes with the latest updates. we wanto checkith our team coverage on the roads. >> crews covering every angle of the aftermath of this weekend's storm. in a mihete, we'll on conditions in maryland and virginia. first, adam tus has been driving all over d.c. this morning. he's on the national mall this morning. adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. good morning, eun. stopping to enjoy some of the sights. snow in washington, d.c. makes for pretty pictures. look here at the lincoln memorial. we have snow covering the entire walkway here. there's been some shoveling that goes up the steps.
6:47 am
but obviously,f you're coming out here to see some of the sights later on today, be aware that there's a lot of cleaning up that still needs to be done here. ape is looking over evng etis morning. we've got to out here and do this. you wonder if the park service would be out here sooner without the shutdown.ou check thist. look at the roads we were finding earlier as we were driving to northwest d.c. side streets, some of them covered by snow. some o the main streets looking better. it's really a tale of what you find this morning in the district. sidewalks, a lot them need to be shoveled and cleared. and your cars, so many people waited until the snowstorm was done to get out there and start clearing their cars. that's what road crews say they wanted to do today. they want to let everything fall and get to it. if your street hasn't seen the plow, you will probably see itt y. the crews will be out busy
6:48 am
today. dial 311 if youep want tot your street that hasn't seen a plow yet. social media, ddot, dpw, they respond. >> adam tuss, on the national mall. thanks, adam. our team coverage goes to virginia. >> justin finch is live in fairfax county with a checkth o roads. how are the conditions, justin? >> reporter: hey, eun, aaron. now on a neighborhood street, south columbus street. one guy waking up and trying to pull out. he got his truck out of some snow. so, that's going to be the routine for a lot of people who have to go out this morning. kind of going into. the stre you can see, plows have been through. seeing a lot of black top here this morning. alsoce underneath, as well. hard to see if you're not os these are the conditions that people are driving on this
6:49 am
morning. en though you'r seeing black top and slush, there's ice underneath and that can be dangerous. live in fairfax, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank you, >>sir. now, over to maryland for a look at conditions there. >> molette green is in waldorf this morning. she's been monitoring conditions there.g. good morn >> reporter: don't let the blacktop you see on 301 fool you. getting out of your neighborhood streets in the waldorf area, that's going to be tricky, as one frustrated n told me this rning. >> a lot of slidg. theoads here in southern maryland, they're terrible. the back streets are lly when i get towards the beltway, i think i'lle okay. >> reporter: so, if you can give yourself a little more to imto let those road crews get to your street, to do morelong and salting, that's a good idea.
6:50 am
that's the latest live from charles county, in waldorf. back to you. >> molette, thanks. we're going to turn back to the first 4 traffic alerts. i meliss here to start our team coverage. what's going on? >> big messht now. northbound 270, as you're headed into rockville before montrose road. this is a crash involving three vehicles. ice suv.hem is a p the officer is okay. has other injuries. now, they'reow trying to folks out of the way. this is the local lanes. 270 has had a rough go this morning. theseid are its within the past 30 minutes. brad is up in chopper 4. are you able to tell us what's going on when you look down on this? >> thankfully, as i understand, the police officer was inside this suv, when it was rear-ended. i want to show you what the exit ramps are looking like. if you can see that, a thick
6:51 am
laye of ice a slush, which, no doubt, caused this crash. thankfully, e.ryone ok you can see, that is still gosed on the northbound side of 270 to on to montrose road. the local lanes will remain closed. this is the common scene around the area this morning. it will be a tough ride this morning. >> no doubt. and elsewhere, new problem, outer loop, near 12t ff the phone with virginia state police. we have slowdowns there, too. hyattsville, northbound b.w. parkway. uthbound on laurel. accident on the right side. arlington westbound 66, car off of the ad. vre service is suspended this morning. h ma delays operating on an "r" schedule. severe snow plan is in effect. virginia travel times look good here, unless you have a big blockage, like you do 270hb nond. overall, roads pretty open. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when
6:52 am
you hop in your car. chuck bell, good morning. >> good morning, melissa. a big snow over the weekend. snow totals very impressive, indeed. first thing saturday morning, we moved our forecast to 6-10 inches. 8-12 i t probably direct answer. 10.6 ates du almost 8 in manassas. winchester, 7 inches. alst a foot in martinsburg. bwi-marshall, six inches there. damascus, there. boonsboro, almost 8 inch. an hollywood in st. mary's, well over 8 inches of snow. on a mday morning, below freezing everywhere. just enough of a north wind to keep windchills around 20 that does not affect theer
6:53 am
teure. windchill does not affect the freezing of water. the temperatures below freezing does that. windchill does for effects ofor evion off of your skin. windchill does not freeze water. tomorrow's forecast, another day with plenty of sunshine. temperatures, mid to upper 30s today. close to 40 degrees tomorrow. our next chance for precipitation does not roll in until later thursday. you can send me a picture and a snow report on my twitter handle. your ten-day forecast is going to be a big meltdown the next couple of days. thursday afternoon, likely,ff we'll start a little light rain. could turn intointry mix. friday morning, keep you posted on that. over the weekend, a chance of more snow. as of now, it's too earl will to promise s. it could rival the one we just had. keep that in mind.t winter is nodone with us just yet. >> chuck, thank you. here's four things to know.
6:54 am
"the new york times" reports the fbi investigated whether president trump acted on behalf russia. "the times" says that began after the president fireden -fbi director james comey in 2017. the president blasted thetory ontwitter. the "today" show will have more. this is the fourth week of the government shutdown. as we entry day24, this is the longest shutdown in u.s. history. no negotiations are planned today. and the president has not indicated if he will pull the trigger and declare an emergency to get his wall. stay with news 4 and the nbc washington app for the latest. just about every school district in your region is closed today because of the snowstorm this d. schools in washington and frederick counties, maryland, on a twdehour delay. l offices are closed. all the closes are listed in the nbc washington app. we'll be with you allday. our live crews are out this morning. major roads are okay toiv many side roads haven't been
6:55 am
plowed. if you don't need to drive today, stay safe and enjoy the day at home. latertoday, the pat collins snow stick challenge winner, the first of 20, will be chosen. >> news 4 viewers sent in pictures all weekend long, trying to win the coveted snow stick. and pat had a special guest during storm coverage. the d.c. mayor had the honors and measured the snow live on the air. and pat had fun with the mayor. >> bet you wld like want of these. >> you bet i would. >> you can't have this on mayor. >> there's no water on pat's street. >> you don't want to bepat's neighbor now. >> the mayor did bring her girl, miranda. what a way to celebrate the firsthenow of t season and send us those photos for the next challenge. >> and the f babyst snow. >> yeah. >> we had snow in november. >> well, r the firstl snow. >> this is the big one.
6:56 am
you're right, chuck.>> want to give you a look at the entries for the snowtick challenge. one of the pictures shows a woman with a mink, a bottle of ampagne and a snowblower. >> fancy. rst be y neighbor. >> another showed somebody in abinflatable unicorn costume after they drank the champagne. >> you're snowed in all day. fl kinds things can happen. >> oh, yeahe' >> show you who wins tonight at 6:00 on news 4. ting a look. first 4 traffic alert over to 270. northbound, the local lane shut down before montrose thad. is a three-vehicle crash. one of those vehicles is montgomery county police suv. the police officer is okay. we're not sure of the injuries of the other people involved here. northbound main lanes and local lanes are open. the northbound loc lanes are shut down on 270.
6:57 am
one more check of the ten-day forecast. sunshine are aboveing the next couple of afternoons. that's good news. more winter weather possibilities later in the week. i predict a baby boom for columbus day weekend. w oh. >> that'st people do when they're trapped in the house. >> well, you said it. >> just leave it to chuck. >> people love babies. >> that's the news for today. w thanks foring up with us. >> the "today" show
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning, the president's putin problem, two bomb shell reports raising new questions about president trump's ties to russialu incng news of quote extraordinary lengths he went to to hide his conversations with putin. >> i think it's the most insulting thing i've ever been asked. >> where does this g from here? we are live at the white house. pain and protests. >> with more americans feeling the impact of the government shutdown, a key republican tells the president it's time to talk. >> open up the government for a short period of time. >> so what it will take to strike a deal. slammed tens of millions from theidwest to the


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