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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 14, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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s the judge versujudged. we are real close tie nounsing the snow stick ren'ter. ernoon we begin this a with brand-new information. prince georges county, arlington county and montgomery county schools all on a two-hour delay rrow. >> check out this scene here, chopper 4 flying over silver spring. giveare hoping they will parents and students more time to get to school safely. meanwhile, new concern today as temperatures are expected to plunge into freezing territory every single night this week. >> today,nt most stu have the day off. those federal employees working through the shutdown are working from home today. people clearing out the home by week's end. take a look here. this is a neighborhood street right now in arlington.
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there is more that needs to be doneeforehat refreeze overnight. >> our team is stretched out over the region. let's start with juliy carrie live in virginia, where people haveeeen making best of things. julie. >> reporter: you know, it was kind of the perfect snowfall arriving over the weekend. this is kind of the perfect day forclearing all that snow out. the sun is out shining bright. take a look at this, 39 degrees. so that is makin things melt. it's why we're seeing roads wet and dry. wet and starting to dry, rather, that are snow-covered. it's digging out day. you can't just wait for ten ches of snow to melt away. >> well, i want to make sure i get out. we did a good job of moving o the snow in thesu ivision. a little exercise doesn't hurt either.
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>> they cleared the snow in the cul-de-sac. kids transformed it into a frosty playground.rt there's sta of the snow fort. >> we're making the snowballs s barricad when we have a snowball fight, we are going to hide behind this and get all the snowbaths and w. >> already complete, this tunnel-filled igloo of sorts. >> it's a big area over there.ep >>ter: for those who were headed out, road conditions vary,interstates and he's clear and wet. some neighborhood streets sill a t snowy, usually enough to navigate this chantilly mom getting the car ready to roll so she and her kids could venturend out avoid cabin fever. >> i'm looking to getting out th house, spreading wings a bit and finding sleds and hills. >> reporter: down the block, though, one of her neighbors will have to wait a little longer, his two wheels plowed in. >> ty buried my bike.
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that's a there are 30,000 motorcycle sitting rht there. they have no way to make the turn. they don't need toush deeper and dooef deeper into my bike. >> reporter: but that motorcycle owner wasn't complaining too much. take a look at this, proof that the sun and the warmer temperatures is not going to do work for you. back to you. >> all right. >> all right. thanks, julie. well the snow is out of here, but the question is what comes next? >> we have colder air tonight, that could cause b problems in the morning, right, doug? >> we think so. look where the temperatures r. 34 in hagerstown, 34 over towards ocean city. everybody in the 30stoday, that snow walloped the mid-atlantic. we were the bulls take a look at this map across our region. i
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8.8 inches upper marls borough. bethese dark,aithersburg a 12.5. 10.9 back towards chantilly. the roads are a probsm. this schoper 4 over the silver spring area. we continue to see some rds at are covered. this is why montgomery county and a hospital of other county versus seen a two-hour delay during the day tomorrow. do we have that chopper shot? it's coming. i know it is. i can see chopper 4 right there. there it is. ke a look at these roads. these are the neighborhood streets. we had these plowed yesterday, a lot of them. we got another couple 067 i hes lastnight. >> that is going to cause big time problems tomorrow night into the or rather tonight into early tomorrowmorning. then even so, i still think for the next couple of days. lots of ice. tough tuesdaycommute. really tough. watching friday and the weekend. we got t storms to check out. i'll show awe we think for those two storms, see you back here in
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just a minute. all right, as always our news 4 today teamp will be and early tracking the conditions on the roads. they will have what's opened and what's thdelayed. show starts at 4:00 a.m. developing right now the man suspected of killing a daughter an killing two parents, the court appearance will be in an hour. 13-year-old jme closs told police suspect jake patterson shot her parents and taped h hands and feet up and drove her to a remote cabin h where held her for month. close said he hid her under a bed for long periods of time with no food or water. she managed to escape and ran with a woman to another home to get help thismorning, kidnapping survivor elizabeth smart explained how c se will have to cope with this for the rest of her life. >> if you don't go back to the
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ol normal, there is only a new normal. coming to terms with that and accepting that. that's probably, well, at least for me, it was one of the biggest and hardest steps was accepting that there w a new normal. >> police say patterson admitted to wanting to take close after seeing her get on to school bus one day. an outbreak of violence over the weekend in d.c. p twople gunned down on sunday. this afternoon, homicide detectives searched for a shooter and a motive. on on news 4, darcy spencer a h emotional reaction from mother who can't understand why someone wanted to kill her son. >> reporter: two young people were sitting in a caright here in in alleyway. it was early sunday morning and the snow was falling. someone oned fire, both of them were killed. and their families want to know why. this is what the scene looked like as police gathered evidence in the snow. it was about 1:15 in the
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morning. a 20-year-old wasthitting i passenger's seat when he was shot. 23-year-old alexi washington was in the driver's seat. her mom told me they were co-workers and hadone out for the evening. she had no idea there was anything wrong and until a detective knocked on her door. she says her son was a good kid with three brothers and sisters. she wants police to arrest whoever did this to her son. >> no person should have to bury their kid. people are strong, that wa my lifeline. that was my baby. >> reporter: d.c. police are offering $25,00 in reward money for each homicide case. his mom told me she hopes someone will come forward with a tip to get the killer off the streets. in southwest, darcy spencer, news 4. >> an update now only a sandryia's -- alexandria's first murder of the year.
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both men are from alexandria. med was found in ain buion south van dorn street saturday. they knew each other. investigators have not revealed what the murder mive maybe. blockbuster reporting on the russia investigation. at the heart of it, news of an fbi iestigation sparked by t staggering notion that a sitting u.s. president could be working on balf of foreign adversary. blayne alexander ise white house with new reaction. blaine, the president is reacting rather strongly. >> absolutely, pat. he was forced to awer a rathe stunning questiontoday, does he now or has he ever worked for this is something the president did not directly deny when asked over the weekend, but he is denying it aftoday. r a pair of bombshell headlines placing even nor scrutiny on president trump's relationship with russia. today the president firing back. russia.ver worked for not only did i never work for
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russia. i think it's a disgrace that yov ask that question because it's a whole big fat hoax.hi >> reporter: coming after the "new york times" report, the fbi opened a 20 investigation to determine if he was knowingly working for russia or had unwittingly followed under moscow's influence. >> that sparked by the president's firing of fbi j directes comey and what he said about it to lester holt. >> i said, you knowhis russia thing with trump and russia is a made-up story.od >> reporter:ay the president defending that firing, which led to the hiring of special counsel robert mueller. >> i have done a great service for our country when i fired james comeye becauses a bad cop and he was a dirty cop. >> reporter: meanwhe, "the washington post reporting president trump tried to hide details of his meetings with russia's vladimir putin. >> we have those meetings all the time. no big deem. >> reporter: according to post, after a 2017 meeting, president ump took his interpreter's notes, saying, don't discuss the
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meeting with other administration officials. >> a i puts us a very insecure position because the senior leaders iov ourernment don't know what's going >>only. eporter: house democrats promising to hold hearings, even considering a subpoena for the president's interpreter. and tomorrow president trump's pick for attorney general williamarr wil begin his confirmation hearings on capitol hill. remembth, he i one who would oversee the mueller investigation if he is confirmed who ill in his prepared marks, barr wrote he is quote vitally important that muellerwe be al to finish that investigation. >> thank you, blaine, blayne alexander, reporting live. the pressure is building as this historic government shutdown stretches into a third week. now at day 24, actually moving into a fourth week now one local airport has been forced to exercise a contingency plan as ts llouts continue. >> that has passengers worried. news 4 coreymith is live at dulles airport checking on the
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security ere. what are you seeing? what have you learned? >> reporter: like you said, there were passengers worried about what they would find when they got here to duchlts it had all the trappings of a travel nightmare. the remnants of a snowsto around. you add additional passengers trying to get on flights cancelled earlieyothis weekend. had the government shutdown. despite all that, things have been running pretty smoothly here at dulles. treacherous travel conditions a kept manport staff at home, forcing dulles to implement its contingency plan and consolidate resources. >> tt shut dow a checkpoint actually. it streamlineocthe s, making it more efficient. tsa officials say dulles is bucking the nationa trend. fewer agents are coulding in sick compared to other airports. many passengers arrived hours before their flights only to alize that the extra time they budgeted wasn't necessary. >> have you seen snit. his empty before
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>> reporter: how is it? >> shocking in a good way. >> reporter: do you think there are a lot of people would be waiting in line? >>re actually, tere a lot of flights cancelled before the snow. i thought there would be a tot of peopls morning. >> reporter: now, just like dulles operations at reagan as well as bwiun areng smoothly. they are not seeing above average wait times. i spoke to officials. they sayhings areunning smoothly. it's getting a bit busier. if you are flying out today, you will be onime and on your way safely. back to you. >> we'll see how long it staysw that thanks, corey. a chef is aouncinghat the world central kitchen he runs will open a new operation at the navy memorial on pennsylvania avenue. the kitchen will be opened to any federal worker and their family. they're calling it the chefs for
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feds kitchen. it will be opened starting on wednesday, again it's on pennsylvania avenue right near thy memorial. stay with news 4, our team coverage otheyear's first snowstorm just getting under way. coming up ext, w take you out live to prince george's county, some ridents are venturing out for the first time. >> plus, you want to see who our team of judgeles chose as the winner of the pat collins snowsuit challenge. >> you know it won't be very long in the meghan markle and prince harry become a family of three. what the duchess of sussex revealed today about a possible due date.
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welcome back. we are three minutes away from god's full forecast. he is expecting a refreeze overnight. we tell what that can mean and we are getting ready for another storhe onay before this week is out. >> yeah. and our coverage of the difrut the winter blast continues now in prince george's county. s tracee wilkn riverdale park. here some people are busy, others are having fun with this hey, tracy. >> reporter: yeah, concerns bout that refreeze probably explains why the prince george's school system has decided to go with a two-hour delay, ki tell you, after driving around the area the roads areki loo really good.
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although in prince georges, they got in into ten inches depending on where you live. the know is this powdery white snow take a look at route 1. you can ss thi is a primary road. it's a little wet in some areas. but all clear. so is the secondary street here as well, all in all, folks in prince george's county don't have to worry about that drive. by mid-day, more than 90%f the primary and secondary roads in prince cgeorge'snty were clear. some streets had patchy ice. most we saw were plowed at least once. >> the cars come through maybe five orfe six dnt times. yeah. it looks nice. >> reporter: parts of the beltway even began to dry the road was so clear. from neighborhood tone hborhood, shovels were going to work. >> it's nice out here. the sun is out. nd it's been very nice. it's really that cold.
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>> while people in prince george's got nine inches. >> it's soft, very easy to clean. >> reporter: so much so. >> this is my neighbor. i'm helping my neighbor. >> reporter: neighbors were helping neighbors. zinnia robin-on-is a seniorer shovelingneighbor's driveways and some of the street, too. 77 and you are shoveling other people's drive >> yes. >> reporter: somebody is supposed to be doing your driveway. >> i d. my husba and i did our own. we always do. >> reporter: again, can you see hour clear route is out here. this is what we saw with a lot of the primary and secondary ad. prince george's says they will have the secondary streets cleared b 10:00 p.m. you should go ahead and give the county road crews a call there. 311 will be the best way to call. back to you all in thestudio. >> all right. there is a lot of work to do, yet todo. thanks, tracy. somebody calls this the lord's work. m othe look at this and say
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this is penance, one thing for suresh everybody was stuck shovelg. >> that included these nuns in the district. jennifer t snappedse two pictures of sisters out there in brooklyn. help a neighbor in need. >> like you had to do, right? >> like i had to do. >> shovel three times. how about you? d> absolutely. i p some neighborhood kid, knock on the door. ah, sure, they're trying to be entrepreneurs. >> they make a fortune. >> i wasalking to one guy $200 bucks he made. how old is he? 10. it made me want to do that. >> a young businessman. >> absolutely. we saw all during the day yesterday, we talked about ag lull dure day, coming back to last night. we were seeing snowfall rates up to an inch h perr last night. that's why a lot of the plowed roads yesterday were looking
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okay. then last night's show cam in chopper 4 is over that area. that's why prince george's and montgomery county will be on a tomorrow. i think it will make a huge difference getting to school around 9:00 rather than7:00, give that sun time to work. still a lot of ice out the. agan national, 10.3 inche we went 6 to 10. they were ove that. bethesda, this was my house. i love being in the bulls eye. kwlumia 13. wheaton got a call in from harry about 11 inches there. thanks for that call. most of these are maryland numbers. i have virginia numbersoming up later. right now, clear skies. we are seeing melting. once the sun goes down, we will fall quickly. yeah, everybody will refreeze
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quickly. down to freezing at rs gaitrg, the winchester area, today. tonight will be a tough night. really tomorrow morning, t refreeze j after sunset tonight. then a tuesday morning mess. if you have to g upefore say 7:00/8:00 to drive, i really thin we will run into a lot of ice. tomorrow will be a major refreeze. lot of ice out there. just give yourself extra time. if you can wait until after 9:00, i really think that will make afe lot of dnce during the day tomorrow. so give yourself some time there. no rain, no sno right now, nothing going on. everybody asking me, we got one thursday into friday. not a big one, it' saturday and sunday that i'm watching again, here's friday, sn, denver, omaha, rain to the south. watch what happens here,though, we move . we're cold enough on saturday
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for snow and ice,ll the computer models agree on this, rain, almost all rain on saturday and actually brings the temperatures up. snow on 'msunday, not expecting much. this is a big storm. 'we will continue to wat it iyou. right nows looking like mostly rain. mostly sunny, chilly, nice out there a lot of milking tomorrow. ain thursday into thursday nigh i'll see you back here in about 20 minutes. >> all right. sound like a plan. see you in a bit. >> thanks, doug. the motor city is all abuzz today. >> coming up next, we take you theiggest auto show of the year where car companies are ottest wheels e and coolest new concepts.
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>> plus we explain why kylie jenner hasn egger face today.
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. it is showtime in the motor city. the north american international auto show kicks o later this week in detroit. >> the auto show is celebrati y
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rs of showing off the hottest things on four wheels. nbc news' jay grey is getting a sneak at what is in store this ye. >> reporter: it is show time in the motor city and the early spotlight at the north american international auto show is on the genesis g-70. today named car of the year. the utility of the year is the honda cona and the dodge 1,500 picked up truck of the year hono 3. there wil0 reveals at this year's shcase, that's less than half as aany last year. many companies opting to unveil new model itself online now as the carusiness seems to be shifting gears. >> it definitely is a transitional phase for the auto industry right now. >> manufacturersnd drivers seem to be steering away from sedans, crosvers,trucks and suvs taking place. technology and connectivity for many has become just as
4:26 pm
important as horse power and after four straight years of reco sales, more than 17 million new vehicles each year,y consumers now be tapping the brakes. >> the worry is this industry for 2019 for the first time in a decade doesn't grow. , also changing, the sh itself, movin to june next year with the many of the exhibits interactive and outside. >> you can bld an outdoor track. you can drive autonomous cars. you could show what all of this technology is going to do. >> car makers hoping to keep drivers referred up about getting behind the wheel. >> changes and sales forecast could be good news for consumers nthat youd a new set of wheels. 2019, pat and eon, may a buyer's market. what can i bring back for you guys? >> oh, man, if you can bring back a conceptcars. >> i saw one or two that looked pretty in resting tome.
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>> all righty.un have f out there. for kids all over the dm dreams do come true. >> sledding allver the region today. we are live in montgomery county where kids will hav to go back tomorrow but a few hours late. >> and the president insists he never worked for russia. but a new report says the fbi was looking into tha prospect. we are breaking it down for you coming up next.
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right now at4:30, a like lookver grey falls from chopper 4, isn't that a shot? we are gettingor you can add st. charles schools on a day tomorrow. >> af lot folks spend the morning out there and the afternoon, digging up the driveways and the walkways while the county tackled roads. >> our team coverage start with megan fitzgerald live in potomac. at is it like there? >> reporter: pat and leon, here in montgomery county, crew versus a deadline. they have to hit 5:00, which is about 30 minutes from now to have all roads cleared like the one here. i just talked to a transportation official who tells me they are on trackt to hat goal. for the kid, today was a wish come true. >> i have a lot of tests. i'm happy i get to miss them. i love the snow. we get to go sledding. >> theypent the day sleddian,
4:31 pm
while my neighbors had to clearheir driveways and snowplowrs dri worked quickly to clear the snow. >> i always feel bad pushing the snow into somebody's driveway, but there is no place to put it from they say all streets will be plowed by early evening. folks have been working around the clock. >> we have been pretty busy the lastouple daysro. so far, most neighborhoods we've seen have been clear a the main roads aren't too bad. even though it's a fun for some, there is still aof lo other folks who had to hit the road. re >> it's py to look at. i don't like driving in it. but the roads are clear. >> now, plow drivers say they're trying to push the snow as far back as they can. they are anticipating more snow by the end of the week. back to you. >> all right, megan fits gerald. thank you. the storm was particularly tricky one to forecast.
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the storm team 4 joins us now to explain why that is, amany elia. matt this storm was a tricky forecast. it came together on friday and impacting the area on saturday so i want to go over what we forecast here. thisho is the totals, check it out. we get a widespread four-to-seven inches across the area, including the entire d.c. metro area in the sweet spot, five-to-ten inches there we upped our snowfall amounts. this was before any snow hit on saturday. can you see washington and to the south. by the way, friday and saturday we were verballha saying we think some spots will come in at a foot and while we did see that materialize, initially, we thought that would be south of
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walk. because on saturday morning, we thought that north of thest ct would be four-to-eight inches. what happened? the area got ad widespr six-to-ten inches of snow with a sweet spot setting up i washington. northern prince george, loudoun and fairfaxun es. so the take away. the sweet spot was north, not south. this was a hig impact event. a two loaf bread event. m all thee reason, pat, leon, to monitor your weather forecast daily. especially for the upcoming weekend. >> thanks, amelia. now, let's get back to those grueling q stions about the president and russia after two bombshell reports over the weekend. on friday the "new york times" reported the fing of james comey triggered an fbi investigation into whether the president was working t advance russia interests and not the u.s. then on saturday "the washington post reported the president work to hide the
4:34 pm
readouts and any evidence of his meetings with vladimir putin such as the one in helsinki. here toake sense of both reports, justice reporter julia ainsley. ad to have you here. you figure this stuff out of course. what is new wre. s this if ib fib investigation from the robert mueller investigation? >> reporter: that's a great question, for anyone following the mueller information. they're familr with one word, collusion that's whether or not the trump campaign clued with the russian government to influence the 2016 election. this report movers beyond the election, into the white house and whether or not the president acted on behalf of russia if his work as president. >> that would be a national secuty concern. that's why it triggered a counterintelligence investigation at the fbi. what is not clear is how far that continued. it could be they handed it over to robert mueller. we know this was opened before mueller was assigned special counsel. >> how about the things, the meetings the president had wit
4:35 pm
vladimir putin and him not legislate evidence or notes or readouts from thoseo meetings to either his staff or the congress at all. today the president saidkihose of meetings happen all the time. no big dealo whatu make of that? is there anything congress can get to anying thatappened in these moteings? >> reporter: well the president is protected by executive privilege. national security could upend those privileges. congress could subpoena and the ent told his interpreter not to keep their notes from the meetings that he had with president putin and instead to make it completely confidential. cthat's somethinggress could potentially act upon. but it's not clear again if executive privilege could protect those meetings. >> this stuff gets more and moin resting as we go along, thank you so much. appreciate that. >> thankou. nb news will be working the latest developments on this all day long. they will hav complete coverage on nbc nightly news at 7:00
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right here on nbc 4. the royal family has been tigh lipped about princess harry and duchess megan's baby. the baby that's on the way. today the couple finally gave us some detail. the due date. plus, how thisicture of anic just cracked a n instagram record and how kylie jenner is reonding. first, our team coverage of the winter blast continues over thetw next and-a-half hours. news 4 journalist put together the sights and soundsf 2019's first snowstorm. take a look. >> reporter: it's nice to have snow in d.c. and it's like a winter wonderland. >> i find it very reassuring when it snows, plus it's a l of fun.
4:37 pm
i love cro country skiing and kirkuk i'm here, i mig as well take advantage of it and get some gd exercise. >> it's a great way to make use of days wre some of us are able to go to work anyway but especially with schools being out, even more opportunity to pl together. >> i brought my daughter out here sledding. i saw on the news thisng morni that kids were out here sledding. so i brought my daughter. she is having an amazing time. the weather is beautiful. >> we'reery happy to see snow come down this weekend. we were waiting for the chance to get out here.oo >>k out.
4:38 pm
>> it's a good chance i'm h goi toe a couple day of snow with these guys. ithould be great. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -yri didn't tell me yourds were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matts most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ siin spanish ]
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a plea and sentencing today for the actress who had cocaine at the airport. mcgowan agreed to pay a $2500 fine and she apologized to the judge for an inconvenience. the cleaning crew found her
4:41 pm
wallet containing cocaine on a plane. the maximum sentence on the origal charge was ten years in jail. they say she was treated like no onelswith no record and a small amount of drugs. meghan markle may have spilled a secret. her due date. sheold well wishers she is six months along. >> that means the baby is due in april. they asked for baby adviceus >> she put her arms up and said i've had seven and she just looked pretty shocked. she said, have you got any advice? oh yes,te defini, breathe and take anything that they offer you. e squished the baby bump and laughed. >> she'll need lots love advice. whether it's for a baby girl or boy, they are being tight lipped about that she and her husband don't know the gender we'll have to wait to find out. >> this one, i don't understand this one. i'm another one. another instagramannouncement getting a lot of buzz.
4:42 pm
kylies jenner detloeped, she had the most liv platforms. the new titleholder is an g. thicture is now the record holder on insta- gram since this million likese 18 of kylie and her daughter, it's getting a lot more love when people are scrambling to click like on this. as of tonight. this has 33 million likes and kylie responded to the accomplishment with a video of her smashing an egg. >> it took an egg to break her record. >> yes. >> someone will have to explain that to >>me. okay. stay with us here on news 4, 13 verage of thi winter storm continues. >> pat collins will reveal the first snow stick challenge of 2016. refreeze. >> absolutely, check it out. by 7:00, 8:00 p.m., everybody
4:43 pm
will be at orelow freezing. we see icy spots developing into tomorrow morning. our storm team is out check road conditions. this is in arlington on dirkson street. any water turns to ice overnight tonight. that's why we are seeing a lot of delays already for schools tomorrow morning. .. not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier ... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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and if you are justni joi us, let's get you cght up on the cleanup right now throughout the region. >> for the most part, thiwas a day to clear out. and with the day off school, kids make i made lots of igloos. news 4 found most of the roads in prettyood shape. >> pcleanu continues in montgomery county. as for the roads and snowplowed
4:46 pm
drivers, well, workers are reiving hard. milwaukee schoolsn a two-hour delay. prince george'sun co, they're on a delay aswell. th county saw nine to 12 inches of snow. they did a little sliding out there. >> with no school, road crews in the district had a chance tgh fithe snow. the next concern, though, an overnight refreeze, d.c. officials are urging you to make sure the sidewalks are free froi snow o of your homes. now to one of the best parts of the snowstorm in our area. it's the pat collinsno stick challen challenge. >> we got lots for the season. it's all in the hand of the judges. >> we called it the sunday snowsuit challengta at the official patw collins snostick. we asked people to put on their
4:47 pm
own interesting snow outfit. getout, strik a pose and send the picture to us. best pose, best picture gets the stick. we received scores and scores of entries. ids of all shapes and sizing and aunt this one? my first snowball and the adults. adults in costume, pacman. the human snowman. the snow golfer. and we call this one lady waiting in the snow. and then there were some out of costume. and some just way,way, way out there. and, of urse, there were the animal entries. big dogs, little dogs, dogs doing all sorts of snowy things. picking a winner is not going to
4:48 pm
be easy. >> i have been judging. this is shrike m fifth one. i loved it.we i think the super creative. >> our judges a team of award winning televising vision reporters. mellissa melay, news 4 traffic expert. susan hoganur consumer reporter and jody fleischer an investigative reporter with our theyheir due diligence and idi-team. went through entry after entry after entry. the final four coming up at . 5: i'll see you then. it seems like just about everybody out there wants to know. >> some don't want to take part he challenge. >> i bet you'd like one of these. >> you bet i would. >> well, h you can'te this one, madam mayor. >> got to take the challenge. that's pat joke around with d.c.
4:49 pm
mayor bowser who stopped by in the 6:00 show. she also brought along her little surprise. we didn't see her littleda hter miranda. there she is. >> that's awesome. >> pat is not playing with that stick. you don't get one if you don't gmpete. >> y to repeat. >> even if you do raise our taxes youan't have atheic. >> i tell you, it's a shame for other cities across the country. they don't get the pat collins snow stick challenge. it's only us her in d.c.. >> we're the lucky ones. >> doug, you were talking about the refreetonight, in fact, every night this week? >> i think we will be going below. we could be, this could be the interesting thing about this the pattern. the storm this weekend. we could be in the 50s on sunday. >> okay. >> by monday. we could be at 15. >> you areal going to about the pattern. >> these are arlington roads. y
4:50 pm
agai look around and say, hey, most of our rds are good. this is why the schools are closed. the secondary roads. i was talking tohe guys in fairfax county. do we do a two-hourdelay. do we close tomorrow? this is what they're worried about. it's t sondary roads that so many of us live off of. really a road like this in the next hal. ho there might be a little slush on there. within a half hour, this is going to freeze very, very quickly. so again, please drive safely tonight. 32 by 7:00. again freezing, freezing, fr zing. everything will be freezing. watch out tore the ice. 27 degrees down to 32 init rsburg. many of you will be in the low- to mid-20s. it will be aold night.
4:51 pm
that's why we have such big problems. refreeze just aft sunset. this will become a tuesday morning mess and if you can wait until after 9:00 a.m why? it gives the sun two hours to do its thing to make the road a little better. >> which haven't had a storm of this. tomorrow will be a big deal ice wise. absolutely. this is our biggest snowstorm in seree years. we're not to dealing with this amount of snow we had lting today that serious refreeze, check out 6:00 a.m. temperatures. if you are headed out early. look you cold it will be. there will be a lot of ice out there. 22 in nassas. 22 i washington. at 9:00 a.m., can you see most of us arefreezing. plenty of sunshine in the forecast tomorrow, means we will
4:52 pm
get more melting and ather refreeze. check out your bus stop we're already seeing so many delays on wednesday morning. they are out due to another freeze, temperatures in the 20s for overnight lows. so even some delays possible out there on wednesday. now thursday at this point we should b able to get the sidewalks and roadsar c enough that while there will be a refreeze, it won't be an issue. every school district is opening just fine on thursday. we are watching later in the day for a chance for rain and snow this would be potentially into friday morning. if w see any snow, will there be minor delays? probably on friday morning. >> right now we thi this system may be right around or
4:53 pm
north of d.c. maybe snow to rain. th is one we will be watching.po icy sts tomorrow. a nice day tomorrow, too. chilly, nice. 37degrees. a chance of afternoon, really this is evening rain or snow. if itomes in overnight thursday night into friday morning, could be a better chance of snow. here's our stormsystem. i got a high of 42 on sunday. a high of 22 open monday. we will wait and see what low tempera in the teens, wind chills below zero most likely early next week. we talk about winter hitting its stride in january. here you go. you get everything within two, three days. >> getting up, knocking us down. all right. >> thanks, doug. thousands of parents in los angeles, not sure what they did with their children. >> take them to school. let them stay home o join their teachers on the picket line. >> that show is next. >> first at 5:00 tonight, jim and wendy are standing by with a look at thator us.
4:54 pm
>> hi, the news 4 i-team is un iling the next generation of crime fighting. >> it's being calledar revoluti technology that can trace guns like never before. so why aren't all of our police department, using th? well, jody fleischer is working to keep you safe tonight. alsogi dig out again from the biggest snowstorm in years, we were thinking, when was the last one? it was 2016. you know have you4 hours t clear your sidewalks if you live in the district. that's the lou. ,>> oh my back is hurting today, plew at 5:00, we will meet volunteers helpineniors shovel their sidewalks. >> maybe this is what i love to do. serve.a heart to not just seniors, a heart to serve people, period. >> good for him, a nice guy. >> we will see new a minute. news 4 at 5:00 starts in a few minutes. >> see new a bit. >> we'll be right back. cz
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4:57 pm
y34hcy y16fy right now, teachers inle lo an are walking picket lines on strike over a series of issues. l.a. is the second largest school district in the nation behind new york. the ews' gina kim says action affects 600,000 students and their families. >> reporter: some 31,000 teachers and report staff walkef out los angeles area schools this morning. their first strike in 30 years.
4:58 pm
>> here we are in a fight for the soul of plic education. >> reporter: in addition to a raise, teachers want much smaller class sizes, counsellors and less carter osschools. thengeles unified school district says it's meeting much of the union's demand, but to meet all of it it would bankrupt all of lsd. >> we are in discussio with the public the mayor and the state superintendent of public education because it is our desire to have all of our educators well bsupported,k if schools serving the needs of our students. >> reporter: the district says al schools, including this one here in north hollywood will remain opened. 's brought in 400 substitute teachers and about 2,000 credential staffers to oversee more than half a million students. but many students also walked out. >> it'te just been hing me to stand up for what i believe in, basically. >> reporter: the last l.a. usd
4:59 pm
strike lasted nine days. many worry this one could last much longer. gina kim, nbc news, los angeles. right now at 5. >> the joy of this snowy season. ig loor forts and sprints across ow-covered fields. >> now the big cleanup. neighbors helping neighbors. >> i ride around and help a my maybes out before the refreeze tonight the refrze and the ice you will deal with torrow morning. yes, we're tauk tracking another storm for your weekend. >> plus, pat collins runs through the finalists for his first snow stick kralg of and first at 5:00, winter is still blasting us. the icy roads will be icy tomorrow morning. how are you?
5:00 pm
>> lks, we are not out of the woods yet. take a look. this is our c driveera in arlington. temperatures they are ready to plunge below freezing. >> a number of school districts are calling in delays for tomorrow. we have t list of school announcementles. it will be running through thet of your screen this evening. >> our reporter fanned out. later pat collins reveals the top four entries of hisst snow k challenge. we begin with tracee wilki o. what's goi where you are? >> reporter: the department of public works is telling us nearly 100% of the primary and secondary road have be plowed. you can see there, a primary road looking good and wetn some areas, when we talk bout that refreeze overnight, that's what we'cerned with. you look over here this residential road next


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