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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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plus controversial commercial. >> the me too movement. >> praise and t criticism for company behind this new ad, calling out men for their bad behavior. news4 at 4:00 begins with breaking news. we want to y show here a live situation that's breaking right now. this is unfolding at northwest. at least one person is shot near the new york avenue playground at 1st and m stre t. d.c. police being tight lipped about everythg at this point butbe we eve the victim was critically injured. shomari stone is headed to the scene. >>e breaking news. computer issues creating big problems for traveler at marshall airport. >> this is impacting southwest airp let's go to scott macfarlane at the live desk with what we kw right now. >> we're told many southwest airlines flights are grounded at
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bwi.marsha the airline had been having connectivity problems with its ctwork, it caused problems with ticketing andck in. video shows planesarked at the gate. no other airline is impacting. the connectivity problems just resolved. this is happening at many airports areit dealing long lines at checkpoints because so many unpaid tsa workers have been calling inn sick during th shutdown. two days after 2019's first winter storm, the dmv is still digging out. >> our team has been all over the region today. while streets seem clearor the most part there's been one common thread. >> it's the side streets and the sidewalks that have been the big concern today. >> looking behind me up the reet here, the sidewalk here rtually unrecognizable. hidden beneath a blanket of
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compacted, white ow. >> the morning commute proved to be a tricky one. this is a fairfax county public school bus that g o stuck an icy street. th> with sub zero temperatures expected for ano night things are likely to freeze again. we'll check in with doug in ami te. but first adam tuss takes a look at conditions. >> reporter: as the sun came up across the area today, a picture perfect scene in some spots. trees lined with ice, but some roads an sidewalks, well, less than picturesque. >> it's a lot, but the main roads is good. so we can deal with this. >> reporter: he commute all the way fromo green bel tyson, metro is his ride but he has to walk a lot and sidewalks aren't exactly cleared out. >> they haven't touched this much but what are you going to do? i guess i can bring my jet tomorrow. >> reporter: many j commutersust
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getting back to work for the first time in days. so how are the roads? >> i think it'sfi . >> reporter: this driver said it's not the road crews she's concerned about. it's the other drivers on the >> of course i'm worried aut everybody. >> reporter: meantime, lots of salt and sand loaded uay tod at the salt domes, another day to clean up after a powerful winter blast. v-dot has been telling everybody to be tient. but if you still feel that your street has not seen a plow, you tu report it to vdot. in tysons, adam ss news4. all right. let's talk about tha refreeze overnight. >> doug standing by. what can we expect for the morning commute? >> just about what we saw this morning. temperatures a little bit warmer, once again plenty of sunshine. so we saw a lot ong mel across the area. right after sunset we'll see temperatur drop below freezing, especially
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northern suburbs and maybe into prince george apcounty. 41 in fredericksburg but after the sun goes down, temperatures drop very, very quickly. that refreeze begins at sunset. so we saw sunshine and melting today,nother refreeze tonight after sunset and watching ntthursday afternoon and the weekend. weaveot two storm systems one which brings a little bit of snow. this one for the weekend brings us something else we haven't seen in a year. we'll talk morebout that in about 10 minutes. our news 4 today team will be tracking icy conditions as you wake up.we l have the latest on the weekend storm. d.c. fire crews rushed to the river aft reports of a car in the water earlier today. d.c. fire and dms posted this video as they worked to pull the car out nea t i-695 overpass.
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they said no victims were found inside or outside the car. d.c. and u.s. park police are now investigating. shutdown day 25 and two of the country's busiest airports are dealing with their own shutdowns. several tsats checkn houston and atlanta closed today. lines 90 minutes long we hear as more and more officers are callingn sick some actually now looking for other jobs. >> got to get paid somehow. >> air traffic controllerer also in limbo. the sickout rate at the tsa now over 7%. one worker explained their plight of not getting paid. >> apl lot of p call me to confide in me and say hey, i don't know how i'm going to make it to work, i don't have no more gas. >> among the 8,000 government employees and 4 million contractors so are turning to
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go fund me to feed their families now. it's a reality for many who are federal workers. today fairfax county schools held the second job fair to help find substitutein teajobs. corry smith is live. tell us about it. >> reporter: a sign of the desperation is just like la week's hiring fair, this one was at ecapacity, s 175 workers hoping that substitute teaching income,plement their which for the past 25 days for many of them has been nonexistence. we spent much of the afternoon talking with those employees. many have decades of experience working in the federal government. each said last week w the breaking point. when this became the longesttd government sn in u.s. history. that illustrated to them how far the two sides are off finding
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any sort of resolution. with bills piling up they had choice but to look for oney elsewhere. the school district said there's a good chance many of these folks will be put in front of classroom. the district needs about 1,000 subs so to have this surplus of human resources works out, even if the circumstances aren't positive. >> we didn't want these circumstances to occur, b we did see this as an opportunity. >> i enjoy working with kids. i feel i sot ary to tell, if there's something i can do to help someone, i can do thatnd if i can invest in someone else's future i that, whether it's one day, two days or half a day. >> reporter: fairfax isn't the only school district hosting job fairs like this, montgomery county, prince george's county, among thechurch are districts letting people know
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they can apply for these substitutebs in fairfax, they are actually planning a third hiring fair for these furloughed employees in ca s thetdown moves beyond day 25. >> a lot of folks doing what they have to do now. thanks so much. today some fda food inspectors will be back on the job. wie inspectors will be working th ftacayilouit pies w tleo ens they're free from problems like salmonella and e. coli. the ipections wilbe done on high risk foods, like cheese, produce, there are some 5,000 food inspectors at the fda but the commissioner said only 700 of them will be back to work. >> the government shutdown led to an interesting food choice at the white house. most of th kitchen staff has been furloughed so prededent trump cided to order in fast food for the clemson tigers
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football team. there were burgers, fries, pizza and lots of it waiting for them. >> went out and ordered american fast food. paid for by me. lots of hamburgers, lots of zz pia. i think they'd like it better than anything we could give. >> they might have wanted a steak, ion't know. the president didn't say how tmuch he spent for i all, but it was all served on white house silver platters. as the shutdown drags on, the senate is fnussed a critical personnel issue. this is the first day of confirmation hearings for president trump's ay general nominee. >> his name is william barr and he served as attorney general under president george walkerrb t bush. but they're concerned about his legal writing involving the currentpresident. >> blayne alexander joins us to happened.n what >> reporter: william barr has had this job before so he's beeo through thess before, but
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this time it's different. he's facing tougher questionsec nowse of the russia investigation and because of what he has said about it. today president trump's pick for attorney general and the man who would oversee special counsel robert mueller's investigation promising he will not fire mueller without good cause. >> it is vitally important that the special counsel be allowed investigation.s >> reporter: barr first served as attorney general under gorge bush. today facing a tougher road because of his 2018 me offering criticism of mueller's investigation. >> it looked like a j application. >> that's ludicrous. f i wanted the job and was going after the job, there are many more direct ways of me bringing myself to the president's attention. >> reporter: instead, br says he was just sharing his thoughts on a specific theory and pushed back on a familiar line from
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president trump. >> i don't believe mr. mueller would be involved in a witch hunt. >> he would not commit to recusing himself. >> imagine it's a judgment car and the call by the career ethics officials are that you ecuse yourself, under what scenario would you not follow the recommendation? >>f i disagreed with it. i would not be bullied into anythinghe >> reporter:asked about the shutdown? >> we need money now for border security. g reporter: supportin es t idpren border wall. today barr did break from the president when asked about election meddling saying he does believe russia i interferedn the 2016 elections. >> all right. thank you. breaking news from the uk now. a stunning loss for british
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prime minister, theresa may as parliament strikes down her brexit plan. it was the largesteft for my prime minister in history. the question is what happens next? it's not clear there is any plan b. if no deal is reached, britain will exit the eu at the end of march with no clear pat forward, which many say can lead to chaos for everything. coming up. >> we track a teenager with sickle sell disease. netflix subscribers may have deja vu, bing watching your shows may be more expensive again. the future of grocerypi . we'll tell you abouthe rob tot
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let's get back to the breaking news unfolding in northwest washington. here are live pictures of the scene after a man was shot. this is north capital street and m. street. the victim is gravely injured we're told. police are saying he was not breathing when they arrived there. shomari stone iso headinge scene. he's still on the way there. we'll have his live report at 5:00. a break through therapy could mean wee one ste closer
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for find ago cure for sickle cell disease. for 100,000 americans the condition causing extremec chropain. ouika edwards followed one family'sey for a cure? >> any other questions? >> the mcdald family has waited 13 years for this doctor's visit. ne we something wasn't right. >> reporter: a bone marrow transplant intended to cure him of sickle cell disease. t >> i want see this child live without pain. >> reporter: here's the cause of the chronic pain associated with sickle cell. misshapen red blood vessels that clock velss. >> sometimes pain is so bad it's hard to explain it. >> reporter: treatments are usually limited to heavy painkillers bnd frequenod transfusions. ideally a bone marrow transplant would replace the systems. but finding an exact donor match
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is often impossible. >> the problem is you have a 1 in 4 chance of finding a sibling that's a match. >> reporter:e doctors h spend decades perfecting a technique using donorsho are only partial or half matches. >> the ability to use a half match donor means we can find some suitable do nor. >> reporter: the process involves taking stemells from a healthy person's bone marrow and transfusing them into a patient. >> the medical scice is there to help him finally. >> you're the one to do it. >> i'm the donor. how great is that. >> reporter: it was his mother who turned out to be the close match. two surgeons worked in tandem painstakingly harvesting bone marrow from her hips. >> this is where she hado give fo times the amount of blood given in a typical donation so doctors could harvest enough
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stem cells. >> reporter: within hours he was infused with his mother's stem cells. hi mom watching from the recovery room. a blessing for the mcdonalds. a hope for thousands of others with sickle cell disease. erika edwards nbc news. >> lucky young man. doctors can't confirm that he's cured since it's only been a few months since the transplant. >> he is home today and no longer experiencing any severe pain. good news there. >> good news indeed. children's clothing store gymboree is expected to file for bankruptcy. we're keeping an eye on bankruptcy court where documen could be filed this week. it would be the second filing in less than two years. the company is expected to close the majority o its 900 stores but it's hoping to sell its jane and jack brand. netflix jacking up the
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prices to new subscribers immediately. existing customers you'll begin to see higher bills over the next three this is the fourth and biggest in history.the company's the most popular plan goes from $11 a month to 13. the basic goes from 8 to $9 a month.x netftock soared on the news. there's so much competition out there you wonder at onehe point wh people will leave and find another streaming service. hau never know. >> people did as a secondary. you have cable and then you have a secondary thing like netflix to move you through that. netflix is trying to become its own thing. they got you. >> they dpop they have you. >> they get you addicted and then it doesn't matter what the price is. >> no. both of them. they're paying for two or three services.
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turni to the weather. so things froze up last night. >> yeah. >> gettingno ready forer refreeze? >> they froze fast. as soon as the sun went down it was a flash freeze. i think we'll s it tonight in most areas, not inside theri di but justts ide. temperatures currently in the 30s. wind at 9 miles per hour. look at the rest of the area. 34 gaithersburg. 34 in cup peller. 41 in fredericksburg. we are going to cool extremely quickly this evening. so i think after sunest temperatrop below freezing everywhere. refreeze after sunset, watch for black ice again. you're going to see that for sure. and then wait until after 9:00 a.m. tomorrow if c you to drive around. that's why a lot of schools were delayed or closedtoday. we could see more delays tomorrow. maybe two hour delays because ice is t goingbe a big issue even tomorrow morning. radar picture, not much to show
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youig here. we are and dry. we're going to stay that way. satellite radar showing most of the country on the dry. si the exception back here in california. and that storm comeshrough for us thursday to friday. it's a small storm, but look at what itdoes. comes in on thursday afternoon. thursday night aund 7:00 we're still dry but some snow trying to work its way in here. snow around 10:00, you see it here. this is one computer model. a lot of them don't give us much in the way of sno at all. but i kind of like snow, and then switching over to rai and friday morning and temperatures are at or above freezing. not anticipating too many ut blems on friday morning we'll be watching it. the bigger storm comes in on the weekend. we've been talking about this storm for a week. watch what happens. moves across the country here. snow way to the north, the rainmaking its way inere saturday night.
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i think we'll see rain late saturday into thesunday, but it's all rain d fayor o n e. this is not going tbe a snowstorm. at least that's whats i looking like right now. as we move through the day on sunday, this is theig factor, not the rain. the cold air behind it.e cold air that races in behind this. guys, listen up, ready for this, lmperatures w fall 40 degrees on sunday 40 d on sunday. and many areas will wake up to wind chills below zero on monday morning. yeah. that is a big drop if you're ready for it. tomorrow not a bad day at all, 42. mostly cloudy, chilly, but not too bad. this is what i'm talking about. 37, chance of that rain snow late thursday. 49 on friday. 39, late day rain, cold rain on sunday. up to 50s and then look at the high on monday, only 22 after a low of ten.
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wind chills below zero. the arctic air sticking around for a couple days here. ari melb amelia joins me in about 20 minutes and we'll take a look at it. next we're talking aut the split opinion about a controversial ad. >> boys will be boys. >> boys will be boys. >> boys will be boys. >> but something finally changed. >> is this promoting a positive message or is it an attack omen? remembering to take birth control pills every day could be a thing of the past for some -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing., -jamis is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. t, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ]
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-you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, ay for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] -please. -okay. and the army taught me a lot about coitment. which i apply to my life and my work. co at comcast we're ited to delivering the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and ai'm a technician at comcast. gswe're working to make th si. a new ad from gillette isn't
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talking about shaving or yg personalne as you might expect. instead it's issuing a ahallenge to m taking on the me too movement. check it out. >> we can't hide from it. >> sexual harassment is taking over -- >> it's been going on far too long. >> you can't laugh it off. >> who's the daddy? >> what i think she's trying to say -- >> making the same old excuses. >> boys will bebo .
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>> boys will be boys. >> but something finally changed. >> interesting. it's also creating quite a stir on social media. that's why it tops off our tuesday trend. joining us is vic jagger. i have not seenhe ad. you've seen it? >> it's a minute and 48. i think gillette did a great job on this. a lot of companies should speak out. a lot of men feel like they were attacked. they're like not all men are bad. i don't think gillette thinks evat. it's the we belie ad. it's to stand up to bad behavior. >> there's a problem like that? >> aot ofen are like we're not buying any more razors because of thisll not men are bad. why do you have to highlight the bad men? >> they're talking about a boycott of gillette. >> so.
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but you have other men and women that are happy with it. that's me. >> i'll be with you on that one. i probably am. i'll check it out later on whe we get out of here. we have to talk about these sneakers from nike that actually tie themselves up. tell usis about >> would you love that? it sounds kind of lazy, but not really. >> yes, it does. >> these are so cool. they're the nike adapt sneakers and they lace up by themselves. not even by themselves. you can do it with your phone. high-tech technology, right? >> you need your phone to tie your shoes? >> not -- you can. they're 350. $350. and you remember michael j. fox had the back to the future scene for folks with parakinson's disease. so it did help a lot of people. one. are the lower end they posted on social media a few nba players who tried them
4:28 pm
out. >> for $350? >> they're not like out i think the going to sell out. >> when people understand that, that means the shoe company is inside your phone. >> let me tie my shoes real quick. >> you get some and h show us they work. good to see you. >> okay. sure. >> pam, over to you. >> i'll try them. comments condemned. republicans are punishing a member of their own party today> teve king's comments are his own. and his exclusively. and what he said was repri henceable and ought to lead to his resignation from congress. >> congressman steve king backtracking after some racist remarks but is it enough? >> i s may soundething like it's out of the twilight zone but the lunar event coming up this wkend isee
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you're watching news4 4:00. and now at the bottom of the hour. new calls for iowa congressman ubeve king to leave congress. >> several rcans are speaking out against king after his comments about white supremacy. in an interview heppeared to question why terms like white nationalism andhite supremacist had become offensive. >> jen jfer johnsonns us
4:32 pm
with a look at the growing fallout. reporter: it was a fiery afternoon on the house floor. iowa congressman ste king is trying to holdonto hisob but there's a lot of pressure on him to resign. >> the yeas are 424, the nays 1. >> in a rare moment of bipartisan agreement, members of both parties condemning steve king's comments on white nationalism and white supremacy in a "ne times" interview. >> we have reached a tipping point, racial divisiveness is a fault line ripping our nation apart. this body must speak out against this evil. >> reject white supremacy as dangerous and foolish. >> even top leaders are tessuring him to resign. >> ink he should find another line of work. >>ing king fighting back saying his were taken out of context. >> that ideology neverho up
4:33 pm
in my head. >> how leadership have stripped him of aommittee assignments. >> these are not the first time we've heard these comments. that's not the party of lincoln, definitely not america. >> >> reporter: many called king's comments racist before. >> it is a derogatory term today. i wouldn't have thought so a year or two or three ago. >> lawmakers say iowa voters have the final say. already one of king's primary challengers said king told him, i won't embarrass the state. >> reporter: one republican who hasn't weighed in on this controversial, president trump who said he isn't following the stor i'm jennifer story live on capitol hill. >> thank you, jennif. one twitter user says all of the cliches apply. one of kind, broke the mold, an ico
4:34 pm
actress carol channing passed away. she may be best known for her broadway roles and her big screen success iludes thoroughly modern milly. she won a lifetime aievement tony award. her death comes days before her 98th birthday. >> she hadul smile that light up the screen. >> truly one of a kind. >> it was.ak sg of lighting things up. the moon is going to look a bit bigger and brighter, and reddish this weekend with the ser blood wolf moon eclipse happening. >> when isit? when can we see it and why the weird name? amelia draper has thean ers. >> thanks so much. the super blood wolf moon eclipse. a mouthful to say and what does that mean? lets break it down. starting with the lunar eclipse
4:35 pm
part. this is when the moon and suns are on exact opposite ses of the earth. the blood parts refers to the reddish cnor that the m will appear this weekend as some sunlight still reaches the moon. the ser part is when a full moon is at its closest point to earth. and the wolf moon, that's what the natives americans called the full mn in january. the partial eclipse begins at 10:35, the total eclipse starts at 11:40 just before midnight. we'll have the maximum eclipsei occu here right around midnight. and the total eclipse ends right ound 1:00 a.m., at 12:43. unfortunately, thgh, viewing here, the forecast isn't looking great with clouds, rain and mae even ait of wintery mix in the forecast. so stay tuned guys.
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>> is this kind of thing visible to everybody on the planet? usually with eclipses only certain parts of the earth can see it? >> it's certainly visible here in the united states. cross our fingers maybe the forecast changes but right now that's not looking like the case leon. >> otherwise we have to settle for pictures. thank you amelia. >> now wenow why she's wearing red. plenty still to come on news4 at 4:00. >> we'
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>> we want to get back to some breaking news we're following this hour in thest ct. >> a man gravely injured after a shooting. shomari one just got to the crime ave you found out? >> reporter: good evening right now we're bringing t you close the scene. this area is roped off. this is an active scene. detectives are here right now. you can s t them overe talking to people in the neighborhood. we know a man was shot multiple s on here. we are by north capital. you can see the traffic isvi mo slowly. this area by m street is cut off so police can inveimigate this scene. i'm joined by commander morgan cane with the d.c. police department. what can you tell us at this point? >> shortly before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon we had an officer tt was in th block that heard
4:40 pm
multiple gunshots. when heo came i the block here, he was able to locate ant adale victim shot multiple times and he was responsive, not breathing. we summoned medical help coand,f se, our detectives are here on the scene investigating as well. the medics responded, cpr was in progress and he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> reporter: that's just new information tt we're finding t here. i notice there are cameras here, did the cameras capture the shooting? the suspect? >> there are multiple camas in the area so we have video of the suspect and the incident. we're looki for the suspect. our homicide investigators and ficers are looking for the suspect as we speak. >> reporter: this is the 12th micide in the district of columbia this year. as you just heard on news4 this
4:41 pm
man has died. we know the shooting was capturic on video, p are looking for the suspect. if you have any information call d.c. police. we bring you the latest del details here first on news4. >> thank you. good work getting down there. we take you to the neighborhood that could field the impact of amazon's new headquarters moving in. >>us this in to our news room. fairfax schools tomorrow morning on a two-hour delay. aobably a good call, talking aboutther refreeze. 2d temperatures in the teens and lows. but the coldest air we've felt in a year are moving
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4:43 pm
if you are just joining 43 with four things to sknow. >> thi getting back to normal
4:44 pm
for southwest passengers at bwi marshall, connectivity has been restoredith the computer networ ali erbw w i impacted. y.> the confirmation process for to he told the senate he think special counsel's russia investigation should cheontinueo its conclusion and heuld nvolve hunt. ay 25 of the government shutdown and tsa workers are sstting wrege gett egloyein say they're looking for new jobs to payhe bills. we learned a man has died after bei sho tes for a capitol and m. suspect. and they say they have video of the suspect. we're working to get that for you this evening.
4:45 pm
awaiting amazon's hg 2 is painfulor some small business owners. they're preparing forhe possibilities thatheir clientele will be priced out of their homes. >> and they're worried their businesses will suffer. >> reporter: as northern virginia awaits amazon's hq 2 there's growing conce about the impact it will have on communities like is small businesses like the hair salon and barber among those trying to prepare for what might come. the owner, he and his dad have been here for more than 20 years. he says many of his clients sit in the chair wondering if they'll be able to afford living in this community. >> they're paying high rent as it is. but they're worried it's going to keep going higher and they're goinve to hao relocate. what that does it affects small businesses like a this other
4:46 pm
small businesses here in the community. >> reporter: our digital team at nbc washington, they went into more detail as to the potential impact amazon will have on latino communities like this one here, and what can be done to maintain the cult ce? yo find that by searching amazon impact in the washington app. in alexandria, david culver, news 4. the birth control patch is getting a major upgrade. georgia tech researchers have developed one that lasts for a full month. it wouldn't require a trip to the doctor. the patch simply attaches to your skin and it dissolves over time. researchers still need tois tes th on humans, but they believ it'll only cost a dollar p dose. that's $12 a year. okay. y he can't tell you where the canned corn is, but he can free up someone who can. he is marty.
4:47 pm
pretty soon you'll see him inan supermarkets. this assistant can identify hazards like spills which shod free up associates to help customers. we'll be coming in the comg weeks. he's already been rolled out in >> help you identify hazards like spills? i want him to do the shopping for me and deliver the food to the house. >> marty is going to have to be more smarty to pull this out.ha >> w this word coming in rightir now. x county says they're opening the schools two hours late because of the refreeze you were talking about. >> i expectre the reason why, you saw what happened this morning. there were not a lot of accidents this morning, that's because of the delays, the furloughed people. we don't he a lot of people on the roads, thank goodness. if we can take more off the road
4:48 pm
tomorrow morning -- i tell you, if you can wait until 9:00 a.m. to start moving you should be s okay because t is able to make its way up there and start to melt black ice. >> islo that the wolf moon son. >> that's the moon, son, thing, yes. >> we have some clouds but also some sunshine. not a bad day at all. it's cold, it's chilly. but sunshine and light wind is noou that bad when step out the door. temperatures tonight dropping to the freezg mark and below by around:00 in the city. right around 6:00, i expect temperatures to go down quickly. radar, nothing to show. we're not going to see anything today. we'll see a little sto system thursday and friday. it's not going to mean much. the bigger storm com in saturday and sunday. here it comes. saturday at 7:00. theesain m in on saturday
4:49 pm
night. going to bes is almost all rain. almost all rain. that's not the big deal here. the r dl bigl is what comes behind it, a change in snow on the backside. it the cold. major changes coming during the day on sunday with a little bit more on the impact from the system. we told y ten days ago this was goinger to be anoig storm in the forecast. amelia it's a big but in a differenso way. >> tely. it's not about the snow we're going to be tracking but the ldest air we've felt around here in about an air. that's for mtin luther king jr. day. here's what you can expect thiw end as doug was showing you there on future weather, this is looking like a rain event not a snowstorm. if we do see rain as it's in the forecast right now, though, it uld be a lot of rain, around an inch or a little bit less. but with the snow that's out there still and the rainfall on top of that, thacould lead to flooding issues out there later in the day on sunday.
4:50 pm
something we're going to keep an eye on. after that an arctic blast moves in. here's the impact on yourek d. for saturday, a moderate impact because the morning and midday hos are looking dry. kind of a wide window right now. but rain could move in as early as 3:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. on saturday. but rain is likely for the evening hours and definitely overnight. unday we track rain and maybe aeo char to a bit of snow but not much in the way of accumulation. sunday.s cold on the cold and drop in temperatures is why sunday as well a mondayre storm team 4 weather alert days. thesare the feels like temperatures, 6 below in fredericksrg, zero in washington. as we move towards the midday hours, doesn't get better out there. feeling like the temperatures are in the teens for mday afternoon. >> it's going to be a cold go of things. 42 tomorrow, 49 on frid.
4:51 pm
if you're a skier like myself, friday and saturday look great. saturday looksood because the rain doesn't come in until the afternoon. so next week frigid conditions monday and tuesday. and temperatures go up again before theext storm. that one coming next thursday, possibly into friday. before more cold air moves in for the following >>weekend. a local man under the spotlight on ana nat stage. stevie natalie is one othe contests on game of games. >> my doctor has chilly ha>>s? yes. my doctor has chilly hands. so you getho to pick is going to be eliminated. >> the game is called see ya later alligator. natalie gets off to a good start. see if he can make itnll the way ellen's game of game.
4:52 pm
that's at 8:00 here on nbc 4. >> looks like more fun to lose. you get a ride. this was something that attention of the entire world. >> the miracle on the hudson. hard to believe it's been ten years already. tonight on " nbcghtly news," passengers are sharing how the crash impted their lives. next we look back at that incred day zblooe. here's a look at what's up at 5:00. >> i can't bieve it's been ten years since that. for tonight staying on top of breaking news. shomari stone live gathering details on the latest murder in northwest d.c. >> what we're leaing about victim and what happened right before those shots rang out. 0, it's thead at 5 season for sneezing, we're feeling it. those sniffles might not be from a cold. >> doreen gentzler shows us why mold aergies are so bad this year and what you can do about them. have you heard about t ten
4:53 pm
year challenge on social media? david did a funny one. >> he did. >> we'll s w youours. miracle calling it the on nebraska. a quick shout ou ours are on instagram. but you two have your pictures, too, right? >> i'm told someone put ours together. >> there it is. >> there we go. >> beautiful. >> that looks like my younger siener. >> you h changed a bit. you still look gorgeous. that's great. >> thank you. i >>think. nice. he hasn't changed. >> thas backhen i had a championship mustache. just might make the playoffs. >> like the hair, too. >> still gothem cheeks like coach saddle bags. >> those are great, buddy. looking great you two. >> can't wait to see yours. >> we better change ours. >> every year the camera has to get farther and farth away. y see
4:54 pm
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ten years ago today, the worlded witne something extraordinary. >> 155 passengers and crew survived arash landing into a new york city river. >> we look back at whate all call the miracle on the hudson. >> reporter: they gathered today in charlotte.
4:57 pm
the survivors of one of the mosw hag moments in aviation history. >> life is so fragile it can be over in a minute, and i appreciate that. >> to celebrate and remember the miracle on the hudson. >> it was one of the greatest moments not only in aviation history but ielieve american history. >> reporter: that moment unfolding just minutes after takeoff. a bird strike crippling the engines. 155 souls on board. andhe captain's only option, splashing down in the hudson river. images of passengers on the wings. >> i saw the best in people. >> in the decade since, people o were once strangers now call each other family. the captain has retired and the plane is now at home at the aviation museum. on this 10th anniversar
4:58 pm
reflection. >> it's definitely strengthened my relationship with my family. it's changed the way i've looked at life, i know. >> reporter: 155 lives tied to a single heroicoment that now lives in history. nbc news. now at 5:00 i' tracking not one but two different systems making their way our way. i'll show you what each one brings and when. a hightakes hearing on the hill. >> i will not be bullied into doing ahithing i is wrong. the president's pick for attorney general defends his controversial views on the russia probe. as talks to reopen the government go nowhere. >> tre needs to be other options. >> i don't see their side budging, do you? plus the hidden hot spots in your home that could trigger your allergies and keep you from having a good night slp. >> announcer: news 4 at 5:00
4:59 pm
begins with breaking news. we begin tonight wit another case of murder in the district. we are gathering late details am we on the air with you tonight. >> tonight's killing comes a the district is struggling to reverse a spiking murder trend. we have team coverage of e violent outbreak, pat collins live in noheast. >> but we begin with shomari stone. he's live in north capitol and m. >> reporter: good evening. worth mentioning that d.c. this say the victim in latest shooting was targeted. that this was not a randomoo ng. i'm here on m street by north capitol, and behind me metropolitan police detectives are gathering evidence. forensics just arrived and they are over there processing the scene right now as we speak. let's roll some video to tell you what happened. police say around 3:00 today,
5:00 pm
several shots were fired. an officer was in the area and when he arrived on the scene here, shortly after he heard the shots, that's when he found a i ma his 20s suffering from multiple gun shot wounds. that man was transported to the hospital in critical condition. doctors pronounce him dead. police say this shooting was captured on video. they have identified a suspect. live. back out here this is at first place northwest. you can see there is a camera up there, and police you can bring it back down -- police are talking to people in the area. they have identified the suspect. they will be releasing more information as it becomes available. they have not released the name of the suspect or victim in this case. live in northwe d.c. i'm shomari stone, a news4. right. thank you. we are leaing more about a shooting on a stretch of road that's become an epicenter for violence in recent months. that includes a handful of murders. >> bullet holes mark the


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