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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  January 22, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EST

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before we get to the weather becaust's ridiculously cold, we have several school closings to tell y about. prince george's county schools will open twors h late. in virginia, fauquier, winchest, clark, fairfax, prince william colle are on a two-hour delay. >> as are -- fredericksburg city, staff fort county,al church city, loudoun, and culpeper county schools will also open two hours late today. warren county schools will open one hour late, eun. >> in west virginia, jefferson, berkeley, morgan county schools are all on a two-hour delay. hampshire a mineral county schools are on a three-hour delay. now let'sheck in with our "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell out th>>e today. super cold, now doubt about
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that. temperatures haveen fa mostly in the low to mid-teens around the city. a bone-chilling 16 degrees in arlington, 12 in manassas, 14 in leesburg. fortunately the winds is nowhere strong as it w yesterday, but still any bit of a breezinds windchills back down to close to zero. it feels like 2 in washington, 0 in gaithersburg and 5 in quantico. your planner for tuesda here's some good news, plenty of sunshine, a light i went out of the south will bring temperatures, believe it or not, back to or slightl above the freezing mark. temperatures will keep climbing to climb ances start as well. i'll time out the rain chances in a few minutes. fo now let's go to melissa mollet. >> actually we're goingo talk about the reason for all of this
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nonsense, what we hav to do as a cause and effect. layer up with your warmest clothing before we go out. don't do what i did. i got mine. >> i'll have to lend you mine because it'shat kind of day. lat another it led to se car trouble for a man in washington. a quick trip to the store ended up staking much longer because his car couldn't start. a stranger stepped in to give him a jump and get his car going again. >> it'sterrific, really great. i feel like these types of communityrings everyone together as a community. >> they were able to get the car going again, but i'm sure we' going to see a whole lot of this throughout the day. >> it's way too cold. cars act up. d.c. has activated a
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hypothermia alert because of the temperatures. homeless shelters are teaming up. staying out for several hours in weather like this, it causes hypothermia. >> we try to help each other in our predicament. >> if you see someone who needs shelter, call 311 or 911 if there's s an emergency. furloughed federal workers are days away from missing a second paycheck. in a deal to end the gridlock, a deal doesn't seem to be in the future. while senate republicans support it, they would still need the
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support of seven senateat democr to pass it. president trump wants a deal on the border wall before the government reopens. later today d. mayor muriel bowser is expected to call on congress and president trump to end theshutdown. she plans to speak at a food bank on theocal chairs that have helping workers. >> it's not only mayor bowser but virginia wmakers. there's been an offer to put a 30-day stay ononviction for homeowners. if passed, an emergency clause that was written into the bill would allow it to take effect immediately. and for those struggling to
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make endsme , another resource center will open today. >> that's right. theye joined forces to create chefs for feds. it'snning right next to andre's world central kitchen. it provides food and other kinds of support as well. they'll be ableo pick up groceries, diapers, pet food and ask things such as their phone bill. >> this includes the local you tilt companies like pepco and verizon. we'v gotervices like the diaper bank and local capital bank.ood we're going to be offering food and supplies. ry the center will open e day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. if you need help, h nbc 4 ise to assist you. pull up the freeashington nbc app for resurss dicing this dit time. we have breaking news right now.
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an american charged is in court today, paul whelan. >> cory is live at the desk. what can you tell us? >> his court hearing will held in moscow city court. if foundguilty, he faces up to 20 years in pron. if you remember, his family said he was there for a vacation an to attend a retired fellow marine's wedding. he's been held without bail in moscow. a u.s. represeative will attend portions of the hearing which is, again, scheduled to be held today. cory ith, thank you. freshmanar camelas is the latest to enter the presidential race for 2020. her slogan i "for the people." her campaign will focus onre
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cing the high cost of living for the middle class and providing medicare for all the health care syem. >> let's do this together. let's claim our future for ourselves, for our children, and for our country. >> hours after announcing her campaign yesterday, senator harris was in d.c. attending a mlk event at her alma mater howard university. >> howard university is one of the most important aspects of my life and it is where i ran for my first elected office. this is where it all began. >> harris has been an outspoken critic of president trump. seven other democrats have now filed paperwork or announcedal presiden bids for 2020. n rig police in prince county are trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting. it happened at noon on ced lane.
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authorities say the victim and suspect are related and the suspect has been arrested. a sudden spikeoin o overdoses has alexandria police on high alert. four people suffered overdoses and two of them died over the weekend. >> a 30-year-old breathing heavy. and the person is unconscious. >> that was a 911 call from a grocery store where a customer as found unconscious in the bathroom. detectives are trying to find the source of the deadl drugs. >> we've created a spike system. when we see a certain number in a certain am of time, we know there could be a public safety issue. >> detectives are now handing out what they call recovery bags to overdose survivors. thetaags c information and a phone number to a dream facility. for the second time, a
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rockville high school has been vandalized with messages of hant. someone p a swastika on the building at richard montgomery highol sc police are investigating. sadly this isn't the first time the school has had to deal with. the principal plans to address the students today. it's now 4:09. d.c.'s mayor and senate are expected to clash tort. mayor muriel bowser vetoed that bill that would treat the offense as a civil infraction punishable by a fine. only the dchl krc-- counc can ve toe it metro loses between 25 and $50
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million a yer from f evaders. t underhe current law they face jail time, a fine, and a criminal record. overturning the mayor's veto required two-thirds. a medical breakthrough in breast cancer. a'll tell youut a new dream. and a dramatic rescue. firefighters save a woman from a burning house. chuck? good morning, everybody. tuesday's off to a chilly start. it's close to zero, but there's when i kept finding myselfere's smoking in my attic.
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the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay. we're following breaking news at an amtrak trainhere passengers were delayed for a long time. a train was stopped because o a mechanical issue.
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we've been seeing passengers sound off on twitter talking about the long delay, not being able to get a answers from staff on board the train, baktd room issues as well. the good news is the train is operating now, but theer passengers very much delayed on the train from d. krchl. amtrak telling us this morning that it's not going t impact the future trains, but, again, a very long traveng moror folks on this amtrak express train. you. ack to >> that would cause a lot of problems for viewers this morning. cory, thank you. a live look 16 below. in maryland, prince george's county schools will open two hours late, all gain ya will open 3 hours later. >> ass for manasrk city,
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spotsylvan spotsylvania, alexandria, kings county schools, falls church city, loudoun and culpeper will open two hours late and warren schools will open one hour late. >> in west virginia, jefferson, hardy,organ county all on two-hour delay. today a new and updated era for a school in northern virginia. this morning students will walk into the new patrick henry k through 8 school in alexandria. it's been five years in the making. theclassrooms are bigger and more modern. we put a time lapse and construction and information about the school in the nbcashington app. just search henry. the d.c. history and justice collective wants to change the ilson high drow school. the collective argues that
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wilson was a segregationist and the s was built on land hich used to be home to a hriving black neighborhood. the group wille a meeting next month to discuss this issue. in news for your health this morning, researchers may have found a way to effec vely tell the parents about the human papillomaoraccine their child. they asked more than 1,100 parents of unvaccinated teens to watch a series about videos of hpvc. they were most interested on cancer prevent as well as the safety and side effects of the vaccine. the center helped in the development ofhis vaccine. it's 4: n. ins for your health, there's a less invasive marsh for womenb withast cancer. doctors freeze the tumor and
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manys patieeport it is a relatively quick and painless procedure. it also does not have to be performs in the hospital and patients can go back to their normal life afterhe dream is over. >> it's fantastic. i don't have words to express. >> we're told several clinical trials have told promisg resul results. it costs about a third of a traditional mastectomy. there's a new study that found nearly a quarter of adults get food and drinks from work feterias, vending machines and social events at least once a week. unlessou wok here at "news4" and it's every day. >> listen. somebody has to have a birthday. we like to celebrate on the "news4 today" team? and chocolate cake, please. researchers say most of the
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foods in offices are high in calorie, sugar, and sodium. food experts saymproving food quality at work could be a key part. sore we' not going to have cupcakes on a birthday? we haveto. we have potato chips on at least two desks on the morning team right now including mine. it's theseorses. it's a pick-me-up. >> itay feelike it, but we're not the only ones dealing with the w toecold. >> the winter blast is crippling most of the east coast. firefighters braved the cold to save a woman tpped inside her burning home in mt. vernon,yo n . look at the ice after they sprayed her house down. they tere able get her out safely, but it wasn't easy. >> she was on the third floor, dridden. nice 80-year-old with dementia. she was okay at the time.
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basically me and the firefighters grabbed the whole bedding, sheets and all, snatched her up and brought her outside. >> the home was coated in ice and there was significant damage on the inside. no word on what started the fire. >> you have to give it up to the first responders. >> it's hard enough, their jobs, and so many who have to work he outside in conditions, chuck. >> absolutely. single numbers for temperatures up there. all that water turned into a sheet of ice. >> even for 16 degr >> i know. it's cold. >> even cold for ourst dards. >> and in january when you would expect it the >> come on. >> sneak attack. >> this is not normal cold. >> it feels bad. >> yesterday was far and away the coldest winter day so far. yesterday was 16 degrees colder than average. by far our coldest day of the winter, and we're off to a
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frigid start this morning. fortunately the winds a where near as strong as they were yesterday. yesterday we had a northwest esnd over 25 m an hour. this morning, nor of 14. still a notablebrees, lowering the temperature from 16 to a feels-like factor of 2 here in washington, and temperatures are mostly in s thegle numbers and teens .everywhe currently 6 in martinsburg. 15 in maryland. windchills are close to zero ross a big peace of the area. as you're planning out your day, a c dangerouslyold start. plenty of sunshine. afternoon highs should be above freeor at least a couple of hours. but subtle breezes and the return of clouds means tomorrow morning will be nowhere near this cold. this area of storminess will be joining forces with a warm down south and bring us, believe it or nota chance for rain and not snow. as cold as it is, our next
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chance will be rainrriving here later on in the day tomorrow. steady rain wednesday night intr ay. then thursday, a gusty northwest wind will drive temperatures from 50s on thursday morning into the 30s by thursday afternoon, leaving us col and dry and get into the weekend. all right,moelissa et, a good morning to you. >> a good tuesday morning to you. the ramp blocked here. that's the longstanding work zone. 's going to be shut down for the next year andha a . the rest of the beltway, the inner loop and outer loop looks good. we're gong to get you here. if you'reor headedthbound in ten minutes, nicecl and r, nothing in your way. to prince georges county, 66 looks good. 95 northbound is fine through virginia. southbound as you're approaching quantico, aittle bit of work nd a little but of a delay. eun? melissa, thank you.
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still ahead on "news4 today." >> maintaining your key fob, what to do t keept working without using your key to start the car. >> and on the way, fred salve s sajps by on the "ellen" show. >> you're going to look behind me. no talking, just acting out. >> okay. >> okay. . >> you know this is going to be great. besides playing game, hathaway besides playing game, hathaway and savage talk about their
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put a key in your ignition? >> forever. >> a lot of folks use a key fob to start their car, we information on keeping your key working. >> we have maintenance tips to keepeyourss entry running seamlessly. >> reporter: sometimes in life it's the little things that make you happy like locking and unlocking your car click of your key fob. >> i'm a first time mom and want to be able to get in clickly,o having a key fob is important.
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>> clicking it twice. >> i dom wan to go back to a regular key. >> what if your key fob stops working? >> sometimes they need a little love. >> if your key fob stops working, y'll likely have to shell out a couple of hundred dollars. the first thing to d is check your battery. >> it weakens in a year or two. where you leave it also matters. >> leaving it in the car overnight or on hook isn't a smart idea. >> if your fob is close to youra it can continue to communicate with your car, which isn't good for the battery. >> you can replace the batterye for a bucks. susan hogan, "news4." >> there's a key blade inside too. >> that device can mapually unlock your doors.
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you may dread the blast, but -- >> they're enjoying every minute of all of this. it was perfect weather for the penguins though to take a stroll through the grounds. the zoo's king penguins i like that, they waddle through pathways every friday through monday as long as it's cold enough. >> it's nice to see someone enjoying thi kind of cold. it must be cold for even chuck bell. >> i'm not going to std outside in bathing suit. it's cold, but we're nowhere near the record. the record is below zero. don't forget to put your heavy winter gear on because it is a cold start to the day. more about the changes cominup . a desperate plea after her puppies were stolen at gunpnt.
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what she wants you to know about her attacker. it's oscar announcement. it's oscar announcement. get ready to
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take a0 on the dot as we live look outside on this tuesday morning. it's looking nice, right? isn't that a pretty picture? >> yeah. >> not feeling so great. 16 degrees outside of our studios ase start a short week for some of you. and check out these numbers. bitter cold out there right now, well below freezing all across our area. yep, january. >> it is january. >> good morning, everyone. m eun yang >> and i'm molette green. aaron is off. the good news, it's going to warm and many will have a few hours before they have to head out. >> here's look at the schoo delays. maryland's prince gege's counties will open two hours late and


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