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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 27, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, an nbc news exclusive, the first broadcast interviews with undocumented employees who worked at president trump's golf clubs and were fired this month. some saying the prident must have known. suspect arrested for killing five peop people, including his parents and girlfriend. we'll hear from her raught family. isis claims responsibility for twin bombings during a catholic mass in the philippines, killing at least 20 people. race in the nfl, most of the coaches bfired have beenlack while most of their row placements this far are white. growing vaccine
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controversy, requiring vaccinations for their kids. g. good even the president has made no secret of how he feels about people ryentering the cou illegally but tonight there's evidence that another of his golf clubs, this one just 30 miles north of manhattan, was employing housekeepers and maintenance staff who presented phony documents when given the job. it's not unusual to find undocumentedwo ers in the hotel and food service industries but the trump clubs are in a class of their own, still owned by the managed t a by his sons. for 14 years, gabriel sodono worked t athe trump national golf club in manhattan, new york. in an apartme he shares with his wife and three kids, he eahowed us his uniform and of pay stubs. a seasonal housekeeper
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at the trump club for years, both from , mexico. they crossed the border on foot. why did you come here >> to give them the better life. >> you wanted to work? >> ye i wanted to work. >> reporter: maria and gabriel say they presented forged green cards and sial curity cards when hired. >> they didn't ask any questions? >> n questions, nothing. >> reporter: did anyone at the trump golf club direct you to get false documents? >> no. >> reporter: but gabriel told us he thinks people at the highest levels of the trump organization knew they we hiring undocumented workers to save money, paying low wag no benefits do you think they knew that your documentsre false? >> i think they needed employees and they don't check really good. >> our jobs are being from our country like we're babies. >> reporter: gabriel said president trump spoke with him during his years at the club pe and ss the president also knew there were
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undocumented workers staff. >> i can like be sure about that but he got to know. >> reporter: you think the president must have known? >> he must know r orter: six former club workers s on e with camera and others who didn't want their faces shown. a dozen say they were fired january 18th. margarita cruz recorded hermeeting. >> the club must end its employment relationship with you today. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, eric trump said we have ten of thousands of employees across our properties and haveery strict hiring practices. if any employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law, they will be terminated immediately. we take this issue very seriously. this is one of the hereasons my fat is fight soeg haing so hard for immigration reform. the system is brokenno the workers' attorney is taking some of them to pitol hill to meet with democrats. >> the trump organization is a criminal enterprise. there is a federal
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crime here and these le peho were fired are material witnesses to a federal crime. ha >> attorney is call i calling for a federal and state investigation. the white house had no comment on the suggestit the president knew about undocumented workers. eric trump did also tell the washington one of the reasons his father is fighting so hard for immigration reform. parts of the federal government were b today two days after the shutdown came to otn end and law marks fromparties seem to be more optimistic that an agreement could be reached to avoid another shutdo in three weeks. kelly o'donnell has that. >> reporter: hand-made signs at one national park visitors center shows the federal government is not fully back in business but at some landmarks and monuments,ark rangers returned to duty. >> this was the first day of restored operations. tomorrow, we'll see entire staffs back in. >> reporter: also on day, the
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message makers, shaping the nex round of the border funding battle. >> this gave a chance to the democrats to prove when they really do believe in border security or wheer they're so beholden to their leadership that ey'll never vote on the border. >> reporter: democratic leadership maybe yes to a fence. >>n the past we have supported, as you know, enhanced fencing. i think that's reasonable and should beta on the. i don't want to get out ahead of the process. >> reporter: that belongs to a bipartisan negotiating team that including blunt. >> let's find solutions and not continue to disappoint the people we work for by not showing the ability to work together. >> reporter: republican maco rubio says president trump should nort to declaring a national emergency to build the wall. >> you could very well wind up in a theateric ndictory at the front
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endot getting it done. the best way to do it is to have a law passed that funds border security so we oiknow it's to happen. >> reporter: declaring a national emergency does carry risk, likely a court challenge and lawmakers oppose it. white house officials say the president would ref u not to that power but his defenders also argue that president trump should ultimately be judged success or failure at the end of this pro and not while negotiations are still under way. kate? kelly o'donnell at the white house for us. kelly, thanks. following a multi-state manhattan, ies announced the arrest of a man suspected of killing five people in louisianaerday, including his own parents. nbc's tammy lightner has details tonight. >> reporter: this is the man police believe led him on a manhunt following a shooting spree. >> we do not have a motive. >> reporter: and why dakota tario may have killed five people yesterday. >> all units be
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advised possible three deceased patients. >> i lost my baby brother, my niece and nephew. edmy heart is so pa >> this woman, summer earnest, was threportedly datin suspect. her aunt says the family most recently met him and did not approve. >> something was desperately wrong with this bo>> eporter: police say the shooting spree did not end there. he then drove to a neighboring county where he allegedly shot and killed his mother and father. >>ete were able to a dying declaration from him, only enough information to let us know that it was his son that committed this act. >> reporter: a manhunt followed before he was finally captured more than 1,000 miles away ren virginia, but hear and questions remain. >> i don't want to be here no more. i can't take the pain. >> reporter: as loved ones try to find the hi why behind tragedy. tammy lightner, nbc news. in oregon tonight,
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new evidence in a custody dispute that ended with the police killing a parent at a school. that chaotic encounter recorded on police body cam. youdo want to warn that the video you're about to see is disturbing. >> you're under . ar you are under arrest. >> reporter: tonight, this police body cam video is our first look at a deadly idonfrontation at an oregondle school. it happened january 11th aswo officers were escorting parent e.landeros outsid he wouldn't leave his daughter's schoo amidst a custody battle with the girl mother. once outside, body cam shows him resisting, yeing at police as officers try to make an arrest. >> you are under arrest. >> reporter: watch closely. the struggle between lander a the officer goes to the ground. he pulled out a handgun, shoot twice, mig the ofcer.
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his own daughter witnessing the final moments. fully loaded with two dozen roud landeros had even more ammo. ilthe attorney's f is seeking an independent investigation, calling the encounter a complex situation resulting in the death their loved one. the fbi investigated him last o yearr violent anti-government posts on social media. morgan chesky, thank you. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on a catholic cathedral in the philippines. tonight pope francis is condemning the attack. sarah harmon has that story. >> reporter: this c oman catho cathedral still standing aer twin bomb blasts during sunday mass. nearby, bodiy ies lined the streets. at least 20 people were killed, another 82 were wonded.
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the first blast went off inside the cathedral,ust after 8:00 a.m. a second explosion outside soon followed. detonated as congregantsushed out to safety and security forces rushed in to erelp. the gnment of the majority catholic country has been fighting isl ic extremist groups for ars. 2017, isis-led groups clashed with security forces and besieged the southern city for fivemonths. today, pope francis in panama condemned the violence and prayed that god would convert those responsible. sunday's attack, a troubling sign the violence may not be over. sarah harmen, nps eharmon, nbc news. nicolas maduro has backed off his demand that all u.s.
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diplomats leave venezuela this weekend. now both embassies en whileay working out a plan. israel became the tlatest country recognize opposition leader juan guaido as venezuela's interim president. the super bowl is dae week for the nfl, pressure nt is mg to explain why the majority of head coaches let go thisoffseason are african-american. the more pressing question, why are replaceired to them mostly white? >> reporter: why is a itsgue with 70% of players african-american l by head coaches who have been predominantly white? wh teams began making coaching changes at the end of 2018 season, the black and white issue came intotark contrast. five of the eight fired coaches were black and so far none of the coaches hired to replace them is k. bl steve wilks was fired
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in arizona after one season, winning three of 16 games, replaced by a white college coach fired after earning a losing record over six seasons. >> the league is kind of going backwards. each year, league officials talk about the need for improving diversity, increasing opportunities for people of color. a lot of them former players. >> fritz pollard was the first black nfl coach. just two are on roster today, pittsburgh's mike tomlin and anthony lynn of the chargers. it's something the league addressed in 2003, he rooney rule under the threat of a lawsuit, requires teams to at least interview a minority candidate forach head coach opening. over time, they say the rule was just a public relations move. the gros there's still work to be done. >> we feel good about where we're going in the long run even though we can say we
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feel disappointed a little by wha happened in this last hiring cycle. >> the nfl has made great strides in ovancing efforts promote diversity throughout the league, including at the head coach position. race is once again in nfl headlines as its sidelines have turned whiter. ron mott, nbc news. a surge am medical exemptions for vaccines, many required for kids. up next, fears that some doctors may be doing some harm than good by granting
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talk to your doctor about xarelto®. this month therl health organization called the anti-vaccine movement a major threat to public healri. t now the u.s. is experiencing its worst measles outbreak since 2014 with 349 cases in 26 states in the past year. in california, health officials are now focusing on how children are skipping mandatoryshots. dr. john torres reports on the role doctors may be playing in helpi some parents get away with not vaccinating their kid kids. >> reporter: after a major m outbreak in disneyland four years ago, california changed its law. now the only way for a child to start school without being vaccinated is with a a doctor's not in three years these numbers of exemptions
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have tripled, setting off alarm bells. >> medical exemption rates as high as % or more. >> that 20%reaks through. a bay area health ment reviewing these exemptions, many given for medical issues that have nothing to do with vaccinations. >> gut you shalls and food sensitivities. nervous ticks and emotional inability. >> somehow they're ti eq that with you can't get vaccines because of an immune issue. doesn't make sense. advertising exemptions, including one in sacramento, charging $97 for an exclusive program teaching apparents to fo navigate caia's law, another in san diego charging $120. and doctors charging $3 every three months. in statements to nbc news, doctors said ahey are providing legitimate service.
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one doctor added if the doctor is doing their due diligence, nt seeing the pat and towelly reviewing medical cords, then that is exactly what the california medical roard has requested. dr.ichard pan, no relation to erica, is a california state senator and a pediatrician. he says the real cost of thesemp eons comes at the expense of a child's life. >> every time someoneit a false medical exemption, they're not only putting that child at y'risk, there putting other children at risk. >> good job. >> reporter: like 2-year-old noah hernandez, more vulnerable than most to contagious diseases like measles. he had a liver transplant that prevents him from receiving most vaccinations. his mother, outraged that surging medical exemptions could be putting her son at risk. >> i'm angry, i'm scared, i'm mad. i just don't get why people don'tant to help save other people's lives. >> dr. john torres joins me now here. a lot ofeople probably wondering, is it legal for doctors
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to do this, to give exemptions? >> it depends on how the state's laws are written. in california it's not illegal. like other states within deg vaccination rates, though, california is now trying to figure out how to ensure medical exemptions are used appropriately. >> bottom line on all this, get the >> talk to your doctor if you have concerns, work through the concerns and get the vaccines. >> thank you so much. making it official. senator uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey... guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike...mike what day is it mike? ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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i stand here before you today to announce my candidacy for predent of the united states. >> democratic senator kamala harris making it official today, launching her campaign r president at a rally in her hometown, oakland, california. not ssurprisingly, attacked many of the policies of the trump administration and ersaid she would del the largest middle-class tax cut in a generation. it took more than a week but britain's prince philip has lo finally azed to a woman who was injured when his land rover crashed into his har. he saiwas deeply sorry and wished the woman a speedy recovery and fail said he failed to see the vehicle coming. e the pope took t
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ig finally t there's a growing movement on the hiking trails of colorado adding to already beautiful landscape. it's aal movementd black girls hike. how they came together to create a healthy community in colorado and beyond. on a crisp morning in colorado -- >> the nature, the trees. i love it. >> reporter: mother nature's palate i an inspiration for these friends. >> black girls, ! >> reporter: all moving with a purpose. >> hiking has always been part of our lives. >> reporter: avid hikers jessica newton and porsche noticed
6:57 pm
black wom missing from the trails. movement ive that's gone from online to outside. >> black girls hike. >> yes, we do. >> why do you think african-american women, women of color stayed off the hiking trails? >> i think a lot of it h has to do wack of exposure. >> being outdoors wasn't associated with women of color, especially black women. >> a path of diversity, their uickly ing has grown across the country to 800, people of all ages, personalities, gender and even race. >> it's a neat chancer eople to unify and come over ourco on interests. it'slso about healthy living. f nearly half black women over the age of 20 have heart disease. ll >> we are r changing that concept of what an ndfrican-american woman doesow we maintain fitness and health in our community. >> by taking these
6:58 pm
steps they're showing beauty at each turn. >> representation really matters. i'm glad to have a lot of women who look like me. >> here it's about going the distance together. >> i didn't have ush me to o do it. that's my daughter. i'mt doing i now. it's not too te. >> reporter: moving in the same directi from the ground up, from friendship and a healthier future. kathy park, nbc news, colorado. >> nothing beats a great hike. that is "nbnightly news" on this sunday night. lester holill be back with you tomorrow. i'm kate snow. for all of us at nbc news, have a great night. .
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