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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 30, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> announcer: news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. thine're waking up to a blanket of snow this morning. the flakes aren't the concern now, though. it's the ice that slipped in along with them. litter cold set in overnight making many roads and potentially dangerous. this morning, local school districts are not taking any chances. welcome to wednesday, everybody, 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gill crust. >> i'm eun yang. this morning we're staying on top of all the latest closings and delays. there are plenty of them. the federal government is on a three-hour delay. employee have the option for telework or unscheduled as for the schools in virginia, culpepper, frederick, manassas city schools are closed. >> lou down, fairfax, shenandoah, warren and princent william c schools. west virginia now, mineral, hardy and grantounty schools are closed today. delays, highway ward,
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montgomery, prince georges and anne arundel is on two-hour delay. >> virginia, dlex degree ya, lington, falls church, fredericksburg, king george, stafford count schools alson a two-hour delay. >> west virginiaberkley, hampshire, morgan county schools will open two hours a reminder we have all that information on the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app. this morning, we have team coverage of the storm and impact, spread out across the region moniting road conditions near you. >> melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic but we begin with lauryn ricketts. we're talking about this cold, too, yelauryn. >> , absolutely. that's really going to be the main story today, guys. the winds out there. and we have a few isolated snow showers out there rig now. but again, later on today.e and of coursead that snow yesterday, but from what we're looking at right now, we're looking at snowfall totals that were anywhere from about an inch, koetding to annch up to about 3 inches.
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look at leesburg, frederick county, maryland, 21/ we are looking at some very snowy conditions north and wes of d.c. not so much in the d.c. and points to the south and east. the crews out there thank goodness for you guys because you did a lot of work overnight and shows this morning. 23 degrees is your temperature right now. hattty much staying below freezing mark as we continue through the day. so as you wake up tmos ing, icy spots this morning. the sun coming up at7:15. ill help melt some things along with the wind that's going to help dry the pavement out. w but td is going to be pretty brutal as we head into the afternoon.s gu up to 50 miles an hour. that wind picks up after about 8:00 a.m. this morning. we do have wind advisors starting at 9:00 a.m. going to 6:00 p.m. tonight. it is going to be bitterly cold out there with those winds out there. but we are warming up as we head into the weekend. guess what, 60 degrees by monday. we'll take it. 'll also show you more snow in
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that ten-day forecast and show you roadways with melissa mollet. >> hi, lauren.ry montgo county, first, 270 fath hurley all of 270 is looking quite good. the main roads you don't have any issues at this point this morning. looks good here as well. 70, frederick county before everything is moving along nicely as you hit 270 up t there. outer loop before university boulevard, disabled vehicle crowding the left lane. tiny bit of a slowdown o the map. rest of the beltway looks quite good this morning. brandywine, right side block by a crash. 28 near dulles, no problems on 28 either direction. as far as metro, mark, vre, metro supposed to be on time here. we just kicked things off there. some delays on vre expectedar today and running 90 minutes because of the delay for federal government thworkers. ey are delaying their trips today. eun? >> melissa, thank you. the snow fell late into the
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evening for some of us. take a look at this. it quickly covered roads and sidewalks making for pretty picture out there for anyone woo was insideng out. if you were outside, though, things became slick pretty quickly. temperatures plunge and winds began to whip up, turningar tha snow and making roads icy. >> weather has already proved deadly as well. the conditions are being blamed for the death of a 22-year-old ridge man. he died after losing control of his car on sowego road. there was some 30 crashes in the first 90 minutes of yesterday's snowstorm in faquer county alone. the deadly crash ighlights how dangerous slick and icy roads can be. >> this morning, we're dest hit areas h and the places you will want to avoid. we begin our team coverage wh news4's justin finch tracking the roads in clarksburg. ndstin, good morning. where are you how is it looking? >> reporter: hey there, eud just kf dipped out of clarksburg actually now on 270 just made our way into frederick
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county just outside urban that here. what we're seeing so far as melissa hassaid, 270 major highways looking really good this morning. you can even see t treatment on the road in front of us. however, the rps the overpasses, the bridges are always kind of a dicier issue. t they tend freeze and stay so longer, so make sure you're safe on those. in clarksburg, though, we saw frederick road, string town road all looking pretty good, we did more of a potential problem, though, in those neighborhood stree that have been cleared but still kind of ushy. lot oidewalks not yet cleared. as you're waking up, as you're going out to work and bear in mind that your neighborhood streets might be the trickiest part of your comm ge before you even on to the highway. so, give yourself more time as you are getting to your destinations this mornin back inthe studio. >> all right, justin. thank you. we are also tracking conditions all over the region for you this morning. news 4 adam tuss is on the road
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in chantilly live with an update in what he's see in virginia. >> reporter: that's right. justin was talking about neighborhood streets. this is ad really g example. take a look here. this is saddle crescent circle. t's pretty much snow covered out here rightnow. there's a lot of ice out here as well. so, this is what you mightfind. while the main roads have been treated or in good shape, a lot of the secondary roads, your neighborhood street, man f you don't have a carhat has good four wheel drive or does well in the snow, you might have a tough time getting up a hill or getting around in your neighborhood. so that is something to certainly be aware of this morning. also a lot of icy patches on sidewalks in parking lots. you'll have to be aware o that. and if you didn't brush the snow off your car yesterday, then you're definitely goie to h to dig it out this morning. so just be aware that they conditions videly across our region. that is why so many school systems took t caution to even do a two-hour delay or some even and you know in fairfax
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county, the county is so huge that there's so many roads that look like this that we're gng to have to keep an eye on. we'll keep monitoring for you this morning and letfou know there's any other problem spots. guys, back into you. >> that's v eo evidence why these schools have to make tough decisions. thank you, adam. latest coverage of the round of wintry weather will continue all morning. >> in just a few will check out the impacts in the district. news 4 cameras were along wisconsin avenue yesterday when the snow started to fall. many roads in d.c. are also slick. so if you're walkg, keep an eye out for icy patches on the well.alks as news 4 molette green joins us live with a full report in a few minutes. until then, check out the nbc washington app and fontinuing coverage on the latest conditions. 5:07 now. staying on the top of breaking news in attsville, police are investigating a homicide. >> we're learnin that someone was found dead inside a home in hyattsville. we want to get to some video of
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the scene we shot overnight. this happened on hamilton street near 37th avenue. hyattsville police tell us this is the home where that body was found. and to give you come context, this is just down the street from the best way supermarket and hyatt park. now, it isunclear if police have made an arrest, but of course we will continue to stay on top of this sto as we learn developing details, we'll pas it on to yoba to you, aaron. >> thank you. 5:08 now. the officenn of per management says that most furloughed workers will receive paychecks by tomorrow. the national zoo reopened yesterday as did smithsonian museums and including the national museum of african-american history andlt e. the director you see him right there lonnie bunch personally welcomed bac visitors as they arrived. >> people love what they do here. andhey almost feellike, yes, not getting paid was horrible, but being taken away from being able to engage the public, to share the stories they care about has been moredifficult. we also have an update this
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morning about kwa sean lat moae. someone called herta hos and paid the balance for her treatments. you can read more about her story in the nbc washington app search donor help. another sign that theme gove is getting back to normal. plans are in the works for the state of the union and t democratic response. stacey abrams will deliver the democratic resnse to preside trump's address to congress next tuesemy. you may rr abrams was the democratic candidate in the very close 2018 goveor's race in georgia. watch the state of the union and the democratic response here on nbc 4 next week. it's 5:09, former adviser to president trump rogd stone ple not guilty at the federalth course in the district. stone walked into the courthouse as people in the crowd shouted lock him up. stone was surprisingly low key inside thehe courtroom. s accused of lying to congress and intimidating a witness.
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this is all part of robert mueller's investigation into russia's interfe with the 2016 election. stone will be back in court on friday. in montgomery count this morning, two friends and recent college graduates were foundth shot to d inside of a car. >> we showed you the scene from chopper 4 yesterday pomorning. ce identified the victims as christian roberts and jordan radway. they were found shot inside a car just off stewart lane in white oak. a relative of one of the victims tells us the family is crushed. >> wha are you going to remember most about jordan? >> his fun-loving personality. his sweetness. >> a vil will be held this friday at paint branch high school where the two playesk ball. that vigil will follow friday's game. what started with a woman not showi up for work in montgomery county ended with her son in jail for murder.
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he has been charged with killing his mother. police discovered her aftero going her home in aspen hill to do a welfare check. officers she was dead and her son had blood and cuts on his hands. they have not released a possible motive in this case. developing this morning, investigators are looking for surveillance video in theib po hate crime against empire star jussie smolette. he was walking along a street in chicago early tuesday morning when two men attacked and beat him. the men reportedly tied a noose around his neck and poured t what's belie be bleach on him. police say the attackers also yelled racist and homophobic gay. at smolette who is he went to the hospital on his own and is reported to be in good condition. and there'seen an outpouring of support from so many people all over social media. >> other celebrities a regular people. >> regular people. >> just that intolerance is not -- >> horrible. well with the super bowl just a few days away now,an can expect security to be extra
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tight in atlanta. localay the nfl will join law enforcement to outline its plans for game-related activities as far as safety goes. the secretary of homeland security kirstjen nielsen is also expected to thattend. e los angeles rams will take on the new england patriots this sunday. we have everything you neeut to know a the big game in the nbc washington app. 12 minutes after the hour right no still ahead, we continue our team coverage of this morning's frigid weather and the impact on your roads. plus, you tnk it's cold here? be glad you're ot inchicago. bitter cold temperatures, whping winds and wild snow causing trouble across the city. i don't know how people go out in this weather. we're showing you just how baon those condiare. lauryn, we should be happy. >> we should be happy. absolutely right. look at chicago rig now. that's the wind chill, oh, yes. and that numberraor temre below zero as well. a lot of that cold air going to filternto our area feeling like 16 degrees outside right now. we have some icysp s. we have more snow on the way before a warmup
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this just into r our newsm at 5:15, frederick county schools in maryland will open two hours late today. that is the latest in all thend closings delays we've been telling you about this morning because it is a wther alert day here on news 4 today. we've seen icy conditions. that's what remains following that brief snowfall yesterday. some people saw quite a bit of snow depending on where you live. today cold temperatures and strong wind gusts are expected across theregion. all those school delays and cancellations are in effect and the information can be found running on the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app. temperatures will be below freedsing for most of the marng. because of that, d.c. activated hypothermia alert. >> news 4 molette green is live in northwest with details on how the city is trying to help folks
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stay warm in these temperatures. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've to freedom plaza in northwest d.c. yes, our storm team weather meteorologist called it, after the snow the brutal cold weather would really stle in a they talked about the arctic plunge coming throughout the day as well this is the big concern in the capitol city right now. getting those folks out of harm's way because condions are brutal here this morning. now,he districts cold emergency has been activated and that means there are warming shelters throughout the city for the daytime hours as well as the overnight if you see someone in trouble who needs to get to a warming shelter, of course y can always dial 311. if there's an immediated n for an ambulance or some other emergency with the homeless population always dial 911 first in that case. n't take any chances with this
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brutal cold weather on a day like today when the temperatures are only going to get worse as the day goes on. that is the very latest live from freedom plaza here in the district. back into you. >> molette, thanks so much our cold temperatures are nothing like what other parts of the country are experiencing. this is perspective, right? >> oh, yeah. several cities from the midwest the northeast saw snowstorms of their own. hundred of flights were cancelled at chicago's o'hare international because of snowy weather there. officials say crews had to clear several miles of run way. frustrated passengers had to bear with those delays and many of them were forced to rebook their flights. >> in minnesota,rigid temperatures and dropping wind chills are causing major problems for firefighters. this was the scene of large house fire yesterday morning in minneapolis. crews battled the blaze in temperatures approaching 10 degrees below zero it amazing. arctic blast brought frigid air and even snow to the rolinas, too. ile it wasn't a big storm, a
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lot of folks down there worried about a deep freeze that's coming. areas around the mountains may see single digit tperatures. residents in up state new york are dealing with blankets of heavy snow. the roads m look pretty bad now, but conditions are expected to get worse over the next couple days. snowfall totals could approach an inch and a half per hour. some areas of buffalo could see more than two feet of snow by the end of the week. thank gdness it'sbuffalo. they can handle it. >> yeah. >> buffalo nians. 5:18. >> i like it. that might be right. >> thes loan yans. >> we'll have to ask her what that is. guys, as far as we're looking -- eun disappeared right there. that was pretty cool.k let's tout the slick spots out there. there are a few isolated ones we'll get bk to melissa in a minute as well as adam tuss who is driving around out there and let yout know w you can expect in your neighborhood. but definitely because the te teratures are belowt freezing mark but the crews have
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been on it all night. kudos to the crews out there. light snow possible not only today could we see a passing snow shower but definitely on friday and warming up as we continue into the weekend. even by monday, 60 degrees. how does that sound? current temperatures right now, how does this sound 9 degrees ie gaburg. nine in dulles. but again, as we go over the next 12 hours, maybe a passing snow shower. the biggest story today are going to be the wiins. they're piup after 8:00 p.m. and really not dying down until first part of tomorrow. we're dry right now, but again we could see snow squall here or there that could create some low visibility especially dl through the m part of the day. headed to that freezing mark today, that is it. and again becoming windy. we're going to hav wind gusts up to about 50 miles an hour as we go through the day today. wind advisory in effect. again, wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. sustained winds 20 to 30. they'reft picking up 8:00
5:20 am
a.m. today and staying with us through the first part of tomorrow. here i a look, you can see possibly light know shower. no additional accumulation. that couldring a quick snow shower to our area. little snow squall as we continue through the day today. most ofs are staying dry. and then we have the wind ,ills. yee have a wind chill advisory starting later on tonight and going into tomorrow ere that wind chill could be negative 5 to negative 15 below zero. so you're going to wake up tomorrow morning and be bitterly cold but we will hav plenty of sunshine for tomorrow as well. again, taking a look at your wind chills. look at this, by this afternoon, we're in the single digits. by tonight, 8:00 p.m. abeeady w zero. and that's going to continue overnit through tomorrow morning. 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, hagerstown negative 14 for a wind chill. we improve throughout your thsday as the winds starto settle down a little bit. temperatures on thursday only low to mid then we're in the low 30s with a chance of snow shower mainly north and west. weeken looking good as we warm
5:21 am
up. look at that monday, tuesday those temperatures areight around 60 degrees. all right, melissa, a look at the roadways right now. good morning. >> good morning. taking a look here, drive cam with adam tuss in chantilly t showing you whe side streets, the neighborhood roads are looking like this morning. very dferent from what we're seeing on main roads like 15 here at liberty road inic fred county. that looks good. they were all treated overnight and everything is rolling along pretty well fingers crossed on the main roads right now. fairfax, 66, also no problem there. brand new problem, though, in bethes bethesda, inner loop before connecticut avenue, a crash on the right side of the roadway. might be a vehicle onts side. trying to get more information about that one. silver springuter loop before university disabled vehicle crowding the left lane there and in brandywine, northbound 301 before cedarville road right before cedarville road right de blockedy a b oosing my car i the easiest decision ever.
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 today. welcome back. for several weeks furloughed federal workers had to cut corners to make ends mee during e shutdown. >> some of you had to cut back on medication, which can come with some serious consequences. news 4 justin finch is working with you to save on your meds if you're ever put in that spot
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again. weee thatn diabetes and high blood pressure. people cut back on their insulin blood sughey have crisis, or people cut back on their blood pressure medicine and they end up having a stroke or a heart attack. >> reporter: he understands what could drive such a hard low as n, money runnin the bills run ever higher. critical reasons he says why you should not skip your meds because the stress of a furlough and fears of another one could add stress to the body. >> i can'tmagine what these folks are feeling. people lose sleep. people's blood pressure changes with that type of stress. >> reporter: though, if your meds are expensive and youg eed help savney, he recommendseaching outur to
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physician. >> sometimes what we can do is we can look at the ntmedications that the pat are taking and see if there's something that we can substitute that is of a lesser cost. >> reporter: there are other ur res, too, you can check out today. websites such as, and can link you online toourograms that discount your meds based on your unique needs. the doctor underscores even on furlough no one should ever take a gamble on their health. this is really a life or death decision that you make when you cide to skip medication and ration medicine, for some people. >> it is crucial. and no one knows how the dice is going to roll. >> reporter: justin h, news 4. well, those temperatures well below that freezing'vmark. got the icy spots out there this morning. the winds the main story today. gusting up to 50 miles an hour. there could be some per outages. we'll talk about a warmup coming our way for the weekend. that's coming up right after this.
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>> announcer: news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> you are wakingp to a storm team 4 weather alert day for the second day in a row. it5:30. a live look at the roads in montgomery village in montgomery county. the snow has stopped falling, but today the trouble is with the estemperat they're well below freezing and it's causing roads to be slick. be careful out there. good morning, everyone i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilcavist. we't reached the coldest part of the morning. it will get worse before it gets better. a lot of schools are keeping people off theth roads. federal government is on a three-hour delay and employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. >> the schools in virginia, culpepper, frederick, manassas city, page county schools are closed. s are lou down, fairfax, shenandoah, warren county and prince william county schools. >> west virginia, mineral, hardy and grant county schools are closed today. we turn to the delays now
5:31 am
maryland, howard, montgomery, prince georges anne arundel and twederick county schools are on a hour delay. >> virginia, alexandria city, arlington, falls church city, fredericksburg city, king george, staffd county schools on a two-hour delay. west virginia, rkley, hampshire, jefferson and morgan county schools will open two hours late. rreminder for you, we have all that informationning at the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app. getting to coverage this morning, we have crews spread out on the roads for you checking out and of course melissa mollet in first 4 traffic with the warnings w >> we beginh meteorologist lauryn ricketts in for chuck bell this morning. lauryn, it's going to be really cold today. >> it is. that's going toe the main story, eun. the winds out there are going to be the mainy. st now the snow, the little snow that we got yesterday it coated to two w inches what called for isolated spots of 3 north and west. here in d.c., didn't p much and especially to the south
5:32 am
and east we had that rain with those temperatures well above freezing for most of the evening. which was good news for us. and the great news is once that snow stopped, the crews got out there. a lot of the roadways are not t lookin bad, but melissa has the inside track on that. as far as the curre temperatures, it is chilly. those temperatures below freezing as you can a seewhere from the upper single digits to the lower 20s. now, we haven't factored in the wind yet. that windl pick up not until after 8:00 a.m. so with that wind, it will feel a lot colder at 9:00 than it does actually right now in d.c. so, again,e're going to have partly sunny skies. there could be a passiua snow later on this afternoon, but for the most part, we are just looking at cloudy, parcly dy conditions with winds being the main story. and advisories in place, wind chillisories in place. we'll talk about just how cold it's going to get especially into tomorrow coming up. let's talk about the roadway your commute with melissa. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, lauryn. this problem bethesda inner loop before connecticut after crash on the right side sounds like a
5:33 am
vehicle on its side. tryi to get more informati on that one but not seeing much of a delay at this point. american ledgen bridge, everything rolling alo nicely main roads look quite good. side streets not same situation. it is slick definitelyn some of the side streets have not been treated yet. 66 at fairfax county parkway. no problems into town, out of town. brandywine northbound 301 befe cedarville road right side still blocked by the crash and 50 east of the beltway that looks pretty good as well. eun? >> melissa, thank you. 5:33. road crews were out in parts of northern virginiaahead of this arctic blast treating roads before they became y. vdot officials were very clear that anything wet on the roadse ght would be ice this morning. news 4 is working on the roads right now, checking on the conditions. >> adam tuss is live on the road this morning. adam, where are you? what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, look, aaron, we're in the vienna area.
5:34 am
roadre did do a good job. look of the the windshield, this is shady mill lane in the vienna area. there ar s certain sideeets that look a lot like this. ondary roads for the most part in really good shape, but then you get into the neighborhood streets and if y don't have a car that does well in the snow, i got news for you, you might be digging out or might not even be able to get up certain hills in certain parts of the area. across fairfax county, we have seen conditions kind of vary depending on where you are. butagain, it depends on really your neighborhood street, how many times the plows come through. i will say on the main roads, there's a lot of salt a l of treatment that's gone down on the road. but for the most part, we are dealing with this kind of condition in certain neighborhoods. so just be aware, certain sidewalks and in parking lots you'll be dealing with slick conditions a well. so there is still some cleanup to do out here, guys. back to you. >> adam tuss, thank you. team coverage continues now in maryland. >> news 4 justin finch is live
5:35 am
in frederickcounty. justin, how is itre looking w you are now? >> we are now in the parking lot of frederick high schoth where 're beginning to get school ready for students and teachers to arrive. as you can se the sidewal here is pretty covered. we have a crew men who just got those steps treatment, too. still ice on the steps. snow and ice on that sidewalk. in the parking lot itself islo ing clear in parts. we have seen some slick spots here on the parking lot suace. as w get closer to the baker park area, more of a different story. we're seeing kind of an icier, slicker roadway there. and of course we have seen those salt trucks circling around this area, tryinghe to get roads ready for the morning commute. we're kind of buckling a bit here as we come to a wstop. as yl see, take a look here, very slick surface, lots ofas tread here from vehicles. it was cleared at some point but that snow, i a slush is still here. and that is something you're going to see in parts of our area this morning.
5:36 am
neighborhoods streets, secondary streets a lotf them look a lot like this and sometimes, aaron, eun, even worse.o back iyou. >> all right, justin finch. thanks for that update. >> now, it will be a while beforekemperatures get b to above freezing in our kraer. that's why d.c. has activated a hypothermia alert. hming up in a few minutes, molette green wile an update on the conditions there and how the city is helping those in need stay warm. if you do have to head out, be sure to have thebc shington app downloaded to your phone. that is where you can find our full forecast and a the delays and closings you need to know about no matter where ye. 5:36 now. look at other top stories.n breaking news prince georges county, police are investigating a homicide in hyattsville. home on hamilton street near 37th avenue. police tell us man was found dead there. no word yet on a suspect. today maryland governor larr hogan wil deliver his annual state of the state address. this will be his first address during his second term as governor.
5:37 am
news 4 chris gordon will be at the speech ler today. it starts at noon in>> annapoli. empire star jussie smoelette is recovering after a brutal attack in chicago. smollett was walking along a street early tuesday morning whenttwo menked and beat him. they reportedly tied a noose around his neck and poured what's believe to bach on him. police say the attackers yelled racist and homophobic slurs. smoelette is in good condition this morng. the caps will be back on the ice at the end of the week as the nhl all-star break comes t an end. >> and no one seems to be enjoying the time off as much as alex ovechkin. take a lo he's riding a dolphin in this video. look at that. ovi's wife posted these videos on itinstagram. ae more graceful than the last time we saw ovi in the water swimming in the fgentains ingetown after winning the stanley cup. i bet you that felt better riding t dolphins on a bye week now and he will have to sit out a game, too. hopefully this all means we're
5:38 am
getting back to r winning ways. >> he'll be relaxed and nimble and all that sort of stuff. >> all that good stuff. >>5:38 now. coming up the battle over metro's hours continues. why bringing back late night nurs could be delayed e more. plus, our team coverage continues. take look at whatome of the side roads look like near your home. as you head out. wind chester county virginia public schools just announced classes will be two-hours delays clark county virginia schools now closed. this is not a bed.
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>> announcer: you'ratching news 4 today. a car fell nine stories in a high-tech parking garage in miami. look at that, it burst into flames whent hit theground. this was the fiery scene there yesterday. elevators to s move cars. this one apparentlyell dow an elevator shaft. the owner says the car was a stick shift ande believes th
5:41 am
valet left it in gear when he moved it. nobody was hurt there. >> what a scene though. >> have to pay for that. come july, metro will start staying openate like it used to. it's something riders have requested for more than a year now. >> b metro's general manager told d.c. mayor he needs more me to do more maintenance on the system. during a meeting yesterday, he proposed four options to the mayor and d.c. council. first, revert to original hours. econd, open the system later, including opening at 10:30 a.m. on sunday. third, clo late on weekends at 2:00 a.m. four, mai current limited schedule. >> those four options to me need a l of work. i think we know when an agency doesn't want tohi do som they present the worst possible scenarios. >> we are getting ahead of a lot of these issues but we're just not there yet. >> the metro board could vote on the service hours at their next
5:42 am
meeting if two weeks. >> if the board does not takac tion in the next few months, e late night hours will automatically be restored on july 1st. well, we continue to watch temperatures go up a little bit as those wind chills drop. start to pick up after about 8:00 a.m.oo and at this, through your wednesday, those wind chills are going to be little above normal. we're talki about five degrees above normal to about 25 i should say above noal, above zero. look as we get into your thursday morning, thursday night, they really drop. we're going to talk about tin warmup com our way. there is one coming our way for the weekend. that's all coming up next. plus, our coverage on the roads ntinues. live look here at conditions in frederick county, maryland. all around our area for a look athat w
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
♪ 5:45 is your time right now as we take aive look outside right now. bundle up as you begin your wednesday. thwe are in w alert mode for the cold temperatures outside now.t 23 outside of our studios in northwest. >> also keeping an eye on the roads for etu. want to you know that washington county schools in maryland are now going to open two hours late. concerns about black ice and roads like you see in the live picture here forced a lot of schools to close or delay classes this morning. all those delays and closings are on them bot of your screen and the nbc washington app. lauryn ricketts isrefining the forecast as we speak. we'll check in with her in a few
5:46 am
minutes. today a bipartisan group of house and sene lawmakers will begin border security negotiatiop . >> that gr tasked with coming up with a plan both parties and the president will agree on to prevent another government utdown. news 4 tracie potts joins us live now with the details. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morn what's happening today is supposed to be different, different than what you've already seen the back and forth with the white house, nancy pelosi, the president and mitch mcconnell a other aders. these are not the party leaders. these are people who haveri exce with this, the immigration issues that we're facing. the border wall. at least one of them representing an area right at the border. what they're looking to do is come up with something that democrats, republicans and the president will all be willing to sign off on. these are rank and file members. some of whom believe to have serious negotiating skills. for government workers who want to stay on t job, they could be the last hope. so what's happening today, public meeting. we don't know if all of their meetings and negotiations will be public, but this is sort of
5:47 am
the opening syvo as t try to figure out what to do between now and february 15th >> tracie potts live in d.c., tracie, thank you. 5:47 right now. fbi agent still don't know the specific motive behind the deadliest shooting in united states history. federal investigators concluded heir investigation into the 2017 massacre in las vegas. th say the gunman stephenoc paddk wanted notoriety in that attack and left his specific motive a mystery. the shooting killed 58 country music fans a left hundreds of others injured includen anne arundel teen tina frost. back in december, a woman gave birth at a health care facility in phoenix. police latern arrested nat sutherland after a dna test tied him to the newborn baby. sutherland faces sexual assault charges. back now to our team coverage on this storm team 4 weather alert it's cold all over the area and
5:48 am
d.c. is not taking any chances. h the city activated a hypothermia alert. our molette green is live in northwest washington now with details on how the city is helping people stay. wa molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. we're outside the metro center bway station and the folks who are coming and going arent hurrying i down into the escalator or of course to where they're going here. no time for them to stop and talk toe just yet. we'll get somebody coming up in the 6:00 hour. that'sright. the district activated its hypothermia alert, not taking any chances. lauryn ricketts, our meteorologist this morning, telling us it' going to be colder at 9:00 a.m. than it is right now. that's hard to behaeve but arctic plunge is coming our way and we really need to be careful. the greatest concern is for those folks in the community who are experiencing homelessness and getting them out of this brutal cold air and into those warming sheltbes that wil
5:49 am
available all throughout the day and into the evening as well. if you see someone who needs a ride, free transportation to one of those places, dial 311.if you see someone in distress,u ed to call 911 because it's going to get even colder as the day goes on dangerously cold conditions out here. that is the latest live from northwest d.c., outside the metro center subway. back into you. >> molette, thank you. we continue our team coverage on this winter weather blast. >> meagan fitzgerald at t w live deh the latest on the national weather forecasts. just crazy cold inchicago. >> crazy cold. you could say that again, eun. take a look a this tweethere. this explains it all. the united postal service isal ac suspending deliveries in at least nine states because of the extreme cold. h noe is a live picture of chicago wheret is 1 below zero. we should get to that live picture here shortly. 17 below zero. n you believe?
5:50 am
that's colder than parts of the north pole, antarctica and some places today, mostly in the midwest, could see wind chills as ls 60 below zero. governors in wisconsin, illinois and michigan have declared states of emergencies due to this extreme cold weather. back to you. >> all right, thank you. just the thought of temperatures that cold and the fact that u.s. postal have to stop delivering mail says it all. >> it's ldincredibly record-breaking, historical cold through portions of the midwest. i mean, take look at this map right now. urrent wind chills, look at that, 44 below zero in chicago. >> freezing. >> right? that's not even real number. that's ridiculous. and 52 below minneapolis. again, it is bitterly cold in those areas. little piece of that polar
5:51 am
vortex, that cold air spilling from the pole, the north pole and sinking right into our area. now, we will not tap into t col ais cold, this frigid but we are tapping into a little bit of it with wind chills that are going to b z belowo as we go into the overnight and in through much of the day tomorrow. now, this morning everybody below freezing, the wd hasn't picked up yet. it's not too bad out there. you can deal with it. we have i spotsut there. melissa has more in just a minute after this. big storytoday, the winds. i do believe we'll have power outages out therewiecause winds be gusting up to 40, 50 miles an hour. even with the little bit of snow that we have, fro on to the tree branchs, get a little bit of a wind that's going to be k enough tck power out. but we have a warmup coming our way as we head into the weekend and int early next week. taking a look at those temperatures out there right now, you can see we have temperatures anywhere from the upper single digits to the lower 20s.
5:52 am
but this is what it's going to feel like, winds pick up after 8 or wi9:00. chills go up low to mid 20s, in d.c. outside the beltway, you'll see teens as good as it will get for today. again, those wind chills drop tonight into the low teens and single digits and overnight tonight below zero. nothing happening on the radar now.t today's forecast we're going to be in the low 30s. we do have that wind place that starts at 9:00 a.m. and goes until 6:00 p.m. for gusts up to0 miles an hour. now, we also have a chance for snow squall pas ng through the area that could bring some low visibilities to your region. agai not expecting any additional accumulation. we have more snow showers on a friday and talut that and the weekend coming up. but let's talk traffic with melissa. good morning. >> good mo drive cam with adam tuss headed around town. he is in reston this morning showing you how some neighborhoods look. when you look out your window thishtmorning, mee your road looking like this one here.
5:53 am
he is still quite slick on sidewalks as well. be careful. bethesda, inner loop beforeec cocut avenue, crash on the right side. we'll have a picture from chopper 4 coming up on that in just a minute. american legion bridge, inner and, outer lo no problems there. same situation 50 in maryland just east of the beltway. brandywine northbound 301 before darville road, four vehicles involved in that one this morning. as for your trave mes, 66 inbound looking good. 95 north quantico to the beltway no big issue there. 270 southbound no problems and top of the beltway nice and clear. rember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. aaro >> melissa, thank you. 5:53 right nor. good newsorthern virginia drivers who deal with one of the ost notoriousotectl theks in highway goes from four lanes to three, you know that trouble spot. yesterday state leaders announced an auxiliary lane will be built to connect the ramp for
5:54 am
t3 with the off ramp the prince william parkway keeping some traffic off the main lanes of 95. several other major transportation projects were announced including expanding toll lanes to fredericksburg and exnding the 49 express lanes to the american legion bridge. we're hearing from the tn who discovered a major glitch on the facetime app. >> first told you about this glitch that allows someone to hear you, possibly even see you withouticking up a facetime call. somebody could access your miophone by addin themselves to the same call through the group chat feature. if you try to dismiss the call with the power button,our video feed will pop up. 14-year-old grant thompson discovered the glitch while trying tolay fortnite with his friends. >> i'm only 14 and stumbled uisn ug when just trying to play some video games with my friends. it really shows how crazy these devices are. anything could happen. any bug cou giveaway all your personal information. >> you can hear more from grant
5:55 am
on the "today show." apple plans to release an update later this week. in the meantime, it advises you to go in your settings and disable the facetime app. there seems to be a winnerh in bryce harper sweep zstakes and it's not the nationals, at least not yet. the philadelphia policeweeted this the rumors are true, bryce harper is coming to tad phphia police, it's a multi-year deal, $51,245 per year with a city option to inease annually and forwarded all questions mannyachado to the philly fire department. d.c. polic responded, nice try philly. they had their own multi-year offer, 58e 00 plus that's m than the philly but included annual leave, paid holiday, savings pns and other benefits in d.c. plus of course the best fans. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters.
5:56 am
box of chocolate and dozenes r is so 2018. chick-fil-a has you covered. they're offering heart shape trays of 30 count nuggets and 10 count chicken minis in honor of the holiday at participating restaurants. they will cost you 17.69 minis are 12.19. this promotion runs through the hileof february or supplies last. with your cnbc morning business and alternativepo gift , i'm frank holland. >> you had me at chick-fil-a. >> n i know wha to get you. >> have you not been seeing me look at chicken sandwiches on my instagram feed. >> chi-a or chocolate, eun? it will be tough. 5:56 right no still ahead on news 4 today, helping furloughed work es whod to go without medications during the shutdown. plus an information into ar terrible a popular tv star says he was beaten and it's beg looked a as a possible hate crime. and as we head to break, here is a live look outside again for you. if you haven't stepped out there yet, trust us, it is
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>> announcer: news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. we are waking up to just at blanket of snow. those flakes aren't the concern this morning, though. it's the ice tt slippedn with them. bitter cold set in overnight
6:00 am
mang many roads slicknd potentially dangerous. this morning local schoolct distare not taking any chances either. it's 6:00 a.m. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. this morning, we're on top of all the latest closings and delays. there are plenty of rsthem. the federal government is on a three-hour delay and employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. as for schools, let's start in virginia. culpepper, frederick, manassas, city, page county schools all closed. >> as are lou down, fairfax, shenandoah, warren, prince william and clark county hehools. west virginia now mineral, hardy, grant county schools are closed today. >> now to theelays in maryland. howard, montgomery, prince georges, anne arundel, frederick and washington county schools are on a two-hour dey. >> in virginia, alexandria, arlington, falls church, fredericksburg, king george, stafford and wind chester schools on


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